The Girl Downstairs (1938) Movie Script

Stairway to the left.
Would you take care of these,
I have to deliver a message
to someone upstairs.
Thank you, sir.
Willie, you wait here.
I don't know. Where are we?
Pardon me.
I'm sorry, sir.
This is box number 4.
It's the karovian ambassador
and his party, sir.
May I see your stubs,
Uh, it doesn't matter.
It's my mistake.
Thank you, sir.
I'm so sorry!
Hello, hello?
Am I talking to his excellency
in person?
One moment, please.
I'll connect you.
your excellency,
A most terrible thing
has happened.
Could you come to the embassy
at once?
A matter of life and death.
At this hour?
But karovia
hasn't done anything.
We haven't done anything
in years.
You mean
they've discovered everything?
Ohh, this is terrible.
Yes, yes, yes.
I'll -
I- I'll come immediately.
Please notify my secretaries.
I must go at once.
At once.
I know.
Classical music bores me,
That's quite all right.
Gentleman, gentleman.
Something terrible has happened.
We must return to the embassy
at once.
What are you doing here?
It seems to me there was
something about a wager.
But not now?
My dear, I hate to rush
things of this kind,
But something tells me
I won't be here very long.
How did you ever get in?
That's simple.
I just started a war.
You see, darling,
I'd do anything, brave anything,
Dare anything,
just to find light in your eyes.
you'd better be quiet.
If father hears you -
oh, father, father, father.
They're all
50 years behind the times,
And he's even behind them.
He's old-fashioned,
stuffy, selfish.
He's - he's -
Thank you.
Uh... Good evening.
Um, lovely music.
How long is this impudence
to continue?
You never know,
mr. Brown.
I might suggest
that one of us
Could still withdraw
with honor.
I'll get
the car.
I love music.
Could you please
leave this box?
But of course.
Why didn't you say so
in the first place?
Oh, paul.
Paul, he'll never forgive you.
Alone at last.
Are you mad?
Mad, crazy, silly, desperate,
and all about you.
Let's get out of here!
I can see
your point of view, sir.
A little opera
goes a long way.
can't we talk this over?
It makes it rather difficult
prancing around like this.
Nice point, paul,
nice point.
Now, I'm sure
that over a supper table
At, let's say,
one of the nicer cafs...
Over my dead body.
That'd be helpful...
But not necessary.
I am known
as a very patient man,
A quiet man,
a peaceful man.
I'm even-tempered
and easy-going
Under the most
trying circumstances,
But there is a limit!
And beyond that point,
I cannot vouch for myself!
If ever I find you
annoying my daughter again,
I shall, in the most calm way,
Turn you over
to the police.
Mr. Brown.
I don't like you.
I never have liked you.
I'm sorry.
I'm never
going to like you.
Is that
perfectly clear?
My heart.
The other side,
I'll -
You know, I think I know
what he was getting at.
He doesn't like you.
what's the next stop?
There are only
two things left to do -
One's for me
to get tight,
The other's
for you to get sober.
Come on. Let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
You know what I love about you,
About me? What?
Well, if you ever
changed your mind about this,
You'd be the first
to admit it.
Now, that takes honesty,
Yes, I suppose it does.
Well, I've always tried
to live up to my principles.
What I mean is
that if you, perhaps,
Sat down and had
a nice, quiet talk with him,
You'd change
your entire point of view.
What do you want me to do,
ask him to dinner?
that is an amusing idea.
You could find out all about him
in two minutes.
And I've come to depend terribly
on your judgment.
Well, of course,
if you put it like that,
I'll have to be
terribly subtle.
Mm, yes.
That's what I mean.
That's what I'm relying on,
Y- yes,
mr. Brown?
Stop the car.
Stop the car.
any man who will alienate
His daughter's affections
is an alienator!
And nobody's gonna
alininate my affections.
You want to get yourself
thrown out of here?
Who's gonna throw me out?
That's all I want to know.
wait a minute. I'll ask.
Who's going to
throw him out?
I, uh
Oh, so you want
to throw me out, huh?
And what are your intentions
with this beautiful young lady,
Snake in the grass?
Now, wait a minute.
He wasn't doing anything.
I'll handle this.
Willie: Handle this.
If you think
anybody's gonna
Alininate any more
affections tonight...
Well, if you think,
that's all - so help me.
So help me.
Look at him, everybody,
pretending to be innocent.
What do you think
you're doing here?
Doing here.
My dear sir.
You still want
to throw me out, huh?
I, uh
Do you care very much
for this little alininator?
Not very much.
I do this,
not only for myself,
But for
my dear friend willie.
You little
I'm sorry.
But you understand, sir?
I'm so unhappy.
Quite right. Quite right.
Through the house.
I'm his best friend.
You'll have to throw me out,
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Eh, just a minute.
I'm so unhappy...
I am so unhappy, karl.
Nobody loves me.
Oh, I-I wouldn't say that,
No, they don't.
Nobody loves me, karl -
nobody but you.
You love me, karlie?
Oh, yes, I do. I do indeed, sir.
Thank you very much.
Sir, I have a most important
message for you, sir.
bum bum bum bum
But really, sir, this message
was most urgent, sir.
boom boom boom boom
blump bl-lilly bump bump
bl... Bump
Really, sir.
This message was most important,
Didn't this used to be
a bedroom?
Oh, no, sir. No, sir.
Your bedroom is in there, sir.
bump bump bump bump
Uh, your bed is quite ready.
This way, sir.
Now, now,
hold very still, sir.
Am I in bed now,
Yes, mr. Paul.
Then cover me, karl.
Yes, mr. Paul.
Close the window, karlie!
It's raining in on me!
Sir, you -
you must listen to me, sir.
Miss brown,
miss rosalind brown telephoned
To ask
if you got her message.
Yes, sir.
You're to be to her house
at 12:00 this morning
To talk to her father,
House... 12:00...
Morning... F-
Am I asleep, karlie?
Yes, mr. Paul.
Then close my eyes.
They're already closed,
Good morning, sir!
It's 9:00!
Time to get up!
Nothing like
a good night's sleep.
All deliveries are made
to the rear of the house.
I'm seeing mr. Brown
by special appointment.
But, sir
- never mind. You go. I'll take care of it.
Hello, rosalind.
Hello, paul.
Did you miss me?
For you.
Oh, you better give those
to father.
Just for
the impression.
bad mood for a change.
On the contrary.
There hasn't been
a single roar.
Well... Here I go.
Mr. Brown: Come in.
Thank you.
Mr. Brown.
Good morning to you, sir.
For you.
For me?
How nice.
Well, it's very gracious of you,
mr. Wagner,
To pay me this visit.
Sit down.
Uh, thank you.
Uh, never touch it,
Except, of course,
for medicinal purposes.
Thank you, no.
I always try
to keep in good shape.
Good idea.
A man never knows when
he'll have to use his hands,
Get into a row,
beat somebody up a bit.
Oh, you're wrong there,
mr. Brown.
If you'll pardon me,
I'm even-tempered to a fault.
Disturbance of any kind
upsets me.
Frankly, my life is a quiet one,
but I enjoy it that way.
Well, I'm delighted
to hear you say that.
And I'm delighted
to tell it.
Mm. Yes.
I want pumpfel.
Yes, sir. Right away, sir.
Yes, sir.
You haven't met my secretary,
mr. Pumpfel, have you?
No, indeed.
It'll be a great pleasure.
Mr. Wagner,
my secretary, mr. Pumpfel.
Mr. Pumpfel.
Oh, my.
Oh, boy.
That was a mistake, wasn't it?
You rang, sir?
You rang, sir?
You rang, sir?
You rang, sir?
You rang, sir?
Mr. Brown: Are you all here?
All: Yes.
Yes, mr. Brown.
Katerina isn't here.
we should have katerina.
Who is katerina,
and why isn't she here?
She's the scullery maid, sir -
not allowed above the kitchen.
Suppose we all go
down there?
Now I want you all
to look at this man carefully.
If any one of you ever
lets him into my house again,
You will be dismissed
without notice.
You understand?
All: Yes, mr. Brown.
It's a curious fact,
mr. Brown,
But there's yet to be
a love story written
Where love didn't
find a way.
Again, good morning.
Shoo, shoo.
May I offer
my congratulations, sir?
Karl, there's a scullery maid
in there named katerina.
Try to find out
what she's like.
Very good, sir.
Katerina, katerina,
katerina, katerina.
I've seen her, sir.
What's she like?
she's young and petite.
Well, I wasn't
in a position to say, sir.
If I'm going to
get in that house again,
That's what
I have to find out.
Give me your coat
and cap.
Paul: Hello, there.
I'm talking to you.
Come here.
My name's paul.
When's your day off?
Me? Why?
I've heard a lot
about you.
Yes. Would you like
to go out with me sometime?
Sunday's my night off.
How 'bout you?
Yes. Mine too.
Where would you like
to go?
The fair.
The fair?
I'll meet you right inside
the main entrance,
8:00 Sunday night.
Main entrance,
8:00, Sunday night.
Thank you.
You could have
knocked me down with a feather
When he started
turning around like that
And asking mr. Brown
if it was a fashion show.
Such a nice looking young man,
He wasn't hard to take.
And I don't think I've ever seen
mr. Brown so angry before.
what have you got there?
M- me? N-nothing.
wonders will never cease!
Our little katerina
has a boyfriend.
Give me my flowers,
give her back her flowers.
Thank you, miss nancy.
All right.
Woman: Come on, katerina.
Your dinner's getting cold.
Miss rosalind certainly
keeps her father
In an uproar
with her young men.
You went out with a new one
last evening, didn't you?
Well, suppose I did?
A different one
each week.
Say now,
what's the matter with you?
Do they get tired of you?
And if means anything to you,
I'm going out with him
again Sunday.
Not next Sunday, you're not.
Not your day off.
No, it's katerina's,
So I'm going,
and katerina's staying in.
Oh, no you don't.
You're always taking
katerina's day off.
I never saw anybody
so selfish.
This Sunday,
I'm taking her day off.
Well, you got a nerve.
You had last Sunday off.
Oh, now, now.
That's not the way to act.
It's up to katerina.
Who's taking your Sunday off,
cook or anna?
oh, hello!
Say, I almost didn't know you.
It's me!
So I see.
That's quite a costume.
Cost- oh, my dress.
You like it?
Of course.
It's charming.
Thank you.
what do you want to do?
Oh, everything.
Ev- I-I-I mean,
if it doesn't cost too much.
It's fun just walking around,
Don't you worry
about the cost.
What do you want
to do first?
What time
do you have be home?
What time
do you have be home?
I don't care! Anytime!
Just a few more left,
How 'bout you,
Would you pick one out
for me?
For you?
I want
to give it to someone.
That one.
But - but maybe
it's too expensive
With all those
big stones.
I can manage it.
Never mind.
It's for you,
For me?
And I picked out
the biggest one of all.
Ready in a second, sir.
Now, ready?
Ready, ready...
Ah, ah, whoo!
We took one.
Paul: Katerina.
Tell me,
you've done this sort of thing
Many times, haven't you?
I've never known
such a wonderful evening.
You, uh,
you wouldn't want to try
The merry-go-round again,
would you?
Now, that's what
we started with.
I was only fooling.
oh, why can't
tonight go on forever?
It looks very much as if
it's going to.
Ooh! Oohhh!
It's raining!
Come on! Hurry up!
Oh, dear.
Why didn't I bring an umbrella?
Well, that's all right.
I've got the car.
Of course. Why not?
But you shouldn't have taken it.
It's not right.
But I got permission to use it
tonight, a special favor.
No. No, paul.
I certainly can't go home in it.
I know what's right.
Good night, paul.
And thank you
for a beautiful evening.
But you can't
walk in the rain!
You'll get
soaked to the skin!
No, I won't.
And I won't ride
in your employer's car.
Look, it's all right,
I tell you, katerina.
Well, you're spoiling
a beautiful evening.
Was it beautiful to you,
too, paul?
Well, of course it was!
All right. Then I'll go.
You better drop me
at the corner.
It's only half a block.
No, I couldn't think
of doing that.
But someone might see me.
Well, what if they do?
Oh, no. No, they...
They'd talk about it,
make fun of me in the kitchen.
I wanted this evening to be
just mine - yours and mine.
I've got to see you
right into the house.
No. No, paul.
Why are you
so nice to me?
Look out
for the milk can!
Oh, don't worry!
I can see in the dark,
like a cat!
This way.
This is my room.
Wait inside till
I bring something to eat.
Paul: Psst!
They can't hear us,
can they?
No. They're upstairs,
way on the other side.
Paul: Rosalind!
Paul! How on earth
did you ever get in here?
How quickly
can you get dressed?
Yes, we're going out.
Oh, that's fine.
I'll just put on a hat
and my jade bracelet.
I'm perfectly serious.
It's not very late.
Well, it would be
by the time I got dressed.
I'm disappointed in you.
Here I'm willing
to risk my life.
You've got to be quiet.
Do you think
we should elope?
What for?
What for?
So we can meet
whenever we want to.
Listen, I have a perfect right
to see you
And nobody's
going to stop me.
Yes, for cocktails.
At my apartment
at 5:00 tomorrow.
Till then.
And don't wake father
going out!
that you, rosalind?
Anything the matter?
no, fa-
Paul? Paul?
Here I am.
I left you in the dark,
didn't I?
Well, I think perhaps
I'd better be going.
But you were hungry.
That's right.
I was, wasn't I?
Those are lovely flowers.
Where did you get them?
They fell to me
from heaven.
Do things come to you often
that way?
Just the flowers...
And you.
Look, katerina -
You have nice eyes, paul -
good eyes.
That's why
I let you come in here.
I like you very much.
I'd better go now.
Thanks for
a delightful evening.
Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown.
Good morning, mr. Brown.
Your bath is ready.
Thank you, hugo.
Lovely morning.
Yes, sir.
Ah -
Who is it?
Mr. Brown: It's me.
Good morning, father.
what is the meaning of this?
Oh, it isn't a bit good of him,
is it?
Good of him?
Who cares wh-
That puppy was in my room
last night.
Oh, but why didn't you
let me know?
Well, you see, rosalind -
let you know?
What do you mean,
"let you know?"
I didn't know it myself
until this morning.
Oh, then it really wasn't
your fault, was it?
My fault? Oh!
My fault.
Rosalind, we must
come to an understanding.
I'm going out of my mind.
Well, it's all very simple,
If you'll just
listen a moment.
Oh, well, go on, rosalind.
Go on.
It's merely this -
Paul and I like seeing
each other and dancing together,
And there's no reason on earth
why we shouldn't.
You're not
in love with this fellow?
Well, if I am,
it's all your fault.
My fault?
I think I made it quite clear
as to how I feel.
That's just it.
You're being medieval.
However, I'll tell him again
this afternoon to make sure.
We're having cocktails.
Cocktail - what?
That man is not
coming into this house again.
I took care of that, father.
It's at his apartment.
Ap- ap- apartment?!
I'll stop your allowance.
All right. Go ahead.
You'll not
get out of this house.
I'll have you watched.
But you will come to
the wedding, won't you, father?
The wedding?
What wedding?
You're practically forcing me
to marry him.
You wouldn't dare!
Wouldn't I?
And in a week,
you'll be agreeing to it.
Agreeing to it?!
Agreeing to it?!
I wouldn't agree to it
even if I was in favor of it!
So there!
it's funny
how the robin sings
when you're in love
you'll see
the sunny side of things
when you're in love
the flowers seem
much sweeter
the sky's a deeper blue
your heart has learned
a love song
you never knew-hoo
the moon was meant
for you alone
when you're in love
the stars will sing
to you alone
when you're in love
forever and forever
there's a rainbow up above
for love is yours
the world is yours
when you're in love
mm buh buh
bum dee-da-da
da-dee da-bum-bum
when you're in love
forever and forever
there's a rainbow up above
for love is yours
the world is yours
when you're in love
Miss anna!
Miss bertha!
Miss anna!
Miss bertha!
Come in.
What's the matter, anna?
I've been ringing for hours.
Who are you?
I'm katerina,
miss rosalind.
I've never
seen you here before.
No, miss rosalind.
I'm not allowed upstairs.
Then what are you doing
up here?
The bell was ringing,
And I was the only one there,
so I thought I -
Where are your shoes?
They make so much noise,
miss rosalind.
Where are
all the other servants?
Mr. Brown is speaking to them,
I think.
Maybe they had done
something wrong.
Oh. Well,
maybe it's just as well.
Here, katerina.
Take this for me to mr. Wagner.
Mr. Wagner.
The address
is on the envelope.
Yes, but... Oh.
The address
is on the envelope...
Can't you read?
oh, yes.
Yes, of course,
even - even whole sentences.
Well, that's fine.
And wait for an answer.
Do you understand?
I give the letter to mr. Wagner
and wait for an answer.
And the address
is on the envelope?
That's right.
47 boulevard edelweiss.
47 boulevard edelweiss.
Thank you, miss rosalind.
Thank you.
47 boulevard edelweiss,
mr. Wagner.
47 boulevard edelweiss,
mr. Wagner.
47 boulevard edelweiss,
mr. Wagner.
47 boulevard -
Could you tell me, please,
where is number 47?
Right here.
This is the place.
And where will I find
mr. Wagner?
Second floor,
on the right.
Thank you.
what are you looking for?
The servant's entrance.
There isn't any.
Right up the front stairs.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
By the way, karl,
if a mr. Grump calls -
I beg your pardon, sir.
Would that be mr. Charlie, sir?
Yes, karl,
that would be mr. Charlie.
I think I know
what to say to him, sir -
That you've gone out
and you will not be back,
That you're in bed
and you cannot be disturbed,
That you have moved away, and at
present, you are at conference.
You might also add I've gone to
africa for an indefinite period.
In a word, sir, you don't
especially desire to see him.
Oh, that's very close to it,
You may remember the last
little visit he paid us.
Indeed I do, sir.
He dropped in for 10 minutes -
And stayed two months.
Uh, nine weeks, sir.
And if you'll permit me,
Three of our best shirts
disappeared along with him.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
I'll get my coat.
You better let me take it, karl.
I'm on my way out anyway.
Thank you.
I am to
deliver the letter -
What are you doing here?
Well, this is my place.
I- I work here.
Mr. Wagner's
gone for the day.
Are those your clothes?
They -
they belong to mr. Wagner.
Then you go right into your room
and take them off.
Suppose mr. Wagner
should come in? Hmm?
That's right.
Come inside
while I change.
Get me your uniform
and get out of here.
Yes, sir.
Sit down, katerina!
Sit down?
In the living room?
There's no one here!
In the kitchen, yes.
But not in the living room.
How do you like the place?
Oh, it's very nice,
but not as nice as ours.
How many rooms have you?
Mm. We have 12.
How many servants?
I've only -
I'm the only one.
Only you?
Oh, then -
then you must work very hard.
I don't kill myself.
So I see.
How did you know
where I lived?
I didn't know.
I - oh, paul.
I see you
and I forget everything.
I came to give this
to mr. Wagner.
Paul, what are you doing?
You mustn't do that!
Do what?
Oh, of course not.
What am I thinking of?
But what shall I do?
I've got to wait for the answer.
I'll tell you
what we'll do.
I'll phone him at his club
and read it to him.
In the meantime,
we'll have coffee.
That's a good idea.
Oh, paul, you're cl-
put that down.
This minute.
And we are not going to use
those beautiful new cups either.
They're not new.
They're over 100 years old.
Oh, well,
that's different.
It's an antique, katerina.
It's much more valuable
than a new one
they can't be replaced.
I- I have so much to learn,
and I'm going to, for you, paul.
That's my miss rosalind!
Mr. Wagner must like her
very much.
Oh, she's very beautiful.
Don't you think so?
Yes, very.
Is mr. Wagner handsome?
Well, I should say so.
But the opinion's
not altogether unanimous.
It doesn't matter.
That's right.
If she really loves him,
nothing matters.
You've hit it, katerina.
That's the first lesson of love.
No, paul.
That's everything.
are there other lessons?
Well, it's not quite
as simple as that.
At first,
you're unbelievably happy.
You sing all day long.
Then suddenly you're unhappy.
You can't even whistle.
If you're really in love,
It shouldn't matter whether
you see her all the time or not.
Even if you're angry, jealous,
anything, you still love her.
Every minute you're parted,
You know
you still belong to that person.
Oh, you're wonderful.
That -
that's just how it is,
But I-I couldn't say it
like that.
How 'bout that coffee?
Paul, I like you.
Uh... Cream?
You see, I've known
only farm boys until now.
Oh, so that's
where you came from, is it?
We have a big farm -
more than three acres almost.
Well, what made you
come to the city?
Our cow died.
Oh, I'm sorry.
So we needed another.
And now I'm saving up for it
out of my wages.
I see.
Are cows expensive?
Well, if you're talking about
That milk
up to 15 liters a day
And weigh
close to 500 kilograms -
I... Meant just a cow.
600 francs
is all I could spend.
And I've saved up
459 already.
And then you're going back
to the country?
I mean,
I was, but now I -
Paul, you should see
our lovely farmhouse.
It's so quiet
and peaceful.
You make it sound
very attractive.
Do you think
you will like the country?
now, listen, katerina.
the bell rang.
Yes, I know.
Aren't you going to
answer it?
Oh, yes.
Of course.
An antique.
Is mr. Wagner in?
What are you doing?
Playing soldier?
Well, charlie,
of all people.
I was just this minute
going to phone you.
Willie, uh, willie wants
to see you immediately.
He's left word.
It's important.
He says, "very urgent. "
nonsense, my dear fellow.
I just came from there.
He's gone away for a month.
A month?
I'm awfully sorry,
old man.
I'd love to ask you to stay,
but I'm just terribly occupied.
And that provoking,
and I came here specially -
Had a deal for you.
Well, I'll see you sometime
or other, very soon, I'm afraid.
My dear boy,
I just ducked in for 10 minutes.
That's just the trouble.
We'll have to get together
some other time.
Why, mr. Wagner.
Oh, mr. Wagner!
Come out, come out.
There's nothing
to be afraid of.
I understand
these things.
I only came to deliver a letter,
mr. Wagner.
Yes, yes, mr. Wagner,
she's just waiting for you.
yes, of course.
You have excellent taste,
Thank you, mr. Wagner.
Don't mention it.
Sweet, what is your name?
Paul, has she a name?
Katerina is her...
Katerina? Sweet.
I'm miss rosalind's servant,
I was to wait
for an answer.
Answer to what?
The letter, sir.
The letter?
Where is the letter?
I gave it to -
paul, the letter.
father's made it impossible,
"so forget the cocktails,
"but I can manage it about 11:30
tonight at the caf melchior.
Love, rosalind. "
Tell your mistress
I'll be there.
Thank you, sir.
Would that be all?
You know,
you're a very pretty girl.
Please, mr. Wagner.
You don't have to say "please. "
I was gonna
kiss you anyway.
Oh, let me go!
Let me go!
You -
you're not a gentleman!
Shh! Shh!
Take a weeks' notice.
You're fired.
Yes, sir.
No, no, mr. Wagner,
you mustn't.
It was my fault,
all my fault.
As I said before -
just what did I say before?
I was to take
a weeks' notice.
That's it.
And in addition,
you're fired.
But - but he didn't
do anything.
It was you!
You don't have to fire him.
He is going to resign.
What kind of a job
is this anyway -
One man
to take care of five rooms
And cleaning and cooking
and driving an automobile,
And all the antiques?
Do you call that a job?
He doesn't have to
work like that.
He can get a better job
than this!
Don't worry, paul, dear.
Don't worry about anything.
That's all.
Just don't worry.
Now you've fixed it.
It's nothing awful.
Nothing at all.
That's what I get
for letting you in.
I should have known better.
It's quite beyond me.
I thought
I was helping you.
Yes. Helping me into a bigger
mess than I was in already.
here is an automobile.
What do you think
of that?
Is that an automobile,
it isn't the latest model,
But I've been told that style
is becoming fashionable again.
It's in perfect condition.
You see?
Removable headlights.
How many cylinders has it?
That ought to be enough.
Well, I should hope so.
Could - could I get in?
Mechanic: Yes.
Be careful
you don't scratch it.
Can you go backwards in it?
As well as
you can go forward.
Anything missing?
Where's the horn?
What happens when it wants
to pass another car?
ever found out.
I won't consider it
without a horn.
I'll see what I can do.
That's a good one!
I'll throw it in, too.
How much
does the taxi cost?
600 francs.
I could buy a cow
for that.
With a horn throw in?
But I haven't got
that much money.
How much have you got?
Thank you!
Oh, thank you very much!
That's a great sacrifice
for you, isn't it?
I'm like that.
Come into the office,
and I'll make out the papers.
And I'll bring you the money
on Sunday
When I come for the taxi.
Right you are.
Suits me.
Let's see,
the date - the 10th.
Could I use the telephone,
What are you doing?
You've got to
take the receiver off.
How -
how many times you -
You see,
we don't use the telephone much
In the country.
What number do you want?
47 boulevard edelweiss.
That's not a number.
Oh, yes it is.
And I want to talk to paul.
He's working for mr. Wagner.
I'll get it for you.
Wagner. Wagner.
47 boulevard edelweiss.
This is katerina!
Shh! Be quiet!
There's someone asleep here!
Don't you know
how to use a phone?
I never tried before.
Who do you want
to speak to?
Paul, the chauffeur.
Hello. Is paul there?
The chauffeur?
Here you are.
Hello! Hello!
Hello, hello, hello!
What's going on in here?
You took the words
right out of my mouth.
Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
But she's on the phone.
Miss rosalind?
No, sir.
Probably wants
to talk to me.
Hello! Hello!
This is katerina!
Not so loud.
But he's so far away.
Hello! Hello!
This is katerina!
I'll talk to him.
Is this paul?
What do you want me
to say?
Tell him
I have a surprise.
She has a surprise.
What did he say?
He said, "what?"
Oh, I won't tell him
till I see him.
Ask him if he's glad.
Are you glad?
What did he say?
He said,
"yes, he's glad. "
Very glad?
Very glad?
Very glad.
Yes, very glad.
Tell him to meet me on Sunday
at 4:00, near his house.
She wants to meet you Sunday
at 4:00, near your house.
All right.
Sunday at 4:00.
Here's something that came
for you while you was busy.
I just remembered it.
For me?
A letter?
A chauffeur brought it.
He said to tell you
it was from paul.
From paul?
You don't have to
hide it.
I ain't interested
in other people's business.
I got troubles of my own
to worry about.
Pardon me, please.
I- I wanted to see paul.
P- paul.
Oh, I'm afraid paul is not here.
Are you
the... New chauffeur?
Uh, yes. Yes, I am.
Do you know where he is?
I- I have a taxi for him.
A what?
I bought him a taxi.
He lost his job
on account of me.
Oh, I say, well,
that's too bad.
Don't you know
where he is?
Don't you know
where he went?
Didn't he leave
an address or anything?
I- I really couldn't say.
But he promised.
He - he promised
to meet me at 4:00.
Well, it's not very late.
Perhaps he'll still come.
Perhaps he'll...
Still come.
Thank you.
I can't understand it.
Didn't you deliver my letter?
Oh, yes. I did, sir.
And the cook said she'd
give it to her immediately.
I see.
let me have your uniform.
what have you done?
I wanted to surprise you.
You were discharged,
so I - I bought you this taxi.
Ohh. Paul.
It doesn't go quite as well
as I thought it would.
Well, it's doing beautifully.
After all, it's an antique.
Oh, paul.
Now you're joking.
It isn't
more than a 100 years old.
Go away! Go away!
I'm afraid
my taxi isn't very good.
Shh! You see?
You hurt its feelings.
But it will go fast!
I want it!
Of course.
But this way you get a chance
to look at the countryside.
Tell me, katerina.
Why did you buy me the taxi?
So you wouldn't have to worry
about getting a new job.
Yeah, but you spent
all your savings, didn't you?
don't worry about that.
what about the cow?
When you've made a lot of money
with your taxi,
You can pay me back,
and then we can buy a cow.
I wrote you a letter.
Didn't you get it?
Oh, yes, I did.
I keep it with me all the time.
Haven't you anything to say
about it?
Yes. Oh, yes.
You, uh,
you write very nicely.
read it aloud to me.
Katerina, dear.
You can't read, can you?
Well, it's -
it's nothing to be ashamed of.
I- I know everything about fields
and trees and the country,
But I never had time
to learn how to read.
But I will, paul.
I will learn everything.
I want to be a real lady.
You are already, katerina.
Read me the letter,
"I love you very much,
"you're the nicest girl
I've ever known.
Your own, paul. "
That's what I wrote.
Oh, the letter!
It's my letter.
It doesn't matter now,
I'd rather you just
remember the words.
Yes, paul.
I'll always remember.
Oh, thank heavens you're back,
The gentleman's been waiting
two hours to see you, sir.
I didn't know
where to reach you.
He's in there, sir.
Well, mr. Brown.
This is a surprise.
Oh, excuse the costume.
Oh, that's all right.
It suits you very well.
Mr. Brown, if you have come here
to insult me -
I wish I knew how.
Sit down.
what can I do for you?
My daughter
is making my life miserable.
She won't talk to me.
I can't speak to her.
She's treating me exactly as if
I were a step-father.
She locked herself in her room.
She won't eat.
And she cried
all last night.
That's why
I had to come to you.
Well, you've got what you want.
I give my consent.
You can marry my daughter
if it will make her happy.
But -
I'm an old man.
my mind is slipping.
But, mr. Brown -
I don't want any thanks
from you.
You know
exactly what I think about you.
I consider you
a light-headed, dissolute,
Frivolous, spendthrift,
In fact,
you're exactly the opposite
Of what I had always hoped for
in a son-in-law.
Well, if that's
what you think of me,
I have no intention of -
It's my daughter
you're marrying, not me.
But you'll be
my father-in-law.
I've done everything in my power
to prevent this tragedy,
But now I am defeated.
Anything for a little peace
and quiet.
Yes, but -
So if you will just
come to my house Friday
At say about 9:00
in the evening,
I'll have a few friends in
and announce the engagemenent.
It may be that I am mistaken
about you.
It's just barely possible.
It gives me great pleasure
to announce
The engagement
of my daughter rosalind.
Well, mr. Brown.
My sincerest congrat-
Quiet, pumpfel.
...Engagement of my daughter
rosalind to mr. Paul wagner.
Mr. Wagner has long been
a resident of this -
Well, why aren't you
taking it down, pumpfel?
Mr. Brown, I feel that
there is something -
Now, don't interrupt -
now I've lost where I was.
Read it back to me,
But it's about a picture.
A picture that
I feel you should, uh -
Oh, of course.
I'd almost forgotten.
Have a picture of miss rosalind
sent to the press
Along with
the announcement.
And see if you can dig one up
of mr. Wagner, too.
I have one right here, sir.
That's why I was so persistent.
Well, my, pumpfel,
that was smart of you, my boy.
Very keen.
Mr. Brown, I think you
should take a look at it, sir.
Who are these people.
Why, the girl is katerina,
our scullery maid.
Yes? Yes?
And the gentleman, as you see,
is mr. Wagner.
Mr. Wagner?
What makes you think so,
I took it myself, sir.
Well, I wish you were a little
better at likenesses, pumpfel.
Are you sure?
I saw them with my own eyes.
How? Where?
Outside his house.
I was keeping an eye
on mr. Wagner
At your own suggestion.
Well, this works out perfectly.
Nothing could be better.
How much am I paying you,
600 francs, sir.
Well, that's enough.
You're not katerina,
are you?
No, sir.
My name's euphasia.
That's her.
That's katerina.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
Are you katerina?
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
Come with me.
Come along.
Come along.
Yes, sir.
What have you got there?
Just my shoes, sir.
Your shoes?
Well, what's the matter?
They belong on your feet.
Yes, sir.
are they too big for you?
Why don't you get yourself
some decent shoes?
I have another pair, sir,
but they are for sundays.
Oh, no, no, sir.
They are too -
too elegant to work in.
Tell me, do you know
a gentntntman named mr. Wagner?
Yes, I do, sir.
f- f-fantastic.
He is, uh,
his chauffeur is my fianc.
His chauffeur?
Yes, sir.
Is that who
you were out with?
Yes, sir.
We went driving
in an automobile.
Oh, pumpfel!
Excuse me, sir?
Nothing, nothing.
Yes, sir.
Uh, tell me, katerina.
Yes, sir.
Does he look anything like
mr. Wagner?
Oh, no, sir.
He's very handsome.
Would you - would you like
to see his picture?
We had it taken together
at the fair.
No, no.
Yes, yes.
I would very much like
to see it.
Did I understand you
to say
That you are actually
going to marry this man?
Yes, sir.
It's all arranged,
at least almost.
Oh, please, please,
please, sir.
Katerina, how would you like
to get out of the kitchen?
Out of the kitchen?
You're far too attractive
for below stairs.
You ought to be
a parlor maid.
What do you say?
Out of the kitchen.
Parlor maid.
you'll get more money
And a different outfit
and some nice shoes to work in.
Nice shoes to work in.
Wow... I-I thank -
thank you, sir.
Thank you.
I just don't quite understand.
Well, I don't altogether
understand myself.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Oh! Sorry!
what are you doing here?
Nothing. Nothing,
oh, I-I am just leaving.
Just what's going on
in this house?
Going on?
What do you mean?
I just saw pumpfel,
And he was so jittery
he could hardly speak,
And I'm wondering why
you so suddenly gave in to me.
Well, my dear, I've always tried
to be a good father to you.
And now that
I've made you happy,
I want to tell you
that I'm happy, too.
So happy
that I fe-feel like laughing.
Oh, rosalind,
you lucky girl.
my dear mrs. Delsarte.
Delighted to see you.
Thank you.
Tell me,
which is mr. Wagner?
Mr. Wagner?
Mr. Wagner?
Yes, we're all
so fond of rosalind
That we're just crazy
to get a look at the bridegroom.
Yes, of course, my fianc -
I mean, my son-in-law.
Yes, well,
he'll be here any moment now.
Just make yourself
right at home.
Thank you so much.
Did you say
"any moment"?
Of course, my dear,
of course.
Unless you forgot
to send him an invitation.
Yes. Nonsense.
I remember distinct-
What are you talking about?
He's your son-in-law.
He's the bridegroom,
isn't he?
Now, he'll be here, rosalind.
He'll be here.
I hope so.
I hope so, too.
Everything ready?
Yes, mr. Pumpfel.
Everything is ready, sir.
Now we'll try it my way.
We've been trying it your way
for hours.
Crme de menthe?
Char- wh-
Just one moment.
Hold that.
What - what is that?
A present! Oh!
Oh, no! No, no!
You mustn't!
It's mine!
Oh, well, take it.
But don't put that thing on!
Now, then.
We'll try it just once more.
Come along.
Put it in your pocket.
I don't care where you put it.
Put it away.
That's it.
Now, come on.
crme de menthe...
Cointreau, crme de menthe,
cognac, wh-
It's no good.
Start it all over again.
Oh, dear.
Crme de menthe.
Cognac. Whi-
And you are not
calling the cows!
Nor are you
announcing trains?
Oh, now watch me,
just once more.
cointreau, sir?
Crme de menthe, madame?
Chartreuse? Bndictine?
Or would you prefer whiskey?
There you are.
That's the way to do it.
Now, we will try it
just once more.
Come on.
Crme de menthe.
Oh, it's impossible.
She'll never do.
Whiskey, whiskey.
Crme de menthe.
Cognac. Whi-
Oh, come on.
Girls, come on.
We've got to get ready.
Come along.
Oh, oh.
Good night, mr. Brown.
Good night.
Oh, no, no.
You mustn't go now.
I'm afraid we must.
Oh, but the main event -
I mean, the evening has just -
Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown.
Welcome, welcome!
Paul, I'm delighted.
This is an occasion.
I must speak to rosalind.
Where is she?
Naturally, my boy.
I'll take you to her.
So nice of you to come.
I have to talk to you.
I hope we haven't
inconvenienced you in any way.
Please, rosalind.
I have something
on my conscience.
I didn't know
you had one.
Right here,
my child.
You see, rosalind.
Liqueur, my dear fellow.
Oh, I forgot.
You two
know each other.
No, I-
I don't know this...
But katerina,
you told me -
There must be some mistake,
mr. Brown.
The man I knew
was mr. Wagner's chauffeur.
Crme de menthe.
I'm sorry, rosalind.
Katerina. Katerina.
I wanted to tell you, but -
I want to explain.
I tried to, long ago.
Go away.
I don't want
to see you again.
Ever again.
Paul: Katerina.
Please open the door.
I must talk to you, katerina.
Ooh, it would have been
all so simple
If you'd only told me
pumpfel had seen them,
But no,
you had to play silly games
And humiliate me
in front of people.
But rosalind,
I did it for your own good
Just to let you see.
Could I please
speak to rosalind - alone?
You don't mind,
do you, father?
Just as you say,
my dear.
It's hard to know
how to begin.
It really isn't
at all necessary.
If you could only
that's not difficult.
Your taste has a rather
wide range, that's all.
I did take katerina out,
But it was only
in order to get to see you.
And then somehow -
Shall I let you in
on a secret?
You don't have to
worry about me a bit.
I'm even a little relieved.
Well, I hope
this won't hurt you too much,
But as a matter of fact,
I never did know till now
Whether you meant anything
to me,
Or whether I was merely trying
to win out against father.
But I thought -
Hysterical women
are always a nuisance.
You ought to be
somewhat relieved yourself.
And I wish katerina
all the luck in the world.
Thanks, rosalind.
Where's katerina?
I don't know.
Have you seen her?
No, sir.
Don't you know
where she is?
Yes, sir,
the last time I saw her,
I think
she went out that way.
I- I want a ticket to gremichau.
I never heard of it.
I was born there.
I still never heard of it.
Would you like to go
some other place?
I want to go to gremichau.
It's near interlaken.
Well, why didn't you say so
in the first place?
Now, here's your ticket
to interlaken.
From there,
you can pick up a bus.
When's the next train?
Tomorrow morning
at 7:00.
7:00? Not before?
It's the first train out.
Six francs, please.
You can sleep
in the waiting room.
It's not bad.
Thank you.
I want you to find
a missing person.
All right.
How long's
he been gone?
It's a girl.
I've got to locate her.
Date of disappearance?
An hour ago.
Well, five minutes...
I'm not sure.
Well, I thought you said
she was missing.
She is.
Well, I've got to locate her.
Let me have a couple
of detectives, will you?
What's she done?
She hasn't done anything.
I've done it.
I've done it all.
I'm very sorry, sir,
But we can't just pick up
anybody without a warrant,
Without even a charge.
What do you mean?
You have to have a charge?
Well, naturally.
There was a brooch,
A gold brooch
with a number of large stones.
She has it with her.
That's different -
She took it from you?
That is, she...
She took it from me.
Katerina what?
Katerina -
She was about
five feet tall.
She's young, pretty, blond,
carrying a bag.
She's dressed
in sort of -
Well, how do I know
how she was dressed?
Full name, please.
I don't even know that.
The police! The police!
The police!
What's this?
What's your name?
Katerina linz.
Huh, katerina.
That part checks.
Blond, young,
pretty, suitcase.
Come along, young lady.
I- I'll miss my train.
I've been waiting
all night.
There you are.
It all fits perfectly.
Come along.
Don't seem to be here,
Try the linings
and all the pockets.
Yes, sir.
Wh-what are you
looking for?
As if you didn't know.
What's this, anyway?
That's my music-
no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, now. Come on.
What have you done with it?
I... I don't know
what you mean.
Oh, you know, all right.
The brooch you took
from mr. Wagner,
With all the diamonds.
My... My present?
Hm. Imagine anyone stealing
a thing like that.
Paul: Katerina!
I almost went crazy.
I didn't know
how to trace you or anything,
So I had to
use the police.
So you had to use the police,
Well, maybe the police
can use you.
Now, now.
Everything can be arranged.
My card.
By the way, you haven't
really met, have you?
Meet my fiance.
Miss katerina... Miss katerina...
The name is "linz. "
thank you very much.
You see,
it doesn't matter now.
The name's
going to be changed anyway.
Good day.
This isn't right.
We are not
right for each other.
Oh, that's not true!
I don't want
a gentleman.
I'm not a gentleman.
But you are.
I'm just the same
as you.
The clothes
don't make any difference.
Look into my eyes.
Not anymore.
I found out those eyes
don't tell the truth.
Yes, but they do.
They've always told the truth,
only I didn't know it.
Where do you think you are?
Get out of here!