The Forger (2014) Movie Script

The Forger.
Good morning.
Hey, Cutter.
Your lawyer is here.
There is literally nothing left for me to do,
your appeal was denied.
Look, you got a little shy of eleven months...
Ten months!
Ten months. Whatever...
That's better, right?
Just ride it out.
You are going to do the time right.
Call Keegan.
- No.
- Call him.
As your attorney, I advise you just to ride out
the eleven months.
Ten months! Martin, call him.
SUV huh?
You know Daphne.
What are you going to do?
So, what the fuck, Ray?
Nine months to go and what.
You called Keegan?
Why would you do that?
That's such a wicked price to pay,
you know.
You're still going to tell me what's going on, right?
Oh yeah.
I'll tell you.
Jesus Christ!
What the hell are you doing here?
You're not on the run, are you?
Yeah pop, I tunnel out.
Oh, that's funny.
Where is he?
How the fuck did you get out, Raymond?
How did you get out?
I know it's hard to believe but,
judge granted my appeal.
I don't know you are into all this.
What are you working on?
That's good.
It's just plastic pieces.
Yeah, but you got to put them together and
paint all the details...
Let's not do this, okay?
How did it go?
He has some tests..
.. tomorrow.
I like to think you didn't do something foolish...
Just to be here.
Oh, fuck it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Guys, got to get through.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I was just now standing there,
with my dick in my hand,
I'm shaking it off and
thinking to myself.
Wonder when the forger is going to
walk through my door?
- Tommy.
- What?
Right there.
Can't tell from the camera angle of this guy right here.
He's got huge fucking balls.
Dealing product from behind my bar.
I got him.
Got to deal with this.
Fucking chuck town junkie.
You calling me with
ten months to go.
Cos what... ?
You're bored?
I really appreciate what you did for me but,
- I need a little time.
- 50K, Ray.
It's the going rate for judges.
And time?
It's something you don't got.
Don't look like that alright.
Since you went away.
I've been in business with some guys. It's...
These chain saws.
Compared to them,
I am a fucking manitarian
You know this painting?
Do it.
Do it?
What do you mean, do it?
You mean forge it?
It's a Monet.
What the fuck for?
So you can steal the real one.
What are you talking about?
Steal the real one?
In three weeks...
It's going to be on display right here.
And the guy who wants it.
He's going to be in Boston too.
For one night only.
That's impossible.
Three weeks.
I can't do that.
Look, it's either yes...
Or I make a phone call.
And you go back to prison.
Yes or no.
You have 48 hours to make a decision.
Welcome home, Ray.
- Jesus!
- I'm so sorry.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Where are you going?
I have not seen you around here before.
I'm Catherine.
I'm Ray.
Nice to meet you Ray.
Hey, you know Tommy?
Well, I got to...
Want to go somewhere?
Oh, thank you.
Wow, is this your car?
So cool.
Can I drop you off somewhere?
- Drop me?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I got things to do
and you don't want to be in there.
Stay out of there.
And stay away from Tommy Keegan.
There are better people and better places.
Are you serious?
You hungry?
Not for those.
Well, eggs it is.
Where's gramps?
He's out.
But I'm going to take you today.
Because of it's location in the mid section
of the brain stem.
It makes it very difficult to remove surgically.
I'm sorry, Mr. Cutter.
I know this is difficult.
- You have any questions?
- Yeah, I do.
What do you do now?
I mean.. you know.
What is the plan?
- The plan?
- Yeah!
Is he going to be in pain?
I mean, what's going to happen?
What we should focus on is...
Keeping William as comfortable as possible
during the process.
Then what?
Well you know it's..,
it's impossible to say.
Each patient is very different.
- So?
- So.
So what?
What they say?
Gramps took it out.
He took it out?
Why did he take it out?
He hit it too many times.
Sprained his wrist.
So, the chemo.
Will it cure me?
- What the fuck he took it out for?
- Dad.
Will the chemo cure me?
Oh, Will.
Daddy, for once in your fucking life.
Can you just tell me the truth.
I don't know.
Can I help you?
I like to see the man in charge.
In here.
Hey, gramps.
Can I have one of those?
I want to report a murder.
Sit down.
The name's Bigelow, Frank Bigelow. ?
Where was this murder committed?
San Francisco. . Last night
Who was murdered?
I was
Sean Mcgill.
Lived in Cambridge.
- 28 years old today.
- I knew him.
Bartender at the Palace.
Talked to him the night before last.
Watched him got fired.
Finn Gerrity..
Told him to walk.
Right when he came on shift.
Like they caught him in something.
He looked scared.
- Anyway we can this to Keegan?
- Love to.
Alright, guys,
Come on in here and do your jobs.
Get that new trace heroin to the lab,
see if we can match it.
Do me a favour, won't you.
Finger print the fuck
out of this place, huh.
You know what's hard?
Relying on local law enforcement to connect the dots.
Well, it's tough all over.
You want me to get you a tissue?
What you want to to know?
There's a guy.
Met with Keegan that night.
Buick skylark, license plate 'J433K6'.
What's so special about this guy?
I don't know.
- I think he made me.
- Made you?
DEA made you?
- Just a cop.
- Oh, just a cop.
You talked to Keegan?
What did he want?
One answer.
About what?
About a job?
What do you want?
What I want...
What I've always wanted, Carl.
Go to Tahiti and live like Gauguin.
In Tahiti?
What's Will want?
I don't know.
Hey, Will.
Check it out.
Don't even think about it.
You're not going to sign me
up for something like that.
- What? You don't want to meet nobody?
- No.
I don't want to meet at all.
Or go to Disneyland,
or meet Tom Brady.
Why not?
Because dad, it's embarrassing.
What's the point?
You don't want to do anything?
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Hi, handsome.
You been waiting long?
No, not long.
What if I did that?
Dad, just dropped it.
No, I mean it.
What if you..
you made a wish.
You could even make like three wishes.
Like a genie.
Dad, a genie?
You are not a genie.
Jesus Christ.
No, seriously.
You make..
make any.. anything.
Anything you want.
Like you would follow through with it.
What do you know?
I might surprise you.
Give me a chance.
Alright then.
You know what I wish for?
I wished I didn't have cancer.
Is that fair?
I do not know, dad, you tell me.
You're the genius, right?
Look at you.
I think those girls were checking you out.
Dad, stop.
They are like 20 something.
I was just joking.
So, you have a girlfriend, right?
Like Tracy.. or Trixie..
or something like that.
How do you know about her?
I asked about you all the time
when I was away.
You talking about Tricia?
Yeah, Tricia.. You're...
How long did you
go out with her?
Dropped it huh.
I got to go to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.
Look, my son is
sitting over there.
If you could, give him
anything he wants.
And I'll have a cheese burger and a coffee.
- Guess what today is, Cutter?
- I know what day it is.
Now look.
I'm having lunch with my son.
So why don't you
just tell Tommy.
That I'll see him later okay?
I have not forgotten.
Fuck you, Cutter.
So whose the guy you followed into the bathroom?
What guy?
Dad, I saw you followed the guy in there.
Hamburger, no onions and a grilled cheese.
Anything else you need?
No, that's it.
Grilled cheese, that's all?
- Yeah
- Why?
Dad, I don't know.
My stomach hurts.
Don't worry about it.
So you really not going to tell me who the guy was?
I owe his boss money and he came to remind me.
That's it.
How much you owe him?
You know,
I really don't want to burden you with this stuff.
Dad, I don't care.
You can tell me.
I don't see why you're so scared
to tell me things.
Fifty grand.
- Holy shit, fifty thousand dollars?
- Yeah.
How did you owe him 50 thousands dollars?
For what?
Because we had to pay
the judge to bride him.
In order to get out early, so...
So I can spend some time with you.
I want to meet my mother.
I want to meet my mother.
Your mother?
Yeah, dad.
Yeah I want to meet her.
- Oh jee, Will...
- Am I talking to the genie or what?
But I don't know where she is.
I thought you said she moved away,
to that fancy condo.
Yeah, exactly .
You know.. the condo, right.
Okay then.
That's my first wish.
Agent Paisley.
I got your guy.
Raymond Cutter
Five years forgery.
Fresh out of Northport.
Ten months early for good behavior.
You don't hear that everyday.
You do not.
Busted back in '87 for art fraud.
And then nothing, until someone
dropped a dime on him.
Tommy Keegan.
That's right.
Your bad guy.
They say Cutter took the fall.
The Buick...
Is registered to his dad,
Joseph Cutter.
Old school conman, pickpocket, petty thief.
He stretches up and down the east coast .
Buy me a drink and
I'll read you his rap sheet.
And Keegan is a felon.
So Cutter violated his parole when
he went visited him.
You want to bring him in?
I want to watch him.
Who is the buyer?
There is no buyer.
He's just a guy...
And he wants it.
I got to pay for a
fucking what is it?
Do you believe in that shit?
Making me pay.
I don't know...
You know any?
For stolen art?
I don't know.
Maybe Owensby,
from Minnesota.
Something like that.
So, how much?
Nothing, Ray.
I'm getting you out of a jam,
and you getting me out of one.
Do you want to go back to prison?
Or you want just to do this thing?
What do you want?
I'll need a painting of the same year.
Same size.
And uh.
When I find it.
Whatever it cost.
You got to be ready
to pay for it.
Yeah, yeah.
This is Ronald Chambers.
Chambers .
Yeah, I'm looking for something specific
I'm looking for something French.
Circle 1875.
40 inches by 32 inches.
Let's go, boy.
No, that doesn't matter,
doesn't matter.
It's period and size.
Hey, gramp.
What was grandma like?
Your grandmother was a Saint.
She never lies,
she never gossip.
And she give you the last ..
dime in her pocket.
I don't know...
She didn't deserved to suffer her life with me,
I tell you.
Jesus Christ!
- How old was dad when she died?
- Four.
So, it's just you two then.
You guys get along?
What kind of a question is that?
I just..
just wondering.
wondering why?
I don't know, I guess
I've never see you guys hug or...
Or say you love each other.
Yeah, I don't do that.
But he knows.
You sure?
I didn't tell your grandmother either,
but she knew.
Because words don't mean a shit in this world. Will.
It's what a person does feel that counts.
What about my mother?
You ever meet her?
Oh, that's what this is all about.
Is it?
Sad asked me what I wanted
and I told him...
I want to meet my mother.
Well, fuck that.
Get in the car.
All I know is that one of Keegans' guys
got busted.
Lost an entire load of H.
Now Tommy owes someone.
I don't know.
But that's a lot of dope.
Any fucking idea what you are doing?
Uncle Carl.
Hey, Will.
How you're doing, buddy?
- Alright.
- Good to see you.
Alright, alright.
You, upstairs.
You, get into the wind.
You, out back.
Call me tomorrow.
Out back!
What are you doing?
Promising that he can see his mother.
Well, how do you think he is going to feel
if you don't deliver?
And god forbid if you do.
Whatever you are going to say is bullshit!
Four years we've been here, Ray.
Me and Will.
And we are doing fine.
And you come catapulting out of prison.
You tell me the truth.
How did you get out.
Oh, fuck me.
Tell me you're lying.
Tell me you're not in it for
Tommy fucking Keegan!
Jesus, Mary and me!
How much?
How much in it for him?
Don't, don't, don't..
Don't tell me.
I don't want to her it.
Take Will and...
Get the fuck out of town.
I need your help, pop.
You know something?
You should have stayed inside.
It's closed, man.
Rodney, remember me?
Kim's ex.
What the fuck do you want?
I need to know where she is.
I haven't seen her.
Oh come on,
you know where she is.
Told you, Ray.
I haven't see that fucking bitch in years.
Look, Rodney.
I not here to cause any trouble.
- Are you here to cause any trouble?
- I just wanna know where she is.
Come on.
This ain't the kind of night, is it.
Get this guy out of my fucking shop!
- Give me a fucking break.
- Get the fuck out, Ray.
Let's go buddy.
Never liked you, Ray!
Never liked you!
Come on!
I'm going to get you!
Fucking fucker.
Fuck you!
Last time.
Fuck you!
That's it.
I'm not asking again.
You want Ray in your fucking forehead?
Fuck off!
- I'm going to ask you again.
- Fuck you!
- Fuck!
- Where?
Prescott road!
It's in Braintree.
That's where she is,
I swear.
I do..
How did you find me?
That was easy.
Not really.
What do you want?
Your son,
He wants to see you.
What is he now?
Try 15.
Does he remember me?
I mean what?
All the sudden he
wants to see me?
This isn't you ...
- Trying to hook me back into you and your dad...
- Your son is sick.
He's got cancer.
He's got a stage 4
tumor in his head.
So I need you to clean yourself up.
Put your best face on.
And have lunch with us on Wednesday.
I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.
- No, I can't.
Wait a minute, I just told you that
your son is dying.
And you say,
you can't do this?
Who are you?
You are going to do this.
Or I'm going to make
your fucking life
more miserable than
it already is.
I'll be back at noon.
You be ready.
Hold... hold still now.
Oh, did it hurt, Ray?
- Just get on with it, will you.
- Heh, heh.
Will you be needing a tissue?
Are you done?
Yeah, done.
It was Keegan.
I'm sorry, dad.
You were right.
What can I do?
Is Will okay?
He's sleeping.
It was a tough night for the Cutter boys.
What do you need?
He still in business?
Of course, he is.
That rusky is like a cockroach.
- Heh, heh...
- Heh..
And here he comes..
A hit.
Oh man.
Whose the victim?
Rodney Hunter.
Three time loser .
Spouse abuse, identity fraud
and possession of methamphetamine.
What's he got to say about this?
According to Mr. Hunter,
your Raymond Cutter was
looking for someone
they had in common.
His ex-wife.
Kim o'Halloran.
I'm running her down now.
But so far..
Your boy has violated his parole like
one, two... five counts now.
What do you want to do?
I want to know why.
Yeah, that's her.
So why is she got such a hot on
for you anyway.
No, it's Keegan she wants.
She just saw me come out of his office
and probably thought i was...
You know.
Hanging with another felon and shit.
If Rodney dropped the dime on me.
I don't got time for this.
Come on.
I want to show you something.
You know a lot of these old buildings
have hidden rooms left over
from the proper vision.
You can't even get to them
from the inside.
Wicked cool, huh?
It's good
It's a stupid plan.
What part?
No, I'm serious.
What makes you think
you can pull it off?
You've not painted anything for fucking years.
You're right, I haven't.
But it doesn't mean I ever wanted to.
In fact, up till now,
it's the only thing I
ever thought about.
Are you good?
Let's go.
Can you tell Ivan that..
Joseph Cutter is here
to see him, please?
Ivan is not here.
Oh yeah, he is.
I watched him come back from the deli.
He's back there right now.
Feeding his fat face,
with a fucking corn beef sandwich.
Take a walk old man.
Tell you what.
If I win.
Take me to Ivan.
If uh,
you win.
You got this.
- Alright.
- On the count of three.
Son of a bitch.
I told you never to come in here again, Cutter.
I just happened to have in my possession
a little shopping list.
You see I'm not selling.
I'm buying.
Your services as a procurement specialist.
You know, scrounger,
king fucking rat.
Copper acetate.
Arsenic sulfide.
What the fuck?
These are chemicals.
And minerals.
And a lot of them fucking poisonous .
Read it carefully.
We're got to need it all,
and we need it quick.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ronald Chambers.
- Oh, dude! Awesome.
Great to meet you.
Yeah, wow.
Yeah, I'm gutting the place.
It was my grandparents'.
And now it's yours?
Now, it's mine.
It's epic.
This guy was an inventor.
He was a philosopher.
He was a..
patron of the arts...
Not a good painter.
But he's friend with Degas.
- No shit!
- No shit.
So, how much for the bad one?
This one?
That one.
Would you look at this?
What am I looking at?
Paper fucking numbers?
From Cutter's 1987 conviction.
Most of the stuff were auctioned off as lesser
unknown pieces by Paul Gauguin,
except for this one.
Which is in a museum in Paris.
So, so why would he forged it?
And like..
Why would someone steal a famous painting?
You can't.. sell it.
You can't exactly show it to people.
Look at this.
Raul Carlos, head of the arroyo cartel.
It is reported to have
the largest private art collection
in Latin America.
You think that Keegan and Cutter
are trying to run a scam on your boy?
Carlos is a bad guy.
I sure as hell wouldn't.
You up?
Mother fucker!
You look nice.
You coming in?
I think you should.
Well, Kim.
Just look at you.
- Look at you.
- Pops
Okay, we should go.
- Yeah
- Let's go.
So uh.
Where in New York do you live?
Right near Times Square.
I hope you're not a Yankees fan.
Not really.
Cos I don't know if I could be your son any more
if you were.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Excuse me a minute.
You okay?
- What?
- You okay?
You like her?
She's nice.
I'm starving.
What's good here?
The grill salmon is good.
Is that what you are getting?
I think so.
That's what I'll have too.
What's New York like?
Like Boston, only bigger.
No one,
Everyone takes a taxi or the subway.
So do you live in a nice building?
I like it.
- We have a game room.
- Nice.
- A hot tub on the roof.
- Oh wow.
I would love to see that.
When you get better, you should come visit.
I will.
These are really hot.
Thank you, sir.
Here you go.
Dip in.
Wish you won't going so soon.
Wish you could stay longer.
Why aren't you flying?
Ha ha.
You don't have wings, you
got to get in a plane.
Goodbye, William.
I had a really great day.
Me too.
Wait here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
She is nice.
- She was nice, dad..
- Yeah
Yeah, I told you.
Thanks for pretending.
What do you mean pretending?
Pretending what?
Yeah, you know.
About her
living in New York and ...
not being a drug addict.
Glad I got to meet her.
You okay?
Feeling sick?
No, I'm fine.
You know.
Gramps breakfast.
- We ready to go?
- Yeah.
What it feels like?
The chemo.
I don't know.
It feels like shit.
You okay?
What's going on?
you're not going to laugh.
I'm not going to laugh.
I want to have sex.
That's my second wish.
So the bad news is that
they got the gallery mast up.
They got wireless sensors on
all the doors and windows...
And each painting is
equipped with a battery..
..operated magnetic sensor
behind the frame.
If it is moved.
The detector sets off an alarm...
And we are looking like a
six minutes response time.
And they send their alarm signal
directly to the cops.
The whole thing is keypad controlled.
Oh keypads,
just call pops.
roger that.
How about security guards?
How about that?
Five at night.
Top of the hour.
They do rounds on foot
after they locked up.
Okay, so what's the good news?
Call in advance.
Ask for Melanie.
She will take good care of Will.
- Where did you get this?
- You know, it's online.
It's a site like Yelp,
but for hookers.
No, no, no...
Forget it.
There's got to be a better way than that.
If there is, you be sure to let me know
What do you want him to do, Ray?
Meet some girl,
and take her out on a date.
Maybe fall in love,
meet the family.
Some day have sex.
In the back seat of the Buick,
on the banks of the Charles (river)?
Yeah, Carl.
I do.
Six parole violations.
And now he is taking a minor
to a whore house.
You know at this point, if..
we don't fucking arrest him,
then we aren't doing our jobs.
So uh.
This Melanie,
She is a friend of Carl's?
You okay?
You got any questions?
I don't think so.
Just remember what I said,
you know.
Wear your raincoat.
No fancy stuff.
Here we go.
Yeah. Come on in.
Carl explained everything.
So, you must be William.
We're fine.
We'll see you in an hour.
- Okay... good
- Okay.
Will, open up!
Hey, what..
Everythings fine.
I'm sorry, we got to go.
The cops are here.
Here's your money.
They're going to ask me questions,
I can't answer.
I got this.
Go, go, go.
Go up.
Up, up, up.
Dad, dad
let's jump over.
No, we can't jump.
We're not jumping.
Dad, what?
What are you, scare?
You can't..
You can't..
You don't think I can make it?
Let me..
Let me find the fire escape.
Come on.
A whore house.
Why are you laughing?
It's the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Well, that's what it's supposed to be.
Heh, heh, heh...
No, no.
We jumped to a whole another building.
On the top of the roof.
And then
he picks the lock.
And I'm so nervous,
my stomach was just doing somersault.
But him...
He's so calm.
No, I wasn't calm on the inside.
So, you never got ..
You never got to finish it.
Hey, pop, pop!
Why don't you go call Carl
and have him pick up the Buick.
And then what?
Go walk the imaginary dog or
some other fucking thing.
- If you wanted time to be alone together
- You're too much.
Fucking take it.
No need to patronize me,
you.. fucker.
you're too much.
Hey, Will.
I'm sorry about Melanie.
You kidding me?
Today was awesome.
How come you broke up with that girl?
- Tricia?
- Yeah.
She would smile at every guy
that walked past her.
And it ..
It just, you know
drove me nuts.
But that's. That's it?
She just smiled ?
She's trying to make me jealous or something.
But.. but..
What if she is just friendly?
Why don't you just call her?
The kid.
It's his son.
Cutter took him out of school,
the day after he got out of prison.
Ask me why.
Okay, why?
William Cutter got cancer.
Lab test result on the trace heroin
found on the dead bartender's hotel room.
Spoiler alert.
Matches the shit you are after.
Find out who granted Cutter's parole...
And uh..
Give me Keegan's rap sheet.
What's the occasion?
Here, sit down.
Can't believe it.
I figured out my third wish.
- But you didn't get your second wish yet.
- It's alright. We can come back to it.
Lay it on me.
I know you're planning something...
Something to get the money
to pay that guy back.
- Gramps tell you that?
- No.
Look, Will.
You know...
I want to help you.
Getting you laid.
And having you meet your mother
is one thing.
- But this is ain't your problem.
- Dad...
You have this problem because of me.
That is not true.
I was in the whole way
before you came along.
Dad, I...
I never done anything
that's so exciting as I did yesterday.
And you and gramps...
You guys have really lived it.
I want to experience that,
you know?
Oh no.
No, no, no...
Trust me.
I don't ...
I knew you weren't going to follow through
the fucking wishes.
All you are..
is a liar and a fake.
open up!
Hi, pal.
What happened?
The doctor said that you had a seizure.
I guess it's kind of normal for this thing.
Hello, boy.
Dad, please.
Please, please, please.
What is it you want, William?
So this is Claude Monet.
He is an Impressionist.
The word came from the name of one of his paintings.
Called the impression sunrise.
He's not trying to be exact like a photograph.
a picture
He is trying to..
He is trying to paint the feeling.
Like Paul Gauguin?
Like Gauguin.
It's a sunny day.
It's spring time.
Camille is looking at Monet.
And Jean...
Who are they?
Camille is Monet's wife.
And Jean,
is his eight year old son.
So, it's going to be hard to fake?
No, you don't fake this.
I mean..
You can't copy it.
You have to..
You have to get inside it.
You know.
It's hard to explain.
But if I could..
If I could..
Feel what he was feeling...
You know, maybe..
Maybe I could do it.
It's beautiful.
It is.
You ever going to Tahiti
like Paul Gauguin?
I don't know.
you just keep grinding.
See all these minerals are pure.
Like back in the day 1875,
There was no pollution, you know.
Then, you know.
Factories came along and cars...
They put little.. like black specks in the minerals.
And you can't use that.
That's why I can't use my paints.
Let's see how you are doing there.
Now uh, okay.
Some oil.
Hold still.
Now, use this...
Stir it up.
- You want me to do it?
- Yeah. Go ahead, do it.
- See that?
- Yeah.
And watch it becomes paint
right in front of your eyes.
You take your meds?
- Yup.
- Good.
Hey, dad.
What you did today...
It's pretty crazy.
Yeah, you know.
I could dunk my whole life.
Should have.
Why don't you?
Let's get through all this.
Tomorrow we start fresh.
- Night.
- Night.
Cutter's granted parole was signed by judge Jacob Brooks.
Same judge who acquitted Keegan
of the second felony charge back in 03.
So Keegan puts Cutter in prison...
And four years later,
gets him out.
Cos he feel bad?
Tommy Keegan doesn't know how to feel bad.
Yeah, Ray.
She's coming right at you.
You want to talk?
It's okay.
We're alone.
I mean it's okay for both of us.
How did you made me at Keegan's?
I don't know.
You know.
You were asking a lot of questions.
This is really about Tommy Keegan, right?
I can't tell you nothing about him..
Not that I care about him,
because I don't.
I'm not a snitch.
- Never have been, never will be.
- Tommy Keegan was.
Put you away for five years, huh.
Keegan is in a serious debt
to the arroyo cartel.
Do you know what that means?
Have you seen this man before?
- You sure?
- Yeah.
His name is Ral Carlo and
he is a real patron of the arts.
Painting again, Ray?
I need time.
I need privacy.
Because of your son?
Look, whatever you think
you owe Keegan.
It's just going to destroy the time
you have left with Will.
Help me to help you.
You okay?
I just had a dream and...
I'm here.
Come here.
I'm scare.
I know.
Hey, Ray.
How're we doing?
What the fuck are you doing here?
I told you I get you the painting.
My goodness.
Is that little William?
Hey, you know what?
You got a phone call young man.
Who is Tricia?
Okay, go upstairs.
Go, go, go.
Come on bro, are you getting some?
He turned into a good looking young man.
But he's a..
I don't know.
Looking a little peakin.
I told Finn I'll break his fucking neck,
if he came near my son.
And that goes for the three of you.
And stab him to death with a
fucking paintbrush, right?
Why, why the hostility?
- Don't fucking move.
- Jesus Christ!
Okay, pop, it ain't that kind of night.
- Joe, come on, we're partners.
- Not with me, you're not.
And this is my house...
And I didn't invite you.
Tommy, Tommy.
Why don't you take Collin and Finn...
Tell them to wait in the car...
And we'll talk, okay?
- Tomorrow is D day .
- Yeah, I know it.
You ready?
- No, it's not ready.
- Is it done?
But it will be done.
The museum closes at 9:45.
I'll get it to you by midnight.
You can bagged that up.
Because I need to have it
at Copley (plaza) by midnight.
Give it to me by eleven.
For the..
For the buyer?
In person.
And the appraiser.
The appraiser.
You got the contact
number for that guy?
How much is this going to cost me?
How the fuck should I know.
I have not done this in years.
- Fucking Minnesota.
[J.Ownsby-Appraiser-Minneapolis Division]
You're really in trouble with this guy,
aren't you?
- Tomorrow night. 11pm
- Yeah.
You should be so proud of Ray.
I know they are saying that..
He's a better dad than me.
I ain't saying anything.
but there it is.
And your grandson...
He's just as tough as you were.
When you meet him.
Take good care of him, will you.
I love you,
that's a fact.
Yes, it's me.
Whose calling?
Okay. Three 15 minutes bakes.
Five minutes apart.
And 375.
Think we are okay.
The restaurant opens in an hour.
Are you ready for this, boy?
I'm just studying.
Yeah, good.
Good, good.
Alright, you guys got any questions?
I want to smoke these uh.. now.
By a way of...
celebrating our coming success.
It's a sort of toast.
Life is short...
And things go wrong.
May we always have enough.
He's here.
Just got ping by ICE
(Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
Raul Carlos and two of his captains
just flown into Logan (airport).
Start with the top 3 hotels.
Let me know when you find out
where he is headed.
I'm on Cutter.
Get someone on Keegan.
Okay, so. Carlos and two captains
just checked into the Conway.
Lady, watch out.
This is a neighborhood,
there is children here.
Sir, I need you to move your car.
Right now.
Really, you going to pull a badge?
Like what, you going to arrest me?
- For pulling out of my driveway.
- Sir, move your car.
You can't have drinks in here.
What's that?
You can't.
You can't have drinks in here.
Oh, I don't know.
- Sir, give me that sir. Give me the soda please.
- I'm thirsty, boy.
- Give me that. Give me that.
- The corridors are so long and such a long walk.
- No, give me that. Give me that.
- Alright, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Thank you. Thank you.
I was leaving anyway.
Sir, it's 9:30.
We are closing in fifteen minutes.
You have to leave now.
Can I help you?
Federal police.
- We need to take a look around.
- Yeah.
Anything unusually?
Just some old man who spilled a soda
in the European wing.
I got to call Will.
- Hey.
- Will.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
We're moving.
You got three minutes.
What's the score, guys?
Let me take that.
- In the European wing.
- Show us.
Right here.
We have already mopped it up.
What did he look like?
Just an old man.
A little demented.
Let's do a ride around.
Thanks, guys.
Let's go.
Still on.
What the fuck?
The door is stuck.
Get the fucking flashlight.
Hit it.
Hit it.
CAlling all units in the vicinity
Of the Museum of Fine ARTs.
Come on!
Come on!
Go, go, go...!
Holy shit!
The police are on the scene here
at the MFA...
After an apparent break in.
A small group of suspects
were able to disable the alarm.
However, nothing was taken.
Claude Monet.
Woman with parasol.
So what now?
Now, Finn is going to take this
to the guy.
Along with this.
And I am off the hook.
What about me?
When I leave here.
I don't see you anymore, right?
Not exactly.
Fuck you!
I know you, Ray.
After my man.
Gets out of town with that stupid fucking picture.
I'm going to make a call,
They are going to take
one look at whatever the fuck
it was,
you put on that wall.
And they are going
to put you away.
So now,
why don't you get up.
And get out the fuck out of here.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
I got eyes on Finn Gerrity
walking into the Copley Plaza.
- You need backup?
- No. I got DEA in the lobby.
Here you go.
Senor Ownsby..
I'll call you back.
Let this play out.
If you want to bust this guy Carlos.
Just let it play out.
Do you have the payment
for Mr.Owensby?
Yeah, I got the payment.
One hundred thousand dollars.
Yeah, it's all there.
This guy comes all the way from
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
To tell me that Tommy Keegan
is a fool.
What the fuck does that suppose to mean?
I always thought that Mr. Keegan
was stupid.
But I didn't know he was
this stupid.
Wait a minute.
Oh, what the fuck?
Let's go visit Tommy Keegan.
Fuck that!
- Mr...uh.. Carlos.
- Carlos.
I'm.. sorry.
Not only is this a forgery.
It's a bad one at that.
So it's worth nothing?
It's for you.
- Here they are.
- Oh shirt!
Don't, don't, don't...
He's coming back.
Okay, he's going to
pay someone a visit.
He'll be back.
You don't have anything on him anyway.
Can't wait.
What did you do?
There's a painting upstairs.
It's a Monet.
It's the real thing.
When they come back.
You arrest them.
Read them their rights..
- ..whatever you guys do.
- That's right.
Wait a minute.
Nothing was taken.
Trust me.
You just be very careful
with the painting.
Bring it back to the museum
They'll know exactly what to do.
I thought you didn't snitch.
I don't.
It's just this guy Carlos
ain't from here.
We have to go.
Any sign of Finn Gerrity and Collin Corley?
No, not a trace.
It's been over an hour.
Why is he taking so long?
When I was his age,
two minutes tops.
This is fucking ridiculous.
Goodbye, Tricia.
Hey, pop.
Thanks for taking care of him
while I was away.
- Oh, stop it.
- Yeah, you know.
- Well?
- Hey!
How did it go?
That's none of your business.
Alright, sergeant.
- Carl.
- Goodbye.
Bet he wishes he was going.
Okay, here we are.
You sure, huh ?
Yeah, this is the real thing.
Here we go!
Thank you.
- Have a nice flight.
- Yeah, thanks.
I have never seen him this happy.
Hey, dad.
If you had one wish.
What would you wish for?
Come on in.
You two pantsies.
Join me. The water is fine.
For Christ sake.
Hey, Will.
What do you say we explore Polynesia, huh.
We go to..
We go to Fiji,
We go to Tonga.
We go to Marquesas.
That's where Gauguin lived.
We got time.
What do you think?
Jump in and join me.