The Forger (2012) Movie Script

Ever think back on how
you got somewhere, or why?
Well, my somewhere was an art
town on the edge of the Pacific.
The name of the place didn't matter much.
I just knew I didn't belong.
I was just some loser kid
who ended up here.
By mistake, sort of.
You know, I read somewhere
that nothing is so beautiful
that it can't be ugly
if you look really close.
I can't remember who said it,
but whoever it was
got it right.
That's a good painting, kid.
Can't even see the numbers.
How much you, uh...
How much you want for that?
Fifty bucks.
Fifty bucks?
I would've paid double for that.
- Here.
- Hey!
You, kid!
What are you doing? What are
you doing with my painting?
Wait a minute... Hey!
- What the...?
- Looks good, huh?
Yeah, I'd say it looks good,
I did it.
You in there?
Are you in there?
I let you stay for more than a week.
I want you out of here, now.
Hang on!
I've got your money!
- I feel bad after kicking him out.
- Yeah.
He was here for
a whole week and never paid.
- Really?
- I never did see his mom around.
What do you think he was,
14, maybe 15?
Well, that's why I called you.
Wait till you see
what he did to my room.
Hm... What a mess.
No, not that... that.
- I have a hundred point assignment due.
- Hey! Picasso!
See you later.
Got any more paintings for sale?
You're the kid who sold the
painting at the mission, right?
How did you hear about that?
It's a small town.
That's a nice outfit,
by the way.
Thank you.
It's required.
Thank God. I was beginning to
think your grandma dressed you.
- Really?
- Hm-mm.
Well, I had no idea anyone still
thought heavy metal was cool, so...
No, no. See, Black Flag
is punk rock, okay?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
And I'm supposed to take
the word of a con man, huh?
Look, I'm not a con man, okay?
I painted that painting.
Well, part of it, kind of.
How old are you?
- Freshman?
- No, I'm in tenth grade.
- Hm.
- Well, I should be in tenth grade. I'm...
See, I'm working on that.
I don't think you can
talk your way out of this one.
Amber, what are you doing?
Didn't you hear the tardy bell?
- Did it ring?
- Yes, it did ring.
- I didn't hear it.
- Really?
Okay, you know what,
are you being sarcastic with me?
- No.
- No. Okay, you know what, let's go.
And young man,
I don't know what you're doing,
but you should be in school.
It's after 1:00 p. m. Okay?
- I'm going. - Yeah, you're going
to the principal's office.
- And I'll tell you why...
- Hey, hey, buddy, look.
She said she's going to class,
just give her a break.
You know what, young man? I don't
wanna have to call the police, okay?
So thank you very much.
Take care.
You know, why don't you
pick on somebody else?
What did you say?
You hang around
with trash like this?
- Okay, that's it, that's it,
we're going right now. - Ow!
- You need to listen and respect...
- Okay. You don't need to drag me.
No, I am not dragging you. You just need
to respect the school. It's very simple.
I said cut her a break,
would you?
Hold on, son...
...over the line here.
You're out of line.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- You need to leave.
- What's up, did you push her?
No, I didn't push her. This guy
grabbed her arm, he's nuts.
Get outta here, you kook!
I was just trying to
make sure she was all right.
- Well, you did that.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Get back, let's go back.
- Looks like a bum.
- Aram, come on.
- Aram...
- He looks like a homeless dude.
- Hey, let's get outta here, come on.
- Back to school...
- Get as far away as possible. Okay?
- Watch me!
- Hey!
Huh? What now? Huh?
Huh? Huh?
- Huh?
- Hey!
You've gotta stop,
we've gotta go. Come on, guys.
Who was that guy?
- I don't know.
- Let's go. Back to class.
I'm sorry!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
No way.
Fifteen-year-old juvenile, burglary.
Well, if that's all, Mr. Campbell...
Check his pockets
while you got him.
See if he's got some cash
to pay for all this damage.
Everly, you have a call.
Give us a call
if you find anything else.
Believe me, you'll be
the first to hear about it.
I can't believe we got
druggies running around
- in this neighborhood.
- It's an urgent call.
All right.
Excuse us.
What did you do, Bernie?
Wasn't me.
How did this happen?
- I think it was the boy.
- The boy? Are you kidding me?
We only had half
a rough version.
The boy?
Well, it wasn't the maid.
You haven't answered
my question.
In 20 minutes.
What about the next case?
What about it?
Doesn't it deserve your
attention, too?
I give every person who walks through
that door my full attention.
So, did your mother give you any
indication where she was headed
- when she, uh... when she decided to...
- What? Leave me?
Look, she didn't even
bother to say goodbye.
Do you really think
she told me where she was going?
Joshua, are you an only child?
- What does the file say?
- It's incomplete.
Yeah, well, sounds like me.
I know you know art, but you seem
unaware of my more provocative work.
Major publications
have said my art harkens back
to the work of the original Bohemian
masters who founded this community.
And that's a quote.
So what did I do
to earn this reputation?
I took what the world of art
describes as a master style
and I combined it with my own
interpretation of the intense beauty
of the natural world around me.
The lady from child services
is on the phone.
Bernie, I'm not finished.
They don't speak any English.
I don't want to sound negative, but
as we said on the phone earlier,
you're probably wasting
your time coming down here.
- We have a whole process involved.
- I understand.
And I came here,
despite what you said,
because I was really hoping
you might reconsider my offer.
You have a big heart,
offering your home to this kid.
You know, I wasn't... I wasn't exactly
the straightest arrow myself.
I... I think I understand
what this boy's going through.
Well... he has a record.
I'm prepared to
drop all the charges.
Well, I did talk to him this morning. I
mean, he's not a threat or anything.
He's 15 years old.
He's been through enough
as it is.
We do do emergency placements, but
only in extreme circumstances.
What you're asking for is
definitely not standard procedure.
This would be almost impossible
to get past a judge.
Let me worry about that.
I've played enough rounds on Pebble Beach
with these local judges, you know?
Look, Ms. Reese,
I'm an artist myself.
I was very much like this kid.
Scared, lost.
The only thing that stopped me
from falling into the hole
that I was rapidly digging
for myself was my talent.
It saved me.
It helped me to be somebody.
- And Joshua, he has that talent.
- I'm not gonna bend the rules.
Ms. Reese,
would you really uphold a rule,
even when you knew it wasn't
in the boy's best interests?
You don't like lox?
Is it... Is it fish?
- Bernie, get the kid some waffles.
- Waffles?
Or whatever it is kids eat.
I got you a little gift.
Try it.
Yeah, it feels nice.
That's not all you can
do with that, is it?
Well, you know, I have done some
reading on a couple of artists.
One named Da Vinci.
He was really good at drawing.
Another guy named Picasso.
But you know,
one of my big favorites...
...this guy named Hank Ketcham.
I don't know this artist.
He is the creator of
Dennis the Menace.
I like this kid, I like him.
Dennis the Menace.
That's not bad.
- So it's good. - I didn't say
it was good, I said it was not bad.
The judge asked me to house you in
the hope that you might benefit
from some tutelage from me.
Personally, I think you're a born
loser who's gonna squander his talent
before he realizes
its full potential.
Wow. That was some
motivational speech.
Do you have any idea what great
things a professional art career
can give you in your life?
And I care about
that because...?
" Walking on a dream "
A person dedicated to their
craft can have toys like this.
" Talking to myself "
" Will I see again? "
People need to figure out...
how to find their success.
And don't believe
that success is a luxury.
It's a necessity. Trust me.
You must be new
on the charity event circuit.
Oh, yeah.
This is a very poor
use of canvas.
Unless it's yours,
in which case it's...
In which case? Oh...
Everly will be disappointed in
your analysis of his new work.
- Anne-Marie, how nice to see you.
- Hello, Everly.
I see you've met our
young artist-in-residence?
We chatted.
- Anne-Marie, Joshua Mason.
- Hello, Josh.
So, what were you talking about?
Me, I hope.
Oh, actually, we were.
Yes, Joshua was just giving a very
astute analysis of your new work.
Well, he is very bright.
And I feel a lot of this work
is very strong.
I mean, I think I'm entering
a special phase in my career.
- Special is the word.
- Thank you.
Oh, I've just seen the mayor,
will you excuse me?
Well... it was nice
meeting you, Anne-Marie.
- Joshua.
- Nice to meet you, Josh.
My sister told me
the whole story.
I jumped in the other day without
knowing what was really going on.
Man, you got a mean left hook.
Ooh. Sorry about that.
Hey, you know, your shots were
pretty good, too.
I was feeling that the next day.
Hey, thanks for
backing up my sister.
It means a lot.
No problem.
So, what are you doing here?
I just... I love hanging
out with old people.
Or... two great minds...
think alike.
I saw you talking to Anne-Marie.
What was that all about?
She's just some crazy old lady.
This town's, like, full of them.
She's actually one
of the pretty cool ones.
- For how famous she is.
- Really?
Yeah. She's crazy rich.
The word is,
she keeps tons of cash.
That little art studio
by the beach,
- it's like a little cottage down there.
- Yeah.
I don't really remember
what I was looking for.
Maybe it was the money.
At least that would've gotten
me out of that crazy place.
What are you doing here?
What have you got there?
His name was George.
He brought art into this town.
But he didn't have the strength
to stay alive in it.
Why do you have
a picture of him?
Well, he was
very close to my family.
Very talented and very lost.
- Oh, your ride's here.
- Is it the police?
You live with him, right?
Not by choice.
I'm so sorry about this,
Oh, not to worry.
I appreciate your understanding.
Come on.
Why is he living with you?
Oh, I've taken him on as
a kind of live-in art student.
It's an alternative
work program.
I had no idea you'd
become so philanthropic.
Well, you know,
we all try to do...
...whenever we can.
Hey, Vanessa?
Um, a Ms. Cole
is here to see you.
Hi, Ms. Cole.
Oh, yes,
I'm here about Joshua Mason.
- We spoke on the phone.
- Great. Well, have a seat.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.
No, I was just... you know,
wanted to make sure
that he was all right.
Well, I've got him
in a wonderful home.
- He's in great hands.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
- Good.
Oh... What a wonderful piece.
- You have an interest in art?
- Oh, well, a little bit.
But I've always
loved children's art.
It doesn't matter who they are or
what they've seen, they use it all.
- Wonderful.
- Well...
...let me show you something
else. Look at these.
Powerful stuff.
- Are these his?
- They are.
Those were taken in the motel room
where his mother abandoned him,
- but I'm not allowed to talk about
the details. - Well...
No, I respect your need for privacy.
I'm a private person myself.
But I do have to
tell you one thing.
Keep your eye on Everly.
He's not right for this.
It's too much
for a kid to handle.
He's 15, he has pimples.
I'm not even sure
his voice has broken.
He probably thinks the Impressionists
are a heavy metal band.
He's talented, but he's a risk.
We need to find someone else
to do the Winslow Homer
- and Dauphine his money now.
- What other choice do I have?
Leeway is dead, Bernie.
He's dead.
He did 20 jobs for us,
but he can't do this one.
Not from the grave.
There's no one to
finish this in time.
Maybe the boy...
- Just maybe.
- That's one hell of a maybe.
- He's got talent.
- Some, yes.
Some? Some?
When you've stopped smoking
crack, call me from planet Earth.
Did you see what he did?
He finished a half-completed
Charles Rollo Peters,
matched his work perfectly.
So how'd you find me?
Well, you know, it's a small town.
- How are things?
- Things are good.
I made up with your brother.
- He was just trying to protect me.
- Yeah. He's cool.
But I do think that
after all my efforts,
that I deserve a kiss.
Slow down!
A kiss for the con man
who punched my brother.
- Yeah.
- Hm...
That sounds reasonable.
It's an idea.
- I have an idea.
- What?
How about you kiss my butt
when I beat you down the beach.
- What do I get if I win?
- Nothing, and you'll like it!
That's not fair!
- Amber!
- I won! Whoo!
I won, I won!
Hey... you dropped this.
I know.
You did that on purpose.
You cheated.
You cheated. That's ridiculous.
I have played with
cheaters before,
but nothing like that.
Big men can admit defeat.
Well, yeah, but I didn't lose.
But you didn't win.
But I got these.
- Give 'em!
- Nope. Nope.
- Give 'em, give 'em!
- Nope.
Give me the keys.
Look at you.
Cute doggy.
Where's your owner? Huh?
Let's see...
You're Anne-Marie's dog,
Come on. I'll take you home.
Let's go. Let's go.
Good girl.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, I... found your friend,
here, down at the beach today.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, you're a naughty girl.
Nah, she's really sweet.
Not when she's hungry.
I just happen to have
freshly-made soup in the kitchen.
Would you like to join me?
Soup... Soup does sound nice.
Come on.
- It was good.
- Would you like some more? Seconds?
Oh, no, I'm fine, thanks.
I have an idea.
While I'm cleaning up, I've got a
great collection of books over here
and there might be something in
there that might interest you.
Oh, and by the way,
I have a spare room out back.
You're welcome to use it
any time you want.
I was wearing cyanide...
...a way out
for all those artists.
But why?
And then, I found the why.
" Every scene is a long dream "
" Give me some colors "
" Every scene is a long dream "
" Give me some colors "
" Every scene is a long dream "
" Give me some colors "
" Every scene is a long dream. "
The guy makes fakes.
" Give me some colors. "
This place is nice.
Nothing but the best for you.
Thank you, Patrick.
So, Everly...
...I found something pretty
interesting down in your basement.
Oh, what was that?
I think you know
what I'm talking about.
Well, let's just say I do.
Now what?
You pay me.
Excuse me?
Well, either you pay me or I tell
everybody you're an art forgery dealer.
I see.
You're gonna pay my
way out of this town
or else your little
secret's out.
And what am I supposed
to pay you?
- I was thinking about five.
- Thousand?
I meant 500, but...
yeah, sure, five grand.
What if I told you
I knew how to make millions?
That piece of work
you saw in my house,
do you even know
who the original artist was?
No, I didn't think so.
Charles Rollo Peters. One of the
most celebrated artists of his era.
And you matched his exact style.
Joshua, you have... have talent.
Capturing what I see has just
always come easy to me.
I don't doubt it.
So... you can really make that
much money by selling fakes?
If you follow my lead
and don't question me.
- That'll be hard.
- This is real, Joshua.
You've gotta use
your talent for yourself.
No one's gonna be looking out
for you, not even me.
Are you messing with me?
I've got a job coming up right
now. I could use your skills.
If you pull it off,
I'll split the money
from the sale with you. Cash.
- Seriously?
- Trust me.
Or I suppose I could just go fetch
the 500 bucks you asked me for.
Basically, with the losses
at the Moli gallery,
added to the losses
at the Laguna Beach gallery,
added to the problems
that we're having here,
the overhead is $212,000
for this month alone.
It's hard keeping three galleries
open with so little coming in.
What about the gallery here?
We had a show last month.
We moved two pieces.
It's my birthday party coming
up. You know what could happen?
- I'm fully aware.
- We gotta close this deal now.
- And you think this boy is our best bet?
- I don't know.
All I know is we've
gotta go to San Francisco
and sell that Charles Rollo
Peters to the Emir,
otherwise none
of this matters anyway.
The Peters won't bring in much,
...if I can hook the Emir,
come my birthday,
I'll have him eating
out of my hand.
Every detail matters.
You have raw ability, but you're gonna
have to be more strict with yourself
than you've ever been.
The new work has to match
the original perfectly.
In every detail.
Okay. So what are all these
hammers for and stuff?
Oh, that's for later, when we
age the piece to perfection.
- Age it?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you use the mallet
to tap the painting
to develop the craquelure,
the cracks, if you will.
It makes the painting
look older.
Then you fill the cracks with dust,
makes it look all the more real.
But first,
we have to find a canvas.
Now this is an inexpensive canvas
from the turn of the century,
painted by an amateur.
Should match perfectly.
What are you doing now?
Stripping it.
Okay, so you paint on a stripped
canvas to help fool the experts.
You take a painting
by a particular artist,
a lesser known work
of little value... strip it...
...and then paint a forgery
of a more valuable work over it.
Wow, I guess you have
this thing down to a science.
Many paintings hanging in
great museums are forgeries.
Really? Like, even famous ones?
You'd better believe it.
Well, I guess sometimes there's more
than just meets the eye with a painting.
Absolutely. In a lab, an oil painting
can be analyzed quite thoroughly.
So we have to make sure
that no infrared
or chemical test
will reveal us.
Well, then I guess we gotta fool
with some pretty serious experts.
One in particular.
It is gorgeous.
Pinkus, we all know
you are the true expert.
What do you say?
I think I can vouch
for its authenticity.
You have done it again,
Everly Campbell.
My wife will love this. You know
how she feels about Peters.
- The only other work she craves for is...
- Winslow Homer, yes.
I saw your wife last month
at Monte Carlo.
I hope she did not get
into one of her moods,
like that time in Kuala Lumpur.
- That was bad, as you may recall.
- I recall, but no.
She was even more beautiful
and more gracious than ever.
Clearly a jewel in your crown.
Ah. Flattery will only...
make you rich.
- Thank you, Your Highness.
- You're welcome.
There is a bank note in there
for quarter of a million.
- The tip is for good customer service.
- You're too gracious.
I know. I want to be sure
we're still working towards
- getting a Winslow Homer? - I think I may just
have found the painting your wife craves.
The rarest Winslow Homer
the world has yet to see.
I have it at home in storage.
I came across it under
the most unusual circumstances.
It's been hidden in Europe
since the first World War.
How much do you want?
- An even ten million.
- Ah...
I assure you, this painting
is going to stun the art world.
- Pinkus?
- Of course, such a painting
would require full
infrared analysis
and a letter of provenance.
If you wish to speak
for the painting,
you're more than welcome
to do a public analysis
at my birthday party.
Then you and the entire world
will see the painting unveiled
and publicly tested
to prove its authenticity.
Pinkus, we will go to Carmel.
I don't know how you do it,
We stick to the plan,
the kid finishes the painting,
we send him off to New York,
get him out of Carmel.
What about the police?
We tell 'em he ran away.
He's gonna bring problems.
I can feel it coming.
Bernie, I am tinkering with his life,
but I wish somebody had done it for me.
This kid is screwed up in the
head. He's an emotional wreck.
You know how hard
a life in art is.
Forgery isn't perfect, but he
could make a living at it.
I'm giving him a way so he
never has to worry about money.
Yeah, I'm tinkering,
but the little bastard
- doesn't even know how lucky he is.
- Maybe.
But if we commit to that date,
then we only have a month.
We are committed.
If we don't sell that Winslow
Homer, I lose everything I have.
Really high-end forgeries
are the hardest to do.
Some paintings are several centuries
old, they have under-paintings to them.
What's an under-painting?
In truth, it's something you
should not be concerned with yet.
Homer's not known to
have his works painted over.
Are you using
the blue I gave you?
- Yeah.
- Show it to me.
See, this is the
modern indigo blue.
The pigment in modern oil paint
is not the same as the ones
used in Homer's day.
They're completely different.
Use the Prussian blue
like I told you.
Scrape it off, start over.
You must be Sasha.
Yeah, that's me.
Thanks for coming down.
How'd you get my probation
officer to get me down here?
They owed me a little favor.
Look, um...
...I haven't seen Brynn in... it
must be about three years now.
Well, here's a police report.
San Jose.
Says you two were arrested.
Together. October 17th.
Right. There was that.
- Slipped your mind?
- Sure did, yep.
I'm Joshua's case worker.
- How is he?
- Well, Sasha, he's not doing very well.
I've got him placed in a home,
but he doesn't know where his mother
is, he doesn't know why she left.
I haven't been able
to find any family, no friends.
I mean, can you imagine
what's going through his head?
- He's gotta be very confused.
- That's not good.
No, it's not good.
I want you to
help me find Brynn.
Look, I already told you...
I don't know where she is.
Well, you're lying to me.
I don't have to take this.
You're my only chance
to find Brynn.
I'm not the police.
I'm not here
to have her arrested.
I just wanna help Joshua.
He's a great little guy.
Hm-mm. He's a great guy.
Well, that little guy is almost
16 and he's growing up real fast.
That her?
Yeah, that's Brynn all right.
Both had bullshit parents.
I talked to a guy recently. He's
a manager at a gentlemans club.
He said that you two
worked there together
- and that you were waitresses...
- Oh, come on,
you can say it, Ms. Reese.
It won't kill ya. strippers.
So, where is Brynn?
She's probably at her
loser boyfriend's house.
Okay, do you have
an address for me?
Are you going
to behave yourself?
All right. Come in.
Christmas lights
around my neck
That's really good.
I had a great face to work with.
Flattery is not gonna
get you out of the doghouse.
We're just friends.
Friends hanging out, talking.
- Right.
- Is that cool?
Yeah, but...
But what?
The other day at the beach,
I really... I really blew that.
I missed out on a great opportunity
and I just... the kiss was so...
Really awful.
Worst ever.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Well, I'm here now.
I'm on my best behavior.
I'm just standing here, me,
with the door... and the door.
- Sit.
- Really?
Before I change my mind.
When you kiss a girl... have to be gentle.
- Right.
- Take my hand.
Now kiss my hand, softly.
No, no. On the top of my hand.
Kiss the hand,
then kiss the girl.
" The halo spins. "
- Much better.
- Good.
If only you were
a couple years older.
Yeah, it's funny,
I was just thinking...
...if only you were
a couple years younger.
- Oh, Ms. Reese. What a nice surprise.
- Mr. Campbell.
I was in the neighborhood,
thought I'd come by.
You know, I'm just heading out.
I just wanted to talk
for a very quick minute,
- if that's okay? - Wonderful. You know,
tomorrow night at six would be great.
Oh, I meant right now,
just very quickly.
Bernie, is the car ready?
- I was hoping to talk to Josh.
- What was that?
- I wanted to talk to Joshua.
- Bernie, I'll be outside, let's go!
- Uh-huh? - I'm fine to wait out
here for him, it's not a problem.
Would you excuse me just a moment? Hello?
Yeah. Yeah, the papers
are in the car.
Yeah, I'm on my way to
the symposium now. Uh-huh.
Well, I'll... You're gonna have to
work that out with the Japanese.
- Nice to see you, call me later. What?
- No, no... where is Joshua?
He's not here,
he took off this morning.
Wait, we need to talk then.
Yeah, listen,
can I call you back?
Mr. Campbell...
If this is too much for you
to take care of Joshua,
I'm more than happy to find
another home to place him in.
No, no, no.
I've got a handle on this.
It doesn't appear
that way to me.
He's gone right now.
He'll be back.
You know very well
you cannot let him go like that.
You have to be supervising him or he has
to be working for you at all times.
- It's the mandate of the court.
- Yeah, all right, I'll...
This doesn't work for me.
I'll find him immediately,
all right?
Yes, of course, I'm sorry.
You're right, I'm sorry.
Find him quickly, and you have to
call me as soon as you find him
or I will get on the phone
with the judge.
- No, no, no, that won't be necessary.
- Well, I will.
- No, Ms. Reese...
- I'll talk to you soon, then.
So you live with Anne-Marie?
No, I just hang out with her,
she's cool.
Old, but she's cool.
Where's your mom and dad?
Well, I, uh...
I don't really have a dad.
Well, I never really knew him.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Oh, no, it's cool.
It's cool.
It's a normal question.
And my mom, she... she left me.
Just kind of took off.
That's... that's so scary.
I'm sorry. I had no idea.
At least you found Anne-Marie. I could
see how you two would get along.
Yeah, she's all right.
Do you know who she is?
Yeah, she's like,
some famous artist.
No, no, she's not just famous.
Have you ever
taken art history?
Not really.
All right, well,
I'll tell you this...
Tons of artists would kill
to have a conversation with her,
talk to her about her life,
her art...
Yeah, she is a piece of work.
Well, I think she sees
something in you.
She's got a good eye.
Ah, that's adorable.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
- What's up, man?
- What's up, man?
- How's it going?
- Hey. Wanna go surf?
No, dude, I can't even swim.
- You can't swim?
- What?
Come on, come on.
Oh, my God, who you
hanging out with? You goony!
We'll get him some floaties.
- No, get him some swim lessons.
- Yeah, some swim lessons.
We'll throw you in,
see if you can swim.
- I can't, though. I know I can't.
- I bet you can.
The lady from
child services came by.
I had to make an excuse.
- Listen, Everly...
- Just shut up.
We got work to do.
Come on.
It looks good.
Yeah, it's a passable job.
As my dear mother used to say,
"Not bad, not bad,
you can always do better.
Never forget it. "
My mom never noticed
I was good at anything.
Hm. Your mother.
I wonder what she's
doing right now.
Probably taking drugs
in an alleyway somewhere.
Oh, geez, what,
you're gonna cry now?
- Great, that's all I need.
- I wasn't...
- Forget about your mother.
- I'm trying.
- You gotta let go of all that.
- How can I?
I can't just stop
thinking about it.
Well, she stopped
thinking about you.
She doesn't care about you.
You're gonna have
to look after yourself.
You're gonna be so rich.
You can buy yourself a new mom.
Everything he said was
right, and I hated him for it.
There was only one way to hurt him back.
So, I took the painting.
It's a little overly-sentimental,
don't you think?
- Really?
- Yeah, I like it.
- Is it yours?
- Yes.
Was she an old friend of yours?
Well, she's about like you.
Yeah, I like the colors.
Her cheeks and her hair.
Yeah, that's a technique.
Now, as you are
a student of the arts,
you know that canvases
come in different colors.
So depending on the paints,
what's underneath comes through.
I never thought
about it like that.
You know, I was walking
Matilda this morning
and ran into
some friends of yours.
They're having a party.
Maybe you should go.
Oh, that lovely girl
might be there.
I wasn't really invited to go.
When it comes to girls,
you make your own invitations.
- Come on, go. You'll have a great time.
- Okay.
Yeah, go.
Come inside.
Ryan's playing pool.
Come play pool.
Josh, what's up?
Hey! What are you doing, huh?
- Stop! Stop!
- Whoa, whoa!
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Calm down.
- I don't get you.
- Stop it.
- Chill out.
Guys, stop it!
- Stop!
- Stop!
Stop! Calm down!
Whoa, whoa. Stop!
- It's our cousin.
- What?
Keen is our cousin.
What happened at that party?
I got into a fight.
But you were
only gone for an hour.
I didn't start it.
The other guy did.
He was all over Amber.
Oh. Oh, I see.
So, this is the result
of what you thought you saw.
Yeah, I was really stupid.
No, you're not stupid.
Here, let me explain
something to you.
Take a look at that painting.
Just take a good look at it.
Look at it in this light.
You're not quite sure
what you're seeing,
but it kind of looks
like something.
...the minute I do this...'s completely different.
So it has a
completely different meaning.
It's not what you expect at all.
Something different.
What are you really saying?
What I'm talking about is truth.
Truth is about...
...what you do
to get the proper perspective.
Joshua, you know,
I've been thinking
for quite a while now, and...
...I was wondering...
...would you like to
come and live with me here?
- Is it my own choice?
- Completely.
- Do you really want me here?
- Yes, I really, really do.
- Maybe, I could.
- Maybe, yes?
Oh... Ah!
It's been such a long time since
I've had a child in my house.
I'm looking for Joshua Mason's
mother, Brynn Mason?
Is there a Brynn in the house?
You get back here right now,
I'm gonna beat you!
Who the hell are you?
- Are you Joshua Mason's mother?
- Yeah. So who are you?
Well, what the hell's
going on here?
I... I just asked you...
who are you?
- No. Oh, no, you don't.
- This is CPS.
- I'm talking to you, bitch! - I have an
endangered child. I need a black and white.
Oh, no.
Not again.
I don't think
we've been burgled.
It's probably something worse.
You are scum.
I want you out of my house, now.
I can't believe
you're involving the boy.
Oh, like he has
so many options?
Well, of course he has options.
- But what you do will only hurt him.
- By making him rich?
By stunting his spirit... a moment that he
needs nurturing more than ever.
The way I look at it,
I'm doing him a favor.
As I see it,
you're up to your old tricks.
He's at your house, isn't he?
I don't make his schedule.
Yeah, well,
I want him back here. Today.
We all want things. That doesn't
mean we're going to get them.
Bernie will be picking him up
in 15 minutes.
- He'd better have what belongs to me.
- I'll get the car ready.
Relax, Bernie. Joshua needs
a little more time in bed.
- He's injured and resting.
- Injured?
Don't worry, Everly,
his hands are still intact.
If you wanna get into this now,
just like this,
I'm gonna tell
the whole world about you.
It'll be great, huh?
You without any dignity.
You would take the
only thing I have left.
Now, be very careful
with this one.
- Still not here?
- No. What do you think happened to him?
The little bastard's upset and
now he wants to see us sweat.
Well, he's making
a good job of it.
Yeah, well,
I've still got one more move.
Well, now would
be the time to use it.
Well... this is the call.
- Hello?
- Everly, how's everything going.
Fine, fine, it's all going well.
I believe the show is
gonna go very, very well
and we'll have everything
settled by next week, Dauphine.
Everly, we are not a bank,
so let me be completely clear.
Next week, you pay the
balance owed to my group,
or you turn over your
entire holdings to us.
Every house, every gallery,
every car, everything.
No more extensions.
Bernie, I want you to get
in your car and find that kid.
- Well, I...
- Just find him!
That's a good girl.
What's up? Hm?
Look, I don't
want any trouble, okay?
I'm just messing with ya.
Look, man, I'm sorry, okay?
I was really stupid.
You should be. It was stupid.
But look, you gotta
make this right with my sister.
Yeah. I messed that up.
You did. But it's fixable.
Let's go fix it.
All right.
Yoo-hoo. You have a visitor.
Hey, get over here.
Ah... This is cute.
- You two play nice.
- You're a brat.
Look, Amber, I...
...I just wanted to apologize
for how things went
at the party.
It was stupid. I was stupid.
I just misread the whole situation
and I acted like an ass.
Yeah, you did.
And you embarrassed yourself.
" All we are we are "
" All we are we are "
" Every day is a start. "
You know,
you're lucky you're cute.
I've heard that a few times.
So, uh... is that a
second chance then?
I believe you're
on your third chance.
Three strikes, you're out.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Mind a little company?
Think it's gonna rain?
- Hard to say.
- True.
I want that painting back. You've
gotta give it back to me, Joshua.
Well, you know, I haven't
really made up my mind yet.
You're playing with fire, kid.
You know, Everly,
I like watching you squirm.
You know, all I've done
is offer you a chance.
I'm giving you a golden pass to a life
where you can look after yourself.
Oh, really, like you?
You're mad at me
because you think I used you.
Well, it's true, I did. So what?
That's life. Nothing comes free.
Although, Anne-Marie wouldn't
want you to think that.
you're nothing like her.
- Really?
- Yeah, really. She has integrity.
That woman's got you twisted up in the head.
She has no integrity.
You wanna know about Anne-Marie?
I'll tell you.
Check out her studio.
Dig around. Dig deep.
You might find
something familiar.
See you around, kid.
Oh, good afternoon.
Is it?
What would you think
of calling Vanessa Reese today,
and just having a little chat with
her, you know, talk things over?
You know what I think?
This is what I think.
You're a liar.
I am not.
Why don't you listen to me? Why don't
you listen to what I have to say?
No. You're just like
the rest of them.
I did the research you wanted
on that woman, Anne-Marie Cole.
- Oh, good, what'd you find?
- You wouldn't believe it.
Apparently, Anne-Marie was
investigated by the police.
Investigated, huh?
Detectives questioned her
three different times
about her involvement
in an art forgery scandal.
You're kidding.
Was she arrested?
No, but there were rumors
that she painted the forgeries,
because right after
the investigation was closed,
she came up with
a huge chunk of money.
Apparently, the money was used to
cover a surgery cost for her kid.
- When did this happen?
- It was about 40 years ago.
Her husband and kids burned
in an accidental house fire.
Only one survived. She did what she had
to do, but even with the surgeries,
her daughter passed away
a few weeks later.
Let's see...
Wow. Hm...
Joshua, hi!
Hi, thanks for meeting.
It's gorgeous here, huh?
How you doing?
Everything okay at Everly's?
It's fine.
You know, I know you and
Anne-Marie have become friends and
I know she's a little eccentric,
but I brought something
that might help you understand
why she is the way she is.
I don't care. She's nuts.
Really. Just read this,
it'll only take a sec.
Look, I know why
you're really here.
...did you ever find my mom?
You know, sometimes it takes a while
to put pieces together and...
I asked you a question.
Did you find my mom?
No, I didn't find your mom.
The presentation is starting.
If that painting doesn't arrive
in three minutes, I'm finished.
I looked for Joshua.
I drove all over town
all day looking for him.
- He's disa...
- Oh...
I thought you might like this.
Yeah, it's good, it's good.
Get it out there, quick.
Where the hell
were you hiding it?
It's been safe the whole time.
Joshua, I could...
You did good. Here.
In the morning, we're flying
private to New York.
I got another piece
I want you to start working on,
a $20 million Gustav Klimt.
Finally, I'll get you
out of Carmel.
- Gonna make you rich.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
please join the Sunset Center in
welcoming Mr. Everly Campbell.
Thank you. Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining me on this very
special occasion of my 60th birthday.
I want to open by saying that you
all know me as a businessman,
but I've always thought of myself,
first and foremost, as an artist.
And as any artist who wants
to be the best they can be,
it's always been important to me
to honor and acknowledge
those who came before.
And it's in this spirit
that I have scoured the earth
to find a painting by one of the greatest
of all American artists, Winslow Homer.
And tonight, we can unveil
the rarest Winslow Homer
the world has yet to see.
This is a work
I acquired recently,
a painting that was thought to have been
lost or destroyed during World War I.
But it was found, perfectly intact,
and with a verifiable provenance.
But, in order to prove
its authenticity beyond a doubt,
Mr. Jeffrey Pinkus, one of the world's
foremost scientific art analysts,
will begin to verify
the painting tonight,
using an infrared analysis.
Mr. Pinkus?
The camera is now
scanning the painting
and will construct an image of
what lies beneath the surface,
thereby revealing any irregularities
or underlying images.
It's an almost
instantaneous process
and will reveal the
true nature of the artwork.
Wait, stop! You can't do this!
It's a masterpiece! Security!
- You know it's all over.
- What are you doing?
Getting into it with you.
I swear, Everly Campbell,
you shut up and let me speak.
Ladies and gentlemen, all of you deserve
an explanation of what you've just seen.
It's about this painting...
...and this man...
...and demonstrates what can happen
and often does in the art world.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...this painting is a forgery.
She's a liar!
- What is going on here?
- That's a lie!
A long time ago,
I created one of
Everly's masterpieces,
and it's haunted me ever since.
No, this is all
incredibly stupid...
Wait a minute!
There's something wrong.
There's an image
that shouldn't be here.
- What do you mean?
- There's an under-painting.
There shouldn't be any
under-painting on a Winslow Homer.
This is evidently a forgery.
Well! What are you doing here?
I thought you were mad at me.
I, uh...
I decided that...
...I'd like to stay with you.
You've come to the right place.
Come right in.
I should've known what
I was looking for that night.
I crawled in
Anne-Marie's window.
I was looking
for a place to belong.
She knew that the moment she met me.
It just took me a while to believe it.
You could say I grew up in
Carmel, even though I didn't.
Not the way a normal kid does.
But it's where I got my
education, that's for sure.
I learned to use my talent...
the right way.
I learned how to say
"I'm sorry" and "thank you"
and how to keep
my fists to myself.
- But the best lesson I learned...
- Help me up.
First you kiss the hand...
...and then you kiss the girl.
We were sleeping in
for years
Letting go of our friends
Scaring our friends
We were seeing clearer
closing our eyes
And our lashes intertwined
The things you find
In the backseat
of your mind
What you find
And we filled each other's
footprints in the snow
Full of warm red alcohol
We were learning to make
the world stand still
And it will, but until
Do I lie in the backseat
Of your mind?
Do I lie?
Just a second
and we're gone
Just an imprint
when we're done
Just a second
and we're gone
Just an imprint
when we're done
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time
It should be forever
God told me
We're born into
the wrong time