The Four 2 (2013) Movie Script

I haven't walked this path in years.
This path never used
to feel this long to me.
There are very few who
ever get to walk this path.
Minister Cai, you're very early.
I'm very sorry to have
troubled you, Prince.
Rise, Lord An.
I apologise for this great discourtesy.
Thank you, your Highness.
Your family has seen tragedy.
An Shigeng committed a great crime,
but he was killed by
Department Six and the
Divine Constabulary,
though his corpse was incomplete.
His majesty knows Lord An
helped the Imperial
Court on many occasions,
and was a good, charitable man.
I think we can treat
matters as finished for now.
Isn't that right, Prince?
As the Minister says, we
can put this in the past.
I only came today to
report to His Majesty.
Pleaase don't worry, Minister.
And you too, Lord An.
With both Department Six and
the Divine Constabulary with us,
I feel most at easy.
I'll leave you to your work. Let's go.
Minister Cai was chosen by
the Empress Dowager to help
his Majesty take the throne.
Challenhing his authority
would be no easy task.
Are other people just same as us?
You have nothing to say?
What do you mean?
What do you want me to say?
I think this is perfect.
Iron Hands, look at this!
You're a quick learner.
I'd never think such a
small flick of the wrist
could make such a difference.
Can you teach me a
little more next time?
That kung fu was incredible!
It's called "Lightning
Bolt Eyes", and to women
it comes naturally with practice.
When he's here, you barely look at him.
Then when he goes,
and leaves you a letter,
you're still not happy.
That's really deep and powerful kung fu.
Not really, we're not that deep.
I just want to learn more
from you, Life Snatcher.
Don't run! Dumpy's so
fast! Come on, doggie!
The Divine Constabulary
seems to abound with rare talents.
How can ordinary people like me
achieve such levels of skill?
Some people are born
with a little talent,
but that just means they start
from a slightly higher position.
You are a great master yourself, Liu,
you're hardly ordinary.
You're laughing at me, Zhengwo.
When the court saw what
you were capable of,
I was ashamed to show my face.
What anazing feats?
It is just that my heart
is clear and unimpeded,
allowing me to perform
the bagua movements a little faster.
A clear heart?
Don't underestimate
the power of the heart.
A clear mind, no distractions,
Truly perceiving, understanding.
These can produce a force
of immeasurable power.
And it begins with letting go.
Letting go?
It's like this cup.
If you hold on to it, it will only
ever be able to hold this much water.
If you let it go,
it can hold limitless amount of water.
However much energy we
can create by ourselves,
it will never
approach that of nature.
My power is not my own.
It is borrowed.
I thank you for your help, Zhengwo.
You are too kind, Liu.
Whichever school or discipline we study,
we are all just developing our hearts.
We all walk the same path.
How far we travel
depends only on ourselves.
How are things?
Very good.
Department Six abolished titles
for the four top constables.
Haven't you heard?
People in the city already have
their own list of "The Four".
Coldblood, Emotionless,
Iron Hands, Life Snatcher.
If I choose my own "Four",
I'd make fool of us.
It's all right, though.
Department Six is now
more stable than ever,
without the arrogance
we had in the past.
The poison in your blood
has not resurfaced?
Not recently.
It seems you've learned to
control the beast inside you,
to control your emotions.
I know how good
that kind of redemption feels.
But you must always remember:
where there is light, there are shadows.
Yaohua, you're here!
You're finally here,
I was worried you wouldn't get here.
Right, we were so worried
We came from 10 miles
away by fast horse.
Anyway, we made it in time to meet you.
It's getting foggy.
How did it get so thick so fast?
Where's Bell?
Why did you run off like that?
Finally, you're here!
I was terrified
Why did you run off like that?
Because you ignored me!
When did I ever ignore you?
You always make things my fault!
As long as you're okay.
Please don't fight!
Let's go back!
Are you okay?
Wait a second!
What is it?
There's a strong smell of human blood.
Oh, is this wrong?
We shouldn't
barge into a locked home.
We're on a case.
I think it must be deserted.
Let's see what Coldblood says.
What do you think?
Are you okay?
Rest for now.
You've burned up almost
all your qi.
Iron Hands! There's
a live one over here!
This man is Ouyang Da.
There's been no trace of him for years.
You recognize him, Zhengwo?
The attacker used a powerful hand cannon
that I've never heard of before.
If he hadn't been wearing armour,
he would have died immediately.
I have a feeling about this case.
Lord Liu,
would you pass this case
to the Divine Constabulary?
If Zhengwo thinks he can solve it,
then I think we can leave it to him.
Thank you, Lord Liu.
You little cockroach,
you're still alive?
Are you alright, Coldblood?
If we need help, Lord Liu,
we'll be sure to call on Department Six.
You're back again, Coldblood.
He hasn't woken up yet.
[Department Six]
The Ouyang Da case
is almost certainly connected
with some of our other current cases.
How could you give it to
the Divine Constabulary?
You're right. All the evidence suggests
the attackers in theses
cases are the same.
Let the Divine Constabulary
manage the Ouyang Da case.
I never said we'd
stop work on our other cases.
Zhuge Zhengwo has a special
interest in this case.
You suspect Zhuge Zhengwo, Lord?
I wouldn't call it suspicion,
I'm just interested in
knowing all the facts.
Ji Yaohua,
see if the Divine Constabulary
needs any help,
whether we need to be involved.
Yes, sir.
Jiang Lei,
lead the investigation
into these cases,
including the Ouyang Da case.
Keep everything quiet.
Yes, sir.
If the heart is clear,
is everything possible?
I think... I understand now.
You're so lucky!
You received a present
from Iron Hands! No!
Now knock it off!
Give that stone back!
You're still denying it!
Give it back!
You look so tense!
Don't make a fuss.
Why would anyone feel tense about
the men in the Divine Constabulary?
Give it back!
You've never received
a present from a man?
What do you know about it?
Have you?
I will soon.
Good. After Spring Festival,
you should give up this
job and find husbands.
Who wants a husband!
Being a Department Six constable
is lots more fun.
What's wrong with being a normal woman?
Detectives and constables
under Ji Yaohua,
much more impressive.
We even get our own bathhouse!
It's really impressive!
I'm just worried it's so impressive
that no man will want you.
If you don't marry, then
we won't marry either.
Be careful, don't say
something you'll regret.
Of course we won't.
Think about it,
Department Six's Ji Yaohua
has the eye of how many officials
and lords in the capital?
Yes! Yes! The question is...
will you marry one?
Enough, I haven't thought about it.
You really haven't thought about it?
Stop bothering her!
Come on, let's head back.
Let's get to bed. Let's go.
I want to write the
rest of the story myself.
Destiny leads us down paths long and
short and takes us to strange places.
All you have to do is to recognize it.
Enjoy your journey,
Don't be afraid!
Take her to rest.
Lord An,
although the Divine
Conatabulary and Department Six
are investigating carefully,
they can only do so here in Peking.
We are now distributing
counterfeit notes
and coins around the whole country
and popular unrest is rising.
Please don't worry, Lord An.
Don't worry?
It's only because of your failings
that my son is in this condition.
Lord An!
Lord An, please calm down.
Your son was very lucky,
and by superby grafting
him to Sun Sage Tree roots,
you've granted him
life to a ripe old age.
He has been most fortunate.
It was heaven's will.
Lord An,
you'll be able
to avenge your son soon.
I will hold those in
the Divine Constabulary to account.
Do you think killing a few
people counts as revenge?
I want to make the King
break his promise to heaven!
I want to rule the country!
You're lucky to be the Prime Minister,
with that beggar's kneel.
Yes, Lord An.
What is it?
Lord An,
Spring Festival is coming again
and I haven't received
my antidote this month.
You're already vastly wealthy,
why do you also need to rule?
Hasn't everything I've done
all been for you?
For me?
Or your idea of what you want me to be?
Why don't you just take the throne?
Actually I think my current situation
is quite satisfactory.
My mind is still working,
I can think over
everything that happened.
If only I could still see
the people from back then,
it would be even better.
But in my current condition
you must warn everyone back home
to protect against fire.
Ouyang Da.
You still couldn't let us get away?
Sheriff King.
The injured man, Ouyang
Da, who was taken to
the Divine Constabulary
has died suddenly.
They say, when he
woke up, he went crazy,
burned through all his qi, and died.
What do you think that means?
Maybe someone wanted to shut him up,
they wanted the investigation stopped.
Who would want him silenced?
I can't read minds,
I'm just guessing, but...
Zhuge Zhengwo.
Suspicion surrounding Zhuge
Zhengwo seems to be mounting.
Continue the investigation.
I'm going to have a word with Coldblood.
You're not scared you'll give us away?
It will be fine. Don't worry.
I'll go.
this Coldblood,
I understand him.
Once he makes a choice,
he doesn't change his mind.
When he joined the Divine Constabulary,
I knew then he would never return.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
We can't always get the things we want
I know what I can attain. Thank
you for your concern, Lord.
I hope you don't mind my meddling.
I don't! I'm just
sorry I make you worry.
You've been in good
spirits recently, Lord.
I think so, too.
You can call me Lord Liu in the future,
"Sheriff King" is a little
aggressive, a little cliche.
Don't you think?
Lord Liu.
As soon as I went in,
I saw Ouyang Da attacking him.
That's why I acted,
but I didn't mean to kill him!
That's right! I was eating
at the time, I had just...
Why would he want to kill?
Zhengwo and I were doing
all we could to save him.
Yes. I was eating at
the time, I, I, I...
I was asking why he
attacked Zhuge Zhengwo!
He was confused...
I was just eating...
Hey! Wait! I told you to wait!
I can help you take it to him.
No, we want to
give it to Coldblood ourselves.
Coldblood, we're here to
deliver some clothes for Dumpy.
Okay, give them to me.
Clothes for Dumpy? What about me?
Life Snatcher, I'll go
back and make you some.
Coldblood, Ji Yaohua would
like to talk to you alone.
She's waiting for you
at Sun Yang Restaurant.
He's so cute! Now Dumpy
can join Department Six.
He looks like a tortoise with that on.
Coldblood is here.
You're here.
You wanted to see me about something?
I need an excuse
to invite you to drink tea?
Please, have a seat.
It's about the Ouyang Da case.
I know the Divine Constabulary
is running the case,
but I have a few things
you might like to hear.
Department Six wants to get involved?
We're already involved
including Ouyang Da,
there have been three recent incidents
resulting in 11 innocent deaths.
Many were killed by the same weapon.
I don't think it's a coincidence.
Three incidents?
So what does Department
Six make of it all?
We suspect a link to the murder
of a family 12 years ago.
Why do you think that?
Because we can only
trace the background of
some victims back 12 years
That means they almost certainly
used to go by other names.
The murder of a family 12 years ago?
Can you be more specific?
The murder of the families of
eight officials 12 years ago.
In total, 183 people were killed.
The last family massacred
was your family, the Sheng family.
The gang of twelve who
killed the Sheng family
were all killed that same
year by Zhuge Zhengwo.
He also rescued you,
But Lord Liu thinks
Zhuge Zhengwo is hiding something.
Some of the latest victims were probably
members of the gang of twelve.
You suspect this?
It's just a possibility.
It's not like we have
a name list of the gang of twelve.
Are there any more "possibilities" that
you'd like to tell us about?
I knew Emotionless wouldn't
take this information well,
which was why I only invited Coldblood.
But you came anyway,
and it would be wrong not to tell you.
Thank you. We're leaving.
Didn't I say have him come alone?
That's what I told him,
but he insisted on bringing her.
My father, Sheng Dingtian,
was a renowned scholar.
Back then, he and other officials
had evidence of Minister
Cai's corruption.
They were ready to impeach him,
but somehow news got out.
The families of all the others
were killed to silence them.
My family was the last to be attacked.
It was only because of Zhuge Zhengwo,
who killed the gang of twelve,
that I was saved.
In one night,
32 people lost their lives.
And that night they ruined my legs.
I never let my self remember
because each time I think back,
the pain is too much.
So don't look back,
leave it all in the past
leave it all in the past.
Zhengwo and I,
and Iron Hands
have lived together for 12 years.
There is no one I
trust more than Zhengwo.
I shouldn't listen to
those who speak against him.
People are saying
the gang of 12 who killed
the Sheng are still alive.
12 years ago I personally
saw to the deaths of
all who harmed your family.
I know.
Who's saying this?
Ji Yaohua.
Maybe she's trying to
cause a rift among us.
Might it just be a misunderstanding?
Watch out for her.
Apart from Gao Fu, whose
real name was Ouyang Da,
here are Hu Xingyong,
Guo Xiang Tian and Yang Cheng.
They appeared to be merchants,
but we suspect these three men
were "the Iron Parasol" Zhang Xu'ao,
"the Soul Collector" Dugu Wei,
and "the Wanderer" Sun Bugong.
Identical wounds,
caused by identical weapons.
Zhuge Zhengwo knew all of these people.
They all
disappeared 12 years ago.
The exact time of
the Sheng family massacre.
Do you suspect Zhengwo?
He himself said that he killed all
12 of the original murderers.
He made his name with that case.
But why has he never made
the names of the gang of 12 public?
If these people really were
members of the gang of 12,
then Zhuge Zhengwo
never solved the case.
Lord Liu.
Lord Liu.
If Zhuge Zhengwo really let
the murderers of the
Sheng family go free,
he may have been working with them.
You're saying...
Zhuge Zhengwo was part of the plot
to kill Sheng Yayu's family?
You don't believe it?
It's hard to believe.
But also hard not to believe.
Everyone has secrets
buried in their past.
Sometimes they get dug up.
Do you want to arrest him?
Do we have any leads
that take suspicion away from him?
you have a thorough
knowledge of firearms.
When I was young, the Imperial Arsenal
created the Thunderbolt
Plough cannon for me.
But it was too powerful,
no one I used it on survived.
I stopped using it years ago.
Where is the Thunderbolt Plough?
I returned to the court.
That day by the mansion in the forest,
it was you who attacked
me with the cannon.
Yes, you.
You're sure? You aren't mistaken?
I saw you with my own eyes.
Then we have a very strange conundrum.
Where were you at the
time of the attack?
While you were all looking for Bell?
I was just leaving Lord Liu.
You didn't leave together?
We went different directions.
There's something else.
12 years ago, when Yayu's
family was massacred,
you said you killed
all those responsible.
How could Ouyang Da still be alive?
That I can't tell you.
To dredge up the death of Yayu's family
would do nobody any good.
So, is Lord Liu investigating this case?
I am.
Give me two days, and
I'll solve the case.
But during this time,
can you promise me you won't
discuss the case with anyone?
It's been a long time.
My fellow apprentice.
Were you dreaming?
Dreaming about me?
Is this a dream?
Whether it is, doesn't matter,
you don't need to be afraid.
I told my father
I'm in charge of my own death,
it has nothing to do with you.
You really don't need to be afraid.
Does your family still make furniture?
Could you make me into a bed?
Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid.
Very few people have earned
the right to drink this.
you're going to take
over Department Six,
wait patiently for your orders,
Thank you, Lord An.
Don't worry, I will give
you antidote every month.
The old man is driven crazy
by his love for his son
The son is driven crazy
by his love for you.
I'm not crazy.
Yet you take orders from a crazy man?
The orders I listen to are my own.
But if it's to my advantage,
I'll take orders from anyone.
You have my advantages
at heart, don't you?
I understand.
You're a good fellow apprentice.
You're like me.
We're both clever women,
and clever women never trust men,
and never ever trust in love.
Because that way, we achieve even more.
Sheriff King.
What did you bring
me here to talk about?
It's about me.
You're investigating me, aren't you?
So you know.
I've already solved the case for you.
The weapon you used
when you were younger,
the Thunderbolt Plough.
There's nothing I can hide
from you, Sheriff King.
I thought you kept it
in the Imperial Archives.
I haven't used it for a long time,
but I've been thinking
of using it again.
my ability to read minds
is getting weaker.
That means you're
getting more friends.
The more people you care about,
the less you'll be able to read minds.
It's a good thing.
A woodcutter saw Zhuge
Zhengwo that afternoon
in the pavilion.
The killer is Zhuge Zhengwo!
When the Sheriff King left,
he said he was meeting
with Zhuge Zhengwo.
That's right. We were
planning to go with him,
but he said Zhuge Zhengwo
was his friend.
They must have wanted to
discuss something secret.
That's why we didn't go with him.
It wouldn't have made a difference.
Against such a powerful opponent,
you'd have lost your lives for nothing.
Life Snatcher,
we just came back from the arsenal.
There used to be two
of these cannons there.
Was this the murder weapon?
This is the only one left.
It's called the Thunderbolt Plough.
Zhuge Zhengwo used to
be responsible for it
as the King's chief bodyguard.
Lord Liu has been looking for it.
We should go
arrest Zhuge Zhengwo.
You're protecting the
Divine Constabulary.
Do you know who'll be
most upset by this?
The Divine Constabulary's Coldblood
Lord Liu adopted him and raised him.
Even his name, Leng
Lingqi, came from Lord Liu.
Do you understand?
Hey! Don't move the body!
Zhuge Zhengwo!
He is not here.
Come out! Zhuge Zhengwo
Come out!
Hey, are you crazy?
We know something's
happened to the Sheriff King.
Mr. Zhuge has asked Duke Westgate
to investigate the scene.
He wanted us to wait for
you so we could go together
Why do we need to look for clues?
Zhuge Zhengwo killed him!
That's not possible.
We have proof.
Who's this Duke Westgate?
He now goes by the name Zhang Yiwan
Zhang Yiwan from the
Bulging Pockets Casino?
Another assumed name...
Let's go together.
Duke Westgate,
you won't need your weapons for this.
So you killed the Sheriff King,
and now you're here for me?
You're wrong.
I don't think I am.
Back then, when I agreed
to kill the Sheng family,
I knew I was taking a gamble.
I never imagined I would kill them
and yet still somehow lose the bet.
I'm really so unlucky.
I finally managed to
settle down and enjoy life,
but you won't even let me have that
I didn't want to kill you.
You earned your reputation on our backs.
I can understand you'd be willing
to kill us to silence us.
Helpers are here.
Coldblood, don't attack him yet!
You hypocrite!
You're all that's left of
the miserable Sheng family?
Zhuge Zhengwo killed us
to help you take revenge?
Are you the man who killed my family?
And I regret only breaking your legs!
We should have killed you!
You'd attacked a suspect
before you questioned him!
Are you constables or assassins?
- Yayu.
- What are you doing?
- Why are you helping him?
- I trust him.
Why is he still alive?
What else are you lying to me about?
Where are the other killers?
Zhang Yiwan informed us that
Zhugo Zhengwo had asked to see him.
He said Zhugo Zhengwo
wanted to kill him to silence him.
It's just a shame we arrived too late.
I came to get the truth
about the Lord Liu's murder,
but it seems Miss Ji has
reached her conclusion.
Even if I don't arrest you,
do you think the rest of
my people will let you go?
He is the man who murdered Lord Liu.
No way!
Iron Hands, we don't
want any more trouble.
Report this to the Prince right away.
Miss Ji, I'll go with you.
you killed that man,
so you come with us, too.
Lord! We found something.
We found these in the
Sheriff King's belt.
They're poisoned.
Poison? Those aren't the Sheriff King's.
He never used poison.
Find out where they come from.
Congratulations, Yaohua.
The Sheriff King is dead.
And soon you'll be in
charge of Department Six.
You should leave here
as soon as possible.
I'm not joking.
And what about you?
I don't have any other choice.
Yaohua, I want to stay with you.
Butterfly once told me the same thing,
and she ended up
dying in my arms.
I don't want that happening to you.
Don't worry, Yaohua.
We'll all be fine.
You're very good to them.
And I admire that!
Lord An doesn't trust you,
he wanted me to test your loyalty.
Don't worry, Miss Ji.
I know exactly what to tell him.
Haven't Zhuge Zhengwo and
the rest already been locked up?
He couldn't have
killed the Sheriff King!
Don't say that.
Our plans have changed, understand?
Mr. Zhuge, I'm sorry.
For security reasons,
I have no choice but to keep
you in Iron Blood Prison.
Emotionless' qi is so strong
that we have to use neddles
on her acupuncture points
to prevent her using it.
There's no other way.
I'm sorry about this.
Shigeng, the man who did this to
you is locked in Iron Blood Prison.
Sir, Aunt Poise is here to see you.
You're here.
We really must thank Miss Ji.
I should thank her for
putting you in here?
Did she really need to lock you up?
People like me
have to be locked up like this.
Why did you never talk
about these things before?
Some things are better not to know.
How many secrets are
you still hiding from me?
Anything concerning you personally,
I've never kept hidden from you.
What about things concerning Yayu?
I can't tell you!
Why can't you?
I just can't.
Did you kill the Sheriff
King and those others?
I didn't kill them.
Then why don't you tell everybody?
I'm still hoping I'm wrong in
my suspicion of who the real killer is.
Who are you trying to protect?
I can't tell you!
There're some things
that I can't change,
I just have to face them.
I'm waiting.
You're just waiting for death.
Can't you say something?
Even just swear at me?
I didn't want to hide from you what
was happening with Zhuge Zhengwo,
there were just too many
things I didn't know.
I understand he's very important to you
and he's just as important to me.
But the Sheriff King's death
proves he's not the
person we thought he was.
He was hiding too many secrets.
your time is up. You need to go.
Zhuge Zhengwo is a prisoner
and we won't see any more trouble
from the Divine Constabulary.
Lord An's triumph is at hand.
The next step
is up to you.
I await your orders, Lord An.
Kill Emotionless!
Such a trifling little girl?
It's because she's just
a trifling little girl
that the King can't show her mercy.
It could create trouble in the future.
It could lead to the whole
court losing faith in him.
Yes, but I'm going to kill someone.
I need a reason.
You're a corrupt minister,
I'm sure you have ways.
Come back.
When we meet in the future,
we'll meet somewhere else.
If he's seen with you too often,
it could damage the
An family's reputation.
Without me, you'd all be nothing!
This is so heavy!
You're useless! Let me do it.
No, I can't move it.
It's too heavy! It's too heavy!
You should just forget about it.
Yes, yes! Forget about it.
Stop that! [Divine Constabulary]
What are you doing?
I am... just...
Is this still the Divine Constabulary?
The Divine Constabulary helps people!
You handle the hardest cases
and stop the worst criminals.
Divine Constabulary people
have been framed and imprisoned,
and you just wait here doing nothing!
The case has already been solved.
Mr. Zhuge didn't kill anyone!
Coldblood, you have no right to speak.
You were scheming against the
Divine Constabulary from the start.
You've already arrested Mr. Zhuge,
so your task is finished.
Zhuge Zhengwo killed the Sheriff King.
Did Ji Yaohua tell you that?
You actually believe
what she tells you?!
Yayu was arrested too,
so now you can go
back to Department Six.
and be with your Ji Yaohua.
What are you still doing here?
I can burn the Divine
Constabulary sigh myself!
I won't wait for Department
Six to tear it down.
It's true there are many
questions Zhengwo needs to answer.
So why don't you check things out?
What kind of colleagues are you?
What kind of friends are you?
Aunt Poise,
there's no use talking
to people like him.
He's convinced Zhengwo
is the killer. He...
Big Wolf, Bell, come and help me.
I don't have time to
talk to people like him.
He was never really one of us!
Aunt Poise,
it's not as bad as it seems.
Maybe Coldblood will go with us to
examine around the stone tablets.
Between the Sheriff
King and Zhuge Zhengwo,
who was a better fighter?
They were about the same.
I'd say Zhuge Zhengwo
was a little better.
But why would he need to
use the Thunderbolt Plough?
That's his most powerful weapon.
Was he afraid of losing?
Was he even afraid of losing
to Ouyang Da and the others?
He used his most powerful weapon
and failed to hit him the first time.
The second time he fired, the
Sheriff King was already down.
That seems like overkill.
You can shoot someone lying down.
That's not Zhengwo's style.
I agree it doesn't seem like him.
But someone said they saw him that day.
How can we explain that?
Is there anything else
that looks suspicious?
Department Six said they found
3 strange needles on
the Sheriff King's body.
Strange needles?!
You said that Zhuge Zhengwo was
acting like a totally different person.
If he wasn't acting
like a different person,
he wouldn't have
killed the Sheriff King.
Could it have been an imposter?
Are you looking for
excuses or for evidence?
You were quick to
decide he was the killer
and you won't consider anything else.
Do you remember that day I was injured?
He was the one that fired
the weapon that did it.
Zhuge Zhengwo, I saw
him with my own eyes.
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
He told me to wait,
he said he would explain everything.
I believed him. I waited, I
waited, I kept on waiting...
If I hadn't, perhaps the Sheriff
King would still be alive.
Where is the Sheriff King's sword?
What sword?
Someone used a sword here.
This must have been made by a sword.
The Sheriff King didn't carry a sword.
And Zhuge has never used one.
The sword and the poisioned needles
must belong to the killer.
I knew it.
You're not Zhuge Zhengwo.
Was all this a part of your plan?
This can't be just about
framing Zhuge Zhengwo!
You don't get to know the truth.
I know there are doubts about this case,
but we need the Prince to report
to the King before it is settled.
You don't trust Coldblood?
This has nothing to do with trust.
This is a question of duty.
And if the Prince doesn't meet the King,
they'll stay locked
in there forever, right?
Your Highness!
The Prince is here.
Your Highness!
Miss Ji, these are His
Majesty's private orders.
Please receive them.
Your Highness, Zhuge Zhengwo...
Don't worry,
I'll deal with everything here.
Go back to Divine Constabulary
and wait for orders.
Firefly, Cicada, show
them the way out. Yes.
Your Highness.
Miss Ji!
We'll be leaving then.
You don't need to worry this time.
Yes, the Prince will deal with
everything. I'm not worried at all.
Hey! I took this. Do you want
to see those private orders?
Your Highness,
you want to move straight to
punishment without a trial?
Your Highness.
Miss Ji.
In some matters the court
finds it expedient to give orders
and expect obedience.
You don't need to be a part of this,
I'll deal with everything.
Sheng Yayu,
I have the King's orders
for your execution.
Open the door.
Who are you?
You saw through it!
There orders came from
Minister Cai, not the King.
I made these leg
support crutches for you.
Come with me.
Go. This way.
You'll get into
trouble. Get out of here.
It's like a maze in here,
you'll never get out. Come with me.
Let's go.
You need to be sure of how
you're going to kill Emotionless.
Where are the guards?
Sheng Yayu escaped her cel!
Get her now!
You. Go check on Zhuge Zhengwo!
Come with me.
Come on!
Let's go!
How does this work?
You've never seen this
before. It's serious stuff.
Life Snatcher!
Be careful, Ding Dong!
Life Snatcher!
Are you okay?
- Help me look for them.
- Okay! Let's go!
Sir, it's this way.
You find Mr. Zhuge.
I'll look for Yayu.
Don't run!
So, a jailbreak?!
I'm sorry.
The Prince?
Did you kill her?
Emotionless is fine.
Iron Hands rescued her.
The Prince is an imposter,
someone who knows how to shapeshift.
That must be the one who
killed the Sheriff King.
They're probably also part of
the plot to rescue Emotionless.
No way.
I don't care.
No one can escape this place.
Please tell Emotionless, from me,
escaping jail is a capital crime!
The same goes for those who save her.
Where have you been?
It's a woman
Zhuge Zhengwo is just up there.
- I'll go and distract them.
- Okay.
What are you looking at? Go and patrol!
Okay. Go!
You've got some nerve!
My friend, I don't want to hurt you.
Still want to fight?
Sir, the Prince is
carrying secret orders
from His Majesty to execute Emotionless.
Are you all right, sir?
What kind of locks are these?
They're mechanical locks.
Once the alarm sounds,
they can't be opened.
There's no such thing as a
lock that can't be opened.
Get out of the way.
Can you pull the needles in Zhengwo's
acupuncture points
from outside the door?
Do I look like Emotionless?
I'll give it a try.
No, it's way too hard...
What are you doing?
Help me! Lend me some qi!
Move it!
Come on!
I'll count one two three...
One! Two! Three!
Got it! How many more are there?
Get out of my way.
Why is your face so dirty?
Let's go!
Don't run!
Get them! Stop right there!
Who are you?
It's a woman?
- What's going on?
- How can it be?
She's the one who
killed the Sheriff King.
Get her!
- Yes!
- Don't move!
The Divine Constabulary has
come to break them out of jail.
Arrest all of them!
- Emotionless!
- Yayu.
Iron Hands told me,
only someone with a lot
of qi can ignite the fuse.
Get back!
Bell, did you put the fuse in right?
Let's go.
Wait, put this on.
Come on, let's go!
Go! What are you doing?
If you decide to run,
it's not just a crime you're committing.
They'll disband the Divine Constabulary.
are you that cruel?
The Prince is an imposter!
His Majesty will surely set you free.
Don't try to break out of jail.
I'm the daughter of Sheng Dingtian,
the sister of Sheng Yanshi,
don't you understand?
I need to take my revenge.
There are people out
there I still need to kill!
You'll get the death
penalty. Don't go! I'm sorry.
Let's go now!
How did we end up back here?
I arranged everyone to meet here.
Why did you choose this place?
When will they get here?
do you really mean you don't
remember this place at all?
Slow down, slow down.
Be careful!
This little girl... really!
- Yayu! Come here.
- Mom.
Come here!
Don't run!
Mom, why are we hiding?
You silly girl,
we're not hiding.
You said you were bored
just staying at home all day.
That's why we took you out to play.
You're not happy?
And I'll have more time with you.
We'll go play in the hills
and the water. It'll be fun!
Where do you want to play?
- Xiuyi!
- Mom!
Dingtian, did you betray those people?
I did nothing wrong!
I have nothing to be ashamed of!
The 12 men who killed your
family were Tombstone Sima,
Duke Westgate,
Blood Phoenix,
Wusheng East, Wusheng West,
Zhang Xu'ao, Dugu Wei,
Sun Bugong, Moji Sansan,
and Ouyang Da.
The final member was Kong Balang.
Later he changed his name to Tie Youxia.
was one of the twelve.
What are you talking about?
Everything has been a
great misunderstanding.
After Lord Liu died,
Zhuge reported all that
had happened to His Majesty,
he couldn't have killed
someone at the same time.
The person who killed Lord Liu
must be that woman you caught.
I have already reported to His Majesty.
He has pardoned everyone
for any crime committed
and restored the Divine
Constabulary to their posts.
All cases related to this,
except for the death of Lord Liu,
will be dropped.
Miss Sheng, you are
no longer a criminal.
Some of the gang of 12 are still alive?
Destroy them all.
Don't leave a single one alive.
She's Sheng Dingtian's daughter,
why are you protecting her?
Hey! The girl is innocent.
Don't touch her!
You didn't kill them?
Things aren't quite as they appear.
They killed 32 members of my family,
and you didn't help me take revenge?
You've loved me since I was little.
You always indulged me,
was that because you were ashamed?
All 32 members of my family!
Who did you kill?
Tell me!
And there's you!
I took the decision back then.
The truth is brutal,
but she will never let this go
unless she's told the truth.
12 years ago, there were
eight honest officials.
They were ready to impreach
the corrupt Minister Cai.
One of them leaked the news.
He not only failed to present
the evidence to His Majesty,
but also tipped off Minister Cai.
In one night,
183 people from 7
families were assassinated.
Only one family was left unharmed.
Your father's,
the scholar Sheng Dingtian's family.
The identity of the traitor was obvious.
Could we let the deaths of 183 people
go unpunished?
Iron Hands' entire family was killed.
Was he wrong to take revenge?
My father was a loyal official.
You told me my father
was killed by traitors.
You told me.
Or you were lying to me?
Didn't you tell me
you'd never lie to me?
And my mother?
My little brother?
Were all 32 members of my family...
It was wrong to kill your family.
The King regretted it
and sent me to prevent it.
But it was already too late.
That's what really happened.
It was our great King who,
when he learned that
Iron Hands saved you,
gave him a pardon.
He also pardoned you.
How wonderfully gracious of His Majesty!
I knew this moment
would come eventually.
I always wanted to tell you the truth,
but the time was never right.
Don't come closer!
Yayu, calm down.
You're not afraid of me?
I'm Sheng Dingtian's daughter!
What does that matter?
You're just the same as them,
you've all been lying to me.
Or are you, like them,
doing everything just for me!
Whether you thank them
or take revenge on them,
I'll stand with you!
I'll just say this to you:
Iron Hands was the man
who saved your life.
You couldn't kill Minister Cai,
but you could kill my whole family.
If I'm innocent,
then I'd ask you to let me go, sir.
Thank you for all the
kindness you've shown me.
I beg you,
don't follow me.
You got what you wanted
and still not happy?
I'm not sure why, but
I don't feel so happy.
It seems getting what we want
and happiness aren't so related.