The Four Feathers (2002) Movie Script

Pass it left to Jack!
Pass the bloody thing,
Tom, pass it left!
Pass the ball!
Come on, Tom!
To Jack!
Go on, Tom!
What's that man's name?!
You see the girls, Jack?
Push on!
Move it, boys! Come on!
Stand tall!
There you go... straight.
Go on, Vicar!
Sean! Sean!
Go on... keep going!
Break it up!
I need you on the field, lad.
- Huh?
- You're all right.
Behind you!
Take it, Jack!
Well done, old chap!
Well done, Jack.
Is there anything else left
in there?
How long you going to be
in that bathtub, Vicar?
As long as I like.
Stand tall, Vicar.
Willoughby, you look wonderful,
Princess Willoughby.
Miss Willoughby.
Hey, Tom, there's a hair
out of place there, boy.
When are you gentlemen
going to grow up?
"Gentlemen"? Did he
just call us "gentlemen"?
I believe he did.
- I won't take that from anyone.
- Nor will I.
I like when you do this.
Not my hair!
- Willoughby, this is...
- Not the hair!
Not the hair!
And don't think we're going
to take you any more seriously
once you're promoted,
Miss Willoughby.
- We'll see about that.
- Whoo!
Don't worry, Vicar,
they're only women.
They won't bite.
Just be quiet.
Does it hurt?
Uh... yes.
What are you two lovebirds
laughing about?
His eye.
Don't fall for it.
He colors it in with a pen.
I can draw you one
if you're feeling left out.
Go on, then.
Well, I want a black eye
like Jack's.
If you really want one, Harry,
I... can facilitate you.
Want a second black eye, Jack?
That's good.
Are you nervous?
Stop it.
What are you two doing?
I want to dance.
N- Not up there, Ethne.
Now, Ethne, come down
from there, please.
Not until you dance with me,
Oh, dear, yes, come down, Ethne.
- For God's sake, be careful.
- Oh, please.
Jack, tell her to get down.
When does she ever listen to me?
Ethne, listen to Jack, please.
Relax, Harry.
Listen to me.
Thank you, Jack.
I will not pirouette.
Dance with me.
Right, right.
- Oh, my God.
- Scary, isn't it, Harry?
Don't be such a bore, Harry.
I'm trying.
Ooh! Ooh!
Please be careful, okay?
It's not very funny, Ethne.
Excuse me, Mr. Faversham, sir.
Your father is asking
for you and Miss Eustace.
Thank you.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Colonel Sutch.
Harry, my boy.
How are you, sir?
Well, well. Mum.
Colonel Sutch.
I'm sorry to send for you,
my dear.
I was hoping to steal you
for the last dance.
It'd be my pleasure, General.
Your son won't dance with me.
Where were you?
Catching a breath of air, sir.
My dear.
She is very beautiful, Harry.
Yes, she is, sir.
I was thinking how proud
my father would be
if he were here.
An officer who gave his life
for his country
deserves far more respect
than I do.
I wish I'd met him.
Are you ready, my dear?
With all my heart.
My lords, ladies and gentlemen,
the general.
Dr. Johnson once said
every man feels meanly
about himself
for not having been a soldier.
Well, that's something
no one here tonight need fear.
Whether or not you've seen
active service
you have shown yourselves
willing to lay down your lives
and for that...
I salute you.
- The Royal Cumbrians!
- The Royal Cumbrians!
Now, in my mind, there is
only one sacrifice more noble
than pledging one's life
for one's country
and that is... loving...
and marrying a man who does.
- Marry?!
- Marry?!
Harry... and Ethne.
Harry and Ethne!
Bravo! Bravo!
Form a square!
Form a square!
Well, now that we've had
such a public engagement
can we have a nice,
quiet wedding, please?
Not on your life!
I want the full works,
the church near my home
and then a rousing speech
from your father.
My father?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
"I'd like
to congratulate my son.
When I was his age, I was
in charge of a full regiment. "
He doesn't sound
anything like that.
Oh, yes, he does.
Besides, you will be
in charge of a regiment.
It'll be Jack and Isabelle's
turn next.
Jack? Oh, no,
Jack will never get married.
He's too much of a soldier.
So are you.
Yes, but not like him.
Yes, you are, more than him,
more than any of them.
You're my husband.
Good night, ladies
Good night, ladies...
Go away.
Please, ignore them.
Don't act like children!
Merrily, we roll along,
roll along, roll along
Merrily, we roll along
until the morning comes
Good night, gentlemen,
good night, gentlemen...
Good night, Ethne!
Good night, Harry!
Good night, Ethne,
we have to take him home!
Hyah! Hyah!
Come on, Harry, keep up!
Come on, John!
Come on, Mr. Castleton,
get it out!
Mr. Trench, carry on!
Mr. Castleton's dead...
enemy spear through the foot!
Come on, get a move on!
Get it out!
Come on, let's go! Come on!
Gentlemen, the colonel!
I have some news.
An army of Muhammadan fanatics
under the command
of their self-proclaimed
messiah, the Mahdi
has attacked a British fortress
in the Sudan.
Our forces there fought a heroic
but in the end hopeless,
rearguard action.
They were slaughtered to a man.
As a result of these hostilities
several regiments,
including the Royal Cumbrians
will be shipping out
to the Sudan within the week.
Congratulations to you all.
This government
has finally seen fit
to send its soldiers to war.
Finally, we're off.
God has endowed
the British race
with a worldwide empire
that they may execute
His sovereign purpose
in the world.
The victories you will have
over the heathen
are the victories
of the nobler soul in man.
- God save the queen.
- God save the queen!
All together!
This is what nerves do
to grown men.
If we're going to go to war,
I wish we'd just get on with it.
Do you ever think
about what it's going to be like
when we get there?
All the time.
Don't you?
I sometimes wonder
what a godforsaken desert
in the middle of nowhere
has to do
with Her Majesty the queen.
What's going on?
What happened?
Aren't you afraid
you won't come back?
Did you have a bad dream
about me or something?
Did I get my head lopped off
by one of those Mahdi savages?
Yes, Jack.
Of course, I'm scared.
Then, what...
...what makes you go?
I suppose... I'm going
because you're going...
you, Trench, Castleton,
even Willoughby...
but especially you.
There's no one
I'd sooner trust my life with.
What is this?
My papers, sir.
If it's leave you want,
there's a different procedure.
Normally I wouldn't consider it
in the circumstances
but given that you've
just got engaged...
It isn't leave I want, sir.
I wish to resign my commission.
If I were you,
I'd think very carefully
about what
you're saying, Lieutenant.
I've made up my mind, sir.
We'll talk about this when
you've spoken with your father.
It isn't his decision, sir.
I do not accept
these papers, Lieutenant
and I do not accept
that one of my men
would walk out
on his regiment...
- Sir...
... the very week
we are shipping off to war!
Now, as far as I'm concerned,
you were never here.
You can thank
your father for that.
I wish to resign my commission.
Please leave
these barracks immediately.
Hello, Miss Willoughby!
I thought I could smell
the scent of fresh roses
in the air.
Harry's resigned.
Resigned what?
His bloody commission,
what do you think?
What did Hamilton do?
Refuse him leave to marry Ethne?
Hamilton didn't do anything.
There was no excuse for it.
"Excuse for it"?
You're talking about Harry.
He's right, Tom.
He's just got engaged.
It's perfectly natural
to have doubts.
We're sent to war, and
the very next day he resigns?
There's no doubt about it.
What's that supposed to mean?
I think it's perfectly clear
what it means.
- Tom, don't be absurd.
- Shut up, Vicar.
It means he's a coward, Jack.
Then say that to his face.
I would've done
only he left the barracks
before I had a chance.
All right, then,
say it to my face.
Easy, Jack.
Harry's a disgrace!
He's disgraced the regiment!
He's the best soldier
in the regiment!
Obviously not when it counts.
Get off!
I will tell him
but not to his face...
he doesn't deserve it.
He deserves to be treated
with the same contempt
that he treated us.
What contempt?
Did he talk to you about it?
Did he talk to any of you?
He's left our backs exposed
and he doesn't even have
the courage to tell us.
He was my friend, too, Jack.
He'll be there.
This has to be answered.
Do you, Harry Faversham
take this woman to be
your lawful, wedded wife?
Yes, and you may kiss the bride.
You can't jump ahead like that.
You have to let me enjoy
my wedding.
It's your fault we won't be able
to do the real one
for another six months.
There's no reason why
we can't get married
whenever we like, is there?
I've heard that before.
I've left the army.
No, Ethne, I...
I have... left the army.
Well, there was talk
they may send us abroad...
for a year or two.
I didn't want to wait that long
to get married.
Well, I would've waited...
or come with you.
My mother did the same
for my father.
Yes, I know, but it isn't
what I wanted for us.
You're all that matters
to me now.
Where were they going
to send you?
They weren't sure.
Mr. Faversham.
Is this your friends' idea
of a joke?
What is it, Harry?
Feathers of... of cowardice.
Yesterday, we... were informed
that our regiment
would be shipping out
to the Sudan...
...that we would be...
sent to war.
You don't know where
they were sending you...
you said so yourself...
and you did it for me.
- Ethne...
- Nobody in their right minds
could call you a coward,
especially not your friends.
There's been some kind
of misunderstanding.
You have to clear it up.
You have to go back
to the regiment and clear it up.
No, I can't.
Then I will.
I'll go see Trent, Willoughby
and Castleton myself
and tell them it's
my fault you resigned
that you did it for me.
It has nothing to do with you,
Then why?
I never wanted to join the army!
I did it for my father.
I thought I'd serve out
my commission
in a year or two
keep everyone happy,
and then I could just...
You'd what, wait till we were
married to tell me the truth?
No, Ethne, I-I never meant
to lie to you.
No, but you were quite happy
to let me deceive myself.
Do you think people
will let us forget this?
I don't care
what people think, Ethne.
All I care about is us.
It's not about us, Harry.
It's not just about us.
What about Jack?
He would give his life for you.
Don't you think I know that?
Then go back.
It's not too late.
Tell them
you wouldn't have resigned
if it weren't for me.
I would... have resigned...
...and I wouldn't have gone
to war for anything or anyone.
Then you are a coward.
Fight for England!
"Avoid drinking local water
and spirits
"avoid local barrooms
and brothels
and, above all, remember,
you're a Christian soldier. "
Why'd they give this to me?
It must be for you, Vicar.
After you.
May I speak with you, sir?
I don't know you.
I need to speak with you, sir.
British attack
the City of Korti!
British casualties in the Sudan!
Something wrong, Jack?
Well, I don't know about you lot
but I'm going to get a drink
before Mustafa does.
It's probably poisoned.
Mustafa, after you, mate.
- Take cover!
- Stay down!
Take cover! Take cover!
Where is he?
Get down and stay down!
- Get down!
- Take cover!
Where is he?
Take cover!
Stay down!
Stay down, everyone!
Find him! Find him!
Where the bloody hell is he?
He's on the roof!
- Where?!
- Over there!
Over there!
Get him!
- Move!
- Right, sir.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down.
Put the gun down!
Tell him to put the gun down!
Put your gun down!
For God sakes, man,
put your gun down!
Hold your fire.
Put the gun down.
Tell him to put his gun down!
Don't! Don't! Don't!
What's done is done, Harry.
No, sir
it isn't.
Something like this happens...
...and you're lost.
You don't know
who you are anymore
or what you're capable of.
Unless I do something...
this is how people will
always remember me...
a feather...
and that is
how I will always see myself...
a coward.
All I know is I can't live
with myself like this.
Who gave you the fourth feather?
Jack Durrance?
No, sir.
Ethne did.
Dearest Ethne:
Forgive me for all the shame
I've caused you.
I can only imagine
the indignities
you must have suffered
because of me.
I hope my leaving London will
at least allow you
to begin your life again,
free of my shadow.
I have no right to your trust
or claim to your love
but please believe,
I never set out to deceive you.
I don't know
if an opportunity will ever
arise to redeem myself
but I have to believe it will
and I have to believe
that this time
I'll face up to my fears
and prove to myself and others,
I'm not a coward.
What did he pay you
to bring him here?
Listen, Gustave,
I wouldn't bring...
Take this.
Now get out.
Don't come back.
What do you want?
Can you take me
to the British camp at Korti?
Across the desert?
Can you take me there or not?
For your time.
Can you speak Arabic?
I can learn.
Yes, but can you learn
to look like an Arab?
If the Mahdi's men find you...
I'm taking a caravan of whores
up to Korti next week.
Come and see me then.
Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left.
Thank you.
Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left.
Congratulations, Jack.
I've decided
to give you a few weeks' leave.
Every report I receive
singles you out for praise.
You and several other officers
will be going to London
to convince Parliament
and the public opinion
that it's high time
this government ordered us
out of Korti
to rescue General Gordon.
With your permission, I'd rather
stay here with the regiment.
I don't feel
I've done my duty yet.
I wouldn't want
to let the others down.
Permission refused.
Sir, why me?
Because you're a hero, Jack.
With all due respect, sir
I don't think
we've been fighting long enough
to have any heroes
in this campaign.
Shut up!
Keep them quiet, Saadi!
What do I pay you for?!
They are princesses.
Can you imagine
even the savages have royalty?
But the British soldiers
pay me three dirham
an hour for them.
Well worth the trip to Korti.
Is this the Mahdi's territory?
Everywhere is Mahdi territory.
- Mm.
- Mm.
What is it?
She doesn't like my manners?
Stop it!
You're not to look at me!
Stop doing this!
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it!
I'll teach you manners!
Stop it! Enough!
That'll teach you manners!
You think she'll thank you
for what you did today?
I don't expect her to.
Of course you do;
you saved her life.
Tsk, tsk! Tsk!
They're like children.
They have no concept
of gratitude or loyalty.
That's something you British
don't understand.
You come here,
trying to civilize them
with your Christian values.
Now, she'll thank you.
Don't be so proud, my friend.
There are followers of the Mahdi
everywhere in the Sudan.
The rebel tribes are gathering
forces under the leadership
of the Mahdi to fight us.
We do not need
more reinforcements.
All we need is
for this government
to give an order to march
and we will route the enemy
and preserve the dignity
of our empire.
Have you heard from Harry?
Have you?
Ethne, you can't blame yourself.
You make a stupid mistake
and you pay for it
for the rest of your life.
I can't forgive myself.
You had your reasons.
What reasons?
Because I was afraid
of what people would say.
What do I care what people said?
I loved him.
Ethne, you have to...
He came to me, Jack.
He came to me
and I turned him away.
It's all right.
It won't be like this
for the rest of your life.
I'll write to you when I'm gone.
Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left.
Left, right, left,
right, left, right, left.
Left, right, left, right,
left, right, left, right
left, right, stop!
Referee, come on!
That wasn't fair!
Open up.
He's got no teeth.
Get rid of him.
Who's next?!
Come on, keep 'em coming,
keep 'em coming.
No, he's too small.
I want to see
this man's teeth.
He looks strong enough.
Put him
with the baggage porters.
How many more we got?
How many, Bill?
Okay, we need
another three of them.
What's going on?!
This man comes
from a tribe of slaves.
The men will not serve
with him, sir.
Look, we need all the help
we can get.
Baggage porter!
Get him through.
I can't believe it.
Come on. Come on.
Get him through.
Come on, next.
My Dearest Jack:
I was so relieved
to receive your last letter.
While the whole country
is celebrating
your campaign against the Mahdi
all I feel is dread
and all I think about are
the precious times we spent
together: you, Harry, and I.
My father used to say
that God takes away
what's dearest to our hearts
to remind us
how much we take for granted.
Now that it's too late,
I wish I could turn back time.
How differently I'd do things
given a second chance.
Take good care of yourself,
I don't mind if you don't
come back covered in glory.
Just come back safely.
Your friend forever, Ethne.
Thoughtful of General Wolseley
to give us these umbrellas,
eh, Vicar?
I burn in the sun.
Come on, now, faster!
Watch out!
Abou Fatma.
My name is Abou Fatma.
I was a scout for General Hicks.
There are many in this camp
who serve the Mahdi.
When they find out there's
a British spy amongst them
watching them, they'll kill him.
It won't be long, Vedu.
Why would you warn me?
For money.
I can't pay you.
What's the feather for?
First time I killed a man.
Five men.
Ten men.
I will wear soon.
I'm a good soldier.
I... will protect you.
Who did this?! Who did this?!
Who did this?!
Who did this?!
Keep your eyes to the front.
Why would a British spy
be hiding from his own soldiers?
I'm not a spy.
Is that the same letter
you read over and over again
or do you get a different one
each day?
He writes them to himself.
Read us a line.
Read your own.
Don't be so coy.
You're amongst friends.
Come on, Jack, you can trust us.
"I'm so glad I came to hear you
speak that day in London. "
Come on, more than that.
Don't leave us hanging on...
"It made me realize how much
your friendship means to me.
"Come back safely and soon...
my dearest Jack. "
Well, well done,
"my dearest Jack"!
Who's the lucky lady?
I'm going to ask her
to marry me.
Congratulations, Jack.
That's fantastic, Jack.
She hasn't said yes.
Aah, she will.
"I realize how much
I bloody love you. "
"How much your friendship
means to me. "
Same thing.
Cheers, Jack.
Congratulations, Jack.
They look like the Mahdi's men.
I need to find out
where he's going.
Deserters, sir.
Corporal, cease fire!
Looks like they've stopped
for the night.
Why is it so important
to follow them?
The Mahdi spies will report
on our troop movements.
Not the spies...
...your friends.
To help them... if I can.
Are you a deserter?
Something like that.
I was sent to fight,
and I ran away.
I just...
There are many reasons why.
Mostly, I was afraid.
I found you half dead...
...crossing the desert alone.
You say you are afraid?
It's a different kind of fear.
Why are you protecting me?
God put you in my way.
I have no choice.
An Englishman and a Christian.
You must've done something
terrible to offend him.
You laugh like an Englishman.
And how does
an Englishman laugh?
they're leaving!
They're getting away.
We can't lose them.
All right, I'll...
I'll just sit here
and wait for you.
Take your time.
That is the fortress
of Abou Clea.
The British reinforcements
are stationed there.
Why would the spies be going
to a British fort?
The fort has been taken over
by the Mahdi's army.
But this is where
our troops are heading.
Abou, warn my friends.
Company, halt!
- Company, halt!
- Company, halt!
Mr. Trench!
Get away from them!
Leave them alone!
You filthy...
You leave
these bloody men alone!
Come back here!
Go on!
The Egyptians have captured
an enemy scout.
Where did you find this man?
I came to you myself.
The Mahdi's men have captured
your fort at Abou Clea.
This man is lying, sir.
He's the one who stole
the camels...
They will attack you here!
Tell him a British garrison
would never fall
to the Mahdi savages!
Ask him if he knows the penalty
for being a spy.
I'm not a spy.
The Mahdi's men have left
these bodies to keep you here.
Tell him I'll bury him alive
if he speaks another word
of English!
Ask him who sent him here
and why.
He says a British officer
sent him, sir.
A general, no doubt.
What was his name?
Come here, son.
I'll show you
a British officer.
This is a British officer!
And this...
is a British officer's blood.
Now lick it up...
every bloody drop!
Look! Don't be rash!
Take him away.
Find out why the enemy sent him.
Use any means necessary.
The Muslims always bury
their dead, even the enemy dead.
These bodies have been
left here for a reason!
Come on, you!
Look, I think
you should tell Hamilton.
I agree, Tom.
What for?
As a precaution, Tom.
This man was trying
to mislead us.
I've made my decision.
I'm not going to waste
the colonel's time
by sending
some half-naked savage
in front of him
with a tall tale.
What is it, Jack?
There's something up.
Thou God, who reigneth
over all the earth
who art the Lord
of all our salvation
give your ear unto my prayer.
For Thou art greater
than the common man.
Everything is as you wish it.
Everything is as you will it.
If what we're doing is just...
then give us the strength
to serve you
for that which I greatly feared
has come upon me...
...and that which I was
afraid of is come unto me.
Form a line.
First company...
a section, if you please.
One section will fix bayonets.
- Fire.
- Fire.
100 yards!
They're not armed, sir.
- Fire.
- Fire.
What in God's name
are they doing?
- Fire.
- Fire.
50 yards!
- Fire.
- Fire.
Thank you, Mr. Willoughby.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Order... up!
Soldier... arm!
Left turn.
Left, right, left!
- Form square!
- Form square!
Form square!
Bring over those camels!
Line them up!
Quickly now, take positions!
Number Three Section, fall in!
Steady, boys, steady!
Be calm.
Nice and calm.
Be nice and calm.
Battalion prepare the cavalry,
Mr. Willoughby.
Battalion, prepare the cavalry.
Make way for the cavalry!
Number One Company,
prepare for volley.
Number One Company,
two rounds volley fire!
Number One Company...
two rounds volley fire!
Steady on the right,
Mr. Castleton!
Pick your targets!
Sir, we're being attacked
from behind, sir!
Close in on the right,
Officers to the front!
Keep your horses a target!
Hold this line!
The British Cavalry, sir!
They're retreating!
They're running!
All right, men, cease fire!
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
Congratulations, sir.
Battle's not over yet.
We sod 'em off, lads!
Send out the skirmishers,
Mr. Willoughby.
Send out the skirmishers!
Well done, Four Section!
Come on, Vicar!
Vicar, come on!
- Close the square!
- Close the square!
Deliver me from
blood guiltiness, O God.
It's not the British!
It's the Mahdi!
Get back!
Volley fire, if you please,
Mr. Willoughby!
The skirmishers, sir?
Hold this square at all costs
Mr. Willoughby!
Get back to the square!
Get back to the square!
Get back to the square! Go!
Get back to the square! Go! Go!
Vicar! sins deliver before me!
Volley fire, Mr. Willoughby!
Mr. Willoughby,
I gave you a direct order!
Save me from my sins!
get back to the four square!
- Go on, Trench! Go on!
- Run!
Don't shoot!
Come on! Let's go!
Close the square!
Mr. Willoughby...
What are your orders, sir?
Sound the retreat!
"My dear Jack... "
I'm a fool.
I was a fool to think
that I could ever go back home.
I can't.
Your friend needs help.
My friend knows
how to help himself.
I can't see.
I can't see.
I can't see!
Oh! Don't!
Don't! Don't! Don't!
Who are you?
I have letters.
Who are you?
I can't see. I can't see.
I can't see.
Shh. Shh...
Hello, Jack.
How are you?
I wanted to ask your advice,
My advice?
Jack Durrance has...
has asked me to marry him.
You don't need my advice.
Jack Durrance is a good man.
I haven't answered him yet.
I was wondering
if you'd heard from Harry.
I've heard nothing
and, uh...
I don't think
I shall hear from him again.
I should've listened.
I miss him.
My son loved Jack Durrance
like a brother.
I know he'd want you
to be happy.
A few more weeks and he'll
be able to ride without help.
Will that be the end
of your penance?
Not bad.
You should see me on a camel.
and onions.
Sunday lunch.
Take the horse to the stables
and you can have some.
Thank you, Robert,
it's quite all right.
It's me, Jack.
They finally made you
captain, Miss Willoughby.
All those decorations.
You must have a few, yourself.
How'd you know
I was visiting today?
I, uh...
I saw Harry, Jack.
In the Sudan.
I was following our retreat.
We had a terrible time of it.
The enemy hounded us
all the way.
The desert itself
seemed to side with them.
We ran out of water,
medical supplies...
even had
to leave stragglers behind.
Finally, our own native scouts
turned on us.
We lost more men on that retreat
than we did at the battle.
Get out!
Didn't you hear what I said?
I said get out
or I'll have you whipped
you filthy wog!
Like you had my friend whipped?
I sent a man to warn you
and you had him tortured
for his pains.
What would it have cost
to listen?
I didn't know it was you.
You should've taken precautions,
I didn't know it was you.
For God's sake,
what are you doing here?
And afterwards?
He, uh... he asked me
for some money and left.
To come back?
No, there was a...
there was a rumor going around
that some
of our surviving soldiers
had been captured
and taken to prison.
Harry thought Trench might be
one of them.
He went after him?
I tried to stop him, Jack.
I told him they were only rumors
that the chances of survival
were... virtually none.
He wouldn't listen.
Did you come here
to tell Ethne Harry was dead?
I don't know that he's dead,
So you've come to give her hope?
What would you do in my place?
Keep it to myself, Tom,
until I was sure.
What did he say?
Your friend is dead.
I saw Trench taken alive.
Prisoners were taken
to Omdurman last month.
Your army abandoned them.
The shame is no longer yours.
You're responsible
to yourself and to God
not to them.
I am responsible to my friend.
I will find him.
You have learned nothing.
You've done enough.
It's never enough, Abou.
Look, if the Mahdi's men
find out I'm British
they'll take me to their prison.
It's the only way
I'll find my friend.
They will hang you.
Abou, you must help me get
into the prison.
I will not be responsible
for your death.
How could you be responsible
for my death?
I will die if it is God's will.
You English walk
too proudly on the earth.
You are a fool... friend.
Don't lose our space!
Come on, son.
You mustn't fall.
You mustn't fall.
All right...
T- Trench.
if you didn't come with
the army, then who sent you?
You did.
All this way... for a feather.
I brought some money.
How much?
A hundred.
What's going on?
Who are those women?
They're all relatives
of the men in here.
They bring them scraps of food.
Let's see if we can get you
something to eat.
What can we do with this money?
Well, there's no chance
of bribing Idris.
His entire family was wiped out
by one of our artillery attacks.
Now, Hassan, on the other hand,
is infinitely corruptible.
For 100 dirhams,
he'll either help us escape...
or he'll stab us in the back
and keep the money.
I'll see if I can talk to him.
The first thing I do
when I get back
is book a table at Wilton's...
a private room.
No bloody crowds.
Two pints of stout,
please, guvner!
Ha! Not long now, Harry!
Not long now!
Please, Trench, get up.
Trench, come on.
I have some money.
Money's no good for me.
I can't bribe
the guards anymore.
I have nothing left to lose...
...nothing left to live for...
...but still, I'm frightened.
Fear always remains.
Pray for me, Abou.
Take as long as you like.
I don't walk too proudly now.
Have some food.
You're looking better.
You may not feel it,
but you look it.
When I get better,
will I look as bad as you?
We'll get you through this,
I don't want to get
through this, Harry.
I don't think
I can take it anymore.
I had a visitor today.
He brought us a gift.
The poison will take
a few hours to work.
You won't feel any pain.
That'll make a change.
I didn't mean
to be a pig about it.
How about we give them
one last night of hell?
I'll drink to that!
Oh, Trench.
I can't feel anything
in my legs.
The poison has paralyzed
your body.
It'll wear off soon.
I thought it was supposed
to kill me.
Only for a while.
You mean, you knew?
I couldn't be short-changed.
That's the last time
I let you buy the drink.
How many bullets?
Better make it count.
I can't carry him.
You can.
Save my friend.
Save my friend.
Look after your friend.
What will you do now?
Whatever God has chosen for me.
Do I look that bad?
Everyone said how...
much you'd changed.
I didn't believe them.
May I have it back?
That isn't why I came.
I'd still like it back.
I'm almost sorry to let it go.
It's brought me a lot of luck...
over these past few months.
Have you heard our news?
How is Jack?
I think he's happy.
He deserves to be.
So do you.
It will pass.
You will meet someone soon.
Then you and her
and Jack and I...
...will set up tea
and chat politely
as if... as if nothing ever
happened with us before.
That won't happen, Ethne.
It has to happen.
It has to because I love you...
I love you and I can't...
I'm sorry.
Was that Ethne's carriage
She is giving me a ride
to the station.
Why didn't she come out?
I think she wanted to give us
a minute or two alone.
Do we need
a minute or two alone, Harry?
I came to thank you, Jack.
For what?
For standing by me.
If you're talking
about the feathers
I wasn't there.
Willoughby told me you were.
You don't owe me anything,
The wedding isn't
for another month.
Ethne is free
to make up her own mind.
She's made up her mind.
You should trust her judgment.
To Castleton and all the others
we left behind.
You remember the first time we
led a cavalry charge in public?
Yes, I do, Jack.
You wiped the floor with me.
I believe most of my horses
ended up in the bandstand.
Yes, I did, and...
yes, they did.
Ethne was there... watching.
Yes, I remember.
You should.
You're the only one
she danced with.
I've never been so jealous.
I wanted to prove to her
that I was the better soldier.
Well, you always were
the better soldier, Jack.
Yes, of course, but...
She was the first person
I looked for in the crowd...
and she was staring at you.
Everyone else
was applauding me...
and she was staring at you.
Nothing's changed.
She's beautiful...
isn't she?
Yes, she is.
You may be lost...
but you are not forgotten.
For those who have journeyed far
to fight in foreign lands
know that the soldier's
greatest comfort
is to have his friends
close at hand.
Welcome home, Harry.
Thank you, sir.
In the heat of battle
it ceases to be an idea
for which we fight...
or a flag.
we fight for the man
on our left
and we fight for the man
on our right...
...and when armies
have scattered
and when the empires
fall away...
all that remains is the memory
of those precious moments...
...we spent side by side.
Forgive me.
I did you a great wrong.
There is nothing to forgive.
Yes, there is.
I should've stood by you, Harry.
I should've understood.
I used to be so sure
about everything.
We both were, Ethne.
And now?
And now...
Well... well,
now I have no choice, Ethne.
God put you in my way.