The Fortune Teller (2020) Movie Script

Where did you find this?
It was just in my bedroom one day.
Now come on!
You're gonna leave for college soon,
and no one else will play with me.
Yeah, I can see why.
Alright five minutes.
- Then you go to bed, okay?
- Pick a color?
- Blue!
What was lost ...
... is found.
Okay, it's time for bed.
- Ow.
- My pin, I looked everywhere for it!
The fortune teller is real.
I'll do yours now.
- No, no your five minutes is up.
- Please.
One. Then bed.
You'll leave this place 4ever.
Why did you write that?
You say still come back to see me.
No, its not you I want to leave,
I've just lived here forever.
You little miss,
I will miss you the most.
Alright, let's get tucked in for now.
No! From now on, I tuck my own self in.
Night Sara.
Put it away and go to bed, Sara.
Sara, quit messing around!