The Funhouse (1981) Movie Script

(Door creaks)
(Wheel squeaks)
Just for that, I'm not taking
you to the carnival on Saturday.
And while I'm there tonight,
you think about this.
I'm gonna get even with you.
You're not gonna know when or where,
but I'm gonna get you so bad
you're never gonna forget it!
(TV) 'The bride of Frankenstein!'
What time is it, Daddy?
It's after nine. Listen, I don't know
where you're going tonight,
but I don't want you to go
to that damn carnival.
It's the same one
that went through Fairfield last year,
when they found the bodies
of those two little girls in Parsons Creek.
I don't see why you wanna
waste your time
with a guy who works
in a filling station to begin with.
It's our first date, Mum,
we're not getting married.
Can't even pick you up
at a decent hour.
Did you hear what I said
about that carnival?
- They needed dental charts to identify...
- I heard you, Daddy.
Where are you going tonight?
(Mother) Well?
Answer your father.
We're going to the movies.
(Screech of brakes and horn)
It's Buzz.
(Car horn)
(Dad) Does he have to wake up
the whole damn neighbourhood?
(Door slams shut)
(Scream from TV)
You've got 10 seconds
to get up to bed, young man
- Hi.
- Hi.
I got off work a little late.
It's OK. Listen...
How would you like to go to the movies
tonight instead of the carnival?
Movies? What for?
It's the same carnival that
went through Fairfield County
when they had all that trouble.
Terrific! Maybe we'll get
a little action around here.
- Terrific?
- Come on! You're not afraid, are you?
No, I'm not afraid to go,
I just don't feel like it.
Besides, I promised my father
that we were going to the movies.
Forget about your old man.
He's just trying to bum the evening.
How can you say that?
You don't even know my father.
Look, it's late.
Aren't we supposed to pick up
your friends Liz and Richie?
Hey, loosen up, will you?
(Tyres screeching)
So, go on.
Just show me where the electrical
outlet is, and I'll set the act up.
Well, the MC says,
I don't understand.
"What do you need an outlet for?"
The duck trainer looks at him
and says,
"I need to plug the hotplate in.
You think this duck dances by himself?
Amy, the duck doesn't actually dance,
it burns its feet on the hotplate.
Earth to Mars. Come in, Amy.
So, Richie,
you still in school or what?
Yeah, one more year.
- Going to college?
- If I get in.
Will you loosen up?
- Enjoy it?
- Yeah, really terrific.
(Father) You really shouldn't be
so hard on the boy.
(Mother) Sometimes
I just lose my temper.
(Father) Especially
when you're drinking.
(Mother) Don't start about my drinking.
I only had a couple this evening.
Besides, Joey really
scared Amy tonight.
And he thought she was going
to take him to the carnival.
(Father) Well, I'm glad they went
to the movies instead.
I don't like a young girl like Amy
hanging around a travelling carnival,
especially a travelling carnival
like that one.
(Mother) No harm in taking Joey
with us on Saturday afternoon.
(Father) I guess not. Why don't you go
upstairs and tell him we'll go together?
(Mother) No, I'll tell him in the morning.
(Fairground noise and music)
(Car horn)
(Liz and Richie arguing)
(Richie) What's the rush?
Hey, listen.
Did I do something wrong?
Well, I get the feeling
you're mad at me.
I'm not mad at you, no.
Yes, you are.
Well, if it's what I said
about your old man...
Your father...
I'm sorry, OK?
I don't think they're hitting it off.
Did they have a fight or something?
Of course they're hitting it off.
Buzz is a terrific guy.
You know, Richie, when you're stoned,
Charles Manson's a terrific guy.
What do you say we just start over?
Hey, come on, you don't want to spoil
Liz and Richie's evening.
- Do you?
- No. No, I guess not.
(Growls ferociously)
(I Fairground music)
(Liz) Buzz is cute!
Oh, excuse me.
(Barker) Is he a weakling,
or is he a Samson?
Can he make the grade?
Come on, don't take all day, my boy!
Is he a weakling or a Samson?
What'll he do?
(Bell rings)
Hey, we got a winner here.
Y'all need a look. OK.
(Buzz) Not too bad.
(Barker) I thought he was too skinny.
Here, pick a prize.
Is that all I get?
You want this?
(Barker) OK. Who's next?
- You'll take care of it?
- Yeah.
(Barker) Hey, tubby!
Try to work off some of that fat.
(Chattering and fairground music)
You have to picture
the little duck's orange beak
just hopping round like it's dancing.
I get it. I get the joke, OK?
- You do?
- Yes.
Get it!
So, what do you think?
I think he's nice.
Nice? God, I think he's a hunk.
He is an absolute pistol.
You know,
if you play your cards right,
you may not have to spend
the rest of your life a virgin.
- Liz?
- What?
- Fuck up.
- Stop!
God is watching you.
I beg your pardon?
He hears everything.
I hate people who preach.
(Shouts) Especially in bathrooms!
Anyway, I don't know
what you're saving it for.
Who says I'm saving it?
(Old crone) God is watching you.
Hey, kid!
What are you up to?
What are you doing around here?
You want a lift?
Huh? You wanna come for a ride?
(Click of rifle being loaded)
(Hysterical laughing)
(Barker) Alive, alive, alive.
These are all creatures of God,
ladies and gentlemen, not man.
They are authentic, and they are alive.
Alive, alive, alive.
Let's go.
Alive, alive, alive.
"Oliver the steer.
Double cranium, cleft palate.
Born June 1975,
St Paul's, lowa.
(Mimicking Mister Ed) Oh, Wilbur!
Boy, that's ugly.
Looks like Larry Latiner,
the gym teacher.
- Rich, you're so full of it.
- No...
What happened to your hand?
(Amy) Oh, it looks so sad.
- Think we can pet him?
- (Buzz) Yeah, sure.
- Hey, it's not gonna rub off on you.
- (Amy) Let's hope not.
- If you're so brave, you touch it.
- Not me!
- I think I've seen enough.
- Me too. Let's go.
Well, I'll leave too,
so you can ask her out.
- Hey, you guys!
- What?
Get a load of this.
- Forget it. I don't want to see, OK?
- You have to.
Richie! Richie!
- What the hell is that?
- It's a mutation.
(Liz) It's a fake.
It's just like the magicians do.
It's probably made of rubber.
"Born to Mr. And Mrs. Latiner,
Cedar Falls, lowa."
Richie, you're so full of shit.
I'm getting some air.
Wait up.
(Richie) Hey, wait. Don't go.
It's moving.
It's waving to ya.
(Squeaks) Goodbye! Goodbye!
- So long, little fella. Damn!
- What?
- The bastard bit me!
- Come on.
- What? It bit me. Look at that. Damn!
- Oh, come on!
- Asshole!
- Hey, watch who you're calling asshole.
Liz'll clean you up.
(Hysterical cackling)
Come inside and see Daisy May,
our two-headed cow.
See a sheep with six legs.
Yes, six.
Count 'em yourself, six legs.
And these are creatures of God,
ladies and gentlemen, not man.
All authentic and all alive.
Inside, behind that lovely tent,
you're gonna see some of the most
beautiful girls you've ever seen.
Six of the most beautiful girls
in the world, like my sister Mona here.
Mona, give 'em a little show.
That's a girl.
Open it up... No, that's all.
Just a tease.
Who will dare to face
the challenge of the Fun House?
Who is brave enough?
How about you, sir?
Who is mad enough
to enter that world of darkness?
Terrifying terror ride.
You will scream with terror.
You will beg for release.
But there will be no escape.
For there is no release
from the Fun House.
- So, what about it?
- Huh?
(Mocking) Huh? What do you
wanna do first? It's your choice.
What? What?
How about the magician?
Wanna come?
Yeah. Good idea.
Hell, I love magicians.
I had an uncle once
who was a magician.
I mean it.
Oh, he was bad.
One, please.
Have you seen two guys
and two girls on a double date?
Hey, kid,
I ain't the fortune teller.
Now, I need a volunteer
from the audience.
A young lady,
preferably attractive.
Come on, now. Don't be bashful.
You. Come on.
- No, I couldn't.
- Of course you could. Come on.
Come on. Let's give
our little lady a big hand.
- You're not afraid, are you?
- Yes!
Smart girl.
Please step into the coffin.
Go ahead. Right inside.
I promise you'll feel no pain.
(Heckler) Get a regular job
- Comfy?
- No.
Now a little...'history'.
A little history.
In the fifth century,
Vlad V of Wallachia,
known as Vlad the Impaler
to his friends.
Tortured 23,000 prisoners
in a device not unlike this.
Tiring of his name,
he decided to change it.
He selected his father's name, Dracul,
meaning devil.
He added the letter A and became...
Literally, 'son of the devil'.
And so legends are born.
With that piece of history in mind,
I present, without further ado...
...The Impaler.
Notice, if you will,
that a hole has been cut
in the front of this box,
right over the human heart within.
I insert the stake gently.
- Do you feel that?
- Yes.
And now, without further ado,
I present... The Impaler.
Oh, my God! ls there a doctor
in the house? Lights! Lights!
Ladies and gentlemen,
my charming daughter, Carmella.
Thank you for your patronage.
The next show is in two hours.
Gimme a drag!
Hey! It went out.
Wait a sec. Let me get that.
You ready?
- See ya, Richie.
- Hey! Come on, man!
Hey, who wants to go on The Cobra?
(Liz) Ooh, I do.
(Amy) Hey, me too.
Hey, you guys,
it isn't even finished yet.
(Liz) Hey, Richie! Come on!
Come on!
Hey, Buzz, look. A fortune teller.
(Muttering outside)
(European accent) This is a very
serious business for Madam Zena.
Don't be concerned.
The aspects are wonderful for tonight.
(Other three giggle)
A deep, mystic cross.
(Stifled laughter)
It means you were born...
...with a knowledge of the occult.
Are you sensitive?
Do you have premonitions
that often come true?
- No.
- (Stifled laughter)
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Please, I need to concentrate.
Wait. Wait...
Three bracelets.
That is good.
That means a long life-line
springing from the mouth of truth.
- (Giggles)
- Shh!
Quite a break in the faith line.
Hmm. It makes sense.
A tall, dark stranger will enter
and change your life.
Larry Latiner, right?
Do not mock the stars,
my friend.
(Hoots of laughter)
Hey, I thought
she was reading her palm?
Out! Out of here, you bad brats!
I have performed in front
of crowned heads of Europe!
Don't come back or I'll break
every bone in your fuckin' bodies.
Beat it!
Plain burger coming up.
What do you want?
You dropped something.
- I know.
- You know?
- Hey, Buzz.
- Hmm?
How come you never
asked me out before?
I don't know.
- I didn't think you'd go out with me.
- Oh, I would have.
I'm glad you did.
(Barker) Who will dare to face
the challenge of the Fun House?
Who is brave enough?
Hey, come on, you guys.
It's getting late.
- Want some cotton candy?
- No, thank you.
(Barker) Who is mad enough
to enter that world of darkness?
Right. Here we go!
(Screeches and baby wailing)
(Barker) Terrifying terror ride.
Goblins, ghosties and ghoulies.
18 of the worst mistakes
that nature ever visited on man or beast.
They are all inside and alive.
My own lovely sister.
Right here.
Mona. The beautiful Mona.
She wiggles and she dances.
- (Richie) You ever been in one?
- (Liz) No.
Oh, come on.
It's three bucks apiece.
(Liz) Besides, you have to be 21.
There she goes.
Turn 'em around, darlin'.
Give 'em a look.
Come on, they always
have holes back there.
(Barker) They wiggle and they dance.
Six beautiful girls.
They wiggle and they dance.
They wiggle and they dance.
Well, come on.
Step right up.
They wiggle and dance.
Right this way. Step right up.
They wiggle and dance.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have
girls, girls, girls - beautiful girls!
And remember
what Al Jolson once said.
Ha ha! Wait a minute.
You ain't heard nothing yet!
The one and only Liza!
Here she is.
(Cheers and whistles)
I'm sorry, her name is Marilyn,
but a rose by any other name...
Her name is none other
than Suzanne! There she is.
(Barker) And now
the piece de resistance,
the one and only Sherry!
There she is! Yes, sir!
(Crowd whistle and holler)
What's happening?
You're not gonna like it.
Is it gross?
That's disgusting.
What about me?
Wait your turn.
Shit, I'll find my own hole.
Can't believe I said that.
(Richie) Where are you going?
Jesus, sweetie!
You scared the shit outta me!
You made me drop my cotton candy,
you creep.
What's a sweet little thing
doing back here anyhow?
Get away from me, you pervert.
Hey, what the hell is going on?
There's nuthin' goin' on just you
goddamn kids messin' everybody up.
Hey, now come here!
I come back here, take a leak
and you take advantage of me!
(Buzz) Is that your dad?
(All laugh)
- You OK?
- Yeah. Wasn't he strange?
Hey, looks like old Frankenstein
has to get his jollies also.
(Amy) I think it's time to go home.
(Buzz) What do you mean,
it's time to go home? It's early.
(Liz) Boy, is he a weird-looking dude!
I wonder if he sleeps in that outfit.
I just had the greatest idea.
Let's stay.
- Let's spend the night.
- What?
In the Fun House.
You're crazy!
Fred and Eddie did it
in Fairfield County.
Right, and you believe them.
Rich, you're so full of shit.
I'm telling you, they did it,
and so can we.
That is, if we wanted to.
- What do you mean, if we wanted to?
- I told you, he's full of shit.
- Who's full of shit?
- You're full of shit.
OK, then, let's do it.
Hell, it's settled. We're done.
(Liz) Hello, Ma?
I'm gonna be spending
the night at Amy's.
Yes, I won't be coming home tonight.
Hi, Mama.
Could you put Daddy on, please?
Everything's fine.
Could you put him on?
Hi, Daddy. I'm gonna be spending
the night at Liz's house, OK?
I won't, Daddy.
Is Mama all right?
Yeah, OK. Well, um...
I'll call you in the morning, OK?
Hey, listen.
Tell Joey the movie was great,
all right?
- Any problem?
- No.
Hey, are you sure you wanna do this?
- Sure you want to?
- No.
(Barker) Who is mad enough
to enter that world of darkness?
Have fun! Bye.
(Buzz) Hang on. Here we go.
This is it.
(Screeching and wailing)
- This had better be good.
- It's gonna be great.
(Screeching and wailing)
(Buzz makes spooky noises)
(Buzz) What do we have here?
(Both) Ow!
(Teeth chattering)
(Rocking chair creaking)
(Laughter and chatter)
Right, we gotta take it around back,
then come all the way
around front, now, right?
What say y'all have a beer first,
all right?
(Screams and cackles)
(Old crone) God is watching you!
(Echoing clank)
- Did you hear that?
- Yes, I did.
Hey, Dawson,
did you hear that?
(Liz) Amy?
OK, I'm coming.
- Well?
- (Amy) Well what?
Some people just don't know
a good thing when they trip over it.
(Door creaks open)
Remember, I don't come cheap.
You're a smart boy,
just like your father.
Not enough.
- More.
- (Grunts) More.
Nothing in life comes cheap,
my friend.
(Masked Man) More.
You strike a hard bargain,
but OK.
What are you standing around for?
I haven't got all night!
You want to take off the mask? Huh?
No? OK. Hurry.
Lie down! What are you
standing there like an idiot for?
Nothing to be afraid of.
Ah, I see, you're not afraid.
An eager young fella, you are, huh?
Does it feel good, huh? Hmm?
(Stifled giggles)
Feels good, huh?
Now relax. Just relax.
Oh. Too late, huh?
Nothing to be ashamed of.
Happens to the best of us.
Felt good, huh?
Well, of course it felt good.
You just relax.
I know what you're thinking.
You want the money back.
Too late, my friend.
A bargain is a bargain.
It's not my fault
if you can't control yourself.
Leave me alone.
I'm going to tell your father.
Do you actually think
I'd let you do it to me, you freak?
Be thankful for small favours!
Leave me alone or I'll put a curse
on you and your whole lot!
(Crack of neck breaking)
(Laughter from models)
Oh, Buzz.
What are we gonna do now?
Let's just get the hell outta here.
(Richie) Let's try over here.
Richie, be careful.
There's nothing over there.
Let's go the other way.
- Let's try down there.
- I can't see a thing!
- Whoa!
- I'm really scared, Richie.
It's OK. It's OK.
I can't see a thing in here.
(Buzz) Straight ahead.
Hold it. I can see something.
(Liz) It's a door.
(Richie) Wait a minute.
(Clink of latch)
(Door creaks open)
(Voices outside)
(Liz) It's 0pen
(BUZZ) Shut up!
Wait a goddamn minute.
- (Richie) I'll be right baek.
- (Amy) Where are you going?
- What?
- I'm just gonna make sure she's dead.
She's dead.
(Buzz) OK. Now easy.
(Door rattles)
- (Amy) What's the matter?
- It's locked.
- (Amy) What?
- (Richie) Hey, would you
It's a steel door,
and it's got a chain on it.
(Liz) Can't you force it?
Not without waking the dead.
(Richie) There's got to be other exits.
- (Sighs) Well, let's try.
- Yeah, let's.
(Liz) Richie?
Richie, wait for me.
(Richie) God damn it!
(Amy) I don't know
which way we're going.
- (Buzz) God damn this!
- (Richie) There's a light.
Liz, you OK?
(Buzz) Careful.
(Liz) Oh, this is the front door.
(Buzz) Try the other side, Richie.
I got this one.
(Door clanks)
(Richie) Shit!
(Buzz) Take it easy. Let's go.
(All whisper)
(Buzz) It's OK. It's OK.
(Richie) Just take it easy.
(Buzz) Damn. How often have
we checked these damn doors?
- Just spend the night over, right?
- What?
(Crashing somewhere inside)
(Man's voice) So he's lying there
in the dark, and he is exhausted.
And he looks over and says,
"Darlin', you're the greatest.
What was your name again?
And he sees these two big eyes,
just blinking at him out of the dark,
and suddenly he hears grrr"!
(All laugh)
(Door slams open)
(Man grumbles)
Ain't you got no respect?
(Masked man mumbles)
'Course you ain't.
(Masked man grunts and groans)
(Man) Damn it!
What the hell have you done now?
She looks dead all right.
Sweet Jesus!
You didn't tell me it was Zena
the goddamn fortune teller.
You really did it this time.
You killed one of the family. Damn!
I told you, didn't I?
I don't care about that
dirty business with locals,
but you do nothing with our kind,
you understand me?
Damn you!
Should've killed you when you
was born and been done with it.
(Mutters) Father.
I told you never to call me that.
Don't you ever call me that.
Can't stand the sound
of your filthy voice.
Quiet, now. I gotta think.
I said quiet! I got to think!
It'll be all right, just... be quiet
Gotta get us out of this one.
Silly whore.
It'll be all right. Just gimme time
to think, will ya?
Never gonna buy that
with your fingerprints all over.
Maybe the...
Where we gonna...
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, I got it.
We'll blame it on the locals.
That's what we're gonna do.
We'll just go
and dump her some place.
And then we'll blame it
on the goddamn locals.
Sure. That's the way.
What you got there?
Give it here.
A hundred dollars?
Where the hell did you get
a hundred dollars?
You paid her a hundred dollars?
Jesus, I could have got you one
of them tent girls for fifteen.
You never did understand
the value of a dollar, did you?
A hundred bucks for Madam Zena.
All right. Where is it?
What did you do
with the rest of my money?
Where is it?
What did you do with the rest of it?
Where is the rest of it?
What did you do with it, you idiot?
Where is it? God damn it!
What did you do with it?
Has she got it?
Did you give it to her?
Tell me what you've done with it.
God damn you!
All right. Maybe I'm just
gonna have to help you remember.
I'll make you talk!
Do it, so I won't hit you, boy!
Hit yourself! Attaboy!
Hit it or I'm gonna kill ya!
Hit it, boy!
That's it.
You do it or I'm gonna.
Tell me where my money is!
Where is it?
Tell me who got it. Come on.
Do you got it?
Tell me. Who took it?
You're dead.
You tell me or remember.
Did she take it?
You tell me where...
Who's there?
Who's up there?
Who's up there?
You think we got company?
Hey, you, up there.
Come on down, now.
I wanna talk to you.
Come on.
Ain't nothin' to be afraid of.
I just want to have a few words with you.
Come on. I just want
to give you your lighter back.
What are you all doing up there?
You know you're trespassing
on private property.
Come on.
You're gonna have to come down
sooner or later,
there ain't no other way outta here.
Come on, now!
Oh, there ain't no reason
to be afraid of him. He's harmless.
Once he's been fed.
All right.
All right, have it your way.
Finders, keepers.
Losers, weepers
Take off them damn gloves.
We got work to do.
It was you. You took the money,
didn't you?
So what if I did?
I thought we were getting out.
You stupid shit.
You're gonna get us all killed.
Let me see it.
You stupid shit!
I thought we were getting out.
You had the door open.
- It was dumb.
- I was gonna split it.
(Amy whispers)
Did you see those eyes?
- Maybe we just give the money back.
- It's too late for that now.
- So what do we do?
- We wait.
Till they make their first move.
I think they just made it.
- Look, they're just trying to spook us.
- Shit, they are.
- I just heard something move.
- Where?
Come on.
Stay together.
(Door clunks)
(Door clunks)
(Cat screeches in distance)
Slow down, you prick!
(Buzz) Am)'-
- Take this.
- I don't want it.
- Take it, God damn it!
- I just want to get outta here!
We witnessed a murder, man.
They're gonna try to kill us.
Understand? (Shouts) You got it?
- I'm scared!
- (Buzz) Listen, just calm down, Liz.
I don't know what that thing is,
but we're gonna be a hell of a lot
safer if we stay together, OK?
It ain't as if I'm askin' you to do
somethin' you ain't never done before.
Come on, boy!
I didn't mean to hurt you.
It's just that...
Sometimes I get to drinkin'...
...and I forget to be careful with you.
Come on.
You need me, boy.
You know what they
would have done to you in Dallas,
if I hadn't been there, don't you?
Them two little half-pint girl scouts
in Memphis.
Oh, that was the worst.
The worst.
It's been hard on me.
Real hard.
Ever since your mama...
And you're little brother Tad
on display over there, like...
I don't want that for you, boy.
I don't want that for you!
So come on!
Come on, boy.
Come on.
If you just do
this one last thing for me,
one bad thing,
and then we'll bury 'em
and I'll take you fishing,
or anything you want.
Just like we used to.
Cos we gotta take care of each other.
As God is my witness...
...I don't hate the sound of your voice.
When I was a kid,
I once tried to spook my older brother
by hiding in his closet.
And while I was waiting in there,
to jump out and scare him,
a weird thought came into my head.
What if he knew I was in there,
and he was standing
just outside the closet door,
waiting to jump out and scare me?
So what happened?
He locked you in, didn't he?
I was in there for three hours,
till my parents got me out.
I was too scared
even to touch the door knob.
I pissed in my pants.
He's resting real good now.
You oughta see what I had
to go through to get your number.
I washed him up real good.
He's got a little fever,
and he ain't talkin' too much.
Yeah, poor baby,
we'll get him straight home to bed.
Mm-hm. Yeah.
(Hysterical shouting)
God damn it, listen to me!
We can't help him now!
Richie! Oh, God!
I want him...
It's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be OK.
(Door clunks)
(Clunking and whirring)
Kill him!
No! Richie!
Open it! Open it!
Liz, can you hear me?
Hey, I'm sorry
we caused you all this trouble.
No trouble.
I was young once myself.
What's the matter, Joey?
"I'm gonna get even with you.
"I'm gonna get you so bad
you're never gonna forget it.
What's the matter, son?
Liz! Run!
(Buzz, shouting) Liz!
(Buzz) Liz!
(Shouts drowned by fan)
(Amy) Father!
- What's the matter, son?
- Guess the cat's got his tongue.
Well, I know one little boy
who won't run away again.
(Mother) Come on, let's go.
(Drowned by fan)
(Amy) Daddy!
What do you want?
Please don't hurt me!
I swear I'd never tell
if you'd let me go. Please.
Oh, please, let me go.
I know you like girls.
I can be nice to you.
I... I... I... You wouldn't
have to pay me anything.
I could make you feel good.
I could make you feel good.
(Terrified sobs)
Please don't hurt me!
(Grunting and panting)
Please... don't... hurt... me.
(Shrieks in pain)
(Deep laughter from machine)
(Barks manically)
Let's try over here.
(Gasps as door clunks)
(Buzz) Everything's locked.
- I've been expecting you.
- Oh! Buzz!
Hold it, there, sunny.
Drop that knife. I said drop it!
Why are you doing this?
- (Knife drops on the floor)
- I'm just protecting my family.
Your family? It's not even human.
The Lord works in mysterious ways,
little lady.
Oh, hell,
he ain't such a bad fella.
He does get himself in all sorts
of trouble though, don't he?
blood is thicker than water.
And I'm sure he's gonna be
a real comfort to me in my old age.
Now, how many people know
you're here?
Lots. They all know.
Well, no matter.
We'll be pulling outta here
tomorrow morning.
There's plenty
of other carnivals around.
What did you do with the other girl?
Oh, I expect by now he's
just finishing up with her.
We'll just wait here till he gets back.
(Door clunks)
Oh, my, WW!
That is a gruesome sight.
(Amy shrieks)
Get after him, Buzz.
Oh, you're real tough,
ain't you, son?
Come on! Come on!
- (Amy) Get up!
- Come on!
(Wails in agony)
(Buzz) You all right?
(Amy) Oh. my God!
He's gotta have
a set of keys on him.
No! Buzz! No!
Get out of here! Run! Run!
(Figure laughs)
(Confusion of thunder,
screams and growls)
(Sinister laughter)
(Machinery clicks and whirrs)
(Echoing scream)
(Mechanical laughter slows down
then ceases)