The Gentle Sex (1943) Movie Script

woman when I behold the flippin Thane
inconstant childish proud and full of
fancies women women all over the place
this station seething with women they
think they're helping I suppose rushing
about what good can it do them for us
well let's swoop down and take a closer
look at them take a cross-section of
them a handful a couple of armfuls the
weaker sex the fair sex the gentle sings
now there's a dear little thing number
six I can't believe I really are you're
so anxious to go you want to go away
from us
don't forget it I'm sure Oh mommy I knew
you get upset that's why I want you to
stay at home next door hold ourselves
you will right work all right
that reminds me I must get some milk
babushka Oh
go get lost the heaven's sake don't get
lost oh we must have her for number one
no it does seem a shame to take her away
from our mother
ah we might keep an eye on this one she
looks worth following
tickets for the train tickets for the
buses platform ticket did you ever give
me a penny Maggie it is here who's there
if you can't take a step in England
without putting your hand in your pocket
and you fall for glass good took a wee
ah but you're good when I get home the
house on over the same way good is she
well let's have her by all means
looked up I've given you a good time are
you giving away a lot don't you
this Dame she is newfangled and a burr
oving I come on Doc turn it up let's
come out of this
I got an absolute set the 3:30 this
afternoon oh yes I know let's go to the
just it'll show it's gonna sound
wonderful tomorrow Maison singing me
burning a lot of fat Oh women for the
rest of my life no thank you
look don't I care what I'm gonna do I
tell you what I'm gonna do I'm going
away I want to change don't you
understand have some fresh air I want
new people I'm gonna have it so you
gonna give me the air a inner duck I'm
gonna miss you don't you change your
mind definitely number for all this
foreign-looking one whose face is so
lost and yet so angry
what about her you agree number 5
hello what have we here box it for five
certainly does I'm coming right to the
train with you now Joanie there do
remember to write I shall miss you ever
so you don't realize how I worry about
you too please not again
not here we can't help having feelings
some of us I'm sorry
you see Joanie dear if we only talked
before saying how words can you rule
those that we love really want to know
I'm sick to death of your silly
sentimentality there you go a woman in
our hours of II is uncertain coy and
hard to please well she seems pretty
hard please how about her for our sixth
the idea they oh hello oh yeah it's
number two again I'm glad she's back
I'm so glad you managed to get here
there's no all I do day in and day out
is rush from station to station waving
my various offspring the way to the
Thin Red Line the Florence season I hope
you make a land fit for me to live it
look after yourself maybe after the way
you taught me how much remember anyway
the role is not going to last forever it
better not to me anyway she's in the bag
yes yes no Maggie this is my treat Alfie
how much Hey
six women six lives about to be turned
upside down
six characters in search of what
some power they get 50 Kiev to see how
they gifted years to see yourselves as a
the seams I don't Robbie Burns must have
written that in the railway train
perhaps he did cigarette mill things I
can't seem to get all the smoking how
about you happened.
I can't help thinking all this has gotta
be rather fun kind of fun sheep enjoy
never get so an unhappy sheep ah
the girl we nearly left behind us
anything planet 100 sorry I thought was
a rock in the carpet all right we all
going to the same place I suppose looks
like it then he caught the train but the
skin of your teeth never caught me
prettiest now it seems we're safe well
it's a lucky number
seven characters in search of that's it.
It's for you
oh thanks so much so I came back at
school again isn't it
I don't know I've never been away to
school Oh haven't you family isn't it
you feeling a bit homesick no I know not
is it
thanks that I bet they cut me some
waitress job fetch a million pounds why
I already been funky damn seats on me
life - I'd date pounds on an island
drive steak
whatta - I'd take Kippur doesn't seem to
affect your appetite anyway you penalize
me no for Shauna drop down it you'd get
met for nothing exceptionally delicious
well not exactly cafe Roy get out of
place in these clothes I feel like a jam
popping us - you won't feel like that
for long forget how kick this afternoon
no coupons no cash seemed like heaven
honesty I'm sure
sayuki my big book match today oh no
it's quite as I'm not taking away from
previous torture it color how did that a
bit tough on the plate to meet the great
man thank you sorry the light starts in
15 minutes
good night and sleep well I can't see
honest never let up
well the end of a perfect day oh what a
busiest I've ever spent in me life come
on hold it I'm sorry ducks honest I
think I'm gonna like it I think you
might have started of Sun fun it's too
bad we're not here to enjoy ourselves
ha I had a good job I chopped it I
didn't have to join up yet
I came here because I wanted to I know
this moron you don't have to tell me
there's a war on and it will take more
than a war to stop me comb my hair I'm
sure they're having fun nice not having
a little fun phobar be dead and dead it
so you will be dot Hopkins you don't
cover yourself up makes me shiver to
look at you well you've been missed the
roll call inciting my rain to a bath I'm
pretty cars on a Saturday after the
food's been swept the motherhood's a hot
kettle after each one but the last one
gets a bit close to Demings tell you use
the same bathwater how do we do this the
hard it's all in the family.
Oh deadbeat whacked out wonder they call
these mattresses biscuits hard baked all
right would you like a sweet
is that your intended gracious no that's
my brother what's the matter with her
maybe she's the stomach Li wrong you're
a fine one aren't you hmm
come on time gerrae I want to go home
you all want to go home but we can't
just have to grin and bear it
I don't pay any attention to her I can't
scrub my own shoes peel potatoes I've
never done things like that now they
have idea but they'll all be doing it
so once do something exciting difficult
I wanted to get away on my own and be
tough and independently it's been weeks
dreaming about guns and batteries you be
a good girl they'll give you a nice big
gun da great big gun evilly Oh
what the heck staff it's like that
good night dear get some sleep
do you would you make a sweet are you
all right
me you want to know would you like alone
on my spinster nothing well well 25 to a
room I was taking saving up blah
goodnight it's the end of a long day but
it's the beginning of nice to get a rest.
I think it's softly how can you stand
and be easy
I saw sons right look at a time - dude
right anyone right to be honest right
when I say by the left quick march
cut off the left foot right arm up by
the creek right right right right
where you fall off to the nappy Turner
box huh
how would I say by the left quick march
once he won't step out with your left
foot not your right now I tried once
more move to the right and please right
next we please
come now don't look so terrified there's
nothing to worry about just come down
and relax now would you come this way
with me please you're quite sure you see
the King Kong circle yes right now we'll
step back to the first line please
what is it done but I'm going to time
you with a stopwatch so you have to be
as quick and as steady as you can right
now remember you are looking for
aeroplanes and I'll show you each card
for two seconds only are you ready
letter A now this is letter B remember
to put down letter B this time letter B
directin strengthen those who lead and
give to those that serve loyal humble
and teachable dispositions make us
honest in all our dealings diligent in
work in Kingdom
Hey hey hey no okay anybody hoppin them.
God will retire ha ha ha hey hey hey hey
busy boy your leg hog time hey hey hey
no hey hey hey hey no hey oh and yep now
that wasn't at all back but you're
marking time is far too quick and when
you're going forward you're bending your
bodies now this is how I want it done
quick mount top spot oh but not the way
in which usually now this is what you
what the market are you started off
oh hey hey are you sure no one else
which is fast any questions now I'm
going to tell you something I'm sure
you're anxious to know your postings
these will be placed on your company
notice board which be referred to after
duty for follow detail the following
auxiliaries will report to 21 any heavy
air CAC regiment stray down Maurice PR
Hopkins Dean Miller be Jones D and
Cooper S to empty training center
camerfield story a brewski e Roberts M
white V Fraser M Lawrence a Austin H
Simpson Jay King our and Ramsey posted
to HQ company and retained on the
permanent staff of this depo Hayden G
let me never let me do a cig fuck even
wash the puppy it's rather funny I mean
doing things to what attend which part
is bottom junior or next okay you've got
to the kibitz with the passing out
parade here is gonna be.
Oh God.
When she comes she'll be wearing hockey
bloomers when she comes she'll be
wearing cocky ruble wearing hockey
bloomers wearing khaki Pumas when she
comes singing I oh it's the candles
where are you to be sing about the
office she wouldn't hurt it I kept on
telling her the light should be out he
talked to I'm back in the dark or fast
fast fast if you didn't have so many one
is it fair help I don't believe you
sweets behind me I have wish I were
after the best me to let you well Farah.
Karla book no not even fiddle with one
of their predictor contraction started
yet dot Hopkin everything's under
control I can't think how I collect all
this junk we're gonna miss you and your
aunt where let's give in touch just
ready to get out of my PC I'm glad to be
moving on if you I know what's what now
my solute sanaka watch out dippers here
I come that ought to shake them shaken
your brain garden frame we need to start
learning more new regulations not me I'm
left behind tough luck win yes I'm stuck
here miss orderly purposiveness orderly
plum Oh plum plates plates and plates of
the dual age come cheer up are you
getting married players next leave
that's right seven days listen he goes
back to his destroyer I get nightmares
in the net destroyer sake date but I'd
rather be on a destroyer than go clunk
clunk call me life
still it's all exciting though isn't it
I can't really believe I'm going to get
next to those guns oh I shouldn't make
that they all that much excitement so
you're a bit of well working a long time
avoid or to suture alongside the boys
and why not
what's the matter with boys boy is it
human nature so our headaches
who cares about a headache in a good
cause I've been told that frozen virtue
is no asset
I wonder where we'll all be this time
tomorrow night hmm
we'll find out soon enough or I will
miss you you won't got to each other yes
so one can get used to anything called
fun like last sweet how about you
where do we go from here hmm hello where
are we now our lorry of course now we're
fully fledged drivers and what our young
is that you gosh come on hurry up we'll
be late to the ball what are you talking
about I'm already
oh come on Ella get a move on we'll
never get your clean in time
how do I look OUP no did you notice the
creases of preston is fair oh thanks.
but I wish we were ready evening
versatile this panda feels happy with it
I'm never happy in this age of endeavor
dance hmm
do your gold take you out of yourself
you special thing whatever it is it's
not having much effect
look second.
I do mind thank you it's gotten the
culligan up again with a confirmational
fool I have the mailroom.
Nucky's I'd better make a final sunshine
one he making myself it means to not
waste your time that's all right
thank you my name is Alexandra pal come
to that
my name my legacy kind of body just
straight up you pass the crown.
I say who is that girl
you have to find yourself a nice fellow
I knew one man once called Valentino
well at least according south L&T know
it promised to teach me the Congo a
fossil screen
but he's my co does that have to give
way of course he puts it like that I
suppose I should thank you
the aside question of seniority I'm
afraid both confidentially I'm hoping to
get my stripes soon how long did you had
yours no let me see I got my third tape
in 1919 oh I see
I would have been in the army class on
30 years that's a long time don't know
how do we like this you get a box of
each of spells your pardon expression
you don't take nobody one gulp do it
well you take one each day well the.
Army's like that you think in terms of
30 years it'll give you the grubs but
take it as it comes day by day you do
more good than harm nobody gets a habit
sugar me yes I see
excuse me
no mistake about it this time.
I didn't have to meet the first time
what's wrong - Mia tomorrow
it's my leaves out tonight station 200
miles from here
what are you doing in so station $200 my
mother lives here
whether you are fishing first especially
well you don't know mine that makes its
what a peculiar though it came from here
me 109
it's about all those left of it would
you like to keep it I'd love to keep it
you do money you have a great
resemblance to the woman I have a mind
to Matic that soon when's the wedding to
be naughty come on over wasn't it for
the war yet we're doing one thing at a
time I am that where's the sense of
laying out good money for a home you
might be killed and buried before you
have time to enjoy I that's practical is
the last of the same opinion how am I to
know that haven't even seen and how do
you know we're so much alike I'm telling
you like the picture of the gonna have
in mind tonight in your mind you've
never cleared it what a difference that
makes guilty before I'll tell you again
yeah buddy
what do you think it's all leading to
well that depends what we're fighting
for mainly I think to create a world fit
to live in that's been said before isn't
it I know but it's true
we're sick of a world in which people
have to die because they don't know how
to live aren't we I mean you and I
people like us aren't we
of course we're sick to death of it but
but are we different to any other
generation can we really do anything
about it we've got to learn our lessons
sooner or later
each time the lesson gets worse if we do
for the first time in history we'll have
something to live for instead of that
instead of just something to die for
we appreciate peace and quiet oh no no
that's just the danger it's so easy to
relax you can't you can't just slide him
back into peace you've got to fight to
win peace just as hard as you've got a
fight to win a war
release me
and the most marvelous gray eyes yes you
tell me that last night I know what
lineage is wonderful she's just your
type of girl too
and she's my type that's never happened
before has it no I'll admit that's you
anyway you haven't lost her blessing no
and you will get in touch with I want
you I'll kick ass got a tea or something
any news she likes but soon because she
might be moved daddy soon I promise
alright good bye darling god bless take
care of yourself and drink your milk
like a good guy and don't worry the job
is nearly as dangerous as it seems
goodbye testing
well men must work and women must weep
you really speak to the drivers now man
he is often coming teeth at least that
used to be the idea this is quite
informal get around I want you all to
realize the importance of the operation
which were about to take part during the
next few days a vast quantity of
mechanical transport and war material is
being a little for shipping abroad I
can't tell you why but I can tell you
what you may not be long before we hear
the news which we've all been waiting so
anxiously your destination is credible
and I want every driver to make it a
point of honour that ilaria arrives by
its own power and not at the end of a
tow-rope a good new Lemurian will be
done by night so keep your distance the
eyes on the tail light ahead and your
mind on the job that's all go to it
don't talk about it good luck hey man
I've arranged for food on the way in
building accommodation of Stanton if
you're there by midnight they should
have six hours sleep but have the
lorries refuel before they turn it yes
relevant ones the return journey and be
sure to get your vehicle receipt signed
by the shipping off the other take care
of them goodbye sorry
did you catch them looks like a 400-mile
better keep going open catch up the
that dispatch right I keep forgetting
it's a girl.
Jr commander Davis is it captain wedding
the time of embarkation of that convoy
of yours has been advanced by six hours
it's where where's that first stopping
place right Stanton I'll have them
notified by dispatch rider
so any sign of them yet just ham coming
well don't fash yerself get on the NEE not all sigh out to say holes it's a
nice thing to say well have been cases
of wolves you know nothing this is
oh I beg it's fun going fall far enough
hello they rotted last getting quite
worried about you oh it was bloody in.
Dona Ana come eat yes I'm hungry
run with your bus what was nothing it
was just Coco pee
Joan fixed it nice of you to acknowledge
it thank goodness we're going over
tonight you seen your village
yeah daddy Nickerson handy pick us up oh
thanks you know you work too hard
alright you look good he young pie yes
said Ranbir I just wanted to be sure I'd
not like to think it was wasted sausage
roll please hurry up to the sergeant.
Jonah subpoena the work it's touching
isn't it and about you warriors I could
do with a good night's rest I it's been
a long drive it's only when you get into
the lights to realize how tired you are
pull yourself together you'll be seen
young David soon David catch your man
I brought your boy no no I had even know
him you know him weren't enough to be in
love with him it happened to me once.
Oh who was he Oh his name was Paul where
in England no not here.
I taught you something Elson yes it's me
imagine dispatch for you all right
come on girls we're moving you see come
on Sarge
are we gonna drive all night good sir
Amy I want to get some sleep too
come on hurry up Wallace that your war
office a shot cool stung me off a branch
women working or not this is a woman's
how about these PG carries in the
hospital or until one 748 or arrived by
I expect their stuff to have their hair
way I shouldn't wonder troops Umbach
awesome going aboard now.
I say isn't there any side of 174 empty
column what all right
174 empty column reporting arrival - if
I go to this end well this movie
take over this vehicle to get them
aboard hello we played on a tractor take
it to your village
it'll give you a chance over to shadow
we've reserved the compartment for you
on the 8:15 train to take you back we
have to change anywhere change it mister
and about times in two hours I hit trace
teams context may be good is where you
can honey alone please
gonna leave straightaway running anomaly
alone there please sorry miss I know
going on that trip movements far as I'm
concerned you've never first class
carriage each the old train if you're
not getting the engine there's nothing I
wouldn't do for here than sixteen -
cabbage no curious things wrapped in
this man here we surprised must we have
this place is chargin oh I got in the
wrong train fray don't ever tell you
that story about the girl and a sergeant
going it's right I'll go no no no none
of it ladies person this is gonna be the
night I'm sorry miss particular way
quite harmless that's a matter of
whoopee 1919 got a cold shoulders round
here at that must be in the meat man he
needs to talk from complaining it's a
room for us all
it's sorry we're crowding her out of
tollis these seats enough again help
there's my money huh admit I have a
father two brothers and they all smoke
pipes at the same time I've won no
there's gone you've been eating them all
yourself I got lots of mobile can send
him to me
well I don't mind if I do I'm self
famished never known you when you
weren't I don't require to go fashion
myself about my figure
hahaha well believe that will you have
one Madame thank you don't thank me I
only work here some meeting can I eat
some would eat that want it we her meat
we can eat select the Lord we thank it
ah make a killer truth in there are you
scotch how'd you guess
shuffle away your way you're right oh I
don't bless the bony Island I see Jesus.
Prayer Anglin is in the die oh Jesus we
turn the Bonnie Blue Meanies chanting:
Oh Oh together please I don't bless you
bonnie bonnie mrs. Percival is in the
die uncle Ernest does an antimatter some
of us are trying to sleep
donut music a yeah I bet you like this
there's an old mill by the stream sweet
mile a day
that's titled chapter we're all tired
our would what come on everybody hope
you don't snore
lady when I go to sleep I'll just lie
down and our cuz up like a little tiny
flower people have no right to snore
like that to be asleep at the time don't
try to stop him for heaven's sake the
man the flute woman ran a zillion Doom's
of dumbness
well at least that efficient who's
efficient it's June she thinks your
nas's are she's quite right the matches
are efficient like smoke such an
efficient awaits strike poison houses
efficient right as efficient own one in
a corpse is efficient don't you think
it's better to be inefficient and human
blue well can you talk about Nazi
efficiency how could I talk this is a
free country isn't it turn back though.
Billy coming back back get down bill
steady boy you tell me this is a free
country I know it I know what free means
because my people have lost it god
forbid that you should ever have to
learn what that is in the same way you
wouldn't talk to me about Nazi
efficiency then Orin as your gets
excited if you hit the Nazis here in
this island maybe you'd get excited do
we see any on Hitler the chamber of
horrors that's the stuff yeah that's
especially also it's alright you don't
you still don't understand what this
I like that after all the bombs and air
raids we've had no you do not know in
spite of the air raids in spite of the
bombs been nothing in France the French
cheer the British bombers over their
town because to them now above us
beautiful and fine lay my sweet they cry
bombers blast us to bust as long as the
dust goes into the Nazis eyes hear us as
long as you kill them don't you
thumbs up clean we don't know the fulfil
biggest Apple you don't know the slavery
the misery degradation must we have all
this heaven say keep calm Keep Calm keep
calm my country is gone I'm calm my
father was shot for fun I'm calm my
younger brother was handsome but I never
forget his face after they're done with
him it's all right I'm calm I'm calm
when they take my pole do you realize my
friend that before the Battle of
the officers ladies put on pretty
evening dresses and had a ball that's as
near as they ever got to the war the
soldiers girls couldn't even get as near
as that now it looks to me as if without
the women we couldn't carry on at all
and you also realize that we're quite a
small country trying to do the work of a
very big one and we certainly couldn't
without the women it gives men something
to think about
seven characters in search of but there
are only four here follow me let's take
a look at the other three
Danny wanna do it these are bearing one
ain't no debate color and it.
I believe you talking to this Patriots
telephony have you got your 1864 right.
MA time is it Oh golly I'm glad to be
why didn't Mama's little pets have a
good leave since daddy got his platoon
in the Home Guard you think there wasn't
any other branch of the service when
he's gonna have his been a fun hick
talking about northover projectors -
somebody was on a 3.7 we can I speak to
Jennifer Niles Thompson please I'm ever
so lucky to be posted to this battery
I was a mess orderly I trained her to
lift miss I've got some friends here
Travis Watkins and Miller are they still
here Hopkins Miller yes they are
oh goody I can't wait to see him haha
love you Sam well I told you all there
is to tell really it was quite a nice
chanak's out on the old I must admit I'm
glad to see your old mugs again complete
me luck what's it like here oh it's all
right gene knocks closes every morning
with orange juice and you laid egg
people are recovering not really we must
be doing otherwise we use the last bus
oh come on chaps run to the road what do
you say no not for you really same again
a northern great dogs live it under
all the rest under silly let me don't be
silly its effect you know that rising
out of bed must have bagged on that old
leg holding on her knees yeah that Bob I
told you it's a fiddle what are you
gonna add I just old one thanks my got a
double I better go die racing I don't a
level to die you get a job two minutes
before the open then where are you doing
I must be in insisting Oh Joanna said
now you take much stock you know why she
started up John she's a foreman bleeding
I don't know did you hear that I'll tell
you something else
we must get over there I'm entitled to a
drink aren't I ten more minutes may lose
the war yeah she was third second first
fast three times out all right doc we're
good oh please do wait a minute now she
oh come on didn't she but what happens a
car toast winds around to the right now
there's a fiddle on it come on em
another drink have you got change of a
father governor for once and some silver
give me some sicknesses on going on a
flute machine and this is the lady's
coming with me
I wish I could now you got plenty of
time I'm on about the war now you take
this Northern Star she ran at Newmarket
six weeks ago she started favorite
wasn't in the first fourteen now there's
an odd little doodle for I didn't look
gasps diddle come on the old cops better
what about my change we're gonna get
don't have you been you're often ate
okay did you get so alright no Sandra.
to that picture
it's my husband it's been wounded
probably killed
he's got the can't serve something out
of the way I dreamed it'd be no you
don't think he did either I used to go
to parties without him called up my
silly crowd and he went over dude
I used to forgive anything the world I
could see him that I've had the nerve to
write explain does he know you're in yet
no right until so what might make all
the difference if he knew he were doing
something useful
my darling George no in the apps
confined to barracks
look at that
I'm feeling down in the mouth after
severe confinement I mean seven days cv
keep sm it on Maggie vets and loved your
also too I dog
did you another shipping after what do
you know dark am sergeant I see you in
half an hour what for
I should I know anyway we don't ask
questions in the army or just a bear
orders she's again
she's an unfortunate girl sometimes I
feel almost sorry for oh I'm sorry
she got that stripe it was a corporal
once to be with Betty and dot instead
that's an idea let's try and transfer to
a get you know mixed empty company in
the bed
we hope course you do Oh that'll be a
change but they got to teach morrow
afternoon put the high tea high enough
where we going mr. Inquisitive
our beautifully that girl plays nobody I
don't stop nobody ever pays that piano
now I'm afraid I'm a little out of
practice I never get near the piano oh
please do come yeah whatever you feel
like it
well that's awfully good of your miss.
Sheridan so peaceful isn't it strange
probably for the first time in English
history women are fighting side by side
of the men first time I can't quite see
my mother driving a lorry in a tin hat
of course you're never going to make a
tremendous difference today well the
status of women after the war dill I'm
sure it will my dear that's my husband
oh please forgive me mrs. Sheridan I'm
so intrusive it's such a fine face yes
isn't it he was a flying man in the.
Dainius when an airplane was like a
cardboard box they were wonderful men
some of them went out to fly in those
old machines he was a wonderful man -
where did you meet him in a tarp in 1916
in ATAR we used to call it eat apples
what were you doing there I was in the
wax the way well the axes you call him
now how did you meet him I met him just
after I was wounded
yes I was driving an ambulance so we've
been rather heavily stopped I was
wounded not very seriously by shrapnel
in the shoulder in fact between herself
it's a piece of still they're gone mrs.
Sheridan well he brought me flowers in
the hospital I fell in love with him
thank God he fell in love with me too
I never knew a moment's peace after that
one day he was in a big fight one of the
great German aces he brought the hand
that this is 28 but he was shocked
pieces very near death still he got
better and we were married in 1918 yeah
right lib till 1930 when David was 11
years old he died of his wounds
after 12 years David to his flying he's
always wanted to it's in his blood how
could I stop him
well what about another cup of tea.
Oh mr. Sheridan do forgive me what for
well all that nonsense I was talking
just now oh my dear you must believe in
all those things while your heart and
soul and it was frightful as you are
fighting for me we didn't really know
what we wanted but I believe you do and
I believe you'll get it marvelous grey
eyes when you're going to see David
again Oh soon quite soon soon no and I'm
afraid you won't be seeing him soon
you've got that transfer you wanted now
you're going to drive ambulances wars
never very kind to lovers thanks much
better twelve there's a lot of few
inches that's gonna make all the
difference do you think a few yards of
pret arnica sheriff is Prairie he'll
your mistake never before why do you not
go to it what do you mean why did you
need to go following us here follow it I
suppose you expect me to believe that
you all got transferred here just to get
away from me let's have a look at your
two four five six and always with here
we read here chance
well it might interest you to know that
I was perfectly aware of your little
plan oh do shut up for heaven's sake
don't you tell me to shut up you'll take
orders from me now I've reached the
intima patients in Scotland in Scotland
I suppose you call Glasgow doc Scotland.
I guess waiting Willie again
he just hasn't strong
did we get the new posting soon today
yes and that's been confirmed good
evening ma'am sir thank you are we gonna
make new tea next door sure if you see
if you can get us two cups biggest yeah
here's a telegram two letters for the
well I'm not a great expert but
according to my book you're not going to
be minute just yet well how long
yes that's it about about five years to
be a very happy marriage
what's up children you're not going to
be very interested in the outside world
well oh I don't mind about the happiness
with children I am very interested in
the outside world I'm going to be
married next month
being a janmaat with a wasp's going
round and round good after the factories.
I'd never Lovejoy then it's all nonsense
who wanted tea I'll set it I'll take it
into him if you like tease it thank you
a big noise isn't it you guys alright
we're fine don't you yeah go listen it
is that the entry.
I know we didn't set it I'm talking
times have it ah nights when you can't
help feeling romantic tech nothing that
I'm thinking about yet yes well tied up
the canoe no nobody was whispering wind
that's these guns I can't hear a thing
sched go ahead
what right 38b times gone get the map
send them all available area nation and
tell them to send by immediately to go
with two ambulances woman hi cutie
drivers yes sir right
not so bright want you to set your to.
Emma to 240 meters and 30 be better yes
let's we don't make your stations
where's him without the team I better
take a coat
this is dislocation do you quite sure
you understand yeah are you meet the two
daughters at the gates I guess take care
of that one
good luck
that is dude driving Maggie
what's the matter
toilet man from David's mother believed
we've killed
I'm sorry words won't help
nothing else
now we have hatred to fill the empty
places no hatred you'll find that I have
it's something strong to hold on to
until the world is sane again.
I don't know why I'm so rude to just now
oh we aren't you women together don't
get me just enough sometimes
the switch in the pocket you like it.
all right upstairs I just feel that
and it is banishment here's another pool
we've got video all right
the front of their mantra
music soars did get on well together
you know why I was always left on the
maybe too shy to draw a gentle fire me
I take spokes different ways
casual is not quite ready stand binds
the trench right.
goodbye Meggie you'll make a good wife
to yon Alexander sweet is revenge you're
getting what you want Erna but perhaps
you'll soon be able to have something
far sweeter your own home in your own
country well corporal how nice to see a
smile on your face in such a nice smile
who'd have thought it oh there's that
dear little thing again
well half pint you've got your gun the
girl who won't be left behind
well dot it's a new life for you and a
happier one we hope for ahead journey
doesn't end in lovers meeting this time
you won't forget but you won't go under
well there they are
the women are sweethearts sisters
mothers daughters
let's give in a blast and admit that
we're really proud of you you're strange
wonderful incalculable creatures the
world you are helping to shape is going
to be a better world because you are
helping to shape it pray silence
gentlemen I give you a toast the gentle