The Girl in Black Stockings (1957) Movie Script

You breathing this hard
because of me or the altitude?
Well, it could be because I love
being held in your arms.
Then again, it could be the altitude.
Maybe I should have kept that date
with Marcia Morgan tonight.
I'm glad I didn't.
It's not fair saying things like that.
You know they were telling me
I was due for the psychiatrist couch...
...and to get out of town.
It was one of the best things
that ever happened to me.
I think they had you in mind.
If it had to be anywhere, anybody,
I'm awfully glad it was me.
Like a cigarette?
No thanks,
I don't smoke.
You know,
I was just thinking...
Los Angeles...
grey flannel suit...
Career courts, briefs,
files, grand juries...
Suddenly they seem to
have gone out of my life.
Suddenly they seem
500 years away...
...instead of 500 miles.
Kanab, Utah.
How did I get here, Beth?
Just got in your car
and started driving...
...didn't care where
it took you.
You know, I might
get to like that car.
- What is it?
- Over there!
- What is it?
- Let's see!
It's Marcia Morgan.
At least, I think it is.
What happened? Who yelled?
What's going on here?
- Get the sheriff!
- Why? What for?
Stay where you are!
Get sheriff, will you!
Sure, I'll get him.
Hate pulling you out of bed
for this, Ben...
...but we have to hold
an official inquest.
The boys at Saint Lake
will be hollering for a report.
Nothing's never happened here
like this before..
I'm only used to
marrying people...
...and burying them
from old age.
You won't, this one.
Amos, must you aim that thing
so close?
I'm sorry, Jess.
Hello Ben.
It's all yours, Doc.
Let's get it over with.
George, would you
put the light down?
Yes, Jess.
Amos, will you please...!
Go ahead, Doc.
A real psychopath.
Knife-cut across the throat...
Severed jugular vein, here.
Too quick for her to cry out.
Must have stood
in front of her, to do it.
No stranger, then?
I'd say no.
Cross-slashes across the eyes
and the lips.
There's mutilation here...
Must be 8, 10 or 12 cuts.
This portion of her body...
...the same frenzied pattern
of disfigurement.
Even on the legs.
Criminal assault?
I can't tell, here...
I'd have to get her to
a hospital, and run a test.
- Anything else, Doc?
- No, that's all.
You got any questions, Ben?
- You satisfied with what happened?
- Yeah.
That makes it official.
The inquest's over.
It may be just started, Jess.
There are case histories
in the textbooks...
...on the type who did this.
They don't stop
with just one.
It puts you a step closer
to placing my king in jeopardy.
Why do you ponder the sacrifice
of a mere pawn?
I asked myself about that sacrifice,
Edmund, the risks involved.
Who or what is really
important, Edmund?
What does one wish
to hold onto?
What is there in this world,
worth holding onto.
Julia, you leave yourself vulnerable.
My knight will sweep down
on your queen...
...slaughter her...
...and tear her to bits.
It's getting late.
I wish I could stop
thinking about tomorrow.
I wish we could
push it back 100 years.
You'll be needing all your strength,
too, darling.
I have my strength.
I'm not some mewling infant who's tired
of playing with his toes.
Please get me a brandy, Julia.
Why did she have to stay?
Why didn't she
just pack up and go?
It's over now.
She can't hurt anyone, anymore.
She was poison...
Like a disease.
I've crushed all life
out of you, haven't I?
I do not know why
you make such a sacrifice...
...for a mere brother.
Do not talk that way, Edmund.
It hasn't been
that way at all.
Oh, it has.
You scratch my ear,
when it itches.
You blow my nose,
feed me the food I eat.
All the accomplishments
of a wet nurse.
Not many women
have mastered the art...
...of blowing a man's nose properly,
like meat.
As a matter of fact,
my nose needs blowing, right now.
Must be our "protector
of the innocent."
Make certain
he wipes his feet first!
- Hello!
- Hello, Jess.
Yes, I know.
Wipe my feet first.
Come on in.
Evening, Holmes.
Be brief and to the point.
Folks around, say I couldn't
talk less, if I'd been dead.
It's a consummation
devoutly to be reached.
I'll vote for it
at the next election.
That's next November,
this is now.
I got a job to do.
I don't like it,
but I gotta do it.
A girl was slaughtered and cut up
like a side of beef tonight.
I must say, the man-eating
witch deserved it...
but she might have chosen
some messy public place...
The caravan camp
at Zion National Park...
- or Bryce Canyon.
- Please, Edmund!
But she didn't.
She was checked in at your place.
Someone crazy's
on the loose...
...and until I find out who,
you've got some guests who stay put.
Very nice of you...
to take over.
I got no choice, Ed.
There's your staff...
there's you...
there's Julia...
I think you'd better
get out of here.
When I'm finished, Ed!
Julia, did you go out anywhere
near Three Lakes tonight?
Yes, I did... I guess...
...everyone from The Lodge
was there...
I drove a couple
of guests out, myself.
Did you stay?
Well, not for long.
We'd given Beth the night off...
Joe was here, fixing
Edmund his supper.
I came back because I didn't
want to leave him alone.
You're not unhappy
about the dead girl?
Romance, on the gold standard.
A common creature whose
every word, every breath...
...every gesture was the show
of an empty, shallow promise.
Miss Morgan was an example
of completely justifiable homicide...
Is that an opinion,
or a confession, Ed?
All these years I would have given
anything to use a knife... get back the use of...
...just the one finger.
Very clever.
Now I think it's time
for you to go... Sheriff.
- I'm sorry.
- It's alright, Jess. I'll get it.
Good night.
No, that's alright.
Thank you, Julia.
Did you find anything?
Try down around the draw.
Anything yet, Hib?
More beer cans.
Nothing that looks
like a knife, Jess.
Well, keep lookin'.
Go under again, boys.
Any doctor who'd suggest this...
...must have got his medical
training in an aquarium.
Give it a chance, Edmund!
We haven't tried
water therapy before.
If you don't mind my saying,
it's one of the best ways...
I do mind your saying!
There's always hope.
You must remember that, Mr Parry.
I've had enough.
Lift me out.
Next, they'll be putting
plastic ducks in here...
...and have me pushing them around
with the end of my nose.
You've only been in
half an hour and the doctor said...
I said I want to get out!
Would you please help us
with him, Mr Hewson?
Where's Joe?
Why isn't Joe here?
All right, Mr Parry,
I've got you.
Here, wait a minute.
Mr Hewson!
I want to see you!
- Good morning, Julia!
- Good morning, Jess.
Good morning Ed!
I've been looking for you.
Got a few questions,
I'd like to ask.
I'm a man of few secrets,
My family helped
to settle this town...
..and I've sweated life's blood
to make this place a success.
I have an obligation and
responsibility to my guests.
And I'll not have you come with your
cheap 3rd-degree police methods...
...and drag it all
through the mud.
You had a date
with the murdered girl last night.
You get around.
Mr Hewson was
with me last night.
I don't have to know what
I already know, Miss Dixon.
You could have seen her earlier.
That's right, I could've.
We'd been sitting around the pool,
having a few drinks.
She got a little high...
started acting cute.
I saw through the window.
She was all keyed up... if he were a mink coat
she wanted to try on.
There are certain kinds of cute,
you can't act in public.
Hers was one of them.
I could have met her later
at Three Lakes.
Then when the drinks wore off...
..and she maybe didn't want
to act cute any more....
...I got mad, and killed her.
Came back, picked Miss Dixon up...
...and took her to the dance.
just like nothing had happened.
What better alibi
can you have...
...if you're the one
who discovers the body?
You make it sound convincing.
I knew you'd like it."
If I were prosecuting, I could
make a big case out of this.
The only trouble is, I'd lose.
You see, it was all Marcia's idea
to have the date.
I never showed.
Prove it?
There are two sides
to the law, Sheriff.
The burden of proof
is as much up to you.
Holmes prove anything?!
Don't push me too far, Ed.
He's upset, Jess.
He doesn't mean it.
Somebody showed last night...
...and even one murder is too high
an average in a small town like ours.
This is the first time
in my life...
...I ever worried about
having pretty girls around.
Maybe lots of things have got
to be proved before this is over.
Are you Parry?
They told me the one
in the wheelchair.
I wanted to check in...
...but the babe in the lobby
said you were were full up.
Is that right?
There must be a mistake,
number 29 is vacant.
Follow me please.
Do you plan on
staying long, Mr...?
Joseph Felton.
A couple of days, maybe.
Maybe more, maybe less.
They ought keep stuff like that
under lock and key, Sheriff.
It takes only one little murder
like this and... bang...
Puts new life in the town.
You get yourself
a reputation overnight.
That is 29.
I'll show you where it is.
Go on eating...
Don't mind me.
Sit down.
You can bring a a cup of coffee
for me, Sally?
I thought I'd join Miss Ames
and Mr Grant here.
You two go up to to Three Lakes
together last night?
Well, not exactly.
My agent brought
this script up to me.
I had to read it right away...
Let him know if I'd accept the part.
I joined Harriet later.
Thank you, Sally.
I haven't seen you...
Thank you.
I haven't seen you in a picture
in a long time, Mr Grant.
An actor has to be careful
of the parts he plays.
He must watch...
Have to get them first,
too, I imagine.
I remember...
...another girl and myself...
...standing outside a studio a whole
afternoon one day, after school... the rain...
...just to get
Norman's autograph.
You've got one loyal friend,
Mr Grant.
Success happens sometimes,
too quickly.
And overnight there can be
too many many Harriets.
Like too many drinks...
they go to your head.
Then... too many mistakes.
And when they stop asking
for your autograph...'re the forgotten man.
But it won't always be that way,
Norman, it won't!
This part they want you for...
I came here to get
back into shape.
To give up drinking.
To bury my past.
Meeting Harriet helped restore
the faith I'd lost in myself.
What is wrong with you
and Marcia Morgan, Mr Grant?
What about us?
- Know her?
- Know her?
Well, yes, I met her when she was
up here, making that picture.
Please, Sheriff, I can't get
mixed up in this, not now!
That would scare every producer
of Hollywood off me.
Are you sure that's
the only reason you're worried?
Alright Joe, take it easy, now!
I'll get back to you, later.
By the way...
You and that young lady drove here
together... Louise Miles...
Do you both work
in Los Angeles?
That's right,
We room together.
She's at the telephone company.
I do professional modeling.
As long as you're here,
stay close to The Lodge.
No wandering off,
alone at night.
Come on, Joe!
What happened?
We found him running like
crazy up to Nattie Hogarth's.
He was waving this.
Hold on.
Bring him along!
They picked him up with this.
This knife is from our kitchen.
Joe, you killed a
woman with this?
Well, did you?
Kill woman?
I find knife.
I go in hills and kill rabbit.
I think I kill rabbit.
Maybe woman.
I get drunk.
I hate woman.
Her woman.
He's crazy!
Lock him up, Fred.
Got him?
Take the knife over to Doc Aiken,
I want to know if it's human blood.
I'll be over later.
Joe gets wild
when he drinks.
He imagines things.
Has a mental blackout.
That was no mental blackout
just now, when he saw Beth.
Joe meant no real harm.
He used to relieve Julia
taking care of me...
...before Beth came
to work with us.
He gets a little jealous
now and again.
A common enough
human trait.
He stumbled on the knife,
accidentally, I'm sure.
Too bad if that destroys
a good solution, eh, sheriff?
Like the man who sliced
his wife up into 52 thin pieces.
He thought she was a deck
of playing cards.
Who's to say he didn't
come across Marcia...
...and think she was Beth?
Maybe he'll make
less sense, sober.
We're not dealing with an ordinary killer
committing an ordinary crime.
None of the accepted motives
are involved.
No revenge, money,
nor self-defense.
No premeditation here.
This killer is different.
On the outside he's calm, normal,
perfectly adjusted.
But on the inside... the mind...
thought pressures are boiling.
When they reach a peak of intensity,
the brain explodes.
The madness escapes...
And then it's over.
The flame dies down...
...and the fire goes out.
Until the next time.
- Miss Miles...!
- Yes?
I want to talk to you
for a minute.
Mind my poking
a few questions at you?
I'm going over to the "Pink Poodle"
to change into my own clothes.
No, but...
You and Frankie Pierce...
Is that a question or a statement?
That's up to you.
Past tense.
So is Marcia Morgan.
So there might be
a lesson to it.
Frankie stand you up
last night?
Don't ask me, sheriff,
Ask Frankie.
Would you take the board, please?
Did you notice if Edmund
was alright on your way in?
Yes. He's still by the pool.
He's alright.
Parry's Lodge.
Julia placed a call for
a Mr Joseph Felton in...
Alright Verda,
you can put the call through.
Who's that?
Hello, Mr Prentiss?
This is Felton.
Yeah, I'm in Kanab.
A place in Utah.
Big tourist hangout.
I came passing through
this morning.
It's a town of
around 1,200 people.
Only, they're down to 1,199.
One of them died last night,
a dame.
Someone got nervous
with a knife.
yeah, don't worry,
I'm sticking.
Maybe I'll find I got my nose
into something.
I'd like to smell around a little,
before I got talking to the sheriff.
I'll get back to you
tomorrow morning.
OK. Bye.
Mr Felton.
Well, the big boss!
Nice layout...
Ought to have a slogan.
"Stay with Parry."
I should like some fresh tea,
Mr Felton.
Thanks for asking.
You start in training for the nightlife
very early, don't you?
I've been travelling so much,
I forgot to set my watch back.
I'm still on Eastern Standard Time,
3 hours ahead..
Cocktail hour. I'm not one
for tampering with the Lord's time.
Your conscience must
love you for that.
Just why are you here,
Mr Felton?
Hanging around
for the next murder.
You talk... look...
...and smell just like an animal
out of a city jungle.
And all the time I could've sworn
it didn't show.
The same.
Piling them in heavy tonight,
aren't you, Frankie?
Are you in mourning?
Fix the drink and shut up!
Now, now, Frankie!
That's no way to talk.
Stacked like a...
you know what.
She'd pull up to the bar...
She'd say...
Mike, never let my ice
melt in an empty glass.
Then, she'd get out there
on that dance floor...
...and really fry eggs!
Shut up, Mike...
Just shut up!
Not so touchy, boy.
Beer, Mike.
That job you got for the summer,
over at the lumber mill...
That's not all you work at,
is it, Frankie?
You grew yourself a pair of
sharp horns, since you hit Kanab.
Big muscle boy.
Yes, I guess you'd go
to any girl's head.
I guess you might say, you'd
even get them fightin' over you...
Get 'em maybe even real mad.
You take that one over at The Lodge,
that Louise Miles girl...
I had a word or two with her,
earlier this afternoon.
That is, she did
most of the saying.
And it's just what saying
she didn't do.
Like how she might still have been
stood-up at the dance...
...even with you there.
Like how she was running 2nd best
after Marcia, all the time.
I imagine, it would be
an awful jolt...
...for someone, having
made a date with Marcia...
...going to meet her, and finding her
already dead.... she was.
It'd scare the pants
right tight on me.
See you, Mike.
The law's up late tonight.
Working or playing?
- I'm going
- Like a nightcap?
Another time, thanks.
Whatever you're having.
Two Scotches, please.
Just enough ice to chill it,
and a twist of lemon peel.
How do two people start out
as we did?
And then get so lost.
So many things seem to have
gotten in the way...
The worst part of it is,
I don't think it's stopped.
Well, enough of that...
Let's talk about us!
To us.
That's much better.
What happened to the dance
I promised you?
You know I'm rare?
I'm one of the last
of a dying breed.
You are?
An unmarried man.
Not just "oh"...
Just too busy.
Aside from women.
What about women?
They're sometimes like a cop...
Never around
when you need 'em.
Not bitter or distrustful?
What do you trust?
I'd like to trust YOU.
Please, David, could we go?
Lousy night for lovers,
eh, Jack?
Look at that funny man.
They're gonna have to start
raising taxes to build a morgue.
Are you sure he just drowned?
The lungs swimming
in water...
No outward signs of violence
or physical injury.
If you want a full autopsy...
No, leave him be.
Might as well keep him
at your place, Ben.
No embalming no nothing,
till I find out more about him.
Wouldn't have to do
too much to him, anyway.
I'm so for the start
of a nice suntan.
Well, here's all
his personal stuff.
Sorry I didn't get a chance
to run those tests...
...on the girls and the knife,
sooner, Jess.
I had my hands full with 2 babies,
till just this morning.
That's alright, Doc.
No rules for anything, anymore.
Can't set a time
for getting born...
...anymore than dying.
I'll see you later.
I should like a cigarette.
Oh, no, one of mine...
a king-size.
They smoke longer.
One has to learn
to live with oneself.
Sometimes it takes
a bit of doing.
No, no, in the holder.
You will have to do
your own puffing.
Who do you think
did it, Hewson?
Well, Holmes has a long list.
We're all on it.
You are a lawyer.
I watched you react.
Studying faces, probing...
Which were you...
a prosecuting attorney?
Or the attorney
for the defense?
If you were on trial...
...which would you
want me to be?
Yes, I told you once.
No, no,
nobody's been arrested yet.
Yes, we swore in
plenty of deputies.
They're out patrolling
the whole town.
No, we're not letting
children out nights.
Yes, we're doing everything we can
to protect our women.
Maybe there is more to say,
but that's all I'm gonna say
Yep, sure.
Call me any time...
I don't mind at all.
If any more of those newspaper fellows
from Los Angeles or Salt Lake... lookin' for me... have trouble
finding me. Understand?
OK... thanks.
- Well?
- He didn't eat a bit.
Almost passed out,
watching me eat my lunch.
Boss, many hammers
In my head.
Make big noise.
Keep drinking that stuff,
you'll have a hole in your head.
Now you listen to me, Joe.
Try to think.
What do you mean by a dim shape
you saw down by Three Lakes...
before you find the knife?
Was it something different?
I don't know.
Animal maybe. I think.
Then I go kill rabbit with knife.
That knife had human blood on it, Joe.
You didn't kill rabbits.
You did not kill anything.
We know you were drinking yourself
into seeing things... the Bar Peaches, at the time
when the girl was killed
But you could have seen
something afterwards.
Maybe you give me drink.
I get drunk again.
Maybe then I remember what I forgot,
when I get drunk last night.
Maybe you stay put
until you make sense.
Water is all you get.
Water makes me very sick.
Verda... what was the name
of that fellow you said...
...this Felton called in Pittsburgh?
Harry Prentiss.
Do you want the number?
It's Thackeray 04875.
no matter what time, day or night...
If a call from the police department
of Pittsburgh comes through...
..find me, will you?
And... Verda... no listening, uh?
Never a dull moment, eh, Sheriff?
Do something for you?
I'm sorry, I forgot
I'm still a suspect.
Hot or cold?
Sit down.
You did a pretty good speech yesterday.
You're a pretty smart lawyer.
Maybe you're looking for
a client to defend?
Thanks I came here
to get away from that.
Someone's going to need
a good lawyer.
I think maybe I can
let my hair down with you.
This being the law, can get one
feeling pretty lonely at times.
I guess maybe I got a yen
to have somebody to talk to.
Yes, maybe you're
human after all, sheriff.
It wasn't Joe...
...but he thinks
he saw something.
I'm keeping him here...
...because I don't want him remembering,
somewhere on the loose...
...and getting drunk and forgetting.
This Felton...
I never would have taken him
for a private detective.
So that's was he was, eh.
Too bad he never learned to swim.
Don't think it would have helped.
Tell me about Parry, Sheriff.
What happened to him?
There were lots of stories.
Everyone tells it different.
The one told most...
is about a girl.
Goes back 10 maybe 12 years ago.
Not here.
Some place back east.
Folks get married...
Something happens, next thing
she runs off with another fellow...
...and left Parry with
a broken arrow in his heart.
It is not a very different
kind of story...
...but Parry, is a very different
kind of man.
Went to move his hands
next morning...
Couldn't lift a finger.
He's been that way ever since.
Been to doctors, all over...
Nothing they could do for him.
I'm not a psychiatrist,
but who knows?
The shock of losing her
might have been too great for him.
He might be trying to turn this
into an escape hatch.
A way of punishing himself...
for not being able to hold onto her...
...have her for himself.
His way of burying the hurt
and shame of his pride.
I don't know about that...
...but I do know he's got a mean streak
in him when it comes to women.
Maybe not Julia.
She's been everything to him,
but a wife.
What happens if another woman
comes into his life?
Takes him away
from his sister?
I think I'd be the sorriest man alive...
...having to come in with proof
of what you're thinking.
You and Julia grew up in this town,
together, didn't you?
You'd better get going.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to get personal.
Verda, if you need me...
I'm going across to Fredonia...
I'll be at the lumber mill.
I'm going to see Frankie.
I got a hunch
he met the girl that night.
He found her dead.
He's been scared speechless,
ever since...
Thinking if he told us...
...we'd never believe
he didn't kill her.
Fact is, the doctor says
there was no criminal assault.
Boy, he don't know
how lucky he is.
Want to take a ride?
Thanks. I've got a case
of my own to think about.
I was beginning
to wonder about us...
...and last night.
As a matter of fact, I came here
to consult my lawyer.
To find out what he had to say.
This phone message
came for you.
Able to postpone hearing
Gray versus Gray.
Urgent you return immediately.
And take advantage of time
to prepare case. Douglas.
Julia thought that you
might have ridden this way.
She thought that maybe
you'd need this as soon as possible.
I hate goodbyes.
It didn't seem that way
last night.
Seemed to me that's what
you were trying to say.
It wasn't that at all, David.
What was it then?
David, why don't you leave?
Because maybe I don't
want to leave without you.
Maybe I got to thinking
what I said about....
...being the last
of the dying breed.
I don't want to die
that way anymore.
Oh, David!
Alright, Beth.
I knew I'd have to
tell you sooner or later...
I just didn't know
what words to use.
David, I've been married before.
I was very young, very immature
and very inexperienced.
Things happened that made me
feel such a horrible shame.
I was very unhappy,
I had to leave him.
Later, I felt that
our relationship...
...made me unfit
to marry any other man.
I had to get away.
I went from place to place.
Finally, Mr Parry gave me
this job.
I began to think more clearly...
...and then you showed up.
And then I showed up.
David, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Only, I'm sorry I didn't
show up sooner...
...before you got hurt.
Frankie, look out!
Poor Frankie.
And all the big men
scared out.
Well, this is delightful.
A sad and mournful dinner,
and now a livelier wake.
I for one, shall drink
to Frankie.
A bright hot flame... a cold, dark world.
I shall miss him.
I shall miss also the beating
of female wings...
...of the moths
trying to fly through that flame.
A pity that the flame
was blown out too soon.
Poor singed moth.
My drink, Julia.
Come now...
No one drinking?
Isn't very warm
or brotherly.
Besides, with the rapidity with which
our Sheriff is solving matters...
...we should live dangerously...
...before the murderer has us
all nicely chopped up and put away.
I cannot play chess.
I'm having a wonderful time.
You know something?
If we hadn't come here...
...I never would be having
such a wonderful time!
Isn't that right, Louise?
And because I'm having
such a wonderful time...
I want to thank you for
having a wonderful time.
I want to thank you for
having such a wonderful time.
Thank you for
my wonderful time.
I got lipstick on you!
- Let me wipe it...
- I'll do it, thanks!
I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to upset you.
I only wanted to thank you
for my wonderful time.
I think Mr Parry understands,
Harriet, come on.
Come on.
- I just wanted to say thank him.
- Come on.
Greedy and primitive.
There is no more art or cunning...
...than one prehistoric animal
creeping upon another.
Well, it was a nice party.
One consolation.
In nature's plan for
the survival of the fittest...
...creatures like that
will one day be as extinct... a dinosaur.
Well, with that happy note
I say good night.
And thanks.
I'll change my dress.
I'll be back.
Did you see the look on Parry's face.
when she kissed him?
I thought Julia
would cut her throat.
It's funny how that slipped out.
A cigarette?
I forgot, you don't smoke.
It's a mess, isn't it?
I'm going over to Holmes... see if he's got any word
on this Felton character.
It seems to think Felton
might be mixed up in all this.
You know,
Holmes may be small-town...
but he's got a big mind.
And you're out.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- David.
Go ahead, and say I'm an idiot.
I don't even know how
to say goodnight to a girl.
Don't change.
You're going to love
living in Los Angeles.
A little insurance to protect
our wonderful time.
Wonderful time...
Beth will be back in a few minutes.
Do you mind if she takes you home?
I've a dreadful headache.
No, it doesn't matter.
Can I get you some hot milk.
before I leave?
I'd like to get so drunk...
and then look in a mirror
and spit in my own face.
How about a drink?
Little enough reward
for your being my wet nurse.
I'm sure being here alone
with shouldnt give your Mr Hewson......
...cause for worry.
I always knew someone would sweep you
away from here, some day.
You must be tired.
Yes, I am tired.
I'm tired of being surrounded
by lipstick and love and...
...woman's flesh that turns to jelly
at the sight of a man.
Of men who set up a howl
like a pack of cats... the sight of a woman's leg
in a black stocking.
I don't care whether you
join me in a drink or not...
...but you may pour me
a large whiskey.
Let it fit neatly
into a large glass.
Not much hope for me,
is there?
I think I understand.
I think I understand
how you felt tonight...
...when Harriet put her arms
around you and kissed you.
I also think I understand
how you felt when Marcia didn't...
But tried to make you
want her to.
I think I understand
how you feel.
Look at these hands.
Utterly dead...
... when should they be able
to hold a woman close...
Feel the softness...
...of her skin...
To touch her hair...
...her eyes,...
...her lips...
What makes you so different
to the others?
I think I'd better go now.
Is there anything else I can
do for you before you I go?
Just leave me here.
Alright... goodnight.
Ever since I met you, I've had
nothing but yearning for you.
No, that's not the right word.
It goes deeper than that,
much deeper.
I've seen things in your eyes...
Lust and passion and
an infinite tenderness...
...which even you
don't know about.
If you'll just give me a chance...
I know how to bring those
things out of your eyes...
...and your nerves and feelings...
If you'll just give me a chance...
I love to rehearse with you, Norman.
Then Walter pulls Diana to his arms
and this time he does kiss her.
Norman, it was beautiful...!
Amos, outside.
Dead within the last half hour.
Still some seepage of blood
from her wounds.
Looks like the same killer alright.
Throat's slashed the same.
And those arms.
Cut out like a jigsaw puzzle.
These different mutilations
are beginning to tell a story, Jess.
I am just and everyday GP,
but we had our courses in psychology.
I don't have to be crazy to know
I have a real crazy one my hands.
Boy, I'm beginning to think
this character...
...will carve up any pretty thing
that throws herself at a man.
Yeah, Jess, you go
find someone like that.
- Holmes, I...
- Later.
We were here.
We were sitting right here.
I was... kissing her.
Then something hit me
on the head.
I was knocked out.
When I came to,
I was next to her...
We were all covered in blood!
...try to tell me...
Did you see who it was?
Did you see anything?
We were sitting here.
I was sitting right next to her.
Then something hit me
over the head.
Knocked me out.
When I came to...
It was like... XXXXX
He's a sick man...
belongs in the hospital.
I was sitting
right next to her.
That crack on his head....
Any chance it might
have been self-inflicted?
I don't think so.
I'm all through,
if you are.
Well, I've got another one
for you, Ben.
Wrap her up
and get her out of here.
One of these days, I'd sure like
to be married to somebody.
Holmes, at the party
early tonight...
Holmes, will you come
to Parry's house?
Amos, you're going to blind someone
with that thing, for sure.
Sorry, Jess.... Shooting the blood,
come out of the body.
Holmes, I've been
trying to tell you...
Harriet got tight.
She had her arms all around him...
He won't have to worry about her
doing it any more.
Do they know about it, yet?
Yeah, one of the men
phoned the house.
I don't like it...
I haven't seen Beth.
I'll see you later.
Is that you?
What are you doing
in my house?
Parry, I must talk to you.
Perhaps I have different ideas
about my... physical handicap.
She's not here.
I went through the whole house.
Harriet's dead, Parry.
Her throat slashed...
just like Marcia.
I saw how she went
up to you tonight...
...threw her arms around you,
kissed you.
Maybe it was the champagne.
But I also watched
how Marcia would operate.
She had no ceiling on men.
You... you were money.
A word she knew
how to spell.
A lot of money can change
a woman's mind about a lot of things.
Now they're both dead.
A sister's love for her brother...
...can be just as possessive
and jealous as...
...a mother's love for her son...
...when some woman tries
to come between them.
I'm sorry you had to say that.
I'm sorry, too.
Because you're not gonna
be able to prove a thing.
I'll alibi for her,
right up to the hilt.
What good's that gonna do you?
You've got yourself to live with,
the rest of your life.
I stopped living with myself,
over 10 years ago.
I've been all dead inside,
ever since.
Murdered by my own sister
when she wrecked...
...the one love
I've ever had.
You won't believe this...
...but I've forgiven her.
You forgive her?
Isn't that charitable!
What about Marcia Morgan
and Harriet Ames?
What about the next woman...
...your sister thinks is going
to take you away from her?
What's going to happen to her, Parry?
Are you going
to go on forgiving?
Forgive once more,
and you're just as guilty of murder... if you pick up a gun
and blow my brains out... keep me from
leaving this room.
...I haven't got a gun.
You and I know why
she did this, Hewson.
You just make sure... they understand...
Will you?
David... it was awful.
I drove Mr Parry home.
and I was on my way to my room...
...when I saw her coming
from Grant's cottage
That was before I knew
what had happened.
She followed me to my room
and she had this in her hand.
She made me drive her car.
It's alright.
It's alright!
We got here.
I ran away.
She caught me...
Had that knife in her hand...
I tried to get it
away from her...
David... me.
Help me!
She'll be alright.
Gotta get her to a hospital.
Don't let them take me.
don't let them take me.
Please do not let
that they take me.
Don't let them take me, please!
It's going to be all right, darling.
You couldn't help it.
No, she couldn't help it.
Thank's, Dave.
Dave, you'd better start forgetting.
Sure, Jess, I'll start forgetting.
Why couldn't I have
figured it your way?
I figured nothing.
It was more that phone call
Felton made to Prentiss...
...Beth's husband.
He'd been hired by Prentiss,
to find her and bring her back.
He picked up her trail.
and he was following it...
...when he ran smack into
the Marcia Morgan murder.
He knew the signs alright,
so he stayed.
The only thing was,
he didn't know who to look for.
The pictures he had
meant nothing.
She changed her name
and the colour of her hair...
...and she could have been any
of the girls in town or at The Lodge.
She could be just as sweet
and fresh as apple pie...
...if you didn't know.
Oh, Sheriff!
I was just leaving, and I...
Well, I'll make arrangements
for Harriet.
Sorry things
turned out this way.
I saw Julia at the hospital,
this morning.
She's the one who put in that call
to Prentiss, from Felton.
When Prentiss
got on the line...
...and Beth heard
her own husband's voice...
And that story about Julia
coming to her room...
I bought it...
Every last word of it.
After the murder,
we called the house.
Julia had a feeling
it was Beth.
She didn't tell Parry...
She went right to Beth's place
and faced her with it.
You know the rest.
The only one who could make
the whole thing sure was Prentiss.
So when Joe said he saw
a different form the night that...
...Marcia was murdered,
he saw a woman.
I picked the wrong woman.
Well, so did Prentiss,
only he married her.
After he found out what he'd married,
he did the only thing he could... her committed
for treatment.
She broke out
and ran away...
...all the way from Pittsburgh.
When Beth saw women
like Marcia and Harriet...
...her own sense of shame and guilt
must have recurred.
Killing them must have been like...
Like killing herself.
Joe, get me away from here.
Yes, boss.
Miserable predatory creatures...