The Gallant Little Tailor (1957) Movie Script

In a small city, in a distant country,
In a small room, lived
a little tailor.
Who worked happily in his
sewing, all day long.
MerJames are sold!
MerJames are sold!
Jams for sale, and
he's so hungry.
Mmm, very good!
This is very good too.
It's wonderful!
But the little tailor wanted
only a very small jar of jam,
and the woman had climbed
all those stairs uselessly.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven.
Seven of a single blow!
The little tailor wanted
everyone to know...
that he had killed seven
flies in a single blow,
so he decided to
write on his belt:
Seven of a single blow!
The little tailor, proud of having
killed seven flies in a single blow,
He decided to go out and try
his luck in the big city.
Night fell, and the
doors were closed.
The King of that city
was very worried,
because two giants had
been scaring people,
and could not find anyone
with strength to catch them.
The people of the city
were surprised to read...
that the little tailor had
killed seven of a single blow.
They thought he had
killed seven men.
Someone of such bravery would
be able to capture the giants.
A knight had been sent
to capture the giants,
and had returned defeated.
The soldier ran to tell the King the
news about the tailor's courage.
The king asked the tailor if
he could capture the giants,
and the little tailor told
him that it was nothing,
for someone who had killed
seven in a single blow.
Then the King put the little tailor
at the command of the soldiers,
and ordered him to go
and capture the giants.
A messenger ran to the city carrying the
news of the triumph of the little tailor.
And everyone went to see the giants,
brought to the city as prisoners.
And so, the dashing little tailor
got married to the princess,
and they lived happily ever after.