The Getback (2023) Movie Script

(uplifting orchestral music)
(upbeat mellow music)
I swear to you
The evil ways are done
One last job
Then I'll be gone
I have no woman
It's always been
easier this way
Armed via gun
And a debt everybody
has to pay
And a debt everybody
has to pay
(upbeat mellow music continues)
(chips clattering)
And a debt everybody
has to pay
(uptempo dance music
plays in club)
Sorry, sir.
Members only.
What's your name, big guy?
Well, Randy, you and I can
play this one of two ways.
The first sees you take
this membership fee,
(females giggling)
and just step outta my way.
And the second one?
Is exchange some blows.
You're probably gonna break
a few of my ribs.
But I'm definitely gonna
break that nose.
We both know that's gonna
piss off your mom,
and all those fine ladies who
come and check you out
down at the gym.
So what's it gonna be, Rand?
Welcome to Club 34, sir.
Good choice, Rand.
(door clicks open)
(door slams shut)
(footsteps approaching)
Whatever you're thinking
about doing next, don't.
Sorry for crashing
your game, ma'am.
You can call me Trina.
But who the fuck are you?!
Name's Mal Cooper.
I knew I knew that face!
You're the cop who lost his job
for kicking the shit out
the Senator's son!
Yeah, well, the Senator's
son was a rapist.
So what's a fucking ex-cop doing
breakin' up my card game?
He's a fucking bounty
hunter now.
Ain't that right?
That's right.
I am here on behalf of Bad
Boys Bail Bond Agency.
(muffles back laughter)
Bad Boy Bail Bond.
Bad boy, bad...
Shut up, Frank.
He's here for me.
You skipped on your bail, Shane.
Left my boss outta pocket.
How much is Rogan paying
you to bring me in?
Whatever it is, I can double it.
Just let me finish this game.
So what do you say, Mr. Cooper?
You gonna ruin my game for
the sake of one hand?
Show the lady your cards.
(cards thud)
Well, shit!
(cards thud)
Looks like you're
broke, asshole!
(gunshot blasts)
Stand down!
Stand down!
(body thuds)
(yells painfully) You shot me
in the fucking leg, you asshole!
(boot thuds)
(Shane yells out painfully)
You should be thankful.
If it was up to me,
I'd a shot you in the face,
but Rogan wants you alive.
(Shane pants)
(bones cracking)
(Shane yells out painfully)
You know, if you ever get tired
of this bounty hunting bullshit,
you should give me a call.
But I like the bullshit.
(Shane moans painfully)
(upbeat mellow music)
I've been driving
The same road for
far too long
I've seen plenty of things
No end for the
end of my soul
(upbeat mellow music continues)
I know, look,
(door clicks open)
just give me your name
and phone number,
and I'll have Rogan call you
when he gets back to the office.
He in?
(keyboard clacks)
Yeah, hold on for me one second.
Yeah, he's in the back.
Help yourself to some coffee.
It's fresh.
Sorry about that.
You wanna go ahead with that
phone number again?
Uh-huh, yeah, okay.
Okay, okay, okay, yeah!
Stop talking!
I know, I know!
I know I told you
to use the card,
but I didn't tell you to run
the motherfuckin' thing up.
No one fuckin' needs that!
Stop talkin'!
Go to the basement!
Lock yourself in!
You're in fuckin'
time out, babe.
Fuckin' time out!
(phone receiver clatters)
(phone receiver slams)
You want me to come back?
No, I don't.
I want you to stay right here.
How ya doin'?
Come on in.
Come on in, sit down.
Want some coffee?
It's fresh.
Cozy's coffee tastes
like dog shit.
Tell me about it.
(phone rings in distance)
One Shane Dax Taylor, signed,
sealed, delivered.
(Rogan softly sighs)
(chair creaks)
(envelope thuds)
Oh, my god.
Man, have I ever told you,
you, right there,
you're the fuckin' best, Coop?
Have I ever told you that?
Last time you couldn't pay me.
(Rogan mutters)
(both laugh)
You're fuckin' with me!
Oh, somebitch!
All right, give me a minute.
(safe handles clattering)
You got any big plans
this weekend?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm gonna get some booze,
go to Quinn and I's
old apartment,
watch some revenge-o-matic
flicks while she's outta town.
How is Quinn?
Happily remarried and
honeymooning in Bali.
Oh, man!
Bali, would I fuckin'
love to go Bali.
I mean, they got these little,
beautiful bungalows there
with their little glass floor.
You stare at the fish
all day long, dude.
I swear to God.
Well, if you don't wanna watch
shit fuckin' movies,
'cause I know your taste,
and wallow in self-hate,
have I got a gig for you.
It'll triple what
I just gave ya.
I'm listening.
(uptempo jazzy music)
Motherfucker's called
Jake Gordon.
Qualified accountant and wannabe
gangster, grifter asshole.
25 large if you find him, bring
him in safe and sound.
No gunshot wounds this time.
You heard about Shane?
I heard about Shane.
He shot first.
Oh, all I fuckin' care about
is you brought him in breathing.
Another fuckin' hole in his ass,
we'll help him out with that.
You know what I mean?
You want the gig or not?
What's the catch?
No catch.
There's always a catch.
No catch.
A little catch.
I mean, alright, listen.
He's the star witness for Alonzo
Beaumont, all right?
So you might have some
outside resistance.
Yeah, and you gotta deliver
him by Monday morning
at the latest.
Anybody ever tell you you're
a real fuckin' asshole?
I've been told of this.
I want expenses.
25 fuckin' thousand dollars,
and you want expenses!
And I'm the asshole?!
Find somebody else.
Okay, okay.
Okay, Coop, just talk to Cozy
on your way out, okay?
Talk to him on your way out.
Fuckin' asshole!
(funky mellow music)
(funky mellow music continues)
(door clatters open)
You got 10 minutes, Beaumont.
(funky mellow music continues)
(door slams shut)
(funky mellow music continues)
We need to talk.
So talk.
What else would you be doing?
It's Gordon.
What about that thievin'
little shit?
Well, it seems that he's
reneged on his promise.
He's fled from the safe house
and has gone dark.
We're already on it, Beaumont.
There has to be somethin' else.
That's not the only reason
you came down here.
I came here to tell you
that we're not the only
ones looking for him.
(hands thud)
(Beaumont softly groans)
(uptempo funky music)
All my
All my
(engine rumbles)
All my fellow Americans,
get up
Get tough
All my
All my
All my fellow Americans,
get up
Get tough
(car door slams shut)
(uptempo funky music continues)
All my fellow Americans
(uptempo funky music continues)
All my
All my
All my fellow Americans
(luggage clacks)
Don't you let them hide
Don't distort what's right
Don't abide the lies
Don't let their fear decide
Good morning, sir.
I have a reservation for
Baxter, Kyle Baxter.
All right, just a moment.
(keyboard clacks)
Great, I see you right
here, Mr. Baxter.
Let's get you all settled
and checked in.
There you go.
Enjoy your stay.
Appreciate it.
(uptempo funky music)
(uptempo funky music continues)
(indistinct chattering)
(uptempo funky music fades)
(phone rings)
What's up, Russ?
(indistinct chattering
Get your ass over here before
Milazzo sees you.
He's still pissed?
What do you think?
Of course he's still
pissed, Cooper.
You forced the Chief
to fire you.
All you had to do was make
a public apology,
and you'd be sittin' over
there right now,
instead of snoopin' around,
or whatever it is you're doin'.
Yeah, well, couldn't do it.
The kid was a piece of shit,
and his old man isn't
any better.
Hey, hey, we would've all
done the same thing,
Chief included.
Yeah, speak for yourself, Hatch.
Always do.
(whispers) Asshole.
You get it?
Oh, yeah, check it out!
Everything we have
on Jake Gordon.
Right there.
I owe you.
Oh, dinner then in a real
restaurant this time.
Not some shitty burger
joint like before.
That better not be
Mal fuckin' Cooper?
(whispers) Shit!
You know me, Chief,
just can't stay away
from this place.
I don't know how many times
I have to tell you, Hatch,
you are not this asshole's
personal oracle.
What can I say, Chief?
He asked nicely.
(Cooper sighs loudly)
Last time, Chief.
Not so fast, Cooper.
In my office now.
(whispers) Great.
Sit down.
I'll just stand.
Just sit down.
It's my house, my rules.
You sit now.
(chair creaks)
It's like I still work here.
Well, actually-
Before you're about to
do whatever it is
you're about to do here,
Hatch had no idea
I was comin' in.
I don't wanna
talk about Hatch.
(lighter flicks)
I wanna talk about you.
I was never really
that interesting.
You always did have a
smart mouth, though.
No forgettin' that.
(lighter flicks)
Let's not bullshit each
other here, Joe, okay?
We know how my attitude
had nothing to do with
me gettin' fired.
Regardless, let's agree
that's all in the past.
Is it?
Asked around.
What would you say if I could
help you get your job back?
Who says I want my badge back?
Oh, come on!
You wanna be chasin' around
after bottom feeders
to pay the rent?
Just say the word, and I'll
run the paperwork.
I'd still have to apologize
to Wainwright?
Well, to his son.
It was his nose.
I'll stick with the
bottom feeders.
But thanks.
You wanna risk dyin' for a piece
of shit like Jake Gordon?
You know about Gordon?
Come on, Cooper, I'm the chief.
Everybody tells me everything.
And they tell you everything?
Did they tell you that
these bottom feeders
I chase after
have more integrity
than Wainwright
and his lowlife, rapist son?
(Chief grunts inquisitively)
No, they don't tell you that,
'cause everybody kisses
your ass here.
Keep doin' that job, Chief.
See ya, Coop.
Don't hurry back now.
Watch out for yourself, Coop.
I always do.
Son of a bitch never changes.
No, he does not.
(indistinct chattering
in the distance)
(prisoners chattering
indistinctly in the background)
(footsteps pattering)
(prisoners continue chattering
(suspenseful dramatic music)
I thought visitin'
hours was over?
(blow lands)
(both grunting)
(bodies thudding)
(prisoners clamoring)
(blow lands)
(thug groans)
(air whooshing)
(skin squelching)
(prisoners clamoring)
(prisoner grunts)
(body thuds)
You tell your boss, he ever
come from me again, ever.
You understand?
(suspenseful dramatic
music continues)
(prisoners chatter indistinctly
in the background)
(soulful rock music)
Born on a good thang
The only way home
(Jake clears throat)
(soulful rock music continues
playing indistinctly)
A pretty woman like you
shouldn't be drinkin' alone.
Get you another one.
Sorry, my mom said never
to talk to strangers,
especially if they're
giving out candy.
Well, your mom was right.
I'm Kyle Baxter.
So we're no longer strangers.
You don't even look like a Kyle.
I totally look like a Kyle.
You don't think I could
pull it off?
No, you look like an asshole.
Oh, come on!
Look, I know it's been a minute.
A minute?
It's been longer than a minute.
I thought you weren't
gonna call?
Baby, of course I
would call you.
Kat, I missed you.
You know that.
Did you do the thing I asked?
You got it?
(Kat clears throat)
Passports, driver's licenses,
credit cards,
car keys, and cash.
It's all there.
It's all here?
Then what are we
doing down here?
Let's go upstairs and party
a little bit, huh?
Hit the mini bar.
Courtesy of Mr. Baxter.
Come on.
I thought you'd never
ask, Mr. Baxter.
Right this way.
(door clicks open)
(soulful rock music
continues playing)
(Kat grunts)
Where you been, huh?
Busy, you know.
(gently smooching)
(Jake moans)
(body thuds)
You're about to be busy.
(gently smooching)
(soulful rock music
continues playing)
(knocking on door)
(gently smooching)
Not now!
Yeah, just leave it
outside, please.
Oh, but we ordered oysters.
Come on, we gotta go get 'em.
(knocking on door)
Just a minute!
(Jake sniffs)
(belt jangles)
(knocking at door)
Every time.
These better be the best fuckin'
oysters in the world.
(door handle clicks)
(door thuds)
(Kat screams)
(Jake speaks indistinctly)
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god!
Hey, look.
Man, whoever sent you,
I can pay you more.
(Kat speaks indistinctly)
Don't kill me, please!
What about me?
Baby, just shut up, okay?
I'm trying to negotiate.
You asshole!
All right, look.
Man, look, there's cash
in the bag, okay?
Just leave me a passport,
and you can take half.
It'll be like you killed me,
but I never died, right?
Alright, alright, alright!
I'm not here
to kill you.
Thank god, because, you know,
my mom is old and senile,
and I'm all she's got, man.
Stop talkin'.
Or I might change my mind.
So if you're not here to
kill his sorry ass,
then what the hell are you doing
kickin' in the door before I could
have my fuckin' oysters?
Who gives a shit about
the oysters, babe?!
Give me some painkillers!
I got a fuckin' migraine!
Just thinkin' about
getting home to see
what's waitin' for me
on the front porch.
Is love really worth the pain?
No pain, it's not
worth it, baby.
(pill bottle rattles)
Ah, motherfucker!
(Cozy chuckles)
Learn to fuckin' throw!
(chair shuffles)
(head thuds)
(pill bottle rattles)
You motherfucker!
Keep laughin', I'm gonna fire
that sorry, little ass of yours.
Get outta here!
(pill bottle rattles)
No appreciation.
(cell phone chimes)
(whispers) Wow!
Come here, look at this.
Don't sit down.
Look at that.
(cell phone clatters)
Coop, he found him!
That goddamn son of a bitch
found fuckin' Gordon.
Now he's just gotta
get him back here.
(liquid gurgles)
(bottle thuds)
(Rogan belches)
So you're a bounty hunter?
You catch on quick.
How'd you find me?
Maybe not so quick.
Yeah, but did you track
me down or something?
You've been following me?
Your file says that you have two
girlfriends and a fiance.
You son of a bitch!
Hey, no, wait!
He's a piece of shit liar!
(door slams shut)
(knocks on door)
Kat, come on!
Go away!
You happy?
You screwed me.
I staked out your fiance,
and she led me right to you.
Man, (scoffs)
but I didn't skip out on bail,
so why me?
'Cause the money
was really good.
You know why they want
me back, don't you?
Yep, you're gonna testify
in the Alonzo Beaumont
case on Monday.
Do you know if I do that,
I'm a dead man, right?
Maybe not.
Oh, that's comforting.
You stand a better chance
of surviving
if you let me take you in.
Wait, you're that fucking
good or something?
I'm that fucking good
or something.
(door clatters open)
He's a piece of shit
is what he is!
I swear he lies to
me all the time!
(upbeat rock music)
I'm sorry, baby!
Jake, call me.
(door creaks open and thuds)
Big lady over there
Big lady in her underwear
Wanna make you mine
(door creaks open)
Hell yeah
You look so good
(Jake grunts)
Damn right
(upbeat rock music continues)
(bag clatters)
Big woman, yeah, yeah
(feet thud)
Big woman, yeah, yeah
(Jake grunts)
Hips so good, they hypnotize
Come with me and shake
your thighs
Take it easy
Big woman
Come home with me
(blow lands)
(Jake thuds)
(lighter flicks)
(groans) What the fuck?!
(Jake continues groaning)
It's me again.
Put those on.
Plan on running for the
rest of your life?
(car engine roars)
(tires squeal)
How many fucking bounty
hunters did they send?
That aint no bounty hunters.
(uptempo rock music)
(gun cocks)
(rapid gunshots firing)
Oh, fuck!
(gunshot blasts)
(rapid gunshots firing)
(gunshots blasting)
(rapid gunshots firing)
Livin' in the freckles
off your face
(gunshots blasting)
Realize it's all gone
Can you see what's comin'
There is a storm on its way
(gun cocks)
Can you see what's
comin' to you
I can feel the rain
You gotta stay strong
Through the wrong
(blow lands)
(gunman grunts)
You gotta
Still feel the desire
(Copper groans)
You gotta
(blows landing)
Be in or be out
(body thuds)
'Cause I'm burnin'
Love under fire
(Cooper coughs)
(blow lands)
Oh, watch out!
(uptempo rock music continues)
(blow lands)
(Jake yells indistinctly)
(first thwacks)
(body thuds)
(Cooper pants)
(gunman grunts)
(blows landing)
(Cooper grunting)
Okay, Jesus Christ!
All right, all right!
(blows continue landing)
(Cooper pants heavily)
Is he dead?
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
Well, he ain't alive.
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
(Cooper grunts)
(pants heavily) He's a cop.
Of course he's a fucking cop.
We gotta go.
Yeah, I'd rather go alone.
This isn't a democracy.
Whatever, man.
(car door clatters open)
(gun rattles)
(car door thuds shut)
You fuckin' wouldn't?
All right, fine, lead the way.
That way.
Go, now.
(footsteps pattering)
This one.
You drive.
(keys rattling)
(upbeat rock music)
Young boy
My daddy, rest his soul
(car engine turns over)
(engine revs)
(tires squeal)
20 years ready in
the big hole
Where we headed?
Do you care to be more specific?
Keep your eyes on the road.
Good talk.
Every time I drink whiskey
Blackout and wake
up with a honey
(phone rings)
Oh, shit, blinkers.
Better get that, Hatch.
It might be lover boy.
(scoffs) Branham.
(phone continues ringing)
(chair creaks)
(whispers) Okay.
Detective Hatch, talk to me.
Hatch, it's Coop.
How's the pick up goin'?
Oh, it's goin'.
That's why I'm calling.
Another favor.
It's gonna cost you more than
a steak dinner this time.
You're gonna have to run a tab.
You know Milazzo's
gonna have my ass
for using police resources
to help you.
I wouldn't worry.
His bark is worse than his bite.
Well, you ain't the
one gettin' bit.
What do you need?
I need a full Id check.
I already sent you over
all the details.
How thoughtful of you.
Okay, let me check this out.
I'll get back to you.
Thanks, Jade.
(phone receiver clatters)
(whispers) Okay.
You need to lay off
the sugar, Hatch.
No can do, Chief.
I need the energy.
You can tell yourself that,
but one day it's gonna
catch up to you.
You all right?
Yeah, all good.
All right, well, you know,
my door is always open.
Unless it's closed.
Unless it's closed.
That's right.
Have a good night, Hatch.
Night, Chief.
(indistinct chattering)
(keys rattling)
(hatch clatters open)
Got somethin' for me?
Make that U-turn in 30 minutes.
(hatch slams shut)
(lock clicks)
(Beaumont softly sighs)
(phone rings)
(phone buzzes on)
I thought you'd wanna know
that Gordon is on the move.
So everything is goin'
according to plan?
("Hoodoo Man Blues" plays)
Pull over up ahead.
We need rest.
You've been asleep
for the last hour.
This isn't sleeping.
This is thinking.
It seems like the hours
Pull over up there.
Oh, everything done changed
But I hold up my hand
I'm just tryin' to make
her understand
Lord, you know everybody
tellin' Little Junior
That somebody done hoodoed
the hoodoo man
(pages rustling)
(bell dings)
("Hoodoo Man Blues" fades out)
Let me guess, you want a room?
What gave it away?
Singles or a double?
Singles, please.
120 for the night.
Mini bar is extra.
You guys have a mini bar?
Fuck no.
Cash or card?
Pay her.
Put your hand into that bag
that you've been holding with
a fucking death grip
and pay her.
(bag rustles)
(zipper unzips)
(money rustles)
(money rustles)
Keep that.
Thank you.
(zipper zips)
Room four, sweethearts.
Have a great night.
(door clatters open)
(water rushing)
Is this really necessary?
Come on, man, this
is bullshit, dude!
My wrist is going numb.
(door locks clatter)
Look, man, please,
you can't let me sleep like
this, like, honestly.
(gun unsheathes and rattles)
You don't want me to go
anywhere, joke's over.
Can you please uncuff me
so I can go to sleep?
(Cooper sighs loudly)
Yo, if I don't sleep
on my stomach,
I'm gonna start screaming
and sweating up a storm,
and it's not gonna be good.
So can you please let me go?
(Cooper softly shushing)
Just let me go, man!
If it's to-
(Cooper softly shushing)
(Jake grunts)
Son of a bitch!
(Jake sighs exasperated)
(footsteps pattering)
(Hatch inhales sharply)
Working with IA or what?
Oh, we've been lookin' for
this asshole for three months.
Oh, shit!
Yeah, shit!
Thought you said you
were goin' home?
No, you know me, Chief,
I'm as comfortable here
as any place else.
Let me guess.
It's got somethin'
to do with Cooper?
I don't wanna ask.
He's always causin' problems.
He's one of my best men,
and I had to get rid of him.
But now, he's out there,
he's got no backup, no
partner, nothin'?
I ain't happy about
that either, Chief.
You know, I offered
him his job back.
Yeah, I knew it wasn't
gonna be easy.
He would have to apologize to
that Wainright kid, but...
(grunts) Yeah, anyway, I knew
I had to try anyhow.
We all miss him around here.
Yeah, yeah, he's one of us.
He is.
Right, well, do right by him.
And off the record,
if you need any help,
I'll be here for ya.
Get some rest, Hatch.
(Hatch inhales sharply)
(sighs) Copy that.
All right now.
(uptempo blues music)
It's been a long, long day
A good, old whiskey
Is calling my name
(door clatters open)
(door slams shut)
Hope you like gluten-free
donuts, man.
(truck door clatters open)
Get down!
(gunshots blasting)
(uptempo blues music continues)
(gunshot blasts)
It's been a long, long day
Been a heck of a day
(gunshots firing)
But I complain
Complain to my dudes
at the pub
My back's killin' me
I got a pain in my knee
Before I give way
To complain to my
dudes at the pub
(uptempo blues music continues)
(gunshots firing)
(music abruptly ends)
(gunshots continue firing)
(body thuds)
(tool clanks)
(footsteps pattering)
(gun shuffles)
(Cooper pants heavily)
I was just about to get him.
What the-
(gunshots firing)
(tool clanks)
(gun clatters)
All right, I changed my mind.
I'm stickin' with you, man.
Try to escape again
and I'll shoot you.
Let's go!
You don't have very many
friends, do you?
Hey, could I borrow that phone?
I need to call my mom.
It's her birthday.
(Cooper pants heavily)
I'm serious, man, it's
really her birthday.
No tricks.
You're a real asshole,
you know that?
So I'm told.
(uptempo blues music)
(car engine roars)
(phone trilling)
(cell phone buzzing)
Hatch, talk to me.
What do you got?
So it turns out that your cop
is actually an ex-cop,
let go with no pension after IA
found he'd been taking
backhanders from anyone
and everyone who needed
a cop on their payroll.
No, I was hopin' for more.
Maybe like an obvious connection
to Beaumont.
No, it's all right.
Thanks for sticking
your neck out.
All right.
(phone clicks shut)
Beaumont must really
wanna shut you up
if he sent an ex-cop
to kill you.
Well, you think Beaumont
put a hit out on us?
No, you, for sure.
That doesn't make any
fuckin' sense.
It makes perfect sense.
If he kills you, you can't
testify against him.
Against him.
Look, man, I don't
know where you're
gettin' your intel from,
but you got it all wrong.
What are you talkin' about?
I'm not testifying
against Beaumont.
I'm his star fuckin' witness.
(car rattles)
(car engine roars)
(upbeat rock music)
(engine continues roaring)
(horns blare in the distance)
(cars roar)
(engine rumbles loudly)
(tires squealing)
(car engine revs)
(brakes screeching)
What are you doin'?
I can't do this shit
anymore, man.
If you don't fuckin'
move this car,
we're both gonna fuckin' die.
Yo, I was very much alive,
until you came into the picture!
If I didn't come,
you'd be dead in the
fucking parking lot!
(tires squealing)
(engine revving)
We need to move the car.
You wanna see me drive?
All right, fuck it, I'll drive!
Gonna make you mine
(tires squealing)
Hell yeah
You look so good
(car engine whirring)
Damn right
(gear shift clanks)
Thick woman, yeah, yeah
(tires screeching)
Thick woman, yeah, yeah
What's the plan?
Hips so good
They hypnotize
Shoot them
before they shoot us.
Come with me and shake your
(gunshots firing)
(gunshots continue firing)
(Cooper grunts)
Take it easy
Good plan.
Just keep it steady.
Big woman
(gunshots firing)
(glass tings)
(tires screeching)
(glass shattering)
(metal banging)
(horn blares)
(glass shatters)
(Cooper coughs)
(steam sizzling)
(Cooper grunts)
(steam continues sizzling)
(Cooper grunts)
(both pant heavily)
(bag rustles)
(Cooper groans painfully)
(Jake grunts)
(Jake pants heavily)
(both panting heavily)
(Cooper pants heavily)
How's this my fault?
Who was driving?
Who was shooting?
I'm gonna need you to get
your shit together,
'cause I ain't got fuckin'
time for this.
Oh, and you think I have
time for this?!
I'm supposed to be
on a fuckin' beach
drinking a pio colada
right now!
It's pia.
(Jake grunts)
(blow lands)
(Cooper pants heavily)
(laughs) The kid can hit.
(winded) Okay.
(blow lands)
(Cooper grunts)
(Jake yells out painfully)
(both pant heavily)
(blow lands)
(Cooper thuds)
(blow lands)
(blows continue landing)
(both men grunting)
(Copper pants heavily)
You done yet, huh?
You feel better?
(pants heavily) Yeah.
(laughs) Yeah?
Yeah, I'm done.
You're gonna get the
fuck off of me!
(Jake pants heavily)
(Cooper laughs)
(both laughing)
Every single joy of mine's
gone to doubt
(Jake grunts winded)
(Cooper groans painfully)
Seems that every single
word of mine
Makes no sound
You asshole!
(Cooper pants heavily)
Used to be that I could
I guess we're walking
Can't be found
And I'm running out of time
And you owe me a car.
You owe me a pia colada.
Where's the time
(Cooper pants heavily)
Make amends what's left
(groans) Fuck!
You said all
I think that I know
With the time
It's fine, 'cause even if
we found your phone,
it's not like we could
get an Uber out here
in the middle of nowhere.
Well, how'd you end
up doin' this?
Chasing you?
No, no, I'm talking
about the job.
How in the hell did you end
up being a bounty hunter?
Thinking about applying?
(footsteps pattering)
I was a cop.
Good cop?
I'd like to think so.
But you're not a cop anymore?
No, I am not.
So what happened then?
Tell me more.
If you'd stop talking so
much, I'd tell you.
It's obviously a touchy subject.
I punched Senator Wainwright's
son in the face,
shattered his nose.
Jesus Christ, man!
You know you have an
anger issue, right?
He deserved it.
Okay, well, what did he do?
He roofied an underage girl,
took her to his car
in the parking lot,
and the proceeded to rape her.
What a piece of shit.
And you just broke his nose?
Trust me, I wanted to do
a lot fucking more,
but he had his security
with him,
and they had other ideas.
Yo, that gas station looks open.
All right, slow down, Flash.
Slow down.
(footsteps pattering)
If they have a phone in there,
you should make that call
we spoke about earlier.
What call?
Your mom.
Oh, shit!
Today's her birthday.
Anyone here?
There's gotta be somebody
in here, man.
They wouldn't just leave
the door open like that.
And a fan of the Senator's.
Still warm.
Oh, man, I'm starving.
(wrapper crinkles)
(door clatters open)
Put the candy bar down,
and step away from the toolbox.
Hey, Gus, we ain't lookin'
for any trouble.
Then your buddy better
lower the candy bar.
No offense, man.
I'm just a little hungry,
that's all.
There's a store right
through there.
You hungry, you fuckin'
buy somethin'.
Hey, Gus?
You got a phone here?
I got a phone.
But you wanna use it,
you'd better fuckin'-
Buy somethin'.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, man, you got a
beer in there, man?
'Cause I could really
use a beer.
(Gus mumbles indistinctly)
(gun clanks)
(Gus yells indistinctly)
(Gus grunts)
(whimpers) You're gonna
rob a fuckin' old man
who's out here just trying
to make a livin'?
No, Gus, we're not
gonna rob you.
We're gonna buy somethin'.
Move outta my way.
(footsteps pattering)
Ah, shit!
I haven't had one of these
since I was a kid.
My mom used to stick
'em in the freezer.
Take 'em to a whole new level.
Want one?
I'll take your word for it.
You said you had a phone, Gus?
(footsteps pattering)
(phone clanks)
It's old, but it works.
You gotta dial a nine to
get an outside line.
I'm just shittin' you.
(phone dial clacks)
(Rogan pants)
(cell phone rings)
A stork.
Yeah, like a stork.
Come on.
Jesus Christ!
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Yeah, breathe.
(busy tone blares)
(phone dials clack)
(cell phone rings)
(Rogan whispers indistinctly)
Shut the...
(cell phone buzzing)
Someone better be fuckin' dyin'!
It's me.
Just a minute.
(phone clatters)
You gotta go.
Get the fuck out.
Get the out.
Go on, get the fuck outta here.
(inhales sharply) Yeah.
(pants) Yeah.
(chair creaks)
Same time next week?
Oh, yeah, baby.
(stammers) Just, you know, Cozy.
Pinch him on the chin,
and, you know, make an appointment
like we always do, okay?
Bye, bye, bye.
Get the fuck out.
(zipper zips)
Thanks a lot.
Am I interrupting somethin'?
No, absolutely not.
Where are you?
Look, I need a favor.
I need you to come
and pick us up.
What do you mean, "Come
and pick us up"?
I don't think you fully grasp
our relationship here, Coop.
I pay you, right?
I pay you to do the driving,
not the other way around.
Yeah, well, things have changed,
since every time
we get in a car,
I'm gettin' shot at, all right?
And I can't really trust
anybody else.
What about Hatch?
I mean, isn't she your go-guy?
You go to her?
Last time we had a call,
I was gettin' shot at by some
kamikaze speed racer.
I'm not saying it's her,
and I'm not saying it isn't.
What I am saying,
is that someone with
an inside connection
doesn't want this Gordon
kid to testify.
You got any idea who it is?
Not yet.
But until I do,
I can't trust any of 'em.
(cart clatters)
(cart continues clattering)
You okay?
What's goin' on there?
You all right?
Are you gonna come get
us or not, hmm?
Yeah, of course I'm gonna
fuckin' help you out, Coop!
Anything for you.
I need to know where
exactly are you?
Yeah, I got it.
(pen scratching)
(thunder rumbles)
The kid's makin' a call in
there, if you don't mind.
He just bought up
half the store.
Hell, he can call long distance
if he wants to.
Hey, have a beer, huh?
Thanks, Gus.
You're welcome.
(beer bottles clank)
I know you don't believe it,
but I don't get a lot
of company out here.
Hmm, it's a nice '68 you're
workin' on over there.
Oh, yeah.
Started workin' on it
about five years ago.
One of those father-son
How old's your boy?
Sorry to say, he died.
(thunder rumbles)
A hit and run about a year ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Nothing for you to
be sorry about.
You weren't the driver.
They ever catch the
son of a bitch?
And they never will.
I made damn sure of that.
Damn sure!
And I love you, Mom.
And you know I wanna
be there tomorrow.
I just...
I have a big business meeting.
You wait until your
dad gets home,
and I'll tell him.
Mom, Dad isn't coming home.
He isn't?
No, Mom, Dad died.
Do you remember?
I don't like the
tone of your voice, young man,
whoever you are.
It's Jake, Mom.
It's me.
Well, don't be calling
this number again,
or I'll have to talk
to your supervisor.
Bye, Mom.
(line disconnects)
(freezer door shuffles open)
(glass clanks)
(freezer door thuds shut)
(cap whooshing)
You all right?
Yeah, she...
You know, she's just upset that
I can't see her tomorrow,
so, you know.
(Jake nervously clears throat)
How long?
We first started noticing
signs about 10 years ago.
My dad was taking care of her.
He couldn't cope anymore,
and so she had to move into
a assisted living facility.
This place is expensive?
Took him for everything he had,
you know, savings, loans,
second mortgage.
Doctors say he died
of a heart attack,
but I think it was more of
a broken heart, you know?
Just being forced to watch
your life just drift away.
After he died, the
debt went to me,
and I did the best that
I could to try
and keep the payments flowing,
but I was struggling, man.
You know, those short cons,
they only go so far.
You ever think about
gettin' a real job?
(bottles clank)
Workin' for Beaumont was
supposed to be that.
He wanted an accountant who
would break the rules, you know?
You were there when he
killed those two cops?
Nah, man.
See, that's the crazy thing.
He didn't shoot 'em.
Who did?
Another fuckin' cop.
(door squeaks open)
There's no back seat.
Dog's bed.
Help yourself.
Nothing fancy.
No shit like pillows,
or, you know, sheets,
but it's better than sleeping
on the concrete.
Thanks, man.
You're welcome.
We'll make do.
No fighting over it either.
All right?
Oh, I'll be above the store.
If you need anything,
don't wake me.
You got it, Gus.
Goodnight, Gus.
You're on the dog bed.
(Jake speaks indistinctly)
Sleep tight.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.
See ya in the mornin'.
(grunts) Oh, man.
All right.
(Cooper grunts)
Maybe you should put on your
seatbelt this time?
(Jake chuckles)
I'm telling you, man,
(train horn blares)
it was another cop.
(dart thuds)
You think your old partner
was involved in that shit?
I worked with Jade for years,
I still can't see it.
(dart thuds)
Maybe you don't want to?
It's amazing how money can
twist a person around.
Can't be Jade.
Then who?
Good mornin'!
There's fresh brewed coffee,
if anybody wants it.
Fresh brewed?
Count me in.
Well, it's instant,
but I only poured it just now.
Beggars can't be choosers.
Well, it looks a
little like mud,
but it was just ground this
mornin'. (chuckles)
Come on, boys!
(Gus chuckles)
As long as it ain't shit.
(uptempo bluegrass music)
(uptempo bluegrass
music continues)
(car door slams shut)
(uptempo bluegrass
music fades out)
(traffic roars in
the background)
Well, this is a fuckin'
shit hole!
She may be a shit hole,
but she's my shit
hole, shit ass!
Hey, how you doin' there, Pops?
Take it easy, Elvis.
I mean, no insult
intended there.
Some taken.
I'm here to find some
of my friends.
They told me to go to Snowballs.
I'm just meetin'
them here, yeah?
Well, you wanna talk
about your friends,
you better fuckin' buy
somethin' first.
(stammers) I gotta what?
You gotta fuckin' buy somethin'!
I gotta fuckin' buy something?
You want me to buy something?
Sure, I'll buy somethin'.
What do you got?
It's a gas station.
Take a fuckin' guess!
Jesus Christ!
Am I in fuckin' deliverance
right now?
It's all right, Gus.
I know him.
He's with me.
Well, he still gotta fuckin'
buy somethin'.
Why don't you pump up
my car there, Gus?
What the fuck do I
look like to you?
You fuckin' pump it!
(chuckles) I'm just
fuckin' with ya.
(Gus laughs heartily)
Yeah, you're a funny guy.
Funny guy.
He does that.
Where's Gordon?
He's inside.
He's inside.
Well, you know, how 'bout
you go get him,
so we can get back to some
fuckin' civilization?
No offense intended.
Some taken!
Some taken.
Are we goin' or what?
In a minute.
I wanna know who you
sold me out to?
Who you fuckin' talkin' about?
He fuckin' asked you a question!
No one's fuckin' talkin' to you!
Why is he talkin' anyway?
Are you shittin' me right now?
Are you?
Come on, man, like-
And there it is again.
There what is again?
You've looked at that
watch six times
since you pulled up here,
and you keep lookin' around
like you're waitin' for someone.
I am waitin' for fuckin' Gordon,
so we can get the fuck outta
this rain and get outta here!
I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Sure, go right ahead.
Who'd you sell me out to?
What are you fuckin'
talkin' about?
When I called you,
you called someone right after,
didn't you?
No, I didn't.
Didn't you?
No, I didn't.
No, I didn't.
Why would I do that?
I didn't do that.
You know, you're a
fuckin' low-down
piece of shit!
I didn't do that!
(gunshot blasts)
(Rogan yells indistinctly)
Oh, shit!
(gunshots firing)
(uptempo rock music)
(body splashing)
(gunshots firing)
(gunshots continue firing)
(rapid gunshots firing)
(glass shattering)
(gunshots blasting)
(body thuds)
(gunshots firing)
Get the fuck back inside!
(bullet clatters)
(gunshots firing)
(bullet zings)
(gunshots firing)
(trashcan clatters)
(water splashing)
(uptempo rock music continues)
Hey, motherfucker!
(gun cocks)
(gunshot blasts)
(body thuds)
(uptempo rock music continues)
(uptempo rock music continues)
(blow lands)
(body thuds)
(Jake speaks indistinctly)
(gunshot blasts)
Oh, shit, shit!
We gotta go.
That's the thanks I get
for savin' our asses?
Saving our asses?
I'm the one shootin' everyone.
I took out that sniper
son of a bitch.
Yeah, he did!
And you both took
care of business,
and we're all alive,
so thank you.
No, Gus, thank you.
Do you see how easy that was?
Great, it was teamwork.
We gotta go.
All right.
(bat clatters)
Hey, hey!
Not gonna get far on foot.
(keys jingling)
Take my truck.
You sure?
Oh, hell yeah, I'm sure!
(bag rustling)
All right.
(zipper unzipping)
This oughta call it square?
Oh, hell yeah, that oughta
square it up just fine.
Hey, you know what?
I need one more favor.
I need you to give us an hour,
and I need you to call
the 12th Precinct.
You ask for Detective
Jade Hatch.
You got a message,
or you just want me to
sing "Happy Birthday"
in my best Marilyn Monroe?
Yes, I do.
Tell her that I'll be watching
a movie tonight,
and that I'll see her at
the courthouse tomorrow.
Watching a movie tonight,
courthouse tomorrow.
Will do.
I got it!
Thanks, Gus.
You're welcome.
Pleasure knowin' you.
You're welcome.
Hey, Gus, you're a rockstar.
Thanks, buddy.
Nice to meet you, Catch.
I'm drivin'.
Let's go.
(Gus laughs)
Hurry back to see me.
(keys jingling)
Son of a bitch.
(mellow blues music)
(phone rings)
(indistinct chattering)
(phone continues ringing)
It's Detective Hatch's desk.
This is Branham.
Yeah, can I talk to Detective
Jade Hatch?
Okay, yeah, she's not
here right now.
You can leave it with me.
Branham, what are you doing?
You weren't here.
This is Detective Hatch.
How may I help you?
I've got a message
from Mal Cooper.
Oh, okay.
(truck engine roars)
So why a bounty hunter?
I mean, you never really
answered the question before.
It's, like, why did you
choose a bounty hunter?
Like, after the Wainwright
you could've done anything.
I tried to do the right thing,
it didn't work out,
and now I do this.
So you went from arresting
to chasing them down for money?
It doesn't matter.
Just get the job done.
Let me guess, man.
Your dad was a cop,
his dad, and his dad before him?
My mom.
My mom was a cop.
My dad was a chef.
Growin' up, I wanted
to be just like him,
open a restaurant and shit.
It just so happens,
I'm the only person on this planet
that could burn a salad.
It turns out, I have more
in common with my mom.
I went through the academy
with flying colors.
I bet she's really proud of you.
She was.
And then I got fired,
and then she died.
I'm really sorry.
Make me slam down
on the phone
Make me slam down
on the phone
Make me slam down
on the phone
Make me slam down
on the phone
Wait, where are we going?
Quick detour.
With a down line
(mellow funky music)
(mellow funky music continues)
I need to talk to
my client alone.
You heard the lady, fuck off!
(indistinct radio chatter)
Got any news?
Someone doesn't want your
witness to testify.
They put out an open hit on him.
Yeah, when this is over,
then I'll return the favor.
Is Jake Gordon still alive?
For now.
Let's hope it stays that way.
Who's that bounty hunter
keepin' Gordon alive?
(mumbles) From what I hear,
he's one of the best.
(truck doors slam shut)
(birds chirping)
(footsteps pattering)
All right, that sounds good.
All right, we'll see you then.
All right, bye-bye.
(phone receiver clatters)
Mr. Gordon?
Staci, how many times do
I have to tell you?
Mr. Gordon was my father, okay?
I'm Jake.
Well, your mom is gonna
be really happy
you made it for her
birthday, Jake.
How's she doing?
She's having a pretty
good day so far.
Is your friend gonna wait
out here while you visit?
Nah, he's family.
Okay, well, you know
where to find her.
(flowers rustling)
Come on.
(phone rings)
Try and make it out here
about once a week,
sometimes, twice a week.
Her room is over there,
but she kinda likes to
wander, you know?
That's her bench right there.
Everybody knows not
to sit there.
Still the same old Mom.
(people chattering indistinctly)
I hope you boys have
been behaving?
Yes, Mom.
My mind may be going,
but there's nothing wrong
with my hearing.
Come here and give
your mom a hug.
(Evelyn laughs)
(Evelyn sighs loudly)
(hand pats)
Happy birthday, Mom.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, (giggles) thank you.
Now, who is this handsome
hunk of a man?
My birthday present?
Oh, Jesus!
Come on, Mom!
The name's Mal Cooper, ma'am.
It's a real pleasure
to meet you.
Mal Cooper.
Now, where do I know that name?
Oh, yes!
You were the policeman
that smacked
Senator Wainwright's
son, weren't you?
Yes, I was, ma'am.
(Evelyn giggles)
(Jake softly chuckles)
That little asshole deserved
it. (laughs)
And less of the ma'am
stuff, please.
You got it, Evelyn.
Look, Mom, we can't stay long,
but you know I wasn't gonna
let this day slide
without seeing you.
It's my birthday, you know?
My son will come by
and see me later.
(people chattering indistinctly
in the background)
(footsteps departing)
(car engine rumbles)
(dark rock music)
(doors slam shut)
(dark rock music continues)
So what now?
Now I take you in.
Take me in where?
Take me in where?
The guy you work for is dead.
(dark rock music intensifies)
Good morning.
How can I help you?
(gunshot blasts)
(Staci grunts)
(employee screams)
(gunshots firing)
(dark rock music continues)
No witnesses this time.
I can figure it out.
If you take me back,
I'm a dead man.
You realize that, right?
And I'm all my mom has.
So are you gonna come
here every week
and check up on her?
Are you gonna pay these bills?
I gotta finish the job.
Let's go.
(dark rock music continues)
Oh, shit!
(gunshots firing)
(gunshots continue firing)
(gun clicks)
I'm out.
Hey, Cooper?
Why don't you go ahead and
send Gordon out here, huh?
No need for both of you to die.
Use that!
(uptempo rock music)
(fire extinguisher hissing)
(Lee groans loudly)
(alarm beeps)
(body thuds)
(blow lands)
(body thuds)
(blow lands)
(Cooper grunts)
(Sofia and Cooper both groaning)
(Sofia continues groaning)
(alarm blares)
(Cooper grunts)
(uptempo rock music continues)
(Cooper groans)
(gunshot blasts)
(body thuds)
(Cooper pants heavily)
(uptempo rock music continues)
You all right?
(alarm blares)
(Cooper pants)
(gunshot blasts)
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
We gotta go.
(Cooper continues
panting heavily)
(keys jingling)
Shit, sweet!
Go on, let's go!
(alarm blares)
(Cooper pants)
Wait, what about my mom?
Is she gonna be safe?
Yeah, the cops will
be here any sec.
I don't know if that makes
me feel better or worse.
This must be them.
Is it?
(car doors clatter open)
(Cooper groans)
(doors slam shut)
(car engine revs)
(tires squeal)
(sirens blaring in the distance)
(sirens continue blaring)
(upbeat rock music)
(car engine roars)
They're gaining on us!
(sirens blaring)
Don't listen to
those folks who
Only wanna see you fall
(tires squealing)
(engines revving)
(horns blaring)
(tires squealing)
(car engine roars)
(sirens blaring)
(car engine roars)
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(upbeat rock music fades out)
(indistinct radio chatter)
Chief, we got the bodies of
Sophia Moretti and Lee Harper,
along with several,
several others.
Contract killers.
Man, these guys are
serious hitters.
It is a fucking massacre
over here, Chief.
What the hell were they doin'
in an old folks home?
Well, apparently,
they were here to see
Gordon's mother.
You interviewed her yet?
In her head, Gordon's still
Well, get to the bottom of this!
Come on, Hatch.
Find Cooper.
(phone receiver clatters)
(phone rings in the distance)
(light tapping on desk)
(car engine rumbles)
(engine turns off)
So you got a plan to keep us
alive until the morning?
I don't know if it'll
keep us alive,
but it should tell us
who wants us dead.
(car door clatters open)
(car doors slam shut)
So let me guess.
Safe house?
Not exactly.
My ex-wife's apartment.
It used to be ours.
Amicable divorce?
Not really.
She's in Bali was
her new husband.
Well, at least someone's
having fun.
Hopefully not too much fun.
(door clangs open)
Just shut up and don't
touch anything.
(door clatters shut)
Take 'em off.
You know you don't live
here anymore, right?
Yeah, maybe not,
but Quinn still has rules.
And your balls.
Where's the bathroom?
Down to the left.
You want coffee?
Let me get a milk
and three sugars.
Wasn't talking to you.
Hey, Hatch.
You got my message.
Yeah, who the fuck is Gus?
Long story.
(whispers) Oh.
Quinn knows you still crash
here when she's outta town?
Absolutely not,
(Hatch chuckles)
and no one's gonna tell her.
How'd you know how I
was already here?
Left your shoes over
by the door.
(both laughing)
It's good to see you.
You, too.
(alarm blares)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(suspenseful dramatic
music continues)
(cell door shuffles open)
Stand up, Beaumont.
We're transporting you
to the courthouse.
It's your big day today.
Let's go.
(handcuffs rattling)
I know the drill.
(handcuffs clicking)
(mellow funky music)
(mellow funky music continues)
Watch your mouth.
(door clatters open)
(mellow funky music continues)
(mellow funky music continues)
Good luck in court.
(head thuds)
What the fuck?!
That son of a bitch broke
my fuckin' nose!
Throw that fucker inside!
(transport doors slam shut)
Okay, so you are absolutely
sure it was a cop?
Yes, I'm sure it was a cop.
He was mad at the other
two cops, right?
Because they were skimming
money off the top.
And then Beaumont got mad,
so he needed some
proof of loyalty,
otherwise, the deals were off.
So that's when one of your guys
pulled out his gun, and I
saw his badge, all right?
He pulled the trigger twice,
shot 'em both down,
and then he stood over
their bodies,
and unloaded the clips in 'em.
It was brutal!
Jesus Christ, man!
Did you recognize him?
No, I didn't recognize him!
In my line of work,
I'm not trying to
know cops, okay?
But if you put him in a lineup,
I'll be able to point him out.
All right.
Why don't you two go
get some sleep?
I'm gonna take first watch.
Okay, but you wake me
in a couple hours.
I'm takin' over.
Where do you want me to sleep?
On the couch.
It's like a slumber
party with guns.
(Hatch chuckles)
You think I can get a gun?
Please go to sleep.
Yeah, all right.
(footsteps departing)
All right.
(train horn blares
in the distance)
(dishes clank)
(Cooper moans)
(coffee sloshing)
You were supposed to
wake me up to take a shift.
(Cooper moans)
(Cooper groans)
You looked really comfortable,
so I wanted to let you sleep.
That's nice of you.
I'm glad you're here.
(Cooper softly groans)
Give me a minute.
(Cooper softly groans)
(door gently thuds
in the distance)
(dishes clanking)
(knocking at door)
Oh, I'll get it.
Hold up.
No one knows we're here.
Don't answer that.
Oh, it's probably
just the Chief.
I left him a message telling
him what was goin' on.
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(door clatters open)
Branham, where's the Chief?
(gunshots firing)
(body thuds)
(suspenseful dramatic
music continues)
(gunshots firing)
(body thuds)
(Cooper pants)
(Cooper continues panting)
No, come on.
You're okay.
You're okay!
(Cooper pants heavily)
Hey, no, no, no, no!
(suspenseful dramatic
music continues)
Hey, come on, we gotta go.
We gotta go.
Come on.
(Cooper whimpers)
(Jake speaks faintly)
Is that your cop?
I've never seen him.
You know him?
The name's Branham.
How'd he know we were
gonna be here?
I got a few ideas.
Get you bag.
You think he's alone?
(whispers) All right.
(bag rustling)
(suspenseful dramatic music)
(door clatters open)
Get behind me.
(low suspenseful music)
(door clatters shut)
(Jake speaks indistinctly)
How many guys you think it is?
(Cooper shushing)
(low suspenseful
music continues)
(gunshots firing)
(Cooper grunts)
(gunshots continue firing)
Oh, shit!
(gunshot blasts)
(intense suspenseful music)
(foot thuds)
(body thuds)
(gunshot firing)
(low suspenseful music)
(gunshots firing)
(body thuds)
(Cooper pants heavily)
(low suspenseful
music continues)
(door clatters shut)
(dark suspenseful music)
(dark suspenseful
music continues)
Let's get to the car.
I have a friend-
(gunshot blasting)
(body thuds)
(Cooper pants)
(footsteps pattering)
You're the cop.
Yeah, and you're the star
witness I heard so much about.
You're never gonna get
away with this, man.
I already did.
(gunshot blasting)
(Jake yells out painfully)
As soon as Hatch called me
and gave me your location,
I ordered a backup.
They should be here in a minute.
We don't have much time.
(Jake grunts painfully)
Hatch called you?
Yeah, she thought I could help.
She never suspected that I was
tapping all her phones.
And then when I started
offering to help,
she reported everything to me.
(Jake grunts painfully)
It's because she fuckin'
trusted you.
What happened?
One mistake a long time ago.
It was just gonna be
a one-time deal.
Look the other way.
Then there was a second payment
to misplace some evidence.
And before you knew it,
the money was rolling in.
I was moving up.
The more I got, the
more I wanted.
I fucking had it!
I had it fucking all!
You don't have shit!
You're just a fucking pawn
ready to be thrown away when
they're done with you.
(grumbles) Maybe.
But that all changes today.
With you out of the way,
Beaumont's going down
for the double murder
of those two good cops.
(gunshot firing)
(bullet casing clanks)
(gunshots continue firing)
(fence rattles)
(body thuds)
(gun clatters)
(Cooper grunts painfully)
(Cooper pants heavily)
Cooper, stay with me.
(Cooper grunts painfully)
You got shot.
I got shot?
Look at you.
Did you hear everything he said?
Yes, I did, all of
it, every word.
I'm gonna get you to a hospital.
No, Jake...
(mutters) You gotta go.
Hey, thanks, man.
Don't die.
(Cooper grunts painfully)
(siren wails in the distance)
(Jake groans painfully)
(gentle somber music)
I tried, I tried, I
tried it many ways
I guess it's time I pray
for better days
I tried, I tried, I tried
(gentle somber song fades out)
(sports anchor chatters
indistinctly on TV)
(footsteps approaching)
(machine beeps)
(door clatters shut)
Mr. Beaumont?
Just make it quick.
(envelope crinkles)
Look, relax.
No one's gonna touch you.
You're under my protection now.
What's this?
That's the agreed fee
with Alexander Rogan
to bring in Jake Gordon.
(Cooper scoffs)
If you hadn't noticed,
I failed to deliver.
But considering the facts,
that your statement got my
entire case dismissed,
I think you deserve it.
(envelope crinkling)
It's, like, more
than three times
the amount that Rogan
and I agreed on.
That's the deal I made
with Alex Rogan.
Son of a bitch!
(Cooper scoffs)
(envelope rustles)
With all due respect,
I can't take it.
You kiddin' me?
Okay, I got you.
I could put you on.
I like your style.
You can come work for me.
Move on from this bounty
huntin' bullshit.
I appreciate it,
but I like this bullshit.
All right. (chuckles wryly)
(envelope thuds)
(door clatters open)
I swear to you
The old ways are done
One last job
Then I'll be gone
I don't have a woman
It's always been
easier this way
On via gun
And the debt everybody
has to pay
And the debt everybody
has to pay
(upbeat mellow music continues)
(Cooper softly laughs)
(upbeat mellow music continues)
I'm living till I
Get what I came for
Soon, all of this will be
done before you know it
Some men tell the stories
And some stories should
never been told
I guess they have
heard about
The debt everybody
has to pay
I've been driving
The same road for
far too long
I've seen many things
That are waiting for
the end of my soul
Only if I could choose
A different path,
but I wouldn't
And no one can run away
Of the debt everybody
has to pay
Of the debt everybody
has to pay
I'm goin' till I
Get what I came for
Soon, all of this will be
done before you know it
Some men tell the stories
And some stories you've
never been told
But I guess that you
have heard about
The debt everybody
has to pay
Oh, the debt everybody
has to pay
Oh, the debt everybody
has to pay
The debt everybody
has to pay
(upbeat blues music)
(upbeat blues music continues)