The Fox and the Hare (1973) Movie Script

The Fox and The Hare
Once upon a time
there were a fox...
and a hare.
The fox had a house built of ice
and the hare's was of bast wood.
The fox looked through her
ice window
and laughed at the little hare.
What a hovel
the little black-foot built himself!
It's nothing like mine:
and light!
A real crystal palace!
Spring came...
and the fox's palace
melted away.
She decided
to take over
the hare's house.
The hare burst into tears,
wandered off blindly
and bumped into the grey wolf.
Hello, Hare!
Hello, Wolf.
Why are you crying, why so upset?
Who wouldn't be upset?
I had a bast wood hut and
Fox had an ice house.
Hers melted,
she took mine and
won't let me into my own house.
Wait a bit, said Wolf.
We'll get her out!
I don't think so.
She's really settled in there.
Do you think I can't throw a fox out,
growled Wolf.
Hey, Fox Patrikeyevna, get out!
It's not your house.
But the fox retorted:
I'll jump... and bite...
and tear you to shreds...
and the fur will fly!
What a temper,
moaned Wolf.
He took fright and
ran off into the forest.
The poor little hare was left
in the open, crying,
Now Misha the bear came along.
Hello, little hare!
Hello, Mikhail Potapovich.
Why so sad?
Why the tears?
Who wouldn't be sad?
I had a bast wood hut and
the fox had an ice house.
Hers melted,
she took mine and
won't let me into my own house.
Well, let's get her out!
No, Mikhail Potapovich.
We can't.
Wolf tried to get her out
but couldn't,
and you won't either.
Do you think, roared the bear,
that I can't throw a fox out?
Hey, Fox Patrikeyevna, get out!
It's not your house!
Hey, Fox Patrikeyevna, get out!
But the fox retorted:
Just wait till I jump down
I'll tear you to shreds,
you bow-legged bear
and your fur will fly!
Wow, what a fierce one!
And Bear scampered off,
while Hare stayed, crying,
out in the open.
Hello Hare.
Why are you crying?
The fox has
taken my house.
Let's go and
get her out!
No, dear Bull, we can't get her out.
Wolf's already triedbut couldn't.
Bear triedand couldn't.
And you won't either!
What kind of bull would I be,
if I couldn't throw a fox out!
Now the rooster came along.
He saw Hare, and said:
Hello, Hare.
Hello, Rooster dear!
How are you?
Why so sad? Why the tears?
Why wouldn't I be sad,
when I've been thrown out of
my own home?
I had a bast wood house and
the fox's was made of ice.
Her house melted
and she took mine.
Now she won't let me back in!
We'll evict her, then!
You can't get her out, Rooster, dear.
She's too firmly settled.
Wolf tried
but couldn't get her out.
Bear tried, but couldn't.
And Bull tried, but couldn't.
So how could you
get the better of her?
We'll try,
said the rooster.
So he and Hare went
to throw the fox out.
And Rooster began to sing:
Rooster's coming, sword a-waving.
It's the dear Hare's house I'm saving.
Get out, Fox,
I'll lay you flat!
Soon your fur
will be my hat!
And after that
Rooster and Hare moved in
and lived
The End