The Future (2011) Movie Script

Have you ever been outside?
I mean, not temporarily,
I mean born outside.
Never been inside,
never been petted,
not even once.
Then you know
about the darkness
that is not appropriate
to talk about.
I had a bloody paw
when they found me
and carried me in a towel
to the cageatorium.
It was not cool there.
But they said... "welcome
back for you paw paw."
"Paw paw." That's
what they called me.
And they called each
other Sophie and Jason.
Can you get me some water?
I'm not getting up. I'm
just shifting my position.
If we had a crane... Then we could
get water without getting up.
We could just...
How would you turn
the faucet on?
Just with my mind.
It's such a shame that the only
thing you can do with your mind
is something that you could
just do with your hand.
Well, at least
I have that, you know?
You can't really do anything
special with your mind.
Except stop time.
Oh, really? I wasn't
aware of that.
Can I see an example?
Turn the faucet on.
I don't want to waste water.
You really want me
to stop time?
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah? All right.
One... Two... Three...
You're so bad at this.
I thought I was doing good.
Hello and thank you
for calling horizicom.
My name is Jason. Can I
have your service I.D. Number?
What operating
system are you...
And hop, hop, hop.
Keep on hopping.
And hop, hop, and run under!
Sign out!
My video got over 10,000 hits.
Did you see it yet?
No, I...
That's ok.
They wouldn't really
be your thing anyways.
And what operating
system are you running?
Ok, great. Can you go to mail?
And then click on preferences.
Now read to me
what it says there.
There you go.
Is there anything else
I can help you with today?
Thank you for
calling horizicom.
Have a nice day.
How was class?
It was cancelled.
On account of me
being overqualified.
It was very
satisfying actually.
The president was there...
And he declared me,
on behalf of all the
principalities, free to dance.
Or do whatever I want.
Like if you just want to be
on Facebook all the time,
he's cool with that?
Well, he knows that I've been
gearing up to do something
really incredible
for the last 15 years.
Did he say anything
about your little friend?
He doesn't know about shirty.
Shirty is private.
Not that I'm embarrassed
or anything.
Yeah, I think that place is
definitely going to put him to sleep.
So then we're totally
doing the right thing?
I think we are.
I think we're ready.
Ready for...
Anyway, you know
I think we are.
Anyways, it's just
for six months.
Yeah... At the most...
At the most, six months...
And then we can
do whatever we want...
For the rest of our lives.
Is this even big enough?
Hi. We're here for an adoption.
The doctor's running behind,
so it'll be a few minutes.
All right, thanks.
I'm going to go
to the bathroom.
Do you want to buy that?
My dad drew it.
I live with him because
my mom's a free spirit.
Does it look like me?
Yeah, it does.
I wrote my mom's and dad's
phone numbers on the back,
so if someone buys
it and they decide
they don't want it, they
can give it back to us.
That's a good idea.
I know.
But no one wanted it.
So many of the other
ones got bought.
But ours is still here.
Well, maybe it's just
no one's cup of tea.
It's my cup of tea.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
No, I want it.
Um... I guess I pay
for it up front.
Well, take your time,
it's no pressure.
Come on.
He's doing much better
since you brought him in,
but he does have renal failure.
That's what this is for.
When you pull the needle out,
you might see a drop or two
of blood, that's normal.
He gets the sub-q once a day,
and rotate the pill sequence
on alternating days...
so Monday, Monday, Thursday.
Friday, Friday, and so on.
Oh, no.
We can't release him
until this comes off.
He has about a month to go.
You can pick him up
on the...26th.
But please don't be late.
We're overcrowded
and we euthanize.
Take a moment with him.
Ok. Hey.
We are going to bring
you home and adore you
and take care of you
for the rest of your life.
No matter what you do.
Because he could be wild.
You know, we don't
really know for sure.
Well, I don't think they would
have taken him if he was wild.
Uh... The woman that was here
before said that he only
had five or six months left,
so is that including...
Well, of course, if you take
really good care of him
and he bonds with you, he could
easily hang on for years.
But probably no more than five.
They came back
and they petted me
and I accidentally made
the sound that means
I am a cat, which
is belonging to you.
And upon making the sound,
I felt it to be true.
It was a warm type of feeling
that would have been unwise
to have outside, at night.
But it suddenly seemed that I would
not be outside at night ever again.
It could just be six months.
That's if we do a bad job.
We're not gonna do a bad job.
Well, I have to be able to go
to New York, my parents...
No, one of us always
has to be here now.
So I always have to be home?
What if I don't want to be doing
tech support for five more years?
We'll be 40 in five years.
Wow. 40 is basically 50,
and then after 50
the rest is just...
Loose change.
Loose change?
Like not quite enough to get
anything you really want.
Oh, God.
So for all practical
purposes, in a month...
That's it for us.
God, I always thought
I'd be smarter.
I also thought
eventually we'd be rich.
I always want
to follow the news,
you know but then
I'm so far behind,
and now it's just like...
what's the point?
I actually thought I'd end
up being a world leader.
Oh, yeah, that's
not gonna happen.
It's too late for us.
At least we have a month.
You know, that's actually a long
time when you think about it.
Like, we thought
we'd have him home today,
but instead we have
a whole month to...
Do what?
I don't know, but, I mean,
if this is our last month
ever, shouldn't we...
Yeah, right.
I mean, if we were
dying in a month,
we would definitely
What? It's work.
That was so easy!
Was that easy for you?
Not really!
Yeah, but now you're
free to do...
I know. I can't wait.
Do you know what
you're going to do?
No, but that's what's great.
I'm going to let it choose me.
I just have to be alert
and listen for it...
But what if it doesn't work?
Shh! I'm listening.
Hey, do you have a moment to
help stop global warming?
No, thank you.
This looks kind
of fantastic on me.
You're not environmental.
Yes, I am.
Oh, really?
So you're, like, into
nature and going outside?
Well, I'm glad
the outside's there.
I wouldn't want there
to only be inside.
I mean, besides, it doesn't
matter, you know,
what I do... the point is to be
alert and to notice everything.
I mean, I'll pay
special attention
if somebody gives me something,
or says something to me,
especially if they do it with
their hand on a doorknob...
On a...
Also coincidences
or, like, mistakes.
Doubles of anything,
flares and glares,
just flashes of light
of any kind.
It could come from anywhere.
And what will it be,
do you think?
I don't know, probably
something profound.
Well, hopefully not so profound
that you forget about me.
I don't see how
that could happen.
I mean, unless I had some
kind of head injury or...
What if you did get
a head injury, or I did,
and we couldn't even
recognize each other?
We could come up with a signal.
No, because if I have the
amnesia, then, you know,
I would just be,
like, "who are you,"
you know, and
"what is this signal?
Why are you signaling me?"
It would have to be something
that just cuts
through everything.
It seems
we stood and talked
like this before...
this is the signal?
In the same way then
but I can't remember
where or when
I'd like to see you bump,
bump, bump, bump, bump
I wanna see you jump, jump,
jump, jump
I'd like to see you bump,
bump, bump, bump
I wanna see you jump, jump
Hi, I'm...
Uh, my name is Jason and I...
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't
see your sign, I...
I think I'm a solicitor.
You are?
I haven't...
You would be my
first... Solicitation.
Or not.
Yeah. We try to
stick to that rule.
Oh, yeah.
Hi, my name is Jason and
I'm with tree by tree.
Do you have a moment to help
reduce global warming?
Um... We're helping to fulfill
the mayor's vision
to plant a million trees
in Los Angeles.
And for a small donation
we'll give you a healthy
young tree...
Thank you.
Do you mind throwing this out?
What's wrong?
Ok, so the Internet's gonna be
turned off in the next hour...
So the second you
get in the door,
you'll want to look up
anything you need to look up.
I'm saving time here
by telling you en route.
Wait. Why is it being shut off?
I had to do it.
It's just for
the next 30 days, ok?
Are you noticing these posters?
I'm the only one doing that...
That many.
But I need it.
No, but not really, you know.
'Cause we can
just go to a cafe,
that's what I'm gonna
do to upload my dances.
Is it still on?
So at any second?
It could just go
off at any second?
By 6:00, they said.
We should be looking
up useful things,
you know, like flu warnings.
Well, what are you looking at?
I don't know, mapquest.
Mapquest? To where?
I don't know!
See, this isn't even safe.
I mean, what if
there's an accident
and we have to find
something quickly...
I thought of that, I thought,
"what if there's something
we really need to know?"
And then I thought, well,
we could just ask someone,
or, we could not know.
Christmas falls on
a Tuesday this year.
Don't look that up!
Well, I don't know...
Look up things
that are only online.
Ok, ok.
How long is 30 days?
It was turning out to be a
little bit longer than, say,
for example, the
day after tomorrow.
Outside, there was
no time, no hours.
Just alive, or
not alive, or bird.
Now there was this
new thing... waiting.
Waiting for them
to come get me,
waiting for my
real life to begin.
I learned to count the seconds.
Now, now,
now, now...
Hi, person.
Ok, ok, here we go.
Here we go. This is it!
I'm sorry.
I sort of signed up on a whim.
Could one of the other
people just cover my area?
What other people?
The other volunteers
going door to door.
There is nobody else.
You're our guy for
face-to-face education.
For all of Los Angeles?
We're about to witness a massive
shift in consciousness.
I mean, who knows?
You could be the guy to bring
us over the threshold!
The 100th monkey.
I'm so jealous, man!
You get to walk across
this entire city!
House by house, all
the way to the ocean!
You seemed really happy to
have the place to yourself.
How would you know
if I was happy?
Your footsteps and your
movements sounded happy.
Well, I wasn't.
I was wondering where you were.
I was actually starting
to get a little worried.
Well, don't be angry at me!
I wasn't trying to hide.
I couldn't make a sound.
I tried to, and
I couldn't make a sound.
You had a good day.
Oh, wow.
You really did have a good day.
You're out there having
fulfilling experiences.
What are you reading?
"Hairdryer. $3.00
or best offer."
That woman really
has her shit together.
You can tell she's just
totally "carpe diem."
She's a lonely spinster.
No, that is one tough cookie.
You should get out.
Maybe call Tammy or Sasha.
What would I say to them?
Just hi.
"30 days, 30 dances!"
I emailed everyone!
They're all waiting for it!
No one cares.
I know!
I'm sure it's not
as bad as you think.
I mean, you still have 28 left.
Ah, it's you.
I'll turn the water off and
we can go into the house.
It's a heavy duty one.
But I'm getting rid
of it because, in fact,
I've got a couple of others
that are more heavy duty
or professional models.
But it's been
reconditioned and that,
and it's worth 10 times
what I'm charging you for it.
As far as the wire
with the tape on it.
It had a little cut
in the wire,
but I put this piece of tape
on her as a safety measure.
This is the on and off switch,
but you leave it off until
you make up your mind
whether you want heat
or you just want air.
But none of it will work unless
you turn it to the on position.
Right, the on.
But these always are the
best on the market...
Portable hair dryer and I do
all kinds of electrical work
around the house, and that,
and repair, and that.
That's why I never
have to buy anything.
I've re-fixed the vcr and
the stereo and all that shit.
As long as you can get it
working, why not get it free?
Oh, there's one more thing,
if you're interested.
It's ok, I think I'm good.
You can always call
back when you're ready.
If you don't start on the count
of three, then that's it.
It's over.
You don't talk to me,
you don't know me,
you don't ever look
at me again, ok?
You understand?
Here we go, one...
Hi. Um...
My name is Sophie.
I bought your...
My boyfriend bought
this drawing
that you made
at the animal shelter.
Are you calling to return it?
No, no, no.
We like it a lot.
So you're calling because...
Oh, are you busy?
Well, no, I'm working but I...
where do you work?
I own a chain of companies
that make signs and banners
for trade shows and
corporate events.
It's overcast.
I can see a little bit of
sun about to poke out.
No. From where I am, I can see,
like, some flat clouds and
then there's a puffier one
and the sun is about to
come around the puffy one.
You must be facing
the same direction as me.
I'm facing east.
Oh, yeah, me, too.
I'm facing east, too.
So we're both in Los Angeles
and we're both facing east.
Maybe we're neighbors.
Where do you live?
I'm sorry.
You don't have to tell
me where you live.
No, that's all right.
How about this?
How about I'll just
open the window
and yell and you just
see if you can hear me.
But won't I just hear
it through the phone?
Ok, so let's hang up,
and I'll yell, and if...
You call me back and you
tell me if you can hear me.
If I hear it,
I'll just yell back.
That's great.
Uh... I got this for you.
Ahh, what are you doing?
What was that?
It was a release.
You seem...
Was it a good day?
Did you have a good day?
Um... Yeah!
You sold a tree?
Oh, let me do that.
It's ok.
I wasn't able to yell
at that exact time.
There was a delay.
Yeah, I didn't hear anything,
but I didn't know if it
was because you didn't...
That was a funny conversation.
So what do you do
for a living, Sophie?
I'm a dance teacher.
For little kids.
Ah, a dancer.
No. Just a teacher.
Oh, don't forget your...
I'm not leaving.
Am I in a hurry?
What? No...
No, stay, stay, stay.
Maybe I should order a tree.
How much are they?
Do I get a discount for three?
Never mind.
Ok, what is your home address?
Right, you know what,
I'm going to do this
later. So...
Ahem. Ok.
I'm sorry to bother you again,
but I wanted to ask,
do you own a factory or...
It's more like a warehouse.
Right now I'm in
my office at home.
Ok. So if a person
needed a sign,
they could get it from you?
These are cards
that I make for my wife
at all the nine
different holidays,
like our anniversary,
and the fourth of July,
and easter, and all them.
And I make her a nice poem
about our everyday life,
then I make 15 limericks up.
And they're all different,
I've never made them the same.
I've probably got
between 5 and 600 of them,
so there's quite a few of them.
"Mrs. Claus, she pranced
around in red sheer lace,
"and every move she made
was really in good grace.
"So Santa got sexually aroused,
really, really strong,
"and he ended up with
a really nice big dong.
So she removed her nice
Teddy and sat on his face."
How long have you
guys been together?
Well, we've been
together since 1948.
That's 62 years, but we've
only been married 60 years.
Do you have a lady friend?
Yeah. We've only been
together four years.
Oh, it can be very hard
in the beginning.
Maybe one of you
does something terrible,
and that might be
the hardest to get used to.
We didn't have those kind of
problems in the beginning.
Well, the thing is
you're just in the middle
of the beginning right now.
Come in.
My office is right back here,
we'll get you all set up.
May I take your coat?
It's kind of part
of my outfit...
Who is that?
It's a friend.
She has a cold. She's
supposed to be taking a nap.
Can I see her?
So this is a basic
indoor/outdoor banner.
And of course you can
have any font you want,
you can even bring in your
own font and we'll use that.
What did you want it to say?
Yeah, I'm not sure yet.
Well, do you have any idea how
big a banner you might want?
Um... Not yet.
Why don't you start
by filling that out?
Dear persons...
I am writing this to you
letter with no pencil,
so I hope that you
are able to read it.
By day, I know I am yours.
But when night comes, I am
alone, and always have been,
and always will be wild.
So it is only
the sun that returns
the wonderful feeling
of being pet again.
Please come soon.
Nights are getting longer.
Yours, paw paw.
21 days till paw paw.
So you've done...
What, nine dances?
I wish I was just
one notch prettier.
I'm right on
the edge, you know?
Or it's up to each person
to decide for themselves.
I have to make my case
with each new person.
What, is that Tammy or Sasha?
Let's not get it.
Let's just not get it.
I think we should
play the song.
You know, the signal.
Where's the charger cord?
I don't know.
I think it's in my car.
Well, do you want to go get it?
No, not really.
But, you know, if
you do, you should...
Uh... Never mind.
It's not...
Hold on.
Well... I should probably go.
Wait a minute, I have
something I want to give you.
So, I'll be right back.
For your cat.
What's this?
You don't like my chain?
Ahh. It's a little sleazy.
Good, then you're
receiving the message.
It means...
It means "I'm ready to fuck."
Is that like...
A secret message?
Does everyone know that?
Some women look at a chain
and they just see a
guy wearing a chain.
I think of myself
as one of those women.
I can't believe
I'm not one of those women.
The cat's out of the bag.
Are you hungry?
Do you want a tangerine?
I also have some lemonade.
Something happened today.
To you?
To me, yeah.
We have some time.
More than a month.
Uh... This is really
just the beginning.
I mean, we have like
50 more years together.
And it's just gonna get better.
This is actually the worst
time we're in right now.
It is?
I guess so.
We'll do some
terrible things, but...
And you know all this...
Just by being alert?
And noticing everything, yeah.
Why is this here?
I don't know.
Me neither.
Maybe we don't know everything.
I was cleaning the kitchen,
and I felt like you were
watching me wipe the counter.
But like, like as if it was
fascinating, you know?
Like when a celebrity
walks their dog,
or buys groceries,
or something like that.
That's how I felt all day.
And that's good?
Maybe we can work
out an arrangement,
because I'd like to watch you.
Yeah, I think that would
be very boring for you,
especially when I sleep...
It would make me very happy
to watch you all the time.
And you'd like that?
I mean, if it was
really all the time,
then I wouldn't have
to do anything ever.
I wouldn't have to try.
I had you totally wrong.
I thought you were more...
I don't know.
I mean, now that this has
happened, what are my options?
Well, traditionally,
people either tell
the truth or they lie.
Oh, yeah, I could never...
Do that.
Jason and I are really close.
I could never do
either of those things.
Hey, your heart... It's racing.
I have to tell you something.
I have to tell you something.
One thing...
One thing is that I'm wild.
It's not ok.
When I tell you I...
Don't blame him,
because it's me.
Him, who?
But we don't know him.
You look so weird.
If you could see
your face, you'd laugh.
I'll leave in the morning.
Hold on.
Just hold on for a second.
Ok, all right.
I don't know what's going
on right now, but, um...
Look, if you're going to say
something really bad,
could you just wait a moment?
I just need a moment, ok?
Just give me one moment before
you say what you're saying.
I just want you to know...
That's enough. You're free.
Go. Hang out with gabi.
Act naturally.
What am I doing?
Um... You're trying
to get to China?
You're like,
you know when you...
I think that might be racist.
Don't move.
Is it a bee?
The way you look
in the light, it's perfect.
I really like these sheets.
a thousand thread count.
What happens now?
Now we have sex.
And you eat ice cream.
You watch TV, and I watch you.
Is there really ice cream?
So, here we are.
What's your plan
for the long run?
I think I can just switch back
again when this one gets tired.
But you can't just keep
switching hands forever.
What are you doing?
I forgot something.
It's nothing.
Everything would
be perfect there.
Like a dream, but not a dream,
because I would never wake up.
And soon, I would not even be
able to remember my old life.
Do you think
if I moved my hand,
it would be morning by now?
Morning? It'd be Friday.
It's been 3:14 for days now.
What if I moved my hand?
We'd just start
from here, right?
I move my hand and she sits up,
and we just finish talking.
No, it'd be Friday.
Then she's gone!
I move my hand and she's gone!
But she... she's fucking!
I move my hand,
she's fucking him.
But maybe not!
It could be ok.
You don't know what
will happen at 3:15.
Yes, I do.
I know exactly
what will happen at 3:15.
At 3:15, we aren't going
to get back in bed together,
and she isn't going to wrap
her legs around my legs,
and we aren't going
to fall asleep.
And then, in the morning,
she isn't going to say,
"hi, person," and then we aren't
going to have another day,
just an ordinary, boring day.
And then we aren't
going to have kids,
and then we aren't going
to grow old together.
And we aren't going
to look back on our lives,
because we aren't even
going to know each other.
That is what is going
to happen at 3:15.
You don't
know for sure, though.
It could work out in the end.
Yeah, or not.
Or not.
Well, I couldn't bear it.
But you could.
Mom says
you're picking me up.
You got your backpack?
It's in the car.
I usually get home
by 5:30 or 6:00.
Open, please!
When do you get home?
Um... Around the same time...
5:30 or 6:00.
Maybe 4:00.
I can tell you right now
they won't needing anyone
for at least six months.
I can do frisky feet.
Frisky feet is covered.
They have a new girl now.
She was in circus de soleil.
She can walk on her thumbs.
There is one opening...
And Sasha!
You're pregnant!
We both are.
But how did it
happen so quickly?
Well, it's been a while
since we've seen you.
Yeah, I know.
I keep meaning to...
It's only been
a few weeks, though.
How does it feel?
It's a drag,
but it's also amazing.
That's exactly it.
I thought you were...
Barry and Carrie,
this is Sophie.
Hi. Hi.
So, you're still working here?
Yeah, um...
But I work up here now,
yeah, which is kind of a drag.
It's a drag, but it's amazing?
Not really...
Where are your mothers?
Oh, well, they passed
away a few years ago.
I...I guess you kind
of lost touch with them.
Anyway, we're here to enroll our
daughter jayleen in pre-ballet.
Ok, um...
If you could just fill out
the top part of this form.
You're so tired,
and your arm is so heavy.
Just put it down.
If it's going to work out,
could you just give me
a little indication,
like some sort of signal...
I don't know anything.
I'm just a rock in the sky.
Let's go.
Start it up.
I was waiting for you to do it.
What, so this is it?
It's just this from now on?
I guess so.
Well, what about...
What about...
Did this day already happen?
That day would be today,
but it's almost over.
I can't believe
you can't do this.
You do the seasons,
day and night, the tides!
I know, but the ocean's
so big, and I'm so far away.
I could use a little help.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
A beautiful day
a beautiful girl
come into my arms
come into my life
you light up my days
you heat up my nights
you make my world
more than all right
All original lyrics.
I didn't know you sang.
You bring out that side in me.
I don't know.
Do you believe in soul mates?
Ok, kiddo.
Flashlight or no flashlight?
No flashlight.
Sweet dreams!
She can't sleep in there.
Yes, I can!
She can get out.
But it's cold.
What about when
you have to pee?
I'll pee in here,
like a soldier.
She's ok.
Ok. Just come in when
you get sick of it.
Please, go!
Is that too hot?
Can I have the drawing back?
Of me?
It's where I used to live.
That guy has it.
I'm his cup of tea.
He said that?
I want your picture
but not your words
you know the wanting,
but there's no verse
on your own
but you can not
call it your all
we all look bigger together
you know it's easy,
the devil's plan
on your own
but you can not
call me your heart
we always run
our heads too much
we know the reasons
but such and such
on your own
you will not
let your unknown
we run our fingers together
you know it's easy,
the devil's plan
on your own
you cannot call me your own
you always
want to be forgiven
the devil does
what you ask of him
on your knees
you cannot,
you will not agree
In the moment
before it happened,
I kept thinking,
"but I'm theirs,
I belong to them."
And then it happened...
I died, really.
But even dead,
I stayed in my cage,
because I just
couldn't believe it.
I wasn't done waiting for them.
Just let me wait forever,
knowing they will one day come.
But that was our cat.
He was already ours.
I'm sorry. We even
waited an extra day.
I just told
your husband all this.
Hi, my name's Jason,
and I'm with tree by tree.
Do you have a moment
to help reduce...
I'm not interested.
That's all right.
I mean, it's probably too
late for all this anyway.
Well, you know how...
How like in the cartoons
when the building gets
hit with a wrecking ball,
right before
the building falls down
there's always like this moment
where it's perfectly still,
right before it collapses?
We're in that moment.
The wrecking ball has
already hit all of this.
And this is just the moment
before it all falls down.
Is that the official word?
No. That's just my gut feeling.
So why are you
going around then?
I thought this was great.
All this.
Uh... The air
and the grass, yeah,
but just the people
and the houses,
and the cars and
the TV and the music,
I... I just...
I love this place.
I'm sorry, what are you...
We're selling trees.
That's ok. No thanks.
Where does he live?
Where is that again?
It's in the valley.
All my stuff's
in my car though.
Everything must look
so familiar to you.
You must feel like you're coming
back to the place that you left.
That must be nice.
That's gone, by the way.
This is a totally new land now.
Ok, what?
You can't agree to anything
because I haven't
proposed to anything.
My whole point is
that there is nothing here
for you to come back to,
if that's what you're doing.
There's just...
there's nothing.
Ok, I know.
I'm saying ok to nothing.
I went back for him.
I know. I did, too.
We were too late.
Just one night.
And then in
the morning, you go.
After a long time,
a long, long time,
I give up, not waiting anymore.
As it turns out,
living is just a beginning,
and so, the beginning is over.
I'm cat of nobody.
I'm not even cat,
I'm not even I.
It's warm, it's light,
it goes on,
and on, and on, and on...
It seems
we stood and talked
like this before
we looked at each other
in the same way then
but I can't remember
where or when
the clothes you're wearing
are the clothes you wore
the smile you are smiling
you were smiling then
but I can't remember
where or when
some things that happened
for the first time
seem to be happening again
and so it seems
that we've met before
and laughed before
and loved before
but who knows where or when
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