The Ghost Who Walks (2019) Movie Script

[distant chatter]

[guard] Step out.
[inmate] Fucking snitch!
Fuck you, you fucking rat!
They're coming for you, rat!
[inmate] Fuck you, rat!
[inmate] Piece of shit!
[short buzzing]
Stand there.
[woman] Sign here.
It'll be just a minute.
Got a light?
You still smoking those cigs
with the filters torn out?
Shit will kill you, you know?
Save you a trip.
We-- we heard
you're getting out.
Thought we'd offer you a ride.
Got one.
In that case, we'll see
you when you get
wherever you're going.
You won't see me again.
Listen, we came up here
as a courtesy to you out
of respect for our history.
I'm telling you now
don't make this hard.
What's the fun in that?
You always were a selfish prick.
I'll be seeing you, kid.
Ding, ding, ding
Dong, dong, dong
Ding, ding, ding
Dong, dong
Ding, ding, dong, dong
Ding, ding, dong, dong
Christmas Morn
Christmas Morn
On the day Jesus Christ
Our king was born
In Bethlehem made
There he'd been made
It was there
On Christmas Morn
One star shone bright
He became light
Merry Christmas.
Here's your new life.
Here's your new social,
driver's license, birth
certificate, it's all in there.
If you need anything, we'll
be on the other side of you.
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
Ding, dong
[TV on]
-[woman] You gonna call a night?
-[man] Yeah.
-I'll catch up with you.
-All right, I'll see
you in the morning.
Just across that snow
Ain't it cheap like a rose
Full of love heaven knows
From his head to his toes
Have a seat at the
counter, handsome.
Cream, sugar, and menu.
Got steak?
Sure do.
How you take it?
In that case, you're
gonna need those.
Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year
Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year
I'm moving to a booth.
-You ready?
-Yes, ma'am.
[cashier beeping]
Thank you.
Happy new year
Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year
Here's your steak.
[distant dog barking]
[distant siren wailing]
Oh Christmas tree,
Oh Christmas tree
Your leaves
Are so unchanging
Boom! What'd I tell you about
putting your back to the door?
My friend, you're home.
What do you know, Fazil?
Man, you got huge.
-You grew up on me.
-My friend-- my friend, it is
so good to see you again.
When did you get back?
Just today.
You're my first stop.
What do you need?
For you, I have it.
Whatever you want.
Oh yeah?
All right, how 'bout some
of those flowers you're
always trying to sell me?
Ameen, flowers.
-And a pack of mediums.
Hey, give me this, too.
You take it, whatever you need.
Two matches.
It's windy.
It is so good to have
you back again.
You come back always?
Just like the old days.
Thanks, Fazil.
It's good to be back.

Who the fuck are you?
Can I help you with something?
-I think you have
the wrong place.
Where are they?
-Please don't hurt me.
-Shut up.
-Please don't hurt me.
-Where are they?
You can take whatever
you want, I swear.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
-You live here?
-This is my place.
I live by myself.
Please, you can take
whatever you want.
I won't call the
cops. I promise.
How long you lived here?
About six months.
Please don't hurt me.
Where'd the woman go
from before you lived here?
I never met her, I swear.
Has anyone else
come by looking for her?
What? No.
[shots fired]
[car honking]
Let me out the back.
Lock the door, Ameen.
-Go, go, go, go.
-[Fazil] What is
wrong, my friend?
I need you to let
me out the back.
-Lock the door behind me
and buy me some time.
-Okay, follow me.
These guys are no joke,
Fazil. Don't get in their way.
Just buy me some time.
Just like the old
days, my friend.
What can I do
for you, my friend?
The guy that came in here.
Where the fuck did he go?
I don't know what you're
talking about, my friend.
No man came in here. No
man came in here! Only you.
There is only you.
Nobody came.
Open it!
[shots fired]
Son of a bitch is
gonna make this hard.
Let's get out of here.
Pops, it's me!
I ain't blind yet.
-Get the fuck out of here!
-I ain't got nowhere else to go.
Pops, come here.
You is a stupid fucking
kid coming back here.
Do you know that?
I ain't got much of a choice.
Course you do.
Fucking rat.
You ain't got no friends left?
Where's Lena, Pops?
Ask your boss.
Nah, fucking Mother Mary.
You messing with me, Pops?
So Lena's with Donnie?
Fucking-- the man's
got respect for you.
Didn't want you knowing.
More respect than
you deserve, I'd say.
Fucking rat.
Don't call me that.
Fucking rat!
I raised you better than that.
Not like you give a damn about
what happens to me right now.
I'm trying to get my family
back. You're gonna help or not?
What family?
Your girl fucking the man
that wants you dead
and your child probably
don't even know you exist.
You ain't got no family.
I got a little girl out there
who deserves to know
who her real father is.
I think that should
count for something.
You ain't no father.
That makes two of us.
She gave me this.
Wanted me to get it to you.
Donnie's got her set up
in some fucking jewelry
store or something over on
Jefferson somewhere.
They run cash through there.
That's where you'll find her.
If I was you, kid,
I'd run like hell.
Run 'til you forget your
own name and nobody
can find you no more.
That's what I'd do.
You're a coward, Pops.
That was always your problem.
[bell ringing]
Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas!
Spare a dime for
the Tots of America
Incorporated. Miss, Miss?
You look like a very
nice girl. Spare a dime?
Come on, I'm an old man.
You sir, you look
like a nice fellow.
If you could just spare
a dime for the Future Tots
of America Incorporated.
What the fuck?
Hey buddy. Hey,
how you doing?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Cool it, cool it, cool it,
cool it, cool it, man.
It's me, it's me. Look, look.
Cool it, man. You're freaking
everybody out, okay?
It's all right, people.
We're playing around
over here in the alley.
Merry Christmas.
Why the hell you all
dressed up like this?
What are you doing?
What the fuck you
think I'm doing?
I'm fucking Santa Claus.
Get your dirty hands off my
suit. You're gonna mess it up.
This part of your
job or something?
Yeah, I've been doing
it a couple years now.
I figured it'd be good
to take advantage of the
giving nature of the season.
You know what I mean?
Makes all these assholes feel
real good about themselves
and makes me a lot of
fucking money, you know.
I'm telling you.
Nobody's got a corner on this
shit but me, man. Nobody.
I got this fucking
shit nailed down.
Nobody trying to cut
you up over this?
Nobody except you,
you fucking psycho.
You're like third world
or some shit carrying around
a fucking dinner knife.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Yeah, you should be,
sick piece of shit.
Hey, put your beard on, man.
There's kids everywhere.
Hey lady, that's
a pretty big fucking kid.
He shouldn't believe in
Santa no more anyway.
-Hey, fuck you.
-Fuck me?
Fuck me? Yeah, keep walking.
Your mom's a liar, kid.
-Santa don't exist.
-Fuck you.
-Hey man, what's
wrong with you, man?
This is the shit I gotta
fucking deal with all the time.
What are you fucking
talking about?
That-- that woman
was a fucking bitch.
I mean, pardon my expression
but she was a fucking bitch.
All right.
You know what? Fuck it.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Between you acting like some
crazy kind of fucking butcher
and that fucking broad,
we just blew this corner.
Hope you're fucking happy.
Here, help me with my shit.
We'll go meet Della Reese.
[Stitch] Come on!
Ah, there she is.
Nolan, I want you
to meet Della Reese.
Ain't she a beaut?
Yeah, she's something.
Damn right she's something.
One of these days I'm gonna get
enough to get a license plate
that says Blue Bitch on it.
Damn, Stitch.
Yeah, I gotta find a Coinstar
to cash this shit in it.
Put this shit in the back seat.
God, just look at you, man.
Just fucking look at you.
You know, I look at you,
you know what I see?
You know what I see?
I see a motherfucking
Christmas miracle.
That's what I fucking see.
I mean I don't see you for
what five, fucking six years?
And all of a sudden out of
blue here you fucking are.
Don't go telling everybody.
Are you kidding? Who the fuck
I got to tell? I mean, come on.
Really, I got to
hand it to you, man.
You got some fucking balls
doing what you did and
coming back to town like this.
I mean, shit.
I mean, I couldn't do that.
I came back for my family.
Is that why you did the thing?
What thing is that, Stitch?
Oh, it ain't nothing.
It's just people talking a
lot of shit is all. That's all.
I mean, it's nothing.
I didn't believe a
word of it, Nolan.
I did what they're saying.
You ratted?
Got a problem with that, Stitch?
-I'm sure you had
your reasons.
-I do.
Look, I'm not in town for
long, but I can use a friend.
Can I count on you?
Shit, man.
You know, I'm insulted
you even asked me that.
I mean, of course.
You're the only guy that ever
treated me nice and I don't
forget that sort of thing, okay?
You just tell me what you
need, all right. Tell me
what you need and you got it.
For starters I could use a ride.
Now that I can do. Hop in.
Jing a ling a ring
Jing a ling a ring
Jing a ling a ring
Ding dong ding
Jing a ling a ring
Jing a ling a ring
Jing a ling a ring
Ding dong ding
Ding dong Ding ding
Ding dong Ding ding
Ding dong Ding ding
Hi, can I help you?
I'm here to see Lena.
-When did you--
You look great.
You look just like you
did the day you left.
That good, huh?
Can we talk?
[both panting]
[breathing heavily]
You need to go.
Are you gonna come with me?
I don't know.
It's all right.
I know about Donnie.
Then why did you come here?
I came to take you out of here.
I got a plan.
I really can't do this.
Then don't.
No, you have to go now.
I have a client coming soon.
You have to go
out the back door.
[Lena] We'll talk
about it later.
I'll meet you in an hour.
There's a parking garage
across the street. Second floor.
Promise me you'll be there.
I will.
I love you.
You have to go.
There she is.
What are you doing?
I was just taking out the trash.
We pay people to do that.
I don't want you doing that.
Why didn't you tell me
you were making the drop?
I like to surprise you.
I would've freshened up.
I like you the way you are.
Come here.
What's your problem?
I don't want Hannah hearing us.
We'll be quiet.
If I'm going to run this
place, they have to see
me as your business partner.
You're my wife.
At home.
Here we're partners.
You're right.
We're partners.
Listen, I...
I wanted to come
and tell you this myself.
They let Nolan out today.
I'm taking care of it.
What does that mean?
Don't pretend you don't
know what happens next.
If he tries to reach out to you,
I just don't want you to forget
what a good thing you got
going for yourself here.
He's created a real
problem for me.
I have to deal with it now.
You love me?
Say it.
I love you.
Don't forget that.
Christ, it's fucking cold.
How long we gotta
fucking wait out here?
As long as it takes.
Jesus Christ.
As long as it takes.
What are we, some
sort of stake out?
Hey, you got a cell phone?
Man, what do I look like?
I'm a fucking business man.
Course I got a fucking phone.
People got to get a hold of me.
Well let me get your number.
What for?
In case I need to
get a hold of you.
You know, if the wrong people
find you with my number,
they're gonna know that
I was helping you out, okay?
I mean, you're my
friend and all, but
don't go thinking I'm gonna get
myself killed on your account.
They won't find it.
-Oh yeah?
-Let me get it.
Let me get it.
Fine, you know what?
Whatever here.
There's a fucking pen
around here somewhere.
Just don't go spreading this
shit around, you understand?
Getting to be a real
high-maintenance favor
asker. You know that?
Lucky you're such
a great friend, right?
Goddamn right.
Goddamn fucking right.
What the fuck?
Hey, who the fuck is that?
That's Lena.
-[shutting door]
Fuck me.
We can't do this.
We missed our chance.
No, no, we didn't.
This is our chance.
I got it all figured out.
Let me take you to Iceland.
You and Amy.
You're fucking crazy.
No, this-- this is real.
See that?
You see that house?
I found that house.
I'm gonna get it for us.
We can go there and start over.
You wanna buy a
farmhouse in Iceland?
You can raise chickens and shit
and Amy can play
outside in the fresh air.
Amy doesn't know who you are.
Let me tell her.
Nolan, I'm sorry, but you
were supposed to be
gone for 10 more years.
I had to make decisions and
you can't just show up and
expect me to drop all of that.
We talked about this.
I've never said
a thing about Iceland.
No, no.
Not about Iceland.
But about getting
us out of the city.
Getting out of here.
You haven't changed at all.
Not when it comes to you and me.
But I have.
You didn't leave me any choice.
Is that it?
That's the plan?
You just cut me out. Is that it?
How did you get out?
Don't worry 'bout it.
You can't tell me not
to be worried about it.
Donnie checked up on me at work
tonight and he never does that.
Now you're not
supposed to be here.
What did you do?
I didn't tell them everything.
Just enough to get to the door.
Oh god.
Now you know Donnie and
he's not gonna let this go.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That-- that's the man
you wanted to father
to our child right there?
You and that girl are
the only people in
this world I care about.
She's the best thing
I've ever done in my life.
You don't even know her.
Well, I want to.
I deserve that, so does she.
She has a choir concert
tomorrow night.
You can come and
stand in the back
and watch her sing,
but that's the best
I can do right now.
And what about Donnie?
He won't be there.
He's no more of a father to
her than you are right now.
Am I supposed
to just trust that?
If you wanna see her, yeah.
Okay, tomorrow then.
In case you need to reach me.
You were right though, you know.
She is the best thing
you've ever done
and there's nothing wrong
with her except us.
And I'm just trying really
hard to keep it that way.
Come on, lover boy. What
are you fucking doing?
What the fuck was that?
Just gotta lay low for
tonight, then I'm out of here.
All right, all right.
Where to now then?
To my place, I guess.
No, Dunya's.
That's laying low?
She owes me a favor.
Dunya don't owe
people favors, Nolan.
She does for me.
Fuck me.
I-- I don't even wanna imagine
what you had to do to get that.
You think I can get in
on that favor though?
Just think about it.
Listen to that.
Della Reese, you
fucking pussycat!
Yeah, woo!
Let's go to Dunya's!
Pussy awaits!
[Stitch] Here we are.
Smell that?
Tell you what. There're a lot of
girls on Santa's naughty list.
Lot of fucking girls.
Here we go!

Get up
Boy you gotta get up
Well, I know what I came for.
I'll be in the back.
Don't take too long.
Never do. Ha, ha!
What will it be?
Is Dunya in?
She isn't seeing anyone tonight.
She's gonna wanna see me.
What do you want?
I need help.
A scarce resource, I'm sure.
I came to collect on that favor.
You have no favors
here. You betrayed us.
What I did has got
nothing to do with you.
It's a social contract.
Directed at me or not,
you break the contract,
it affects the world.
All I need is one more
day, then I can leave.
You always thought
you could get away
with what others couldn't.
I ended a man's life
because you asked me to.
I didn't ask anything else
in return but I'm asking now.
Ain't got nowhere else to go.
When I was a little girl,
my mother told me a story
about a man from her village.
He had everything.
Friends, family, wife, child.
Everything a man could
want, but it wasn't enough.
One day the chance came
for him to leave the village
and he thought maybe if I left
I could find something better.
Everyone warned him, leave
your home and you lose yourself.
But he didn't listen.
He left.
Years went by and the
village didn't hear anything.
His wife and child grew old.
And finally one day
the word came.
The man had died
in some faraway land.
To his wife and child
this was a tragedy.
Their hearts were broken.
But for the man it was
a fate far worse than
that of a lonely death.
What they didn't know
was he had tried a long
time to get back home.
So in death,
he rose up, and his
ghost made the long
journey back to the village.
His heart was filled with joy.
He went to the house
where his wife and child
were and he knocked.
Tat, tat, tat.
But they didn't answer.
So he went around to the window
where his wife and child slept
and again he knocked
tat, tat, tat.
Still no answer.
Sad but still hopeful, he
went to his mother's house.
And he knocked.
Tat, tat, tat.
She didn't answer.
In desperation, he went to
every house in the village.
All through the night
up and down the street
knocking at every door
but no one heard his knocking.
He had turned his back on his
home, on the life that he had.
And now here you are.
Tat, tat, tat.
On my door.
But I can't hear you.
You are a ghost.
They're gonna kill me.
The choice to die,
that is the only favor
I will grant you.
Tell me.
Why did you come back here?
For my daughter.
This is why I sell love.
There's no price too
high for those afflicted.
How they know I'm here?
I don't know. I'll talk
to them, but you've
gotta get out the back.
I don't want this
fight in my house.
What room is this?
Second floor, end of the hall.
Who is that?
My ride.
Oh my God. What the fuck?
Get the fuck out of here, man.

-[Nolan] We gotta go.
-Fuck, man.
What the fuck, Nolan?
I had to pop a
fucking stiffy pill.
Just started getting good.
-Monty and Bull.
We got to go now.
All right ladies, you're both
coming with me, all right.
I paid for the night and
this stiffy here ain't
gonna fix itself, okay?
-What? Just cool it, man.
Let 'em get their
shit, all right.
-Put it on.
All right, fuck.
You heard the man, chop chop.
-[woman] This bitch is crazy.
-[Stitch] Come on, ladies.
Let's be quick about it here.
We're taking this little
party off campus.
-Mitzie, grab your fucking shit.
-[Nolan] We're going.
Get your fucking hands off me.
[Stitch] Keep it moving.
Come on, keep it moving.
-Come on. Come on.
[Stitch] Come on.
If we go out the back, can we
get to the front parking lot?
I think through the alley.
Do you think or do you know?
I do.
You can get out that way.
Show me.
Nolan, where'd you
get the fucking gun?
Where'd you get
the piece? Nolan.
[woman] Move.
At least it's an upgrade
from your fucking dinner knife.
-Nolan, I swear to god this
better be fucking good.
-Come on.
Nolan, I paid good money
for this fucking shit.
You had to fucking interrupt--
I'm not going on some
wild ride. I don't know
what you guys are into.
Shut up! You're gonna
fucking love it.
-I don't love anything for free.
-Fuck, fine, whatever.
I'll throw in some extra
scratch. Come on.
-Come on.
-Come on.
[Nolan] Got the keys?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Fuck, I think I left it
upstairs or something.
-Merry Christmas, Santa.
-Thank you.
-We got 'em, I got 'em.
-Come on.
I'm fucking rock hard right now!
[Nolan] Start the car.
-[woman] There's nowhere to sit.
-[Stitch] Fuck.
[woman] Why is there
a Christmas tree?
[Stitch] 'Cause it's fucking
Christmas. Get in.
Come on, come on,
come on, get in.
What the fuck, Nolan?
Get in.
Move, move.
What the fuck?
-Go, go, go.
-Let's get the fuck out of here.
Goddamn, your elbow's fucking
hitting me in my fucking side.
Yahoo, motherfuckers!
Fuck, man. I knew we were going
fucking rodeo and shit, Nolan.
You still got it, man.
You still fucking got it.
Geez, what did I say?
I told you we're gonna have
some fun, right ladies? Fuck.
Yeah, where we going, Stitch?
Fuck, man, I don't
know. Fuck away.
I don't got no fucking plan.
I thought you were leading
this fucking rodeo.
We gotta get off the street.
All right, well let's fucking
go to my place then.
Is it safe?
Yeah sure, why wouldn't
it be? It's my place.
Monty and Bull, do they
know where you live?
I doubt it.
It's a yes or no, Stitch.
What kind of trouble are you in?
If you were worried
about that, you shouldn't
have got in the car.
Fine, pull over.
-Tanya, baby, come on.
-No, no, no.
-You just got into the car.
-We're having a good time--
I don't know what the
fuck you got me into, but
he's not being very nice
-and I don't think
I wanna stay.
-You're staying.
Pull over.
Let 'em out.
-No, I'm not gonna
fucking pull over.
-You better fucking pull over.
Oh yeah? Or fucking what?
I'm gonna fucking
freak the fuck out.
-Pull over the goddamn car.
-Hey, hey, hey shut the fuck up.
All of you, shut up.
Now I'm fucking driving.
I'm gonna do whatever
the fuck I want.
Now you're killing
the fucking mood.
Now ladies, I paid
for a fucking night. Right?
And I should get
my fucking night.
Right? And where I
get it, I don't give a shit.
All you need to know about
this guy right here that he's
a bad ass motherfucker.
He just got out
of fucking prison.
He's got a couple guys
that wanna talk to him,
but we're going to my place
and they ain't gonna be there,
so just chill the fuck out.
[phone ringing]
Who the fuck is this?
-Fuck, man.
-Pull over.
Dude, we just went
over this fucking shit.
-Come on--
-Pull the damn car over.
All right, all right, fuck,
fuck. Fine, I'm pulling
over. Jesus Christ, fuck.
Jesus fucking Christ. Hey!
[Lena] I can't talk long.
Are you all right?
I wanna go with you.
I'm here.
Tomorrow night after
the choir concert, okay?
We'll be ready.
Okay, so you changed your mind?
I like your plan.
Though I wish you'd
picked some place warmer.
You like the cold.
Since when?
Something I know about you.
I have to get off the phone.
Tomorrow then.
Tomorrow night.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[car honking]
[Nolan] All right, all right.
[Stitch] The fuck was
that, man? What the fuck?
-[Nolan] Go, go, go.
-[Stitch] Jesus fucking Christ.
I swear to god, Nolan.
Fucking swear to God you keep
dragging us down with this shit.
I mean, the ad said
a real fixer upper, right.
I mean, but-- I mean,
who cares about that?
I don't give a fuck about that.
I mean, it's all about
character, right?
I mean, it's fucking amazing.
Look all around.
You know what I see?
You know what I see?
That's fucking character
is what that fucking is.
It's just like fucking
Della Reese, right?
Because of all the-- Hey,
watch that banister now.
You're gonna fucking
hit the banister.
This is fucking antique.
That shit don't come cheap.
Now I'm gonna have
to repair this shit.
I just fucking
moved in the place.
You're not even
paying us for this.
You're right. You know what?
I'm not paying you for this.
I'm paying to get my fucking
dick wet, but I lost my fucking
stiffy due to your attitude
on the ride over here.
-[Tanya] Come on.
-Get with it.
This thing's poking me.
Damn tree's getting
what I paid for.
Here, see?
Home sweet you know what.
You live here?
Where are we supposed to fuck?
[Stitch] Oh, shit.
Here, check this out.
Look at this, huh.
Will you look at this?
Presto change-o.
It's a pull out.
You get the idea.
You can fuck anywhere.
How long you lived here?
Not too long, you know.
Just still trying to make place
feel like home, you know.
Yeah, I can see that.
Hey relax. Come on.
We got booze.
We got girls over
here. I mean, we--
we got everything we need
to throw ourselves one hell of
a little Christmas party, huh?
Am I right?
It's Christmas
I can hear sleigh bells
In the snow
We're walking hand in hand
Holding each other close
What's your craziest jail story?
Man, he doesn't
wanna talk about jail.
He just got out of
the motherfucker.
What's your craziest jail story?
-You're rude.
You know that?
-You know what?
I don't gotta be a gentleman
'cause I'm paying you.
That's the whole fucking point.
What's the worst thing that
happened to you in lady prison
'cause I know
you were locked up?
Can we talk about
something different?
What do you think
a five-year-old girl
would want for Christmas?
You're asking whores?
Fuck you.
They know more than you do.
Hey, Santa don't have to ask.
He fucking knows.
You have a little girl?
Love is in the air
Feeling special
Knowing that you're there
She's beautiful.
I'm gonna meet her for
the first time tomorrow.
A girl needs her daddy.
I didn't have a dad
and I turned out just fine.
Yeah, you sure did, sweetie
except, for the whoring.
Ah, Christ.
You know what? Fuck
all this shit. You know
what I'm thinking?
I'm thinking I gotta brainstorm.
I'm thinking we try picking
up from where we left off
earlier. What do you say?
I can be ready in two
seconds. Two shakes
of a fucking lamb's tail.
I can be up like... P-p-p.
Just like that.
What do you guys think?
Can one of you take care
of my friend Nolan over here?
I mean, it's Christmas
after all, right.
No, thanks.
I'll get out of your way.
-Prison turn you into
a homo or something?
-Hey, watch your fucking mouth.
This guy's just got
a lot on his mind is all.
What you fucking waiting for?
Go keep him company.
I thank you, thank you, thank
You Christmastime is here
I'm sorry about
what I said, okay?
You mind?
Knock yourself out.
Took me awhile to get used
to pissing in front of somebody
when I was locked up.
Yeah well, I got guys
who pay me for it, so I
got over that pretty quick.
Got another one
of those cigarettes?
Out in my purse.
You mind?
How you like working for Dunya?
It's okay.
She's good to us.
Yeah, even when she ain't, she
one of the better ones, right?
I heard that about you, too.
What you know about me?
I know that the guys
you're running from
are the kind of guys
who will kill you and chop
you up into little pieces.
Stuff like that.
Why'd you come with?
Something different.
Plus everyone knows
we're Dunya's girls, so
no one messes with us.
Yeah, before I went in, I used
to be one of the guys that
helped make sure of that, right.
I remember.
You don't look old
enough to remember.
I wasn't working then like
I am now, but I was around.
Plus I had a dad who wasn't
around much, so my mom worked.
You turned out okay.
Bet you wouldn't want your
daughter to grow up like me.
Is that how-- how
come you came back?
She the only good thing
I ever done in my life.
I told myself if
I had the chance,
I'd give her the
life I never had,
even if it's the
last thing I do.
I hope it isn't.
Yeah, me too.
You wanna?
Why don't you
take the night off?
[birds chirping]
Good morning.
Are they still out there?
Yeah, sleeping.
It fucking stinks in here.
Let's get out of here.
No, I'm trying to
stay off the street.
Come on.
No one you know
will be up right now.
You should enjoy your freedom.
I'll get my clothes.
I've seen a lot of weird guys,
but that guy's seriously
one of the weirdest.
All the girls talk about
him when he comes in.
Give the poor guy a break, okay.
I mean, you ladies are
the closest thing he'll
ever come to finding love.
Why is he all cut up like that?
Stitch is a survivor.
When he was younger,
he made a few mistakes.
People just cut him
up, teach him a lesson.
After while he became a joke.
I've seen people cut
him up just for fun.
-That's fucked up.
He's all right.
Like a cockroach.
Motherfucker would
survive Armageddon.
Just be nice to him, all right?
You think this is what
normal people do?
Like get up and go get coffee?
Yeah, see what
you missing out on?
I don't know.
Seems kind of nice.
Being normal.
Having a job.
Having a family.
Living in the real world.
This is the real world.
Isn't that what
you're looking for?
Something like that.
-Got any more
of them cigarettes?
You can keep the pack.
I get an unlimited
supply at Dunya's.
One of the perks of the job.
Yeah, read the fine
print better next time.
When are you meeting
your daughter?
Her mother invited me
to her choir concert.
Do you know what you're
gonna get her? I can help
you pick something out.
No, I'd-- I'd like to.
I wish my dad would've
done something like that
for me when I was a kid.
It'll be fun. Let's go.
Can you believe how much
people pay for this shit?
A thirty-dollar animal
costs fifty cents to make.
She's gonna love it.
It's from her dad.
Now we need to find
you something to wear.
What's wrong with
what I'm wearing?
We only get one
first impression.
You should wear something
nice like a tie or something.
Yeah, well I spent all my
money on this little shit.
I'm trying to do this right.
I don't wanna go stealing
clothes to meet my daughter in.
Then I'll do it.
What size are you?
This is--
-I'll be right back.
What'd you get me?
You have to try it on.
Make sure it fits.
Oh yeah?
Think I like it.
Very good, okay.
This one.
And last but not least.
Nope, nope, not wearing it.
That is a fucking noose.
Come on.
It's gonna look so nice.
You're gonna look like a
college teacher or something.
Come on.
Since you went through
the trouble, I'll do it.
Alrighty, alrighty,
let's see. It's been
a while since I did this.
-Yup, and then
that goes through.
Let me see that picture
of your family again.
Now you look like you
can be in there with them.
You're gonna be so happy.
You got a way of making
a guy forget about his
troubles. You know that?
Well, that's what
they pay me for.
-This the part
where you bill me?
This one's on me.
You're trying to be a good guy.
I don't see a lot of that.
But maybe you'd wanna come
and see me before you go.
Another place,
another time maybe.
I gotta go.
I hope you find what
you're looking for tonight.
I'd be really happy
if you were my dad.
Take care of yourself.
Jesus Christ.
Hey, man.
What happened?
It's that fucking whore Tanya.
She went fucking crazy
on me after you left.
She pulled a fucking
razor on me.
Ow. Fuck.
She was-- she was fucking pissed
'cause I tried to pay in change.
I told her. I tried to say,
hey man, you know
it all spends the same.
You know? She
fucking came after me.
I guess I've seen worse, huh?
Let me take a look
at that, all right?
I'm getting really
sick of this shit.
You know that's one of the
reasons I always liked you.
No matter how mad I made you,
you never cut me once
and I know everybody's always
trying to cut me up all the time
and I know-- I know
I've done a lot of things
to try to piss you off,
Nolan, but you never did
and that's-- that's why I
think you're such a nice guy.
Let's get you
cleaned up, all right?
It's the same man, all right.
Come over here.
Hold your head over the sink.
Come on.
All right.
This is gon' burn.
I know.
-Just fucking do it.
-All right.
All right, all right, all right.
All right, we got it, we got it.
I think we got it, all right.
What's wrong with your water?
I don't got any, man.
You gotta use the
bucket down there.
All right, all right.
-All right, all right.
-[blowing hard]
All right, all right.
You got a towel or something?
I don't fucking got one, man.
All right, all right.
I fucking tore it up out there
trying to clean myself off.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
-It's okay, it's okay.
It's all right.
-[Stitch crying]
I got you, all right. I got you.
Hey come here, man.
Just-- just relax.
I got you.
It's gon' be all right,
man. It's gon' be all right.
You got some new clothes.
Amy's choir concert
tonight, remember?
You ruined your new
shirt just for me?
Yeah, don't worry 'bout it.
You got all nice and
dressed up and I got you--
got you a fucking mess.
It's okay. I'll clean
it off, all right.
Wash it off just like
this, man. It's gonna
be fine. Just calm down.
Can I have some of
that whiskey now?
It's all you.
When you gotta leave?
Where is it at?
A goddamn school.
What's it to you?
I'm sick of this shit, man.
I'm fucking sick, you know.
You know, we should just
fucking leave right now.
Let's just get the fuck out of
the city, man, you and me.
We can take my car and we
can get out of here right now.
You know you ain't
going nowhere.
Your feeling's just hurt
'cause you got cut up by a girl.
That's all.
When are you leaving?
After I see Amy.
Something you wanna tell me?
I just don't got a lot of
friends around is all and
I'm gonna miss you.
I'll miss you when
you're gone for good.
I'll miss you too, buddy.
[kids singing]
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh hey
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Silent night
Holy night
Shepherds quake
At the sight
Glories stream
From heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing
Oh, God.
Christ the savior is born
Christ the savior is born
[ears buzzing]
[man] It's locked.
-[girl] Bye.
-[Amy] Bye.
Hey. Aw, you did great.
Did you have fun?
[Amy] Yes.
[Lena] Okay, good.
Okay, I'm just gonna
make a quick phone
call, sweetie. All right?
[Stitch] Hello?
-Mom, I wanna go home.
-I know, honey.
Just a second, sweetie, you
know and then we're going.
I promise.
[Stitch] All right,
who the fuck is this?
Okay sweetie, we're going.
[door closing]
Come on, get on in
there for me, honey.
Can you do your belt yourself?
Mommy will be right
back. Stay right here.
There you are.
We were getting
worried about you.
Come here, sweetie.
How'd it go?
I'm sorry I missed it.
It's okay.
You remember my friend Monty.
-[Monty] Hey kiddo.
[Amy] Hi.
You've grown up
since I saw you last.
She takes just after her mother.
[Monty] I can see that.
She's gonna be a real beautiful
girl when she grows up.
You sit next to Monty.
-He's gonna take care of you.
What are you doing home?
I thought you had
to work late tonight.
There's a few things
I wanna talk to you about.
You know, I can keep an eye on
her if you two want to go talk.
You know, it's late and Amy
needs to get ready for bed.
Come on, sweetie.
Let's get ready for bed.
She can watch TV
for a little bit.
It's Christmas.
It's been a big day
and Amy's got a cold.
This won't take long.
You like movies?
Me too.
[banging door]
[Nolan] Open the door.
What the fuck?
Let me in.
-Let me in!
-Okay, okay, okay.
Fuck. All right, come on.
I don't know how they
knew but they knew.
Wait, who, who, who?
-What the fuck you're
talking 'bout?
-They knew.
-What about him, what?
I think I killed him.
Fuck me. Fuck me.
What about Monty?
Where's he?
He wasn't there.
All right, holy shit. Okay, man.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You look real bad, man.
Hey, why don't you come
in here, lie down for a
second on the couch, okay?
I need some clothes.
Okay, okay, yeah,
yeah, yeah. I'll get you
some, okay. I got some.
Fuck, man. It's fucking crazy.
Hey, you don't think
it was Lena, do you?
The hell if I know.
[phone ringing]
You still wanna come with me?
Yeah, you know what?
I've been thinking about that.
You know, what you said
earlier and you know--
you know I really think
it depends on, you know,
where we gonna go, you know?
We just gotta think carefully.
Well, I'm about to go now,
so you either in or you out.
Yeah, you know-- you know
I'm thinking about it, you
know. It's just it's a big move.
You got those clothes?
Yeah, almost. Just
looking for some pants.
They made me do it. I didn't
wanna do it, Nolan, I swear.
They came in here
and they cut me up.
They cut me up and they
told me. They told me that
if I didn't do it, they said-
they said they were gonna come
in and cut up Tanya, too.
You gotta believe me, man.
They didn't-- they didn't give
me a fucking choice, you know.
A rat's a rat, Nolan.
You know that.
Yeah, I know it.
Keep pressure on it.
Keep pressure on it!
Keep pressure on it
or you will bleed out.
You hear me?
You will bleed out.
Wait, wait.
Where the fuck are you going?
Nolan, you can't
just leave me like this.
I'm gonna bleed to death.
[banging on door]
Nolan, please, don't
leave me like this.
They made me fucking
do it, Nolan, I promise you.
A rat's a rat, Stitch.
Nolan, come back, wait!
Oh no, don't you
fucking do that!
[shots fired]
Son of a bitch.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Fucking fuck!
You fucking!
You cheap son of a bitch.
Watch it, buddy.
What the fuck?
All right, this is good.
You miserable prick.
I told you not to
make this hard.
Believe me, if I had the
time, this wouldn't go so fast.
I owe you for Bull.
[shot fired]
Oh my god.
Are you okay?
-I'm taking your car.
Okay, okay. Hey, okay.
-Okay, okay.
Get the fuck out!
[man] Get out, go, go.
Come here, son of a bitch.
Come on.
[phone ringing]
Don't hang up.
Please tell me you're leaving.
Get your things together.
I'm coming for you.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Get your things together now.
You won't make it
past the front door.
Let me worry 'bout that.
He won't quit.
If we go, he's
just gonna find us.
Do you love him?
It's not about love.
Please just go away.
I got nowhere to go
if you aren't there.
You can go anywhere.
At least I know
you're out there.
Don't do this to me.
Remember the time we
went skating in the park?
Yeah, I remember that.
It was cold.
You said it was the
happiest you'd ever been.
That's how I know
you like the cold.
I'm coming to see Amy.
If I can't have you,
fine, but I'm her father.
She should know who I am.
You and me
At the dark end of the street
You and me, I know time
Is gonna take its toll
We have to pay
For the love we stole
It's a sin and we
Know it's wrong
Oh but our love
Keeps coming on strong
Steal away to the
Dark end of the street
You and me
And when the daylight
Hour rolls around
And by chance
We're both downtown
If we should meet
Just walk on by
Oh darling, please don't cry
Tonight we'll meet
At the dark end
Of the street
[man] Look out!
Who's here?
Let me see Amy.
[Amy] Santa!
You came, you came.
You must be Amy.
[glass breaking]
What's wrong, Santa?
Nothing anymore.
I've been waiting a
long time to meet you.
You have?
So long it almost
feels like forever.
Did you bring me any presents?
No, not this time, but that's
because I'm making something
extra special for you, okay?
So it's gonna take a while.
You see this?
This is you when
you were a baby.
I've been watching you
grow up this whole time,
but I'm waiting
to see what a wonderful
girl you turn out to be.
And you know what?
You are the best.
There's no kid better than
you in the whole wide world.
Is that the North Pole?
That's where I live.
You keep this, okay?
I gotta go.
Because there's other
places I gotta be.
Can I give you a hug?
I love you.
I love you too, Santa.
You stay good, okay?
-You are perfect
just the way you are.
Close the door, Donnie.
We don't want Amy to see
how Santa gets away.
[bells chiming]

[music ends]