The Frontier (2015) Movie Script

(breathing heavily)
(buttons pressing)
( POP ballad)
MAN: I can't believe you
looked me in the face
Can't believe you would go
(lighter closes, hits table)
All my tears keep on saying
I love you so
I'm sorry for all the
times I hurt you
(fades) Sorry for
all the times
(soft breathing)
You been out here all night?
You're blocking the driveway.
(engine starts)
(water dripping, splashing)
Are you here by yourself'?
More coffee?
No milk.
Headed out west'?
Away from...
He's probably reading
my note about now.
"By the time I get to Phoenix"?
More or less.
Nice place you got.
You're kidding, right'?
Oh, no, no.
First one's on me.
You okay?
I could really use a shower.
I'd rather not use one
of the rooms right now, but...
(door opens)
(bell jingles)
Good morning.
(door closes)
MAN: Good morning.
Sleep okay?
I slept fine.
You know, why don't you
use my shower.
Soap's nicer than in the rooms.
Make your skin pretty.
(shower running)
This your car?
Can't drive like that.
Tire's flat.
It was driving fine last night.
Well, probably was a slow leak.
Got a spare'?
That was my spare.
Well, miss, lucky I'm here.
Where you headed'?
Twin Cities.
Taking the back roads, huh?
I always feel like the semis are
gonna drive me off the freeway.
You spend any time in Flagstaff?
Passed through.
Seems like a nice town.
On the surface maybe.
Most towns seem nice
on the surface.
In the day, on Main Street.
But at night,
in the bars, motel rooms,
it's a whole nother story.
The nicer the town,
the dirtier the crime.
Spousal abuse.
Drugs. Prostitution. Murder.
Every town's got 'em.
Everyone's guilty of something.
Not a nail after all.
Looks like
your tire got screwed.
(door opens)
(bell jingles)
Surprised to see you here.
On my way home from Flagstaff.
Long night.
Yeah, they wanted
all hands on deck.
Gruesome scene.
You'll hear about it on the
evening news, I'm sure. Mm-hmm.
You mind fetching
Officer Gault some coffee?
Sure. To-go cups
are in the back.
Well, that's my name, Miss...
Laine. I'd like it
light and sweet.
You find everything
you're looking for'?
Yeah, I think so.
This place is a dive.
There's plenty of nicer
motels off the freeway.
Maybe I don't like the freeway.
Here you go.
Sweet, but not too sweet.
Just the way I like it.
This one's a keeper.
WOMAN (on police radio): Officer Gault.
Are you there'? Hold on a minute.
How about it'?
How about what'?
Hey, gotta run.
Just need to finish the air.
But it should hold up till
you get where you're going.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
How about staying on?
This place could use
a fresh face.
Free room and board.
I would, um, but my mother's
expecting me up in Minneapolis.
(engine starts)
Suit yourself.
I sure would appreciate
a room though.
- Just for the night?
- You can have 3.
But if I get any paying customers,
you're gonna need to clear out.
( up-tempo)
(car door slams)
WOMAN: Flynn, baby, you better be waiting
for me. MAN: Indeed I am, my darling.
I just thought my momentum might
help get you out the door.
(door closes)
This dump is deserted.
What did I tell you'?
But I love my diamonds.
You need to wear them
while eating a cheeseburger'?
They don't have steak'?
Gloria, please.
Okay, okay.
Ooh, Jesus Christ.
(door closes)
(doorknob rattles)
(light switch clicking)
Piece of junk!
FLYNN: Gloria, open the door.
Will you take that out
to the car for me'?
Gloria, you're not leaving.
The hell I'm not!
- And where will you go'?
- The closest hotel.
Don't be unreasonable.
Did you hear the way
she was talking to me'?
And that place.
Ten minutes in there, and I feel
like there's grease all over me.
And what about your brother?
Eddie can visit me at the hotel.
Where's my jacket'?
Gloria, please.
Have you forgotten the
reason as to why we are here'?
GLORIA: I have not.
Then for God's sake,
will you please try
and be sensible?
Look, after tomorrow night,
we're not going to have to worry
about money for a very long time.
Gloria, Mr. Dunbar
was good to us.
Two big ones.
So tomorrow night we leave'?
After they make
the drop-off.
Oh, come on.
Darling, why don't you take
one of your little pills
and get ready for bed?
Where are your pills?
Should be in there.
FLYNN: Well,
I don't see them.
There's a new bottle
in the bathroom.
Here, darling.
I never wanna come back
to this rotten place.
Of course not.
Will you come with me,
my Phyllis dear
To yon blue
mountain high'?
Where the blossoms
smell the sweetest
Please come
with me tonight
Wait for the wagon
Wait for the wagon
Wait for the wagon
And we'll all
take a ride
(door opens, closes)
(tires screech)
(bird cawing)
Good morning.
LUANNE: Morning.
I slept very well last night.
Happy to hear.
- I woke up this morning, and I was thinking...
- It's too late.
I've changed my mind.
I don't need you anymore.
I really do need a job.
Then why did you turn it down'?
See, that's why
you sleep in a car.
Are you going
to order something?
Because if you're not, we do
reserve the stools for customers.
I'm sorry, Luanne.
I was wrong.
I was hurting
and... and tired.
I couldn't think past
getting some rest.
It was very kind of you to
make the offer. I'll say.
I'm afraid if I don't have
something to cling to right now,
I'll run back to him
all over again.
You're not missing him,
are you'?
It's a vicious cycle.
What about your mother
in Minneapolis?
To be honest,
she doesn't have much.
She drinks.
I suppose I'll just be a burden.
You sure have an odd way
of showing gratitude.
Is that the blouse
you wore yesterday'?
Yeah. I washed it
in the sink.
Well, we'll have to do
something about that.
Where should I start'?
(mug thuds)
Who put the noose
around your neck'?
Hey, goddamn it, Lee!
Leave her alone.
She's a good kid.
(door opens)
Good morning.
LUANNE: Morning.
(door closes)
Hi. Would you like
some coffee?
If you're pouring, I shall
drink whatever you've got.
Good morning.
On vacation'?
Headed for Palm Springs.
My wife likes to think
that she can golf.
Can't she'?
She can swing.
Can't hit the ball,
but she can swing.
LUANNE: Put on a fresh pot,
will ya, doll'?
Oh. I should probably get one
of those to go, for the wife.
She has a tough time
falling asleep,
but once she goes down,
a cadaver is easier to wake up.
And how long will you
stay in Palm Springs?
Shouldn't you be scrubbing
a toilet or something'?
(door opens, closes)
- Well, look who stayed.
- Good morning.
I was driving by and saw that Nova
still out there. I had a hunch.
Well, I best check on the wife.
Oh, hey, mister,
do I know you from somewhere?
Excuse me. Didn't you want a
to-go cup for your wife'?
- Oh, yes. Thank you.
- (door opens)
They took 'em!
The diamonds!
FLYNN: What'?
They took my diamond necklace!
Now, sweetie, will you
try and calm down?
Oh, thank God, Officer.
Someone broke into my room
and stole my diamond necklace.
Officer, my wife
is obviously mistaken.
I am not mistaken.
Don't you call me mistaken!
I always put it in the side
pocket of my suitcase.
You! I bet you know
where they are!
I suggest you listen to
your husband and calm down.
FLYNN: Now, Officer, I'm dreadfully sorry
that you've been pulled into this.
- GLORIA: He's trying to help!
- But this is the third time this week
that my wife has misplaced
her zirconia necklace.
She's always worried that
someone's going to steal it,
so she hides it so well
that she can't find it.
I most certainly did not hide it!
And besides...
No, darling, why don't you and
I just go search the room'?
Yeah, maybe you should go
and double-check
before you trouble
the officer any further.
But I did not hide it.
Come on, darling.
And if I don't find it, I'll
bring in the whole damn force!
Of course you will, darling.
Come on.
So, you're still
on that Flagstaff case'?
Between that and the Dunbar
heist, our hands are full.
We're making progress.
Hey. Join me outside
for a smoke'?
Wish I could,
but I'm on the clock.
LUANNE: Go ahead.
(lighter flicks)
Must have been a real good
reason made you stay.
Needed a job.
Got one.
I know a girl in a hurry
when I see one.
Uh, found it!
Under the mattress, of course!
Thanks so much for your help!
I should get back to work.
You don't need to be coy with me.
I'm not.
Here's what I'm thinking.
9:00 my shift ends.
Pick you up, bring you back to my house.
I'll throw some rib eye on the grill.
We'll drink some wine
and discuss our situation.
You're barking up
the wrong tree, Officer.
You're not serious.
Your kind will
never do it for me.
Better if you left me alone.
Desert's a lonely place, so don't
come scratching at my door.
Nice to see you too, pops.
Loraine, right?
Yeah. Well, I'm gonna need the
key to my room. I'm gonna crash.
How's room 2?
Yeah, that's fine.
Oh, hey, and got any aspirin'?
Thanks. If I'm not in
a bed in 30 seconds,
I'm gonna pass out
right here on the floor.
Don't worry.
I'll be up by 8:00.
(coffee percolating)
LAINE: Luanne'?
(coin clinking)
(record drops)
( ballad intro)
MAN: By the time
I get to Phoenix
(door opens)
Good afternoon.
She'll find the note
I left hanging
This isn't gonna take
all day, is it?
No, sir. What'll you have?
Tuna on white.
Pickle. Potato chips.
I don't think
we have potato chips.
Then just the pickle.
How's the coffee?
'Cause I've left that girl
so many times before
By the time I
make Albuquerque
She'll be working
She'll probably
stop at lunch
I thought you said
it was brewed.
I did.
Milk and sugar'?
But she'll just
hear that phone
Keep on ringing
Off the wall
That's all
By the time I make Oklahoma
She'll be sleeping
She'll turn softly
And call my name out low
And she'll cry
' Just to think d'
' I'd really leave her
Though time and time
' I've tried
(engine running)
(ignition off)
(engine stops)
Don't mean to alarm you, but I think
someone just expired in your parking lot.
Yeah, he said he was tired.
I reckon I best get...
I have a better idea.
A girl after my own heart.
- I bet you say that to all the girls.
- (chuckles)
Put it in a coffee cup,
will you?
Makes it feel
like less of a vice.
Like water on a desert rose.
(cup sets on table)
(liquor pouring)
I like your style.
I aim to please.
You should try my margarita.
I don't think there's a drink more suited
for a celebration than a margarita.
That's not a drink.
That is a soda.
Flynn, baby, come on!
Hell hath no fury
like a woman bored.
Why don't you take her out'?
Like to the desert
and shoot her'?
I swear, she is heaven
when she's in her element.
Here, not so much.
Oh, yeah'?
Well, thanks again.
And I'll be back around 7:00
for those margaritas.
Until then.
Where has she gone'?
(low chattering)
Where are you'?
MAN (on TV): In Flagstaff, police continue to
investigate the homicide at a local motel.
The body was discovered yesterday morning
after report's of a noise disturbance.
The victim has now been
identified as Jed H. Burnham,
son of oil tycoon H.W. Burnham.
Burnham, vice president of Southwest
Oil and Phoenix area resident,
was believed to be in the area for acquisition
of land holdings in the southern region.
Considered a rising
political favorite,
Burnham's gruesome murder has sent shook
waves through the local community.
No suspects are yet
in custody, (knocking)
NN but local and state police
are... (TV off)
Hope I'm not bothering you.
Just about to take a nap.
May I?
What do you think?
It's pretty.
Try it on.
This was yours?
A gift from Maxine's on Melrose.
Johnny had impeccable taste.
Who's Johnny?
Oh, a man from another life.
Just as I thought.
Looks better on you
than me. You like?
Yeah, I do.
Then it's yours.
We'll have to do something
about this hair too.
I know exactly how you
should get it cut.
You're awfully nice to me.
Well, you work for me now, doll,
and if you look good,
I look good.
Besides, maybe one day,
when we least expect it,
you'll be able
to return the favor.
Hope so.
Let me know if you hear
or see anything, okay'?
And don't nap too long.
I might need you.
(door opens, closes)
( country)
Spared her life'?
I decided to give
the old broad another chance.
These do look good.
MAN: Tryin' once again
To be just friends
Tryin' to find the
words to make it end
I'd like to make a toast.
Um, here's to getting rich.
(squeals, laughs)
Knowing it's all for the
best but it's still not fair
The ones at Rosie's
taste better.
After the fifth one maybe.
Another pitcher coming up.
Now, this is a party. Mmm.
Eddie, you gotta see
what I got at the Injun shop.
I got this for you,
little brother.
Oh, cool. Just like the one
they scalped Custer with.
Yah! Yah-tah!
Me want blonde scalp.
(gasps) You've reached the end
of the line, Davy Crockett.
King of the wild frontier.
Any last words'?
My name isn't Davy Crockett.
I'm Daniel Boone.
(pistol clicks)
Ohh! You shot me anyway! Oh-ho!
I did. Get up.
And where did you
learn your trade?
my mom.
Every day at 5:00,
she'd turn away from the TV
and say, "You know
what time it is, sweetie?"
And I'd make her a drink.
I'll be damned.
Hell of a good reason
for having kids.
( continues)
Hold still.
Oh, God. Oh, Gloria.
I mean, please.
I just...
I just wanna... (grunts)
I just wanna see what you look
like as a big mean ol' Injun.
Tryin' once again
to be just friends
Okay, lift your hand
and say "How."
Come on!
You look perfect!
Chief Big Daddy.
Do you wanna know
what I want for Christmas'?
I do. I do.
How are those drinks coming'?
Just fine.
Flynn, baby, you really
made this a happy day.
I bet you could
turn Alcatraz into Aruba.
Keep drinking, baby!
Keep drinking!
( '60s soul)
Oh, my God. Shh, everyone! This is
the song I've been waiting for.
Oh, shit!
Friday night basement club.
GLORIA: 1962!
Where is Rod Serling?
I feel like I've just entered an
episode of The Twilight Zone.
FLYNN: Got enough
for another pitcher'?
There is a whole second bottle.
Well, keep 'em coming.
Keep 'em coming.
I'll make it
extra special... cherry.
Cherry margarita.
She'll love that.
(singing along)
Oh, baby, it's a dance
Made for romance
Shoo-bop, shoe-bop, ahh
What a show!
Whoever said
that this highway was dead'?
Gotta grab some more ice.
- Oh, that does look sinful.
- It will be.
Dance with me!
Gloria, I just...
Come on and take a chance
And get-a with this dance
Shoo-bop, shoe-bop, ahh
Baby, baby, when
you do the fly...
(jukebox off)
- Who's in the back'?
- The girl that works here.
- Goddamn it!
(water running)
Come here.
Oh, hello.
I didn't hear you with the water running.
Get out here.
(water turns off)
What's she doing here'?
I work here.
I told her to tend bar.
This isn't a goddamn party.
I want you out of here.
I think you're overreacting.
She's a friend of Luanne's.
She's not a friend of Luanne's.
She's worked here one day.
Stay where you are.
What does this mean'?
(handset settles in cradle)
Where's Luanne?
FLYNN: Who was it'?
You're leaving.
Yes, I think it's for the best.
Thank you for everything.
I'm sorry'?
This place is my responsibility. I'm not
leaving while there's customers here.
We are not customers.
Well, if you're not buying anything,
I think you better leave.
Aah! Jesus!
Lee, what the hell'?
What are you dressed up for'?
All right, I'll go.
Who the fuck are you'?
When I tell somebody to leave and
they refuse, my teeth get hot.
- I just needed a place to stay.
- Like hell.
Oh, maybe I'm overreacting.
Maybe she is exactly
who she says is... nobody.
I had nowhere else to go.
What about your mother
in Minneapolis, huh'?
LUANNE: Lee, stop it.
She doesn't know anything.
Two million!
(pants, coughs)
Two million dollars.
From the Dunbar armored truck.
It's going to be
delivered here tonight.
You must have some kind
of death wish, don't ya, honey'?
I overheard.
Through the vent in my room.
We didn't say anything
to anyone.
Last night I could
hear you two arguing.
She was upset because
she didn't want to be here.
All of you idiots
are gonna wind up dead.
Please, I won't say a word.
I swear. I won't go to the cops.
(hammer cocks)
I can't.
I can't go to the cops.
I'm wanted.
What for'?
But I didn't mean to kill him.
They're gonna give me the chair.
Was this in Flagstaff'?
You're telling me
you killed Burnham'?
I swear.
I met him in a parking lot.
We went back to his room.
What for'?
I just needed to get out of Flagstaff.
I thought he could help.
But as soon as we got
back to his room,
he got silent.
He grabbed me,
pinned me down on the bed,
wrapped a belt around my neck.
The more I fought,
the tighter he pulled.
He was trying
to tear off my clothes.
I wiggled an arm loose
and we fell on the floor,
and he got the wind
knocked out of him.
I could've left, but...
I didn't.
That's quite a page-turner.
You don't believe me'?
Honey, at this point, why should
I believe anything you tell me'?
(hammer cocks)
Wait. Wait.
I have something of his. It's in
the bathroom, in the garbage can.
In the caf?
- Gloria, check the garbage.
- Why me'?
(footsteps running)
I didn't tell you
to bring the whole can.
I'm not putting
my hand in there.
Find it.
I won't have a chance
if they catch me.
They will give you the chair.
But what's this got
to do with the money?
I just thought...
I just need
a couple thousand dollars.
Just to get away.
Leave the kid alone, Lee.
I'll give her the money.
Why'? Not exactly gonna
break the bank, would it'?
It's pathetic.
I'll keep this.
For insurance.
That was them on the phone.
There's been a snag. They don't
know when they'll be here.
What does this mean'?
Sorry, kid.
Help her up, would you'?
Just trying to help.
I fucking knew it. We should've
split the money when we had it.
We could've been
in Mexico by now.
That wasn't an option.
And to add insult, they're gonna
take a out just to clean the money?
The bills were marked.
They'd have found you in a day.
And she...
She's taking a full cut,
and she wasn't even there.
Don't you forget, boy.
This is my place!
And it's my connection
that's cleaning the money!
Supposedly cleaning the money.
They'll never show up, or if they
do, they won't bring the money.
They'll bring a bullet
for each of us.
You think that's true?
Luanne's known
these people for decades.
She's just a washed-up showgirl.
You fucking crazy'?
- I'm not afraid to punch a woman!
- You should be!
Eddie, sit down.
You're not my boss.
Boss or no boss, sit down.
Now, let's take
a breather, boys.
Fighting isn't going
to get us anywhere.
We're almost at the
finish line, right'?
- If the money's delivered.
- It's gonna be delivered.
(phone ringing)
LUANNE: Frontier.
(handset settles in cradle)
They'll be here within the hour.
FLYNN: See, everything is on track.
We just need to relax.
And look, we haven't even tried
Laine's cherry margarita.
You all just want to sit around
drinking cherry margaritas'?
Lee, would you like
to do the honors?
What you need to do is sober up.
You do know I'm more
sober when I drink.
- I'll make coffee.
- Stay right where you are.
- Luanne will make it.
- Do I look like I work here'?
Can I have one of those?
Last one.
I guess I didn't steal
your necklace after all.
Well, I can't explain it.
First it wasn't there,
then it was.
You were in the movies, right?
Spent some time
in glitter. Yeah.
Must have been fabulous.
I'd be lying
if I said it wasn't.
- So Why'd you quit?
- Who says I quit?
GLORIA: Was it because you didn't
quite have what it takes'?
No, that's what happened to me.
I was studying,
and my teacher said,
"You got the looks,
but you don't got "it."'
And I said, "What's "if?"
And he said, "If you don't know what
"it' is, that means you don't got it."
Well, I definitely had it.
- EDDIE: It was because of her boyfriend.
- Excuse me'?
EDDIE: That's why you left.
Because your brilliant boyfriend
put a hit out on a studio director
'cause you didn't get a part.
Johnny wasn't my boyfriend.
He was my fianc.
And that's not
the way it happened.
Everyone having coffee'?
LEE: Yes.
EDDIE: Not me.
- Keeps me awake.
- (bell jingling)
GLORIA: So why did you
leave the business?
You know who Jack Warner was?
He was some big-time
studio guy, right'? Yeah.
Some big-time studio guy.
Well, at the time,
I was doing bit parts
in a series of low-budget
costume dramas,
and Jack noticed me.
Called me in for a screen
test for Dark Victory.
That's the movie with Bette Davis.
My mom loved that movie.
Should have been Luanne Brice.
I did all the make-up tests,
the costume fittings.
Oh, you should have seen me.
And then, just days
before shooting,
he calls me in for a meeting.
Tells me the director
wants Davis instead of me
and offers me some second-rate
flop in exchange.
- What'd you do'?
- I told him to go fuck himself.
So, what about that business with
your fianc and the director'?
That might have happened.
But Johnny was just
giving him a scare.
Splashed him and his little
poodle with some gasoline.
That's all.
But I didn't need Hollywood.
I had Johnny.
Johnny was going to produce
a movie showcasing my talents,
show the world what I could do.
He hired a writer,
and we wrote a script.
No Time for Tears.
We were so close to making it.
We were in Vegas,
raising the money, when...
With Johnny gone,
there was no picture.
There was nothing.
So you came here.
Johnny won this place
in a bet years before,
and I thought I'd just
hide out, rest a little.
But it's funny how,
when your heart's been choked,
days turn into weeks,
into months,
into years.
you wake up one day,
and you don't know who you are.
I hope I'm not boring you.
Oh. No. I'm...
I'm just sleepy.
Those margaritas.
This Coffee's not doing much for me.
(bell jingles)
(door closes) Sure you
don't want some coffee'?
I think I need some air.
That's pretty good.
(door closes) I should
go check on her.
"The Frontier."
Cowboys and Indians.
Makes you think of the past,
don't it'?
But it's really
about the future.
Okay. Come on.
Let's go sit down.
Think I drank too much.
This never happens with juice.
Is Eddie okay'?
Yeah, Eddie's fine.
Are you okay?
That Lee, he hurt you.
I'm gonna be okay.
Eddie's so funny.
I never get to see him anymore.
He's always driving places.
Wait for the wagon
Wait for the wagon
Wait for the wagon
And we'll all take a ride
Please don't let me die.
You're not gonna die.
I don't wanna die.
You... You put something
in the coffee.
You put something in that drink.
Didn't you?
What do you want?
A thousand bucks?
You can have it.
That's nice, Eddie.
But I don't want
a thousand bucks.
I want it all.
(door closes)
(bell jingles)
Surprised to see you
open so late.
Some of the guests
had a little party here,
and I got stuck
with the cleanup.
Run out of rooms'?
I think he had
a little too much gin.
Luanne said just to leave him.
If my father was here, he would write
that man a ticket for public drunkenness,
then slip it in his wallet
to find when he wakes up.
- Your dad's a cop'?
- Was. County sheriff.
Died a couple of years back.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, he let the job
get the best of him.
Didn't even make it
to retirement.
I imagine it'd be hard not to.
Look, I...
I wanted to apologize
for the way I acted earlier.
It's okay.
I was out of line.
Been under a lot of
stress lately, you know,
with this Flagstaff killing.
Please. I'm sorry.
You were just being friendly,
and I was...
It's just been a while.
I'm terrible at this.
I don't know why,
but sometimes I'm scared
of the very thing I want.
Oh, yeah'?
Got any time off this weekend'?
What do you have in mind'?
Rib eye?
I think I might have Sunday off.
Maybe you'll swing by
and pick me up.
I'll think about it.
Well, can I get you
some coffee before you go'?
Coffee sounds good.
(coffee pouring)
You know, on second thought,
I'll take a Coke.
You sure?
But I'll take it to go.
I don't want to keep you.
Need a straw?
Much obliged.
Who do you think did it'?
Excuse me'?
See, State thinks
it was someone who knew him,
that it was a calculated hit
covered up to look
like he was killed during a robbery
or some other kind of transaction.
Oh, yeah'?
How I see it, I think
he was killed by a whore.
But what do you think?
You agree with me
or with the State'?
I really have no idea.
Good thing you're not a cop.
(door closes)
(vehicle pulls away)
(vehicle approaching)
(door opens, closes)
(door closing, engine starts)
(engine starts)
No, no, no.
(engine cranks)
Come on.
Come on! Come on!
(engine starts)
He took it!
He took the money!
Eddie'? He must have put
something in the coffee.
You made the coffee. He's the
only one who didn't drink it.
- The bastard!
- I tried to stop him, but... (groans)
he knocked me out.
You could do better than that.
I'm still here, aren't I'?
FLYNN: What happened'?
Did they deliver the money'?
Eddie took it.
- Eddie?
- No. Eddie wouldn't do that!
- Eddie wouldn't do that!
- Then where the hell is he'?
I don't know!
Maybe he took the money, and
he's bringing it somewhere safe.
Somewhere safe'?
Stupid broad!
We're taking your car. Everybody
get in the fucking car.
Oh, Lee...
You too, missy.
Nobody leaves my sight.
He could be anywhere by now.
Stop at the first gas station,
see if somebody spotted him.
LUANNE: How are we
going to find him'?
- I don't know where he is.
- Take a guess.
I don't know!
- Why would he do this'?
- Ask him when we find him.
Right now I just
wanna know where he is,
so think, damn it, think!
What is it'? There's
something up ahead.
- Flynn. Don't let him! Don't let him, Flynn!
- All right.
He left his gun?
Actually, it looks like mine.
Look! There's blood!
There's blood on the road!
Is it Eddie's'?
Does he bleed red'?
Come on, darling. Get in the car.
Just get in the car.
He couldn't have gotten far.
If we find him, will you
let me talk to him'?
- Lee, will you let me talk to him first?
- .Jesus Christ!
Shut the fuck up!
Wait a minute.
What's that?
That's Eddie!
Oh! Eddie!
Oh, my... Oh! Eddie.
Eddie. Eddie.
Eddie! (crying)
Why did you do it'?
Eddie, why did you do it'?
You know I wouldn't.
I was gonna...
I don't care why he did it.
Is it all there?
- (hammer cocks)
- Lee, don't you do this!
He's hurt! Look at him.
He's hurt!
EDDIE: The coffee.
- It was in the coffee.
- I know it was the coffee.
No! You're a beast!
I won't let you do it!
If you want to shoot him,
you'll have to go through me.
(hammer cocks)
Such a tragedy.
Why the hell
did you have to kill her'?
At this pace,
you may well be next.
Now open the trunk.
This is where you earn
your thousand dollars.
I asked for 2,000.
Open it.
Jesus Christ!
LEE: Who the hell is that'?
Eddie did this'?
How do you think'?
Help me with the bodies.
Let's get this done, now!
(door closes)
I'm sorry.
(door closes)
You want me to drive'?
(door opens)
Stop it, Flynn!
Get off of her!
Shoot him!
What a shame.
LEE: Goddamn it.
Just get me in the car.
Tell me, what is it
that keeps you up at night?
Luanne, there's a doctor
in New River.
He'll take care of me there.
Those aren't things
to worry about.
Christmas is
right around the corner.
And we're all here.
Luanne, I'm gonna die.
Don't you see'?
There's no time for tears.
Is... is that
from your goddamn movie'?
Goddamn it, Luanne!
The snow is falling.
I think it's a sign.
Next year will surely be heaven.
Will you be a doll and drive'?
But he's gonna die.
We can't be going to New River.
Not tonight.
You've been such a big help.
I'd hate to have to leave you.
Well, that went better
than expected.
Where are we going?
The Frontier.
(engine starts)
(zipper opens)
I couldn't have done
this without you.
So I want you to have this.
I don't know
how much is in there,
but it should last you a while.
Go ahead.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Oh, you're so young.
I'm gonna teach you
everything I know.
Now, if you wouldn't mind,
go make us some coffee.
I'm gonna round up a few
things before we hit the road.
We don't have much time.
Stop it!
(Luanne grunts)
MAN: I can't believe you
looked me in the face
Can't believe you would go
All my tears keep on sayin'
I love you so
I'm sorry for all the
times I hurt you
Sorry for all the
times I lied
Give me one more chance
and I'll show you
The devil has died
I can't change
what's happened
Let me try to ease the pain
Please don't go
I need you so
I know I'm to blame
If my tears cannot stop you
One thing be...
( continues, faint)
Hold it right there.
Drop the bag.
(bag hits ground)
Hands on your head.
She's dead, isn't she?
Dispatch. This is 62A
requesting backup.
WOMAN: Your 926'?
Frontier Motel.
Old 66. Truxton.
Copy that. The situation'?
We got at least
a half dozen bodies here.
Half a mile down the road,
near a vehicle.
And at least one here
at the motel.
Jesus Christ.
Looks like some of the players
from the Dunbar heist.
Any sign of the money'?
- Is this everything?
- As far as I know.
No sign of the money,
but I'll have backup
search the premises.
Please stand by.
Those people in the trunk...
Eddie couldn't have killed them.
And who are you?
Just a customer.
Picked the wrong motel,
didn't you?
Woke up.
Heard some screaming.
Gunshots down the road.
Stepped out and almost
got yourself killed.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
In a few minutes, a whole lot
of people are gonna be here
to clean up this shithole.
Make sure you're here. They're
gonna ask you some questions.
What am I supposed
to tell them'?
The truth, naturally.
MAN (on radio): And in Truxton, the
three-week search for those responsible
in the Dunbar armored truck
heist ended in violence today.
Three suspects-John Flynn,
Lee Towers and Eddie King...
Were found dead along Route 66.
The fourth, Luanne
Brice, was found dead
at the local motel she owned.
In a strange turn of events authorities
have also obtained evidence
linking the thieves to the
murder of Jed H. Burnham,
whose body was found earlier
this week at a Flagstaff motel.
Burnham's father, H.W. Burnham,
has commended police for
solving his son's murder.
So far, no money has
been recovered.
(engine starts)
(inhales, exhales)