The Game Changer (2017) Movie Script

Yesterday, the Japanese Consulate
in Shanghai was attacked.
Since the shooting in the
Japanese cotton mill on June 5th,
the deaths of the workers have triggered protests.
Shanghai University students
support the protests and
joined the demonstrations in The Concession.
They finally clashed with the police.
Around 3 p.m. yesterday,
on Nanjing Road West,
the police fatally shot seven students.
Numerous injuries were also recorded.
This is the largest altercation
since the beginning of the national movement.
Workers and students alike were outraged
and rioted at the Japanese Consulate,
which lead to further serious confrontations.
Zihao! Save me, Zihao!
it temporarily allows me to forget the pain.
Forget those... who can never been forgotten.
The Shanghai bund only brings me pain.
Where are they?
God, help me.
I must escape.
I must end this!
Catch him!
Catch him!
Young Lord Fang, it's time to say goodbye.
Young Lord, we are here to see you off.
Go to hell.
Someone's escaping!
Don't let him leave!
Hurry, he is up there!
Hurry, hurry!
What are you looking at?
I need to borrow your room.
Kick the door in.
Wake up, wake up.
You are quite good at fighting.
They're over there.
Don't let them leave.
What's wrong with you?
Catch him. Don't let him go.
Catch them.
Stop! Don't move!
Beat them!
Beat them!
Yes, beat them to death.
Stop! Don't move!
Don't let them go.
Don't move.
You have nowhere to run.
Don't run!
Don't run!
Hurry. Don't run!
Well done, brother.
There they are.
Run, hurry, run.
No, what do you mean?
Do you know who am I?
I'm a big deal in Shanghai bund.
You want me to go down there?
Do you know how that will affect my reputation?
Don't let them go.
Hurry, hurry up!
Surprised to know I'm still alive?
Today I came here to meet with all of you;
lucky me.
I don't know who
paid for those useless triads
to kill me.
Today I escaped from death.
Otherwise, the one who fell
on the car would have been me.
Which wharf's owner would be so audacious
as to go up against Mr. Tang?
He must not be worried about his own life.
Come on, let's toast
and hope Mr. Tang could overcomes this shock soon.
Thank you for your concern, Mr. Ye.
But gentlemen, let's think carefully.
Even if Xiang Yu had another thousand chances,
he couldn't win against Liu Bang.
That's the difference between a hero and a bandit.
These years in Shanghai bund,
many people have wanted to take my place.
In the end, they all died.
Oh my god. That smelled awful.
Are you serious?
I helped you escape from jail.
You didn't even say "thank you."
What are you looking at?
You've got my back, brother!
Glad I put my trust in you.
You have the potential
to be a great getaway driver!
But know this,
compared to me, you still have a long way to go.
That's a nice outfit, where did you get it?
You were doing so well a second ago,
what's wrong with you now?
Keep playing around, and you might get killed!
Come on.
Come, come.
Stop here.
Let me buy you some happiness.
Are you really Young Lord Fang?
Oh yes.
Come on.
Reserve the entire second floor for me.
Get off.
Come and relax.
Take good care of my brother.
Very good care!
Where are you going?
that Ye took it too far this time.
He tried to kill me in prison.
How dare he.
Should I just let him get away with it?
Jie, all that matters is that you're alright.
How do you know it was Ye?
Does he have a lot of men working for him?
Ask them to leave.
Dragon to dragon, phoenix to phoenix.
The mice will fight.
Mice? No.
Let me tell you,
everyone in Shanghai bund knows
we are a perfect match.
You are a crow in the sky.
No, maybe not crow.
You are a phoenix in the sky. Flying.
On the ground, I am...
Young Lord.
The young lady has arrived.
She has?
There she is.
Don't laugh!
You are back.
We seen each other in two years.
You look the same.
You are still so absent-minded.
Who are this flower for?
This flower are for you.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Is it too late for the movie?
I booked the entire Guotai theater.
No worries. We won't be late.
I didn't expect that the
Katharine Hepburn film (Alice Adams)
was showing earlier here than in Britain.
I admire Hepburn a lot.
She is so pretty and sexy.
Who are you talking about?
Who is he?
You really aren't civilized.
I don't want to talk with you.
Let's go.
You are so romantic.
Picking me up in an antique carriage.
Of course.
Who am I?
I'm Fang Jie.
Here you are. Your gift.
A dog?
You were born in the year of the Dog?
Look, it looks like you.
OK, I got it.
Thank you.
Well, how is my father?
He is fine.
He misses you very much.
Just like me.
Why didn't he come to pick me up?
He had a meeting in the Municipal Council.
So, he asked me to pick you up.
He must be waiting for you at home now.
Recently, Shanghai bund has been violent.
Dead bodies have turned up daily
in the Suzhou River.
Their faces were unrecognizable.
Let me go!
Hey! You...
Go, go.
Get out of the way!
Run, run.
Run, run.
My Lord.
Mr. Tang.
It won't happen again.
I'm glad he was there to save me.
Come and meet my father.
He saved me today.
This is Mr. Tang, my adoptive father.
It won't happen again.
Zihao, save me, Zihao.
I don't think those assassins
are from around here.
I don't know where those mobs come from.
They thought they could take me in a big group.
Why not challenge me one on one?
I will kill them all.
If he's not helping in the mean time...
If it wasn't for him,
you wouldn't be alive.
Thank you.
If I relied on Jie,
I would be spending my dinner
drinking Meng Po tea.
What did you say?
Aside from you,
I never think of any other girls.
Daddy, did you hear that?
Today is my family reunion.
A happy day-
Let me propose a toast to...
I'm sorry.
What's your name?
Father, he is mute.
He doesn't speak.
Li Zihao.
Mr. Tang, my name is Li Zihao.
A sparrow has one head.
Two eyes that go round and round.
Two wings, with two feet.
It's only tail, crooked.
Nice song.
You sing beautifully like your mother.
This time you've come back
all grown up.
And even more beautiful.
No! This is elegant.
Just like my mother?
Sometime soon,
let daddy host a ball in your honor.
You have to be the highlight of the ball.
Just like my mother?
Dad, I miss mommy.
How did she die?
It was a long time ago.
Why do you still refuse to tell me?
Do you remember ten years ago,
the day of mommy's birthday?
Your mother hid you.
I thought you were lost.
I searched all over Shanghai.
It was just a joke mommy and I played to
make you happy.
But you took it too seriously.
You were so angry,
just because of a joke.
Only you two would
dare play such a game with me.
I can't bear that kind of joke.
This time I came back.
I can feel that you are worried.
As long as you are here with me,
my only goal is to make you happy forever.
I'm not a monkey.
How can I be happy forever?
Others may not be.
But you can.
Why not let Li Zihao
protect me, your little monkey?
You are so much like your mother
when she was young.
You can't hide your thoughts.
You always tell your innermost feelings.
Li Zihao, 24 years old.
He is from Peking.
A student from St. Johns College.
Last year, in the Japanese Concession,
he was the leader
of the 415 student protest movement.
Later, he was taken to the First Prison.
During that period, he became tough,
refusing to give up the other radicals.
We have spent a lot of money
to cover up his escape from First prison.
We can't find any relationship
between Li Zihao and The Association.
My Lord, could we have just a bit more time?
We can do a more thorough background check.
I can't wait.
I'm am in need of new hires.
I don't care whether he is reliable.
I only care whether he is useful to me.
This is Li Zihao.
My newest foster son.
Young Lord!
Mr. Tang,
what do you want from me?
I want you to murder me
in front of all the gangsters in the Shanghai bund.
When I started my business
in the French Concession,
I've wanted to shut down the opium business.
there will be no peace in Shanghai bund.
The French Consul of Shanghai, Owen,
works with the Hong Group's leader, Ye Qishan.
They tried to kill me.
Why me?
I don't trust anybody.
Do you trust me?
No problem.
It all depends on you.
Come, cheers.
Hello, Sir.
Hello, Sir.
Do you like it?
This is the Shanghai bund.
A place dreams are made of.
Mr. Tang,
what is the meaning of this?
I invited all my friends to come
and enjoy the music here.
Zihao! Save me, Zihao!
What's wrong with you?
Excuse me, I need to go to the wash room.
From this moment on,
you represent all the members of The Association.
You are an army in the same trench.
Obey orders, devote yourself to your duties,
sacrifice everything.
Complete all tasks given by the organization.
I promise to be faithful,
obey orders, and devote myself to the cause.
No matter what,
I will follow orders without question and
devote my life to the organization.
Are you alright?
Mr. Tang.
I am not under any illusions
that you have invited us here simply for a drink.
You think the attack on Mr. Tang few days ago
had something to do with
this General Director election?
I think so.
Recently, Shanghai bund has been uneasy.
Not peaceful at all.
Ma San,
you two
are getting older.
You are here to earn a living.
You're here to help Mr. Tang,
not to mock him.
However, I am not surprised.
Mr. Tang, allow me to be frank.
You gathered us here
to find out
who attacked you.
And to warn us.
In your eyes, there is only one tiger.
That's me, Ye Qishan.
Should I feed myself to a tiger?
You were a tiger.
I was a tiger, too.
in Shanghai bund, there can only be one tiger.
Well, I don't see any tigers.
Only a bunch of mice.
Mr. Tang, be careful.
Mice can rise up together.
When they stand up,
they already caught in a trap.
What are you all doing?
We are all in the same boat!
Harmony brings wealth.
Don't forget
the French investigation team is still here.
The French Consul, Owen,
will not vote for Mr. Ye,
if his position is at risk.
Mr. Tang.
In our investigation of these murders,
including yours
we have discovered one very very interesting fact.
And it is this. That all these murders are linked to,
I think you call it in Chinese, The Association.
The Association?
Yes, The Association.
I know you remember
when the Japanese ambassador was killed.
But the reaction?
The Japanese killed so many students.
And you helped them. So,
many of the students remember The Association.
If I were you,
I would be very very very careful.
Ruoyun, you are...
How do you...
I am still alive. Are you scared?
You sang very well.
Sang well?
I was singing in the choir before.
Do you want a glass of wine?
This wine tastes nice.
You wouldn't believe how expensive it is.
Let's have a drink together.
You don't want to have a drink with me?
We have been apart for so long.
You must have many things to tell me.
I would love to catch up.
Let's have a drink together.
Today, I am here to return this to you.
Sorry, I broke it
when I was in prison.
I shouldn't have let you join the The Association.
I should have never asked you
to join that demonstration.
You say you shouldn't have?
Shouldn't have let me in?
"No matter the outcome, good or bad
we shall be together always."
That's what you said.
We would go to Peking and get married right after.
You said that as well.
Now there is only sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
Don't be like this.
Please calm down.
Sorry, sorry.
It's all my fault.
Li Zihao.
When we first met,
you changed my life
and became my whole world.
What could I do after you left me?
What should I do?
Why did you have to show up again?
What do you want me to do now?
I thought you were dead.
My heart is also dead.
Now you come back into my life.
How can I stand in front of you?
How can I be okay with this?
What should I do?
Miss Lan, the next show is about to begin.
Mr. Tang is waiting for you.
I have to go.
Miss Lan, it's your turn to perform.
Mr. Tang is waiting for you.
See, see, see.
Skirts wave under the neon lights
Oh... What I miss
is you
See, see, see.
Touching my lovely red lips
couldn't touch my dreamy dreams
Mr Luo!
Why do you have her doing this?
Calm down.
I knew you two would reunite one day.
Don't you think it's dangerous?
After that mission,
her life became more difficult.
Do not worry.
Her current task
is to stay close to Tang Hexuan.
it seems she has fallen in love
with the old man for real.
Really? You still have her documents.
We have no choice.
As for her current situation,
I'm afraid she might do something to hurt you.
You mean hurt The Association?
There is no Association.
Are you sure you can live like this?
Do you think the Association knows nothing
about your escape from prison?
Why don't you let Lan Ruoyun go?
She has worked so hard already.
I have to secure everyone.
Why didn't you contact the
Association after you escaped?
Tang Hexuan takes me with him everywhere.
Take advantage of your situation.
It's a rare opportunity.
Got it.
But I have a request.
Say it.
After all the dust settles,
destroy all of Lan Ruoyun's documents
and set her free.
Why are you here together?
Miss Tang.
Your father said he is occupied.
So he asked Zihao to pick me up.
That's it?
I forgot;
I heard he and you
were good friends before.
Zihao and I are not good friends.
If you are not good friends,
why do you say his name with such familiarity?
Yesterday I saw you and Owen
walk out of the Huamao Hotel together.
You were so close to each other.
You think I'd betray your father?
Probably not, that's why I didn't tell him.
But I wanted to let you know I saw.
You'd better stay away from Li Zihao.
Your father knew I met with Owen.
Your father asked me to find him
and discuss something.
So, you don't have to worry about it.
Also, for future reference,
I'm not interested in your little insights.
The only thing you should focus
on is the fact that your father loves you.
Do you love him then?
Qianqian, you should stay away from me.
And stay away from here too, OK?
You shouldn't stay in Shanghai;
you should return to Britain immediately.
That girl has fallen in love with you.
Just a glance is enough to tell. I know.
Don't treat her like you treated me.
Our father who is in heaven
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done on earth...
What kind of person is my father?
It's not important.
The only thing you have to know is,
he is your father and he loves you very much.
That's enough.
Maybe this kind of love is unfortunate.
Maybe it is unfortunate.
But maybe it's destiny.
Li Zihao, I love you.
No matter who you are, I love you.
Let me say it again,
I don't care who you are, I love you.
You can have any woman in Shanghai bund,
just not her.
Mr. Tang
wants to cooperate with us sincerely.
You don't have to worry
about the General Director election.
But I don't want anything bad to happen
to the Great Japanese Empire again.
Ask Zhao Yan to bring some sandalwood here,
to get rid of these smelly pests.
Why are you here?
I want to have a drink with you.
It's too late now.
Do you want to have a drink with me?
I'm good at drinking.
You are so boring.
it's late, you should go back home.
Do you want to dance with me?
Can you dance?
No I can't dance.
I can teach you.
Qianqian, if you continue like this,
I will physically carry you home.
You mean, you don't want to dance?
How about wrestling?
Why are you nodding?
Do you think I'm weak?
Ye Qishan and I each have
a fifty-fifty chance of winning.
This time, I need to take advantage away
from Ye Qishan.
Let everyone in Shanghai bund
witness me being killed.
Then everyone
will come running to support us.
I heard Ye Qishan has recruited several assassins.
They've never failed.
Father, is this worth it?
We are going to look
in front of our enemies.
Only when a man is at his weakest,
will the hidden enemies around him
For this war, I would rather die than lose.
My Lord, Mr. Takada is looking for you.
I was thinking of Mr. Tang's speech
and don't want to disturb him
at the moment.
I am here to give you a present.
I rarely deliver a speech at such an occasion.
Today is the 85th anniversary of the opening
of the Shanghai French Concession.
I want to tell everyone,
the General Director election
is very important
to us, the Chinese.
Protect the Lord!
Protect the Lord!
Protect the Lord!
Hurry! Leave!
Hua! Watch your back!
Watch out!
Hurry up, follow me!
Hurry up, follow me!
Protect the Lord!
Move! Hurry!
Hurry! Go!
What's going on?
This way?
What's going on? Tell me!
My father died.
You arranged the car!
You also arranged the staff.
Let's break out here!
Was it you?
You want to be the Boss!
Fang Jie, calm down!
How can I calm down?
Why was there an explosion?
Let's move!
Leave now!
My father is dead.
What will Qianqian do?
You better be worth the bullet I took for you!
You treat your brothers better than
you treat your girl.
I treat Qianqian like a sister.
You don't realize how much she loves you.
Sometimes I really envy you.
Have you ever considered her future?
Have you?
I really don't understand.
The colder you are,
the more women love you. Why?
Do you know?
Women need love and care.
Do you even know you are injured right now?
You are bleeding.
So what?
I'm not thirsty.
Have you finished your speech?
I just don't want you to be like me.
To live without attachments and
die without peace.
A sparrow has one head.
Two eyes that go round and round.
Two wings, with two feet.
Old buddy, are you really dead?
You are such a lying fox.
I can't believe you ever,
even in your death.
Unless I open this coffin and check inside.
Old buddy,
how awful!
Who could be so cold!
Not only beat you, but also blow you up.
He was burnt already.
You should shut your mouth.
Old buddy, without you,
what will Shanghai bund look like?
listen to your uncle,
find someone and get married soon.
How about becoming my whore?
Old buddy, I miss you so much.
Why don't you stop your bullshit!
Kneel down!
Bow down to my father.
I, Ye Qishan, am skilled in killing the enemy.
Only a dead body is placed above me.
Both of you want to be heroes, right?
Alright, I'll let you in on a secret.
There is no hero in Shanghai bund.
Only hustlers.
I, Ye Qishan, am the most powerful hustler
in Shanghai bund.
Fine! You have the advantage today.
Old buddy, I respect you.
Watch out!
Sorry, boss.
Hurry Hurry.
Ye Qishan is obviously
targeting us.
Tomorrow is the General Director election.
He intends to make his move.
We have to go to the General Director meeting.
Otherwise, the other gangs will look down on us.
If we go there,
Ye Qishan will definitely provoke us.
We have to attend.
But only Zihao should go.
Young Lord, Young Lord.
Qianqian was kidnapped.
Our two bases
were also destroyed by Ye Qishan.
Why we are still sitting here?
Men, follow me!
Calm down.
I don't know how to calm down!
How could Qianqian fall in love with you?
Calm down.
Calm down?
What about Qianqian?
She's probably dying!
Before Ye Qishan is elected,
we will save Qianqian.
All will fail if you act recklessly.
I can only see fear in your eyes.
Fear can help us stay calm.
He is expecting you to fight back,
in order to kill us all.
Once we take action,
all the gangs will join forces against us.
I am asking you,
what we are going to do about Qianqian?
Stop, don't fight!
Jie, stop fighting!
Listen to me.
Mr. Tang treated me very well before he died.
My staff is your staff.
Ye Qishan wants to play a little trick;
let's go along with his little trick.
Brother, do you think Ma San is reliable?
What about you?
What does death feel like?
Would you help me write a will before I die?
What is it?
"Tang Qianqian belongs to me."
Last words written by Fang Jie.
You're crazy!
we can't predict what will happen tomorrow.
Leave right after it's done, don't take any risk!
Guess, will you save me tomorrow?
Or I save you?
Brother, do you have any wishes?
What is your plan if you survive?
I once had a dream.
I dreamed that Shanghai bund belonged to me.
Qianqian is holding my hand.
If there is a will before dying...
If I die,
I hope you survive.
Zihao, I came to pick you up.
Let's talk on the way.
Baked roll, baked roll.
Come and buy.
Mr. San, we seem to be taking different turns,
I hope we won't be late.
Take it
No thanks.
Little brother,
after Mr. Tang died,
Ye Qishan became the most powerful person
in the Shanghai bund.
He's working with Owen;
you can't touch them.
You are smart,
but too young.
You know, people like me are just like small fish
being swept up in a current,
we can't help but follow the wave.
Do you understand?
Get out, little brother.
Has anyone from Tang's side arrived?
Not yet.
Mr. Ma San is dealing with it now.
When are you...
Shut up.
I don't want to be late for the banquet.
Mr. San, sorry.
We have to feed our families.
I am proud to introduce you to
the honored guest of the banquet...
Why hasn't Ma San arrived yet?
Thank you very much. Everybody please take a seat.
Thank you everyone
for supporting me today!
As long as I, Ye Qishan, earn a living here,
all of you can profit too!
Now please, a round of applause for the
next honors General Director, Mr. Ye Qishan.
Hurry up, go!
Where is Qianqian?
You won't get out of here alive if you kill me!
I'll ask again; where is Qianqian?
Quick, save the boss!
Hurry, hurry up!
Get up!
Follow me!
Don't move!
There he is!
Such bullshit!
Get up!
Step back!
Back, back!
Don't shoot!
Don't let him go. Run.
Don't waste your time.
You can't escape.
Bust down the door, hurry.
Shut up.
You want to be crippled?
That way.
Out of the away.
Let me shoot.
Hurry, hurry.
Over there!
Out of bullets?
It's my turn.
You're late.
Get up.
Kill me,
you bastards.
Don't expect to leave here alive!
Especially you, Fang Jie.
You bastard!
I won't allow anyone to disrespect my brother.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Look, an explosion!
What happened?
I don't know.
Fu Sheng.
It's time to clean up.
My Lord, you are brilliant.
Brother, it's so late;
why did Fu Sheng ask us to come here?
Father, how are you...
It's too harsh for both of you
to deal with the enemies.
This time it's too risky.
Father, how could you trick us like this?
What are you afraid of?
Is she your old classmate?
Just because we...
Why would I mind?
Three years ago,
she attended the students' assassination organization.
She assassinated Chen Zuguang,
Miao Xin, and Wulan Nade.
She got injured during the assassination
of Qiao Yishan.
Since then, she's hidden her identity.
She since resurfaced
and began performing at Shanghai's Grand World.
Hao, did you know all this?
I've been with Ruoyun for many years.
I knew nothing about this.
But you, Hao?
You've known each other since childhood.
She tried to kill me.
Did you know?
Didn't know.
You had no idea?
No matter how much we beat her,
she won't give anything up.
Are there any traitors in my midst?
Even if she says nothing,
Takada Silurian has given this to us.
I spent quite a lot of money
getting this from him.
But we had better substantiate this information.
If it gets out,
everyone will think of us as fools.
That's all.
But I know it's not over yet.
do you really wish I were dead?
You hate me that much?
I'll spare your childhood friend
if you end this mess.
Live a full life.
I will follow you.
Wherever you want to go, we will go together.
I want to go to Shanghai.
And, I want to travel abroad.
This is your base?
You are all just like
rats, you're everywhere.
The only thing you knows is revolution.
But you don't work it out wisely.
The best way to deal with people like rats,
is to kill them.
So, I am the last problem to eliminate.
I never believe in those who start with nothing.
Of course, you have this.
So many of you have died.
And yet you all are worth less than dust.
Finish him.
Jie, this is the real world
where only sharks survive.
The weak fish always die.
Between gangs
there is never brotherhood.
All that matters is profit and power!
You want to be the boss.
The only way is to conquer.
You said we are like brothers,
that we share everything.
I call you Brother, Hao
because I truly see you as my brother.
Since I was young,
I always fought with others.
In the orphanage,
I fought with other orphans for food.
At the pier, I fought with other workers
for a place to sleep.
In Shanghai bund, I fight for a living.
Until I met my father,
I fought for power
and seized territory with my own gang.
Whatever I take,
no one dares to snatch it from my hand.
But I treated you like my own brother.
I could have even given up Qianqian for you,
I could have also given up my place
in Shanghai bund.
But why did you lie to me?
Why do you work for The Association?
Say it!
Fang Jie, my brother.
Live a full life.
I can't look at you anymore.
Fu Sheng.
Do you know a man named Luo?
It's him. Hurry.
Mr. Tang said Fu Sheng loves drinking tea.
Don't waste it.
We searched the entire Suzhou River
three times already.
But we still haven't found Li Zihao's body.
You didn't kill him.
He will come for me.
You want me to die?
The one who kills your boss,
will never be the boss.
But let me tell you,
the only person in Shanghai bund
that could replace me
is myself.
The others who want to replace me? All dead.
Do you want to replace me?
Qianqian will definitely marry you.
This gang will sooner or later be yours.
Unfortunately, your plan wasn't seamless.
I'm not smart enough to make such an elaborate plan.
The fortune teller said I am very tough.
Which means,
one gets successful,
at the expense of millions of lives.
But I still need an heir.
I respect you, but you gave up.
You choose to go beneath me.
In this world,
the most dangerous person
is the one that pretends to be a fool.
When, in actuality, he is not.
You are all untrustworthy.
Why do all you kids
follow The Association?
Sacrificing yourselves.
My circle is getting smaller and smaller.
I can only trust myself.
Let's eat.
Just like a nice person
who doesn't feel like being nice anymore.
What's the point of being nice anymore?
Nice people are always taken advantage of.
you don't step on others to upgrade yourself;
they will screw you over in return.
In Shanghai bund, this is a humanity world.
There is no good or bad.
He always lies to me.
He killed Jie
and many students.
Many people died.
He will gather all the gangs in Shanghai bund
to kill you.
He took advantage of me from the very beginning,
used me to kill his enemies
and destroy The Association.
I will give you my life as payment
for what my father has done to you.
Qianqian, you don't owe anyone anything.
He should with his own life.
Qianqian, you should leave
Shanghai as soon as possible.
No, we should leave here together.
Tomorrow morning,
we should leave this dangerous place together.
Let's go to Britain.
I will meet you at the pier at 9:00 a.m.
Who is the hero in Shanghai bund?
You are just a thug who plays dirty.
Qianqian, why?
What my father owes you,
I will pay back.
Why is it so important to stay Shanghai bund?
It's so important that
the two most important people in my life
murdered each other.
If I have to die,
I will...
always be with you
and ever...
the Chairman of Shanghai's United Chamber
of Commerce, Mr. Tang Hexuan,
was officially appointed as the new General Director
of the Municipal Council.
Mr. Tang Hexuan says
from now on
he will suspend all personal projects
and devote himself to the country.
He will unite all business executives
in an effort to make Shanghai
a more prosperous place.
Hot off the press! Hot of the press!
Tang Hexuan is appointed as
the General Director of the Municipal Council
of Shanghai's French Concession.
Hot off the press! Hot of the press!
Tang Hexuan is appointed as
the General Director of the Municipal Council
of Shanghai's French Concession.