The Ghoul (2016) Movie Script

I thought I'd been stood up.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Traffic jam. Someone drove
their car off the M1.
On purpose? Fucking selfish
pricks holding up the commute.
What's wrong with a bottle
of aspirin, eh?
Mr Coulson?
Repainted last week. No
one wants to touch the place.
Agency can't shift it.
Oh, I'll check the fuse box.
Righty-tighty. I'll give you
the greatest hit, shall I?
The neighbor said she heard a shot,
then the dog starts barking
and then six more shots.
Most likely, he's woken up when
he's heard the window smash,
he's come down the stairs,
he's gone to have a look out here,
and then he's gone to have
another look out the back here.
That's when he's discovered the shooter,
who ends up there, where you are.
Her arrival makes him panic
and that's when the gun goes off.
But here's the head-scratcher
and it's a fucking doozy.
When he gets shot
he don't fall down.
He just keeps walking.
He doesn't drop where he should.
He just keeps coming.
Even though he's been shot.
The second shot
hits her in the chest,
but she doesn't drop, either.
She comes down a step or two. Third
shot hits her in the stomach.
She keeps coming.
Fourth shot hits her in the chest,
she still keeps coming.
Shots five and six hit him
in the abdomen and the shoulder.
And then the last shot
goes through his head
up into the ceiling, by which time
he's practically on top of him.
And then he drops the gun
and he legs it out of the door
with the car keys.
- Conversion?
- Er, yeah. A starter pistol.
And they said the Olympics
wouldn't leave a legacy, eh?
- They run at him?
- No, no.
It was more of a leisurely stroll.
Soco said they came
at him at an even pace,
even had him in shot.
They only finally lay down and died
when he left the house.
Now, how's it possible
for two people to keep walking
when they've been shot three times,
one of them in the face?
I told you it was a head-scratcher.
"We need to go
after the property manager."
- "Fuck's sake. What?"
- "Who showed us in. What's his name?"
"Fuck, er Coulson. I think.
Jesus Christ, it's"
- "Did you get an address?"
- "Fuck's sake!'
"The landlord says he hasn't
seen him for a week.
"Estate agency doesn't know where he is.
It's hard enough finding this address.
"No family. Mother dead. Father estranged.
Lives abroad.
"Employment records
practically non-existent.
"Trust-fund kid, which explains
this place. Almost.
"Coulson wasn't managing the building
at the times of the murders.
"He only got the job three days
after the shooting."
Turns out Michael Coulson's quite
the colorful character.
Been quizzed several times,
especially with violent stuff.
But nothing's ever stuck. Seems
he genuinely never gets involved.
Just hangs around criminals
and crime scenes.
I think he talks other people into doing
stuff just cos he gets a kick out of it.
Then from July last year,
he's been seeing a psychiatrist.
Dr Helen Fisher.
Private sessions
about two miles from here.
Think he knows we're onto him?
Well, I don't think he's popped
out for 20 fags and a wank mag.
Yeah, I'll admit this
doesn't look brilliant.
- Hey, Kath.
- Jesus Christ!
- Anyone else know you're here?
- Just Jim.
Where have you been?
Up north.
Man of fucking mystery, aren't you?
What makes you think he's the one?
Been linked to similar things before.
Obsessed with crime scenes.
Means he's a ghoul.
Doesn't mean he's got
anything to do with this.
He was seeing a psychotherapist
called Helen Fisher.
Might be something in Fisher's notes
that'll tell us where he is.
Go back up north, Chris.
"OK, there's a type
of depression, dysthymia.
"It's long-term, mild symptoms,
but it persists over years."
So you can pretty much mumble one-word
answers for the first session.
"Any day, really."
Erm, I
Yeah, no. Er, let me just check.
Erm, yeah, that's fine.
"Er, I don't know. Mid-morning?"
"Yeah, what's the address, please?"
How are you today?
What do you do for a living, Chris?
Could be living off benefits. Maybe
your parents are paying for your therapy.
Don't have a job.
How was this week for you?
Have you done anything fun?
Just shit.
Are you on any medication?
They were giving out venlafaxine
like smarties a while back,
but that might've changed. I can check.
VenLaflaxFlaxine. Ven
- Venlafaxine?
- Yeah.
- I came off it, though.
- OK.
- You take notes?
- Yes.
Sometimes I'll review
them before a session.
Where are they kept?
- "Probably not under lock and key."
- I'm sorry?
But they might be in a different room.
- Your notes?
- Oh. Over there.
But they're very safe. Nothing
about you leaves this practice.
Can you tell me what you'd like to get
out of these sessions?
I just wanna get better.
"There's often no one else there.
"Course if someone were
to ring the office,
"it might get her out of the room
for long enough."
You should've stayed up north, Chris.
People who suffer from depression often
feel they've always felt this way.
Like they're trapped in a cycle.
So, what I'd like to do is
Excuse me. I'm gonna get
that if no one else will.
Sorry. They hung up.
Why do people do that?
"Mr Coulson presents
a vivid convincing case
"that he is aManic depressive,
"but symptoms may be
co-morbid with other"
Can't read that. "Disorders"?
"As such, I'm not convinced
that he is fully bipolar.
"I'm treating him as such while keeping
open to real pathology."
Why would someone pretend
to have an illness?
Pots and kettles.
"He has expressed interest
in other patients.
"Questions about range of conditions
patients are said to have.
"I feel interest borders on morbidity,
especially in light of his history."
Then there's this.
"Coulson for M. Suitable subject."
- M?
- Morland?
I tracked him down. He's retired but still
sees patients now and again in his home.
Maybe Coulson's one of them.
Strange word. "Subject."
"for you today.
"people who suffer from depression often
feel they've always felt this way.
"Like they're trapped in a cycle."
so, let's go through a typical
Chris day, shall we?
I don't do anything.
"You must do something.
It's impossible to do nothing."
You've been coming here
for over a month now, Chris, but
you can't progress unless you start
to share a bit more about yourself.
Is there anyone in your life
you have feelings for?
There's a girl.
And I, erm
kind of like her I suppose.
How did you meet her?
We met at a university up north.
I was older Well, I am older than her.
And she was in her first year.
And I didn't finish. I-I-I dropped out.
And I was just hanging
round university, going to the bar.
- Did you go out?
- No.
No, she
She went out with a friend of mine, Jim.
So that's, that's how I met her.
Have you kept in touch with her?
"No, not, not really."
I mean, I sometimes go
over to sort of that part of town
because it's it's, it's near where
I live anyway, so
What's she called?
Her name's Kathleen.
Timing! Got a light?
Here you are.
Can I have a draw on that?
- Er - Wanna share some?
I-I can't cos it's, er
It's just that it's
Sorry, it's my last, it's my last
little bit, so, erm
So I haven't got much
I haven't got much left, so
- I only want a little bit.
- Er
"Hi, mum. Yeah. Yeah, good."
"Yeah, actually, it's ok. Going well."
Hmm. It's a, er psychotherapist.
It's not a psychiatrist. Yeah.
"A she. She it's a
"Yeah, it's, it's a woman.
"Yeah, well, you know,
just Just about stuff."
Hello, mate. Happy Fucking hell!
Jesus, mate!
I should've brought my hazard suit.
Christ, honestly.
Open a window now and again.
Give the rats a fighting chance.
- I'm kidding. How are you, man?
- Er, good.
Look at this. The booze man cometh.
All unwanted samples from work.
What is yourpoisson?
We got, erWhisky, ouzo, vodka.
What the fuck is this stuff?
Here you are.
- That's for you.
- Cheers.
Overflowing with gratitude
as ever, I see.
Right, I can't stay. How's your, erm?
Oh, yeah, yeah, good. It's better.
Running. Seriously, mate, it works.
Endorphins. Get yourself a good woman.
Or even better, get
yourself a bad woman. Yeah?
- All right, man.
- How's Kathleen?
Yeah, she's good, yeah. We're good.
I mean, we've had
a few problems, but, yeah
Yeah, it's good.
- Drinks soon, yeah?
- Yeah.
Get up!
- Ta-ra.
- See you, Jim.
"What do you think
about when you're walking?"
"Just, er daydreams and stuff.
"Dreaming I'm someone else."
Who are you in your dreams?
A policeman.
Like a-a
Like a police detective.
Is that something you
would've liked to have done?
Yeah. Yeah, I suppose.
And what have you done?
For a living, I mean?
Bits and pieces.
Catering and Signing on at the moment.
But in your daydreams you're
someone more exciting.
It's like I'm a policeman.
And I've taken the blame for something.
Something wrong someone else has done.
So I-I-I'm off the force, but I
still s-solve crimes.
It's really detailed in some ways
and really vague in others.
Dreams are like that.
Daydreams, too.
Chris. Hey!
- Hi.
- That's so funny.
That's, like, the second
time in this park.
What are you doing? You're not
a kiddie-Fiddler, are you?
Are you out on your morning rounds?
No, no. I come, er I come here a lot.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
Don't you live three miles
away or something?
Mm how's work?
Erm, it's good, yeah.
I've changed schools.
So it'sIt's better.
It's slightly better, yeah.
How about you?
Oh, you know, I'm, I'm
er, in between things.
Is that the same bracelet you had at uni?
Yeah, it is. What a strange
thing to remember.
Oh, I should get going.
- It's good to see you.
- And you. Definitely.
- I'll see you soon.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
"Sometimes I daydream that I'm
undercover in real life.
"Like when I'm here,
I pretend I'm undercover,
"and it's part
of an investigation, you know?
"When I'm walking I I pretend
that I'm trailing someone
"and it's part of a case.
"It's harmless, I think.
"I-I-I know it sounds weird, but I, erm
"I should probably stop."
Is Kathleen in these daydreams?
Yeah, she's like a profiler,
like a psychological profiler,
like forensics.
Yeah. I mean, in real
life, she's a teacher.
Anyway, she's, she's really
smart, so it suits her.
What about other people? Like Jim?
Yeah, sometimes he's
I mean, he's another cop.
But in real life he works
for a drinks company.
Erm, I-I know it's not real.
I mean, it-it's nice, but
I know it's not real.
Hello, old chap.
If I was a suspicious fellow,
I'd say you were following me.
Er, no. I Well, I just
Er, I've just seen you at the therapy
center a couple of times.
I just thought I'd say hello.
So you followed me halfway across London?
Er, I'm yeah, I'm really I'm really sorry.
Really, really sorry.
Well, it's comforting to know I'm
not the nuttiest person in there.
I can erm yeah. Er
- I-I-I better go. S-s-sorry again.
- Hey, what's your name?
- It's Chris.
- Well, Chris
Why don't we grab a coffee? You can pay.
Make up for the whole, you
know Stalking thing.
- No, I-I-I better - Buy me
a coffee or I'll call the police.
My name's Michael, by the way.
Michael Coulson.
Come on.
"Been to over a dozen therapists.
"Each of them trying to find
the exact nature of the problem.
"Outsmarted them all, of course."
Yeah, we're all in hell.
Some of us just don't remember
why we've been put there.
There's more to her than meets the eye.
- Who?
- Fisher.
Not exactly clear
what's going on, but, er
Let's just say she's not exactly
disinterested in her patients.
You know, she wants me to see
another therapist? It's most odd.
Says we'll be the perfect fit. Very insistent.
Won't let it drop.
- Well, are you gonna go?
- Yeah, probably.
Just out of curiosity
more than anything else.
See who this super psychologist is.
What's his name, the other therapist?
Morland. Alexander Morland.
It's quite a grandiose name, isn't it?
Right, let's go back to Waterloo.
- What line do you need?
- Er, northern.
Oh, Christ. Wouldn't wish
that on my worst enemy.
I'll get us a cab. I'll pay. Come on.
"I'm really sorry, Chris."
I've just found out that I've got
I'm ill.
It's quite serious, I'm afraid, so I'm
gonna have to take some time off.
I'd like to recommend another person
you might consider seeing.
It will give you continuity. You wouldn't
feel like you were starting from nothing.
I think we've made a lot of progress.
This doctor's called Morland.
Dr Alex Morland.
When we study to become psychotherapists,
we have to undergo therapy ourselves.
It's part of our training.
And Alex, Dr Morland
he was my therapist.
Will you consider it?
"She says he's right for both of us.
Does that strike you as odd?"
I just think she wants someone else
to pick up where she left off.
Oh! That's a lot of pills.
Oh. Yeah.
I should, er I should become a dealer.
Well, it struck me as odd. Very odd.
Oh, I, er I was there, you know.
At Morland's. Two days ago.
I won't say any more. I want
to hear your first impressions.
Trousers down for half a crown!
Christopher? Come in, come in.
Let me take your coat.
Usually, my man would be here to take
it, but he's on his annual day off.
Did you get here ok?
Er, yeah, sorry. I was delayed,
theThe train was
Nationalize the whole
bloody thing, I say!
Come up to my lair.
Sorry. Place is a bloody mess.
Sign of a creative mind. Or a lazy sod.
Ah please, sit, sit.
Now, just because we're plumbing
the depths of the unconscious mind,
doesn't mean we can't have
a cup of tea or coffee?
Er tea, please.
Normal tea or some sort of gay tea?
We've got the lot.
- Er, normal, thanks.
- Coming up.
There you go. Nectar of the gods.
Now, then how are you?
Er yeah. Fine.
It's good of you to come
out here to the sticks.
You'll find I have a bit
of a different approach to Dr Fisher.
I don't believe in all this
awkward silence stuff, you see.
If you don't say anything, I will.
Most people start talking sooner
or later just to shut me up.
Did you notice the books? Seriously,
he is into some weird shit.
Magic. The occult. Weird science.
The bottle. There is a bottle. Ask him
about the bottle. Seriously, weird stuff.
Talking of bottles Pah,
pah, pah, pah, pah!
One more. One more? One each.
Now, I-I-I've been tinkering and
You know, just researching online,
and all this stuff that Morland's into,
anthropology, maths, magic,
it's all linked, all linked.
- Mm, come to this thing tonight.
- Ah, nah. I-I-I don't
- Come on! Come to this thing!
- No.
There's some really interesting
people I'd like you to meet.
You'll get on like a house on fire.
and it was run by the CIA and the FBI.
Wiretapping, infiltration, brainwashing
Don't talk to Danny.
He'll fry your brain.
This isn't some bullshit, mind
you, like the illuminati,
or lizard men at the south pole
civil rights movement, black
panthers, anti-Vietnam
It's heavy. It's like a child's body.
A fat child. It's all in fifties.
Course, I'm 19, right? I got no brains.
I don't think to get a cab over to Gav's.
I get on the Tube.
Fucking hell.
I'm sat on the Tube with enough money
to buy a fucking house.
Anyway, Gav's got this money counter
off a mate's dad who owns
a furniture store.
There's 300 rolls of cash.
It takes about an hour cos
the thing keeps jamming.
And we get to the end
- and it's under.
- Fucking hell.
So we go again, of course.
Takes another hour.
We have to iron the fucking money
with Gav's mum's iron. Yeah?
- And it's still under.
- What happens if it's not all there?
- It has to be there.
- Yeah, but what happens?
It has to be there.
But how does it benefit
them to beat you up
or worse if it's not?
It has to fucking be there!
So the machine's fucked,
we'll have to count it by hand.
We've got a wrap of speed on us.
And, I don't know, hours
later, the sun's coming up,
our fingers and wrists
are fucking killing us.
We can't see straight, we're
grinding our teeth, we're crying.
We're laughing hysterically at nothing.
We're tapping our toes to the banging
of the fucking central heating.
And it's still under.
So what do we do? Do we run?
Where do we go?
I mean, we seriously entertained
going down to the south of France.
I go to the toilet Put
some water on my face.
And I come back, and I find
Gav on his knees.
And he's
He's praying.
So I'm about to fuck
off, leave him to it.
And then I think
fuck it.
What have I got to lose?
So we're both knelt on the floor,
all this ironed cash lying around,
and we're fucking praying
to god knows who.
God? Allah? Buddha?
Satan? Odin? Zeus?
Any cunt that will fucking listen.
The following morning,
we agreed to go round there,
just come straight out with it and hope
he sees in our eyes that it wasn't us.
So we go over, we show him
round the back of the club,
and, Hill I will never forget
this for as long as I live
He's watering potted plants listening
to Radio 2, barely looks at us.
I give the bag over to his neanderthal
and we totally fucking chicken
out about telling him.
For two days, we sat in Gav's flat
staring into space,
waiting for the hammer to fall.
A week later
Hill and the rest of the gang went down.
For life.
Now, I don't care
what anyone fucking says.
Somebody heard us.
Anyone else got any stories?
How do you know you're not
really an undercover cop?
S-s-sorry. What?
How do you know if they haven't
messed with your head somehow
and you really are an undercover cop,
but you think you're a normal person?
S-s-s who?
Hypnosis. Implanted memories.
Shrinks, man, they're head-shrinkers.
- How do you know about that?
- Cos you told me you went to a shrink.
And you fantasize about being
an undercover cop.
Fucking hell, I thought I was stoned.
Have you been talking to?
Where's Michael?
What I'm saying is, what if you
really are an undercover cop?
You're just imagining
that you're a normal person.
You went in too deep and they flipped
you and now you can't get out.
I'm Maria, by the way.
Do I have to write
my number on my forehead?
No. Sorry.
- What's that?
- Hm?
Ah, that?
That is a Klein bottle.
Yes, yes. Lovely object.
It has a non-orientable surface.
A closed manifold.
Plain English: It's got
no inside or outside.
Look, if you go in a straight
line and keep going,
you end up on the opposite side
of the glass from where you were.
The outside becomes the inside,
and the inside becomes the outside.
Of course, a real one can
only exist in four dimensions.
It's like a bottle version
of a mbius strip.
Oh, Christ. Well, we'll start there.
Look, you tear off a strip of paper.
Twist it.
And if you start on one side
and keep going,
you end up on the other side.
Imagine an ant wandering along the strip.
He'd end up back where he started,
without ever crossing
an edge or turning back.
Pretty weird for the ant.
A bit like the ouroboros,
which goes back to the Egyptians.
Then the medieval alchemists
made it their own.
Then it was Jung's favorite,
the eternal return, and all that.
You'll find I'm quite
open to woolly ideas.
Not a bad trait
for a psychotherapist, I think.
- What's that?
- Hm? Oh, that?
That's a sigil. It's a magical symbol.
I've had it so long,
I don't even notice it.
You write down a wish or a desire,
then combine the letters into a symbol.
It's supposed to make the wish come true.
I made it when I had I had
a bit of a health scare.
Oh, a decade ago now.
And I'm still here.
It'd be tempting fate to take it down.
Ah, who knows? Looks nice,
though, doesn't it'?
"Chris, don't go to Morland.
He's dangerous.
"Look, come over. I'll explain, ok?
Yeah, come over."
"This is Michael Coulson.
You know what to do."
Right, let's get out of here, shall we?
Well, we're not getting
anywhere sat here, are we?
Come on.
Getting better is a creative process.
It doesn't do to keep banging your head
against the wall for too long.
It's not scientific. Not
in the modern sense, anyway.
Don't get me wrong, I've got
nothing against rationalism.
When I get on a plane,
I hope to bloody god
the engineers are rationalists.
But this, what we're doing,
trying to get you better
that's alchemy.
Mind your step.
Right here, where we stand right now,
is the center of the magical world.
Of course, that's true of anywhere.
But right in this clearing,
a few years back,
they found a witch bottle,
17th century probably.
It had a heart with a nail in it.
William Blake wrote "The Book of Thel"
about, oh, 30 miles that way.
John Dee practiced alchemy about 100
miles that way, 500 years back.
And in woods very like these,
the New Forest, 1940,
Gerald Gardner and a coven
of witches, the good kind,
performed a ritual
to stop Hitler invading.
They stripped naked, danced,
and chanted, "You cannot cross the sea!
You cannot come!"
It worked.
Well, it worked for them.
Made them feel better about how the war
was going and their place in it.
Who knows? Maybe it really did work.
He never did come, did he?
Come on.
A lot of what I do
is trying to distract you,
rather like a stage magician.
Only, the rabbit I'm trying
to pull from the hat
is the solution to your depression.
That's what we have to crack
with you, Christopher.
You have to believe you can get better.
Come on. Tea.
"- This is Michael Coulson.
- You know what to do."
"Either you tell me what's bothering you
"or I'm going to start banging
on about alchemy and maths again."
"I don't know what else to say.
I've told you everything."
It's not about that. It's not about that.
Look, I-I Do you know what?
I'm too tired.
I'm too tired. I can't do this right now.
"What is this thing
that's making you so unhappy?"
"It's depression.
It's clinical depression."
- That's just a name. Pick another one.
- What?
Call it Derek or Tony. Or Mary if you want.
Just name it.
But it had better do it justice, so
maybe not a normal Christian name,
but give it a name.
I-I-I I can't. It's
"Clinical depression" is someone else's name.
Give it your own name.
This is stupid.
You call it "clinical depression",
you're locked into seeing it that way.
So call it something else.
Give yourself a chance to look
at it from another perspective.
You said you were interested in magic.
Well, that's all magicians are doing.
When a magician raises
a demon or an angel,
it may only be real in his head,
but if it's real to him, it may
as well be real, full stop.
If he makes it into something tangible,
then he can deal with what it represents.
It's the process that matters.
We're trying to raise up whatever
it is that's got you in its grip,
so we can deal with it.
Let's have another brew.
"I know what it's called.
I know its name.
"The ghoul."
Can you describe it?
It it
It comes out and I
I can't get rid of it.
It can be anywhere it wants to be.
And it
It hollows you out and it
clings to you.
Other people can see it.
They see it on you and they're
frightened to come near
in case it leaps off you and onto them.
So they stay away.
And that's what it wants.
Is it here now?
Does it know I'm here?
Does it want me to be here?
It needs me to be alone.
But you're not alone, Chris.
You may feel like it, but you're not.
It hasn't beaten you yet, Christopher.
And it's been trying for years.
Sorry, Chris.
- It's so embarrassing.
- It's ok. Don't worry. It's fine.
I didn't expect to cry
my fucking eyes out.
He's such a f-f-f fucking arsehole.
Sorry, Chris.
- It's fine.
- I'm sorry. I'm really embarrassed.
Don't worry. It's fi it's fine.
- Please don't worry.
- Thanks.
Really. Thank you.
That's, that's fine.
I I probably best get going.
I'll yeah, I'll just
They're gods, they're gods
Come in, come in, come in.
I've been working very hard.
I've been working very hard.
And I-I-I've worked it out, Morland
and Fisher's plan, their purpose.
But there's a lot of work to do.
people with vulnerable minds, and they'll go
one by one through their patients
until they find the right one.
One by one by one by one!
And Morland, the stuff he's into,
magic, the occult and mathematics,
loops, circles, cycles,
origins of consciousness,
he's been studying this for years.
Hang on, I've got something.
Fisher's job, her plan, her purpose
S-s-she plans and she picks the patients.
If you believe something,
it might as well be real!
They believe that they can create
a loop inside a person's mind.
They can live inside the loop!
They can move and they can change!
Fisher is dying. Fisher's got cancer.
He hasn't got long. He's old.
What they're planning to do
is prolong their life.
No one believes that he's a sorcerer.
And Fisher, her job,
overall, is a protge.
A pupil procurer that procures patients!
What they're doing is creating
a universe of the mind!
- Basically, they're gods. They are gods!
- Stop!
They are gods. They are gods.
They are gods!
"Oh, god. It just sounds so alarming."
- Horrible to see someone so unhappy.
- Yeah.
What about you?
Well, you were so unhappy a while back.
I don't know. I'm getting there.
Oh, I should've seen it coming.
It's not the first time.
He's strayed a couple of times since uni.
I loved Manchester, you know.
I went back to visit
a couple of months back.
And just driving up the motorway,
seeing signs to the north,
it felt so good.
I don't think I'll stay
in London much longer.
I-I'd like it if you stayed.
Is, er is that a new dress?
Yeah, it is, actually. Do you like it?
- Yeah.
- I
Dunno. I might take it back.
I've got this, erm tag gun. You
know like they have in the shop?
If you change your mind, you just
stick the tag back in the dress.
You just take it back,
no questions asked.
- That's crafty.
- I know.
Are you sure you should be in charge of children?
You're like a super villain.
"You seem better."
"You were in a bad way
when we first met."
I was in hell.
Is that how it felt?
We're all in hell. We just can't
remember how we got here.
- Where did you hear that?
- Sorry?
That phrase. What you just said.
Someone just said it once.
This friend of yours,
who's having a breakdown,
is it Michael Coulson?
No. Yeah, y-y-yeah.
Christopher, how long have you
been friends with Michael Coulson?
I-I don't know. I just
- We just met after a session once. Why?
- Christopher
It's very important that you don't have
anything to do with Michael Coulson.
Look, I-I-I know he's manic
depressive, but
- Christopher - He's fine
Michael Coulson is not a manic depressive.
He's dangerous.
- I-I've seen his medicine.
- Oh, have you seen the bottles?
- Seen the labels on the bottles?
- No. I-I didn't.
Would you know what medication someone
with bipolar disorder takes anyway?
sometimes you encounter a person
who is bad for you to be around.
Michael Coulson is one of those
people for you.
I-I don't understand.
You know I can't share
information about a patient,
but I must tell you
Michael Coulson is not
He's very adept at putting
ideas in people's heads.
You must promise me
that you'll stay away from him.
That's enough for today.
What is this place?
Sometimes I work in property management.
It's quite interesting. All
these "Mary Celeste" houses.
Places where people have died.
Sometimes Tommy needs somewhere
for one of his mysterious bags.
They come in quite useful.
You know Morland and Fisher
are working together?
- Michael - No, no, no, Christopher
I'm not low, I'm not manic.
I can see clearly.
They're trying to get inside your head
and they'll drop you if they can't use you.
Fisher's out there now looking
for someone more susceptible.
At first, they thought it was you, but
Now they realize that you're strong,
they're gonna drop you.
Something needs to be done about them.
I am sorry, Christopher.
I've had some Some bad news.
I know this is a tough time for you, too.
But I'm gonna have to take some time off.
A colleague
actually a close friend of mine
is very ill.
This course of treatment
lasts three weeks.
My friend will need some rest after that.
It's been good to get
to know you, Christopher.
"If only we had more time."
- "Hello?"
- Hi, it's Chris.
"Come in. What have you been up to?"
I saw Michael.
Erm, he's better, but he's still
You know, strange
and distant, but better.
Good. Good.
- It's good, isn't it?
- Mm.
Look, ermI bought those tickets
for that thing, er the play.
Erm, I-I was gonna call and ask,
but I knew you were at school,
so I bought them anyway.
Do you want a cup of tea?
- Yeah.
- Erm
Chris, erm
I'm really sorry.
I feel like I've given you
completely the wrong idea.
No, it's
- I've blown hot and cold.
- No, it's fine.
- It's fine.
- I just think, to be honest, I've
I've felt really confused.
Fine. Look, I'm
I'm big enough and ugly
enough to You know
"Sometimes I'll review Nothing
about you leaves this practice
"Trapped in a cycle"
"Dr Morland, he was my therapist."
"we're plumbing the depths
of the unconscious got no inside or"
"outside becomes
the inside and the inside becomes the outside."
"the inside becomes the outside."
"You know what to do."
Hi. OK.
Come in.
- Chris!
- Do you want a cup of tea?
I'll make us a cup of tea, eh?
You all right, mate?
Well, look, I've gotta
get packed, so, erm
It's nice to see you, Chris.
Why are you packing?
I got that job I went up for up north.
- Is Jim going?
- Yeah.
He's got himself a placement up there.
Chris, are you ok?
They're trying to make
themselves immortal.
And I'm gonna stop them.
Alex? What is it?
Stay here.
Christopher it's ok.
Helen, it's ok. Go back up.
Christopher, it's ok. Christopher
- You're trying to make a loop of my mind!
- Christopher!
- I don't know - To make a loop.
Christopher, I need you
to put the gun down.
- Christopher, I want to help you.
- Shut up. Shut up!
- You turned out well, Christopher.
- We won, Alex.
You were on the road approaching
London trying to get up north.
But you'll never reach her.
You're approaching London right now.
We won! We won!
We won!
No, no, no!