The Girl in the Backseat (2023) Movie Script

It was just a normal night in Los Angeles,
a night like any other.
You're welcome.
No. So
Excuse me. Uh, would it be cliche of me to ask if this seat was taken
I'll take a logger
Sure thing. And, uh, I'll close my tab, please. Okay.
Hey, I, I can leave. Oh,
No, it's not you. I, uh, was waiting for someone.
Ah, what time?
Seven sharp
Ouch. I've been ghosted before.
It is my first time
Come. Ryan,
Nice watch.
Thank you. But I hate it. It was given to me by
Do you mind?
Just take it?
I'm bet you he told you it was real silver too.
I can tell fake when I see it.
How do you know
Real silver is an excellent conductor of temperature.
Almost the best, which means
I should have gotten really cold after I touched it to the glass going
That mr. Mm-hmm.
To ghosts.
To ghosts.
And, I mean, painful. I'm doing that fast.
Walk clinching as hard as I can.
I'm like 50 steps away from the door. I take one step. Boom.
No drenched.
How did she take it?
I told her I got into a car accident and I never called her back.
The ghost. That became the ghost.
I'll be right back. I gotta use the John. Okay.
Sophia, come with me. I just wanna show you something.
No, not like that. But there's not a lot of time. Come with me.
It's gonna be great.
So where are we going?
Seriously, where are you taking me?
Ruin this prize,
Ryan, if this is a joke, it's not funny.
I wanna go back to the bar. Can you take me back to the bar?
Dude, can you take me back to the bar?
Hold on.
I swear to God, if you don't take me back
Tacos. And we still have four minutes left to order it.
You gotta be
Kidding. Seriously, the guy who makes the sauce,
he's like the Heisenberg of sauces. It's incredible.
I'm sorry
About that.
When nature calls,
So, uh, this is not very busy for a Taco Tuesday.
Yeah, they close at 11. Me and the owners go way back.
They've been send me home with the food they'd throw away. Paula lunch.
This is a good taco.
And I told you so. They don't make 'em like that over in Spain, do they?
From Portugal. But that's close though. And, um, no,
we don't have these back at home or boys like you.
Who for a attack was upon unsuspecting women.
I am curious why a girl like you is single.
Starting all over from Portugal was hard enough.
I couldn't jeopardize my scholarship. It was either boys or school.
Not both.
And how do
You feel now?
I feel like I forgot how to socialize with someone. Cute.
Hm. Okay. I'm sorry. Um, oh, no,
please go on.
I'm sorry. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere.
I am so sorry. I
Oh, don't, don't worry. Just clean it up in the morning.
Will you ever forgive me?
And what's called that?
Hmm? Donations.
This is
Oh yeah. Girlfriend,
Aunt. Actually, whenever I see anything she'd like, I just
Look. I get it. But this stops now.
The sooner you get that through your head,
the sooner I let you in the back seat.
Hey, we won't be late.
Promise. I can make up the time. No,
I wasn't talking back. Yes, I understand.
Look, I'll be there. I got Mom.
I need to go.
What the fk? Hey, hey,
hey, Sophia.
Fk, fk.
Of course, he's a fg diabetic.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Someone's gonna be open out the way.
We're almost there.
Can I help you?
En su I need insulin. What?
What's the matter?
Look, I don't wanna have to hurt you, but I won't lose sleep over it. Insulin,
It's over there.
Go. Don't try anything stupid. How on?
Hurry up.
Hurry up. It's right here
on the counter. Where's it go?
Where do I stick it? Come on, man. She's gonna fg die. Thighs,
buttocks, stomach. Look, I suggest you go to a hospital.
This is not a sure thing.
Shut the fk up. Look,
If you're not gonna take her to a hospital,
she's gonna need lots of water and food to regulate the insulin.
Come on. You need water? There you go.
Here some food.
Here we go.
You were so perfect.
Stay calm.
Hey, hey.
Go ahead.
No more screams.
You need the electrolytes.
Let me go.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't have anything. I don't have any money.
All I have is this
Fg disease.
After everything we shared,
you don't find that to be vital information
after four months.
You didn't think Hunter was gonna be pd when he found out
what? Well, he fg is.
And you have gotten me behind schedule When damaged guns,
then just let me go. I won't tell anyone.
I promise I need
the next hundred miles to think
in. Quiet.
What if you're a good girl? I have your favorite.
And mozzarella.
I need a pee. You're just gonna have to hold it.
Stop that.
I can't help it.
Well, you better start.
I told you I need to pee.
Oh, you fg bh.
Think this is funny. Huh?
Myk have time for this.
Shut the fk up.
What was that? Fk
you gonna try any more stupid st? Good.
I need
And I need to eat.
You wasted snack time.
You don't understand it. I'll eat like this.
One move.
Good girl.
Not too fast. You'll choke
is a genetic.
My mom also had it.
She died early.
My mom died when I was a kid too.
How old were you?
Forget him. It's the only way
you're still have on. I have.
She's done more for me than anyone. She'll be your mom too,
right on time. Mom,
we're on schedule. Yeah, she is.
I told you I'd make it up to you.
This one is perfect.
Well, almost
not a hair. Yes ma'am.
Batten bad news from the boss. Shut the fk up.
She's done more for you than anyone. Huh?
Yet you look so afraid.
Move along.
Keep it going.
Eyes down. Don't make me kill him.
Need a hand. Many people end up stranded here.
Anyway, I saw your car here and, uh, felt led to hell. Thanks.
We're good.
Oh man. If I had a dollar for every time I had to put on a spare.
Seriously, don't worry about it.
You know, most people just keep driving on by without even thinking about it.
Man. The number of times I've been passed,
We don't need your fg help.
Have a,
This is the part where you leave.
Look son.
Now I'm not sure what's going on here.
Why you felt need to pull that weapon on me.
What I do know is that we all have a choice in this life.
Now I've made mine
No escape.
You did all of this.
It's bigger than me.
These poor
I'll let you present your complaints to mom dinner's in an hour.
Wherever you're taking me. They'll have more, won't they?
You didn't tell me.
Be quiet,
Ryan. If you don't gimme my insulin
Dead enough,
You might as well just put a bullet in my head and this
Over with.
What do you need, Bella?
I got something for you.
I love it.
I gotta call mom. Keep a company.
You gotta be there.
I know you can trust me. I'm in here. Just like here.
Boo boo.
I'm his favorite. And he looks after my autumn.
My baby.
How old are you?
Where's autumn? She's staying with mom.
So you've met mom? Mm-hmm.
Soon though. Io if you're looking after my angel.
Was the last time you saw her?
It's hard to tell. No day or night.
Sometimes when everyone's asleep. Ryan takes me out.
Are you too? No.
He always says not yet.
I know he feels the exact same way. Have you?
I don't think he likes his job. Well, he could fg quit.
This is mom. This is Ryan.
This is us. This is slavery.
I've seen them take bodies out.
You don't wanna die
Hey, hey, hey,
Sophia. Tomorrow's gonna be the hardest day of your life.
Some people make it worse for themselves.
Sophia, Portugal.
So you have to listen to what I'm about to say.
The water will be cold.
You're gonna wanna scream. Stop yourself.
Call me Dr. T. What's my assistant? Rose?
Going to test you.
Your mouth wider.
They're going to touch you.
Go have a seat.
Don't look them in the eye.
Don't let them see your fear.
They're going to make you into what she wants you to be.
You have to play along. It's the best way.
Look at the
underneath it all.
You'll still have who you were.
So Ryan tells me that you're from Spain.
I can't wait to take Autumn there. One day I heard that they buy bulls
Do they die? What
The fk? Can't eat this. It all. Hag never listens.
What's going on?
I I don't eat meat.
She gave you the Long Bowl. Eat up. I need you dressed.
So tell me more about Ryan.
Oh, there I was. Wait, just minding my own business
and my phone rings
buddy of mine. You know,
he says they found something along the 3 95
just lying right out there in the open.
And I'm thinking myself.
That's Ryan's rap.
Do you know what they found Ryan?
A dead body with a bullet in his fg head.
You piece of st,
Berg. Listen,
I had to do it.
You had to do it, huh? Huh? You're making a huge mistake.
Oh, I'm
Sorry. Are you threatening me?
We wouldn't even be having this conversation if you were mom's little.
So when did you meet Ryan?
Matter? When I first worked back at the house.
So you were there when she got pregnant?
Mm-hmm. He was by my side the entire time.
Sometimes clients break rules.
You consider an
Never. My autumn were too much to even have a number
For me.
If anything happened to autumn, I was gonna kill myself.
They just couldn't afford to lose the clientele you were bringing
Good to take care of her.
So when did you last Seeta?
Last month.
You said that you hadn't
Yeah, I saw her with the sitter. I told you mom takes care of it all.
Hey, you wanna see her?
In the bag. Look for an envelope
there. That one.
She's beautiful.
Oh, hi
Mom. Yeah. We'll be there by dinner
tomorrow. I understand.
I got this
Change of plans.
We're staying at a motel.
What? Ryan? You promise
Just calm the help down. You
You Calm down. See her tomorrow. Bella.
It's okay. It's okay. Tomorrow's not that far away.
You have your AUM back soon.
Don't make it seen.
Someone has to work on his stress issues.
It makes sense.
I wouldn't trust anyone either if I went through what he did.
Mom puts a lot of pressure on him. He needs someone that he can talk to.
Oh, poor guy.
He's doing his best.
They only got one bed.
We're all friendly. Okay.
All right.
Put the gun aside and we'll figure this out.
Thanks for helping me with Bella.
You weren't helping.
We'll fix you up. We'll get that gun right
Back in
Your, I'm sure mom makes you angry. Sometimes
We're expendable, but if it weren't for her,
I'd be dead.
I'm sorry.
It was good.
I wish we could change things.
Would you like a shower?
I would kill for a shower.
What was your childhood like?
We were poor.
Dad wasn't in jail. He was shooting up.
I had this aunt. She took me in,
gave me a whole new life. A new family.
Are there a lot of girls?
Stop it. Just stop.
So, uh, favorite cartoon,
favorite food? I'm sure it was candy.
Your optimism is disgusting.
This has gotta be worse than any nightmare you could have ever imagined.
I grew up in Portugal and, um,
I'm my grandmother.
She had this farm and all these animals.
We had pigs and horses, rabbits.
There was this chicken. Her name was Louisa.
And I had a special bond with her. And, and one Saturday morning,
Elena calls me outside. She,
she grabbed her finger for me to come over.
She's holding Louis before I could do anything,
she just broke Louisa's neck.
I'll never forget that noise.
There was my nightmare. It's your turn.
Should eat something.
Fk. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. Wake up. We gotta go.
What the fk are you still doing in here? Put this on.
They're not even dressed. Jesus Christ. Dude.
Just tell her we left already. Oh, what? So you just want me to lie to mom?
This is your ass, Ryan. You're fd.
I ain't asking.
You really
Need to work on your poker face. You know that.
Let's go.
Maybe she doesn't.
She doesn't eat them. What about my makeup? Mm.
I'll do it. Look,
see, that wasn't so hard.
Yeah, mom.
He's on the way.
Vehicle. Blue Ford Fusion.
Don't you make a scene
Sophia, don't you turn your fg head. Bella.
You know what to do.
Sarge is on his way. Sit tight.
All right. Ten four.
Sorry, I'm late. Nice work son. Look, uh,
I know this car. I'll take it from here.
I ran the plates. Nothing.
It's my sea ICE's car. Why don't you,
uh, go on,
run those speed traps down around loose pit stop for the day.
All right, Sarge, come on.
Be cool.
Well, right out here. You're going a little fast.
Gotta watch the potholes out here. They're murder.
Yeah. So I've heard,
What's the rush?
We had a late start.
Watch the limit son. Cause
I may not be in the neighborhood next time.
And you better turn on the charm.
We're on the street as you passed us hours ago.
Have a nice day now,
Bob. Yeah, I've been trying to reach you.
This desert service is st. Yeah.
We'll be there soon. I promise.
Do you think she'll remember me?
You're right. And that's okay because as soon as she's in my arms,
she'll know that she's mine.
Brian, we have to stop.
I forgot to get a gift.
For who?
For the babysitter. I don't remember her name. You told me. What was it?
It was
What? No.
Something with an L.
No, no. That's not it. Ryan, what's her name? You told me
He's lying.
Shut the fk up.
What? I'm so sorry.
No, he he can't be.
I Ryan.
I'm sorry. No. Ryan, Bella.
Ryan. Where's my baby? We don't have time for this. Ryan.
Ryan. Bella.
Ryan. Where's Autumn?
No, don't. Where is she? Where's my baby? Calm down. Put it out bh.
Calm down. Stop down. Pump
Bella. Stay right there.
Her alone. Right. You stay right there.
Back in the car. Back in the car.
Bella. Get back in the car.
Back in the car. Going, where the fk is my baby?
You shouldn. You have a better than you promise. Explain.
get the back in the
He's lying.
You raise st. You
shut the fk up.
Fg late. I'm here now.
Better hope she makes up for it. Huh? Come here. Come here.
There you go. Ryan was right.
You more something special. You lucky we haven't started yet.
Where the fk have you been?
Where's the other?
We ran into some complicate.
I promised the buyers too.
The fk did you do to the second one?
You're as useless as the day I took you.
Take care of her. I need to make a last minute change the program.
Hi there. Beautiful.
I'm mom.
Don't worry. He got what he deserved.
What's your name? Sophia.
Such a lovely name.
How are you feeling?
I know this must be hard to process,
How you behave out there dictates which client wants you most.
I don't ask what they intend on doing,
but I can assure you some of our client's damaged property.
Do you understand?
Adults use their words.
I understand.
Where are you from?
Los Angeles.
I don't ask twice.
My nephew isn't so useless.
Yes, dear. Unfortunately,
I don't remember asking you. What's wrong with her?
What's wrong with you?
Final buyer. I'm aware of who's in my own house.
Put Sophia.
You're out. She's gonna kill us.
Not if you aren't enough. Let you
please let,
she has friends. Important friends.
We have to try it. We can do this. Ryan, together.
She hunt me down.
Everything's gonna be okay. Ryan,
I don't feel so good.
Oh fk. Fk.
Sophia. Hey, where's your insulin was the last time you saw
Pray She gets me. At least
Fk did you do?
She's diabetic. She meets insulin.
Caught me as sick
Mom. I didn't know. I promise
I can fix this.
Oh, stupid,
Stupid, stupid, stupid level. Bye.
You're as useless as your parents.
Done nothing but disappoint me every minute
of your sy fg
Life. I can fix this.
She'll come with me. She stays here.
The sooner I get it in her blood, give her a fg sugar cube. It takes time.
Please. Doesn't work like that.
You can't have her like this in front of the buyers.
She'll come with me, she'll get her mens
she'll be normal. By the time I return,
do not disappoint me.
No move. Come.
Come on
Sophia. Stay with me.
please take me to the hospital.
I can't do that.
Yes you can. I have a wife for you, Ryan.
We'd be free.
I never told you my nightmare.
Growing up with mom was a luxury compared to my parents.
My 13th birthday, she got me Dodgers tickets.
Heck came, was boring. They slaughtered Arizona.
After the game, she picked me up.
She said she had something special for me when we got home.
She took me down to the cellar. She told me,
today's the day you become a man.
I don't know what I thought was gonna be down there, but there was this man
People just standing around him staring.
She said he, he stole from her.
She took my glove. She handed me a revolver.
She took off his hood,
showed me how to lift the safety. Steady your aim.
That's my
the recoil.
Leave the country. Don't wait
Okay. This is Detective Davis with the lap D and I have with me.
And go ahead and state your name.
My name is Sophia.
And can you inform me of what happened to you?
I was drugged and I was kidnapped.
His name was Ryan.
He took me across the state to some,
some mansion in the countryside to have me sold off.
The woman who runs it all, they call her mom.
And I was able to escape.
Okay. And you claim to have evidence of this?
I have his book. I have his phone.
There's numbers and there's locations.
I escaped. But there are more victims.
We need to help them.
Okay. Okay. And And we will, I promise you that
for right now. What I need you to do is take us back to the beginning.
It was just a normal night in Los Angeles.
A night like any other.