The Ghost Breakers (1940) Movie Script

Hello, operator?
Operator, the lights in my room.
The lightning?
Do you suppose you could
send up some sort of light?
I'm leaving for Cuba tonight, and I
still have packing to do. Thank you.
The entire hotel's in darkness.
They're sending up some candles.
The lights are out
all over the city.
New York has had many storms, but
never has the whole place gone dark.
It's very strange.
Exciting, isn't it?
Oh, that must be the boy.
Oh. I hope these will help, Miss Carter.
They will. Thanks. We expect
to have the lights on soon.
That'll be fine.
Hold it, sister.
Just like Christmas,
ain't it?
More like the Fourth of July. Yeah.
Nice night
for a murder.
How did you know? I didn't. I didn't!
I just said it would be
a nice night for one.
One flash of lightning and we're
practically back in the Middle Ages.
You'll have to get used
to candles, Miss Carter.
There's no electricity
on Black Island.
The castle today is exactly as your
great-great grandfather built it.
The ghosts have to find
their way around in the dark?
- How depressing. - So you know the stories
about Castillo Maldito?
Mother told me about it.
She also told me about Santa Claus,
Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
Unfortunately, the legends about
the castle are not bedtime stories.
Mr. Havez, I believe you're
trying to discourage me.
Well, I suppose as a member
of the Cuban consulate...
I should paint the castle
as a palm-fringed paradise.
But privately, Miss Carter, I advise
you to stay away from Black Island.
Oh, come now. You don't
believe in ghosts.
We must admit there is
a dividing line somewhere...
between superstition
and the supernatural.
All I know is that during
the last 20 years,
no human being who has tried to
spend a night in Castillo Maldito...
ever lived
to see a sunrise.
I bet I will.
Very well. I shall cable
that you are coming.
- Who's there?
- It's Kelly. Raspy Kelly.
Speak up. I can't
hear ya in the dark.
Push that button. I don't wanna
be here all night. I'm in a hurry.
Mr. Lawrence ain't got time
to talk to nobody tonight.
Just a minute.
I's comin', boss. Oh.
Thunder and lightnin' goin'.
What a night, and ain't
nobody don't want me.
Mr. Lawrence's domicile.
Who's callin'?
Broadcasting station?
Just a minute. He's gettin' dressed.
Thanks for the memories
No, not you. Wait a minute.
of candlelight and wine
ouch! Will you quit buzzin'there?
Do you by any chance
know where I put my pants?
How lovely! Alex.
I's comin'.
Give me the candle and you fall
over the furniture for a while.
Yes, sir.
Basil Rathbone must be
giving a party. Yes, sir.
Kinda rough,
isn't it?
Every time we have a storm like
this, something happens to me.
You remember that Greek girl
in Los Angeles? I sure do.
Mm, I don't like it.
I don't like it either.
Who was that on the
phone? Radio station, boss.
They said don't pay
attention to the storm...
'cause they's gonna use
auxiliary power. Aux what?
They mean you'll go on the air
at the regular time.
Did they get a positive okay
from heaven? I don't know.
If that's Raspy
Kelly, I owe him money.
Well, from the tone of his
inflections, you better pay him.
And that dame in Cincinnati.
Boy, what a storm that was.
Hiya, Larry.
Hiya, Raspy.
Get my hat and coat,
will ya, Alex? Yes, sir.
Here's that 50 for
that Frenchy Duval story.
Thanks. When you gonna
spill it over the air?
In just about 30 minutes. Yeah?
How can they broadcast
on a night like this?
They'd broadcast if the
world was coming to an end.
They would, eh?
You don't mind, do you?
No. I got another one for
you. Even better. Thanks.
It's about Machine Gun Marky. Oh,
really? Is it hot up to the minute?
Is it hot?
Wait'll you hear it.
He's drivin'
his car, see?
Another car comes along,
runs him into a ditch.
Marky gets
all smashed up.
When did it happen? Well, I
can't tell you exactly, but...
it'll probably
be tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Yeah. Well, so long.
Hey, Raspy, wait a minute. Does your
mob know you're giving me these stories?
Oh, don't worry. But
anytime you get... Shh!
Don't shout. Anytime you
get too gabby on the air,
the boys just
tune you out.
But they don't mind a little
publicity. They kinda like it.
I know. I plug them
or they'll plug me.
You get the idea.
Raspy, you
don't mean... Now listen.
Have you got a match or a
blowtorch? Alex, where are you?
Right next to you, boss. Oh, you
look like a black out in a blackout.
This keeps up, I'm gonna
have to paint you white.
Oh, that's better.
Where's Raspy?
I heard a door slam.
You did?
Better get goin', Mr. Larry. Yeah.
You sho' do
keep me worried.
Don't be silly. I'm in great
shape, for the shape I'm in.
But a lot of folks
don't like you, boss.
I expect some mornings when I
come to get you outta the bed,
I'll have to pull the sheet up
instead of down.
You can stop worrying
for the next four weeks.
Finish packing my bags and
pick me up after the broadcast.
Yes, sir. Tomorrow we'll be
up in those trout streams.
Don't forget your muffler.
Ah, that's the life.
Those great open spaces,
fresh mountain air.
Go to the window at six o'clock in the
morning, open it, climb in and go to bed.
Ah, life, love and
the pursuit of happiness.
Remember that redhead
in Poughkeepsie?
Well, don't be late.
Yes, sir.
Gettin' up 6:00 in the morning,
climbin' in and outta windows.
If only you had some
relative to go with you.
Don't worry about me. Poor
working girl, honest but tough.
I can take care of myself.
That must be he now.
That must be he now.
Come in, Mr. Parada. I'm sorry to
be late. L... Oh, am I intruding?
Not at all. This is Mr.
Havez of the Cuban consulate.
This is Mr. Parada.
How do you do?
I presume you are here to witness the transfer
of the estate to our charming friend?
Yes, as a matter
of routine.
Very well. Here are all
the rights and titles...
to the Castillo Maldito
on Black Island...
and to the island
I am sure you will find them
all in good order. Gracias.
And here, my dear, is your
transportation to Havana,
if you still care
to use it.
Outside of the ghosts, are there any
new reasons why I shouldn't sail tonight?
Maybe this is
a good reason.
I just received this cablegram
giving me the authority...
to offer you $50,000
for your castle.
Fifty thousand dollars!
This doesn't
make sense.
Why should anyone offer so much for
a castle full of secondhand spooks?
Who's making the offer,
Mr. Parada?
I'm sorry, I'm not at
liberty to tell you that.
Excuse me.
Hello. Yes.
You don't know me, Miss Carter.
My name is Ramon Mederos.
- I want to warn you against selling your
castle to Parada. - What did you say?
Well, I...
I can't see you now.
Where are you?
I'm in the hotel.
When may I see you?
In 20 minutes?
I'll be there.
In the meantime, be cautious.
Everything's in regular
order. Thank you.
And now if you will witness the
transfer with your signature Senor Havez.
Just a record for me to have in case
anything should happen to Miss Carter.
Thank you. The Castillo
Maldito is now your property.
Oh, what do you wish to do
about that offer?
Well, must I decide now,
this minute?
After all, anything over four dollars
calls for deep thought on my part.
Take your time, my dear,
until sailing time. Thank you.
I hope you'll
change your mind.
I'll be in my room down the
hall if you wish to reach me.
Well, good night. And if you
don't change your mind, bon voyage.
Thank you for everything.
It's been a pleasure.
Is your decision to go to
Black Island? More than ever.
Then let me
wish you good luck.
Thank you, Mr. Havez,
and you've been swell.
As you Americans say, watch
yourself, and let me hear from you.
I'll send you a snapshot of the
sunrise over Castillo Maldito.
Good night.
And now for another story...
from that sun-dodging prowler
of the underworld.
That slaphappy habitue
of Manhattan nightspots.
The man who sees all, hears all, knows
all and tells all, Lawrence Lawrence.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,
and good evening to my friends too.
I've just finished breakfast and I
wanna tell you that Cronin Coffee...
is the only coffee that lets you sleep
and keeps you awake at the same time.
There's no chicory in it.
No caffeine, no mocha, nothing.
Ah, nothing can change the
peculiar flavor of Cronin Coffee.
So our advice is, keep it in
the can... uh, with confidence.
Now I'm gonna tell you a story
filled with sunshine and shadow,
laughter and tears,
corn and hokum.
A true story of how a baby's innocent hands
have softened the heart of a racketeer.
Say, you've all heard of Frenchy
Duval, the number-one big shot...
of our busy, bustling underworld?
Hey, Frenchy, you're on.
Frenchy was out in the tall grass
for his health a few weeks ago...
when his landlady
was called away from home,
leaving Frenchy with the care
of her four-month old baby.
She came back three days
later, and by that time...
Frenchy used everything in the house
for didies down to his last sock.
So now, Frenchy has a nice,
new racket, baby laundries.
The kind with the slogan, "we
wash everything but the brat."
Frenchy discovered there were about 2,000
baby laundries in the state, all making money.
So, without telling even his
closest pals what he was doing,
Frenchy moved in and three-cornered
the market. Ha, ha, ha.
Today, the hard-boiled king of the underworld
is really cleaning up in a big way.
Frenchy is a modest fellow, so this
will be news to the public, the police...
and, oh, yes, the Federal
Income Tax Bureau.
Get that guy on the phone.
We're gonna have a little talk.
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
you jive hounds of the java,
I bid you good night and good-bye
as I leave tonight on my vacation.
For the next four weeks
I'll be off the air,
off the payroll,
off my nut...
And off of Cronin Coffee.
So this is Larry Lawrence signing off,
sounding the keynote of Cronin Coffee.
Good-bye. You've
just heard Lawrence Lawrence,
the man who knows all the
rackets and all the racketeers.
Phone call for you,
Mr. Lawrence.
For me? How'd you
like the program?
Oh, you were wonderful,
if you're any judge.
I'll think
of something.
Oh, hello, Frenchy.
How'd you like the ad?
Okay, Larry, but you had
the story a little wrong.
Yeah. Come on over
to the hotel.
- You're not sore, are you?
- No, I'm not sore. Why should I be?
I'm just asking you to come over to the
hotel so I can give it to you straight.
Ye... yeah, well, sure, Frenchy.
I'll be right over. Yeah.
Wants to give it to me straight. Uh-oh.
Well... it's been
nice knowing you.
Hey, Gerty, Frenchy Duval
just phoned Lawrence...
How long will you be?
Our train leaves in an hour.
We'll make it. I have to run
in here and see Frenchy Duval.
Frenchy Duval?
Nothing to be afraid of.
He's an old friend.
He wants to see me before
I start my vacation.
Did he hear your broadcast
tonight? Certainly he did.
Just a minute, Mr. Larry. Huh?
I expect you better
take this with you.
Yeah, I think...
Oh, no, thanks, Alex.
I don't imagine I'll need
it. Frenchy wouldn't dare.
Or would he?
I mean, to a pal?
Don't be silly.
Am I a man or mice?
Give me that. Park the car
and come up to room 1409.
I'll expect to see you
in five minutes.
I hope you get
your expects.
Which way is 1409? End of
the hall and turn to the left.
Don't go far away. I wouldn't
want to go down without you.
- Is that you?
- No, it's not me.
I'm sorry, I was expecting
someone else to pass. Oh, I'm glad.
Perfectly safe,
public place like this.
Courage, Camille.
So you thought you'd
get away with it.
Do you mind if I come in?
What is this? Don't talk
and especially don't scream.
If there's going to be any hysterics
around here, I'll have them.
Put it down, sister.
And stand still.
If this is another attempt to
scare me into selling the island...
Lady, I'm not buying an
island, I'm headed for one.
Oh, pardon me.
Say, you're terrified,
aren't you?
And a little sick, too. I don't mind
dying, but I hate the preliminaries.
Put down that gun. The way you're
shaking, you might shoot somebody.
That's the trouble, I just did. Oh!
I feel the same way
about it myself.
I think my blood is running
the wrong way, if it's running.
Who'd you shoot?
I have no idea.
Is it murder to kill a perfect
stranger? Why'd you shoot him?
He was shooting at me.
Isn't that self-defense?
Lady, when you kill one of
Frenchy Duval's men, it's suicide.
You wouldn't be Ramon
Mederos, would you?
No, my name is Lawrence. Lawrence what?
Lawrence Lawrence.
Yeah, and my middle name
is Lawrence, too.
My folks had no imagination.
May I?
Not Cronin Coffee Lawrence?
Yeah. Good to the last flop.
Oh! Will you
come to see me on visitors' day?
What's the excitement, mister?
Unknown man shot on the 14th floor.
He ain't unknown to me!
What do you know about this?
I know all about it. But really,
I do. Just a minute, lady.
I was in my room...
I heard the shot...
Quiet, everybody!
Quiet, please.
You'll all have
a chance to talk later.
Where were you when you heard the
two shots? In my room, reading.
I heard a woman scream.
That was me.
When I opened the door
I found this poor fellow.
That's right. I saw
him open the door. Gangway.
Hi, Lieutenant.
Is he dead?
You tell me. This lady says she
saw a tall man wearing a scarf...
run down the hall. I certainly
did. He went right down there.
Did you see him? No. The guy's dead.
All right, folks, go back
to your rooms and stay there.
You're not gonna leave him here? Please.
We'll take care of this,
lady. Jim, you stay here...
till the coroner comes and don't
let anyone off the floor.
Are all the exits covered? Yes, sir.
All right, boys.
Go through every room.
Let's try this
room, Sergeant. Yes, sir.
Open up.
- It's the police! They're searching the rooms!
- Don't give me away, please.
Someday you may have a little boy that
will grow up and commit an innocent murder.
What can I do?
Can I go out that way?
No, that door leads into
the hall. Where can I go?
The bathroom. Yeah, the
bath... Oh, not the bathroom.
My mother was once
frightened by a plumber.
You're gonna make me
miss my boat! What boat?
Who is it?
It's the police. Quick,
under the bed. Oh, thanks.
I'll do the same thing
for you sometime.
Open up! Just a moment. I'm coming.
Sorry, miss. We're making a checkup of
every room, trying to locate a killer.
A killer? Do I look like... Look,
there's nothing personal about this.
I'd just like to look
around your room.
Nobody in this room.
Is that the bedroom? Yes,
but there's nobody in there.
There never is. We'll
have a look anyway.
Going somewhere? Yes,
I'm taking a boat tonight.
Got your ticket?
Let me see it,
Here it is!
Nothing in this closet.
Service hall, huh?
- Cuba, huh? Some folks are sure lucky.
- Yes.
Nothing in the bathroom.
What happened?
Did you lose something?
No, I was
just scratching.
Come in.
Excuse me, Miss Carter.
Can I get your trunk?
L... I'm busy at the moment.
If I don't take it now,
it might not make the boat.
Is it all right,
officer? Sure, go ahead.
Thank you. Come on, Sergeant.
Will you lock it, please?
Yeah, sure.
Sorry to have bothered you this
way, but that's the routine.
It's quite all right. I'm
sure you'll find your man.
Well, he ain't gonna get off
this floor unless he jumps.
You can come out now.
Where are you?
Look, ma'am, where
have you got my boss?
Who do you mean? I don't
know what he told you,
but his real name is
Lawrence, three times.
Who are you? I'm Alex,
the old family detainer.
He's hiding somewhere in
here. I might have known.
Mr. Lawrence. Okay, Mr.
Larry, you can come out now.
Certainly was nice of
you, miss. Mr. Lawrence?
- Hey, boss?
- Mr. Lawrence?
My good dresses. And I
packed them so carefully...
Good heavens! What's the matter, miss?
The trunk. He's in my trunk. Trunk?
He took these things out.
I'll phone the Porter.
Please don't, miss. He's
gotta get out of here somehow.
They's got
the hotel surrounded.
We've got to get him out
of that trunk. Get it.
My initials are on it,
M.C., Mary Carter. Hurry.
Where's the trunk goin'? To the
pier. I'm sailing for Cuba tonight.
Cuba? Hot Congo!
Extra! Extra!
Murder in downtown hotel!
Read all about it! Extra!
Murder in downtown hotel!
Heads up!
Get your morning edition!
Paper! Paper!
Sweet Judas!
Mr. Larry?
Mr. Larry?
Callin' Mr. Lawrence!
Mr. Larry?
M.C., M.C. I don't see
no M.C. Nowhere.
Where are you?
Are you there, Mr. Larry?
Mr. Lawrence!
Where are you? Mr. Larry?
All these trunks and things. I
won't ever find any M.C. On anything.
Mr. Larry? Mr. Larry?
Are you there?
Are you there?
Oh, Mr. Larry
was a...
I love to fool around with
baggage. I used to be a porter.
Is that so?
I been around trunks
for 20 years now.
Mr. Larry?
Where is you?
Mr. Larry?
Mr. Larry?
Come in!
How you feel, boss? I'll
tell you when I'm unpacked.
We get you out as soon
as Miss Carter get here.
She better hurry or
it'll be too late.
Keep your chin up. I can't,
my knees are in the way.
Don't shoot!
- Come on, do it again.
- Do what?
Talk to the trunk.
That's positively amazing.
- Oh?
- Who's that?
- Shh!
- It's marvelous. It's marvelous!
I never saw your lips move
one bit. Come on, do it again.
Mister, I ain't always
got the power.
All right, I can
be stubborn too.
I'm gonna stand right here
until you do it again.
Get me outta here!
That's terrific!
It's positively terrific!
Come here.
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna take you back up to Tony's.
The gang up there'll love your act.
No, sir, I ain't goin'
no place. Oh, you gotta.
Look, you and I
will pass the hat.
You and I will make
a fortune on this trunk.
This trunk's gotta stay right
here. Oh! You're too good, eh?
Well, if you're gonna act that
way, do you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna kick this trunk right off
the pier. You might hurt somebody.
In fact, I think I'll
kick it right in the ocean.
Are you gonna make this
trunk talk or aren't you? L...
Here come Miss Carter now.
Is he all right?
He can still talk.
Just get me
outta here!
I will as soon as I can,
but I seem to have lost my keys.
Lost your keys! Maybe they're in the
top drawer. Will you look and see?
I'm in the top drawer.
They're not here.
You can't take my trunk.
I want to get something out.
You'll have to do that in your
stateroom. But I want it now!
Do ya want this trunk
to go to Cuba or don't ya?
Well, all right.
Why, he can't
sail with me.
He ain't sailin', lady.
He's flyin'.
Poor Mr. Larry. Alex, I remember now.
The keys are in
my overnight bag.
Yes'm. But lady,
he's up there.
Oh, I beg your pardon!
Pardon me.
Oh, it was my fault.
L... Oh! Now isn't that always
the way when you're in a hurry?
There you are.
Thank you.
Not at all.
I'm terribly sorry.
It was my fault.
Murder in downtown
hotel! Big murder in big hotel!
Read all about it!
Get your paper before sailing!
Murder in downtown hotel!
Extra! Read all about it!
Get your paper before sailing!
Whoa, it's lucky
he's in that trunk!
Will you hurry with
that trunk, please?
Never dropped
one in my life, lady.
Put it here, please.
Can I open it for you,
ma'am? No, thanks, I'll do it.
Much obliged. Hope you
have a nice trip. Thanks.
I'll have it open
in a minute.
What's new?
Hold it. There's
someone at the door.
Good evening, Miss Carter. Mr. Parada.
I wanted to make sure that
you were comfortable here.
- Everything's just fine, thank you.
- All visitors ashore.
Isn't that the last
all ashore warning?
Perhaps it is.
All visitors ashore!
Miss Carter, I must ask you a
question that may seem impertinent.
What is it? Someone telephoned you
tonight while I was in your room.
Tell me who it was.
Miss Carter?
Yes, thank you.
Excuse me.
From an admirer?
No. Just a friend
wishing me a safe trip.
Safe? Is there
any doubt of that?
And now, my dear young lady,
this person who called you?
Oh, it was a man I didn't know.
He said his name was Ramon Mederos.
Did he mention me when he was
talking to you? I don't remember.
But it is important that you
do remember. You must go now.
Thank you for all your trouble
and for coming down to see me off.
To see you off? But, my dear,
I am sailing with you. What?
There's nothing to keep me in New
York now, so I've decided to go home.
My stateroom
is right across the way.
The boat's pulling out!
Of course.
Oh! Let's go up on deck
and wave good-bye to anybody.
Yes, it may be some time
before you see New York again.
Yes. There are certainly
a lot of people going to Cuba.
What's this?
This would happen to me.
Oh, no.
Go away,
we're all very ill.
You okay, boss? I'm fine. Is
there a chiropractor in the house?
Don't you think you better sit down?
I gotta learn to stand up first.
Give me your hand.
Yeah, that's better.
All we need is a grind
organ and a tin cup.
Up. Up. Up.
Put me down. Put me down! Put me...
Ah, that's
the way to die.
Did you shoot that man
in the hotel with my gun?
- Yes, I confess. Just go away.
- No, you didn't.
My gun's a.32, and that man
was shot with a.38.
Thirty-two, thirty-eight.
That's six points in my favor.
- I didn't kill him.
- That's what I told you.
It was somebody else.
I'm pure again.
Let's go home.
Oh. That's all right, Mr.
Larry. I brought your bags.
Oh, this certainly
teaches me a lesson.
So help me, I'm through
mixing with murders,
my own or
anybody else's.
That girl's in trouble. She ain't
in half as much trouble as you are.
Do you know where she went with
that man? You ain't jealous, are you?
How would you like another
murder tonight? Murder?
That fella Mederos, he
telephoned Miss Carter tonight.
Then somebody shot him.
Now you're gonna horn in...
and get shot. That's
right. And get shot.
Miss Carter saved my life.
Maybe I can save hers.
Ain't you just a little
bit scared? Scared? Me? Huh.
I'm shakin' so hard, the
water on my knee just splashed.
There's a great deal
of fog on Black Island.
At times it completely
shrouds the castle.
You can't discourage me.
I'm going to have fun in Cuba.
A daiquiri at the Florida,
a rhumba at the Nacional...
and the beer-barrel polka
at Sloppy Joe's.
There are certain things that
travel folders do not mention.
Ghosts again?
I was a skeptic too until
I saw with my own eyes...
this malignant force
at work in your castle.
A priest might call it a demon.
The natives call it voodoo.
Is there any particular reason why this
"malignant force" should pick on my castle?
Some say it's because this remote
ancestor of yours who built it...
was Cuba's greatest
slave trader.
So it's perhaps the vengeance
of all those lost souls...
who have been tortured, starved
and murdered in the castle dungeon.
Pardon me,
am I protruding?
Lovely view, isn't it?
Mr. Lawrence, I want you
to meet Mr. Parada.
He's just been telling me
about the castle I've inherited.
How do you do? I feel as though
I know you, I've heard so much.
You've been in Havana
before? No, first trip.
Pleasure trip?
Not exactly.
Are you interested
in tobacco plantations?
Sugar industry?
I'll save you time.
I'm a ghost breaker.
- A what? - You've heard of trust breakers
and home breakers?
I'm a ghost breaker. I take family skeletons
outta the closet and dust them off.
I explain mysteries that
people don't want explained.
I make a nice living too,
chasing ghosts of the past,
if you'll pardon
the poetic reference.
It's very interesting.
Are you the one who is advising
Miss Carter not to sell her castle?
No. My advice is to keep the
castle and sell the ghosts.
I myself have heard
of only one ghost,
the spirit
of Don Santiago.
Does he appear nightly, or
just Sundays and holidays?
I never saw it.
But I've known
several people who have.
Your uncle, your mother's
brother, was the last one.
What did he tell you
about it?
He was dead.
Dead? He was lying at
the foot of the staircase.
His eyes were staring, mad.
His face a mask of terror!
A good laugh would be worth
a lot of money at this point.
What connection is there
between this bogeyman of yours...
and the buried treasure?
Treasure? What treasure?
Well, there's always money
where the ghost walks. Cute.
I hope you still feel as comical when
you come out of the castle, my friend.
You smell something
burning? Sulphur, no less.
Thanks for dashing
to the rescue.
I got excited when
I read your fan mail.
I don't mind saying that it did
something to my girlish morale.
That was the idea, to scare you
off the boat. What's the answer?
Lady, one or more persons, identity unknown,
definitely do not want you in that castle.
I wonder why.
Me, I'm
mentally retarded.
I'm still 11 years old when it comes to
Fourth of July, circuses or haunted castles.
Say, how are you gonna
get off the boat?
That's right. I better
go and see the purser.
Stay here.
I beg your pardon.
Well, we always seem...
to be bumping into
each other, don't we?
Foggy night,
isn't it?
Are you all right?
A lot of cold chills are
running up and down my back.
Yeah. They must've
run over from mine.
Come on.
What'll you take with your
aspirin, scotch or rye?
What are you having? I'll
start with an old-fashioned...
and bring it up to date.
I'll have the same.
All right.
Well, lovely.
I beg your pardon. Are you engaged
for this dance, Lady Wimplesnood?
- Dance? - Yes. Lovely party
the vice president is giving.
Ah, good old vice.
Shoot the chassis
to me, lassie.
Your name? Oh, you remember
me. The girls call me "Pilgrim,"
'cause every time I dance with
one I make a little progress.
You may be a pilgrim, but
I can see you're no puritan.
Oh. Keep dancing.
Oh, tell me, who's the lady asleep
over there on the pool table?
Oh, don't be silly, girl!
That's no pool table.
That's our hostess.
My dear!
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, where did
you learn to dance so divinely?
Oh, didn't you know? I used
to dance with Sally Rand. Oh.
It's quite a feather
in my cap, too.
Keep dancing.
Oh, I remember. You're that
amusing butler I went swimming with.
That was my father. He was the son of
that famous old Indian chief, Sitting Bull.
Oh, what was his name?
Uh, Sitting Yet.
Oh, my word! And you're his son, Lariat!
Yes, that's right.
Oh, steady, steady. I know
you've had a rough evening...
and I don't know what it's all about
either, but don't lose your nerve, honey.
Would it make you feel better to know
that you're not cavorting with a killer?
What? Well, the man I didn't
shoot was Ramon Mederos.
What in the world
are you saying?
Look. He was shot
with a.38,
and I'm from
the class of.32.
So that's
Ramon Mederos.
Who is it?
Excuse me, boss.
If you hurry, we can make it.
Make what? We can get off the
boat and go back with the pilot.
We can? That's great! We got to hurry.
Good-bye, Miss
Carter. Good-bye, Alex.
Good-bye, Larry. Good-bye,
Mary, and lots of luck to you.
Thanks for everything. I'll be
seeing you when you get back.
- What am I doing?
- What?
Why, I'm not going to New York.
I'm going to Cuba.
But why?
Well, because
I'm crazy to go to Cuba.
Everybody should go to Cuba.
See Cuba and die.
No, that's going too far.
Wait a minute. If you're
doing this on my account...
Oh, not at all.
No, Alex and I...
want to investigate Black Island
and get acquainted with the spooks.
You speak for yourself, boss, 'cause
I won't have no parts of no spooks.
You're not afraid of meeting
a few spooks, are you?
I'll meet 'em when I have to,
but no sense in teasin' 'em.
Honest, Mary, I just love
murder mysteries.
Even since
I was a little shaver.
Before I started
to shave even, l...
Alex, close that door.
Yes, sir.
Lady, somebody's playing
at murder, but for keeps.
First Mederos. Somebody found out he
was gonna tell you something important.
Exit Mederos.
Then I come to the rescue and I'm
greeted by a flying fire bucket.
I'd swear Parada did it,
except that he looks guilty,
and in situations like these, you
never suspect the guy that looks guilty.
As far as I'm concerned,
I can ignore the whole thing.
Get out.
But the pilot...
Out. And get me a stateroom. Yes, sir.
Not too far from this one. Yes, sir.
He always sees the darker
side of everything.
He was born
during an eclipse.
Are you sure
you should stay on board?
Oh, I won't be
too much trouble.
Just one meal a day and put me out for a
few minutes at night and in the morning.
There aren't any words to tell you how
much I appreciate what you're doing.
It's downright chivalrous.
It's dangerous too.
I don't know why I do
such things. I'm crazy.
You're an angel.
Good night.
Good night.
Is it bedtime?
All right,
you can put me to bed,
but you can't
put me to sleep.
Will you please lock this door
and keep it locked till morning?
Don't worry.
Good night.
Good night.
Look, if you and I were out
on a beautiful lake in a canoe,
just drifting along,
but soulfully,
underneath a million stars
and a great big moon...
with a soft breeze blowing
a perfume of a lot of roses,
do you think...
I mean, could you...
No, I guess not.
Good night.
Good night.
Give me Mr. Lawrence's
cabin, please.
Larry, there's
somebody outside my window!
That's only Alex. Yeah, he'll be there
all night, and I'll be there all day.
We tossed a coin
for the night shift...
and I lost. Yeah.
Thanks again.
And, Larry, I hear there are
lots of lakes in Cuba,
and the moon's so big
you can hardly see Havana.
Good night.
When was it built? I've got the
facts right at my fingertips.
"Completed in 1597, Morro
Castle stands grimly guarding...
"the beautiful
harbor of Havana,
with its history of piratical
plundering, slave traders and buccaneers."
Sounds like
a Cecil B. DeMille script.
Exactly. "Cuba is truly
the island of romance,
"a land of flashing-eyed
seasoned with onions and a dash
of garlic, all for 50 cents."
Could that be?
Here, let me see it.
"Flashing-eyed senoritas, many of them
continental style, spread out over the sidewalk."
Huh? Oh, no. You'd fall
over them in the dark.
Wait, there's a trick
to these things.
Just give like that, and let 'em fold
naturally like that. Then you have it.
"A land of flashing-eyed senoritas
equipped with red, green and amber lights...
to control the traffic."
They do everything, don't
they? Yeah, in this folder.
Well, now you know
all about the castle.
Good morning, Miss Carter. Good morning.
May I have a word
with you before we land?
Sure. Now? Will you excuse us?
Of course.
Thank you.
Maybe my slip is showing.
What are you doing there?
Nothing, senor.
I beg your pardon.
I just happened to see...
a disagreeable chap
listening at your door.
It's none of my business,
but I thought...
you might like to know. Thank you.
Aren't you... Yes. And you're...
Pelham! The six-day bike race
at the garden! The Murrays!
Right! Now I know. You're Geoff
Montgomery. And you're Mary Carter.
Yes. Come in.
Thank you.
Have you been aboard
all the time?
No. I flew down from New
York about ten days ago.
I just came aboard on the official
launch to meet some friends.
You've lived in Havana
for some time, haven't you?
Oh, practically
a native.
Perhaps you can tell me
what that means.
What is it?
It's a voodoo ou-anga.
A what?
An ou-anga.
A charm prepared
by a voodoo priest.
Some of them are supposed
to bring good luck.
But not that one.
No. This is
a death ou-anga.
Do you know what's back of this?
Perhaps I can advise you.
I suppose you've heard of the
forbidden castle at Black Island?
Oh, yes. Yes, I heard
that jinx was wished on...
Not you?
I'm simply doing my best
to make clear to you...
that Miss Carter is taking
her life in her hands...
if she goes
into that castle tonight.
You know, that gives me an idea
that scares me out of my wits.
I'll go there first.
You're a brave man.
No, my nerves are
the breakaway kind.
I've got rabbit
blood in me.
Do you know what's liable to
happen if I see a ghost there?
No. I'd be so scared, I'd
probably take a shot at it.
Won't I feel silly
shooting ghosts?
But that's me all over.
Tell your friends.
I'll be seeing you.
Miss Carter, I think
you'd be foolish...
to go further
without some help.
I wouldn't trust Parada. He
has a peculiar reputation.
If it weren't for the
voodoo element, I'd... Yes?
Do you know anyone here
in Havana? Anyone in Cuba?
No, but Mr. Lawrence
is on my team.
Who? Lawrence. Larry "Radio" Lawrence.
Oh, come in, Larry.
This is Mr. Montgomery. I met
him a few weeks ago in New York.
How are you? You live here? Yes.
Then maybe you know
what a zombie is. A what?
Parada just told me about
a caretaker on Black Island.
A Negro woman, lives in a
little shack with a zombie son.
Yes, that's more voodooism,
and not very pleasant.
When a person dies
and is buried,
it seems there are
certain voodoo priests...
who have the power to
bring him back to life.
How horrible. It's
worse than horrible...
because a zombie has
no will of his own.
You see them sometimes
walking around blindly...
with dead eyes,
following orders,
not knowing what
they do, not caring.
You mean
like Democrats?
That's all we needed on top of
ghosts and skeletons... a zombie!
How about some drinks
in the smoke room?
That'll help.
While I think of it,
how is the Hotel Santana?
As good as any. The best food
is at Las Palmas on the Malecon.
Let me take you there tonight, both of you,
to celebrate your first night in Havana.
Thanks, I'd love it.
Wouldn't you?
Yes, I've been wondering
about tonight.
Now that's
all taken care of.
First night in Havana!
It's all so lovely,
so romantic,
just what I expected
Havana to be like.
May I say that it's never seemed
more lovely to me than at this moment.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I wonder what in the world
has happened to Larry?
I'm having an excellent
time without him.
It would be just like him to sneak
over to Black Island without me.
May I?
Thank you.
Oh, good evening, Miss
Carter. Good evening.
That man seems
to be everywhere.
How far away
is Black Island?
The other side
of the mainland,
then about
a half mile offshore.
Would you like to
take me there? Tonight?
Sorry, only this morning my doctor
warned me against sudden shocks.
Even if he were wrong,
I wouldn't take you there.
You aren't afraid, are you? No.
No, but it's hard to laugh
off that voodoo stuff.
At night in Castillo
Maldito there are things...
There's no denying it. They...
They move about in
the shadows... They...
Look! That man.
What's the matter?
Is he a ghost? Looks pretty solid to me.
I beg your pardon,
senor, senorita.
You are Miss Carter? Yes.
I am Francisco Mederos.
Ramon was my twin brother.
I want to know why he was
murdered and by whom.
L... I have no idea.
You talked with him in New
York. On the telephone. Yes, l...
Then he was killed.
Why was he killed?
- I don't know.
- Miss Carter, I must insist.
You heard Miss Carter say she knows nothing
about... You will mind your own business.
I think it's about time
you... Hello, Francisco.
How are you?
I haven't...
I haven't seen this man
in a month of Sundays.
You gotta come over
and have a drink with us.
I've got Dolores with me.
You remember Dolores?
She meets all the boats. Now, come
on. I won't take no for an answer.
Very well. You will
see me again, Miss Carter.
Oh, yes,
you'll see us later.
I can do very nicely
without any more of Mr. Mederos.
Who is he? Oh, he comes
from an old Cuban family.
They own half the country
down here, a lot of money.
Would you like to leave?
Go somewhere else?
Only to one place,
and you won't take me there.
I think your father must have been as
courageous as your mother was beautiful.
Corny, but nice.
Don't you think we ought to
use more of that dance music?
Let's. And forget about
your friend, Mr. Lawrence.
The only way that he can get out to
Black Island tonight is by swimming.
The native boatmen won't
tie up there after dark.
Larry'd find a way. I wouldn't
worry about him if I were you.
I'm not, but after all,
it's my castle and my ghosts.
Pardon me,
Mr. Montgomery,
will you take a telephone call? Oh, yes.
Will you excuse me? I'll
be right back. Of course.
Entre rumores
de palmeras
Con el arrullo
De la brisa
Como forjando
mil quimeras
Llega el alegre...
Do you mind if I run along?
I have several things to do.
Good night, Dolores.
Good night, my friend.
Good night.
Yvuelvo a vivir
la primavera
Que con tus ojos
En mi alma se clavo
Cuando febril
Mi boca
tu boca busco
Ycon amor
dulce y gentil
Un beso dejo
Come on, will you? You're
rowing slower and slower.
But my heart's beatin'
faster and faster.
And you told me you rowed
number four at Harlem Tech.
Yes, but we knew
where we was goin'.
Look, there's
a light!
Come on,
get going!
we are here!
Lafayette's here, too!
Give me the rope.
Come on, Seabiscuit. Come on! Yes, sir.
Boss, don't you think we
oughta have our lunch now?
Pack in a little solid food 'fore we go
messin' around with them spirits up there?
Relax, will you?
It's only a quarter to 12:00...
and you know it's against union rules
for ghosts to walk before midnight.
Your watch must be slow.
There's one now.
I don't know why
you get so nervous.
That's probably the colored
caretaker Parada told me about.
She's just trying to scare
us. She's wasting her time...
'cause we're
scared already.
He must be the zombie.
I'll say he is.
What do you want?
Could we interest you in a
subscription to Weird Stories magazine?
Three more subscriptions
and I get a year at Vassar.
Wait a minute,
Aunt Dinah.
Well, let's go, Alex.
Where are you?
Here I am.
I can row all right now.
I'm all rested.
Come on out of there
and help me up the hill.
Up the hill?
Yeah, come on.
Wait now!
Can't we detour around
Do you see what I see?
I'm tryin' to hope not.
If you pay no attention
sometimes they go away.
How long since
anybody lived here?
Twenty years. But it's only been
two months since anyone died here.
Now why did I
say that?
I don't know.
Give me the flashlight.
- Look!
- Bats!
Guess they're scared.
Come on.
I guess there ain't
nobody home. Let's go.
Let's go.
is that you?
Is that you?
Ghost has a cold.
Light a couple of
those candles. Yes, sir.
Who does that
look like?
Why, that's
Miss Carter.
Oh, thanks.
Hey, wait a minute.
That's impossible.
Isn't it?
I'm befuddled.
"Maria Ysobel Sebastian."
Mmm, what a hot Spanish dish
you must've been.
Wish me luck, darling.
Hey, boss, you ain't goin' upstairs,
are you? Where those ghosts is?
you stay there...
and if a couple of fellows come runnin'
down the stairs in a few minutes,
let the first one go.
That'll be me.
If somebody passes you,
that'll be me.
That'll be me.
Nothing under the bed.
Mr. Larry!
Mr. Larry!
Wait now!
Wait a minute.
You can't do that to me.
I know better.
Old man Mose
is certainly dead.
Come out of there
before I shoot!
Honest, it's me.
You're bleached!
No, I ain't, boss.
When I gets scared, my
albino blood shows through.
Come out
of that dust bowl!
No, sir. You say
there wasn't no ghost...
and I saw him,
right over there.
So did I, but I still
don't believe it.
Well, I'm convinced.
Let's go home.
Mm-mm, not till I find out
who's tryin' to scare us.
And what a swell job
he's doing.
This is no
penny ante game, Alex.
Well, what are you
gonna get out of it?
Heart failure.
Come on. Let's find out
what that is and oil it.
"Maria Ysobel Sebastian."
That's all that's left of that
gorgeous girl in the portrait.
Boss, is that a mummy?
Yes, Miss Carter's
I didn't mean it,
You think I'd pull
a crack like that...
In a place like this?
Must've been
a frog in my throat.
That's better than
having a knife in it.
Come on.
Hmm, old Don Santiago
That's the gentleman
we met in the hall.
He sho' gets around.
He's got a lot of spirit.
Now we know where that
ghost music came from.
I wonder where you
put the nickel in?
- Larry!
- Larry!
- Larry!
- Larry!
- Is that you?
- Is that you?
- Larry! Where are you?
- Larry! Where are you?
Is anything back there?
No, it's a dead-end street.
Larry! Ooo-hoo!
That sound like
Miss Carter's voice.
Nah, that's just what they're
trying to make us believe.
They can't fool us.
Yes, sir.
Here, help me down.
- Larry?
- Larry?
Stop clowning, will you,
please? Where are you?
Where are you?
Now. Now. Run away.
Run away before
it's too late.
Get out! Get out! Away!
Run away before
it's too late!
Larry, where are you?
Larry, help me!
Larry] Alex!
Where are you?
Here I am.
Believe me, we aren't gonna get hurt unless
we find the real secret of this place.
Well, why do we
keep lookin' for it?
It is sort of ridiculous, isn't it?
What'd you say, boss? I
always say gesundheit...
when anybody sneezes. I didn't sneeze.
I ain't got the strength.
You didn't sneeze?
Well, if you didn't sneeze,
and I didn't sneeze,
something smells
around here.
And it ain't
fried chicken.
Who could it
have been?
It's the guy that sent
the death warning to Mary.
It's the volunteer fireman that
tried to drop the bucket on us.
It's the ghost we've been
chasin' since we left New York,
and he's right here
in this castle!
What's the matter? Why do you
let me babble on like this?
Suppose he's listening.
Suppose he knows I know.
Suppose we get out of here.
We'll go have a talk...
with Mother Divine and that
phony zombie son of hers.
From the frying pan right into
the fire! We'll turn on the heat.
If anyone should join the angel throng
tonight, we can have her as an accessory.
Look out!
Hold him, boss!
Hold him!
Alex, quick,
get the can opener!
Hold him, boss,
hold him!
I got him, boss! I got him! I got him!
It's the zombie!
It ain't Baby Snooks!
Move over, Alex.
Here I come.
Here come some more ghosts!
Alex! Alex!
In the closet, boss!
Wait now!
Oh, Larry!
Oh, boy,
let him out again.
Is that sho' enough
Miss Mary?
Larry, what in the world
was... Before we go any further,
allow me to tell you that you're the
most beautiful ghost that ever walked.
I couldn't let you have
all this fun by yourself.
How'd you get
over here, Miss Mary?
When boats won't land, you swim.
Swim? Didn't anyone
tell you about the sharks?
Never mind the
sharks. Larry, the picture.
Oh, she was lovely,
wasn't she?
Yeah, she certainly was.
And she's improved with age.
There's nothing in
reincarnation, is there? Why?
I seem to understand her.
She's pointing at something
she wants us to know.
She's telling us the way to
solve the secret of the place.
What's down there? Oh, just
some of your stuffed ancestors.
Take me there.
You stay here,
just in case.
Yes, sir.
Lady, if you can tell 'em anything,
tell 'em to get outta here!
Don't move!
If you a ghost, this ain't
gonna do me no good,
but if you isn't,
it ain't gonna do you no good.
Now which is you?
Wait now! Hold on! Hold on!
I'm no ghost.
You're Mr. Lawrence's
man, aren't you?
Yes, sir. Is Miss Carter here?
Yes, sir. Is she all right?
Did she arrive safely?
Yes, sir.
Well, as long as you two are
on deck to look after her,
I guess there's no reason for me to...
My boat! Someone's
stealing my motorboat!
Is you there, zom?
Look up there.
What does it say?
"God's" something.
That word is "treasures," isn't it?
Yes. "God's treasures
in abundance lie."
That's it. Something,
something "heavenly."
"Heavenly key
before they die."
Hmm, there's more to this
than meets the eye.
You're telling me. That's a
message if I ever read one.
Look for a key.
What kind of a key?
The only keys I ever saw in church
were in the collection basket.
Listen, let's find a keyhole,
then look for a key to fit it.
Here are a lot of keys.
Very funny.
Very funny.
Well, it could mean music.
Not on that organ.
It doesn't work.
I thought you said it
didn't play. It didn't.
Someone or something has
pumped air into it since I left.
There's a gag here
Holy smoke!
What's the matter?
Don't look now, but grandpappy
is having a nightmare.
Mr. Parada!
Easy, old boy.
We'll get you out.
It's no use.
I've only a few minutes.
He stabbed me.
Who did it?
L... I came here to warn you,
to protect you.
Under the...
Under the castle,
A f-fortune.
What kind
of fortune?
You'll find it.
Marching men.
The organ.
Oh, he must be
Listen, Parada, tell us
who did this to you.
Marching men.
Mr. Parada!
Upstairs at the end
of the hall.
Marching men.
Larry! The marching men
are notes of music!
The key! That's what
he was trying to tell us!
Keep playing,
Mary! Keep playing! Higher!
That's enough!
I'll see what's down there.
You stay here.
Alone? Here?
Oh, no!
All right.
Watch it.
Look at these
old slave chains.
Yes, but who lit
this lantern?
Look at these railway tracks
running through here.
Reminds me of my hotel room
in Scranton.
It's some sort
of a mine.
It's stuck.
Find something
to pry it open.
Here's something.
Let me have it.
Ramon's twin brother.
My name is Lawrence.
I was there when
your brother was shot.
In fact, I thought I'd
done it myself until...
- You can't get away with it!
- Now listen!
Not you!
Look out!
Geoff! Back away!
Put that down!
Back away!
You, too!
Put your hands
behind your back.
Let the girl go.
For what?
I did everything I could
to keep her away from here.
I even tried to buy her out, but first
your brother and then Parada crossed me!
What's it all about?
A vein of silver as wide as the
island, that's what it's all about!
I discovered it
and it's mine!
- Who told you about it?
- What difference does it make?
None now, because it's not
going to do you any good.
Now wait a minute!
Let Mary go!
Nobody's going to carry
any tales out of here!
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes!
Boss, did I press
the wrong button?
I'll match you
to see who faints first.
I can explain everything that
happened but that transparent ghost.
Wasn't it Geoff?
He arranged everything else.
He couldn't reach the island that fast from
the nightclub. I wonder if Mederos knows?
- Hey, Commodore!
- Yes?
Who was that playing,
Don Santiago?
He wasn't playing.
That was the real ghost.
Now we have something to
worry about on our honeymoon.
Our what?
Our honeymoon.
Didn't I tell you? No, but
I'd like to hear about it.
You would?