The Gangster, the Cop, the Devil (2019) Movie Script

Isn't it common sense
to drive slowly at night?
That's quite a dent.
Are you okay?
- Yes, and you?
- I'm fine.
Why did you drive so fast
at night?
- How are the photos?
- Sorry?
There's really no need for that.
What are you talking about?
Photos are crucial
when claiming insurance.
You had better not
change your story.
It's scratched...
Another murder took place
in a land development site
near Cheonan early this morning.
Since last year, many murders
and missing person cases
have been reported all around
the South Chungoheong Province,
but the police
are yet to close the cases...
We want to close them too,
you know.
We want to close cases,
go on vacations,
and get promoted.
Turn off the siren!
No one in this town
gives a damn.
They just couldn't care less.
- What a filthy world...
- Tell me about it.
Gosh, look at those thugs.
Trash like them
should just die.
Where are you going?
We're on a case!
Whatever. Does it look like
we're on a case?
- Tae-seok!
- See you at the scene!
- Can't you even do that?
- I'm sorry.
Please be on your way.
Please go.
- Be on your way. I'm a cop.
- Sir.
I told you
to stay out of my sight.
Block the entrance.
Step aside.
To what do we owe the pleasure
on this hot day?
Does a cop need permission
from thugs to be here?
Come on, sir!
Come back another time.
Today's 3 bad day.
It must be one of those days.
The roads were jammed
but things aren't better here.
All right, fine.
Here. Now please go away.
You bastard. What do you take
Korean cops for?
How dare you try to bribe me?
Here you go, fucking jerks.
You guys should've
been more careful.
How dare gangsters
try to block a cop's way?
Please continue.
I hope you win!
That fucking cop's here.
Put it down.
- Wrap him up and send him back.
- Yes, Boss.
I received 200,000 won
in gift certificates.
Our share is ten percent,
so your total is 180,000 won.
Who the fuck...
Open it.
You're charged with illegal
conversion of gift certificates.
Remain silent
or retain a lawyer if you want.
You're coming with me.
Detective, why don't
you come in for a second?
Buddy, come out here.
Don't forget to put those on.
- Good morning, Boss!
- Good morning, Boss!
Yes, it's me.
That bastard's back again.
I sent him to a crime scene.
What's he doing there?
Ask the fucker yourself.
Tell Sang-do I'm heading there.
You can't do this, not when you
receive our monthly fee.
Taking all the money
for yourself
has caused your boys
to disrupt my business.
I already advised you against
gift certificate conversion.
Start a currency exchange shop
under someone else's name,
or share the stakes. You know
what I'm talking about.
All that for some Chump change?
I'm busy as it is
setting up new operations.
Can't you cut him off
before he comes over?
My boys need the money.
All right, fine.
I'll take care of the bastard.
Are you kidding me?
I'm your superior, you know.
Where are you?
On my way to the crime scene.
I'm hanging up.
I really don't like this guy.
Let me just turn off...
- the electric fan.
- Keep walking.
Stop right there.
As you wish.
- Thanks for the ride.
- Thank you.
Seriously? Is this necessary?
I gave you a ride!
Here's my payment.
Now, kneel on the ground!
I'm going to report you.
Bloody traffic jam.
Where the heck have you been?
Gosh, there's a crowd already.
Get rid of them.
Hello, reporters.
One moment, please!
You can take photos later.
Can you all move back for now?
Secure the scene properly!
What have you been doing?
Hey, move aside!
Stay back if you were late.
Don't head toward the bridge
and stay close.
I just received a call
requesting for backup.
Move back, please.
People are gathering over there!
We're gaining an audience!
Good day, officer.
Did you identify the victim?
We're checking his vehicle
number, so we'll find out soon.
He died only a few hours ago
between three and five
this morning.
Cause of death is blood loss
due to stabbing
or a heart attack.
That's my initial impression.
Hey, come and take some photos.
Did you get it?
Make sure
you don't miss anything.
Hey, Seo-jin. Over here!
Can you take a look at this?
I told you not to call me
by name at crime scenes.
My apologies, Chief Cha.
Anyway, please take a look.
What is it?
Looks like rear-end collision,
It does seem that way,
but then again, it doesn't.
Could this be the motive?
I wish it was. It's better
than premeditated murder.
By the way, I should thank you
for turning one of my boys
into a cripple.
There are rules for a reason,
you know.
80 businesses will be separate
but we'll share engineers.
Got it.
Shouldn't we resolve
the turf issue though?
Let's be flexible about this.
- Sang-do.
- Yes?
If you keep getting favors,
you'll end up getting spoiled.
Don't make trouble, and manage
the shop I assigned you.
Everyone has his limit.
If you cross the line,
you'll die.
Come on, do you really think so?
Guus Hiddink once said this.
"I'm still fucking hungry."
I have no capital,
no connections,
so I'm still hungry.
My boss is being lenient
because you two are friends.
That's why he's giving you
the technology and engineers.
The slot arcade business
is nothing like fighting
over these bars and clubs!
Are you raising your voice
in front of our bosses?
Give us what?
Just shut up, asshole!
Do you have a death wish?
Shut the fuck up!
Is this how you train your boys?
Look at him glaring at me.
Hey, Dong-su.
Why are you
acting so high and mighty
when all you give me
are only the crumbs?
This type of transaction
won't keep the peace.
Come here.
Yes, Boss.
You shouldn't
interrupt our conversation.
Come here.
You little fucker.
There. Now we can work in peace.
Drink up.
It's good.
Choe Jeong-gyu, 46 years old.
No enemies, debts, lawsuits
or anything like that.
The autopsy report was obvious.
He has over
a dozen stab wounds.
The murderer is obviously
an amateur.
He just went nuts.
I don't feel comfortable
calling the culprit an amateur.
No evidence was left behind.
No footprints, blood, hairs,
fingerprints, nothing.
Since the wallet's gone,
it could be a robbery.
However, the amount
is too small so...
People kill others
for the littlest things.
The meeting's over.
Get the Captain of Unit One.
Yes, sir.
I'm here, sir.
This case is likely
a robbery-homicide,
so look for anyone
with similar criminal records.
Yes, sir.
You guys, back up Unit One.
Three separate cases,
but one killer.
What cases?
A reservoir in Seosan
on July 15,
Boryeong Sunbeach Motel
on July 23,
and then last night's case.
A knife was the murder weapon
in all three cases.
Considering the length
and width of the knife,
it could be the same.
No, I'm certain it is.
The suspect is a serial killer.
This isn't the USA, you know.
Gun possession is illegal,
so knives are the most common.
That's nonsense.
There are over
1,000 murders a year.
Going by your logic, half
of them is done by one guy.
Are you nuts?
Who are you to mess with
another jurisdiction's cases?
Does the killer care
about jurisdiction?
If we don't catch him soon,
we'll be in big trouble.
He's too meticulous
for this to be a random killing.
He could strike again
at any time--
This job is too easy for you,
isn't it?
Murder cases aren't a joke.
You can't just
jump to conclusions like that!
That's not...
These aren't random cases
I'm tying together.
They each happened
about a week apart
all around
South Chungoheong Province.
No matter how much we think
about it, we're getting nowhere.
Then the conclusion's pretty
obvious, isn't it?
Screw your nonsense.
Are you so clever that you
decided to raid an arcade
on your way to a crime scene?
Did you have the time do that?
Aren't they criminals too?
Gangsters and killers
are the same shit.
Jeong Tae-seok, what's wrong
with you?
Are you that desperate
to get promoted?
Yes, that's what I'm after.
It's why I want
to catch the killer.
The meeting's over, so move it.
Let's get that killer.
I didn't drink, so I'll drive.
But, Boss...
Take the boys and head back.
Yes, Boss.
That's correct, Chairman.
Sang-do may be a bit rash,
but he's a smart man.
He won't make trouble anymore.
Yes, don't worry.
Have a good night.
I'm sorry.
The road was slippery.
It looks fine. You can just go.
But I still hit your car.
It's fine. You can go.
Are you sure about that?
Yes, it's fine.
Son of a bitch!
Damn it!
What the hell?
Who are you?
Come back here!
You're all dead!
You assholes!
Who's there?
Sang-do didn't send him.
I didn't recognize the attacker.
It was Sang-do, Boss.
He's not a member of a gang.
His attack felt purposeless
and empathetic.
It felt different.
Who else would try to attack you
in our line of work?
Give me that.
It was too dark
to see properly but...
- Get out!
- Locate the vehicle.
I told you to be careful,
didn't I?
We're actually friends.
Gosh, sorry to bother you.
The patient looks
damn comfy to me.
Who are you?
I brought a box of Red Bulls.
Anyway, I heard
you were stabbed recently.
The hospital
reported it to the police.
Well, you must be
quite embarrassed
to have been attacked like that.
You're a thug, after all.
It's not as embarrassing
as being a cop.
Cops are so incompetent
that bad things keep happening
to model citizens.
Right, model citizen,
Jang Dong-su,
tell me everything
about last night.
I'll catch him for you.
I can probably catch him faster.
Jeez. Do you want to bet?
Spill it, asshole.
Like I said,
I'll catch him for you.
Fine. Do you mind?
I tripped last night
and hurt myself.
Right, okay.
You should really
watch your step.
Unlucky bastards can trip
and fall on multiple knives.
Jang's car is a black Mercedes
with the number 3849, right?
Got it, I'll hang up.
Son of a bitch.
A rear-end collision.
White sedan.
I was right, shithead.
Jeez, look at you.
Are you okay?
- Have a seat.
- I'm fine.
I feel so bad that
I can barely look at you.
What will happen now?
You made a mess right after
we signed the contract.
What would you like me to do?
A lot of my boys
are cripples now.
Pay hospital bills
and some compensation.
And hand over the main store
and also the one in Seongan.
I'll make sure your boys
are well compensated.
And the shops?
Was this your plan all along?
If I gave the order,
you wouldn't be alive.
Anyway, think about it.
I'm curious too, you know.
Who would mess you up like this?
See you then.
So fucking embarrassing!
A gangster getting stabbed?
I'd just kill myself!
Trust me and give me
two men on this case.
I'll catch that guy in one go.
Why don't you just
go on a vacation?
I barely have enough men
to run this department,
so why are you offering
to take someone else's problem?
Chief, it's a huge case.
If you close one,
others will get solved as well.
It will be along train
of solved cases.
Piss off!
We finally have a victim
who survived the attack.
Did a witness come forward?
Jang Dong-su.
What? Jang Dong-su?
He was stabbed a few days ago.
A two-hour surgery
barely kept him alive and--
Listen to yourself.
Just think about it
for a second.
What kind of psychotic idiot
would attack a gang leader?
The killer's not involved
with gangs.
I'm sure of it.
It's the serial killer!
Shut it!
This is a gang problem,
I'll assign it to Unit Two.
I'm warning you.
Don't get involved.
Now, get out.
Go easy on covering for him.
This isn't the time for that.
What did you say?
It's what you've been doing.
You son of a bitch!
Let's say you're right.
But Jang is the victim here.
You can't arrest a witness
for not reporting a crime.
How many crimes
has he committed?
We need to bring him in
and have him questioned.
He's pissed off
to say the least.
If we don't do anything,
he'll kill the killer.
That'll leave us
with three unsolved cases.
How can Jang find the killer?
He's a gangster, not a cop.
His men have the resources
to find someone in days.
Also, Jang saw...
the killer's face.
Get out.
You're spewing
a lot of nonsense.
- Get out!
- Jeez.
Why don't you talk
to the landlord?
What am I supposed to do?
I need to work
in order to earn money!
What? Birthday?
How is that important right now?
I'm tired as hell!
I haven't slept in two days,
so don't nag me
about a kid's birthday!
It must be your kid's birthday.
That goddamn kid you mentioned.
Give me that.
Sharp face,
thin cheeks, an angled chin,
and a narrow and long nose.
His lips are big
compared to his nose.
That's pretty close.
Then you shouldn't
have had the kid.
It's not the kid's fault.
Find him before the cops.
I understand, Boss.
Hey, where are we?
Wait. Who are you?
Block the door!
Don't let them come out!
Thank you for your cooperation.
We're cracking down
on illegal slot arcades.
All gamblers should stay put.
So where's the boss?
Get him down here!
Yeah? Hold on.
Okay, go ahead.
Jang Dong-su,
that adorable piece of shit.
He's a scheming bastard.
He meddled with 63 out
of 97 slot machines.
- Should I get a warrant today?
- Hold on,
let me ask him.
80, should I request a warrant?
What do you want?
The one who stabbed you.
Tell me everything,
and I'll let this one slide.
What if I don't?
Since you have my boss
on your side,
I'm no use to you, is that it?
Listen, Jang Dong-su.
The guy who stabbed you
is a serial killer.
He's a bit strange though.
He's different
from other psychos.
And you're the proof.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Why do you think
he messed with you?
Most psychopaths go after girls
or people who are weaker
and smaller than they are.
But the killer
attacks just about anyone.
If we don't find him soon,
more people will die.
What the hell's your problem?
Hand over the information
and do your gangster stuff.
It's a win-win.
I'll catch him,
put him on trial,
and lock him up for good.
Then what?
Nothing. That's how it ends.
That's it?
When the country's biggest
luxury casino is built
on the penthouse
of this skyscraper,
this entire area
surrounding our Zeus building
will become the hottest spot
in town--
Cut the crap. I heard
this place's ruined.
Damn it.
Everyone who lined up
for pre-construction units
have left.
Naturally, investors
are delaying their funding.
Weird rumors have been flying
since your accident.
The Cheongju region
is another problem too.
Sang-do's boys are moving
into our turf.
What about the punk
who stabbed me?
We found his car
on the Sintanjin-bound
national highway.
His car?
It was parked at a rest area
for a few days.
The boys found it.
- Where is the car now?
- We brought it back.
Anyway, there was a murder
a few days ago in that area.
And this. I don't know
if it was dumped or lost,
but the boys found it
about 3km away from the car.
Hold onto it.
Yes, Boss.
- Hello.
- This is Jang Dong-su.
What a surprise.
Do you know
the Sintanjin murder case?
What about it?
That bastard did it.
How do you know that?
We found his car in the area.
I've been doing quite well
I got all the way up here
by risking my life.
Then some random guy comes along
and gets in my way.
What other choice do I have
other than cutting him down?
It's not like I can move aside
for him.
But that psycho
disappeared without a trace
after walking all over
a gangster's reputation.
whoever messes with me
has to pay the price.
Reputation is everything
to a gangster.
I'll chop him up
and put him on display.
Are you telling a cop
you'll kill a man?
We punish people
in ways that the law can't.
Are you saying a bad guy
will catch another bad guy?
Two bad guys will catch
a sicko that's even worse.
Here's his car key.
Do you not see me as a cop?
I can arrest you right away,
you know.
You won't though. Why?
Because you want him
more than I do.
I'll provide manpower
and pay the expenses.
We'll share information
and help each other out.
And the prize?
Do we split him in half?
Whoever catches him first
can keep him.
So if I catch him first,
he'll be punished by the law,
but if you catch him,
you'll finish him off, right?
Join the game
if you're confident enough.
Count me in.
You'll regret this, you know.
He's a handsome fellow.
How old did he seem?
About mid-303.
Rain and darkness
obscured my vision, though.
Keep in touch using this.
A gangster and cop join forces
to catch the devil.
This is interesting!
A gangster and cop join forces
to catch the devil.
This is interesting!
You motherfucker.
We're in the same boat.
I'd be a fool
not to have insurance.
It's not like
we can draft a contract, right?
So you went to all the trouble
to record me?
Did you really think
you could have leverage over me?
This is why I don't trust cops.
Just because I'm being lenient
doesn't mean
you can walk all over me.
Listen, you bastard.
When this is over,
I'll lock you up first, asshole!
He stabbed Jang Dong-su too
and is the culprit
behind the Sintanjin case.
So what does this mean?
If things go as planned,
we can close five cases at once.
Mid-303, male, average height.
Judging from his pattern,
he only kills at night.
He doesn't care whom he kills
and he only uses a knife.
It's one or the other.
He has an obsession
or he's always prepared.
There are no other clues so far.
I made a deal with
Detective Jeong.
We'll catch him together.
we won't tell the others.
How can we trust cops?
How can we trust gangsters?
Who said anything about trust?
We need manpower
to catch the killer
and this isn't a case
we can handle ourselves.
- Let's get the others involved.
- Then what?
The Major Case Squad
will take over,
get the media involved,
and have all the glory.
That's not all.
The Chief is protecting Jang,
so this is the only way
to solve this case.
The Chief will get into trouble
Jang has seen his face
and has his car.
We can't only rely
on the drawing.
We need fingerprints and DNA.
We'll help the gangsters
find the killer
and move in to make the arrest.
I'll use the cops
and throw them away afterward.
We're all
tax-paying citizen too.
Let's get support
from the cops for once.
On the outside, it looks like
an abandoned cold store,
but thousands of slot machines
are built here
and distributed
all over the country.
Sons of bitches.
I'm sure there will be
something to find.
Probably his hair, fingerprint,
or even traces of his fart.
We have to find something
no matter what.
We'll comb every inch of it.
Okay, let's begin.
We'll leave all the grunt work
to Jang
and go through the cases
that have happened so far.
This is the security footage
from the highway.
Let's go over his pattern.
He used a vehicle
in all the murders so far.
He's always on the move
which makes him harder to catch.
We know of four open cases,
but there has to be more.
Even when dealing
with any other cases,
always consider the possibility
of serial killings.
If you find anything,
report to me right away.
He's a ticking time bomb.
He could pop up anywhere,
so check cases in other areas.
Also, make sure you're discreet.
We'll lock up the gangsters
once the case is over.
Nice, right?
Ultimately, it's up to us
to catch the killer.
Before we do though,
let's take care of Sang-do.
Son of a bitch!
Are you insane?
What are you doing here?
What the hell do you think?
I was waiting for you.
I think you broke my back.
You shouldn't have surprised me
like that.
I almost had a heart attack.
Give me some.
- Nice.
- Could you look into this?
- It's urgent.
- What is it?
Nothing special.
I found some hair and blood.
- Please look into them.
- Jeong Tae-seok.
What's wrong with you?
This isn't like you.
What isn't like me?
It's a filthy world.
I ought to get
my hands dirty too.
Right, it is filthy.
He's a weird one.
He left the weapon
for us to see.
"Killer is still at large
but cops are clueless.
Incompetent cops."
And now,
even a gang leader is dead.
What will you do?
What should we do about this?
Look at you all.
Cat got your tongue?
The Hut Sang-do case...
will be assigned to Unit Two
and they'll investigate it.
Do you still not get it?
Stop staring at the monitor
and hit the streets.
Right now!
I don't care if it's dog crap,
search and investigate whatever
will help solve the case!
At least try to look
like you give a damn!
Hold your heads high!
Yeah, tell me.
Do you have a death wish?
- What is it?
- You said it's nothing special.
I just got the results
on the samples.
- I don't believe this.
- What is it? Tell me.
DNA of the recent
South Chungoheong murder victims
were detected in the samples.
Is that it?
Was there any unidentified DNA?
- None.
- That doesn't make sense.
Did you run the tests properly?
There was no one else's
but that's not the issue.
- Something big happened.
- Hold on a second.
Go ahead.
DNA of the truck driver
and puppy mill owner
were all found on the weapon
used in the Hur murder case.
It means one person did it all.
It will be officially classified
as a serial killer case.
I've got to go.
Jang Dong-su!
It was you, wasn't it?
It was you!
Sir, I'll have to call you back.
Answer me, motherfucker!
- Are you fucking nuts?
- Damn it!
Your idiot's back.
He barges in here
like it's his house.
Who else?
One of your detectives.
Right, we'll talk later.
Damn it.
A cop in league with a gangster?
Fuck this world.
Aren't you a cop too?
Aren't you?
Tell me, asshole.
Did you kill Hur Sang-do?
Yes, I killed him.
I blame myself
for trusting a gangster.
You trusted me?
No one would buy that.
Nothing's changed.
We'll still catch
the killer together.
Got it?
this is all over,
I'll investigate you properly.
The murder cases in the region
since July this year
were found to be killings
of a serial killer...
The police were yet
to find any substantial leads...
Major Case Squad
of the South Chungoheong Station
is now working alongside
the Cheonan Police.
The murders were handled
by various regional
police departments, but by
centralizing the investigation
there's new hope
for finally closing the cases.
We wish for these cases
to soon be solved
so that the people
can finally find peace again.
We'll hear more details
from the reporter on site.
You're here early.
I'm outside Ace Hotel,
where the murder took place
on September 3.
The victim of this crime
is said to be Hur Sang-do,
who led a gang
in the South Chungoheong region.
He was said to be
in a turf war with...
If you'd handed over the case
from the beginning,
it wouldn't have come to this.
Murder isn't some child's play.
You guys only ruined
the fucking investigation.
Shouldn't you be more polite
if you're on our home ground?
Well, I'm not wrong, you prick.
Keep talking, you piece of shit.
- What was that?
- Sir!
- Bring it on then!
- Come here!
- Fucker!
- Hey, stop it!
On the knife found
at the scene of Hur's murder,
DNA evidence of other victims
were discovered.
A task force was set up to
investigate not only Hur's case,
but other victims' cases
as well, as all the murders
are likely committed
by one killer...
But that wasn't my doing.
The task force that consists
of the Major Case Squad
and Homicide units
will be joined by the country's
top criminal profiler
and forensic experts
from various fields
in order to conduct
a thorough investigation.
The police will remain vigilant
as they are expecting
a huge turnout of gangs
at Hur Sang-do's funeral.
I'm surprised to see you here.
Of course I came.
He was my friend.
- Hello?
- Get over here right now.
Why should I?
To clean up your
own fucking mess!
Get over here.
I don't think we've met.
Find something useful
if you wish to catch the guy.
If Major Case Squad gets him
first, we are both fucked.
Is this what you've been doing
your entire life?
I pity your sorry cop's life.
So don't commit any crimes,
you moron.
If people like me aren't around,
you would be out of a job.
That's how life is.
Some commit crimes
and some catch them.
Right, and some get stabbed.
The bastard
attacked me from behind.
Still, I took his knife
and got a piece of him too.
Wait, hold it.
- What now?
- You stabbed him?
Mm. Why?
I think I found something.
What the hell?
Sons of bitches.
Jang Dong-su, what's going on?
Who are these guys?
Get up.
Go to hell, you asshole!
Hey! Motherfucker, no!
That's enough.
It's over now.
You should go.
I'll clean things up.
No, he's fine.
He just bled a lot.
It's just blood...
Get out of here, asshole!
Now that there
is enough evidence
to arrest Hur's killer,
the police stated that capturing
the suspect is a matter of time.
Due to the suspect's
limited method of killing
and small hunting ground,
the police are sure...
Honey, where are you?
Are you seriously napping when
something huge has happened?
Wait. What's with his face?
Wake up, you idiot!
What have you been up to lately?
What the...
Where are you going?
Here, take this.
It's a kidnapping case.
Sun-ho's already there,
so get going.
A kidnapping case?
How is that important right now?
We have
a serial killer to catch.
That's enough!
Can't you see that
Major Case Squad is here?
They're working with Unit One,
so take care of this.
I told you from the start
that this was a serial murder.
But now Major Case Squad
and Unit One have taken over.
What the hell
do they know anyway?
They're clueless jerks!
You shithead.
What did you just say?
Shut up!
You insisted
it was serial killing
without any evidence.
There was no evidence
or even a witness.
If you were so confident,
you should have caught him
Damn it.
The victim was a prolific CEO.
You'll find the killer if you
look into his acquaintances,
so get on it.
Did something happen
while you were with Jang?
What's with all the scars?
Something happened, right?
Cut the bullshit.
Ask his colleagues
about the women in his life.
How many times does this make?
Why do you keep changing
the meeting spot?
Is he even alive?
If you want the money,
put him on the phone!
This is the last time.
Be at Jeil Snack Bar
in Wolmyeong-dong.
Come right now.
What are you doing?
Go inside already.
Did you come by
to drop off the bag?
- Yes.
- Please leave it with me.
Why is she handing her the cash?
What the hell.
Tell the world you're here
with cops, why don't you?
Hey. Who's that on the roof?
It's him. He's on the roof!
Dong-chem, he's headed north'.!
Where is he?
Sun-ho, lure him
into the main street!
- Where the hell were you?
- Hey, he's moving away!
Sun-ho, cut him off!
- I don't see him!
- What? He's right there!
- The main street!
- Sun-ho, where the hell are you?
Stop, you bastard!
Shit, he's bloody fast.
Stop right there!
- I'll head down!
- Hurry!
I don't see him from here!
- You're dead meat.
- Where did he go?
Catch up when you can.
Up the stairs! Now!
He just turned the corner.
Block him from the front!
Which way did he go?
Over there. That way!
Go that way!
Why did you take the bag
when you don't know
what's inside?
Why are you shouting at me?
I didn't do anything wrong.
Someone asked me to take it.
Who asked you?
Tell us
or we'll have you arrested.
I've never seen him before.
He ate alone and asked me
to take the bag for him.
He gave me 20 dollars.
What did he look like?
Well, he looked quite average.
Did he only eat food here?
He drank a home of so; too'.!
Where's the bottle?
The labels differ
depending on the brand,
but they come in
the same bottle.
Have fun searching.
You've got to be kidding me.
- Dong-cheol!
- Yes?
Just check the relevant brand.
- It's not--
- Just the relevant brand!
This is unbelievable!
All the bottles are the same!
There's no need
to work so hard, you know.
Are you serious?
What about
the steering wheel cover?
The result will come out today
at the earliest.
That's why I'll only charge
two million won per machine.
Thank you.
I'll send the technicians
if you need them.
Isn't that too cheap, Mr. Jang?
Of course, your generosity
will make us very happy indeed.
I don't know if I should take
the good deals he offers though.
Look what happened to Sang-do.
Watch out, everyone.
After Dong-su got stabbed,
Sang-do was killed,
and his lackey disappeared too.
Just shut up and eat, will you?
What brings you by?
Look for this guy first.
I found an odd fingerprint.
I don't know if it's damaged.
He could've put something on
his fingers on purpose.
I found him with the partial
prints he left behind.
He's actually a missing person.
His print was found
on the steering wheel cover too.
He hasn't come home
in about three months.
Did he say where he was going?
When he's off on a job,
he'd be away for a month.
He's away quite a while
this time though.
I reported it thinking
something had happened to him.
Did he make any trouble?
No, not at all.
He never missed his rent
and never drank any alcohol.
He's a faithful Christian too.
He lives a good, clean life.
I found an odd fingerprint.
I don't know if it's damaged.
He could've put something on
his fingers on purpose.
It's 017-684-2784!
Do a background check
on that number.
Also, the recording of
the kidnapper's voice.
Send it to me right away.
Right now!
I heard you paid a ton
for Sang-do's funeral.
Isn't Dong-su one loyal guy?
I hope you
show me the same courtesy.
Didn't I tell you to just eat?
You talk too much.
Why are you ruining
this nice lunch?
I'm looking out
for your fucking interests.
Just eat your food!
Please continue.
I sent you a photo,
so check it right away.
Also, listen to this.
This is the last time.
Be at Jeil Snack Bar
in Wolmyeong-dong.
Come right now.
I'm sorry.
The road was slippery.
But I still hit your car.
Name, Kang Gyeong-ho. Age, 35.
He was abused by his father
and grew up in an orphanage.
He has no priors.
He calls his 70-year-old mother
although both use
unlicensed phones.
Until August, his calls were
mainly from
Chungoheong Province,
but he's been calling from
all over the country since then.
We traced his calls
and they were mainly from Ansan,
mostly from this district.
- Daegyeong-dong?
- That's right.
There are a few colleges,
so tons of cheap rooms,
and thousands of old houses
are in the neighborhood.
What a hassle.
Which means,
he hid here after stabbing Jang.
You son of a bitch.
Where are your manners?
Jang? Don't address him
like he's your friend, asshole.
You fucking gangster.
You cops are no different.
- Damn it!
- Let go of me!
Do you want to die?
Come here.
If we don't catch him,
we're all fucked,
don't you know that?
We're in the same boat now,
so let's see this through
no matter what.
Let's just do it, all right?
- Did you all receive the photo?
- Yes, Boss!
As of this moment,
you have one single mission.
Find this fucker at all costs.
- Yes, Boss!
- Yes, Boss!
Keep a low profile,
and if you see anyone
who resembles him,
call your superiors at once.
There will be
five of you in a team.
The team leader will update us
every eight hours,
three times a day.
Centering on Daegyeong-dong,
search your designated areas
and keep looking further.
Check cheap motels,
inns, and studio apartments.
I've never seen him before.
Then check short-term renters
as well as
long-term guests at inns.
Search all these places
without fail.
In the afternoon,
check the downtown area,
markets, terminals
and other public areas.
At night, head to
bars, arcades, internet cafes,
karaokes, and others.
- Got that?
- Yes, sir!
Check out Jungho-dong as well.
That place closed down!
Damn it.
Yes, I'm outside, so hurry up.
When is the bus coming?
Hey, kid. Come over here.
Take this then.
- I'm fine.
- Take it!
Okay. Thank you.
What about you though?
Study hard.
Hey, Jang Dong-su!
This isn't the time
to have a team dinner.
You can't keep them working
on an empty stomach.
O-seong will be here soon.
Didn't you bring an umbrella?
Don't pretend to be a saint.
- You there!
- Yes?
You can't receive items
from strangers like that.
He's a thug!
You seem more like one
if you ask me.
Don't laugh.
- Bye!
- Be careful, all right?
Thank you, sir.
- Our dicks may be many!
- But we have one heart!
- Until the end of time!
- We are one!
- Thank you, Boss!
- Thank you, Boss!
Hearing that
just made my dick tingle.
What a fucking life.
I can't believe
I'm in league with you all.
Just get your job done.
How is working for a salary
the same
as risking one's neck every day?
You're still a fucking thug,
so you can have a drink.
Just say thank you
when we give you good booze.
I bring in these liquor,
so drink freely.
You're involved
in every type of business.
Do you want to join us?
Should I?
You should.
You look the part
and will go far in a gang.
Shut your face and have a drink.
Fine, pour me one.
Hey, I wasn't turning away
to show respect or anything.
Shit. My glass is so greasy.
Dal-ho! I feel shitty,
so sing me a song.
Detective, did you know
that I was a boy band trainee?
I'll sing a kick-ass song
for you all.
Today in Ansan,
there was a murder...
Wait, shut it. Turn that up.
The high school victim
was on her way home
when she was murdered.
Considering how young she is,
the police are ruling out
revenge as a motive,
and leaning towards
a sexual assault
or a random attack
as a potential motive...
- Get the hell up!
- Yes, Boss!
Search every unit
along the Bus 32 route.
What did we miss?
North of Dohwa-dong,
Southwest of Wolpo-dong.
It's 1km from
the central square!
Move it!
He's here somewhere,
so stay focused.
Come up from Daegyeong-dong.
We'll head down
from Songgeon-dong.
I'm searching
the central square!
I think I found him,
It's the Dohwa motel district.
Gather the boys
and check the cars too.
Witness found
at the Dohwa motel district.
Don't just search the motels
and look into bars
and karaokes too.
Excuse me, I'm a cop.
He's staying in Room 304.
What's going on?
Tell me! Where is he?
He left a minute ago.
Hey, I found him.
Keep your eyes peeled.
We must get him first.
Stay in your car
and see if he comes back.
Don't take any action
and let him walk back here.
Don't tell me what to do,
you prick.
Cancel the search party
and bring
just two more with you here.
Stay still.
Get down.
Nice to meet you again,
little fucker.
Fucking bastard.
He drives like a maniac.
Stop the car, bastard!
Stop the car!
Out of the way!
Damn them!
You fucking asshole!
What was that?
I was after that bastard!
Over there.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking hell.
You, go that way.
O-seong, no!
Stay with me, O-seong!
- O-seong...
- Over there...
That way!
Damn it.
Where are you?
This fucker is mine now.
Where the fuck are you?
Track down Jang's location!
He took the killer.
Find him fast!
Fasten your seat belt.
You can't die before I kill you.
- Stop at a rest stop.
- What?
I'm starving.
This is fun.
How are we different?
That's pretty obvious,
don't you think?
You shouldn't have stabbed me,
you puny jerk.
Isn't it fun
to play with a man's life?
He drove down to Cheonan.
He was caught on camera
at the tollgate.
Son of a bitch.
Do you know
what the most
exhilarating part is?
Shut the fuck up.
Do you like minced meat?
I'm going to chop you up nicely
and spray your guts everywhere.
It's this moment.
When life and death
is in your hands.
Give it a go.
Get on with it.
Kill me!
Do you even listen to yourself?
Did you think you'd live
after killing all those people?
That's why you should kill me.
Try to stay still. I'd rather
not get your blood on me.
Sorry, buddy,
but I'm still a cop.
Nice to meet you, asshole.
Kang Gyeong-ho, you're
under arrest for homicide.
Even a devil like you
can retain an attorney
and have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.
If you cannot afford
an attorney,
one will be appointed to you
in courtesy of
this nation's taxpayers,
you asshole.
- What the hell?
- Isn't it obvious?
He's the serial killer.
Come here.
What are you staring at?
Go home!
Pack up!
Come here, you psycho.
- One moment, please!
- Make way!
- Let us through.
- Make way!
While investigating a kidnapping
case from September,
the Cheonan Police obtained
key evidence that led to Kang.
He's currently being treated
for minor injuries,
and he'll be investigated
by the police
before being handed over
to the prosecutor.
Let's move on.
Slot arcades are becoming
a social issue as of late.
The prosecution traced
how these arcades
are funding gangsters
and is currently after
Zeus' gang leader Jang.
Jang who operates
several dozen slot arcades
has made a fortune
by illegally modifying
and distributing
arcade machines.
However, his current
whereabouts are unknown.
This is all your doing,
isn't it?
You convinced the world
that he's the killer,
but now there's no evidence?
Everything we have on him
is circumstantial.
Nothing directly ties him
to the murders.
Even if I were the judge,
I wouldn't
give him the death penalty.
- What's this?
- A knife.
Yes, one you used
to murder all those people.
What has been
your concept in life?
I just can't figure you out.
Do you know why?
It's because you're not human.
Then what's yours?
A good cop? A model citizen?
You can't answer me, can you?
Who lives their life
by following a concept?
We live because we do.
I wore gloves for my first kill,
but I couldn't grip
anything properly with them on.
Each stab should
always be clean.
That feeling when it goes in?
You can feel it
from the tips of your fingers.
I guess
it's something like that.
And these photos?
What is it?
The order's all wrong.
Besides, how can you say
that these are mine?
And even if I get
the death penalty,
you know I won't die.
You little bastard.
- I'll kill you!.
- Hey, stop!
Stop it!
- Come here. I'll kill you!
- Stop it!
Don't do it!
If you sentence me to death
without proper evidence,
then that's murder.
The real devils are those who
commit crimes with kind faces.
Think about it as creators
and enforcers of the law.
Do you really have that right?
If you're innocent,
then I am too.
Did you state that
you've never seen this knife?
I did.
This knife was used
to kill five victims
between July
and September of 2005.
Objection, Your Honor.
The prosecution has not provided
any concrete link
between the knife
and my client during this trial.
It cannot be concluded
that the knife belonged to him.
Yes, you're right.
This knife has nothing to do
with the defendant...
at least until now.
Your Honor, we'd like
to request a sole survivor
of Kang's vicious knife attack
as the state's next witness.
Witness, please take the stand.
You've got balls showing
your face in front of me.
Damn, you look terrible.
We pay tax so that you can
arrest and kill those fuckers.
That's how the law is.
It arrests people
and punishes them,
but it also fucking protects us.
That's what it's there for.
Shut the fuck up.
You should've let me kill him!
You're my last resort.
Let's use the law
to kill the bastard.
Stop your bullshit.
Turn yourself in.
Are you out
of your fucking mind?
- Did you kill Hur Sang-do?
- Yes, I did.
- Yes, I did.
- Bastard!
Once this goes public,
you and I are both screwed.
Don't force me to use this.
All right?
Surrender and become a witness.
You're the only witness.
With you on the witness stand,
I can link him
to all the murders!
I'd rather...
just get screwed together.
I swear that the evidence that
I shall give shall be the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth, so help me God.
Your Honor.
The prosecution's witness is
a wanted head of a gang
who is accused
of several serious crimes
including illegal gambling
as well as embezzlement.
Nothing in the law states that
a criminal suspect
can't testify in another case.
I accept
how can you verify that you
were stabbed by the defendant?
Guys like me
who get stabbed regularly
don't forget our attackers
until the day we die.
That bastard was the one.
I had this sketch composited
right after I was stabbed.
Your Honor,
that is simply a drawing
one drew in
his or her free time.
It has no legal ground and
cannot be proved scientifically
and therefore cannot be
admitted as evidence.
Your Honor,
this is the witness'
medical record from the hospital
stating his condition
immediately after the attack.
The witness is a gang leader.
Getting stabbed
is normal for him.
How can that be evidence
when he could've been
stabbed by someone else?
He's violating
the defendant's rights
and is mocking this court!
Damn, that fucker talks a lot.
- Hey, Mr. Attorney.
- Witness!
Would you be able to say that
if your family
was killed by him?
The defendant's right?
Nutjobs don't deserve that.
That fucker
killed people for fun.
I'm not decent myself,
but he doesn't deserve to live.
I'll show you the evidence.
That night, he forced me out
of my car by crashing into it.
Then he stabbed me twice
in my side.
During the struggle,
he stabbed me in the chest.
I also cut my fingers trying
to grab his knife. See?
If I were the average man,
I'd be dead too.
You should have him
take his clothes off too.
I stabbed his left chest,
so there will be a wound.
Also check his hands.
You'll find a lot of scars.
Stabbing is a tricky job,
so you out yourself
here and there.
Your nails get broken too.
And lastly,
that fucker wrote this.
Analyze his handwriting,
and you'll get a match.
For reference,
Hur Sang-do was my friend.
Hur and his lieutenant
are both dead.
I feel bad for O-seong,
but if Kang spills everything,
we can blame O-seong for it.
Considering the defendant's
extremely violent tendencies,
wanton disregard for human life,
and the pain
suffered by the victims,
his sentence was decided
by weighing all the offenses.
Ergo, defendant Kang Gyeong-ho
is sentenced to death.
Thank you, sir!
Boss is coming! Let's greet him!
- Good afternoon, Boss!
- Good afternoon, Boss!
- Only on one condition.
- Which is what?
Have me locked up
in the same prison.
Three men played the game
with their necks on the line.
It should damn well be finished.