The Gamechangers (2015) Movie Script

'The new, hotly anticipated
Grand Theft Auto is being released today.
'And fans are revved up,
and gearing up to buy it.
'Set in 1980s Miami, Vice City lets
you be a gangster in your own home.
'And promises to be as colourful and
controversial as its predecessors.'
'Yes, as for the seminal
Grand Theft Auto III,
'the question game watchers
are asking is,
'can Sam Houser's
Rockstar Games pull off
'making the most
successful game ever,
'twice, in the space of one year?'
'You're listening to WYNZ,
'New York's biggest
and best radio station.
'This morning we are talking
about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
'The hot new one from Rockstar
Games hit the stores today.
'Expectation is sky-high,
but just how good is it?
'Let's take a call. I've got Newark's
Phil Lombard on the line.'
'Hey, Sam Houser is a genius, man.
This game is beautiful.
'I bought it at midnight.
'I had to stand in line
for four hours to get it.
'I have been playing it
ever since. It is huge.
'They've recreated
the whole of 1980s Miami.
'They've made a living,
breathing city.
'There is a great storyline
this time, amazing visuals,
'loads of kick-ass
'80s radio stations,
'and a huge number
of cool missions.'
'Sounds great.'
'It is, Steve.
'But what makes it genius is
the size of the gameplay area.
'And the detail.
'GTA III was seminal.
It changed the whole of gaming.
'I think this one is even better.'
'Phil, I'm going to let you
get back to playing with yourself.
'Let's take another call. I think
we've got a female gamer on the line.
'Hello, Peggy, is that right?
You're up...'
Have you seen the figures?
We've sold a million units.
A million.
In one fucking day.
So whatever we do next, we have
to take it to the next level.
I know we are all excited about
how Vice City has done,
but EA are breathing down our necks
and we have demanding fans.
So, I want to create a world full
of incredible realistic detail
that evokes real emotions
in the players.
Far more than we did in Vice.
Take-Two are expecting
the next GTA within a year,
by which they mean nine months.
We can do this in a year.
I had to discourage about 50
people from leaving every week.
We can't put everyone through that
again. Well, so we hire more people.
Boyz N The Hood. Menace II Society.
Colors, I want a fucking cool vibe.
That is the world we're in.
South-Central LA. Compton and Watts.
A black hood game?
Those barrios are vibe.
You remember when the Crips and
Bloods were fighting in the '80s?
We can't make a game about that.
Why not? We are British.
We know nothing about it.
Hey, look, we're good at making
games about American culture
because we grew up absorbed in it.
But you're talking about
a real American conflict.
Exactly, something real that is
not just an iteration of a TV show
or a film. Because we are outsiders,
we see America for what it is.
Better than they do.
There she is. The successful wife.
I got us Italian. Oh, great.
I am starving. Long day.
Johnny. Dinner.
May the Lord bless this meal
and grant us a compassionate
and understanding heart, in
Jesus' name we pray. Amen. Amen.
All right. This looks good. Yeah!
Listen, I'm going to need your help
with this. We need to push it.
Now, we need to be
careful, though, Sam.
You know, finishing Vice City
nearly killed everyone.
If we go bigger, it is going to be
harder. It is not just about scale.
Come on, little brother.
You are the clever, funny one.
We need new ideas to move us on.
So, if you want to push boundaries,
we should have a black
lead character.
Yeah, great idea.
Yeah, let's take it black.
Can you have a black lead in a game?
Has anyone done that? No. We will.
Could we get Samuel L Jackson?
Yeah, I'm sure we could.
You can get anyone.
Film stars don't matter,
all right, forget film stars.
This game has got to be something
that goes beyond film.
It does something film can't do.
How? I don't know, that is why
we are talking about it. Ooh!
Well, hello, Margaret.
Of course I remember you.
How can I help?
I see.
Well, Margaret,
let me stop you there.
It sounds to me like
the treatment you had
may well be medical malpractice
and, gee, I would love to help.
But I don't think you should use me.
I think you should speak to a lawyer
who may be able to better
represent you.
Well, to be frank, I've become
a little toxic as a lawyer.
I got Howard Stern
and a 2 Live Crew rap album
banned for violating obscenity laws
and subsequently no-one
wants to be represented
by a kooky moral campaigner.
You should try my friend,
Frank Simpson. He is a good man.
A fine advocate.
Why do I do it? What can I say?
Because I am Batman.
Because for some reason,
God rose this asshole up to do good.
Well, I appreciate the call.
All right. Goodnight.
We just made the biggest
selling game in history!
We've lined up the usual suspects
for a cheese ball competition,
so, if you want to be a rock star,
you have got to play the game.
Right, now, listen up.
Last year's record was 68.
Anyone who beats that,
you get the holiday
and I will throw in
a triple pass, all right?
Eat the cheese.
Don't, don't... Oh, no, look.
That is disgusting. That is carnage.
That is a cheese fondue right there.
What? What is it?
I bought you something.
It is the first TTS convertible
in America. What? For me?
It's a thank you. For everything
you've done for Rockstar.
And for me.
You'll be too busy to ever drive it,
of course. Yeah, of course.
Look, Vice City is good,
really good,
but you and I know we are only
just scratching the surface of
what these games can do now.
And for the next one,
I want to create a completely
real world, right? For grown-ups,
where you don't have to become
a penguin or some shitty hairy elf.
When people talk about video games
the way they talk about
films and music, Jamie,
that is when we have done it.
Enjoy that.
'A blue Pontiac,
registered stolen
'this evening at 23:00 hours,
'license plate 0093,
registered to a Mr Evelyn...
'Officers Spencer and Watt
in attendance,
'appears to be a trauma injury...'
What is your full name, please,
Devin? I need your full name, son.
Devin Darnell Moore.
Darnell Moore. Date of birth?
Look, son, you are in a lot of
trouble, you need to start helping.
OK. Let's do your fingerprints.
He's got a gun!
What's going on?
Ace, Ace, we got a fucking problem!
Honey, there's a muffin for you here.
We leave in five minutes, OK?
I've got lacrosse tonight, Dad.
Can you pick me up at seven?
What's that? Lacrosse. Tonight.
Fayette, Alabama, please.
Can I get the number
of the Fayette police station?
You know how in traditional
role-playing games you can
train yourself to be
a better shitty swordsman,
or do better shitty
little goblin spells?
Our hero, Carl, should be able
to improve himself too.
Like, to change.
So you can make him
thinner, or fatter,
or sexier, or stronger, you know.
You can change him. Morning, Jamie.
People have been able to do
that in RPGs for a while.
Yes, but that is always
to help you complete
some sort of narrow mission.
All right, now we're going
to offer the players the chance
to adapt themselves as they go.
Shape themselves.
Not because they need to for the
game, just because they want to.
All right, so if you want Carl
to get a haircut, you can.
If you want him to go and get new
threads, you just go and buy them.
And then doing these things will
change how other characters
relate to you in the game.
But if it's not linked to missions,
won't all that feel a bit
irrelevant and super nerdy?
No, I don't think so.
I think it will make people feel
incredibly emotionally
linked to Carl.
You are the hero. The hero is you.
OK, Terry, if you could send Carl to
get a haircut - go and get dreads -
would that not feel good?
Jen, you want a tattoo?
Via Carl, you can go and get one.
Jamie, you want a six pack.
You can get one. Got one.
Dan, you want to have sex,
via Carl, finally, you can.
If you make Carl attractive enough,
somebody should have sex with him.
This is beyond what film can do.
Guys, we're going
to create the first
truly adaptable hero
across any art-form.
Devin, my name is Jack Thompson. I am
an attorney at law based in Miami.
I am very sorry about
the situation you are in.
I'd like to understand how it
happened. Why it happened.
When they arrested you
in Mississippi, apparently you said,
"Life is like a video game,
you have got to die sometime."
Is that what you said?
Who are you?
He doesn't know why he did it.
He said it was like a flashback,
like he was playing the game.
He is just a sweet, stupid lost kid.
He got arrested and he panicked.
I just don't believe
he would have killed those men
if he had not spent hours a day
practising doing exactly
the same thing in that
cop killer game.
You don't know it was the game
that made him act that way.
But it WAS the game.
He is still guilty of murder.
Yes, he is,
and nothing will change that.
Come on, you're a lawyer.
I think the people that make these
games are partly responsible.
I mean, think about it.
They're drenching our children
in depravity and violence,
training our kids to be killers
and making money out of it.
They... They make an entertainment
that normalises horrendous violence.
It makes me sick.
You're going to fight them.
You don't think I should?
I feel compelled to.
We're raising a generation of kids
steeped in sex and violence
and no-one's doing anything about it.
I think this is what's
required of me.
This is vibe.
Very cheery.
this is what I'm talking about.
Get video of every
street around here, Jamie.
Is it safe?
Yeah, get filming, it's fine.
Lookin' real good.
We should get the
programmers down here too
so they can see it for themselves,
iterate on it.
The streets speak to you. Whoo!
I feel very English.
You don't look it.
You look like a bad... shit mother!
You know what I'm saying?
Are we... hoping to see a drive-by?
Do you mind if I don't film that?
We should get the programmers
firing some guns too,
so they know how they
sound and feel.
Who are you?
Hey, my man, don't sweat it.
These are English fellas
I'm showing around.
Why you got that rip
in your jeans, boy?
Is that a Crip thing?
Is it?
I'm not a Crip, I promise you.
By cool, these are...
Do not tell me to be cool, nigga!
I'll decide when I'mma be cool.
Who are you?
I'm DJ Dog from South Park, man.
These fellas are just here
doing research on a game.
They make Grand Theft Auto.
Y'all make GTA?
Y'all some Rockstars.
Yo, I love that game!
I play it for hours!
Tell them I play it for hours.
Don't I play it for hours? Hmm-hmm.
Yo... Y'all want to make
a game around here?
Yeah, a game that's set here.
Maybe you could help us.
Like, can I be in it?
Like, I'm a performer, I've got
my own record label and I'm an actor.
Yeah, man, what's your name?
And where do you get your jewellery?
I'll show you. OK.
Carl's got this girl
he's dating in the game.
Denise, we said.
Denise, right.
Oh, 21-11. Next gangster.
You should be able to take
her on different dates,
do stuff that affects
the relationship
and how she behaves to you,
like in real life.
Come on then, Houser.
I'm gonna take you down.
Be able to take her to bars or
out driving, buy her flowers.
Can you take her on a drive-by?
Some girls would love that.
What was that, Jamie?
And I want a proper sex scene
this time round.
A full-on sex scene.
If you treat Denise right, she'll
have sex with you. It's only fair.
You can't put a sex scene
in a game, Sam. Yes, you can.
Why not? Sex is a part of life.
Films and music tackle sex
all the time - why can't we?
2-0, wanker.
Oh, Ray, sorry I'm late.
I had a hell of a time
finding the place.
No problem. We're all here.
My friend Ray here is
an excellent trial lawyer.
He believes as strongly as I do
that Rockstar and Sony are,
to some degree, responsible
for the deaths of your loved ones.
We believe what Devin did
was an impulsive act,
made more likely due to the fact
that he played a violent video game
for weeks beforehand.
And we're gathering a handful of
expert witnesses to testify in court
that there is a clear link between
teenagers playing violent games
and violent behaviour.
You saying that the game's
responsible for his actions,
that will let Devin off the hook,
won't it?
I don't know about the others here,
but I want that boy
to face up to what he did.
I want him on death row.
We don't believe what Devin
did was premeditated.
You don't know it wasn't.
No, I don't.
I'm not saying he's not responsible
for what he did - he is -
and he will face that
in a criminal court.
Our civil case isn't
designed to get him off,
but we want the makers
of these obscene games
to take some responsibility and
help stop other police officers
from being killed in the same way
that James and Arnold and Ace were.
Don't you want that too?
And we want you to have
some form of compensation...
for your loss.
You think you can win?
We will win, I promise you,
because I will fight this as hard
as I've ever fought anything
and because I believe what
Martin Luther King said -
"The arc of history is long,
but it bends towards justice."
This lawsuit will put the video game
industry on trial.
Strickland versus Sony, the makers
of PlayStation and Rockstar Games,
the makers of Grand Theft Auto
is a lawsuit designed to make every
police officer in America safer.
How much are you seeking in damages?
600 million for the families.
Isn't that excessive?
I don't think so.
We're going to destroy Rockstar
Games, you can count on that.
Listen, there's some born-again
Christian nutbag lawyer in Florida
bringing a civil case against us
for that supposed copycat
killing in Alabama.
For what Devin Moore did?
Are Take-Two worried about?
No. It's America -
it's ligation-crazy.
They've put their lawyers on it,
you don't have to do anything,
but you should be aware of it,
that's all.
I'm aware.
OK, good.
Coming to play ping pong? Sure.
What's this lawyer's name?
How long have you been playing
that game? Jesus, Patty!
I didn't pick you up, I'm sorry.
Oh, that's OK.
It's not what it looks like.
I just thought I'd better
exactly understand
what it is I'm objecting to.
It's unbelievable.
From the moment you start playing,
it encourages you to hurt people
and you start doing it.
It's disturbing.
I mean, how dare these people
make this depraved garbage
and force it on our children.
Yes, Jack.
A disgusting picture of America
made by some Brits.
I really wish ill on the people
who make this filth.
Who are you?
Perfect. Cheers, man.
What's that? A T-shirt I bought.
It's a list of all
the pharmaceutical drugs
found in Dom Simpson's blood
system when he died.
He's not the greatest film producer
ever - that's James Cameron.
Cameron's a director,
not a producer.
Simpson produced Top Gun, Bad Boys
and Beverly Hills Cop.
End of.
Don't forget Flashdance.
It's not even just what he produced,
it's how he produced it.
Unashamed to be populist
and entertaining.
Never compromised and basically
invented the action comedy.
Hey, Sam, the guys...
Ah, Jamie, have you spoken to JP
about our new game engine yet?
Well, no,
I haven't been to San Diego yet.
Well, can you get on that, please?
I don't want to have to lease
a game engine any more -
I want us to have our own one.
And not just for GTA -
for all our games. OK.
When you start dressing
in Armani and cowboy boots
and start taking hard drugs
like Don there,
you'll know what's been going on.
So we've created a new game engine
to replace RenderWare.
We're calling it
the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine -
OK, so... how are we going
to show Sam what it can do?
He wants to see something soon.
We were thinking we could take
some GTA scenes and show how
the movement would be improved.
No, he's going to want
to see something new.
Trying to build a new game
engine is about producing
an authenticity to movement, right?
Do ping pong.
Sam loves table tennis.
If you can show him how
the ball will move in flight
and get that right... Not shooting
someone or driving a car?
Ping pong.
OK. Is my taxi here?
I've got to get to the airport.
Er... yeah, it's here.
It would really help if we could
have some more people, Jamie.
20 guys from here got put on GTA.
Yeah, I know.
It's the same everywhere.
Everyone's on GTA now till it's
released - it's the way it is.
Don't ask me where the next
game is going to come from.
Paging Dr Sexton...
What surprised us, when we first
showed violent material to children,
was how much brain
activity it produces
here, an area called
the posterior cingulate.
MRI research with veterans
and victims of violent crime
has shown that
this is an area of the brain
where we store distressing or
traumatic events for
long-term memory.
You're saying that the same area
of the brain that processes
traumatic stress in real life
is also triggered by
violent entertainment?
Especially in teenagers,
because their brains
aren't fully formed yet.
People don't know this, Doctor -
they should -
and you can prove it.
Would you be willing to testify
to this in court?
Of course, if necessary.
The neurology is clear.
Has anyone ever asked you
to do that? No...
Not yet.
Your weapons training is
absolutely vital, because,
as an old gunny sergeant
taught me, in combat,
you don't rise to the occasion -
you sink to the level
of your training.
The point is this -
what we teach you in training
will come out in combat...
without thought.
And that is why your training
needs to be the most accurate,
most authentic it can be.
When we use these violent games
to train soldiers,
we call them combat simulators.
When young kids use them at home,
they're murder simulators.
You call these games
murder simulators?
The same thing is going on
in both situations.
You're training young
people to kill.
They're making killing a conditioned
reflex stimulus response.
Dave, would you be willing
to say these things
in an expert witness statement
or in court? Sure.
Everything that's in my book,
I am willing to say in court.
This coming from a man of your
first-hand military experience
will really have an impact on a jury.
Well, I'm happy to help,
because I think that this
is a serious social issue.
Say, can I trouble
you for an autograph?
My pleasure.
This sex scene in San Andreas
has got to be good.
It's not some Benny Hill bit.
It's got to be something proper
that can get people excited.
Have you seen what they've
animated yet? No. Have you?
No. They were looking at this scene
where Carl goes round to see Denise,
she invites him in for coffee,
he goes in,
has full-blown sex...
...and a blowjob.
Sounds great. When can we see it?
It's going to be hard
to get this stuff in, Sam.
I know. No-one's ever done a sex
scene in a game before. I know,
I know, but it's really important
for the vibe of the game
and it has to be as good as
the best sex scenes in movies.
As good as... Last Tango?
Angel Heart? Nine 1/2 Weeks?
As good as the Top Gun sex scene.
Fucking Tom Cruise
and Kelly Mc-wotsit?
You're joking!
Anyway, everyone's favourite
sex scene from Top Gun is the one
where all the men play
topless volleyball.
Whatever. Just make it fucking good.
Oh, hello, Sally.
How are you?
I hear you're campaigning
against the people
who make those violent video games.
That's right, I am. Good for you.
Go get 'em, Jack.
They're fucking with our kids.
Fuck these people.
Fuck 'em.
Well, I certainly intend to.
Thank you. Can I make a donation?
Oh, no need.
Just send us your prayers.
I'll be on 60 Minutes tonight.
I'll watch you!
I'll pray for you...
and I'll send them some hate mail.
God bless you.
'Shooting, stealing,
'Grand Theft Auto has
always been controversial
'and it's now the subject
of a civil lawsuit.
'Florida attorney Jack Thompson
'is bringing the case
against the makers of GTA.
'You think that playing
Grand Theft Auto...'
'Well, there's plenty of blame...'
'Turn your TV on -
'that guy from Florida's
on the news.'
Yeah, we're watching it.
'..responsible for what he did.'
This Jack Thompson
seems to be everywhere.
'He's been sending loads
of aggressive e-mails'
to Take-Two management, OK?
If he sends any to us,
we've been instructed not to reply.
'Forward them straight
to me or Kolbe.
'She'll send them to the lawyers.'
'I believe that if it
wasn't for that video game,
'Devin Moore wouldn't
have killed those cops.
'Rockstar Games gave him
a cranial menu that popped up
'and offered him the option
to kill the police officers,
'shoot them in the head
'and flee in a police car.
'What we're saying is that
Devin Moore, in effect,
'was trained to do what he did.
'He bought a murder simulator and
he played it for hundreds of hours.
'He's primarily a cop-killing...'
That's just fucking whack.
I'll call you later, Terry.
A game does not make
someone a criminal.
If he hadn't played Vice,
he'd have played something else.
If it's the cop-killing in the game
that's the problem,
maybe we should tone it
down for San Andreas.
A bit. No way, Jamie,
this is a free country.
We're allowed to make
the game we want to make.
We can't go around curtailing
people's artistic freedoms
because of one lunatic.
'If you tell the tales,
you define the culture.
'Rockstar Games are telling tales
full of violence and depravity.'
Parents have no idea
what their kids are playing.
That's the problem. Yeah, but that's
not our fault, is it? It's theirs!
They don't understand games
and they want to blame
someone for these deaths,
but rather than blame this kid's
parents or failed education
or zero job prospects,
this man wants to blame us.
I'm not changing a single
thing about GTA.
OK, I agree,
I just don't think any of us like
being accused of making
a murder simulator.
Well, that's good, because we don't,
we make entertainment.
'How do you want to make a game
that suggests, even for a moment,
'that it's OK to kill police
'Why do you want to do that?'
'As he fled,
Moore stole a bunch of car keys.
'He climbed into
a police car out front
'and hit the road.
'It was over within seconds.
'Inside, three people
had been murdered.'
I'll be in Baton Rouge - I've got
to debate Louisiana Law School.
Up against a bunch of nightmare
Southern liberals.
And Friday, I'm set up to be
on The Today Show again.
I got a client dinner that night.
'I'm going to kill you fuckers.'
What is it?
Oh, it's gay boy!
It's just kids being stupid.
Oh, I know.
People who really wanna kill you,
they don't phone you up
and warn you, they just do it.
Yes, I know.
We can't let things
like this stop us.
What sort of message would that send?
I agree, Jack.
How about, as you burn the grass,
you get high,
so it becomes harder to do.
Controls get harder.
That's really funny.
Jamie! How was Vienna?
Good. Tiring.
I need you to go
to Edinburgh tomorrow
to talk to the animators
of the Truth mission, OK?
They need to be better. I was
supposed to have this weekend off.
I've got that stag party, remember?
You're just going
to have to skip it.
Yeah, it's crunch time,
I need people to dig deep.
That's how I dig. We're six months
off delivering this game now
and whole chunks of it
are still shit and boring.
There's animation glitches
in the street scenes still,
the mo-cap's terrible. Terry,
we need to hire more QA people.
Take-Two won't let you
hire anyone else.
At this rate, the game's going
to be six months later
than we said it would be when we
said it would be six months late.
I'm not going to release a shit
product into the world, guys.
I'm sorry about that.
If we can't hire more people, fine -
we'll just have to take people off
Manhunt and Warriors.
Jamie, go to Edinburgh,
then go to Toronto
and get people working on GTA.
Also, I've just heard there are 63
tracks you still haven't licensed?
I'm on it. They take time.
You gave us 160 to do.
Oh, and by the way,
James Brown's publishers said they
definitely won't let us use Payback.
Go back to them, persuade them,
you're really good at that
and that's a really important
track for the game.
Come on, mate! You're Mr Wolf!
Hi, honey, good game?
Hey! You OK?
Slow down!
What's the matter?
Someone took my lacrosse stick,
I think.
What do you mean, "took"?
On purpose?
I don't know. Maybe I lost it.
It doesn't matter. Hey!
What's going on?
Everything OK at school?
Yeah. You'd tell me if there was
something wrong, wouldn't you?
Look, I know you think these games
hurt people, Dad, but, you know,
not every kid's about to pull
a Columbine, Dad, you know?
What's wrong?
He's having a tough time.
This is all my fault.
No, it's not.
He'll be fine.
I won't let him be bullied.
I'll go to the school.
I'll talk to the kids.
Do a convocation.
Is that a good idea?
We don't want to make it worse.
I won't.
I'll make them understand.
...those sunglasses
look like goggles.
But this one's perfect,
that's good. OK. Hey!
We've been looking at how we can
incorporate the sexual content
you want in San Andreas
without hurting sales.
We'll do this later. OK.
It's a question of how far we
can push the creative envelope
in this area and still
get a mature rating.
If we get an adults-only rating,
about 80% of shops and distributors
in the US, particularly Wal-Mart,
won't stock the game.
I've always been clear about this -
this stuff is not gratuitous.
It's done within context
and it's been linked to the story.
What's acceptable as sexual content
is different in different countries.
I can send you a full list
of the various dos and don'ts.
It'll depress you.
Broadly, male nudity is acceptable
as long as the penis isn't erect.
No erect cocks? That's right.
The US is the most sensitive
country by miles.
No penises, no vaginas, no nipples.
So that scene you've got animated
of Carl having sex with Denise,
that will get us an instant
adults-only label here
and needs removing.
That's ridiculous.
We don't all live in a virtual Utah.
I know, I wish we could include
that stuff, but it's not feasible.
What's wrong with this country?
I can walk down the road
and get an Uzi if I want to,
they're sending kids off
to kill people in Iraq
and heaven for-fucking-bid
anyone sees a woman's nipple!
That's America. The Jack Thompsons
of this world won't have it.
I don't care what he thinks.
I'm not going to bend to this.
Sex is a perfectly acceptable thing
to have in a piece
of adult entertainment
and we are not pushing
boundaries without it.
Maybe we should just be an AO game.
We're a game for adults -
fine, let's just be that.
That would be retail suicide.
Who cares!
So we sell half of what we hoped -
at least we get to make our game.
I'm not having the content
of my game dictated to me
by a bunch of moronic shopkeepers!
Don Simpson wouldn't
settle for it, would he?
What would he do?
He'd hire an aircraft carrier,
fill it with prostitutes,
take 15 different types of class-A
drugs and then, I think,
he'd accept the power
of the marketplace.
Fine, take the scene out.
There's no time, the game's due.
Blank Rome has been confirmed
as the defence counsel
for Rockstar and Take-Two.
That is a big, serious law firm.
They're going to fight you
every step of the way. Good!
You know what? I want this fight.
Believe me, Jack, they will look
into every corner of your life,
of our lives,
to try and discredit you.
Let 'em - I've got nothing to hide.
You ever smoke dope at college?
Fake a tax receipt?
Failed to pay a fine?
They'll try and find out, they'll
try and pathologize your behaviour.
Make you seem like a fanatic.
Forget what I've done.
I'm going to do my best to make
their lives a living hell.
No, don't try and attack them.
They are not the target, are they?
The target is the video games
Keep your eye on the target,
Jack. Right.
Here's Villagio's.
Let's pray for a parking space.
You know this Jack Thompson guy?
What about him?
You know he got Howard Stern
thrown off the air? Yeah?
He got a 2 Live Crew album banned
and now he's having a go at us.
The whole Devin Moore case,
they're just using us as scapegoats.
These people have an issue
with the entire gaming industry.
They'll find any excuse.
Yeah, but this guy wins.
He's relentless and
he's clearly obsessive.
He won against a rap band,
that's all.
You're not taking this
seriously enough.
Listen, we've got Blank Rome, yeah?
A seriously heavyweight law firm.
He won't know what's hit him.
They say Thompson's
his own worst enemy.
He's a bigmouth, can't help himself.
"Your client and what it does
"is indefensible.
"You disgrace us as lawyers.
"Shame on you."
You OK?
Doing battle, honey.
Doing battle.
Good night.
"These men have done
their level best
"to promote what John Paul II
called a 'culture of death'
"to an entire generation
of American children."
Make this filth disappear...
Torturing our children,
"Absolutely the dumbest thing
you ever did was hire Blank Rome
"as your law firm."
John, Dave. Thanks so much
for coming, all of you. Hey, Jack.
When the judge hears
your expert testimonies,
there'll be no way
he can dispute the influence
of Grand Theft Auto on Devin's case.
Who are they? Blank Rome.
Rockstar's lawyers.
Jack, a word.
800 pages from Blank Rome
describing all your campaigning,
despite the case being active,
including press releases that you
have written about this case
before it's even been heard.
Ray, they want me off the case.
They're scared of me.
You've been on The Today Show
seven times talking about this!
Eight times. And Fox News.
You know it's not allowed.
You're killing our case, Jack,
before it's even started.
Did you write to the CEO
of Take-Two telling him
that you're going to take him
for every penny that he has?
Yes, I did, and I don't regret it.
Did you say in the press that
Sony dumping GTA on American kids
was "effectively Pearl Harbor 2"?
All of these communications
are fundamental violations
of Bar ethical codes.
If you think I'm going to allow
this sort of grandstanding
in my courtroom,
you are absolutely wrong.
OK, I understand your position,
Your Honour.
That's become very clear.
Myself and Mr Reiser have discussed
that and I'm happy to step down.
My colleague can prosecute it
very ably without my assistance.
It's not up to you whether you take
part or not, it's up to me.
And given your manner and your
numerous violations of Bar ethics,
you're right,
you will not be taking part.
Mom... Is Dad OK?
I mean, he told one of the moms at
school today he was Eliot Ness.
He's got his big civil case,
you know how he gets.
He's doing what
the Lord wants him to.
He said he's going to come to the school
and talk about violence in video games.
Is that what's bothering you?
Don't worry, honey, your dad is
a brilliant public speaker.
He won't embarrass you.
You should be pleased you've got
a dad who's prepared to do
these things, huh?
All rise.
Be seated.
The question before this court is
whether Devin Moore's crimes
are the result of his use of
Grand Theft Auto
and, despite their expertise
and interesting points they raise,
since the plaintiff's experts have
acknowledged that they have
never met Devin Moore
and have no personal knowledge of
his specific crimes,
I cannot consider their evidence.
Since they have never met Devin,
they cannot know if he engaged
in scripted behaviour.
In fact, I am entirely unpersuaded
he carried out his violent
actions because he had been
programmed by a video game.
Therefore, summary judgment is
granted in favour of the defendants.
Case dismissed.
That's outrageous.
Nice job, guys. You must be very
pleased with yourselves.
Mr Thompson, you should be aware
that we're going to ask
the Florida Bar to look at
your behaviour in this case
for your repeated
professional misconduct.
Guys, I'm not the one breaking
the law. Your clients are.
Every time they sell one of those
violent, evil games to a child.
Excuse me.
Dan? They chucked it out. They
chucked what out? What do you think?
The Thompson civil case - the judge
threw it out.
Blank-Rome did us proud.
So, it's over? It's over.
It was ridiculous to blame those
murders on the games anyway.
Forget it.
Listen, San Andreas is due.
Clear your head - finish the game.
Terry! What are you talking
about...? Thanks, man.
So, how's life in Westchester, Pat?
Great. You must come up some time.
Yeah, I must. I'd like that.
So, here you are, Pat,
the first official copy of
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
Two years of work, our biggest
and best game ever, I think.
I'm sure it'll be
a massive hit for you.
Anything we need to know about from
a ratings board perspective?
No, it should be another mature
rating. Good.
Yazooks! Man, have you played
GTA: San Andreas yet?
It is unbelievable how much cool
stuff there is to do in this game.
Driving, gambling, dancing,
killing people - you can turn
Carl into whatever kind of bad ass
hero you want him to be.
Change his clothes, change his
weapons, get him fit, get him fat,
make him whatever you want.
Trust me, you're going
to love it. Pow!
Mm-hmm. OK, thanks, I appreciate you
telling me right away.
Blank-Rome has submitted a motion
to the Florida Bar Association to
have me disbarred.
They're claiming I tried to hide
my previous disciplinary record,
which is a lie.
I disclosed everything...
Little bastards!
Come back here!
Come back here!
Keep running! Come back here!
Come back! Fuck off, loser!
You fat fuck!
Do you want to make a report?
Not unless it happens again.
I'm sorry. Careful.
You still think I did the right
thing, taking on these guys?
Of course I do.
But you don't want this.
It just feels so degrading to have
to engage with these people.
It makes me angry
and that affects you.
Don't worry about us.
You're doing righteous work,
Jack Thompson.
If you judge a man by his enemies,
you're a great man.
What do you want from me, Lord?
Is this what you want,
me fighting these people?
Because it feels like death.
It's so destructive to my soul
and my family.
I'm not sure how much longer I can
endure it.
If this is your will, Father, show me
a sign.
Stop me from hating them.
Give me the strength to not hate
Hey, fella!
Move along, please!
Have you seen the number of comments
we're getting back,
the RPG and San Andreas?
People love how they can adapt Carl.
Forget that.
Have you seen how many units we've
That's amazing. It is amazing.
Stop what you're doing, everybody!
Ping-pong competition.
Figures must be amazing cos it
does not get better than that!
Hoi. Hoi!
I fucking love it!
It's the best animated movement I've
ever seen.
Well done, fella, it's ace.
It should be our next game.
Table tennis? Yeah.
Re-doing Pong? We'll do World
Championship Table Tennis.
We'll do the best, most exciting,
most authentic,
table tennis game that's ever been
made. Right!
'You're incredible, you should get
paid for this.'
Come on, girl!
How did they get a hold of this?
Don't answer that. I'm serious.
This is going to get brutal.
It's had thousands of hits and it's
been on for two hours.
How the fuck did this get out
Who put this out there?
NO! Nobody answer your phones, OK?
'You're incredible, you
should get paid for this.'
They created this for an M-rated
This is it, Ray.
This is proof that Sam Houser has
absolutely no regard for the law,
or children's welfare.
I prayed for something like this.
Is this part of the game?
You don't think so.
If this scene was in the game,
Rockstar would have
highlighted it with us.
Are you sure about that? Yes.
So where'd it come from?
We're trying to find out.
Yeah, well we need to know because
this kind of thing confirms
everyone's worst fears about the
gaming industry.
This could undo years of lobbying.
If Rockstar misled you, I want to
Pat, I assure you that sex scene is
not in the game.
It's a third party modification, made
by some hacker in their bedroom
and then put on YouTube.
Well, it's had over 20,000 hits now.
The integrity of our rating system
depends on customers trusting our judgment,
so we're going to investigate fully, OK?
And if there's been a violation,
we'll take appropriate action. OK,
Pat, there hasn't been a violation.
I'm telling you it was the modders.
We're confident that the ESRB
investigation will uphold the correct
rating of GTA: San Andreas.
Was the hot copy coding included on
the games disc?
The scene is the work of a group of
hackers or modders who've gone to
significant trouble to alter scenes
in the official version, in violation
of the user software agreement.
OK, thanks.
You've got to be fucking kidding me.
Who's idea was that?
Shut up, Jamie. He usually knows
what he's doing.
Does he?! That we're blaming our
biggest fans?
Where's Sam?
Coming back from Edinburgh.
Terry! What were you
fucking thinking?
I'm trying to protect
the company, Sam,
while you were in Edinburgh.
By blaming the modders.
Sorry, but it's the most stupid PR
decision I've heard of in my life.
Fuck you.
They've sentenced Devin Moore
to death by lethal injection.
Ah, he's a victim, too.
You want me to...? I got it.
Certainly. One moment, please.
It's Hillary Clinton, for you.
We're here from Blank Rome
to understand
the situation as best we can so we
can advise your owners, Take-Two,
and yourselves if necessary,
on any legal action you may be
likely to face as a result
of the so-called Hot Coffee scene
that's come to light.
Sure. I-I'm very happy to help.
Is the sex scene in the game, as
some people are saying? No, it's not.
Therefore Patrick Wildenborg, this
Dutch hacker, made it? He created it?
No. So where did it come from?
It's a scene that we
had created for the game
but then we didn't want to use. It's
not in the game. It was removed.
The scene would have prevented
the game getting an M rating.
Yeah, yeah, that's one reason, sure.
But also, I just didn't like it.
It didn't fit the vibe of the game.
The rendering was shit.
So, you know,
I said that we'd get rid of it.
You said, "Get rid of it,"
and it's not in the game.
So how did Patrick Wildenborg
come across it?
Well, it's hidden in the code,
so he hacked it.
So it's in the code.
Forgive me, the game is made up
of code, isn't it, on the disk? Yes.
So does it not therefore follow that
if it's in the code
it's in the game?
Well, no, it doesn't, it's a little
more complicated
than that, actually.
The scene is in the code,
but the players can't access it.
But Wildenborg did. Well,
he shouldn't have done, should he?
What he did was illegal? It breached
the purchaser's license agreement?
It's not as simple as that.
Whatever the end user
agreement may say,
modders have a well-known history
of adapting Grand Theft Auto.
Don't they?
Er, sorry, did somebody offer you
a drink when you came in?
Do you want a tea or coffee
or anything? No, thank you. Mm-hm.
If you didn't want
the sex scene in the game,
why did you leave it there in the
code, where hackers could find it?
Why didn't you just remove it fully?
Well, Michelle,
because it is complicated to remove
something like that. It's hard.
If you fiddle with the code,
it can have a knock-on
effect on a lot of things
that are very hard to predict.
We were in the run-up to delivery.
It was too complicated for you
to remove this prohibited sex
scene from the game?
How many people do you employ?
You employ 983 people.
Last year, your company made
over 253 million.
But you're saying it was
too complicated to remove
a prohibited sex scene from the code
of the game, code that hackers are
not only allowed to enter but do so,
sometimes with Rockstar's blessing?
So, Sam, is it not true that
far from removing the sex scene,
you deliberately left it in a place
where you knew it was highly
likely to be found?
No. OK? Absolutely not.
Please, I thought
you guys were on my side?
Let me assure you,
if the Feds prosecute you for this,
we're a picnic compared to
what you'll face in court.
Mr Thompson. Yes. Hello. Good day.
This way, please. Thank you.
Jack Thompson! Thank you so much
for coming to see us.
Thanks for asking me.
Please. Thank you.
The Senator's very interested
in what you've been
saying in the media
about violent video games.
As a parent and a politician,
Hillary's very
concerned about these games
that are being sold to our children.
Well, I'm delighted to hear that.
We may have different politics, but
I think this is a bipartisan issue.
In addition to the violence,
these recent revelations
about this so-called Hot Coffee
sex scene perfectly demonstrate
what little regard these game
designers, these Brits,
have for our federal laws
or the welfare of our children.
Yes, we are aware of that scene.
The Senator's keen to have
the House investigate the issue.
But more broadly, what scientific
evidence is there linking
violent video games
with violent behaviour?
There's lots of precise
scientific evidence.
I've been travelling round
the country talking to experts,
including neurologists from the NIH,
who've done CT scans of...
Hey, hey, ho, ho,
Rockstar's gotta go!
Hey, hey, ho, ho,
Rockstar's gotta go!
After a thorough investigation,
we have concluded
that sexually explicit material
exists in a fully rendered form
on the final disk
of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
The existence of this
undisclosed content has seriously
undermined the credibility
of the ESRB's rating.
Yeah? 'Where are you?
No-one knows where you are.'
I'm heading upstate for a bit.
So, the ESRB have found us guilty.
'They re-rated the game
as adults only.'
Take-Two are pulling every disk
out of every store
in America at a cost of 25 million.
'We need you back here, Sam.'
The Federal Trade Commission
has been ordered to investigate
Rockstar over Hot Coffee.
That's good!
Oh, it's better than good, honey.
It's great.
It'll bring a lot of unwanted
heat on Rockstar.
This is all because of the briefing
I gave Hillary.
Oh, your good friend Hillary, huh?
Just goes to prove, if the Lord
asks you to do something... sure as hell better do it!
Hello? WOMAN: 'Why are you
such an asshole?'
Why am I an asshole?
It's a hate call.
Why do you think I'm an asshole?
Are we going to use this?
What shall we tell them?
That they're not right.
OK, what don't you like about it?
Sam, are you all right?
The House of Representatives have
voted 355 to 21 to investigate
Hot Coffee and whether we committed
fraud. Fraud?! What fraud?
Misleading the ratings board.
Misrepresenting the game.
Well, that's insane!
We didn't commit fraud,
so we'll be fine. We can fight it.
Why was that scene
allowed to be left on the disks?
I thought you ran this company.
Shut up, Terry!
If something's wrong, somebody
needs to point it out to me!
Let's not turn this
into a blamestorm.
Let's just work out
how we get through this.
This is all due
to this Jack Thompson guy.
Blank Rome will advise us
on how to deal with
the Federal Trade Commission.
Let's be cool-headed about this.
It's a process.
We can hire experts in Washington
and be guided through it.
Will the Feds call me in
to give evidence?
They can call any of us in.
Somehow, this has become personal.
Somehow, these people in Washington
have become convinced that
WE are responsible
for teenage sex and violence.
It is ridiculous!
If these scenes were in a film
or a book, no-one would even blink.
This beautiful game we made's
only going to be remembered
for this shit.
I don't want anyone communicating
by e-mail any more, OK?
Nothing in writing.
If we have any important meetings,
we take them
outside on the street.
And tell the whole office.
They won't have bugged us.
You don't know that, mate.
And you don't know what
these people are capable of.
Jamie? Who the fuck gave
all our e-mails to the FDC?
We had to. Sam, you can't refuse
a request from the Feds.
If we get this wrong, they could
take all of this. You know that.
I need to talk to you. Go outside.
Can I have one?
I don't want you going to
that conference in Vegas
next weekend, all right?
I don't want anyone
going to any conferences.
OK. Those table-tennis
screen shots are shit.
The crowd perspective's all wrong,
the colours are too muted.
What has JP been doing
for the last two weeks?
Well, he's been waiting
for you to feed back on them.
Here's my feedback. He's fired.
Sam! No, seriously,
go to San Diego and fire him.
Twice he's sent screen shots
I wouldn't put up in a classroom.
Does he realise
how fucking untalented he is?
Does he wake up going,
"Fuck, I'm not that talented,"
or is he oblivious
to his own shitness?
Yeah, sure, I'll ask him that
as I fire him.
It's all Terry's fault, this.
Don't you think?
Which bit? That press release.
It's because he's not a gamer.
Not really. He doesn't
understand the fans. Sam...'s late.
Let's go home.
I'll finish this.
Hey. How's it going at the coalface?
Hi, Jamie. Back from San Diego?
Oh, no, this is my avatar.
I'm actually having
a holiday on a tropical island.
I just wanted to let you know,
whatever happens,
we'll always look after you, OK?
You're a key part
of the Rockstar family.
It never occurred to me
that you wouldn't.
Leaving early, Terry? It's 11pm!
you're doing this talk tomorrow
at school.
Yeah, I'm just writing it.
Don't worry, Son.
Do you realise the shit I've been
getting about this? What,
because I'm doing this talk?
They know you're going to tell them
all to stop playing video games.
They've seen you on TV.
I'm not going to make things worse
for you, Johnny, I promise.
I want to make it better.
This is what I've written.
You tell me if you like it.
"If you play violent video games,
you will go to hell."
I'm just kidding!
" the greatest computer
ever devised.
"You have a choice, but I think
you should be aware of what it is
"you're putting
on your cranial hard drive.
"Some of you may resent me
for suggesting you stop playing
"violent video games.
"Fair enough.
"You have that right.
But give me this.
"I don't blame you.
"I blame the big, isolating,
"money-driven games industry that
wants you to think violence is cool,
"because I think you all know,
in reality, it's not."
How's that?
That's good, Dad. Yeah?
I think that'll be good. Yeah?
Thank you.
I love you, son.
'At the FTC hearing, '
if you are found guilty of
false representation, fraud,
eventually you could be looking at
a fine of many millions of dollars.
It'll be the end of Rockstar Games
if they even go halfway...
Fine. I get it. I do.
It'll be a grilling and I'm going
to deal with it in my own way.
I'm going to explain to them exactly
what it is we do at Rockstar
and how we make games
because obviously they
don't have a fucking clue.
OK. But please try
and be humble and serious.
And please wear a suit.
I just want it to be over now.
Where's Jamie?
How should I know?
Is he away somewhere?
He's not in San Diego
or Edinburgh, is he?
He wasn't in yesterday either.
Just a tick.
Do you know where Jamie is?
He's not been in for two days,
has he said anything to you?
No, mate.
The Florida Bar Association wants to
disbar me for unprofessional conduct.
There's going to be a hearing.
It's just the 31 charges that
I've got to defend myself against.
Did I underestimate Blank Rome?
Oh, Jack.
Mr Houser.
Good afternoon. This way, please.
Thank you for coming, Mr Houser.
We're here to ascertain exactly
how it is that the so-called
Hot Coffee sex scene ended up
on the DVDs of San Andreas.
I'm... I'm here to help
in any way I can.
We have all your e-mail
correspondence on this matter
over the last three years.
You like to use profane language in
your e-mails, don't you, Mr Houser?
Yeah, I'm very sorry about that.
'Mr Thompson...'
...I have reviewed over 2,000 pages
of submitted transcripts
that contend you've abused
the legal system
by submitting numerous frivolous
and inappropriate filings to court,
that you've made false statements
to tribunals
and that you've engaged in
incidents of libel and slander.
The fact is, Your Honour, most
of these accusations are laughable
and motivated by a malicious desire
for revenge due to the civil case
I recently brought
against their clients.
Their accusations stretch
back over 20 years.
That's the legal equivalent
of going through my trash.
And more recently, did you write
to Judge James Moore in Alabama
falsely accusing him of...
"consorting with criminal bodies"?
Your Honour, the real fact
of the matter is
these people don't like me
because I give them the truth
and it hurts like hell.
Hey, man, it's me.
Er, what's happening? How's it gone?
You can't still be in there. Call
me. I want to know what's happening.
'Jack, it's Patti. Please give me
a call when you get out.'
'According to the FTC,
Take-Two and Rockstar
'failed to notify consumers that
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
'contained otherwise hidden nudity
and a sexually-themed mini game.'
The settlement today requires
that the companies must now develop
a system to ensure that all
game content is considered
and reviewed before being submitted
to the ratings authority.
'In other breaking news...'
That's it? They got off.
'..As hurricane-force winds
continue to batter the Bahamas.
'An emergency task force
has been appointed...'
Well done.
Wrist slap, no fine,
mustn't happen again.
Couldn't have hoped
for better than that.
You were in there nine hours.
I just heard Jack Thompson's
been permanently disbarred
from practising law.
Maybe he'll leave us alone now.
But I doubt it.
I thought you'd be pleased
to know you'd won.
Don Simpson died of a heart attack
on the toilet
with 21 different types of drugs
in his system
and his trousers round his ankles.
He'd had so much cosmetic surgery,
people said he barely looked human.
He's your hero, he is.
Today, I'm announcing,
along with my colleagues,
the Family Entertainment
Protection Act.
This bill will prohibit
the sale of violent
and sexually explicit
video games to minors.
We need to treat violent video games
the way we treat tobacco,
alcohol and pornography...
And Governor Schwarzenegger
has banned the sale of violent games
to minors in California.
You are winning.
What am I winning?
I've been permanently disbarred.
Families of those dead cops
haven't had justice.
Rockstar Games got off scot-free.
'We know that these products
are damaging to children...'
What did I win?
The law is changing.
You're a special lady, Patti.
Thank you.
Thank you for always supporting me.
Erm, excuse me.
You want to let me in?
Was this you running away?
I don't remember the last time
I had any time to myself.
Why are you here?
We need you.
I quit, Sam. I'm going to leave.
Don't leave. I need a break.
Come here.
Come here.
You're one of the most important
people in my life. I need you.
I'm still going to leave,
despite the nice hug.
We're just having a bad time
right now cos people are using us
as a political football, all right?
But that will change.
And we'll get back to normal.
I don't want to go back to normal.
The endless crunch times, running
between eight different studios,
living on a plane and firing people.
It's your company, Sam. Not mine.
Yeah, but you're a key part of it,
mate. I can't do it without you.
But Rockstar belongs
to you and Dan and Terry.
You get all the royalties.
Do you want to give me some of them?
I've been thinking
of quitting myself.
Just stopping the whole thing.
It's not fun any more.
You can't do that.
Look, I can leave but you can't
because you're a proper pioneer, Sam.
You're a genius.
You're changing the way games
are perceived. I don't know, man.
I don't even know what
I'm going to do next.
You'll do your next game...
and it'll be the best one yet.
I know it will.
Hey, what are you doing?!