The Four (2012) Movie Script

What're you doing?
Your coins are fake!
How can it be fake?
Look yourself! Return my blankets to me.
I got these from the exchange house.
It's fake.
Can't trust the exchange houses anymore.
Give me one
"Department Six"
Ji Yaohua, reporting to Lord Li...
The prince said you're a Penglai kungfu master.
He personally recommended you.
You're the first women we've accepted
at Department Six Constabulary.
I hope you won't prove a disappointment.
I'll do my best not to be, sir.
First Constable Avalanche,
will be responsible for assigning your duties.
Here, rank is determined by skill and effort.
Anyone with talent can become one
of the capita
s Four Supreme Constables.
You will first assigned to
Fourth Constable Han Long.
If you have any questions, ask at any time.
Are you Leng Lingqi?
I've long heard of your Skills with a blade.
Yeah! Good!
Lets get ready. That's him!
Wait. Give him this bottle.
The drink you ordered. Enjoy.
Master, everyone is ready.
Good. Wait, though.
I want to know whom he is waiting for.
Aside from the three of us,
no one upstairs knows martial arts.
Downstairs, only five of them
have qigong power,
and only one is a master.
Welcome. This way, please.
Another master just came in.
Life Snatcher? Jia San is waiting for him?
Who is he?
His original name is Cui Lueshang.
He's known in the underworld
as a debt collector.
His name means
there's no deb t he can't collect.
How good is he?
He's got a name.
I've heard of debts he's Collected for people.
Nice brohterhood
Department Six Constable,
official business, clear the road!
Department Six Constable,
official business, clear the road!
Run! Department Six is coming!
What a coincidence!
Don't move!
You have the wrong man.
You really thought he wouldn't Come after you?
I'll pay him back.
I'm working on a deal, a big one.
Once I make the handoff,
I'll give you everything.
What big deal might that be?
Fake coin cast?
That's some nerve!
You're not afraid they'll catch you?
I'm sitting here, so obviously not!
Tell the Sheriff King,
we have the Drunken Moon surrounded!
the Department Six Constables are here.
Ignore them. Wait for orders.
Is the money ready?
The wine is poisoned!
Body separation magic!
Which is the real Jia San?
Everyone stay calm! Don't panic, stay calm!
What! Don't run! Calm down!
Arrest everyone.
Protect the master!
After them!
Han Long, after them!
Yes Sir
Don't leave! Pay your bills first!
Big Wolf! Watch the door over there!
Who are you people?
I have some questions I'd like to ask you.
Cage formation!
Yes Sir
Lock the top!
This isn't Jia San, either!
Arrest him!
Get up!
I'm not working with Jia San!
I'm trying to Collect a debt!
Then why were you helping him?
You attacked first,
how was I supposed to know who you were!
On a Case of this importance.
You acted alone.
It's lucky that they had told me
what you were planning.
Good job.
Fantastic! They wrecked our sign, too!
It guess it's time we disclose our identity.
Lord Liu, Zhuge Zhengw
You are Zhuge Zhengwo?
The very same.
We were working on the same case tonight.
I already have Jia San's signed confession.
Working on a case?
What gives you the authority?
Were the Divine Constabulary.
Divine Constabulary?
Were all from the Divine Constabulary.
Weve been trying to trace
the mint's stolen coin cast.
I've never heard of any Divine Constabulary.
Department Six is the only Constabulary with
the royal mandate in the capital!
Arrest them all!
Yes, sir!
What do you think you're doing?
His Majesty the Prince approaches!
Your Highness.
Greetings, Your Highness.
What's going on?
Only a small matter, Your Majesty.
We encountered these people
calling themselves the "Divine Constabulary",
imitating service to the Crown.
This is a misunderstanding.
Zhengwo, why didn't you show them
the royal golden badge?
Show them.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Long live the king.
I, by secret order of the Crown,
lead the Divine Constabulary
in investigation of cases of national
import large and small
and wield the direct authority
of the Crown itself.
Your Highness, please rise.
I expect your constabularies
to cooperate in the future.
The king's orders must be carried out.
Yes, My Prince.
Lord Liu,
I am willing to turn Jia San
and the coin cast over to Department Six,
but this Cui...may I ask for him in exchange?
He is a criminal suspect!
No I'm not!
We asked him to help with out investigation.
I'd very much appreciate if you let him go.
Lord Liu,
we shouldn't trouble the king
with minor disputes like this...
I understand. Release him!
Yes, sir!
Get moving!
Lord An, our mission is complete!
IS it?
There's one minor detail left.
Now the mission is complete.
I am Department Six constable Han Long,
Lord An.
It's Surprising to learn that you're
as skilled in Western qigong as you are
benevolent in sharing your profits.
That was incredible flattery.
When I burn your beard off,
will you still want to flatter me?
if you wanted to kill the Sheriff King,
why didn't you tell me earlier?
I was afraid the show wouldn't be
as good if you knew.
But it turned out for the best.
The Sheriff King trusts you
more than ever now, doesn't he?
You figure out how to explain
what happened here!
Brilliant work!
This is the very same cast we lost,
and now it's back in our hands!
My lord, perhaps we don't need
to recall the coins currently in circulation?
Are you're sure this is the cast you lost?
I'm absolutely certain.
I sincerely hope nothing
like this happens again.
I guarantee it wont.
I will redouble my caution in the future.
Your promises are useless!
Department Six will take
over guard duties at the mint.
Escort Lord Xu home.
Yes, sir.
Eagle Squad, escort them home!
Yes, sir!
Congratulations on solving
the counterfeiting case.
This is another success for Department Six!
What good does that do us?
Han Long is dead
and not one of the assassins
was captured alive.
Who wants me dead?
We don't have a clue.
It was my failure.
Han Long was killed
because of his own failings.
You'll take over his position.
Leng Lingqi,
explain why you went after Jia San alone.
I thought the three of us would be enough.
Jia San involved in countless cases
and escaped us every time.
And despite the importance of this case,
you gambled its success on three men.
Finding Jia San was hard enough as is.
If the Divine Constabulary
hadn't ruined Brother Leng's plan,
he would have caught Jia San.
Give me your badge.
Lord, this...
This is the coin cast that was stolen.
Put it back.
My Lord, look again, it's..
I've looked very carefully,
and this is the coin cast we lost.
But it's damaged, we can't use it.
Do you have any more questions?
And if I hear different opinions from anyone,
it could cost your family their lives,
You know what letting
go of your temper does to you!
Take a good look at yourself.
A little provoking,
and you turn into an animal!
You're not scared people
will think you're a demon?!
Am I any different than a demon'?!
Do you really think
I'd throw you away like that?
Go to the Divine Constabulary
and find out everything
you can about Zhuge Zhengwo.
On the surface,
because of a conflict with Minister Cai,
he threw away his post
as the king's chief bodyguard.
And now, he's set up this Divine Constabulary.
I suspect this is some kind of conspiracy...
...with Minister Cai.
No man throws away wealth
and position so easily.
Why would he do that?
Some people are jealous
of my position in the capital
and they want Department Six for themselves.
Do you think Minister Cai
wants to overthrow the king?
I don't plan to give him the chance.
I won't let him destroy Department Six.
I want the Divine Constabulary to...disappear.
After you do this for me,
when you Come back, you'll be First Constable.
What do we do if Department Six figures out...
...why we're here?
You saw the way they looked at us!
How could they suspect us!
I like it here.
At least we don't have to...
serve the master here.
Watch your mouth!
Why haven't we struck yet?
The master will be angry if we wait too long.
Stop talking about him.
When this mission is over,
you should leave.
You silly girl.
Are you saying you want to keep doing this?
I want to stay with you.
I don't want this for you.
Someone's here!
He's gone!
"Divine Constabulary"
'm hungry! Are you done yet?
Calm down, it's ready!
It's a feast.
Life Snat cher, welcome to
the Divine Constabulary. I'm Big Wolf.
Hi. I'm Bell.
Were, y'know...
I'm Guts. This is Dingdong,
and we're, y'know...a couple too!
The hell were a couple!
We just work together is all.
Life Snatcher,
it's good to meet you,
'm Dingdong.
I'm Tie Youxia, everyone calls me Iron Hands.
This is Sheng Yayu.
Hello, Miss Sheng.
Call me Emotionless.
Emotionlessmwhat an intimate name.
Is everything ready?
Dinner's on! It's ready!
Good! Let's eat.
Let's eat, let's get some dinner.
Alright, everyone sit down.
Life Snatcher, help yourself!
Mr. Zhuge, I'm grateful for what you did today.
But, I don't work on this side of the law.
If people take me for a constable
I'll have a hard time finding Clients.
Well, then,
m sorry, I didn't think
'd be...
causing you so much trouble.
By all means, then.
You mean I can leave?
Of course.
Then I'll be going.
What? You're not having dinner with us?
Have dinner with us!
Life Snatcher, it's raining outside!
Hold on, I'll get you an umbrella.
Aunt Poise is here.
Aunt Poise.
Aunt Poise, here, sit.
Here we go...Sit down,
ets eat.
Everybody sit down, eat.
Come on, Iet's have some dinner!
Come on, sit down
So...what would you like?
Veggies are fine.
Dk! Veggiesmveggies...
About the...
Um, I'm sorry,,
the original plan was to drug Jia San's wine.
and catch him without a fight.
I didn't think we'd tear up the Drunken
\/Ioon.'s this, count up the damages,
and the Divine Constabulary will pay them.
Will that be alright?
Will that be alright? Cf course it will!
There was a wedding banquet
at the Drunken Moon tonight.
I saved you all a jug of wine.
Ch? Good, good, very nice!
It is yours.
Lift Snatcher! This smells really nice!
What wine is this?
18-year vintage Daughter Red?
This man knows his wines!
Mr. Cui, stay and have a drink with us.
Wait. Lift Snatcher, this is for you.
I want to try some too!
Life Snatcher, I've heard a lot about you.
and it's an honor to sit
with you and eat today.
A toast, to you.
Life Snatcher,
your tracking skills are infamous.
Do you think you could stay and teach us?
Is the wine usually this good here?
Cf course! Aunt Poise brings it all the time.
And here, we drink for free!
You drink for free?!
Mr. Zhuge, I'm thinking
I'll stay at Divine Constabulary
and try it for awhile.
Ok...that's fine.
You just broke up!
What, me? No, no, not at all...
Yes you did! You look exactly
like you just broke up!
You'll get used to it.
Here, cheers.
Life Snatcher, have another glass.
Amgnu Alright! cheers!
Come on, one more round! Pour me some!
I need more too!
Here, there's plenty for everyboby...
Is something wrong?
I don't have your talents,
I can't see into other people's hearts,
but you're different today, you're quiet.
No. I've always been quiet.
Master Zhuge wants us
to find someone named Leng.
I'll handle it.
Thank you. You're welcome.
If you knew he'd be here,
you shouldn't have sent me out to look for him!
Are you Leng Lingqi?
Divine Constabulary.
Come back to the constabulary with us.
Have I committed a crime?
If Department Six doesn't want you, we do.
So come back with us.
Don't make this hard for me.
I still don't think we should take him.
Brother Leng!
You came! Come in.
The king gave us that name,
Divine Constabulary.
It's probably overstating things.
Were actually a pretty small department.
Why did you bring me here?
You're a martial arts master.
With your skills,
I don't expect the Sheriff King
can do without you,
and I bet you'll be back
at Department Six before long.
But I've heard you don't have a home for now,
so why not work for us?
Here's how things work around here,
Emotionless analyzes our cases
and directs our investigations,
and Iron Hands has connections
all over the underworld.
Here, sit, sit...
But all we have right
now are rookies in the field.
We need masters like you.
and with you and Life Snatcher on our team,
we'll stand a much better
chance of Catching criminals.
Thank you.
Right now, all our people are investigating
the missing coin cast.
I thought that case was solved.
Life Snatcher thinks
Jia Sans coin cast was fake.
But Lord Xu told the Sheriff King it was real.
You suspect Lord Xu?
Life Snatcher is an expert at this,
I trust him.
I think Lord Xu is only
a minor character in this case.
There's someone much bigger behind him.
Whoever that is, we need to catch him!
Skywings, I can tell he likes me.
What should I do?
This is where we sleep.
You can have this room,
across from Life Snatcher
That's my workshop,
and Emotionless sleeps in there.
That's I\/Ir. Zhuge's study.
Make yourselves at home!
ace of Emptiness"
He actually came. He actually came?
What's impossible?
What do you mean, what's impossible?
never get rich doing this job.
I'm here because they have good Wine,
so what about you?
It's not for her, is it?
Careful, that woman can read minds.
Very well!
I thought Zhuge Zhengwo had
some incomprehensible power,
but the whole time he's been relying
on a mind-reading girl!
Is there any reason for me to stay there?
If he wants to play the hero,
you play along with him.
Zhuge Zhengwo thinks
Lord Xu only has a small part in the case.
He thinks there's someone
more powerful behind him.
Someone more powerful?
I think we should probably go...
Oh, alright...
Wait! No, no, no. He should be back soon.
Stay and have lunch with us.
Oh, there he is!
Brother Leng, you're back.
Do you need something?
I wanted to talk to private...
et's talk in my room.
He moves fast.
Look how pathetic and cute you are!
Let's call you Dumpy!
I'll get you some tea.
I had some.
The Sheriff King wants to destroy
the Divine Constabulary,
You're one of them now, so be Careful.
The Sheriff King told you?
Everyone at Department Six knows.
After the counterfeiting case is finished,
the Divine Constabulary
is Department Six's next target.
We don't have any secrets between us, right?
These are some of our cases. Here.
Take this.
These...and these are even more interesting.
Take a look.
If you have any questions, just...ask me.
Try this on.
I hope you can come back to Department Six.
Be careful of Avalanche.
So...can I come visit you and Dumpy again?
Miss Butterfly,
your pulse is normal,
and you're in perfect health.
Your chi is normal.
So, if I really do get sick, can you cure me?
No problem.
If you're really Sick,
I'll tell him right away.
Really? You're so nice!
Brother Leng, take care of yourself.
Then I'll go.
That woman is not a good person.
To most women,
not many other women are good people.
What are you saying?
Isn't it a good thing other people
care about Brother Leng?
I just don't want to see him be used,
or for that to hurt the Divine Constabulary.
The Treasury Minister is coming back,
pay attention.
So you'd rather go kneel
with them than be pregnant?
Get out of here!
Give me two bowls of water!
What?! Get moving!
How much for two cups?
They're from Department Six.
What are they doing here?
Department Six also has people...
...watching Minister Xu.
What should we do?
Then that's good.
With Department Six helping us.
Lord Xu won't get far.
Emotionless, Lord Xu just went to
attend a banquet hosted by An Shigeng.
Who is An Shigeng?
He's in Shipping.
He's one of Minister Cai Cheng's backers.
Anyone who works with him gets rich,
S0 they Call him "The God of Wealth".
Of Course they get rich!
He Smuggles salt, copper, iron,
he'll do anything.
Department Six is afraid to touch him.
He sounds serious.
Nobody touches you
if you have Cai Cheng's protection.
Brother Leng!
Let's attend a banquet.
He can't go.
Don't worry, Brother Leng works for us.
And he knows more about these people than I do.
Open it.
My lord, this is...
a plate for printing fake bills.
Lord Liu, you actually came.
Excuse me.
The Sheriff King doesn't wish to be disturbed.
Who is An Shigeng?
I don't see him.
My lord,
'm afraid it's not that simple.
Departme nt Six has people guarding the mint.
If it were simple, what use would you be?
My lord, this is punishable by death.
And what you did before wasn't'?
If Minister Cai hadn't let you keep your legs,
do you think you'd be walking today?
Now, look at me.
Everything around me today is mine.
You, the Treasury Minister,
See all that money, all day,
and none of it's yours.
You must be miserable!
I cant...
These bills are real.
You should be happy,
because you're still worth this much!
But there will be chaos,
the people won't be able to survive...
A token of my appreciation.
I hope you'll accept it.
Use it to make sure make sure
everyone at Department Six
has all the equipment they need.
And this is good too, it's for you.
But first, I want a better
look at your woman sergeant...
She looks even better up close!
Ch, boy! She looks good!
If we took the Constables in this city
and made them women
this would be a much, much better-looking city.
Now this guy looks really obnoxious.
Now he looks a lot better. Here.
Why isn't he dead yet?
When are you going to kill him?
We have a lot of work left to do.
I haven't seen you for three days,
and you've become so...
Excuse me.
You like her.
Hey, you!
The first time I saw you, you were so...
But up close, you're...
I don't think I invited you.
No, you didn't.
My name is Zhuge Zhengwo, and I invited myself.
Master, the Prince is here.
Welcome, Your Highness.
My respects, my prince.
I appreciate your goodwill, Lord An.
Hey, you!
The one who invited yourself!
Why aren't you gone yet?
Zhuge Zhengwo's Divine Constabulary
takes orders directly from the Crown.
Were all working on behalf of the Court,
and it's a happy occasion,
so Lord An, as a favor to me...
I'm happy to do you favors,
but he isn't doing
Minister Cai Cheng any favors.
My prince,
I'd rather not ruin the festive mood.
I'll be leaving.
You're not showing much respect for old age
with your beard braided like that!
What men are most afraid of is women like you.
You see right through us. That's terrifying!
Youre not afraid.
That's because I'm not interested in you.
But him? He's stupid.
Hey, get over here! Come get some food!
Dumpy, Dumpy!
Come have Some! You'll like it!
Come on!
It's dog...
and it's so soft...
I was kidding! It's lamb, ok'?!
I thought you had a good sense of smell!
Emotionless thought your dog was hungry,
so she told us to take it out for a walk!
I get it, alright?
You don't have a sense of humor!
What makes you think we would eat your dog?
You still don't think of yourself as one of us!
I brought you all here
because you're all exceptional people.
Whatever the problem is,
solve it, calmly, by talking it out.
Think more
and fight less!
Let's Clean this up.
Why do they call me Big Wolf?
It's because when I was younger, I was weak.
My family wanted to make me stronger
so they gave me a fierce name to live up to.
And actually, I do want to turn into a wolf.
But I have a really hard time imagining
how that would be.
Would he get hair on his face? Long hair?
And would his eyes...
t's fine
You're curious too, aren't you?
I'd sure like to know...
...what he's keeping locked up in here.
No lock ever kept me out...
But this is the easiest lock I've ever opened,
because it wasn't locked at all!
Every name in here is a criminal!
Who do you want to look at first?
That idiot out there was a murderer!
Tie Youxia,
murdered 11 pirates
and 9 corrupt officials over 6 years,
and was finally caught by Zhuge Zhengwo.
At Zhuge Zhengwo's request
he was spared the death penalty by the king.
I want to read this one! Let me read this!
Sheng Yayu, born in Jiangsu.
Twelve years prior,
sole survivor of attack on Imperial Exam
candidate Sheng Dingtian and family.
6 years of age at time of incident.
She was crippled during the attack.
Adopted by Zhuge Zhengwo.
No wonder she's so solitary.
Here, you take it.
Where am I?
This is wrong.
You don't need to read it,
I'll tell you myself!
Cui Lueshang,
widely known in the underworld
as Life Snatcher.
Undertook debt collection at age 8,
has never failed to collect a debt.
First love at age 10,
admired by women from ages 3-83...
to varying degrees.
Known to be witty,
hard-working, entrepreneurial...
Actually l...l regret leaving home too early.
I didn't understand that home was a good place.
Now you. Where are you from?
I don't know. I was raised by wolves.
You wanted to help, right?
Sit down and try it.
No. Don't use your hands.
Use your mind.
Focus your attention,
and it moves in the direction you want.
Try it.
What in the hell are you thinking about?
Your new wheelchair.
She likes you.
It works. I'm going to take a shower.
I don't have anything to say to you.
I know, what I think...
you already know.
I'm not...I dorl't Want to hurt anyone.
I just want to solve this case
and get back to Department Six.
I know all that.
Get some rest.
Fake money is everywhere,
and the banks Won't exchange it anymore!
Things are getting worse, what do we do?
It's fake, the Copper content is too low.
Master, Master!
The banks won't even accept our money now!
What should we do?
Yeah, what are we supposed to do?
Calm down, calm down...
Exchange their coins for real ones.
Follow me.
Thank you, Master!
This isn't good!
You know it's fake, why are you exchanging it?
Look, this is just temporary.
With this much fake currency,
there must be a conspiracy behind it.
If we can't stop the circulation
of this fake currency,
we're looking at riots and rebellion.
The people hurt the most by this...
are commoners like them.
We need to find the source of these coins.
The copper content in these coins is low,
so they break easily.
You lied! I can't break mine!
If you don't have the strength to break it,
the most important things
to look at are the weight
color, and texture...
Go to the market and investigate.
Follow anyone suspicious.
We need to find the source!
We found our source.
They're all here.
Keep watching them.
r. Goldblind...
How much did you pass out today?
We unloaded 3,000 strings.
That's the big fish.
He's a criminal,
called Goldblind, a metalsmith.
He's been in prison for counterfeiting.
He works for An Shigeng.
Don't stare at him.
If you stare at him,
he'll know you're watching.
These Department Six people!
He's checking to see if he's being followed.
t's a common trick.
How did you know?
He smells like charcoal.
Having you along is like
bringing a hunting dog. Nice!
r. Goldblind...
How's work coming?
The fake coins come from
a workshop beside the river.
Ji Yaohua and Goldblind met today.
Brother Leng...
you were watching him the whole time?
Right. I didn't see Ji Yaohua.
I noticed by coincidence,
in the alley behind Flower Street
She met him there.
Department Six might be watching Goldblind too.
Ji Yaohua was probably working
on the case as well.
They planned this meeting.
I really didn't see her.
You didn't see me eit
Did anyone else see Ji Yaohua?
It's a shame Skywings is dead.
I think she killed him.
You think. You didn't see her do it?
None of you believe me.
Keep watching him. I think...
there's more behind this case,
and we have to figure out
Ji Yaohuas involvement.
Zhuge Zhengwo wants us to keep watching him.
Anything else?
Oh, right. Emotionless suspects
Goldblind and Ji Yaohua are connected.
Really? Jealousy...
Take Ji Yaohua and Butterfly to Search
the counterfeit workshop.
The rest of you women
go with Avalanche
and search Treasury Minister Xus house.
Yes, sir!
I hope they didn't escape.
The forge is still smoking,
they didn't leave long ago.
I'd say someone warned them we were Coming.
Han Long?!
The Sheriff King is getting suspicious,
and you'll have to invent a story.
It'll take a miracle to...
...fool him at this point.
If you can't, your outlook gets very ominous.
Whether we can finish the story is up to you.
But I'm sure you can do it.
Let's go!
Go save them!
You're okay?
Butterfly! Butterfly!
Everybody out! Bring medicine!
Master, here.
Dingdong, I need a bandage!
Shes bleeding too fast, we can't stop it!
Yayu, stop her bleeding! Quick!
Who did this?
Han Long.
I thought he was dead.
I don't get it, either.
t's like he went crazy.
And then his body suddenly turned to dust.
How is that possible?
That's what happened.
There's more, Butterfly is dead.
Master, bad news!
Department Six is here.
Ready bows!
Yayu, don't do anything rash.
Lord Liu...
The Divine Constabulary
is harboring dangerous criminals,
murdered Department Six Constables,
and kidnapped one of my men!
Lord Liu, this is a misunderstanding!
Were treating Miss Ji inside.
Thank you.
Hey! Our people were injured!
Whos responsible for that?!
You attacked our people, damaged our property
and we don't even get an apology?
I thought being a constable meant
I got to be a tyrant,
not that I had to put up
with treatment like this.
You told Department Six
we were going to their workshop!
Are you working for them or us?
Our enemy isn't Department Six,
and Brother Leng works for us.
But he hasn't really decided yet.
Have you?
t's pointless waiting! He won't be back.
His name means "cold",
we should Call him Coldblood.
He'll be back. Even if it's not for me.
Look! Six Fan Gate is here!
They're closing the Divine Constabulary?
It must be something big!
Stop! None can enter with permission!
Brother Leng, you... Where did you go?
We were afraid
we wou
dn't have time to say goodbye!
Master! Master! Brother Leng is back!
You're back?
'm sorry,
we cou
dnt hold things together here.
Minister Cai had the king
order an investigation into
the Divine Constabulary.
My status as an official is suspended,
and I'm waiting to see
how the king deals with me.
I thought you took orders directly
from the king.
It's enough of a favor that
I haven't been put in jail
while the investigation goes on.
Then Department Six
takes over the investigation?
Don't worry.
Don't worry?! How are we supposed to not worry?
You taught me to be patient,
not to answer violence with violence.
And we did, we stuck to the rules,
and in the end
we still get punished for it!
You can't use a gent
emans methods... deal with a villain!
But if we use their methods,
we become villains ourselves.
You go ahead and be a gentleman.
Iron Hands! Iron Hands!
I'm sorry.
No apologies, you didn't do anything wrong.
Go back to Department Six
and be a good constable.
I know you'll do well.
Hey! Your boss is right.
Think of this like a vacation!
Come to the Drunken Moon, drinks are on me, ok?
I can't drink your wine without paying anymore.
Come on, who's Coming? Drinks are on me.
Me! Teach me about the underworld!
What? Hey!
You interested?
Emotionless, I'll push you.
Alright, let's go!
"Divine Constabulary"
How're you? Welcome!
Life Snatcher, where are you going?
Over there.
Life Snatcher! Dingdong! Come on in!
Guts! You're all here.
So you're all here.
Iron Hands! Iron Hands! Iron Hands came too!
If we can find proof that An Shigeng
is behind this operation,
we'll have this Case solved.
And once we solve this case,
Department Six won't be able
to say we're criminals.
Han Long seemed like
there was magic protecting him that day.
It was like we couldn't hurt him.
And then suddenly
he just disintegrated into this powder.
The Han Long you saw might
have been an avatar soldier.
t's a kind of necromancy from the west.
You use potion and a needle... control the dead.
If you sprinkle soulreaper orchid seeds
on your opponent,
the scent will make the avatar soldier attack
until your opponent is dead.
The scent?
It's a shame Brother Leng isn't here,
with his sense of smell.
If we can't find the scent,
et's look for the needle.
Usually, these needles are inserted in a skull.
Han Long turned to dust
because you knocked the needle loose.
Iron Hands, is soulreaper orchid easy to find?
It's very rare.
It's more valuable than gold.
An Shigeng would be able to get it,
no question.
We need to find proof that
he has soulreaper orchids.
You go. I want to wait here for a minute.
He's not coming back.
Let's go. I'll push you.
Avalanche, if you have anything to say,
we can talk outside.
I found a secret Department Six evidence report
in the counterfeit workshop.
Evidence report? It wasn't mine.
All our evidence reports have individual seals.
They're unique. Don't lie to me.
And you're just as bad!
You poisoned Lord Xu
and made it look like suicide.
Since we did, why don't you arrest us?
Kill the Sheriff King, and put me in his place.
Tell An Shigeng that for the right price,
I'm willing to cooperate.
I know about everything you
and An Shigeng are planning.
If you don't kill him soon,
our jobs are going to get a lot harder...
You'll need me.
I don't need you!
I never imagined Avalanche was such a beast.
Did he hurt you?
No, but he scared Firefly
so much she cried all night.
Brother Leng,
the Sheriff King is looking for you.
Come back with me, alright?
I want to come back with results.
And actually, I already have a clue.
I know who the man in the workshop was.
It was...An Shigeng?
You suspect him too.
Have you told the Sheriff King?
I don't have any proof, so I havent,
But I want the truth behind all this.
I won't let Butterfly'S death mean nothing.
Aunt Poise, what else can I do?
have to know.
Real love doesn't need you to do anything.
If you need to use tricks to make it happen,
it's not real love.
So I'm just supposed to wait?
Some men are worth waiting for.
What if I can't wait?
If you can't wait,
that's nothing to be sad about.
That means you're lucky.
It sounds complicated.
Yeah, it's com plicated.
There's a big shipment of herbs
at An Shigengs dock.
We should Search it!
Be careful, don't bump their boat!
Move it along! Quicak!
That's An Shigengs dock...
What are you two doing?
Department Six on official duty,
out of the way.
What are you doing here?
Were looking for a flower.
I smelled it in the counterfeiting workshop.
So Department Six is trying
to steal our case again?
Knock it off! Brother Leng is trying
to solve the case for you.
Were looking for a type of herb too,
called soulreaper orchid.
We think it was used to control Han Long.
Then let's Search the place!
Save your effort.
It's in here.
You don't mean
you want to empty that Coffin out, right?
What did you think it was?! It's a Corpse!
Help me.
The stench of a corpse could cover that smell!
So soulreaper orchids grow on corpses.
We should tell Department Six about this.
We can solve this case ourselves.
Master, if we don't move soon,
it'll be too late.
What is our opponent planning?
How strong are his forces?
You don't know any of that!
Will we be able to take them on by ourselves?
The Divine Constabulary is under investigation.
If you tell Department Six,
they still won't touch An Shigeng.
I can accept that we don't act,
but if you take this to Department Six,
you're signing your own death warrant.
The Sheriff King won't give you a chance.
His target isn't An Shigeng, it's you.
This time, I believe him.
Yayu, let's go see the prince.
The rest of you, stay put.
Thank you.
Why are you bringing the dead back to life?
The Divine Constabulary already has proof
they know you're the one behind everything.
Fine, I'll kill the Sheriff King soon!
Let the girls leave Department Six.
I don't want to see them die!
You blame me?
No more, and no less,
life is death,
She's beautiful. Just like she was.
Just a little slimier. Lets go!
Butterfly ......
So you like that Leng kid?
She likes that Leng kid.
Give this to the Sheriff King,
and tell him I'm the murderer.
Wake up.
You could spend the rest of your life trying,
but you'll never guess what I'm up to.
We found it!
That shipment was delivered to
An Shigeng's mansion!
I don't like waiting.
We can handle them.
Let's go!
Brother Leng is a good man.
I know.
Is there anything you don't know?
If this is really
the end of the Divine Constabulary,
what should we do?
Even if there's no Divine Constabulary,
we can still be good people
who fight for justice.
But the Sheriff King is after you.
You're not afraid of what he'll do to you?
He's not a bad man,
he's just a pathetic man who's afraid
of what he can't control.
Lord Zhuge...
I need to see the prince.
Your pathetic man is here.
Lord Li...
So youre the, uh...mind-reader?
What am I thinking right now?
Lord Liu, what, exactly, are you afraid of?
Lord Liu, lead the way.
By all means.
I'll push you.
No thanks.
Nobody's here! They all left,
but where did they go?
Soulreaper orchid?
There's some over here!
Iron Hands, I found someone!
I have discovered tha tAn Shigeng
is using soulreaper orchids
to practice a magic
from the west to wake the dead.
I believe he seeks the crown.
I request that Department Six be allowed
to arrest him.
You both know he's a close associate
of Minister Cai.
Everything Lord Liu has told you is correct.
We await your decision.
We should report to the king first.
Lord Liu, maintain surveillance on An Shigeng.
Yes, sir!
Are you looking for me?
Sheriff King, My Lord, I'm up here.
And you,
you're still disrespecting the elderly,
and you came uninvited again.
Well, at this party, I dont mind extra guests.
Enjoy your meal!
Protect the prince!
He's alive again!
Yayu, go get reinforcements!
Ji Yaohua, you go too!
Prince, let's go!
Who goes there?
This is royal property, go away!
Go find Emotionlessl
H ey. Let's go!
Be careful!
This guy with the braided beard, I had no idea!
Be careful!
Take care of her!
Let's go!
Hurry! Quick!
Go! Surround him!
Follow, go there!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Let's go.
Everyone out of the way!
I want to write the rest of the story myself.
Destiny leads us down paths long and short,
and takes us to strange places.
All we have to do is recognize it.
Enjoy your journey.
Where did he go? He just disappeared?
Where is An Shigeng?
I didn't see where he went!
Find An Shigeng's body!
Emotionless. Emotionless.
You saved my life again.
I just hope you're alright.
Lord Liu, Department Six
played a critical role in this.
I'll make sure you're rewarded.
Thank you, my prince.
But the Divine Constabulary
made equal contributions.
Why didn't you kill me?
If I killed you, we'd never know the truth.
The truth?
Do you think
they'll believe everything you say?
One day, they'll see you for what you are.
Then you wait for that day.
He'll be here at Department Six with me.
And I'll be the most powerful Constable
in the capital.
I've said my farewells to the Sheriff King.
I thought you wanted to be...
...Department Six's First Constable.
Once I did, but not anymore.
All for the Divine Constabulary?
The Divine Constabulary is small,
but I sleep better there.
And, my friends are there.
Take care.
Let's go.
You're smiling inside, aren't you?