The Forest of the Lost Souls (2017) Movie Script

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"Sadness will last forever."
That's what Van Gogh said to his
brother, Theo, before he died.
For Nietzsche, the thought of suicide
was a great comfort,
a haven by which
one could survive bad nights.
Maybe that's why, every year,
dozens of people come here.
Far away from everything,
and everyone,
so that sadness ends.
Sadness will last forever.
An Anexo 82 film
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With the support
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Sound design and soundtrack
Screenplay and Direction
The Forest of Lost Souls
A little privacy, please!
With such a big forest,
you had to pick my spot.
Sorry, I hadn't seen you.
I'll leave.
Don't you think you're too young
to commit suicide?
Fuck you, old man!
Who commits suicide with a knife?
Are you fucking japanese?
Get lost!
May I recommend you a spot
for your "hara-kiri"?
Don't tell me you're mad.
Look, if I wanted to be insulted,
I would've stayed at home,
with my wife and daughter,
who's about your age
and just as rude as you.
If I came here, it's because
I don't want to deal with that.
I want peace.
Leave me alone, okay?
I'm sorry, okay?
Why do you want to commit suicide
with your age?
What could you possibly have done
so wrong that you can't fix it?
The future is nothing more
than old age, illness and pain.
- I'm not interested.
- What a clich.
Are you one of those conceited
teenagers and artists?
- A "hisster"?
- A hipster?
- Yes.
- You're so lame.
Did you know that according
to the Conviction Theory,
I came much more prepared than you.
- Conviction Theory?
Yes, from the book "A Long Way Down",
by Nick Hornby.
You can find it anywhere. I'm not
a hipster because I read it, okay?
I know the book,
but I don't see your point.
A knife? What are the odds
of you chickening out?
Did you bring an alternative
method of suicide?
- No.
- Poison.
- Sweet and psychotropic.
- Good point.
You're a resourceful girl.
Did you bring a suicide note?
Did you know that 90 percent of people
who end up not doing it
back out because they didn't bring
a suicide note,
and do not have a pen and paper?
You're exaggerating,
but I see your point.
- Did you bring one?
- Of course.
It will make everyone feel guilty.
It even has drawings.
You're right. I must write one.
Can you lend me some paper,
and a pen?
I still think it's a stupid idea,
you wanting to kill yourself.
We will talk about this again, okay?
You shouldn't smoke.
What difference does it make?
I'll die soon.
It's the dumbest way
to commit suicide.
A slow and painful death.
What's wrong with you?
You're the same age
as my daughter.
Writing this has brought me down.
I know it might sound silly,
but you can't kill yourself
with a heavy heart.
Don't you want to go for a walk,
and see the "Forest of Lost Souls"?
- What's there to see here?
- The dead.
Come on. Let's see what we can find.
What are you doing?
You don't have to whisper.
No one can hear us here.
Easier than a knife, right?
What do you think?
You're so immature.
That's not funny.
Calm down. I'm sorry.
I thought you were still
picking a method.
Now you're stealing?
What difference does it make to him?
Or to you?
This is my long term suicide plan.
Lung cancer.
This isn't the first time
you've come to this forest
and walked around, is it?
- No.
I'm indecisive by nature.
I come, I leave.
I change my mind.
I come back.
- That's why you're so well prepared.
- You could say I'm an expert.
Do you always steal
what you find here?
It's not stealing. No one cares about
the belongings of who dies here.
Or about these people, by the way.
- But still...
- Don't be condescending.
Everyone comes here for a reason.
Even me and you.
I feel so dumb right now.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Can we go see the dead now, "daddy"?
Sadness will last forever.
Why would anyone
want to commit suicide with this age?
You think all ages are bad.
Too young, too old.
- You're the only one who can do it.
- Don't be childish.
Maybe it wasn't suicide.
Have you thought about that?
During fascism,
the old were left here to die.
Maybe they're doing it again
due to the crisis.
And how is that supposed
to cheer me up?
At least it will convince you
that living isn't such a privilege.
What is that?
- Baby food?
- You really came unprepared.
Just imagine you stay here
until nighttime,
with all your indecisions.
You'll get hungry.
You wouldn't want
to starve to death, would you?
It's the first step
for you to back out.
It makes sense.
Like I told you, the Conviction Theory
says you're not at all certain.
How did you come up
with baby food?
It's small and cheap.
When I go to Summer Festivals
I always take a few jars.
That way I only spend money
on alcohol and drugs.
As a father, I admire
your management skills,
but condemn your poor choices.
- Thank you very much, "daddy".
This place is astonishing, isn't it?
Do you know "The Sorrows
of Young Werther"?
It's about a boy who seems himself
in a love triangle between him,
his lover and his best friend.
He loves them so much
that he ends up killing himself
so they can be together.
What a stupid decision.
The worst part is that
they don't even attend his funeral.
It serves him right.
For me, the bottom line is:
nobody cares.
The poor sensitive souls
you find here care.
This world wasn't made for them.
For a girl your age,
you read too much sad stuff.
And I smoke.
It's not every day you get
to photograph sadness in person.
How disrespectful!
You photograph the dead?
- What? No! That's terrible.
- You don't?
No. I take pictures of people
I meet here.
Have you met people here before?
Yes, but it's rare,
because the forest is very large.
I've taken photographs
of the lost souls I encountered.
It's my legacy. This stupid film
is my suicide note,
filled with sad faces.
Why do you want to kill yourself?
Because I did everything wrong.
My priorities were all wrong,
my entire life.
I failed my family.
- I'm more useful... gone.
- So you're selfish?
Thank you for your kindness.
You screw your family
and then you kill yourself?
What about you?
Why are you killing yourself?
What will happen to your parents
when they find out their daughter
killed herself?
- Fuck you.
- Won't they miss you
and find out you're here?
- No.
I told them I was going
to a Summer Festival.
I went to see Arcade Fire yesterday.
I only came here this morning.
You don't like the other bands
and so you decided to kill yourself?
How funny! Unlike you,
I'm certain it's what I want.
I have an alibi for the next two days.
I can hesitate as long as I want,
and no one will come looking for me.
Your friends will not notice
you're gone?
The friends I was with yesterday
think I'm with new people today.
- A perfect plan.
- Almost.
I fear people will wonder
why I haven't updated
my Facebook in a while.
But the internet coverage
is very unpredictable in those places.
It's a tragedy.
What are you looking for, "daddy"?
A lake. I know
there's one here, somewhere,
I know where it is.
Why didn't you ask before?
Why? I didn't take you for a guide
of "The Forest of Lost Souls".
You're always underestimating me.
Did you know it's the only glacial
lake of the peninsula?
It's here ever since the Big Thaw.
It doesn't come from a river.
It comes from nowhere.
It's just melted ice
from the Ice Age.
It's always been here,
frozen in time.
But after all...
... why do you want to kill yourself?
I feel certain that I'm going mad again.
I feel I can't go through
another of those terrible times.
And I shan't recover this time.
More idle talk.
That's because I have a shitty father,
just like your daughter.
You know...
I think I'm ready.
But you have to promise me
you'll wait another year.
Give your shitty father another year,
give a chance to that thing we call life.
Sometimes things get better.
Fuck you!
You don't get to tell me what to do.
I wanted to ask you another thing.
Besides not killing myself?
I no longer want to.
You've made me lose my will.
I'm going to see The Strokes.
You're boring.
People who commit suicide here
are very boring.
You're no Elliott Smith.
Can you lend me some poison?
The whole knife thing is ridiculous,
and it scares me.
I told you so.
Sure, I'll lend you some.
Will you stay with me?
- Are you sure about this?
- Yes.
I had a daughter...
She died in this lake.
You remind me of her.
Who? Irene?
She was a stupid little whore.
Here's your "hara-kiri".
Dad: "Filipa, come home.
Sadness can't last forever."
- Yes?
- Hello, sweetie.
- Hi, mom.
- Did he call you?
No. He just sent me
a stupid message.
He sent it to me too.
I'm heading home.
What about you?
- I'll still be a while.
- Okay.
Filipa, go easy on your dad.
He's going through a hard time.
- I have to go.
- Okay.
- Kisses, sweetheart.
- Bye.
This view is such a shame, isn't it?
I imagine what this place looked like
when the bridge was built.
Didn't you know
time destroys everything?
Hi. How are you?
Everything's fine, Tiago.
What about you?
May I walk you home?
In silence?
Goodbye, Tiago.
Mom? I'm home, but he's not here.
I'm leaving soon. Just wait.
Don't get worked up, please.
Mom, calm down.
I was just venting.
- Okay. See you soon.
- See you soon.
Hello, sweetheart.
Is he back?
Jesus, mom.
No, he still hasn't showed up.
He's getting crazier every day.
Your dad has a lot on his mind.
Don't mind him.
- He left at 6am, without a word.
- Let him be.
And his car is parked outside.
Didn't you see it?
What? I didn't see it.
Where is it?
By the road.
It's hard to understand
what goes on in his head.
We've all been through it.
Even you, as much
as you don't acknowledge it.
Don't be rude!
Dad: "Can you park the car inside?
The keys are by the door."
Mom, I'm going to park the car.
Dad asked me to.
By text. What a sensitive man.
- See you in a while.
- See you.
Tiago: "I'm worried about you.
Can I stop by today?"
Filipa: "Later...
after she passes out drunk."
Did your dad text you again?
No. Typical.
Don't be like that.
If I were like you, where would we be?
We would be the same.
Or I would be less angry,
because I would have someone
to complain about my father.
Look. We all grieve in our own way.
Your dad deals with things
by touching a raw nerve.
- What she did wasn't his fault.
- Not again, please.
- Please stop it.
- You both are ridiculous.
What about me? Where do I stand?
Dad: "It will all be okay.
I love you both."
What does the message say?
Did your dad send it?
More bullshit. I've had it.
I'm going to my room.
Filipa: "I was mean to mom again.
I need you here."
Dad: "I'm home.
Come downstairs."
"Dear Filipa, I ask you one last time
that you forgive me.
"For what I did
and what I'm about to do.
"And for failing you when your sister
was alive and also afterwards.
For not being the dad you needed
in such a dark, sad time."
Blah, blah, blah...
Tiago: "I'm at your door."
Who are you and what do you want?
I'm Filipa's friend.
She's expecting me.
No. She's gone to bed.
- And you are...?
- I'm Irene, her sister.
- No, you're not.
- That's right.
Can you get Filipa, please?
Do you want to come in
and go get her?
- Never mind. I'll call her.
- Okay.
Hi, daddy. How are you?
Sorry for not calling yesterday.
You know cellphones never work
in these places.
You saw what? Jesus, dad.
Yes, I can post photos
on Facebook.
I just can't call you.
Different networks.
Yes. WI-FI, dad.
What about mommy? Is she okay?
Okay, okay.
Kisses. Bye.
Ricardo Alves, husband and father
of the two victims
and who was missing for three weeks
was found dead,
and is suspected to be the author
of the two murders.
He's also believed to have fatally
run over Tiago Roxo,
Filipa's boyfriend, in the vicinities
of the Alves residence. The body...
Sadness will last forever.
Sadness will last forever.
The more we analyze a funny story,
the sadder it gets.
Time destroys everything.
If the idea of suicide
is a great comfort,
a way to survive bad nights,
away from everything and everyone,
I'll be here to end your sadness.
Welcome to "The Forest of Lost Souls".
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