The Ghazi Attack (2017) Movie Script

'India and Pakistan
have fought four battles.'
'1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999'
'But very few people know that...'
'...there was another
battle which was fought.'
'Far away...under the sea.'
'1971 ...'
'When Bangladesh was
known as East Pakistan.'
'For the first time.
the roots of tyrant west Pakistan...'
'...seemed to be loosing
their roots in the east.'
'The rebellion by the Bengali
Nationalist revolutionaries...'
'...was on a all time high.'
'Agitated by their Guerilla
Army 'Mukti Bahini'...
'...the Pakistani government
launched 'Operation Searchlight'.
'Soon the roads of Dhaka.
Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna...
...and Jessore were soaked in blood.'
'Millions of east
Pakistani refugees...'
'...entered the borders
of India expecting help.'
'Now India and Pakistan's
attitude towards each other...'
'...started getting sterner.'
'But Pakistan's approach was clear.'
'Any Bengali who were suspected...'
'...of being Nationalists
or their supporters.'
'The Pakistani army would drag them
out of their homes...and kill them.'
"Hello...this is
All India Radio, Delhi."
"I am Anand Trivedi."
"And now for the main headlines."
"Tension and violence continues
to build in East Pakistan."
"Pakistan's President
Yahya Khan has said..."
"..that the opposition groups
are getting open support from India."
"in return, Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi clarified that..."
"...India has no association with the internal
conflicts of its neighboring country."
"But if Pakistan decides
to take any military action..."
"...then our armies are capable
of giving a fitting reply."
Papa, if there's a
war will you have to go?
No, dear. You just heard.
This is between East
Pakistan and West Pakistan.
And Vizag is miles away.
We have nothing to fear.
Mr. President's instructions
are absolutely clear.
We cannot not lose hold
on the radicals in East Pakistan.
Sir, for that...our armies
must keep getting continuous supplies.
This is exactly why I was summoned.
We have a geographical disadvantage.
East Pakistan is landlocked
by India from all three sides.
Sending supplies by
road ways is impossible.
By air, the supplies
will be insufficient.
And anyway.
we'll have to enter Indian airspace.
In this situation...
we have only one option left.
The sea-route.
All the way...up here.
We can tackle the Indian fleet, but...
INS Vikrant!
You know...
The elephant of their sea.
21 aircrafts, Sea-Hawks,
Aleez, the French Anti-submarine jet.
Long range rocket launchers.
And with all that, INS Vikrant
can block this entire area.
Sinking very important.
It's not going to be easy.
I never said it would be.
And that's why we
must send our best team.
Depute Razzak
And if he fails in sinking
INS Vikrant, then...
...we must bring plan B into action.
Where we'll launch a surprise
attack on any one of the Indian ports.
They will shift their focus
on defending that port, and... up a sea-route for us.
Mrs. Gandhi has said...
- Sir!
Give it to Raman sir.
The intercepted message
has been decoded.
"Keep 2075TH hydraulic
oil in ample quantities."
2075TH Hydraulic oil?
But it's used only in
specialized naval vessels.
When was this message sent?
36 hours back, sir.
Karachi to Chittagong.
The obvious targets are Paradip.
Visakhapatnam, Madras...
...and Port Blair.
And if that's the case, then
they will launch a surprise attack.
Swift and from the high sea.
We must keep an eye on this area, sir.
What is the vessel status out there?
All deployed, sir...except S21.
Send it immediately...
for recce operation.
But sir...
S21 is under Capt.
Rann Vijay Singh's command.
And you know him pretty well.
We don't have time.
We cannot afford another Dwarka.
S21 must sail for search.
We've no choice.
If enemy presence is detected
in this search operation...
...then Capt. Rann Vijay Singh will
not wait for orders before attacking.
Sir, it will trigger a war.
Where is Lt. Commander Arjun?
500 kms from Visakhapatnam Port.
80 degrees east...
600 nautical miles down.
This is our area of operation.
Sir. what are my orders sir?
Capt. Rann Vijay Singh.
your mission will be passive.
This is just a search operation.
If you detect enemy presence.
you must report back.
And wait for further instructions.
And if l come face-to-face
with the enemy... I 'still' report back.
wait for your instructions?
Yes...headquarters will
instruct you what to do next.
You have to follow the orders.
Lt. Commander Arjun will be with you.
The Mission's called
'Operation Sea-Sight'.
And this is a classified mission.
Sir. if I see a...
- Remember. we're still not at war.
This is only a recce mission.
We've to wait and watch.
Don't worry, I'll be back soon.
Finally we're going to be
blessed with this bundle of joy.
Do you have to go?
Its duty...l must go.
And we must tell him
my stories of bravery too.
Love you.
Good morning. sir.
How's your wife doing, Devaraj?
- Fine, sir.
The due date is in four days.
Oh, that's good.
Yes sir.
By the way. long do we have to wait?
Officer Arjun is coming.
Look Arjun, we all know
Rann Vijay Singh very well.
And we've strict instructions...
Under no circumstances
do we attack first.
And that's your responsibility.
Pankaj, how are you?
- Fine.
Where is your officer by the way?
- He's on his way.
We're almost ready to go, sir.
But we can't leave.
Our officer is coming, you see.
So we wait...and wait...wait...
- Ramsagar.
How are you?
- Hello.
You're their benefactor
until we all come back.
Apologies for the delay, sir.
- No problem.
He's Devaraj. Executive officer.
- Hello, sir.
Second in command.
- Sir.
The orders are in your lockers.
- Okay.
These are the keys.
Your mission goes as planned.
The torpedo key.
I hope you won't need it.
Cyclone forecasted, sir.
Between longitude 85 and latitude 76.
So the enemy won't come that way.
And if they do show up...
Then they won't go back.
Okay, boys.
Check vents.
All marked, sir.
- Okay.
Depth test.
- Successful, sir.
How is everything?
All set, sir.
Ready to dive.
Okay. Let's submerge the boat.
- Aye, sir.
All compartments, prepare to dive.
Diving in one minute.
Crew, alert and at your positions.
Switch, diesel to battery!
All batteries are running. sir.
Half ahead two...Dive to forty meters.
Alt...5 degrees.
- Aye, sir.
Half ahead two...Dive to forty meters.
With 5 degrees aft bubble.
Sir, half ahead two.
Two going half ahead, sir.
Dive to 40 meters with
5 degrees aft bubble.
What's this, Surya?
For drying clothes, I guess.
For drying underwear...
Only if you wash them this year.
How can you dry clothes
on this shaky line?
Son, this 'shaky line' will tell us... deep we've dived in the water.
You didn't get it?
Come here, let me explain you.
Training kit for amateurs...
I always keep it handy.
Oh, God!
Think of this egg as the submarine.
And the entire ocean above it.
Not just this... the entire ocean.
According to the design
...the S21 can dive up to 250 meters.
Rumors say that it can go to 300.
But no one': ever dived that deep.
Can you imagine the
pressure of water...
...on the submarine at that depth?
How much?
200,000 tons.
All systems are running fine, sir.
Conduct emergency drill.
Now, sir?
- Yes, why?
The crew hasn't completely
settled in, sir.
Yes. of course...
Before breaking your jaw...
...the enemy would like to know
whether you brushed your teeth, or not.
Whether we've settled down or not?
Conduct the drill.
Action stations!
Action stations!
Action stations!
This is a drill.
I repeat, this is a drill.
7th compartment.
auxiliary pipe leaking.
Not like that.
Fix it manually.
Come on hurry up.
Get the jack.
Where is the jack?
Hold it tight.
Fire in the battery unit.
Done. Done. Done.
in the battery unit, fix it.
It's stuck...get the hose-pipe
from the 7th compartment.
Fast! Fast! Fast!
Pull..Hurry up
You're not even fit to row a boat.
Bungling buggers!
Sir...give them some time.
sir...they will fit in.
Don't tell me what
to do and when to do it.
Terminate this drill...and
train their bottoms off.
Yes, sir.
- Didn't hear you.
Yes, sir.
- Didn't hear you.
Yes, sir.
- Didn't hear you.
He was suspended for two
years for this tyrant behavior.
He slapped two of his subordinates.
He hasn't changed yet.
Those who he slapped...
"also won medals later.
Capt. Rann Vijay always
does what's right.
He's always right.
Goodnight, Arjun.
Radio message.
Order to reach a location, sir.
Our first mission, gentlemen.
Let's toast to that.
General Patton.
Every soldier's role model.
They even made a movie on him.
It won the Oscar this year.
Did you see it?
I didn't see the film, sir...
...but I think General
Patton was too aggressive.
He was aggressive...
That's why he was successful.
Battles are won by killing
the enemy...and not by dying.
- Sir, we got the message.
Everything': proceeding as planned.
Razzak is on his way.
- Good.
Sir. this entire area is clear.
Sir. no sonar contact
in this area either.
Sir. we've had no
sonar contacts anywhere.
Shall we consider 'Operation
Sea-Sight a success?
Move aside...move...
Good news everyone...
Our first mission is a success.
Prepare to head home.
Brighten can
go home and get married now.
We'll start celebrating right here,
from hell.
We'll have a ball.
We're keeping a close watch, sir.
Yes. slides. sir.
Mr. Girish Kumar from RAW.
He has information for us.
- Hello.
Sir, I've classified information.
The Director gave me
special instructions...
...that I must convey
this message to you personally.
Sir, our trusted sources
in Karachi have confirmed that...
"Pakistan Navy has launched
an offensive mission against India.
What is their target?
That's not confirmed yet.
But according to our sources,
it can be Vikrant.
We know that...submarine Ghazi...
...has set sail from
Karachi for this mission.
Commander Razzak is leading.
Thank you.
Indian Navy will be ready
for the counter operation.
I am sure, sir. Thank you.
Jai Hind, sir.
Their most decorated submarine.
In '65 Ghazi alone gave cover
to all the Pak naval vessels.
The Indian submarines cannot
equal Ghazi in any respect.
And...a Commander like Razzak.
Sir. the coordinates
we received were wrong.
INS Vikrant is not
on these coordinates.
It's just an Indian merchant ship.
The information doesn't
have to be wrong. No!
The enemy can be swift.
Who knows...maybe the Indians
changed Vikrant': course.
Initiate plan B.
- Yes, sir...
But before that...
...we must divert the
Indian Navy's attention.
Yes. sir...
Strange echoes.
What's wrong?
- Sir, something': wrong.
We can hear strange echoes.
Periscope depth.
Go to periscope depth.
Blow alt tank and forward tank. Quick.
Depth 20 meters.
15 meters.
Periscope depth...
maintaining depth nine meters, sir.
Bloody cowards!
Sir. survivors.
Anything in the sonar range?
- No, sir.
Surface the boat.
- Aye, sir. Surfacing the boat.
Turn off the engine.
- Yes, sir.
Check the surroundings.
- Aye, sir.
Radio room come in.
Sir, Radio room to Control room.
Message headquarters.
Indian Merchant ship sinking.
Aye, sir.
Damn... Hold it.
Merchant ship.
Our enemy is not such a coward.
Why merchant ship?
Sir. no enemy presence.
Come again, Devaraj.
Presence of the enemy
not detected, sir.
That doesn't mean that
the enemy doesn't exist, Devaraj.
Close that hatch and prepare to dive.
- Sir...
But officer Arjun is outside.
- What?
He jumped in to save some civilians.
Oh my bleeding heart.
Emotional bloody fools.
Sonar come in.
- Sonar to control room, sir.
Is there anything in
the vicinity of 500 meters?
Negative, sir.
- Roger.
- We've precisely 90 seconds.
After that we'll be target
practice...for the enemy.
On the 91st second,
we close the hatch and we dive.
That's a bloody order!
Yes. sir.
Throw the lifebuoy.
Hurry HP-
No, sir. Don't go.
Sir, orders to dive immediately.
Taan Singh, careful.
- Sir.
Diving in 30 seconds.
Sir. we've clearance.
We can move ahead.
Kamlakar, take her in.
- Sir.
My beautiful Bengal... I adore you...
Forever and ever. I've been...
Ma'am, this is the Indian Navy.
You're safe here.
Kamlakar, please take her in.
- Sir
Dive! Dive! 100 meters!
Let's find this enemy and
bury him into the ground, Devaraj.
Aye, sir.
- Sir, we cannot attack without clearance.
I forgot...your government clearance.
How many more lives of soldiers...
...does your 'Clearance policy' want?
You know what.
make a beautiful bouquet...
...out of your bloody 'Clearance
policy' and send it to Islamabad.
Along with the uniforms
of our martyred soldiers.
Listen, Mr. Officer.
I am not going to wait anymore
for this clearance business.
If it comes, fine.
If not...Im going to find my enemy...
...and I am going to kill him.
Sir. we act on conformation
and not assumptions.
Sir, radio message. - How can we
say that this was an act of the enemy?
And not an accident.
Anything can be
responsible for the blast.
Explosives. inflammable cargo.
Sir. we can't act on your instincts.
This is my bloody sub!
Nobody tells me what to do.
Sir. message.
Dive to 40 meters and hold.
Yes. sir.
- Sir.
Just...just hold...
...till the bloody enemy kills you.
Because that's the order.
Dive to 40 meters.
- Aye, sir.
Depth 40 meters, holding sir.
We're both refugees.
But, why were you singing
your rebel anthem?
We thought you're...Pakistanis.
that's why.
They can't tolerate our rebel anthem.
They shoot immediately.
You wanted
to commit suicide.
At least that way I
could've saved our honor.
Congrats, Father Devaraj.
How do you... - Ranjan has
already broadcasted this news...
...over the entire submarine.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Your child is very lucky... be born on
this side of the border.
Hey... Here.
Your happy birthday?
- No...
My child...he's still very young.
Just born today.
Until now...we've been here,
here and at this point.
And the ship was destroyed here.
Their intentions are something else.
It's a boy.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Thank God your wife didn't
keep your son on hold...
Like our government.
- Sir.
Don't let this divert your attention.
We still have a lotto do.
- Absolutely not, sir.
That's it.
- I didn't get it, sir.
This merchant ship...was a diversion.
They wanted us to focus
entirely on this area.
This means their target
is something else.
On the east coast there's Paradip...
Target is Visakhapatnam!
Plot all coordinates to Vizag.
Let's move west immediately.
Aye, sir.
Did you clean your ears too?
- Sorry, sir.
Check 10 degrees west.
- Sir'
No contact, sir.
Change frequency 10 degree west.
- Aye, sir.
Negative, sir.
Further change frequency,
10 degrees west. - Aye, sir.
Sir...sonar contact!
Sir, confirming contact
at 2000 meters...
...bearing red 750, center 900.
- Fantastic!
Keep tracking.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes.
The sonar spotting has been done.
2000 meters.
We dive 250...7 degree alt bubble.
Heading west...and
we torpedo the enemy.
...we must stay on hold
until our orders don't change.
Rann Vijay Singh doesn't wait
for any orders, and you know that.
The enemy's been spotted...and
he shouldn't be there.
That's my rule.
And everyone on this
submarine follows my rule.
I've been sent here to follow
the Indian Navy's rules, sir.
Not yours.
Look Arjun...this is
no time for class room theory.
Radio's down...enemy
presence has been confirmed.
In such a situation.
It's the captain's call.
I am the captain.
It's my call...that we head west.
full speed.'re the senior naval officer.
You know that the discipline
of the armed forces is our identity.
That's the difference...
between us and the rogue forces.
One small mistake...
can lead to an lndo-Pak war.
And 650 million civilians
will have to pay for it.
And sir... cannot fire
without joint orders, sir.
Sir. He's right.
According to the rules...
...l cannot proceed
without your joint orders.
So you want to play 'rules'?
You need both our permission
to fire torpedoes, don't you?
Yes, sir.
- How sad... Sad!
And do I need anyone's conduct a drill?
No, sir.
Well then...let's dive 250...
malt 7 degrees, heading west.
Since we've found the enemy.
let's wrap up 'Operation Sea-Sight'.
So let's torpedo the enemy.
But Devaraj, I don't want you to be...
What is that you said?
Rogue force...
This is an emergency practice drill.
Yes. sir.
Action stations!
Action stations! Action stations!
This is an emergency drill.
I repeat, this is an emergency drill.
This is an emergency drill.
Dive to 250 meters.
Boat depth 170 meters.
What you're doing isn't right, sir?
I am just following S21 rules.
Taan Singh.
- Sir.
Prepare to launch torpedo, tube no. 1.
- Sir.
Key, sir.
Sir, you know this is wrong.
I can only follow rules.
And according to the rules.
It's my duty... implement the captain's
orders during a drill.
Torpedo in tube no.1...
ready to fire, sir.
Depth 240 meters, sir.
Attention all stations.
this is your captain.
don't ever forget this moment.
Not every soldier
lives to see this day.
Victory is something that
will never be handed to you.
You have to fight for it.
Which is exactly what
we're going to do now.
I know...
...some of you are scared...
...wondering whether this is war,
or just a drill.
Think of life as a drill...
...and you won't be scared anymore.
So gentlemen, all stations alert.
This is your captain.
Over and out!
Depth 250 meters, sir.
Get ready...
Sir, torpedo alert.
Red bearing 270 degrees.
Be alert everyone, take positions.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, the torpedo is at 300 meters.
But sir, it's not on target.
Navigation, come in.
- Navigation, copy sir.
Turn the boat 30 degrees starboard.
Full speed ahead.
- Aye, sir.
Sonar, report contact. contact. sir.
Do they know about our presence?
Why else would they waste a torpedo?
How far off was it?
200 meters, sir.
That's not far.
This means...someone in
there is racking his brains.
Hold same depth.
What's the range of correction?
200 meters, sir.
Maybe the enemy knows...
that we fired a torpedo.
We're right behind them!
Which means we can
only see their tail...
...that's why we
didn't hit the target.
Now...if we dive 50 meters more.
Somewhere here.
Then our target area
will be...their entire base.
And...we knock the enemy off.
And they won't be able to detect us.
- No, sir.
Dive to 300.
300, sir?
Are you sure...
- I am very sure!
- Sir...
I said dive to 300 meters.
Yes. sir.
Dive to 300 meters.
- 300 meters.
Aye, sir.
Sir. you're risking everyone's lives.
Program torpedo.
Torpedo in tube no. 2...
ready to fire, sir.
Depth 260 meters, sir.
Depth 270 meters, sir.
Stay away from the pipes.
The bolts can shoot
out due to the pressure.
Compartment seven.
leak in auxiliary pipe!
Close alt six and seven vents.
Close alt six and seven vents. - Okay.
Report damage.
Compartment seven, report damage.
Sir, we need to terminate
this drill immediately.
Sanjay, be careful.
Continue the dive.
Sir, if you don't immediately
terminate this drill...
...then according
to contingency rules...
I'll have to take
over this submarine now.
What? - Yes sir.
and I will act on it immediately.
Surface the boat.
The drill has been terminated.
Surfacing the boat.
I repeat.
the drill has been terminated.
Surfacing the boat.
I said surface the boat!
I need the captain's orders, sir.
We won't stop diving.
Depth 285 meters.
Continue the dive.
- Go ahead, shoot me.
Sir...the kitchen
is filled with smoke.
We must surface in
order to clear it out.
Sir, we have to surface.
This is an emergency.
Please, sir.
Take the boat up.
Alter we clear the smoke...
...we dive, okay.
Empty the tanks.
- Aye, sir.
Sir, location has been identified.
It's an Indian submarine.
They are 2000 meters away from us.
Bearing green 90 degrees east.
Sir...they are
currently at this point.
...we are exactly here. At this point.
And since we're in
Indian naval waters...
...they will definitely come alter us.
through these hills.
You mean...attack.
- Of course.
But not in their style.
Prepare to welcome
our Indian guests...
With the welcome garlands.
Bashir Khan.
Plant water mines
alongside these hills.
As soon as the Indians get here...
...they will come in
contact with the mines, and...
Game over.
Everything is fine, sir.
Ready for action, sir.
Yes. sir.
His blood boils faster
than diesel, sir.
You know how to do first aid?
I am a doctor.
Sir, this is our exact position.
If we turn at 80 degrees...
- Sir.
The Indian submarine
is not heading towards us.
And why will they...
You guys arranged
for the welcome wagon...
...but forgot to invite them properly.
Let them know where we are.
Send clear signals.
- Aye, sir.
Sister, lam hungry
She was hungry, so...
Oh...we completely forgot
about the kid in this emergency.
This is for you.
There was only one.
Thank you, for saving our lives.
This would've never happened...
...if you had firmly told the captain
to follow head-quarter's orders.
Are all political orders right?
- Right or wrong...
...but following them is our duty.
Chandan Singh followed
them too... Orders.
The captain's son.
In the '65 war...
he was deputed in the Poonch Sector.
They had information
about enemy mobilization.
All the signs indicated
towards an attack at dawn.
Chandan sent message to headquarters.
"Let's plan a surprise
attack at night."
He sent messages repeatedly.
But head quarter's reply was...
"No attack...only defense."
Three days later...
...Chandan's dead body came back.
His body was riddled with bullets.
Later...head quarters
also sent medals.
We won't head back...
...until this Pakistani
submarine isn't destroyed.
Sir, we... - And you, officer...
Stop me if you can.
Full speed ahead.
- Sir, the consequences...
lf you point that
gun at the captain...
...then I'll arrest you for mutiny.
I don't care about
getting court-martialled.
Full ahead!
- Aye, sir.
Check this.
Sonar contact center
900...left 1100, sir.
Follow it, Devaraj.
Let's chase this Pakistani crocodile.
They should not get away.
Sir. communication is broken.
We can't even ask
for interim provisions.
We've very little food left.
If we don't eat for a day or two...
...our poor brave soldiers...
will die of hunger, huh!
How long till we reach port?
26 hours, sir.
Let's head back.
Inform base...about the enemy.
Attention stations!
Attention stations!
Attention stations!
We're heading back to the port.
I repeat.
we're heading back to the port.
Just keep tracking.
- Aye, sir.
We were getting echoes
from between these hills.
And later they faded.
It's unusual.
And sir, we should
check this point as well.
It'll take us five
hours to get to that point.
And another 26 hours to
get back to port from there.
well as a kid on board.
We don't have enough
food supplies for everyone.
Whatever we have is for the civilians.
We won't die if we
don't eat for 31 hours.
When did he start
speaking our language?
Are you sure?
- Sir, positive.
And sir...
...captain's gun.
should remain with the captain.
Sir, we should get echoes
from port or starboard...
...when we pass through the hills.
But we're getting
from the center instead.
Devaraj...there are mines.
It's a trap, change course.
Tiwari, change of course,
immediately. Come on.
Yes. sir.
Sir, mine impact!
X 30, bearing green 70.
Yes! Yes!
- Hold on.
Sonar...please confirm whether...
...the Indian submarine':
been completely destroyed, or not.
What happened?
This device can locate
till the depth of 300 meters.
And there's nothing till that depth.
Confirmed, there's no signal.
The Indian Submarine has sunk.
Congratulations, sir.
- This is the just the beginning.
The conclusion will
be when Visakhapatnam...
"disappears from
the face of India's map.
Long live Pakistan!
Long live Pakistan!
Come on ...stand up.
It's's alright.
Are you fine? - Yes, sir.
Take him to the cabin.
- Okay, sir.
We must close the hatch.
Sir, come out...quickly.
This torpedo propeller
must be stopped"
...otherwise the
submarine will blow up.
Close the hatch, quickly.
We must do something, quickly.
The torpedo': been fixed...
but the water isn't stopping.
Come on. come on. come boys.
We've no time.
Yeah...go on.
Good. Now remove the jack.
Multiple injuries. Deep incisive
wound in the left shoulder.
We need to wait until
the anesthesia kicks in.
Is he fine?
Arjun you're in command.
The entire submarine...
Most of the batteries are damaged.
The pressure pumps are broken as well.
And the battery room
is still filled with water.
Get me the S21's blue prints.
We'll use the ballast pumps...4-7th.
We'll flush out the water
from every compartment...
...through the torpedo tube.
Pump the water outwith high pressure.
- Yes, sir.
Quickly-quickly. Here...
Guys, hurry up.
Still no contact with S-21.
Sir...only two battery
units are working.
How long will they last?
- Hardly 20-25 minutes.
Alter that only the
emergency lights will work.
And sir, the port's propeller
is dislodged as well.
Means we can't go back or forth, sir.
But we can go up using
the compressed gas.
Blow all the ballast tanks.
- Sir.
Apply emergency pressure.
- One moment guys, wait.
380 meters.
360 meters.
350 meters.
340 meters.
330 meters.
300 meters.
Yes...come on.
Check for mines.
- Aye, sir.
Has the radio been fixed?
Everything': fine in here, sir.
Maybe there's a problem
with the antenna.
Sir...another mine.
40 degrees starboard, 15 degrees...
170 meters depth.
15 degrees starboard...
15 degrees starboard...means
it's not on our path.
We can go up.
- Aye, sir.
Officer. Devaraj is conscious.
Things are in control now.
But there's bad news.
Our captain...
- I know.
I saw.
He gave us his life...
...while trying to save yours.
We must bid him farewell.
"He who utters the name of Lord..."
"...rises victorious."
"He who utters the name of Lord..."
"...rises victorious."
"He who utters the name of Lord..."
"...rises victorious."
"He who utters the name of Lord..."
"...rises victorious."
"He who utters the name of Lord..."
"...rises victorious."
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"Praise our Lord!"
"He who is pure at heart..."
"...will attain victory."
"He who is pure at heart..."
"...will attain victory."
He wanted to bury
the enemy in the sea.
But now...he belongs
to the sea instead.
Attention stations.
This is Lt. Commander Arjun Varma.
Capt. Rann Vijay Singh
was a proud Indian soldier.
He knew what it means to be a soldier.
What does it mean to be a soldier?
The farmers of our nation...
...are growing crops in their fields.
without any fear.
Because he knows...that
we stand guard at the border.
At dawn, mothers happily
take her kids to school.
She has not fear.
Because he knows...that
we stand guard at the border.
Every resident of this hard every day.
For the future of his family.
For the progress of his children.
He's never worried about their safety.
Because he knows...
that we stand guard at the border.
...and we always will.
Keeping this faith alive...
that's what being a soldier means.
Remember what the captain always said.
Battles are won by slaying the enemy.
This is the moment to
give his sacrifice a meaning.
The enemy's right in front of us...
...and he's got his
eyes on our country.
He wants to step on our pride...
...and set foot in our country.
Will we let it happen?
- No, sir.
We won't let anyone go back.
We'll bury them right here, sir.
Even their dead bodies won't go back.
We'll bury each one
of them in the water.
We're with you, sir.
We won't go back without
avenging our captain's death, sir.
This mission is classified.
We won't get recognition or medals.
Whether history remembers US.
or not...
...but we'll be a
part of India's future.
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
Jai Hind!
You're senior to officer Arjun.
You should be in command.
Jadhav. That's not our job to decide.
- Sorry, sir...but I can't follow this.
You know this submarine better.
You've been with our captain longer...
- Jadhav, dismissed.
Sorry, sir.
Headquarters has designated
officer Arjun with special powers.
It's an order.
I accept him as my captain.
And so will you.
I won't tolerate this
insubordination again.
Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Sir.
Our submarine can only go up and down.
How will we follow them?
We'll use their mines on them...
...and they will come
looking for us. - Sir.
This is our submarine.
200 meters depth.
This is the position
of the mine...170 meters.
We've to reach 170 meters
and destroy this mine.
And the enemy...will
come back on this line.
To confirm the damage.
And this is our torpedo': position.
They will be within our firing range.
But sir, we can't wait for too long.
Only two batteries are functioning...
...and the torpedoes
won't launch without power.
We'll generate compressed
air manually and fire the torpedoes.
Depth 200 meters.
Depth 190 meters.
180 meters.
170 meters.
- Hold.
Holding, sir.
Compartment seven...crew alert.
Hit it
Attention crew...on
the count of three.
Hum!- Hum!
Sir, another mine blast...
But within 20 minutes?
That means the Indian submarine
wasn't completely destroyed.
Sir...shall we go
check the submarine...
...or keep heading
towards Visakhapatnam?
That's always been the problem.
Which bug do we crush first?
Will they come?
Don't know.
Sir. sonar contact.
Port 265 degrees west.
center 900, sir.
Program torpedo.
- Aye, sir.
Centre 900.
Centre 865.
Centre 850.
It's not too far.
Centre 800, sir.
You were right.
- 780.
They are coming in our firing line.
Let them come till 700, sir.
It will be a sure shot.
If the second mine
blast was a trick...
...then they must be waiting for us.
And first rule of war...
...never follow the expected line.
- Sir.
Turn starboard 80 degrees southeast.
Sir...they changed course.
New coordinates, Port 280 degrees.
Port 270 degrees.
Port 260 degrees.
Port 250 degrees.
Port 240 degrees.
This is their approach line.
- 200 degrees, sir.
Meaning they are not
approaching directly.
180 degrees...
The angle of our torpedo
is fixed because we cannot turn.
And now the enemy is
outside our firing angle.
But the problem is...
now we're in their firing range.
Sir, the Indian submarine
is at 650 meters... but not moving.
Load torpedo in tube 1.
- Yes, sir.
Compartment seven.
load torpedo in tube 1.
Program torpedo.
- Sir, programming torpedo.
Torpedo in tube one...programmed, sir.
Sir, they've launched torpedo, sir.
Bearing red 50 center 250.
Dive to 190 immediately.
Dive to 190 meters.
- Aye, sir.
Diving to 190 meters.
Quick! Quick! Quick!
Impact in 600 meters.
550 meters.
450 meters, sir.
300 meters.
Sir...sir...80 meters.
Sir, the torpedo missed us.
Sir, the torpedo missed.
What is their current depth?
- 200 meters, sir.
And still diving down.
Bashir, come in.
- Bashir, copying sir.
Launch two torpedoes.
Depth 210 and 260 meters, over.
Oh S
Sir, torpedo.
Bearing red 21 O, sir.
Sir, our depth?
Fine. we can dive.
Sir, they've launched another torpedo.
Bearing red 40 center 260.
It's at a variation of 50 meters.
Reverse direction.
Take the submarine up, at 150.
Sir. only one pressure
unit is working.
It will take us time to go up.
We don't have a choice, Jadhav.
Just do it.
Yes. sir.
Impact distance 550 meters.
Sir. submarine is rising up.
Sir, they are heading upwards.
But our first torpedo
at 210 meters...on target.
150 meters.
Sir...the torpedoes missed.
Sir...both the torpedoes missed.
What's the depth?
170 meters.
sir...but they are still going up.
It's the right direction...
That's exactly where
I want to send them.
They are at 170...
And if they keep going
up at the same rate...
...then they will go maximum at 150.
Torpedo one.
And if they ascend at
full speed...then 100 meters.
Torpedo two.
And if they reverse their
direction and dive instead.
Then they cannot escape
the speed of our third torpedo.
We'll hit the Indian submarine
at a depth of 200 meters.
Game over.
Launch torpedoes from tube 4, 5 and 6
Compartment seven!
Compartment seven!
They've launched three torpedoes.
Depth 100, 150, 200, sir.
Dive to 125 and hold.
It's very close...anything can happen.
Impact in 350 meters.
Sir, depth 125 meters.
Sir, they stopped at 125 meters depth.
Impact in 250 meters.
All compartments, hold for impact.
200 meters.
Hold for support.
Alright boys, hold.
100 meters.
Sir, all three torpedoes missed.
Sir...all three torpedoes missed.
ls he a commander or a bloody liftman?
Well done.
Hold on...hold on, guys.
This is not over, yet.
All compartments.
report for damage if any.
Compartment 2, okay sir.
Compartment 4 okay sir.
Compartment 5, okay sir.
Compartment 6, okay sir.
Compartment 7, okay sir.
Alright boys, listen up.
This isn't over yet.
We're still at war.
We're diving to 350, sir.
They cannot locate us at that depth.
Arjun...350 meters means the seabed.
The battery unit can fail at any time.
I hope you're aware of that.
- Sir.
Sir, Indian submarine diving.
250 meters.
260 meters.
300, sir.
They are still diving...
Depth 350 meters, sir.
Sir...all our alt
torpedoes are exhausted.
We must turn around
at 180 to launch again.
Engines off...
...we wait and watch.
- Yes, sir.
Engines off.
Engines off.
- Yes.
Arjun, I think they know
that we can't move back and forth.
Only upwards and downwards.
It will be difficult to
get them in our firing line now.
Enemy position.
150 meters depth.
their engines are off.
Sir, they've exhausted
their Wont torpedoes.
And in order to attack
us with the rear torpedoes...
...they must make a 180 degree turn.
In this line...they
will be in our firing range.
We can take a clear shot.
There's another possibility, Arjun.
What if they take a 180 degree
turn on starboard and come here?
Then...we'll have to fire from first
compartment, which isn't possible.
That compartment is filled with water.
Sir, we're running out
of power-supply and oxygen.
Arjun...we've very...little time left.
We know that, but they don't.
Any movement?
- No, sir. Still engines are off.
The British were right about them.
These Indians!
Long live...
- Mother India!
Long live...
- Mother India!
Long live...
- Mother India!
What is their depth?
350 meters, sir.
Enough of this hide-n-seek.
Program the forward torpedoes.
Programming forward torpedoes, sir.
Turn the boat 180 degrees starboard, now.
- Aye, sir.
Turning 180 degrees starboard.
Before they can think of anything...
...we'll tilt the boat at 20 degrees
and attack from front. - Sir.
Head on.
Sir, they are turning...180 starboard.
Sir, you were right.
180 starboard.
Surface the boat.
- Surface the boat immediately.
Program forward torpedoes.
- Forward torpedoes?
But how will we launch them?
No, Arjun.
- Yes, sir.
Alright boys, hurry up.
Program forward torpedoes.
- Sir.
Sir, Indian submarine
rising very fast.
Reprogram torpedo to our depth, quick!
Reprogramming torpedo, sir.
Move fast,
take firing position quickly.
On the double.
Come on, fast.
Taan Singh, hurry up.
Torpedo, programmed sir.
Depth 300 meters.
Boys, quickly.
- Sir.
Close the hatch immediately.
But, sir. - Don't open
it before we reach the surface.
250 meters.
Sir, rising...
In two minutes we'll be
at the same depth as the enemy.
Sir, if you stay inside...your
life can be in danger.
Without that...
this submarine won't make it.
Open the hatch.
Come, quick-quick-quick.
Ready to shoot, sir.
- Shoot!
Enemy has launched torpedo, sir.
Sir...the enemy has launched torpedo.
Yes, we did it...
- Yes!
Take it to the surface.
Can we open the hatch, sir?
- Depth.
130 meters, sir.
- No, not now. Wait... boys, open it.
We hit them.
If our captain had still been alive...
...he would've been proud
of this 'classroom-theory' officer.