The Founding Of An Army (2017) Movie Script

For thousands of years China was
a first class world power.
Why has China declined
to such a degree?
Because we, the Chinese people, have been asleep.
Down with the military government!
No disarming! No surrender!
Protect the Shanghai worker's movement!
Down with the warlords!
Down with the military government!
No disarming! No surrender!
Protect the Shanghai worker's movement!
Down with the warlords!
Down with the military government!
No disarming! No surrender!
Protect the Shanghai worker's movement!
Down with the warlords!
Down with the military government!
No disarming! No surrender!
Move! This is a peaceful demonstration!
What are you doing?
Why would you shoot at us?
This is a peaceful demonstration!
Director Zhou!
Si Li!
Am I, Zhou Enlai, being the target?
No way.
The situation is not safe.
My brother said your safety must be guaranteed.
This way.
Where is Mr. Du?
He has been waiting a long time for you inside.
I'm three minutes early.
The worker's militia was sent by the trade association.
Today the workers have guns.
Tomorrow the peasants will want guns too.
What good is the army?
The worker's uprising overthrew
the Beiyang government in Shanghai
and should be credited for the revolution!
I am a soldier
and it is my duty to obey commands.
Was the command from Wang Jingwei?
Then from whom?
I will say it one more time.
Apologize to us
and return the worker's militia's guns.
These are our two basic conditions.
This speech,
I'm afraid, shouldn't come from me.
Then who on earth should it come from?
Some things must be stated clearly!
You can't become president
of the Shangai Labor Union anymore.
Come and work for me
and I'll give you a few bars of gold every month
to feed your family.
You should know well
what kind of man I am.
I do. I do know.
You got rid of the Beiyang government in Shanghai
with just a few battered rifles.
Your whole life is ahead of you
and your potential is limitless.
Please wait.
This is what you get
for harboring the worker's militia!
Wang Shouhua,
I have the utmost respect for you.
So please, you must take this cup of wine.
First, a toast to your good self.
Second, a toast to your faith.
Third, a toast to your perseverance.
Chop them up!
You commie! Write something now!
I asked you to write something!
I, Zhou Enlai, am never leery of my friends.
Si Lie...
You can stop now; it's not too late.
I have no authority or influence here.
Back when you sent your brother
to the Huangpu Military Academy,
we recited Dr. Sun Yat-sen's admonition together.
Do you remember?
The Three Principles of the People.
"Our aim shall be:
To found a free land,
World peace, be our stand.
Lead on, comrades,
Vanguards ye are.
Hold fast your aim,
By sun and star."
You wept then.
But less than 3 years later
you've turned your back on your beliefs.
Toppling the foreign powers in China,
uniting the entire country,
and rebuilding the republic.
These are the lifelong ideals of Dr. Sun.
But you've turned your gun on your brother
before the Northern Expedition has even finished.
That was not my intention at all.
I've told you. I am a soldier
and I follow orders.
Orders from whom?
The Nationalist Government in Wuhan,
the Beiyang Government in Beiping
or the Nanjing Military Government
Chiang Kai-shek wants to found?
Three governments in one country
and you say the country's not splitting?
You still say it's not a betrayal to Dr. Sun?
Chairman Wang Jingwei
and General Secretary Chen Duxiu
issued a joint statement calling for strength,
unity, and cooperation.
Si Lie,
you're being used as cannon fodder by careerists!
When the circumstances change,
have you thought about how things
will end for you?
Please enlighten me, Mr. Zhou.
I have served with Commander-in-Chief Chiang
for several years.
I know a thing or two about him.
When Wuhan began
to bring those responsible to account,
would he have helped you escape?
Mr. Zhou,
there was no way around
offending you today.
When I see you again,
I will offer you my sincerest apology.
Thank you for your advice.
"Take down the military dictatorship.
"Chiang Kai-shek Orders to Dismiss
the Political Departments in the Armies.
"Revolution has yet to succeed;
Comrades must still exert themselves."
Commander-in-Chief, express telegram from Beijing.
Read it
Zhang Zuolin arrested Li Dazhao
in the Russian Embassy
and he's asking what should be done about him.
Well, he certainly knows
how to shift responsibility
by asking my opinion.
What did he say?
"Li Dazhao
is the leader of the Northern Branch of KMT.
He lives in the capital in secret
and colludes with foreigners.
He's now caught in the act.
What should be done with him?"
Send Zhang a telegram and say
the Party is being purged
and the suspect is no longer a member
of the Nationalist Party.
As his case relates to foreign affairs,
it's recommended he be tried soon
and then executed
to avoid further ado.
If we keep this up,
the revolution will be wiped out
and the Communist Party will be destroyed.
We have to show our cards
and voice the most rigorous protest.
I ought to write articles
and expose the true colors
of that bastard Chiang Kai-shek.
Soldier boy...
New here?
You look like a baby.
I'm clearly older than you.
I was born in the Year of the Goat.
So was I.
Which month?
I'm August.
Call me big brother.
Like hell I will.
What are you talking about?
This would be suicidal.
Wang Jingwei doesn't know what to do.
has a storm on the horizon.
Let us hear Comrade Chen Duxiu's opinion.
The forces amassed by the workers
and peasants over the years
were slaughtered by more than half
on a single day.
As the Party's general secretary,
I feel the most pain.
The Communist Party
and the Nationalist Party had an agreement
to form a united front
in the revolution together.
But Chiang Kai-shek now uses
the weapons supplied by the Comintern
to slaughter us.
We have to arm ourselves
and fight this aggression.
Indeed we must fight.
Our blood must not be shed in vain.
Confronting the enemy head on
puts us at a disadvantage.
But giving them free reign
is out of the question.
We have only one option:
Hand over our weapons immediately.
Our weapons?
Why give them our weapons?
Be quiet!
Why give them our weapons?
Because we don't have a lot of guns
to hand over in the first place.
Since we hardly have any guns already,
what's the harm in handing them all over?
Once we give them up
we become like sheep
that anyone could slaughter at will.
Wang Jingwei and his Wuhan government
are sympathetic to communists
and the revolution.
If all the armed workers and peasants
in this country
handed over all their weapons,
Chiang Kai-shek would have no excuse to harm us
and Wang Jingwei would try his best to help us.
China faces a crisis
and our hope should continue to rest in...
continue to rest in...
Wang Jingwei now wants to get in bed
with Chiang Kai-shek
and this is their conspiracy!
We can't trust them!
What happened?
Comrade Li Dazhao
was murdered
by warlords.
Not a single rifle can be surrendered.
If we do, our fate as communists
will be the same as Li Dazhao!
Zedong, it's not the turn
of the Hu'nan representatives to speak!
Can we rely on the Wang Jingwei government?
No, we can't!
And it would be suicide for us
to hand over our guns!
We have only one way to go
and that is armed struggle!
We once criticized Sun Yat-sen
for engaging exclusively in armed campaigns.
But what about us?
We reach for the pen and ignore the rifle.
And in the end we will only usher in a massacre.
You are just being an alarmist!
Chen Duxiu,
you and Mr. Li walked out in front of the revolution
and now you want to surrender our arms. Why?
I will do it to protect the working class
and grow the revolutionary forces.
This is just some contrived measure!
How many workers are there in China?
Very few.
Our country is mainly comprised of peasants.
Such a backwards class of people.
Once the land issues are solved
and the peasants are armed,
they become the capital for our revolution
as well as our largest force.
Do you understand any of this?
Right now I don't,
but I will in the future.
Get out!
How dare you distort Marxism?
Who do you think you are?
Mao, get out now!
Get out!
Comrade Wang Shouhua,
today is the 49th day since you
and your 300 comrades died on April 12.
I hereby pledge
that for the realization
of our glorious common ideal
to found a new China,
I, Zhou Enlai, will fight for the rest of my life
and stay devoted
till my heart ceases to beat.
You were elected a member of the Political Bureau
at the 5th CPC National Congress.
The Congress decided to
suspend the Military Department
and organize the Central Military Commission
with you as the general secretary.
Mao Zedong made a good point.
What did he say?
He spoke the truth.
He was in charge
of mobilizing peasants in Guangzhou
and I didn't know
he had such a unique opinion on armed struggles.
He wrote "Report on an Investigation
of the Peasant Movement In Hunan"
and has a deep understanding of China's situation.
We also need to maintain our path
of urban struggles.
Fighting with two fists
is the only way to overwhelm the enemy.
pack up.
We are going to Wuhan.
You came to see me as soon as you reached Wuhan.
Do you have an emergency?
I read your speech
and really wanted to speak with you.
We should smokeless
and learn more.
Right now the Party needs to hear your voice.
I have already been driven out
and no one is willing to listen to me anymore.
But I am a communist and I'm willing to listen.
See, am I not here for you already?
Cigarettes are such a wonderful thing.
It would be terrible
to not know how to smoke them.
But once you know how,
they make you feel like an immortal.
They are just like a weapon.
They bring hope in good hands
and disaster in bad.
April 12 was a bloody lesson.
Almost all the armed forces in Shanghai were lost
and I am responsible.
In Sichuan,
Hubei and Guangdong,
they are still purging the communists.
This is because our power is still being weakened.
We should have no more illusions.
If we still want to continue our revolution
we have to create an army
with revolutionary faith.
But now is the low tide of the revolution.
Don't lose heart.
We have millions of troops.
Can't you see them?
From where?
China has four hundred million peasants.
For generations
they have been bullied
by the landlords and the rich
and have suffered a great deal.
They are like dry kindling covering the ground.
All it takes is a spark
and there will be a devouring fire.
Few peasant uprisings have succeeded
throughout history.
You and your comrades who have studied overseas,
praise the example set by the French Revolution
and the method of urban riots.
The working class is the main body
of the revolution.
This is the general view of Marx, right?
I think China is different.
We may lack the experience
but we don't lack the courage to try.
Starting from where?
From zero, of course.
Find people if we have no one,
and buy guns if we have no guns.
I'll go persuade the army.
I'll mobilize the peasants.
Last year in the Zhongshan Incident,
we stood together.
Now we stand together once more.
If what we're experiencing now is a failure,
then we communists...
We will continue to rise again and again.
Too wet.
Feng Yuxiang...
Is he going to lobby for Chiang?
I'm worried they have made a secret agreement.
The trouble is not Feng
but the communists.
Are you concerned they may start a rebellion?
"Cable from the Comintern."
Look at this. This was just intercepted.
You are right.
Ye Jianying,
can you pinpoint the information's source?
Wang Jingwei and his men intercepted a cable
from the Comintern giving permission
to Communists to begin an armed struggle.
Chiang slaughters us
and Wang Jingwei wants to join.
Then let's fight!
We can't fight them head on.
We must save our strength.
Those comrades whose identities have been exposed
must leave Wuhan immediately.
Ye Ting,
lead the 11th Army to leave the city
and head east to Jiujiang.
Yes, sir.
there is still one person we can win over.
You mean Zhang Fakui?
He only sympathizes with us verbally,
but his heart lies on Wang Jingwei's side.
I was referring to the commander of the 20th Army,
He Long.
you run into a problem?
Your eyes gave it away.
I ran into a few.
There are still two we are facing.
Who are they?
Ye Ting...
His troops have the nickname of
the "Iron Army."
I met him once.
He is a hero.
the true hero
is right in front of you.
All right. All right.
Who is the other problem?
He Long...
Unlike us, he didn't graduate from Huangpu.
In western Hu'nan he has built an army
with two kitchen knives.
He began his Northern Expedition alone
and handed the Beiyang army a string of defeats.
Commander He,
in addition to this silver
and the post of Wuhan Garrison Commander,
we also offer what any officer
would want the most.
You can promise Ye Ting's post to He Long,
and let them battle it out like
two animals in a cage.
Then He Long will offer to come work for you.
Two birds with one stone.
The chips Mr. Chiang has offered
are expensive indeed.
What I advocate the most
is a full arsenal.
Then, please make your decision, Commander He.
I am right here for you to arrest.
I, He Long, may be illiterate.
But regarding which friend is worth having
and which is a scoundrel,
I can tell the difference.
So are we communists.
Maybe not.
Multiple times I offered to join you
but you turned me away.
Who turned you away?
Zhang Guotao!
This man is extremely arrogant
and has labelled me a bandit.
Am I a bandit?
I'm a soldier!
He has a good point.
You are always yelling to fight and to kill.
Would you sit back with your arms folded
while the poor are bullied?
If you turn a blind eye
when they are bullied, you are an accomplice.
You fight for others' justice
but you can save only a few at most.
We communists want to fight for everyone's justice
and change millions of our people's lives.
That's exactly right.
I would not embark on
that evil ship with Chiang.
As for the gifts,
I will take care of them.
It's a shame we don't have
the Hanyang Arsenal.
Otherwise we'd have all the guns
and cannons we could want.
We would kick those bastards' asses
so they would cry for their mothers.
Chiang and Wang have split with the communists
and the world now sees communists as a threat.
In such a critical moment,
Commander He knows so clearly what is right.
You are the kind of friend I must have.
A friend like you
is also what I need.
Anything else?
The Mosin-Nagans...
I can't get those.
That's what the Red Russians gave the Cantonese.
We would lose our heads
if we smuggled those out.
Have you served in the army?
I served for a few days.
I want all these guns.
I don't accept Canton Bank notes.
You have to pay in silver dollars.
That's not enough.
Here, take this.
That can be enough.
As a token of our friendship.
Also deliver the goods to Manager Luo.
Manager Luo you say.
Do you mean Luo Ronghuan?
Then I know what you're doing.
You can keep the money
as well as the guns.
You are doing something big.
I'm keeping this watch
as the bond between us.
You are a hero
and I admire you.
The Nationalist Government is willing
to accommodate you with the utmost sincerity.
United we stand. Divided we fall.
The Nationalist Government reaffirms
that any force attempting to thwart
the Northern Expedition revolution will be...
Both Chiang
and Wang were students of Dr. Sun Yat-sen.
Nobody expected they would betray
the revolution one after the other.
This has had a chilling effect.
We will not give up.
The communists will remember forever
our intentions to follow
Dr. Sun's revolutionary path.
I hope you can maintain
this youthful zeal forever.
China's future
depends on you.
I am here to say goodbye to you.
Where are you going?
and then Guangdong.
To rekindle the spark of the revolution,
we must organize our own troops.
If it's necessary,
feel free to use my name
so that more people will support you.
support us.
the communists see me as the
last Emperor Shizong of Later Zhou.
And you as Zhao Kuangyin, his trusted general
who robbed him of the empire.
Chairman Wang is fond of a joke.
Military men don't talk about politics.
All the communist soldiers are under your command.
That Ye Ting...
When the conditions are right there will be a coup
and the Nationalist Government's Chairmanship
will be yours sooner or later.
Chairman Wang,
it's not appropriate for you to say so.
I am not that kind of man.
As for how faithful I am
to the Nationalist's Government,
it is there for all to see.
Then send a telegram
calling Ye Ting onto Lushan Mountain
and let us confront him.
If he truly dares to rebel,
I will drown him with my own hands.
We can call him to the mountain
for a military conference.
Then, that commander from the 20th Army...
He Long is not a communist.
Forget about it if there are real difficulties.
Don't underestimate the skill of sewing.
it's more important than firing a gun.
All finished.
Let me see.
Who taught you this?
Lady! Who taught you this, Lady?
My morn did when I was little.
So you are a little girl!
A little skill never hurts anybody.
Haven't you heard of such a saying?
Watch me!
So you mean
this Lushan Conference is some kind of a trick?
Wang Jingwei wouldn't dare
to seize your military power so openly
for fear it will cause a mutiny.
The Lushan Conference is just a ruse.
Once you leave your troops and go up the hill,
you'll become like teethless tigers
and you'll be bullied like sick cats.
Some kind of ambush.
I don't think it would be easy
to pull out my teeth, huh?
Here, try some.
Hey Boatsman,
nice congee.
Comrade Ye Ting taught me well.
You're not too bad at flattery either.
He really taught me well.
Su Yu!
Yes, sir.
have some congee.
Thank you.
At this point we can't return to Wuhan,
and if we head east
we'll be forced to confront Chiang Kai-shek head-on.
It is not wise for our troops to stay in Jiujiang.
Now at this crucial moment
this Zhang Fakui has
become the reactionaries' lackey.
What we do next will not be easy.
What are you talking about?
Oh I apologize.
We are accustomed
to speaking Cantonese among ourselves.
We're talking about where the army will be going.
Where then?
To Nanchang.
The Central Committee has decided
to stage an uprising in Nanchang.
The enemy has only 6,000 troops in Nanchang
and our 11th Army and 20th Army
together command a total of 20,000 troops.
We hold an absolute advantage.
has Chiang Kai-shek to the east,
Wang Jingwei to the west
and Zhang Fakui to the north.
All three are at war with one another
and none of them will send in troops
once we begin to act.
in Nanchang City
we still have a Zhu De.
Zhu De?
Is he the guy who went to Berlin looking
for the Communist Party?
I don't need to go that far.
I am right here looking for the Party.
After the uprising,
I will sponsor you to become a Party member.
Why don't I take this job?
You need a sponsor to join the Party?
This is a provision of the Party's Constitution.
All right.
Regardless of who my sponsor is,
I request
to be stationed on the frontlines.
Nanchang is only the beginning.
Our goal is to fight
all the way back to Guangzhou,
assemble our forces,
and launch a new Northern Expedition
to unify China.
Commander Ye, Report.
I am the Colonel for the Nanchang City Garrison,
Chen Feng.
If I may enquire, sir.
What, may I ask, is the purpose
of your troops' coming to Nanchang City?
To head east to face Chiang Kai-shek.
Commander Ye, Report.
Our troops have not received any command.
This is the command.
As my job requires...
Welcome the "Iron Army"
of the Northern Expedition to enter the city!
Welcome the "Iron Army"
of the Northern Expedition to enter the city!
Wang Jingwei's telegram to purge the communists
indicates he is on our side.
But some generals support him as China's leader.
We must be cautious.
He will not become someone significant.
The ones I really worry about are Ye Ting,
He Long
and Zhou Enlai.
Right now these three
can't bring too much chaos.
There are many competent men
surrounding Zhou Enlai.
You must be careful.
I understand.
By the way.
Have the gifts for Miss Mei-ling
been prepared?
They have all been sent to Shanghai.
Well, Miss Mei-ling
prefers plane trees
and wants Nanjing
to be full of them.
I have arranged people
to implement your gorgeous plan.
the Jiangsu-Zhejiang Consortium
must be brought into the fold.
Our success relies 30% on military
and 70% on the economy.
The country will be at peace
as long those old guys are fed well.
Yes, sir.
With this
we can change the colors of the whole world.
Luo Ronghuan,
don't you think so?
You treated me to wine in Berlin
and now I bring you a jar
of liquor from your hometown.
How many people do you have under your control?
A few hundred, I guess.
During the uprising
I need you to eliminate one regiment.
Only one regiment?
We could take on an entire division easily.
I do have some conditions I would like to address.
Say it.
When I joined the Party
all of my money went to Party dues
and I need funds to finance this mission.
Tell me how you will use the money.
Don't worry about that.
You will know when the time comes.
Waiter! Four bowls of rice noodles.
My... My legs are almost broken.
Here are your rice noodles.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Hey! Come here!
Do you need something, sir?
Where are my rice noodles?
Those military gentlemen was here first.
I'm cooking yours now. Doing it now.
Hold on.
This is even more delicious than
the noodles in Guangzhou.
Well, I see this restaurant
feeds pigs first.
What did you say?
I didn't know pigs could
understand human language.
I dare you to say that again!
I said you are pigs.
Who are pigs?
Zhao Fusheng pays his respects to his superior.
Who is the pig?
I am, sir.
A vice battalion commander
can be so hard on his comrades' troops.
If they were civilians
I bet you'd eat them alive, huh?
Sir, I wouldn't dare, sir.
I'm teaching you a lesson on behalf
of Commander He.
If you were my soldier
I would parade you through the streets!
Lesson learned. Thank you, Commander.
Please take care on the road, Commander Ye!
Here are your rice noodles!
Chen Feng!
I have seen it all.
I apologize, I made a scene.
Well, I thought you guys were having
a good time in Wuhan.
Why did you come to Nanchang?
I have no idea!
Now Commander He looks like he's possessed
and insisted on coming to Jiangxi
with that Cantonese guy.
Now all the high posts in the army
have been taken by the Cantonese
and we, the veterans who risked our lives,
are no longer popular.
That bearded He is just a western Hu'nan bandit
and is not like us.
Let me be frank with you.
He Long is singing Xipi
with those scholars all day long.
Sing Xipi?
I don't know what it means either.
Even the Cooking Corps has asked about it.
What is CCP then?
Chinese Communist Party.
Zhao Fusheng,
you must follow the right people in society these days.
How about this...
Will you follow me?
I can at least make you vice commander of a regiment.
Besides, we have
a special fund every month.
Our Jiangxi rice noodles are really good.
Try some.
I'll see you later, Chen Feng.
Everyone, there are 6,000 enemy troops garrisoned
in Nanchang City.
They are set up mainly at the
5th Army Headquarters' rear office
in the Financial Commissioner's building.
The 23rd regiment of the KMT 3rd Army
in the Examination Hall,
and the 24th regiment of KMT 3rd Army
is at the New Camp Gate.
The enemy's main position occupies the area
from the main street to the
Financial Commissioners Building.
Commander He Long,
this is yours to take.
The artillery is ready to offer support at any time.
The gate tower,
with it's commanding height over Nanchang City,
is extremely important.
Ye Ting, your troops are charged with taking it.
Come on guys, all of you.
Come and take a picture!
We're about to start a fight
and it will be a tough one.
There are not many guards in the railway station
and it must be taken as soon as we begin,
in order to cut off their retreat.
Let me stress this last point:
He Long's men must take the
Financial Commissioners Building before dawn!
No problem!
Everyone wear a red scarve around your collar
and tie a white towel to your right arm.
A red cross should be placed
on everyone's flashlight lens
to avoid friendly fire
in combat at night.
You've thought of everything.
Regiment Commander, an invitation
for you from Commander Zhu.
Chen Feng in Nanchang is a serious problem.
He was suspicious of us
when we marched into the city.
If Chen wires to Lushan to see what's going on
all of us will be exposed.
As for me,
I agree with the uprising.
the Comintern has given clear instructions to us
to win over Zhang Fakui.
So I hope you can comply with the wishes
of the Central Committee.
So now we have everything ready
and suddenly there
is an international influence stepping in
to obstruct the uprising.
I object!
I said, comply with the decision
of the Central Committee.
Zhang Fakui will arrive in Nanchang on August 1st
and his goal is to come here and wear us down.
The uprising is like an arrow on the bow.
It cannot be stopped!
They keep shifting their commands.
This is Rightist Capitulation!
I think you are a Leftist radical!
To establish a new revolutionary team,
we must be willing to give everything up.
If we miss this chance, we'll regret it forever.
As the General Secretary
of the Frontline Committee,
I can decide on all matters regarding
the Nanchang uprising.
If you make such wild claims,
where does that leave
the Central Committee and the Comintern?
Tie him up!
Commander He!
This is a high-level internal meeting.
What are you doing here?
Facing a formidable enemy,
nobody has the right to demoralize the troops!
let me ask you this single question:
this uprising,
do we do it or not?
The uprising will not be delayed...
Zhou Enlai!
...unless I'm dismissed as General Secretary
of the Frontline Committee on the spot.
I don't think things are that complicated.
I have a solution.
Okay, let's hear it.
Take you out.
I'll take care of it.
What are you doing?
I didn't think
that communists would kill one of their own.
I'm not a communist yet.
Now the whole country is in white terror.
If something
happens to Comrade Zhang Guotao,
we won't receive any command.
Any problem for the uprising?
if... I mean if...
According to the Party Constitution,
everyone votes on it.
I have never been to Nanchang.
More than half. It meets the quorum.
The Nanchang Uprising is scheduled for 4a.m.
on August 1.
Marker: three gunshots.
Code word:
"Unifying the Country."
I'm back.
Zhao Fusheng, change your equipment.
Is there any action?
Dear friends,
and brothers!
Today we gather in Nanchang
and this place is honored
by your gracious presence!
Everyone, please enjoy your time
and get very, very drunk!
Before we act,
I have a plan
to invite all the leaders
in Nanchang to drink
until they are
completely drunk.
This should buy you all some time.
This is the reason you asked for a fund?
Of course.
It costs money to rent a place,
buy alcohol
and find these people.
Nobody move!
Don't move!
I get first pick.
What are we waiting for? Let's take them.
Hey, Chen,
something on your mind?
Chief Zhu,
such a spectacle today...
I'm not used to it.
Basically every officer in Nanchang is here.
I'm concerned that if anything happens...
Excuse me.
Zhao Fusheng,
one of our vice battalion commanders,
left and has not returned.
Zhao Fusheng!
That menace!
I've lectured him already.
Is it likely that he would leak the information?
Better play safe
than be sorry.
I suggest
we hold an emergency meeting now
and adjust the uprising plan.
Check your markers.
Once the fighting starts
we identify the markers only, not the person.
Chen Feng!
Something terrible is happening!
Hurry up!
Everybody, assemble!
Everyone, assume your position
and prepare to fight!
assume your position
and prepare to fight!
Yes, sir!
How are the preparations coming?
Two regiments of the 24th Division are ready
and every member is on standby.
The artillery outside the city is ready for battle.
The 20th Army is ready for battle.
I don't know what's happening with Zhu De's troops.
Don't worry.
He doesn't make mistakes.
Take the Financial Commissioner's Building
within the hour!
Yes, sir!
Move out!
Our 20th Army's Training Regiment
has seized the new barracks
of the 3rd Army's 79th Regiment.
Don't move!
Don't move!
Nobody move!
The guard companies from the Training Regiment
and 4th Regiment of the 24th Division
now occupy Niuhang Railway Station.
The Railway Station!
The phone line has been cut.
Our 72nd Regiment has captured
the 23rd Regiment of KMT's 3rd Army
at the Examination Hall.
What's the situation?
Go on! It's nothing!
What are you doing?
Somebody help! Now! The machine-guns!
Retreat from the gate!
Report! The gate is being shelled!
He Long's troops have been discovered
on the main street!
Send the 6th Company to reinforce the city gate!
It must be held!
I want the Maxim machine-guns on the main street
where we make our final stand
against this He Long!
Save him!
Take a flour bag.
Provide cover fire!
Follow me to the gate!
Hurry up! Get everything!
Don't move! Nobody move!
Put down what's in your hands!
Put it down! Put everything down!
Don't move! Put your hands up!
Don't move! Drop it!
Don't move!
Take the hard cash first!
We're facing a revolution
and this money
is temporarily requisitioned.
It will be returned
when the war is over.
We are writing you a receipt.
Take it!
Go with several men, sneak out of the city
and ask for reinforcements!
Feng, one more thing.
They wear red scarves on their collars
and white towels on their arms.
Don't move! Don't move!
Put the gun down!
Don't move! Identify yourself!
Don't move!
Don't shoot!
We're friends!
Remember, everyone has a red scarf on their collar
and a white towel tied to their right arm.
Why are you crying?
We met resistance at the gate. Requesting support!
How is the 20th Army doing on the main street?
It's a stalemate.
I'm going!
Let's move!
Commander! Commander!
He Long's troops are about
to break through our defenses
and we can't hold much longer!
Outflank them!
Take cover!
Take cover!
He Long's troops have taken the clock tower
but face strong resistance
at the Financial Commissioner's Building.
Firing positions!
Report! We are unable take Deshengmen Gate
and our casualties are so heavy
that we are forced to retreat.
Request reinforcements!
Stop crying!
Get me bandages now!
Give them to me now!
Stay with me!
Hold on!
Come help me, now!
Distance 370...
Ye Ting commands reinforcement troops
to begin shelling Deshengmen Gate!
Get ready!
Don't stop! Drop everything you've got on them!
Su Yu! Attack!
Get ready!
Get ready!
Don't move!
Don't move!
Put the gun down!
Take them away!
The battle has ended!
Our troops have captured
the Financial Commissioner's Building
and occupy Deshengmen Gate!
Don't move!
Stay down!
Don't move!
Take this!
Stay close to me!
Follow me!
Put down your gun!
Put the gun down!
We have won!
Brother, why are you so late?
The battle is over!
A Mosin-Nagant.
I saved this for you.
Don't be too cocky.
Later, I will return to you a new one.
Don't forget you said that.
Soong Ching-ling, Tan Pingshan,
Liu Yazi and Mao Zedong
have composed a Declaration of Members
of the Central Committee.
What does it say?
Oppose the directives
and resolutions issued in the name
of the Central Party Bureau by a few members
of the Central Committee in Wuhan.
Uphold the Three Principles
of the People for building a society
of the people, by the people and for the people
and support the Three Great Policies of
allying with Russia and the Communist Party,
and assisting the workers and peasants.
Work hard to build a new base area,
so as to convene the Third National Congress
outside the spheres of the old
and new warlords, to discuss
the question of concentrating
the revolutionary forces
and continuing the revolutionary work.
I really don't understand
why Mrs. Sun is involved with the communists.
Actively prepare our forces
to wipe out new-style warlords like Chiang,
Feng Yuxiang and Tang Shengzhi,
who represent the forces of all the imperialists,
the northern warlords,
and feudal society within the country.
To wipe out Chiang, Feng Yuxiang
and Tang Shengzhi.
I am the top of the list.
I guess this means
things between us are irreconcilable.
Li Jishen wired us from Guangzhou to ask
what should be done
about the rebellion in Nanchang.
Let them decide on their own.
south of the Yangtze receives
little rain in late summer.
The newly planted plane trees in Nanjing
should be watered well.
Miss Mei-ling asked about this yesterday.
Yes, sir. I will keep that in mind.
Both Zhou Enlai
and Mao Zedong are people with ideals.
They both have a desire
to transform China.
But this is in opposition to Chiang's interests.
I think Chiang
used us to have Li Dazhao killed.
The communists
will surely remember what we have done.
But in this world of ours
there is no cure for regret.
Come, come!
We've seized 5,000 rifles,
700,000 rounds
and captured 3,000 men.
This was a brilliant victory.
Zhang Fakui and Zhu Peide's troops
are marching to Nanchang.
Li Jishen sent Qian Dajun
and his troops from Guangzhou.
Wang Jingwei and Chiang Kai-shek's armies
are forming an alliance
and a huge net has now been cast.
we can't hold any longer.
Then we should quickly sweep the battlefield
and lead our men south,
take the Chaozhou-Shantou region,
and make use of their docks
to gain access to the goods
and arms support from the Comintern.
We fight all the way to Guangzhou,
gather our strength,
and prepare for the second Northern Expedition
to unite the whole China!
Nie Rongzhen, you are such a bad ass!
You have even delivered
to me Wang Jingwei's reserve force!
Your service is commendable!
From now on, the 25th Division is ours
and will fight for us.
My only regret is
I failed to catch the uprising.
Nanchang is only the starting point.
Everything has just begun.
The Comintern considers
Mikhail Borodin
and Chen Duxiu's errors to be serious.
They have brought disastrous consequences
to China's revolutionary situation.
The suspension of Chen's position
as general secretary
is both the decision of the Comintern
and the unanimous request
from China's Party's comrades.
In the absence of Chen,
Comrades Qu Qiubai and Li Weihan will be
in charge of the Central Committee's work.
A tall figure with long hair.
You must be Mao Zedong?
Big head and small figure...
I assume you are...
Deng Xixian. I just changed my name.
I am Deng Xiaoping now.
Clearly you are highly skilled to have escaped
from He'nan's white terror.
It was a narrow escape.
I'll tell you all about it later
and I promise my story will astonish you.
Quick, get in there.
A big quarrel is going on inside.
China is not Turkey.
Since Chiang wants
to be Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in China
we are left with no choice
but to firmly take him down.
To fight against Cheng Kai-shek
we must first solve the problems within the party.
The theme of today's meeting
is to criticize Chen Duxiu's right-wing
capitulation errors,
correct the Party's working direction,
and deal with the current situation
to turn the tide.
We see setbacks as a starting point.
We start over from the very beginning.
Enlai and others lead troops south to Guangzhou
to prepare to rebuild the revolutionary base,
to get rid of those two-faced careerists,
and to launch a new Northern Expedition.
This revolution
is not about the KMT alone.
It is also about communists,
workers, peasants and the masses.
Exactly. A revolution for the masses,
for workers and peasants.
You are not a formal representative.
It is not your place to speak.
The Comintern decision is good
but the people they sent here are problematic.
What either Borodin or Manabendra Nath Roy does
is wishful thinking.
Chen Duxiu's mistake is overestimating the KMT.
Thus the Communist Party
becomes not the host of the revolution
but merely a guest.
This causes us to lose all initiative.
If not for the military campaign
by Enlai and others,
we would not even have
the strength to fight back
when they turn their backs on us.
The April 12th Massacre
taught us a lesson:
political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
Great! Well said!
You are a party member with seniority
and your organizational skill
can convince the masses.
We all hope you can go to Shanghai.
I'm just a country boy
and I'm not used to the city's tall buildings.
I plan to go back to Hu'nan.
Once the harvest comes,
I will get some guns on the border
of Hu'nan and Jiangxi
and do something big.
Can you even go back?
The enemies in Changsha offer
a handsome reward for your head
and the landlords would happily
watch you be burned alive.
Since the very first day I joined the Party
I have been making every preparation.
Every day people are murdered there.
Even Heaven is shedding tears.
Let it cry. I will do my work.
He who has seen ghosts does not fear darkness,
because he knows well in his heart
that this is darkness before dawn.
I am the Party's General Secretary.
Listen to me and go to Shanghai.
Give it a second thought.
The Central Committee needs you.
Thank you all.
I'm not a communist!
I think you should take our son
and return to Shaoshan.
Nowhere is safe.
More and more are killed every day.
Do you still remember
at Peking University,
when you carried me on your shoulders
to watch the fireworks?
I do.
It is my dream that someday
I will watch them with you once again.
But once I leave,
we won't know
when we will meet again.
I'll be waiting for you.
If you don't return after half a year,
I will wait a year.
If not after a year,
I will wait ten years.
If not after ten years,
I will wait a lifetime.
Please just don't say anything.
Don't look back.
Mr. Wang,
in the early morning,
the communists led rebel troops
and launched a fierce attack
on Qian Dajun's troops in Huichang.
The fighting was fierce.
At 4p.m.
the rebel troops
occupied Huichang City.
The lower rank officers on both sides
are mostly Huangpu students.
They have the hearts to kill each other?
In the end,
they engaged in hand-to-hand combat.
That's preposterous!
What about Qian Dajun?
He broke out,
but lost 5,000 troops.
These troops are under the direct control
of Chiang's 1st Army.
Qian Dajun will not let that go.
When shephards quarrel,
the wolf has a winning game.
Ye Ting and Zhou Yiqun's
3rd Division of the 20th Army
also suffered heavy causalities.
Cai Tingkai's 10th Division
defected on the battlefield
and left the Communist Party.
Cai Tingkai's defection
is a stunning blow to our troops' morale.
Rumors are spreading like wildfire.
Someone said
the ship was sinking.
Jump first and you survive.
Jump later and you die.
Cai Tingkai's such a bastard.
That bastard is gone
and I, Chen Yi, am here.
I started from Wuhan
and I kept running to catch up with you.
I caught up with you in Huichang.
Mr. Zhou!
Commander He, what happened?
This is my application for admission to the Party.
Please grant me my wish!
I, He Long,
will follow the Communist Party
till my last breath!
Watch this red devil for me!
If he gets away, you'll be finished!
I'm going to the toilet.
Get going!
Were you rewarded
for my capture?
The money is not even enough
for the officials to distribute.
How could there be any left
for someone as low as me?
Feel right here.
Take it out and have a look.
Three for each of you.
No more left.
The red devil escaped!
The red devil escaped!
Don't move!
This guy is really weird.
He doesn't say anything.
All he does is eat.
Please don't talk like that.
You captured me and took me here for no reason.
And I don't have a choice.
A big guy's gotta eat more.
Who are you?
Who are you?
National Revolutionary Army
2nd Army
Regiment Guard Commander
Lu Deming.
You can ask Mr. Luo.
Commander Lu,
this is the Central Commissioner,
Comrade Mao Zedong.
Comrade Mao Zedong!
I'm terribly sorry.
No need for that.
No need to apologize.
If you could give me some steamed radish
that would be enough.
After we have taken Changsha,
there will be plenty of red stewed pork for you.
You want to attack Changsha?
an echo of the Nanchang Uprising
and another heavy blow to those bastards.
To join the uprising movement,
Commander Lu used Zhang Fakui's transfer order
to lead 2,000 Regiment Guards to Nanchang.
But by the time we reached Fengxin County,
all the troops had withdrawn from Nanchang.
So I decided to
conserve our strength and rest here.
And as a result,
you were captured.
We must change our unit designations now.
Change our designations?
Yes and we must make entirely new flags.
No more blue sky, white sun, and red earth?
This Nationalist flag
can't be used anymore.
But we held up this flag
and fought under this flag during the Uprising.
The orphan next door is crying.
landlords, and capitalists
hate the workers' and peasants' armed movement.
They've been ordered by the Nationalists
to embark on a consolidation campaign.
From cities like Wuhan and Shanghai
to towns and villages,
you find everywhere their victims,
wailing in despair.
Even Chongyang and Tongcheng Counties
have been completely decimated.
10% of those who joined the peasants' movement
have been executed.
With such atrocities,
how could the people still trust the government?
With such atrocities,
how could we continue to use
this flag and these symbols?
All right.
How should we rank the troops?
Let us use
1st Division, 1st Army of the
Worker-Peasant Revolutionary Army!
Our troops have entered the boundary of Jieyang
and will reach the Chaozhou-Shantou region next.
But they face enemy troops
from Guangdong and Guangxi in front.
Qian Dajun is right on their ass.
This dog skin plaster is so tightly attached
that you can't even shake it off.
To win in the Chaozhou-Shantou region,
we must first eliminate Qian Dajun.
I'll set an ambush for them.
We have a shortage of troops
which makes it impossible for us
to divide our forces.
I'm afraid peeling off this plaster
with sheer force
might also take off a layer of skin.
I'll be in charge of holding Sanheba district.
They have 30,000 men.
How many soldiers can you give us?
And how many days will you need?
After 3 days
I will lead the combat force to meet you
and together we will fight our way to Guangzhou.
As long as I am alive,
Qian Dajun will not cross Sanheba District!
I have this one single question for you all.
Did participating in the Autumn Harvest Uprising
cause you a great deal of suffering?
Will any of you answer my question?
If nobody will answer my question,
I'll take it that none of you suffered.
If you don't speak up now,
there won't be another chance.
No crying about your suffering.
You hear me or not?
Commander Lu has made the stakes very clear.
In that case, right now
we will set a few basic rules.
From now on, whether marching or fighting,
eating or sleeping out in the open air,
you shall not whine about your suffering.
Let me ask you again.
Will you suffer?
Everyone, answer me together!
Will you suffer?
We need to move soon.
Go! Move!
Take cover!
Hurry up!
Save the injured!
Save the injured!
Hurry up!
Retreat! Go!
Retreat! Go!
Comrade Lu sacrificed himself to give us cover.
He exchanged his life for our bloody lesson:
Large cities can't be attacked
and progressive ideology will not be tolerated.
Now we have only one path ahead of us.
We continue to march to Jinggangshan
to be kings of the mountain.
Use the grass dug up as camouflage.
Trenches should be dug in a V or a U shape.
Trenches should also be dug in the lowest area
to reduce injuries from shrapnel and to drain.
Remember, set up elbow platforms
so that while firing at the enemy
the maximum amount of energy can be saved.
Three rivers converge at Sanheba.
Qian Dajun is stationed on the west bank.
To fight us he must cross the Ting River
and he will land somewhere around here.
Now I will assign to each of you your missions.
Battalion Commander Li,
you set up a defense along the Shizi'an bank
and quietly wait for a chance to ambush.
Cai Qingchuan, Lin Biao and Chen Yi,
you ambush near Shizidong and Longhukeng.
We are short on ammunition, therefore,
no gunshots without my command.
Yes, sir!
Comrades, we are facing a tough battle.
Qian Dajun has 30,000 troops.
We've less than 3,000
and no reinforcements.
So I simply ask one thing from all of you:
no unnecessary sacrifice.
Jinggangshan has 5 wells.
This is the best place
for the Worker-Peasant Rev. Army!
Over the past few months
so many communist heads have rolled.
But all of us here are survivors.
What is a survivor?
A survivor is someone
who lives the life of the dead
so that they did not die in vain,
but instead made a valuable sacrifice.
I hear Ye Ting's Independent Regiment built
a Party branch
which plays the role of a fort for the Communists
that can't be worn down or destroyed.
This has made them a very capable force.
I think
even the regimental level is not enough.
This should be done on the company level.
Establish a Party representative system,
to have a Party group in a platoon,
Party members in a squad,
and the principle that the Party commands
the gun will be implemented.
This point
I will report to the Central Committee in advance.
How can there be enough Party members?
Recruitment is happening now.
Those not afraid of death or not taken by greed,
and are capable of fighting for the poor,
they can be Party members.
Their line of defense stretches
over 5 km on the opposite bank.
And we don't yet know
where their vulnerabilities lie.
The artillery regiment is ready
and can bombard the opposite bank at anytime.
Have the enemy troops been located?
Send the 4th Regiment to cross the river
and carry out a search.
Report! Enemy has begun their attack!
Report! Enemy has reached the bank along Shizian
and the initial estimate is 2,000 men!
Report! Enemy vanguard has landed at Shizian!
I order you to attack!
Lin Biao! Chen Yi!
Our beach landing has met fierce resistance
and casualties are heavy!
Fire at the enemy defense line!
But the 4th Regiment
is still engaged with the enemy!
Sometimes you gotta make a few sacrifices.
Distance 175, to the right 003,
Get ready!
Take cover!
Take cover now!
Take cover!
Get ready!
Into the trench!
Into the trench!
Everybody hide in the craters!
Why did we stop?
Keep firing! Now!
Report, Commander,
we've run out of shells.
What do you mean you're out?
We had a logistical problem,
more shells will arrive in 2 days.
Hurry! Save them!
Mom, I miss home!
I want to go home!
I don't want to die.
Mom, I'm so scared!
The battle raged the entire day
and we consumed a large amount of munitions.
All the soldiers in 3rd Company are dead.
Facing the enemy's attack tomorrow,
I don't know if we will be able to hold.
Here, collect the munitions!
And those too!
Go! Retreat!
Report! 1st Army has landed at Shizian
and is in pursuit.
They will drive straight to Longhukeng!
You're in charge here.
Report! 1st Regiment was ambushed at Longhukeng!
Report! 3rd Regiment has reached east bank
and is driving straight to main position!
2nd Regiment has begun their offensive!
The machine-gun is silent! The machine-gun!
I'll go!
Gather all the weapons and munitions,
disarm the captives and take them away!
Yes, sir!
Hurry! Another assault is coming! Move!
Pick up the ammo!
Save the injured! Hurry!
Now we are down to less than two thousand men
and all the ambush positions have been exposed.
There is still one more day to hold.
What the hell should I do?
Commander Qian,
is it okay? How about this?
we have been fighting alone these past few days.
Many of our brothers have been sacrificed.
Facing our fallen brothers today
I, Zhu De, am filled with guilt.
the precious time bought with our lives
grants the surviving opportunities
for our main force.
Tell me,
is it worth it or not?
The blocking mission is complete
and we are retreating from Sanheba.
On the opposite bank, Qian Dajun
is not going to let us out of here easily.
So I have decided
that 200 men will stay behind
to make our final stand against Qian Dajun
to help more people get out alive.
There is little hope for survival
for those that stay.
if both father and son serve in the army,
the son leaves with the rest of the team.
If both older and younger brothers serve
in the army,
the older brother stays.
Everyone, remember.
The revolutionary road is long
and we are here to leave seeds
for China's revolution.
I am the 11th Army, 25th Division,
73rd Regiment,
3rd Battalion Commander, Cai Qingchuan.
I request to stay.
11th Army, 24th Division,
72nd Regiment Commander,
Sun Shucheng,
is willing to stay and make a final stand.
Chen Yi, political director,
will stay and fight!
I am an orphan
and I am willing to stay!
I will stay!
I want to stay!
I should stay!
I will stay!
Sit down!
We will all stay and fight!
Go back!
Listen to me,
you must preserve your lives!
The revolutionary needs you.
You are the hope for a new China!
Be a warrior
but not a martyr!
Return alive!
Yes, sir!
Send my order. Capture Sanheba within one hour!
Comrades, we have only one mission.
Hold Sanheba to buy time
for the main force to retreat.
Heaven is waiting for you!
Get ready!
Yes, sir!
Be a warrior
but not a martyr!
Be a warrior
but not a martyr!
Be a warrior
but not a martyr!
Liu Song!
The detonator!
Right turn!
Give everyone from Huangpu
an elaborate funeral.
You the 73rd Regiment?
You the 73rd Regiment?
Su Yu,
you are late.
You didn't see...
How is it on your side?
Our main force was ambushed
in the Chaozhou-Shantou region.
So many men
were killed this way?
What happened?
Where is the main force now?
There were just too many of them.
We fired every single bullet we had.
Commander Ye Ting and He Long
both broke through and are now missing.
Comrade Zhou Enlai became very ill
and was sent to Hong Kong.
We have failed.
we will avenge all the martyrs we have lost.
I promise you that I will seize Nanjing
and destroy our enemies.
Su Yu, return to your unit!
Yes, sir!
73rd Regiment, assemble!
Chiang Kai-shek has betrayed the revolution
and has slaughtered the revolutionaries.
Now we have no choice
but to launch this revolt.
The Nanchang Insurrection
is proof to the entire world
that we are still alive.
Constant fighting has caused
our once great army of 20,000 strong,
to be reduced to 800.
These souls baptized by fire,
will merge with people's destiny.
From now on, people will believe us,
support us
and fight together for the establishment
of a new China.
In the past,
I was a Nationalist lieutenant general
From today
I am just like you,
a new soldier of the revolutionary army.
Everything we do today
is with the highest honor!
Zhu De disappeared.
Mao Zedong vanished.
Zhou Enlai, He Long,
Ye Ting... nearly all of them
are nowhere to be found.
Even if they are still alive,
they are like wandering ghosts
and their days are numbered.
The Party members' reinvestigation,
how is it going?
The report says it's going very smoothly.
Before the purging,
we had more than 1 million members
and after re-registration we have 700,000.
When did those Communist dogs gain
300,000 new members?
Not that many.
Quite a few old members did not register again.
So in other words, they were automatically
withdrawn from the Nationalist Party.
Commander in Chief,
Madam, water.
According to the report,
nearly half all members have quit the party
and new members
from various places have filled in.
What kind of people are they?
Local tyrants, evil gentry, bandits and despots.
Mao Zedong, a peasant.
Zhu De, an army riffraff.
Zhou Enlai, an intellectual.
What do they have to rival me?
In 10 years,
let's see which side still
has its flag waving high!
Mr. Zhou,
Madam Deng has commanded
that you must take time to rest.
Zhu De finally broke through several blockades
and is leading his troops
to the boundary of Hu'nan and Jiangxi
to meet Mao Zedong's troops.
Mao Zedong has troops as well?
Over the past few years
Mao Zedong has traveled through Hu'nan's villages
studying China's conditions.
After leaving Wuhan,
he went to the border of Hu'nan and Jiangxi
and established an armed force
of workers and peasants.
Now they are together
and a hope is born for China's future.
China's revolution
still depends on you.
It depends on many people.
Zhu De, He Long, Ye Ting,
and thousands of generals and soldiers.
Well, this body of mine has failed me.
At this critical moment
I must recuperate in Hong Kong.
During the Huangma Uprising, Pan Zhongru,
Cao Xuekai and others
fought and won a little piece of heaven on earth.
I hear He Long is doing quite well
in western Hu'nan.
It's impressive.
In the New Year's eve uprising in South Hu'nan,
Commander Zhu gathered a force
of more than 10,000 men.
Xu Xiangqian led the workers' red guards
and joined an uprising in Guangzhou.
Peng Dehuai is also planning an uprising
in Pingjiang County, Hu'nan.
I heard that
Zhu De is leading his troops
to come to Jinggangshan.
That's right.
I can hardly wait.
Commissioner Mao,
the comrades who joined the uprising
in South Hu'nan are here.
Zhu De is here as well.
Come, let us welcome them!
Comrade Zhu De,
after the failure
in the Chaozhou-Shantou Region,
your army had a bloody battle in Sanheba alone.
And after marching for thousands of miles,
800 defeated men became a force
of more than 10,000 strong.
The pillar of strength in our revolution
has been no one but you!
I have long heard of you and your work, Zedong.
To establish a base in barren mountains
that range for miles and miles,
is something only a hero could achieve.
I have eight words hidden in my heart:
"So many extreme difficulties
and a narrow escape."
I also have 8 words for you,
for Dr. Sun Yat-sen,
for Chiang Kai-shek and for all of our enemies:
"A single spark
can start a wild fire."
The new China
depends on you!
"In September 1927, Mao Zedong led
the famous Sanwan Reorganization,
"which founded the system under
the leadership of the CCP.
"In December 1929, the Fourth Red Army
held the 9th meeting of the CCP,
"which saw the adoption
of the Gutian Congress Resolution,
"established the principle to build
the Party ideologically and the Army politically
"and pointed the way to construct
a new proletarian People's Army.
"The Red Army had thus entered into a new era
and began to develop and grow."
The Workers' and Peasants' Red Army
is an armed body that can carry out
the political tasks of the revolution.
This is the valuable experience
we gathered from our bitter struggles.
Well said!
I, Zhu De, hereby bear witness.
I as well!
I also!
The Red Army
is the people's army.
Besides fighting to destroy
the enemy's military strength,
it should shoulder such important tasks
as providing propaganda to the people,
organizing the masses,
and arming them. These are it's primary duties.
The central task
and the highest form of revolution
is the seizure of power by an armed force.
We will arm our troops
with proletarian ideology
as a force to correct all errant ideas.
Our principle is that
the Party commands the gun.