The Ghost Bride (2017) Movie Script

I want to talk to Mayen.
Get out of my life!
When you ask me why I love you.
Believe me when I say.
Good afternoon.
Eat! You are all my guests.
So you're my cousin's girlfriend.
Okay, just enjoy the food.
-Mayen, I'm really hungry. Let's eat.
There's chicken.
-Hi, Clinton!
-Hi! How are you?
Hello, Mayen!
-Hi, Auntie!
-How are you?
You're late for the blessing.
Sorry, we got stuck in traffic.
But thank you for the invitation.
It's my father-in-law's
10 death anniversary today.
Coincidentally, it is also the start
of the Ghost Month.
That is why we must celebrate it
with a modest feast.
Go on and enjoy your meal.
Congratulations on
Jing's new restaurant, Auntie!
I will invite my father to dine there
on his birthday.
Where are your parents?
Clinton, didn't I tell you to invite them?
We also have a little celebration at home.
Why is everyone burning paper?
They are burning paper money
for the dead.
Yes, that is the practice
in some Asian countries.
They burn paper money and offer food
so that souls won't get hungry.
Because if they do, they'll get angry.
And when they get angry,
they'll come out as hungry ghosts.
And once they come out...
Faster, horse!
Faster, horse!
Come here!
Faster, horse! Faster, horse!
I think she's a Chinese ghost.
Mayen? I see Akoh right there!
That's Akoh!
-No, she's at home by now.
-No, look! Look!
-I'll go there.
No. Stay here.
I thought she's at home.
What are you doing here?
This is embarrassing!
-Come with me!
-But I'm not yet done!
-Let's go home!
-There are many ghosts!
-Stop taking videos!
-Let me entertain the souls!
Do you want Papa to see you like this?
Let's go! Come on! Get in, quick!
Listen to me, please. Hurry!
-Let's go.
That's enough.
Mayen is already here! With Achi!
Where have you been?
We've been looking all over for you!
Achi! Come back here! I'm talking to you!
Oh, no!
She's wearing Tingting's dress again.
-Mayen, where did you find Achi?
She's been gone for hours!
At the bridge. Performing.
Inform Mat.
Your father's been looking for her!
Jana, you shouldn't have left
the door open!
Look at what happened!
Who will be blamed?
How should I know?
She was just in her room earlier.
Putting on make-up.
I'd rather do the laundry.
Good evening, Auntie.
Here's some food from Mama.
They're from Jing's new restaurant.
-They're also looking for you.
-Please thank Lalaine for me.
I will.
I apologize for coming home late.
It's my grandfather's
10th year death anniversary.
-I'll go ahead.
-All right. Take care.
All right. Thank you.
There's someone in my room!
It wants to warn you.
-That you're in danger!
That's enough!
Stop it, Akoh! You're scaring me again!
Come out, Achi!
Come here! I saw you in there! Come here!
Hey, Achi!
I've told you many times
not to go out alone!
-There are many ghosts, Manuel!
-What ghosts?
Can we work over time tonight?
We need to deliver those on Monday.
Manuel, there's no problem about that.
If you will pay us our overtime rate.
Come on, Norbing.
You know that we're short on money.
But when we collect our payments,
I promise to pay you all what's due.
Please bear with me.
What's the problem?
Going bankrupt?
Go on strike!
Isn't it forbidden to collect payments
during Ghost Month, Robert?
Uncle Manuel, stop using this Ghost Month
as an excuse for not paying me this time.
No one cares about that anymore.
I have been informed...
...that you're still performing
the Kao-ka opera this Ghost Month.
That's why I'm paying a visit.
You won't hear a single thing from me...
...if I know that your business
is doing well.
Is your Kao-ka opera doing well?
Even the Chinese are no longer interested
in it, right?
All your performers are from the slums!
Idiots! Drug addicts!
Robert! Don't say that!
Our families started this troupe!
Uncle, the time of the Kao-ka is over!
It's not even being performed anymore
in China!
The TV has already been invented!
We already have smart phones with WIFI!
Who do you expect
to watch that kind of opera?
Good morning, Papa! Let's have breakfast!
Hi, Mayen the beautiful!
You were absent
at Uncle Censio's party last night?
We also had a party at home.
If I knew you're there,
I would've asked you
to swing by our place.
You're getting more beautiful.
-Want some?
-What's for breakfast?
-Please get me some porridge downstairs.
-All right. Hold on.
Hey, what's that? Date Quest again?
Didn't you hear?
He called us idiots again.
How condescending!
He's not even handsome.
Hello, Mayen!
What's this? Please take it away.
-Because we're already loading up.
-Loading up the props and costumes.
This is Date Quest, right?
I also want to check my account.
-I haven't checked it in a long time.
I heard Jing's new restaurant has opened.
They say it has great food.
Have you been there?
Nope. Not yet.
Jana, can you remember my password?
-I forgot it.
If Clinton hasn't invited you yet,
I'd like to take you there.
There it is!
Mayen, can I talk to you in private?
-Matt, the porridge!
You're always eating! Hurry!
It's my Mom's birthday next month.
I wish to celebrate it
at the Century Park.
Sheraton's Grand Ballroom
to accommodate more guests.
Wanna be surprised?
You have a friend request from David Chao!
-David Chao!
He courted you before, remember?
Have you forgotten?
I remember now! Right! The handsome one!
-Let me see.
-That thin and lanky guy.
He's not thin anymore! This is him now!
-I think it would be special if...
-She's here!
Tingting is here!
Jana! Why is my costume wrinkled?
Matt, why are they offering tea
to empty seats?
For the souls. It's Ghost Month.
Matt, what's it again?
Write it on your palm, quick!
-Is the army complete?
Charge! Prepare your weapons!
We're going to battle!
This place is a former war camp.
The war is not yet over.
I was born to be a beautiful flower.
What a shame!
I was born to be a beautiful heiress!
This is so sudden.
Poor Minda!
What a shame!
I was born to be a beautiful Heiress!
I am Yang Mai Giok!
-As long as I'm paid right away.
-Yes, I promise.
Oh, dear! I don't know your lines!
Just do it! You can improvise!
I need this money! Come on, wear this.
What time is the shoot?
I need my servant.
I need my servant!
I am here!
Bring my bow and arrow!
Join me as I hunt in the forest!
Servants? Servants!
Why did your brother call?
He wants me to fly to Cebu
to stand-in for him at a wedding.
In such short notice?
There a problem with our factory
in Shenzhen.
He need to attend to that.
Wow! You're already a principal sponsor!
Not really! It's annoying.
I don't know anyone from that family
in Cebu.
The groom is just
my brother's business partner.
What's the point of stand-ins anyway?
If he can't make it, then he can't!
You should have more
of these commercial shoots.
So you can treat me to finer places.
Hey! This is just for now.
Because I got paid right away.
Maybe we should try going to BGC.
BGC? You're not that lucky.
We should head home now...
...because I'm pretty sure
that my parents can't wait to scold me.
Let's go!
Aunt Mayen is here!
Hi, Auntie!
Are you always out so late?
No. Time just flies too quickly.
Can I have a kiss? Go on.
Good thing you're home.
-Sam, your water.
Where have you been?
Didn't you get our messages?
What message?
-Papa Manuel's in the hospital.
Stephanie, water.
Which hospital? We'll head there.
Don't bother. Victor called
to say everything is all right.
He's okay now.
What happened?
He had chest cramps.
Asked Victor to come over.
We couldn't just leave
because Akoh needs company here.
I'm really sorry.
I was working. A commercial shoot.
They said your phone is turned off.
I drained my battery.
Achi, I want to go to the hospital.
We'll go there now.
I told you Victor already called.
They already talked to Papa's doctor.
Besides, it's late already.
The kids have school tomorrow.
Kids, let's go. We're going home now.
Samuel! Stephanie!
Achi, I'm really sorry for the trouble.
Let's go. Say your goodbyes.
Oh, no! Akoh has probably taught them
mahjong already!
Oh, Akoh.
Bye, auntie.
Who's going to bring you home?
We'll just ride a cab or a tricycle.
-No, let Clinton bring you home.
-Are you sure?
-Would you mind?
No. It's fine.
-Thank you.
-Take care.
Clinton, I heard your brother purchased
the vacant lot near our home.
You beat us to it.
He wanted to buy that a long time ago.
They finally agreed on a price.
That's a good area, though.
My children offered sweets to the elders.
Akoh, those kids are Sam and Stephanie.
Victor's kids.
Did I leave my children in the fire?
Here we go again.
Akoh, you didn't bear children.
Those were Uncle Fidel's kids
with his mistress.
Whenever you see kids,
you always claim that they're yours.
Get some rest now, Akoh.
Akoh, didn't I tell you to go to bed?
Don't let Papa catch you awake.
Who are you? You don't belong here!
Let's go, Mayen! Let us out!
-Akoh, we can't go out!
-They will kill me!
I need to leave!
Akoh. Akoh! Help! Please!
Daryl! Ron! Help her, please.
Wake up, Akoh. Here! Here!
-The head.
Akoh? Akoh?
Wake up, Akoh.
Please. Akoh, please.
Don't be like this. Akoh.
Papa's gonna come home now.
-What happened to her?
-She had one of her episodes.
I am Angie Lao.
I spoke to your parents earlier today
at the temple.
But your father felt sick.
He told me to come here tonight.
You are Mayen, right?
My father's at the hospital
for a check-up, but he'll come home soon.
Akoh, let's go.
Papa's coming home now, Akoh.
Do you want him to see us like this?
Come on.
I think you better bring her to bed.
Nothing. Never mind.
Please help me bring her upstairs.
Slowly, please.
Excuse me.
Do you want to wait for Papa upstairs?
It's not necessary.
I came here for you.
I have a business proposal for you.
For me?
I'm sorry,
but I already have a boyfriend...
I know. And it doesn't matter.
This proposal is different.
Like I said earlier,
this is a business proposal.
But you're a matchmaker?
-Have you heard of the ghost wedding?
-What's that?
It's an old tradition
of rich families in China.
When bachelors die
before they are married,
they are paired with maidens
to become their wives.
What? A marriage to the dead?
Yes. But without physical relation.
Of course, the groom is dead.
The parents are only looking...
...for someone who will commemorate
their son's memory... if he really got married.
For someone to offer incense and candles
in front of his picture.
So he won't be forgotten.
We believe that the deceased
turn into hungry ghost or Gui Hun...
...if no one makes an offering for him.
I'll be frank with you, Ms Lao.
Is this a scam?
This is not a scam, Mayen.
It may sound absurd but it pays very well.
How did you...?
You opened my Date Quest profile?
Not personally.
-I already have my answer.
-Please do not answer tonight.
This is not an auspicious date
for commitment.
Whatever that date is,
however auspicious it is,
my answer won't change.
Give my proposal some time.
Don't tell anyone about this yet,
even to your parents.
It is too complicated.
Thank you for your time.
Good night.
By the way, I noticed that you have
two temples along this street.
No wonder I feel heavy.
People leave a lot of...
...grievances at churches
and temples when they pray.
It is for this reason... is not good feng shui
to live near places of worship.
Good night.
But they can't pay the rent yet!
That's just how things are.
We need to take this out.
-No, you're not allowed to!
-Have mercy!
Wait, wait. What's happening here?
I don't know why Robert is picking
on poor Leny!
What? Where is he?
At Delfin's with your Papa.
Leny, we'll fix this.
-Can you just wait? I said, wait!
-We have to talk to the chairman first.
-I'll take care of this. I'll talk to him.
-You can't just take our cart.
You're mean! So mean!
Mayen, the beautiful.
What are you up to now?
I'm just a businessman, Mayen.
If Leny decides to give me her rent,
she can go back to her business.
You think I don't know...
...that Leny pays rent
to Auntie Dolores on my property?
For a small amount of money,
you'll take away
a person's means of living?
You're unbelievable!
Mayen, stop that!
There is nothing small
when it comes to money.
I'll be on my way.
Next time, I don't want to see you
arguing with Robert.
It's not like that, Papa.
I just want to...
I know you all feel the struggle.
Especially your Mama.
I don't even know
how we can recover from this.
Mayen, you're old enough.
But I'm not complaining.
I'll help while I still can.
I won't leave just like that.
It's not that... Robert...
He just gave me this.
Final notice?
What's this? He's going to throw us out?
That bastard!
Papa, I still have some money left.
We can use that for now.
Mayen, this is not your obligation.
I'll take care of this.
Pa, there you go again...
Delfin, I'll just go back later.
-Has Abbott Lee arrived already?
-He'll arrive later tonight.
-Who wants coffee? Tea?
-Don't forget my coffee.
Coffee? Coffee?
Mayen, coffee for Mrs Hao.
Dolores, if you're planning to move,
don't go too far, okay?
We, oldies, hate heavy traffic.
-I agree!
Where did you hear
that we have plans of moving?
Now in Cebu but my bags were left in
Manila. Going back to the airport now.
Hoping it arrives, or else I'm going to
wear shorts during the banquet later.
This is great!
Bring Mai Kin to Camp!
Mayen, when are you
and Clinton getting married?
Not anytime soon.
He's planning to work abroad.
Clinton who?
The architect.
Lalaine's youngest.
Just introduce Mayen to someone else.
He's already engaged.
Are you okay, Ma?
Mayen, can we talk?
You can get money from Mr Ong.
-I already called him.
-All right.
Do you have extra money?
I have, but it's not enough, Ahia.
How about Clinton? It's an emergency.
Clinton's in Cebu right now,
but I can call him.
Don't. Just get the money.
Ahia, here's the receipt.
-Where's Mama?
-I told her to go home.
Papa will be transferred
to his own room tomorrow morning.
-Get some rest. What time is it?
-All right.
Jane, let's go.
Mayen, we should help each other.
Your brother and I can't do it alone.
Jane, we already talked about it.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We just settled our tax problems.
-All right, Achi. I'll find a way.
-Matt, how about you?
-Go with them.
-Are you sure?
-Get some rest.
All right. Take care.
All right.
You guys, be careful.
Hello, Clinton! I've been calling you...
Mayen, this is Auntie Lalaine.
Clinton's not here. He left his phone.
Good evening, Auntie.
I didn't know you, too, are in Cebu?
Yes, we're just arranging
some things here.
Can you please tell Clinton that I called?
I'll wait for his call.
Not tonight, Mayen.
But I will tell him to call you.
All right. Anytime, Auntie.
But please tell him
to call me immediately.
It's really important.
Hello? Hello!
This is Clinton's father, Mayen.
Uncle Censio?
Mayen, please stop calling my son for now.
He can't talk to you tonight.
We're taking care of a family matter here.
But I will tell him to call you.
You two have something important
to discuss.
What is it?
Hey, you haven't ended the call yet.
Mayen! Mayen!
There's someone in your room!
Don't enter your room yet.
Akoh, you're always scaring me. Stop it.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
He's gone!
-Who was that?
-He doesn't want to tell.
He only wants to introduce himself to you.
You can go in now.
Ahia. Jana, this is still hot.
Akoh, hopia, your favorite.
Good morning, Mama.
What is this that I heard
from Jane's father...
...that Clinton is in Cebu
for his arranged marriage? His Kai Siao?
Do you know anything about that?
I thought you, guys, were okay?
That he doesn't mind
the arranged marriages?
Ahia, I really didn't know.
But Uncle Censio told me
that we will talk...
Can't you see it, Mayen?
What are you waiting for?
That Clinton is a douche!
He has been fooling you all this time.
That's not true. That's not true.
He's not like that!
Mayen! Mayen, the elders
are already talking about it.
Are we just going to obey and follow?
Can't we make our own decisions?
Why, Ahia?
Is it because we're poor? We're not rich?
Is that it?
Hi, Mayen, the...
How is Uncle Manuel?
His operation went well, Robert.
Thank God!
I know you feel bad
about the notice I sent to Uncle Manuel.
I'm just following my lawyer's advice.
But in front of everyone here...
...especially you, Mayen...
...I assure you
that I won't follow my lawyer.
We can still fix this, right?
Uncle and I have already come up
with a solution.
You're probably aware of that, Auntie.
I was just waiting for his answer
but this happened.
That's why I told Mama...
...that I hope Uncle agrees to my offer
to end our problem.
We can discuss that.
We can resolve this.
Excuse me.
Mayen, Victor, I have to go.
Auntie Dolores,
the arrangement with Uncle Manuel,
I'll be expecting that.
Mayen. Doc.
Let me introduce Dr Mark Uytingco.
Do you know something about the offer
that Robert was talking about?
Your Papa and I
have already discussed this.
Discussed what?
Mayen, there are things
that only your father can tell you.
Mama, please? Tell me.
Mama, it's unfair not to tell me.
You're a woman!
You should know how I feel.
Robert asked your Papa
for your hand in marriage.
Yes! It says yes!
What did Papa say?
-He will think...
-And you think I'll just go with it?
-Mayen, don't talk like that!
-I will never do what you want!
-I am not going to get married!
Ms Lao, please be honest.
How much are we talking about here
if I agree to this ritual?
Since we have reached an agreement,
I will give you something to wear.
A sign you have accepted this proposal.
Wear this.
This is not modern.
The family is asking you to wear this.
It is a family heirloom.
May I?
Do not take this off
until your wedding day.
It will protect the bride-to-be.
Back then, the rich bride-to-be
receives a lot of threats.
They believe this protected them.
You have to return it to the family
on your wedding day.
Thank goodness.
Secondly, the dowry.
This should be given to the parents.
But times have changed.
So, this is yours.
Thank you.
This is for them either way.
And this is the down payment.
The balance will be given to you
at Xinjiang.
Don't worry. Expenses are on me.
Just go there, get married,
then come back immediately.
I didn't know that I have to go to China.
Sorry, I forgot to tell you.
But it is important to the tradition...
...and a condition that the wedding
must be held in their hometown.
But don't worry.
I will be with you.
Now, if you fulfill your obligations
as a wife,
you will receive monthly allowance
from the family.
Anything else?
You, prankster! Where do you live again?
That's really far!
-I've never been there.
Akoh, it's late.
You might have an episode again.
Mayen, I have new friends.
Whose turn is it? I forgot whose is it.
Akoh, you're too loud.
Let's go to bed. Let's gets some rest.
Come on.
I have new friends from China.
You, where did you come from?
That's near from our town.
You know, when I was a kid,
I used to go there.
I have a lot of friends there.
I play there all the time!
-Alright, tell your friends...
...that you already need to sleep.
You still have to watch over
at the hospital, right?
Why are you talking to me? Talk to them!
There they are. Look!
Wear it!
Nurse, partial payment for Manuel Lim.
Room 564.
Sir, Room 564?
-Vangie? Isn't this paid already?
-Yes, it is.
The receipt was left here.
-By whom?
-She was just there.
Mr Chan?
Mr Chan, Madame Lao instructed me
to bring this here.
These are important documents.
Mr Chan?
Mr Chan?
This is Mr Chan. That man is blind.
Please leave your papers on the counter
in front of him.
Are you sure?
Don't worry. It'll be safe.
Apology. Ms Lao wants to make sure
you're wearing the bracelet.
We will inform you of your flight.
Thank you.
-Here's my payment.
-Thank you, Ma'am.
Your father's coming home
yet you're leaving?
What is it this time, Mayen?
There's something I must do.
It's for their sake.
Why don't you just talk to them instead?
Your mom told your dad the real reason
behind your absence anyway.
It doesn't matter.
I've done my duty as their daughter.
They don't have to worry about me anymore.
Except for you, right?
Jana, can we just stop talking
about our family's issues?
Why? Who's meddling
with your family's issues?
Am I meddling with them?
You always leave this unattended.
Leave it there.
I intended not to bring it with me.
I might get robbed.
I live in the slums, remember?
-Just admit that you're careless.
-At least I am not selfish.
I'll go ahead. See you tomorrow.
-Are you coming? Then hurry up.
-Yes, wait for me.
DATE QUES Message Expired
Message Expired
Delete Delete All
If I were your husband... won't have to work like a slave.
How did you get in here?
Your good-for-nothing servant left
the door open.
Just go back to your drinking buddies!
I know about Clinton.
I warned your father
not to trust that boy.
He's a spoiled brat. He's lazy.
Your father and I had an agreement.
An agreement that he had
with my father before he died.
But I still want
to say this to you personally.
...I want you to be my wife.
No one can make decisions for me.
Not even my father!
Now, if you think
that you can force me into marriage,
you better get yourself bitten
by a snake!
I've already settled our debts with you.
Get out of this house!
You, whore!
Where did you get the money?
What did you exchange it for? Huh?
A night? A week?
Are you a mistress as well?
I said get out! Now!
Let go!
Who do you think you are?
-Let go of me!
-What now, huh?
What now, huh?
You know what happens
to those who fight back.
You, whore!
Who is that?
Show yourself!
Or else I'll shoot you!
Almighty, protect me.
My money!
Flower blooms.
And Buddha enlightens us
About immortality.
Mayen, they left already!
You can go up now. Let's go!
Is it true?
The maid saw his body this morning.
-Is there some...
-Did you know that Emmanuel...
He invited me to the casino,
but I declined.
Never mind, we don't know them.
No one saw any signs of theft.
No missing money or jewels.
What's scary is that his heart was out.
And forced inside his mouth.
The family seeking the help
of a known mystic from La Union.
Oh, Clinton.
-Mayen, wait!
Mayen? Mayen, wait!
I just got back. I was about to call you.
I heard about what happened to Robert.
Can we please talk? Mayen?
-Mayen, wait.
-Where are you going?
Clinton, I have no time to talk to you!
Mayen, you have all the right
to get mad at me.
I know that what I did was terrible,
and I'm asking for your forgiveness.
Let me explain, please?
This is getting awkward.
Come on here, Jana!
-Mayen! Mayen, please? Mayen!
-Stop it!
Clinton, we all know the truth!
You got scared to be disowned
by your parents!
Isn't it always like that?
We've been hearing
those kinds of stories since we were kids.
But it's painful when it happens to you.
It's painful that the man you chose
can't decide on his own!
You promised me that you would marry me!
And now you're cheating on me?
I didn't cheat on you, Mayen!
My only fault is that I did not defend
our relationship to my parents.
In fact, my mother likes you.
But my father has a different mind
of his own. Can't you understand?
My father wants us to learn
to separate our hearts from our minds.
Got that?
I can't turn my back on my family.
This is no longer about wealth, Mayen.
They're my only family.
And I love them no matter what.
-What else do you want?
-Mayen, I'm really, really, sorry.
-Well, I'm sorry for you, too.
Because you'll always wonder
where your balls went.
You're insulting me!
-What are you doing?
-Ouch! Shit!
Come on, Mayen!
How dare you call me impertinent!
You're so self-centered!
Who do you think you are?
Everyone knows
about your impoverished family!
Tell me, Clinton.
Aren't you marrying her for money?
People know that her family in Cebu
is wealthier than yours!
You just switched masters,
but you're still just a dog, Clinton.
An impotent dog!
Mayen! How dare you!
Let me go...
What happened? Oh, my God, Clinton.
Someone call an ambulance!
Blessed are you among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners now
and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Aren't you supposed to be at the hospital?
How'd you think Manuel will get well?
My husband is displeased.
What are you doing this time, Akoh?
Jana left me here!
You should reprimand her!
That's enough, Akoh. Stop this!
It's Fidel's birthday today.
Akoh, please. Aren't we going
to let Uncle Fidel's soul rest?
He died in his mistress' arms, remember?
Why are you crying?
You're hurting too, aren't you?
Akoh, I'm tired.
Let's go. That's enough. Please stop.
Let's go, Akoh.
Are you crying because he left you too?
Take this, Mayen.
You must pray to dispel bad luck.
Akoh, where are you?
Akoh, please! Come back.
Akoh? Where are you?
Come on, Akoh!
Please listen to me!
Come out, Akoh.
You have to drink your medicine.
-Akoh, let's go.
-This one!
-Akoh, let's go.
-This one!
This is our wedding photo!
-This was when we were young!
Look! This is my husband!
You always treat me badly!
You good-for-nothing niece!
-We were married!
Let's go, Akoh. I'll sleep beside...
Come! Akoh, come here! In here, Akoh!
Help us!
Mister, help us! Please! Help!
We need help!
What's happening?
Please hurry! Please!
-Quickly! We need your help!
-We're going up now, Mayen!
Please hurry!
Akoh! No!
Akoh! Akoh!
Akoh! Please!
Victor! Achi's gone!
Sir, please be careful.
I wasn't able to do anything to save Akoh.
She didn't do anything wrong!
Don't blame yourself, Mayen!
You had nothing to do with this.
We're here. We're all here for you.
-Don't worry.
I need to move away from all of you.
-I need to go away!
-Calm down, Mayen!
We will help you!
Ahia, I am cursed!
I need to go away to keep you safe!
Just let me go!
-I need to talk to Angie Lao!
-Come in.
Hey! What are you doing?
You don't have to yell.
I'm just here.
Why are you doing this to me?
Don't make me guess, Mayen.
Go straight to the point.
I want out!
What does Akoh have to do with this?
Why was she killed?
I told you!
What would happen
if you remove the bracelet.
But still, you did it.
My advice to you is to wear this.
Unless you want something bad
to happen to your father?
My parents have nothing to do
with our deal!
No, Mayen.
As a sign of respect to elders,
I first talked to your parents
after the Kaoka.
But Manuel got mad
and outright rejected me.
So, I went straight to you.
You didn't know?
You mean Manuel kept it secret from you?
And you kept it secret from him as well?
I understand you have great hatred
for your father,
but this is not enough reason
for him to die.
Give me your hand, Mayen.
Spare your family another tragedy.
Isn't it sad?
You did this to spare them
from financial humiliation,
and yet, if you don't do this?
Your sacrifices will be put to waste.
Here are your passport and ticket.
I will see you at the airport
in two days, yes?
What if I don't show up?
You'll be there, Mayen.
I know you will be there.
If there is someone who can help you,
that is Suan Ming.
We're lucky that she is here in Manila.
Maimai contacted her... help them find out
what really happened to Robert.
Two geese whose necks are intertwined.
A typical symbol for marriage.
My gut feeling was right, Mr Lee.
I need to take a closer look.
-Come this way.
If I remove this,
something bad will happen to my family.
-Buy this!
-No, thank you.
Please, ma'am.
This is the sacred cleansing bowl.
We will make it sing.
While it is singing,
remove the bracelet and place it inside,
so I can examine it further.
While the sacred bowl sings,
no danger will happen, Mayen.
We are protected by the sacred sound.
I'm scared.
That's exactly what the evil spirit
wants you to feel, Mayen.
To be afraid.
Fight it.
Hey! This is mine!
We're waiting for Mayen!
Place it on the center, Mayen.
That can't be.
Just tell Papa that he needs
the doctor's certificate... get Akoh's body out of the hospital.
I just have to get something
from the house.
I borrowed a check from Jane.
Did your Papa lend you?
Thank you, Jane.
Mayen, the spirit that you summoned
for your ghost wedding...
...Is not just a Yao Kway, but a Si Shen!
What's a Si Shen?
A collector of souls for Wu Guan Wang,
the ruler of Lake of Fire and Blood.
That is where the evil souls end up.
All right. Just wait for
me by the elevator.
I'm on my way up.
Suan Ming, the sound!
What happened to you?
Does it say how we can end the deal?
There are four guarding spirits.
I saw them just before Akoh died.
I'm sure!
There is a threat to whoever tries
to break your agreement.
The sacred bowl!
Get the bracelet, Mayen!
Mayen, wake up!
You look so beautiful.
He's waiting for you!
I saw him!
-I saw him! I saw our wedding!
-He's going to kill me!
You're back.
You're safe!
Help me! Please! I don't want to die yet!
Help me! I don't want to die!
How is Victor?
Jane brought him to the hospital
just to be sure but they'll go here after.
Tell me.
Am I a bad father?
Can I still change how my children see me?
They have always been there.
Waiting for you.
Try to talk to them.
Auntie, Abbott's here. He's with someone.
-Condolences, Dolores.
-Thank you.
This is Suan Ming.
-Thank you.
We've met in La Union.
-Thank you.
We are here because of Mayen.
You're really going?
Aren't you afraid
of what's going to happen, Mayen?
I don't have a choice.
I still have to go.
Why can't you tell them?
I opened a door, Jana.
And invited a devil into our lives.
I'm the only one who can close that door.
Oh, my God, Mayen!
You're giving me the chills!
Oh, Matt? I'm sorry.
I was talking to Mayen.
Don't mention this to anyone there, okay?
Is that so? By the way,
you have new messages on Date Quest.
They're so many!
Damn it! This is not the right time.
Don't flatter yourself. It's for Mayen.
It's from David Chao,
and it sounds urgent!
Maybe we should just video call him?
There! There he is!
I'm so happy you responded immediately!
David, what happened to you?
They tried to kill me
when I asked Madame Lao... take your name off
the list because...
...I know you.
You're one of Angie Lao's employees?
She's not my employer.
But for the last three years,
she hired our IT group... get a list of names of women.
This year, she asked for 4690,
the water rooster year.
Your birthday, Mayen.
I tried sending you messages
on the date site but...
...they were deleted.
I didn't know what to do.
You've been doing this for three years?
Which means I'm not the only ghost bride?
Mayen, during the three years
of dealing with her,
we already gave her six names.
Maybe you can talk
to one of the former brides?
Maybe we can get more information!
Mayen, that's the problem.
Because of what happened to me,
we traced back all transactions
for the past three years...
...and discovered
that a wedding never took place!
Not one out of the six women
that Madame Lao chose.
Oh, my God!
We figured out that these women go
with her...
...and just disappear.
All of them! All of them are missing!
And presumed dead!
Mayen, Madame Lao is a matchmaker
who offers souls to Xu Jian Rong.
And it is likely that what happened
to the six ghost brides...
...will happen to you!
And here's the problem now, Mayen.
I'm still waiting for the monks' reply,
but they promised me...
...that they will consult with the monks
from ancient temples...
...on how you can break the deal
with the evil spirit.
But you can only do that on the day
and time of your wedding.
David! David, behind you! David!
Faster! Get it back!
Sorry, we couldn't connect.
Help me!
Good afternoon, passengers.
This is the pre-boarding announcement
to the flight GXB-8790.
We are now inviting the passengers
to proceed to Gate 1.
Final boarding call
for the passengers to Georgetown.
Please proceed to gate 5 immediately.
I want to talk to Mayen.
She has decided not to get married,
Madame Lao.
This is not funny, Mr Lim.
This is not a game!
Losing someone is not funny either,
Madame Lao.
Mayen is determined to end this.
That is why she left.
What do you mean?
She flew ahead yesterday.
Not to get married,
but to break the deal with the dead!
And you think
she can do it just like that?
And who put all these lies
in Mayen's head?
Don't underestimate my daughter.
And now you know that Mayen's not here,
we have nothing to talk about.
I hope you are all prepared for tonight!
We are ready to fight
for our daughter's freedom!
Go to hell, all of you!
Hello, Ms Lao?
Mr Chen, we have a traitor in our group.
We know who it is.
Find him!
Yes, Madame.
You must bring this with you
when you enter.
Are you ready?
What if she finds out we are here?
I'm afraid they might hurt you again!
Not anymore, Mayen.
Here. The monks gave this for protection.
If not for this, I would've been harmed
during the video call.
It's time, Mayen.
Don't let your fear take over, okay?
That's how Xu Jian Rong gets his strength!
You can do it. I know you can!
Mayen did not go to China.
David Chow deceived us.
But we traced their location
using David's cell phone locator.
You have someone there to do the job?
The moon is rising.
The moon is rising.
What's happening?
Madame Liu has sinned greatly
against the Buddha.
That's why the demons brought her
to the Lake of Fire and Blood.
There she will turn into a monster.
Unless she is saved by her son, Mu-Lien.
I am asking for your permission... save my mother.
I've spoken to Mr Reshma.
He is now on his way to Kathmandu Temple.
Do you trust this man?
He is the big man from Nepal.
He has proven himself reliable.
You must make sure you kill the woman...
...before the moon rises.
Place the picture here.
Please tell her to place the picture here.
You have to put the picture there.
-Go back to the center.
-He says you go back to the center.
Please forgive the delay.
But I promise you,
you will get your bride.
Mayen will be by your side.
This will be certain.
Put your bracelet inside.
He says you have to put
the bracelet inside the bowl.
Please follow me.
-What did he say?
-He says you should follow him.
You have to go back to the center.
Mr Tang clearly explained it
over the phone.
The ritual has started.
And the full moon?
I see the moon about to rise.
Do it now!
-Don't fear whatever you see.
-Keep your distance!
She's about to break the bracelet.
He says you have to break the bracelet.
Now, Mayen!
This is David Chao.
-You have failed, Madame Lao.
Fight, Mayen!
Don't let him win!
Let her be.
She has to do this alone.
Don't touch him!
Let him be.
The ritual opera must go on!
Mu-lien has to win!
Have faith!
Please forgive me! Have mercy! Save me!
I don't want to turn into a monster!
I don't want to be like them!
Mayen! Mayen! Save me from this hell!
I appeal to you for assistance.
Help Xu Jian Rong get his bride.
Help me give him a fresh soul tonight.
-Mayen! You did this to me!
You killed me and brought me here!
-This is your fault!
This is your fault, Mayen!
Pa! Papa!
Papa! This is me. Mayen.
Papa! This is me!
Why did you follow me here, Mayen?
You shouldn't be here!
I'm here to save you, Papa.
I am the one
who should be saving all of you.
You've done enough for this family
and I can't let you sacrifice your life.
We have to leave now, Papa. Let's go!
I did everything I could.
Forgive me, my child.
Please forgive me.
Mayen, wake up!
Papa, hurry!
No! No! This cannot be!
Everyone's going there!
I can give you more souls
if you spare me this punishment.
Master! Have mercy!
Papa, wait. That's the wrong way.
Let's pass here. Quickly!
Let's go!
-Papa, faster! Enter! Go now!
You will not escape!
I will make you permanently dead!
Manuel! Manuel!
David, I saw Akoh...
Mayen, this is not over yet.
You will not have peace as long
as the evil spirit is still in this world.
He says that as long as the evil spirit
is still here in this world,
it will not set you free.
Tell her to get the picture
and to throw it into the fire.
He says you have to burn the picture.
Thank you, David.
Thank you for staying with me.
I am Guan Yin,
and I will cleanse this world of evil.
Why is she sweeping the floor?
Guan Yin is cleansing this world
of all sins.
I forgive all humans' sins on this earth.
There it is!
There is nothing like this
anywhere in the world.
Mayen, I'll be visiting Manila.
Sure! I'll tour you around.
I think this is the right time...
...for me to court you again.
Mayen Lim,
one day, you will marry
and I would be there!