The Girl Locked Upstairs: The Tanya Kach Story (2024) Movie Script

-Chilly night.
-Yeah. It's cold.
Here. Take my jacket.
It is too quiet in here.
Oh thank you, Tom.
That is nice.
We got to keep the cheer going.
We haven't even opened
presents yet.
Still as impatient as ever.
It's a miracle you sat
through the mass.
I thought it was
a really nice one.
It was.
It was really nice.
Well, let's do presents.
I'll be right back.
Do I have to stay in
the closet this year?
You know the rules.
I'm supposed to show
you around.
It's really nice of you.
I like your cat.
It's so babyish.
So, Tanya...
It's Tanya.
Like Tanya Tucker.
Whatever. Tanya.
Um. Hurry up.
We don't want to be late.
So this is science and stuff.
Um... The labs are over here.
English is mostly down there.
Do you see those girls?
Yeah. They're terrible.
So just, like, stay away.
Also, we have to hurry up.
The security guard,
he prowls the halls.
He's such a total ass.
Even if you have a reason
to be in the hall, he's just--
He's such a jerk.
Do not mess with him, okay?
Freshman. You got a pass.
Oh, no one's sneaking up
on you.
What are you doing out in
the hall after the bell, though?
I'm looking for wood shop,
but, um, I got lost.
Hey, if I didn't walk these
halls all day, every day,
they'd all look
the same to me, too.
You did better than
you think, though.
It's right there.
Thank you.
Any time.
Go on now.
-Hi there.
Here we are again.
New girl, he's taken.
Get your own boyfriend.
I didn't...
Looks like we're scheduled
here this part of the day, huh?
I guess so.
Where are you off to?
-Wood shop.
-Oh, right, right.
You want to push it till
right before the bell?
You can't be early
like the nerds.
Yeah, maybe.
Well, I guess I'll see you
here tomorrow, then.
If you don't mind my making
you a little less cool.
You're okay, Mr. Hose.
Couldn't I just stay with you
this week?
This week? What?
No. That's, like,
so weird you'd even ask.
It's just I can't stay at home.
What? Your foster parents
don't care for you either.
I told you...
My mom loves me, okay?
She's just going
through something.
Okay, well, maybe
she's over it.
Maybe she'll love
if you show up.
I can't get there.
That's why I need
to stay someplace else.
Foster parents have to
take care of you, right?
Anyway, we're like,
not even friends.
Just find somewhere else
to stay with if it's so bad.
Lucas Moore. Detention.
Pete Koznick detention.
That's two.
Hey, I thought I was going
to see you
outside wood shop
like normal.
What's wrong?
Why is everyone here
so mean?
And you...
you're sensitive
and you're mature.
So it's going to be
harder for you.
But that doesn't mean
you're not going to make it
through it.
Do you think we can talk later?
Like for real?
You know we can.
Thanks, Mr. Hose.
I really don't have one,
to be honest with you.
Really don't care.
You ever smoked?
-You never smoke.
-You want me to light it?
-That'd be great.
Derek Haussman... detention.
Detention for me too.
You want to talk?
That'd be nice.
I heard what you said
about me!
I know you've been
calling me a bitch to everyone.
No, I haven't. I wouldn't--
Stop lying, Chelsea
and Katie told me you did.
And they're not dirty liars
like you are.
I swear I wouldn't do that.
Stop lying.
-I'm not lying, I promise.
-Yes, you are.
Please just stop.
Hey, hey!
Clear out of here!
Go, get to class.
Stephanie Darlet principal, now!
You too.
You all right?
She took my necklace.
Ah, don't worry about that.
I'll get you another one.
You're okay?
Get to class.
Hi, you've
reached Christine.
Please leave a message.
Don't you have to work?
Not if you don't have
to go to school.
Remember that guy
I told you about?
The one I babysit for?
He made me touch him.
I'll kill him.
It's fine. It's whatever.
But, um...
But when I told my foster
parents and my caseworker
they didn't believe me.
They said I was making it up
for attention, so...
I ran away.
Oh, Tanya, you got
nowhere to go.
You're just going to end up
back where you don't want
to be.
What you're doing,
it's not working.
I just wanted someone to care.
My dad is a real loser, too.
He's always trying to
undermine me, being a dick.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It made me who I am.
You like who I am,
don't you?
The stuff with your mom,
your foster parents
and their dumb rules
and that... bastard.
You're going to get through it.
How do you know so much
about me?
That's my job to know about
every kid at this school.
And we're friends,
aren't we?
You're my only friend.
I don't know about that, but...
If we're friends,
might as well call me Tom.
Yeah. We're friends, right?
Yeah... Tom.
Atta girl.
I got you a little something.
The spirit of the season.
You remembered.
Hi, you've
reached Christine.
Please leave a message.
How are you feeling?
I just don't feel like I can
keep living like this.
You've been through so much.
But you can't keep running off.
-Tom, I... just--
-No. Look...
You've been trying
to get away wrong.
I know your mom lives
in Charleroi.
I'm going to give you
everything you need
to get up there.
Bus routes, instructions,
money, everything.
You would do that for me?
For you, Tanya,
I'd do anything.
Come here.
That's my girl.

Who are you?
Isn't this Christine
Breyer's house?
What's your business with her?
I'm Tanya, her daughter.
Hi, mom.
I missed you.
You know you can't be here.
Mom, we haven't talked
since you left.
I'm not supposed to be
talking to you.
I could get in real trouble,
Like with judges,
jail trouble.
And you're going to get in so
much trouble for running away.
Mom, I--
No. No, Tanya, no.
Look, if you pretend
that you were never here,
then we don't have to tell
the courts, okay?
Tanya, what are you doing here?
Come on. Come on.
I'm sorry.
Please don't be mad, I just--
You said your parents
wouldn't be home,
so I thought I'd be okay.
Oh, of course it's okay.
It's just no one,
and I mean no one ever,
not my parents, the neighbors,
no one can know you're here.
Unless I'm the one
that tells them. Okay?
They wouldn't understand,
and you could get into trouble.
I mean it, but...
as long as no one knows,
yeah, you could stay here.
Thank you.
That sucks things didn't
work out with your mom.
I just thought...
But doesn't that just mean
this is the best place for you?
Right here with me.
Why don't you just stay
here tonight?
As long as you're quiet,
my parents will never know
you're here.
It's not like anybody's
going to be out
looking for you anyway.
You're not taking me to school?
No, you're done with that.
You can stay here
during the day with Judy.
She's my friend.
We can trust her.
There she is.
So pretty.
Just like you.
That's what Tom says,
started calling me T.C.
because I'm totally cute.
It'd be hard not to notice.
He seems to think
you're a great gal.
I think he's great, too.
He's really nice.
And he listens to me.
And he doesn't give me
detention when I skip class
or when I'm smoking.
He'll just sit there and talk
to me and give me presents.
And I don't even mind
his facial hair
when we kiss anymore.
You kiss?
Sometimes. Sometimes
other stuff.
I'm saving myself though.
I'm still a virgin.
I'm only 14.
We're not like that.
That's good, honey.
But you're staying
with him?
He's like my boyfriend.
It's the only one
who wants me around.
What about your parents?
My foster parents couldn't tell
you anything about me
other than I'm a screw-up.
And I'm not allowed
to see my mom.
Not allowed?
By the courts.
Tom gave me the bus fare
to go see her,
but she turned me away.
Just try your mom
one more time, honey.
This time, be sure to tell her
exactly what you told me.
Hi, you've
reached Christine.
Please leave a message.
Hi, you've
reached Christine.
Please leave a message.
Please leave
a message.
I was stupid to think
she'd answer.
No, honey, not stupid.
You couldn't know
if she'd answer.
Good luck with this.
Hi Tom.
Hello, ladies.
Give us a little privacy,
Oh, T.C.
I get you all to myself.
Tom, I am...
No, no, no, no.
No being upset.
Drink up.
-I... I don't want.
-Hey, hey...
This will make it better.
Whatever's got you
like this, okay?
Tom, I'm not ready for that.
You don't need to hold
out on me anymore.
You have to do whatever I say.
Hey, what are you doing
all the way over there?
Come here.
You really were a virgin
after all, huh?
Well, you're mine now.
Now and forever.
Good morning.
Are you staying here today?
Sure are.
We can figure out a schedule
for yours and mine
for the week later.
So Tanya's always protected.
So long as you're quiet
in my room,
you're here with Judy,
you'll be safe.
What's wrong?
Sh! Sh! Sh!
This is where I thought I saw
a neighbor in her window.
All right. Come on, come on!
I was, um...
Hey, hey, hey. Sh, sh, sh!
Game's on.
You talk all you want
at Judy's tomorrow.
Oh, dammit.
Woah, woah, woah.
Woah, woah, woah, what?
They did.
What did they say?
Now, just wait--
Okay, okay.
That's fine.
You're not going to break,
are you?
I said, are you?
Good. Goodbye.
That was Judy.
What's going on?
Those Child Services people
were triggered
from you missing school,
traced you to Judy's.
It's not safe for you
to go there anymore.
Do they know about you?
No, no. They don't have
any idea about you and me.
You're safe here.
You can stay here.
Can have the whole place
to yourself during the day.
Time to miss me.
You just have to remember
not to make any noise.
Whenever I leave, you lock
that door behind me
and you don't open it unless
you know for sure it's me.
I don't know.
Tanya, this is the only way
you can be safe.
Promise that you'll stay
here with me.
It won't be forever.
I promise.
Hey, you be good today.
What are you doing?
I thought I told you
to be quiet.
If you been like this
all day?
I have to go to
the bathroom.
Hold it.
My parents are upstairs.
They'll hear you.
I can't, not anymore.
Do not move.
If I hear you, I swear--
Here. All yours.
Hey, I got you a present.
Every time we make love...
I want you to write it down
in here.
What kind it was,
how many times.
And for you too.
Don't leave that out.
All right, let's go.
Come with me.
You always
seem to disappear
when it's my show
that I want to watch.
Well, you're just
What do I always do?
What do I always do, Eddie?
You can go while I shower,
but don't flush.
Can I shower?
It's going to take too long,
but I'll bring you back down
later tonight when it's safe.
You did really good
ot talking downstairs, T.C.
But you gotta remember,
no making any noise up here.
If my parents find out,
you'll have to leave.
But... you got no place to go.
I mean, they're not going
to waste
another foster family
on you.
I can only protect you
if you stay here.
And you stay quiet.
You'll be like a princess
in a castle tower.
You only open the door for me.
Yes Tom.
I can't believe it,
Look at that lasagna!
It's on the floor.
Do you know how long
it takes me to make that?
I can't help it?
What do you mean,
you can't help it?
I told you time
and time again.
Do not be putting your
hands in the fridge
and grab stuff out.
This is exactly what happens...
Now, if we can even
hit a pop up,
we'd push the runner to third.
Eat up, you're
getting too skinny.
I don't know what to tell you.
I don't even know
your daughter.
Uh huh.
Yeah. I'm sorry.
Okay. Bye-bye.
It's your mom?
You placed a toll call
to me a while back.
It showed up on her bill.
Does she think I'm here?
She didn't even ask about you.
She only called because
she was upset about the money.
She didn't ask about me...
at all.
She doesn't give a damn
what happened to you?
Have you
got everything?
It's you
who forgets things.
Oh, is that so.
It's not what I remember.
Come on, Florence.
You'd forget your
head if it wasn't attached.
What did I tell ya!
I tell ya Eddie!
...What do you mean...
-Quiet. Be silent.
-What's going on?
Come on, come on.
Do not move.
Do not make a sound.
Good evening, Lieutenant.
Hey there.
We just need a moment
of your time, sir.
We're looking
for a girl, Tanya Nicole Kach.
She's been missing for
about nine months now.
Do you know anything
about her disappearance?
Honestly, I don't remember
anything about her.
Do you think
I could take a quick
look around inside?
I look after
my elderly parents
and they're already
upstairs asleep.
It'd be terrible
to wake them up
with all this nonsense,
you know?
Yeah. No worries.
You have a good night.
You too. Thank you.
Dumb cop.
Sorry about that, pretty kitty.
But you're safe now.
The cop wouldn't come here
for no reason.
Just some old biddy
in the neighborhood being nosy.
You don't have anything
to worry about.
Come on.
What's that?
I'm really grateful to you
for taking me in,
and I don't know where I'd go,
but I can't do this anymore.
If you ever leave me--
I will kill you.
Hi, Kitty.
Thought I had to get
something sweet for my girl.
It's as sweet as you are.
Soon you're going
to be smelling sweet too.
Your parents are at
a church meeting.
They leave in a few minutes.
I'll run your bath for you
as soon as they do.
I know how much bath-time
means to you.
And you know I love to see you
sitting pretty.
So I was thinking...
maybe some nights
I could sneak out
to the back porch.
You know, you can't T.C.
But hey...
I promise I'm going to get us
a place of our own one day.
It won't be like this forever.

Now, when we get back
from church,
you're going to have
to hide out in the closet
until I come let you out.
It's Christmas Eve.
We leave our doors open
so everyone could come in
and grab their presents.
It's tradition.
And since you're just
my present,
obviously no one else
can see you,
so you just hang out
in there.
But, uh...
You want to ruin
my family's tradition?
What if they start
asking questions?
You want us to get found out?
Get both of us in
a lot of trouble.
Don't be stupid!
I'm sorry.
That's better.
How hot do you think
it's going to be?
I think it said
something like--
The high 90's.
Did they say high 90's?
96 degrees.
Feels like 100...
Well that's
the humidity.
...what do they call
that, Eddie?
It's something like...
A humidex.
Right. A humidex.
Didn't he say...
Brought you something.
It's been, what, a year?
She's moved on.
You never mattered to her.
Don't you dare cry. I thought
I trained you.
Come on, pretty kitty.
You know the routine.
Merry Christmas.
O come
let us adore him...
O come let us
adore him...
O come
let us adore...
You did really good T.C.
Merry Christmas.
Come on.
Go ahead.
Not bad, huh?
It is crazy out there.
People are acting up
this summer.
It's a good thing you got
me protecting you.
Why didn't you say anything?
She went to our school.
You remember her?
She was younger.
That was over two years ago.
Do you know anything
about her going missing?
Of course I do.
Cops came by the school,
asked if I had any leads
when she was first reported.
How could she
have been killed?
That bitch.
You knew what she had coming.
They mentioned me.
As just another missing girl.
So I am officially missing?
It just means you're a number
in some database.
Nobody ever finds
a missing girl.
Unless she turns up dead.
Yes, kitty.
Can I talk to you
about something?
You know you can and should
talk to me about anything.
I want to talk to you
about leaving here.
I saved your life, Tanya.
I saved you.
You did.
Who takes care of you?
You do.
But I can't go on like this.
I can't go on any other way.
What do you mean?
If you left me,
it would destroy me.
The only person who's
ever showed you love.
If you were just... gone.
I would kill myself.
And you would be to blame.
It's Saturday.
That means we got
the whole day.
What are you waiting for?
Take that off.
Tom, Tom.
I'm sorry.
I know I'm not supposed
to be up here,
but a lady, Judy, is here
asking to see you.
All right, just go
back downstairs, Mom.
I'll be there in a second.
Go, go, go, go, go.
What was that about?
Oh, nothing.
Judy's just being a woman.
Thought she ought
to come talk it out.
Talk what out?
She just wanted to know
if I was still with you.
I said you were long gone.
I was thinking maybe
you could sneak me out
into the porch some nights.
It's just it can
get so hot up here.
And it'd be really nice
to feel the breeze.
You are 18 now.
Those clothes...
Maybe you should go shopping.
Now, this Sunday, my parents
are going to the early mass
so they can attend the seniors
meet-up afterward.
That means you're going
to have at least 2.5 hours.
You will be back in this yard
by 1:00 p.m. at the latest.
You go through the backyard,
cross through the alley
onto Evans.
Where is that?
You really are only good
for being pretty, aren't you?
That's what the map is for.
Now at Evans the bus stop
is on your right.
The bus you want
to be on runs at 11:08.
So hurry, but do not run.
Then take the bus,
one stop.
One stop.
Couldn't I just... walk.
No one can know you're
from here, idiot.
Now you get off the bus
and you cross through the
parking lot on your left.
The store is there
under the big white church.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
I know you're not smart enough
to do this on your own, Tanya.
If you tell anybody
who you are,
if you are even
one minute late.
If I find you,
I'll kill you.

Are you all right, dear?
Welcome, hon.
What are you looking for today?
Oh, we'll figure it out then.
Your mom didn't come with you.
Want to try a new style, maybe.
Let's see if we can
find something you like.
It was $39.11 with tax.
There's the change.
Your old clothes are in here.
Something on me.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You look great.
Ah, that fine-looking man
is my husband, Tony.
He runs a little grocery
down the way,
and he likes to come
bother me
when he doesn't
have any customers.
I'm not allowed
to miss my wife.
-Of course you are.
-Hello, beautiful.
If you really want to see
what this street has to offer
you just come on over
to Tony's.
I can't, no.
Thank you.
Is she okay?
I don't know.
You did great, T.C.
Exactly like I said.
Did you spend all my money?
Really good.
Conscientious with my money,
followed my instructions.
Maybe we make this a thing.
A thing?
It looks like you can
handle going out
every once in a while.
As long as you keep being good.
I will. I'll be good.
Well, I know you will.
And I promise
I'll like your new clothes
just as much as you do.
Now, let's get him off you.
All right, they're gone.
Now, remember, there's
no time for clothes today.
You're just going to go
to the market by the church.
It's the same bus, same
instruction, same rules.
Get yourself something sweet.
It's for me too.
All right, let's go.
Hey there.
You're looking for something
in particular.
You don't have to help me.
I'm sorry.
Ah, hey, nothing
to apologize about.
It's what I'm here for.
I see you're a lady
of excellent taste.
No, no, I mean it.
I sometimes sneak these
all myself.
What is it?
Is it the hat?
It's the orange, right?
My wife says I look good
in it.
It's nice.
Thank you.
Oh. Have a good day.
Come again soon.

Is it time to go already?
No. No, you're not going
out today.
Shopping trip's canceled.
Did I do something?
Not everything is about you,
Tom, can you come
down here, please.
I gotta go.
Your father isn't
going to get better.
His breathing, his lungs,
are not in good shape.
It's getting worse...
He's getting more frail.
Okay, Mom,
what did the doctor say?
Your father
is on the decline, they said.
Oh, Tom, I hoped
his coughing could--
that he just get some
You know...
I'll be fine Florence.
It's the third Thursday
of the month.
I know.
I understand why I haven't been
allowed out, I understand.
Dad's too sick to go
to meetings anymore.
They're only going to be
leaving the house together
to go to doctor's
appointments from now on.
Maybe I can buy
you some time then.
But there are no more
shopping trips, okay?
Doctors are expensive.
I understand, but I...
This isn't going to be
forever, I promise.
I'm going to talk
to the lawyer.
We're going to get a place.
You've been saying
that for eight years.
Will you marry me?
Totally cute.
Pretty, pretty, kitty.
Why aren't you kissing me?
I said drink.
This one had a lot of good
in it.
My friends are so jealous.
We are making great work of
it, T.C.
Where do you think
you're going?
Pretty ladies
for my pretty lady.
Pick something out of there.
I'll get it for you
like I always do.
I don't want this.
Your dad's
just getting sicker.
They never leave
the house anymore.
Can't they know
about me now?
You promised it wouldn't
be like this forever.
Can't they know about you?
Mom could use a helper
around the house.
We'll call you Nikki.
It'll be just like your
shopping trips, only bigger.
Now you have to do exactly
what I say.
But once you do,
you can live in the house.
And out in the world
as my girlfriend, Nikki?
Isn't Nikki a little too close
to my middle name?
Nobody cares about
your middle name.
Nobody cares about you.
Not after all this time.
And I am going do this for you
because I love you.
Now it won't be right away.
I have to lay the groundwork
with them.
Let them know I got
a new girlfriend.
Things are starting
to get serious,
and we're going to have
to wait
till they both leave
the house together.
But then...
You can have everything
that you ever wanted.
It's time.
What happens if
they don't like me?
I'm in charge in this house,
I like you.
Should I say anything or--
Just let me do the talking?
Let me handle everything.
It'll be fine.
The weird noise
the car was making
seems to have stopped.
Mom? Dad?
This is my girlfriend,
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Nikki.
It is.
We appreciate you offering
to help us around here.
Hey... You did great.
Nothing was off.
They didn't sense anything
about you.
Just that you seem
like a nice girl.
You're going to be
a great help to mom.
The best part of it is.
You don't have anything
to complain about anymore.
Be good.
I love you.
See ya son.
Sit down with us, dear.
Have something to eat.
Thanks, Mrs. Hose.
Would you like some toast?
Uh, I'm not hungry.
You don't eat much, do you?
Skinny little thing like you.
I'm sure you're
just watching your figure.
Maybe you could learn
something, Florence.
Look who's talking.
What do you do for work?
I don't have a job right now.
That's why Tom thought it
would be a good idea for me
to come and help you
guys out around here.
Of course.
And if you guys are done, I
can wash your dishes for you.
At least she has
good table manners.
Just shut it and run it.
I don't know how to run it.
What kind of a grown woman
doesn't know how to run
a dishwasher?
But you do know how
to go to the store?
Yes, I do.
Start there then.
Hello there.
Good to have you back.
You remember me?
Uh, sure. I always remember
a kind customer.
Thank you.
No. Thank you.
Maybe we see you around
a little more often then.
I think so.
Hi, Mrs. Hose.
What are you doing next?
I could iron.
You? Iron?
You don't know how to iron,
do you?
Yeah, just as I thought.
Tom, what are you doing
with this girl?
Don't mom me.
She's good for nothing
but being pretty.
She's completely useless.
I thought I raised you better
than that, Tom.
Just get out of her face,
I'll handle it.
You're very welcome
if you'd like to take
that step all the way in.
I couldn't. I'm not dressed
appropriately for church.
Ah, it's not Sunday.
God won't mind.
But if you'd rather come back
another time, that's also fine.
We have services
some afternoons too.
Where have you been?
Where have you been?!!
I was walking and... and church
and that's it, that's all.
I didn't know where you were!
I didn't know when you
were going to be back!
None of that is allowed!
Now you may be Nikki outside,
but not with me.
I own you.
I trained you for me.
When I'm here,
I expect you to be here
taking care of me or else!
Is that too complicated?
Do I need to keep you
to the house?
What was that?
No. I'll be...
I'll be good.
I'll be here
when you're here.
Get upstairs.
You and your makeup.
I gotta go.
Here's your allowance.
Don't go doing something
stupid and lose it.
Thank you.
It's my entire
-Gotta try that one on.
-I will.
Oh. Hi, hon.
I know you like to look
around by yourself these days.
Oh, don't worry
about Cath here.
You need anything from me,
just come right over and ask.
I, uh, actually do.
I'm looking for something nice
for church.
We're gonna have
to clean up our act
around a real churchgoers.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no, hon.
I'm sorry.
That was a joke.
The best of God's people judge
not lest they be judged.
That's more like it.
Glad to see you remembering
the rules.
Why don't you put the TV
by the bed?
We'll watch a little
before dinner.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, it's always nice
that you want to help,
but we like your company just
fine without the unpaid labor.
And plus seeing you have
a good time with us.
Makes us younger
and hipper, right Cath?
Uh, what time is it?
It's 2:35 or so.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Well, look who decided
to show up.
-Tom I...
-The bus--
-What are you gonna say?!
What excuse do you think
you could have
for breaking my rules?!
Maybe you're off at that
goddamn church again.
Not my family's,
but the one you think you
can choose for yourself!
You disobey me.
You betray me when I am
the one person who loves you.
Now, since you're clearly
stupid enough
to ruin your life,
I'm going to make sure
you understand
just how much you need me.
Now, I hope you can figure out
a way to earn this back
before you run out of tampons.
Something interesting on that
shelf I should know about.
You've been there a while.
I'm out of money
and I need it to take
care of myself.
And I don't know what
I'm going to do to fix it.
Nikki... if it's that bad,
you know Ang and I will
take care of you.
You're here most
of the time anyway.
Why don't you come work
for me?
I'll make it official.
W-2s and everything.
I couldn't work for you.
Why not?
I... I wouldn't be good at it.
I'm not smart enough.
You do not need a degree
to learn to stock shelves.
You're plenty smart to me.
What's really going on here?
It's... it's fine, Tony,
I really appreciate it.
I really, really appreciate it,
but I just--
I'm sure my boyfriend will
give me my allowance back soon,
and... and he wouldn't let me
get a job anyway so it's--
Hold on, hold that thought.
- Hey there, Lieutenant.
- Hey there, Tony.
What do you say, you're still
looking for a winner?
Oh, what a draft choice.
It's gonna be amazing.
Can I get
a pack of cigarettes?
Oh, yeah.
Red's okay.
Yeah, no worries.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
I talked to the jeweler
I told you about today.
I was thinking princess cut
for my princess.
I got to look at
all the options of course.
We're going to have the best
for your engagement ring.
We both know there's
not going to be a ring.
Are you calling me a liar?
Of course not.
Calling me a liar
and you're talking back.
You worthless piece of shit!
How dare you question me?
Everything I do, I do for you.
I saved your life and
you still question me.
How are you so stupid?
You're good for nothing
but being pretty.
In fact...
Get on that bed.
-Have a good time, baby.
-I won't be too late.
-Kiss the girls for me.
Not too much sugar
before bed.
Yeah, I got it, I got it.
Hey, hon.
You're still not allowed
to have a job?
You know, I just don't get it.
Your boyfriend's that school
security guard, right?
The one who lives
a few blocks away.
I see you in that window
and I think...
what's she possibly
doing with him.
You deserve better.
You've got to take control
of your life.
It's not my life.
What do you mean? What--
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Listen, I'm sorry
about yesterday.
I shouldn't have said
what I did,
and I definitely shouldn't
have pushed.
My name isn't Nikki.
My name is Tanya Kach
and I'm a missing person.
It's real.
You can look it up
on the missing person
database or whatever it is.
Okay, okay. We can do that.
T-a-n-y-a K-a-c-h.
Oh my God.
Have you been with him
this whole time?
Do you have anywhere else
to go?
I can't go anywhere else.
I have to go back.
-No, you don't.
-I do.
Nik-- Tanya.
I have to go back.
I... I don't know what
he'll do if I don't.
But just until
the police come, okay?
I don't think they'll care.
No, Tanya, they will care
if you're going to go back,
I need you to be as normal
as possible.
But here.
I'm going to put my number
in this phone.
If anything happens,
if he does anything,
you press this button
and you call me, okay?
Thank you.
I have to go back now.
Did you close the damn door?
-I did.
Where were you?
I was at Bible study.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I'll grab some laundry
and I'll start on chores.
I guess you're in
no state to make dinner.
But you'll be eating it,
won't you?
No, I don't think I will be.
With me
through the front door.
Go, go, go!
Are you
Tanya Nicole Kach?
Yes, I am.
Where is he?
Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
Somebody tell me, please.
-Don't move!
-What's happening? What?
-It's over.
-Sit down!
Why you?!
Sit and shut up?
You can't just come into my
house and bully my son around.
Ma'am, Your son has
been holding
this young lady
for 10 years now.
Since she was 14 years old.
Your son is going to be placed
under arrest.
Do you have anything
to say about that?
Stay right there.
If you'd like to get
your things now.
Once she's clear, cuff him.
Alright, here she comes.
Keep ahold of him.
Easy now.
Can I just say something
to Tanya, please?
You can't do this,
you bitch!
Tell them who
I am to you!
-Hey, mom.
Oh, you're smiling
even more than usual.
Are you going to tell me why?
Or do I have to wait?
It's official.
I got my GED.
You're a smart girl.
I'm so proud of you.
Come on.
We gotta go celebrate.
We can celebrate later.
We can't be late for this.
... And what she's been able
to accomplish, I just...
I couldn't be prouder.
That's wonderful, Christine.
and Tanya.
I'd like to take the moment
to praise you both
for being so dedicated
to this work
coming every week,
even when it's hard.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, you guys came?
Of course.
Are you kidding?
We wouldn't miss this.
Go on.
Go sing us into the spirit.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
Silent night.
Holy night.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Silent night...
Holy Night
All is calm,
all is bright
Round yon virgin,
mother and child
Holy infant so
tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace