The Girl on the Train (2016) Movie Script

RACHEL: My husband
used to tell me
I have an overactive
I can't help it.
I mean, haven't you
ever been on a train
and wondered about the lives of the
people who live near the tracks?
The lives
you've never lived.
These are things
I want to know.
Twice a day, I sit in the
third car from the front
where I have the perfect
view into my favorite house.
Number 15 Beckett Road.
I don't know when exactly.
I suppose I started noticing
her about a year ago,
and gradually,
as the months went past,
she became important to me.
I'm not the girl
I used to be.
I think people can
see it on my face.
She's what I lost.
She's everything
I want to be.
RACHEL: I imagine
she's a painter.
She's creative.
He is a doctor
or an architect.
He has a good laugh.
She can't cook.
I wonder what they say to each
other before they go to sleep.
Today, her name is Jess.
it could be Lisa or Amber.
It all depends on the day.
It depends on my mood.
The truth is,
I don't know her name.
I don't know if she paints or
whether he has a good laugh.
I just know they know love.
Sometimes I catch myself
trying to remember
the last time I had
meaningful contact
with another person.
I used to live two doors down,
number 13 Beckett Road.
RACHEL: It was my first home.
We bought it together.
It was ours.
Every day I tell myself
not to look.
But then I look.
WOMAN: Are you alone?
RACHEL: Yeah. No.
Come. It's all yours.
Your baby's so cute.
Oh, thank you.
Hi, baby!
Is it a boy?
So sweet! How old is he?
Six months.
Six months.
So sweet.
MEGAN: A teacher once told me I was
a mistress of self-reinvention.
MEGAN: I wasn't really sure
what it meant at the time.
But since moving here,
I've come to understand it.
is boring and routine.
It's a fucking baby factory.
I wanna start my life
over again.
So far, I've been
a rebellious teenager,
gallery director,
and a whore.
And not necessarily
in that order.
I can't just be
a wife anymore.
That's why I stay awake at
night, staring at the ceiling.
In fact, the only time I feel
like myself is when I'm running.
ABDIC: You always
felt that way?
Maybe since I was about 17.
With Mac.
Who's Mac?
My brother's best friend.
My brother who died.
I tend to smile
when I'm nervous.
Sometimes I laugh.
For a year, Mac and I lived
in this hunting cabin.
We started fucking.
We were the saddest
people we knew.
But in a way,
that cabin made us happy.
No one could find us.
Everyone thought
we were dead.
ABDIC: And if you were
to run away today,
right now,
where would you go?
I read once that
when a train hits,
it can rip the clothes
right off of you.
I'm pretty sure
Scott thinks the nanny job
is gonna make me
less restless.
Make me wanna get pregnant.
And that's not the case?
When I finish
work every night,
I run home
and I get in the shower,
and I wash the smell of that
baby off of me as fast as I can.
When you woke up
this morning,
I went and I brought you
back to bed with me.
And when I was feeding you,
we heard Daddy singing from
the kitchen, didn't we?
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Anna
Happy birthday to you
Oh. Daddy came upstairs
with a beautiful breakfast
that he made for Mommy,
didn't he?
Yes, he did.
Thank you, Megan.
There you go.
MEGAN: Shh, Shh, shh.
Ooh, hello. (CHUCKLES)
I swear, I sometimes feel like
my heart is gonna explode.
I mean, look at her.
(LAUGHS) Look at her!
You're not sleeping!
MEGAN: Hello?
You're not sleeping.
MEGAN: Hello?
Is that another hang-up?
ANNA: And grab the corners.
And straight.
I got another job.
You what?
I'm really sorry, Anna.
I thought you were
happy here.
I mean,
you seemed happy here.
I am.
It's just this isn't
what I do.
Take care of children?
Or laundry.
Another gallery
headhunted me.
That's great.
The thing is,
it starts tomorrow.
I'm out all day tomorrow.
That is so uncool.
I hate to leave you
like this without childcare,
but you don't have a job.
that sounded wrong.
I know that you're busy
It's not the volunteering.
It's all the shopping, it's spending
hours in the farmers' market,
it's finding
the right foods for her,
it's pureeing
sweet potatoes,
and I do all of this
at the same time
as I'm nursing.
Maybe you should
go back to work, too.
Mothers need to work. It's
actually better for the kid.
And how would you know?
Your key.
There's no job more important
than raising a child.
Megan, please.
What are you doing?
Give me my baby.
Rachel, what are you doing?
- TOM: Hello?
Thank you.
Hmm. Beautiful.
How many times
has she texted you today?
I don't know.
She called the landline
three times.
You have to talk to her.
I know.
It's getting crazy.
I will. I know,
I know, I know.
It's gonna be fine.
Isn't it always fine?
Don't I always
make everything fine?
Who gives a shit?
It's your birthday.
Are you sure you don't want
me to take you out tonight?
No, I like it at home.
Call Megan.
Ask her to come back.
She just quit.
She what?
She just told me
she got another job.
I thought you guys were
kind of a good team together.
So did I.
TOM: (ON VOICEMAIL) Hey, it's Tom.
Sorry I missed you.
I'll get right back to you.
Hey, Tom. It's me.
Uh, I just wanted to wish
Momma a happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Mom...
CATHY: Rachel!
No, don't, Cathy. Please stop it.
Cathy, come on!
I just need some to go
to sleep, that's all.
I just need a little bit
to go to sleep.
What brought this on?
He posted another
picture of the baby.
It was a cute picture.
Facebook and drunk ex-wives do not
make good friends. (CHUCKLES)
I got it. I got it.
All right.
Let's get you to your room.
Rachel, you have to
stop calling them, okay?
I really appreciate
this room.
I do.
I thought that
I would just be here
for a couple of weeks
or months.
Yeah, that was
two years ago.
Get some sleep.
IVF rarely works
the first time.
Would you like a moment?
It's okay, sweetie.
We're gonna try again.
We can't afford
to do it again.
When we can, we will.
RACHEL: I wonder what
she's looking at.
Or if she even sees
this train at all.
Who is that man?
What is she doing?
She's throwing it all away.
TOM: Anna, I fell asleep
last night thinking of you.
I dreamed about kissing
the inside of your thighs
and holding your breasts.
God, I wish I was
fucking you right now.
Anna, I love you.
I love you so much.
RACHEL: When it happened to me,
I found dozens of e-mails.
Tom told her that he'd never
felt like this before.
He said it wouldn't be that much
longer until they were together.
I know what they say. You
shouldn't check his e-mail.
I was stupid.
But when I, um...
When I saw it was
from the realtor,
I thought that
it was just spam.
And then I realized that
they were kisses, not X's.
And my husband was fucking
a Century 21 agent.
That sucks.
it does.
Her name was Anna Boyd
and he was in love with her.
Come here for one second.
Say "Fuck you, Anna Boyd,"
but just yell it, all right?
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
RACHEL: That bitch
is living in my house.
I picked everything in that house.
I picked everything.
I picked the dining table,
the kitchen table.
I wonder if she knows
that I fucked Tom
on the same table
that her baby eats at.
I just wanna tell her.
I wish I could tell her.
I picked
everything in that house.
I fucking picked
everything in that house.
I could never find the words
to describe how I felt
when I read that e-mail.
But this morning, I did.
I did.
When I saw that woman
kissing someone else, just...
Betraying her husband,
I felt...
I felt it.
I felt pure rage.
(SOBBING) It was like
something had been
taken from me again.
If I could...
If I could,
I'd just go to her house,
and I'd go and find her
sitting at the kitchen table,
and I'd just...
I'd wrap my hand in
her long blonde hair
and I'd jerk her head back.
I'd just jerk it back,
and then I'd pull her down
to the ground,
and I would just smash her
head all over the floor!
Get out of my way!
You whore!
Jesus Christ, Rachel.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I spent the past hour driving
around looking for you.
You scared
the shit out of Anna.
Do you know that?
She thought you were gonna...
She wanted to
call the police. So just...
Leave us alone.
You can ruin your own life
if you want to,
but you're not
gonna destroy ours.
I'm not gonna
protect you anymore.
RACHEL: Oh, my God.
CATHY: Rachel? Open the door.
Cathy, I just need a sec.
Are you okay?
Rachel, open the door.
I have a stomach flu.
Okay? I just...
You don't have a flu.
What the fuck, Rachel?
I'm not stupid!
Rachel! Cathy, just go away!
RACHEL: Come here for one second.
Just one second.
Say "Fuck you, Anna Boyd."
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
You whore!
MAN: Anyone counting days 1 to 90,
who would like to share a day count?
JASON: Hey, I'm Jason. I'm an alcoholic.
ALL: Welcome, Jason.
JASON: I've got 22 days back.
MAN: Anyone else?
Hi. I'm Rachel and...
MAN 1: Welcome, Rachel.
MAN 2: Hi, Rachel.
Thank you.
This is day one, I suppose.
I'm here because I...
Because l ...
Because I woke up,
um, covered in blood.
And I had bruises
all over my arm, um...
It's usually from when I've fallen
and someone's helped me up.
My husband...
He used to tell me what I'd
done the night before.
And I learned when you wake up like
that, you just say you're sorry.
You just say you're sorry
for what you did,
and you're sorry
for who you are,
and you're never
gonna do it again.
But you do. You do it again.
And there's time missing.
I need to remember.
I need to remember.
MAN: Okay.
Thank you, Rachel.
ALL: Thank you, Rachel.
MARTHA: Right?
It was that, um...
The homeless thing.
I don't remember
what it was called.
WOMAN: Oh, Safe Shelter.
That was
a tube top, right?
WOMAN: Yep, it was.
MARTHA: Why say,
"Yes, I'm gonna go.
"And I can't wait because
it's fun to dress up."
Then dress up.
RACHEL: Do you like
devil's eggs, Martha?
Deviled eggs? Yeah, I do.
Deviled eggs.
MARTHA: Thank you
for making them.
The classics. Do you
wanna try one, anybody?
Those go outside. I don't want
the eggs with the dessert.
It doesn't fucking matter
where they go, okay?
So do you wanna put them here? Do
you want them with your hot dogs?
Or you can put a couple with
your quinoa if you want to.
Do you wanna put them with your
other salad and your corn?
TOM: Rachel. Put a
couple on the wall...
TOM: Rachel!
I'm fine, Tom! Stop it.
You didn't back me up.
You never have my back.
You never have my back.
That's my boss's wife.
Probably got me
fired back there.
I don't give a fuck.
I'm your wife.
I'm your wife and you never...
You never
fucking support me.
Rachel, please stop it!
Hey, come on!
I need you to focus here.
Don't fucking talk to me like that!
Rachel. There you are.
Cathy, I'm sorry.
I need to get
my shit together.
You must be Ms. Watson.
I'm Detective Riley.
This is Detective Gaskill.
We need to ask you
a few questions.
What's this about?
Wanna sit down?
Can you tell me
where you were Friday night?
I was at work in the city,
and then...
And then I went
to visit my husband.
You mean your ex-husband?
Yeah. So I got off the train
at Ardsley-on-Hudson,
and then I decided
that it was a bad idea.
Around what time did you
reach that conclusion?
I was back here by 11:00.
Yeah. Yeah.
On your way back here,
did you stop anywhere?
And what time did you
take the train there?
Um, 6200.
So, what'd you do during
those hours in Ardsley,
if you weren't
seeing your ex-husband?
Do you remember
seeing this woman?
She worked
for your ex-husband.
She's gone missing.
What do you mean
she's missing?
Her husband said
she never came back home
the same night you got off the
train in Ardsley-on-Hudson.
I was just...
Do you know Megan Hipwell?
Did you see her? (STUTTERING)
No, I don't think so.
Is that because
you were inebriated?
Just to clarify, you said
you were at work Friday?
Are you referring to your
job in public relations?
It's my understanding you were fired
from that job over a year ago
because of your
drinking problem.
That's enough for now.
If you're able to remember
anything else, give us a call.
Did you really get fired?
Look, I didn't want you to worry
that I couldn't pay the rent.
If you don't have a job, then
what do you do every day?
I ride the train.
You what?
I ride the train
to New York and back.
That's what your alimony's paying for?
Tickets to nowhere?
That's really
fucking weird, Rachel.
Okay, Okay-
I got on the train,
and then I got off the train.
I don't know.
It's very unclear.
You don't remember
anything, do you?
I read about this man in
Long Island who blacked out.
He left a bar...
(VOICE FADING) ...drove to the
house that he'd grown up in,
stabbed its
occupants to death.
He woke up the next morning
oblivious to what he did,
until the police
came to get him.
What? What?
You have to leave.
I can't do this anymore.
I'll give you a few weeks...
Hold on.
Hold on.
Detective Riley?
Yeah, I agree with you.
Detective Riley?
I saw someone with Megan Hipwell,
but not on Friday night.
She was having an affair.
She had a lover.
That's what
I'm trying to tell you.
I thought
you didn't know her.
No. But I saw her.
You saw her where?
I saw her from the train.
She was standing
on the deck with this man.
With her husband, Scott Hipwell?
It wasn't him.
This man was different
and they were kissing.
Wow. That's pretty
coincidental, isn't it?
You just happen to be on a
train at the same exact moment
that a woman you don't know,
but somehow recognize
is cheating on her husband?
I know it sounds crazy.
Neighbors saw a drunk woman in the
vicinity of her house Friday night.
Megan Hipwell does bear
a resemblance to Anna Watson.
Mrs. Watson reported
that you go to their house
sometimes uninvited
and that on one occasion, you actually
broke in and took their child.
Let me give you some advice.
Don't go back
to Beckett Road.
Don't contact
your ex-husband.
Don't go anywhere near
Anna Watson or her baby.
Are you listening to me?
You don't live there anymore.
Stay away.
MEGAN: You know,
I lie all the time.
I lie to Scott.
I lie to you.
I mean, I know that's not
the point of therapy,
but l have to
keep things vague.
Jumble up all the men,
the exes, the lovers.
It doesn't matter
who they are.
It matters how
they make me feel.
Lying is like
taking a trip.
It's like having a secret.
It's like touching yourself
and no one else knows.
Except you.
But you're just pretending.
You're just pretending
to touch yourself.
Scott's possessive.
He likes to own me.
He figures out
all my passwords.
Which is kind of sexy.
So, when I came home
last night,
Scott was on my laptop,
wondering why...
Scott's behavior
is not normal.
It's a form
of emotional abuse.
Are you ever afraid
of Scott?
It's not abuse.
Not if you don't care,
and I don't.
Maybe it's become
a normal state for you.
Is it normal I think
about you all the time?
RACHEL: "Almost exactly
a week ago,
"Megan Hipwell walked out of number
15 Beckett Road and disappeared.
"No one has seen her since.
"Neither her phone nor her bank
cards have been used since Friday."
"A wonderful woman,
"an intensely private person
with a warm heart.
"She lost a brother
when she was 16,
"and both her parents
died a few years ago.
"Scott Hipwell urges
anyone with information
"to please come forward."
You Megan's friend?
RACHEL: Yes. Rachel.
Come in.
Do you want a coffee?
Uh, sure.
Thank you.
Sorry, it's a mess.
I've been hunting for her
social, her birth certificate.
The cops need a lot.
Have we met
somewhere before?
I don't think so.
And you know Megan from...
Uh, from the gallery.
Oh, you're an artist?
Uh, well,
I like to think so.
So you said on the phone
you wanted to tell me
something about Megan.
What did you wanna tell me?
I saw your wife with someone
on Friday morning.
With who?
She was up there
on your porch.
I saw her from the train, because
I commute to Manhattan every day
and I go
straight past here.
She kissed him.
They were kissing.
I'm sorry. I know this is
a terrible thing to hear.
I know how it feels.
What did he look like?
He was average height.
He had dark hair.
And they were
out there on the porch?
Oh, no, no, no.
Thank you.
Okay, sure.
It could... I don't know.
Maybe it's a good thing.
Could mean she's all right.
She just ran off
with someone.
Has she talked to you?
Oh, no. Um,
I haven't heard anything.
You know her well enough
to know where we live.
Megan doesn't
have many friends.
Well, I used to live nearby,
and, um, she and l...
We took... We took...
We took Pilates together.
I think I should go. I feel like
I've taken up too much of your time.
So sorry to have had to tell
you that in that way...
Do you think you'd recognize
him again if you saw him?
I don't know.
There's a guy. A therapist.
His name's, um,
Um, Kamal Abdic.
Is that who you saw?
I don't know.
I really can't tell.
She spends a lot of fucking
time with her shrink.
RACHEL'. That's him.
I remember. That's him.
I remember. That's him.
I'm sorry.
MEGAN: Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Stay away from me.
This is so stupid.
He makes every conversation
about getting pregnant.
And every time
we go there...
To that subject.
What subject?
What subject?
It's okay.
All right, Megan.
We shouldn't.
Don't make it impossible
for us to work together.
Megan, I could lose
my practice.
I don't give a fuck!
I don't give a fuck
about your fucking practice!
I don't give a...
RACHEL: Dr. Kamal Abdic has
been brought in for questioning
on the disappearance of Ardsley-on-Hudson
resident, Megan Hipwell.
He was, according to sources,
Mrs. Hipwell's psychiatrist.
For the first time in ages,
I have purpose.
Or at least
I have a distraction.
I want Megan to show up
safe and sound. I do.
Just not quite yet.
What's wrong?
Abdic's been released.
There wasn't
enough evidence.
And because I'm the one that
got him arrested, he talked.
A lot.
They'll build
a case against him.
It'll just take some time.
Are you totally sure he's
the guy you saw Megan with?
You sure as fuck better be.
I don't understand.
The police think I did it.
Yeah, but he's the one...
He told them
Megan's miserable.
That I'm a jealous,
controlling husband.
I'm sure that they're just
trying to rule you out.
Abdic told them
I'm abusive.
When she walked out,
I didn't go after her.
I never called
to check on her.
I went to a sports bar
for fuck's sake.
Got drunk.
No. We just need to find
more evidence on Abdic.
I've spent the whole day
going through her stuff.
There's no e-mails,
there's nothing.
No letters, no e-mails.
For a second, l thought about
contacting Abdic myself.
Fucking phone won't stop!
This is Scott. Yeah, yeah.
Hold on. Hold on.
Do you mind?
Rachel, no.
Ann, get in the house.
(STUTTERING) Your wife
hit me on Friday night.
No. What are you talking about?
Yes, you did.
Yes, you did!
And then she...
She got in your car.
No. She said you yelled
at her that night.
No. That is not
what happened.
She was in the tunnel
and she hit me.
I don't wanna
argue on the street.
It's the middle of
the day and you're drunk.
Look, I'm not drunk, Tom.
My wife is scared of you.
Of What?
I don't even know
if that's a joke or not.
Let's start with child abduction.
That's bullshit.
You know that's not
how it happened.
You and I both know
what you're capable of.
Were you just
at Scott Hipwell's house?
Why are you
at Scott Hipwell's house?
Because I'm helping...
I'm helping him.
To try and find Megan.
You don't even know Megan!
Rach ,
I don't think
you're helping anybody.
So you're here because you
want to uncover lost memories?
Is that correct?
RACHEL: You have an accent.
No. Sorry. I, um, wasn't
expecting you to have an accent.
Well, you have an accent.
Where are you from?
I'm American citizen.
But I guess you're not
here to talk about me.
Unless you are.
Sorry, I was just, uh,
trying to make conversation.
The blackouts.
You're experiencing
Do you wanna
tell me about them?
RACHEL: Mmm...
Well, when I wake up, and when
someone tells me what I've done,
it just doesn't feel like me, or
like something that I would do.
I feel bad about it,
but, um...
But it's like it's so far
removed that I have a...
I just don't feel
bad enough.
You wanna take personal
responsibility for what you've done,
but you find it difficult
to feel accountable
because you can't
even remember it.
So, Rachel,
besides drinking...
Because you clearly drink.
You've been drinking today,
haven't you?
What else do you enjoy?
Do you have any hobbies?
I like to draw.
Art, I guess.
Good. We can try to regain some
of your memories by drawing them.
I've tried it.
It doesn't work.
And have you ever
tracked all the way back
to when you started
drinking heavily?
When was that?
It was with Tom.
When I couldn't
get pregnant.
Who's Tom?
RACHEL: He's my ex-husband.
You wanna talk about that?
I really wanted a baby.
We tried everything
and nothing worked.
And it just absolutely...
lt just broke my heart and...
So I got really sad.
And then, um...
And then the booze
just broke us.
Good. Tell me more.
I used to watch
this perfect couple.
And they were just
the embodiment of true love.
It's like the kind of love
you always want.
And then she betrayed him.
And it sparked
something in me.
Why are you
really here, Rachel?
Because I'm afraid
of myself.
ANNA: July 5th.
1.'33 and 1.'34, 1.'37.
She calls again, 1:38.
And then she calls again
at 1:44, 1:45, 2:15 p.m.
And July 6th.
You get the point.
She sometimes texts him
dozens of times a day.
But these are all
from an unknown number.
Unknown is Rachel.
You have a log of the calls.
You don't have a log of what
they're saying to each other.
Look, um...
Has she been back to the house since
the incident with your child?
Not that I know of.
Then, you may have a case for
harassment in the second degree.
But these are texts,
they're not threats.
She has been hanging around
Scott Hipwell's house.
A lot.
Yeah. I'm aware.
There are a lot of loose ends
here that suggest something,
but they don't add up
to much.
If you could bring me
something more solid...
What more do you need?
Real evidence.
You sure your husband doesn't wanna
stay in touch with his ex-wife?
What? No.
She's harassing us.
Is that what he calls it?
Reporters are in my yard.
They're everywhere. I didn't
know where else to go.
Come in.
The detective just...
The detective just
told me something
I've wanted to
hear for a long time.
She's pregnant.
She told her shrink
but not me.
I wanted a family.
But she fought me
every step of the way.
We always fought about it.
Did Megan ever say anything
about me to you?
She loved you.
She loved you in ways that people
only dream of being loved.
You shouldn't be here.
I just...
I need to tell someone.
Just once.
Just say it out loud.
I wanna tell you.
And then I'll be gone.
I swear.
I got pregnant.
I was 17.
I had her by myself.
She had dark eyes
and blonde hair.
I expected it to be hard,
but it wasn't.
it was easy.
Because I loved her.
(SOBBING) I loved her.
We called her Elizabeth.
It was December,
and we had gotten
in a fight, me and Mac.
He'd gone off and left.
The roof was leaking.
It was freezing cold,
so I got in the tub.
I brought Libby in with me,
put her on my chest.
Her head just under my chin.
I fell asleep.
I let her go.
(CRYING) I let her go.
I let her go.
I let her go.
I couldn't look.
I didn't wanna see it.
I didn't wanna
see her like that.
I wrapped her in a blanket
and I buried her.
Mac went out that night.
And he never came back.
He never came back.
I missed our home.
So one day,
when I was drunk,
I decided to go there.
The front door was open.
It's not like I broke in.
And then I heard Evie.
ABDIC: Who's Evie?
RACHEL: Tom's baby.
I know this sounds insane.
But I just wanted
to hold her.
Just for a moment.
ANNA: Rachel!
What are you doing?
Give her to me.
ANNA: Shh.
Mommy's here. Shh.
I wasn't going to hurt her.
I would never hurt her.
I just wanted to hold her.
"Partially decomposed
body found.
"Female body found. Death a
result of blunt force trauma.
"Blunt force trauma. Partially
decomposed body found.
"Megan Hipwell. Blunt force trauma.
Partially decomposed.
"Investigation now
being called a homicide.
"Sources say the partially
decomposed body found
"is missing Ardsley woman,
Megan Hipwell.
"Death a result of
blunt force trauma.
"Megan Hipwell's investigation
now being called a homicide."
What's wrong?
I'm sorry.
This reminds me of
when I used to watch you
getting dressed
before going back to her.
Back to this house.
I actually miss
being the other woman.
Did you enjoy
cheating on Rachel?
Can we not fixate on her?
I saw her again today.
This afternoon, when the police
brought Scott back home.
She was across the street.
And when she saw me,
she got aggressive.
Aggressive how?
What if Rachel killed Megan?
Rachel did not kill Megan.
Then why is she creeping
around Scott's house?
She's dangerous and you know it.
Anna. Anna.
Rachel is a sad person.
She's completely harmless.
What are you doing here?
How did you get in?
Come here.
Have a beer with me.
I'm not drinking right now.
Detective Riley came
to see me last night.
And turns out,
I'm not the father.
Neither is the shrink.
Did my wife confide in you
about a third man?
Sit down.
Sit down!
Look, I don't know
what this is about.
Oh, come on.
You and Megan were
such good friends.
You must have known.
Admit it.
Admit what?
Admit that you never even
fucking met my wife.
The detective said
you didn't even know Megan.
She used other words, too.
Maybe even mentally unstable.
I am sorry. I was honestly
just trying to help you.
You're Tom's crazy ex.
When the fuck were
you gonna tell me that, huh?
And now the detective
is asking
if you and I are
in a relationship?
I would never even get near
someone like you!
My wife is dead
and you're lying to me!
What's wrong with you?
Who does this?
I needed to tell you
about Megan's affair,
and you wouldn't have believed
me if I was just Tom's ex!
Oh, well, thank you
for getting Abdic
to point the finger at me.
For getting the cops to say
that you and I are fucking!
How are they going, huh?
You know, the sessions.
With the doctor.
I wanted to know about Abdic
and I went to him to help you.
You're just a sad liar
with no life.
You're all liars.
I need to
file a statement.
Rachel Watson.
Pete, I got this.
You wanted to
file a statement?
I'm listening.
Scott Hipwell
just assaulted me.
You mean your new
boyfriend, Scott Hipwell?
No. We were just friends.
But that's what
you wanted, isn't it?
You got him to stay overnight
at your apartment, right?
No, you need the context.
I know the context.
But what I'm trying
to determine
is when your obsession
with Mr. Hipwell began.
Was it before or after his
pregnant wife was murdered?
You were neighbors
at one point.
I met him after.
After being
questioned by me,
you befriend another even more
obvious suspect than yourself.
And then you manage to get
him to incriminate himself,
all the while
hoping he'll fuck you.
I came here
trying to help you.
He just assaulted me
in my own house!
You were seen
in the area that night.
There are several hours that
you say you can't account for.
It was Scott. Scott
Hipwell killed his wife.
No, he didn't.
Surveillance footage
from a sports bar
accounts for Mr. Hipwell's
whereabouts that night.
You're lying.
You're lying.
Tell me what happened.
It's okay.
Tell me.
I don't know.
Did you murder
Megan Hipwell?
I need to see you.
Can you please come over?
MEGAN: I can still see her dark
eyes- I can smell her skin.
I can feel how cold she was.
ABDIC: Forgive yourself.
You don't have to be
afraid of being alone.
You're not alone.
You'll be fine.
You and your baby
will be fine.
Why are you following me?
Why are you here?
I could ask you
the same question.
I saw you...
I saw you that night in the tunnel.
I saw you there and...
All right. (STAMMERING)
I know I saw you there.
Lady, I live here.
I'm always in that tunnel.
But what did you see?
What happened that night?
What did you see?
All right. You, uh...
You busted your ass.
You fell.
I felt sorry for you.
I tried to help you up.
You told me to fuck off,
so I fucked off.
Was I with anyone? Was I alone?
What happened?
I don't know.
You were wasted.
You're always wasted.
That's all I can tell you.
Whoa. Take it easy.
I need you to tell me
the fucking truth.
What did you see that night?
What happened that night?
I don't know.
I'm assuming
it's the worst.
RACHEL: Come here for one second.
Just one second.
Say "Fuck you, Anna Boyd."
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
Fuck you, Anna Boyd!
RACHEL: I wonder if she knows
that I fucked Tom on the...
When I saw that woman
kissing someone else,
betraying her husband, I felt
pure rage.
If I could,
I'd go to her house,
I'd find her
sitting there and...
Smash her head
all over the floor!
RACHEL: Cathy, thank you
for all you have done for me.
I'm sorry to leave this way.
I'll send
for my things later.
Love, Rachel.
That is so true!
It's the worst
restaurant ever.
Why do we keep going back?
I haven't seen you
in a million years.
Yeah, I wanted to call you.
Um, but Tom said I should
just leave it alone.
I'm so sorry.
For what?
For the barbecue,
and I just need you to know
that I don't remember anything,
and, um, I just
completely blacked out.
Everyone had a little too
much to drink, so it's okay.
I know, but with the eggs,
and then I screamed at you.
That I was that abusive,
I just feel...
I just feel so
ashamed about it.
I don't...
Tom said that I smashed
your plate. I don't...
Tom was fired
because of how I behaved.
You felt sick and you took a
nap in our guest bedroom.
Do you wanna lie down?
Come with me.
Excuse us.
are you feeling better?
You guys can stay
the night if you want.
No. That's fine.
MARTHA: I think I'd remember
if you caused a scene.
I'm so sorry.
Get up.
And then Tom took you home.
I'm sorry, Tom.
Stop fucking saying that!
I know you're sorry!
What's your fucking problem?
You can't even focus on me.
Can't even fucking stand up!
What is wrong with you?
Can you stand?
Fucking disgusting.
No. No.
Yeah. Tom got fired because he
couldn't keep his dick in his pants.
You did nothing wrong.
TOM: Wake the fuck up,
Rachel! Wake the fuck up!
Wake up!
You can sleep
out here.
MARTHA: We all
felt so bad for you.
He's such a bad guy.
Are you okay?
TOM: I need to see you-
Meet me at 3:00.
I'm here. Where are you?
I can't.
I'm stuck watching Evie.
What are you doing up?
Picking up after Evie.
You whore!
Leave us alone.
No new messages.
No saved messages.
To hear your current voice-mail
greeting, please press two.
MEGAN: Hi, it's Megan.
Leave a message.
replay this greeting, press one.
MEGAN: Hi, it's Megan.
Leave a message.
TOM: You okay?
I thought I heard something.
You should wake me up
if you heard something.
I just...
Come back to bed.
RACHEL: Whore!
Rachel's down there.
What the hell
are you doing?
Come here.
Hey, get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here!
You're okay.
You just need some help.
Don't touch me. You just need
to get a little help up.
Just fuck off. Fuck off!
No. Go away!
Anna, please. Please.
There's... Okay.
I'm gonna stand right here.
I'm not gonna come closer.
I just need to talk to you.
I don't wanna hear
anything you have to say.
Where's Tom?
He's lying to you.
He always does.
He's a good liar.
I know he's a good liar.
We went behind
your back for months.
He's just done it to you.
I know he's cheating.
I know.
Anna, he killed Megan.
No, we don't...
We don't know that.
He's dangerous.
We don't know anything.
Anna, you need to leave.
You need to leave. No. No.
You need to take Evie and
you need to leave. No.
Get out of here. It's not safe.
I'm not leaving him.
It's hardly the first time
he's had an affair.
It's not about the affair
and you know that deep down.
Anna, please, just come with me.
I'm not leaving him.
Please come with me.
Anna, don't. TOM: Come
in the house, honey.
I saw you, Tom.
You motherfucker!
I saw you, you murderer!
You fucking murderer!
You killed her! You fucking killed her!
I know it!
Listen to me. Megan got
into his car that night.
You think I don't remember. You
thought I blacked out. I saw you.
Why did Megan
get in your car?
Did Megan get in your car? No!
Yes, she did!
Tell her the truth.
Just tell her
the truth right now.
You attacked me in that tunnel
because I saw her with you!
I found Megan's phone.
I found it.
So all those phone calls,
they weren't from Rachel.
So were you fucking her
while she was here working?
While she was
looking after our daughter?
You were so tired
all the time and...
It's all about Evie.
That's right.
It was all about you,
wasn't it?
Tom, give her to me.
TOM: It's all right.
It was all about you,
wasn't it?
give her to me. Please.
Please give her to me.
She's fine.
I think she needs changing, please?
She's gonna be fine.
Please just give her to me.
Let her go. You're gonna hurt her.
Change her here.
Okay. I'll change her. Let her go.
You're gonna hurt her.
- FEMALE OPERATOR: 911, what's your.--
What's your emergency?
TOM: No. Stay.
Do you need a drink?
Yeah, you do.
All those things
that you said I did...
Those terrible things,
I didn't do any of them.
You just watched me suffer.
You made me
feel so worthless.
You made me think
that everything was my fault.
Drink it.
You told me
I got you fired.
But I didn't.
You know,
I saw Martha on the train.
Drink it!
I saw Martha on the train,
and she told me
that you were fired
because you were fucking
everyone in the office!
ANNA: Shh.
Rachel's down there.
Wait here.
TOM: Gonna get in the car?
What's going on?
TOM: Don't worry about it.
Come on.
Okay, I'm here.
So what is it?
I just wanna
go to the woods.
What is it with
you crazy women?
Is that what you want?
Like this?
I'm pregnant.
I thought you should know.
You thought
I should know?
There's a chance
it could be yours.
Then get an abortion.
Or if it's Scott's,
do whatever you want,
but if it's not,
then get rid of it.
You can be as
involved as you want.
You're a shitty nanny.
What makes you think you're
gonna be a good mother?
Why did you bring me there
in the first place?
Because l thought it would be
fun to have you both around.
I played your game so you could fuck
me in between Evie's playdates.
I don't need another kid.
Certainly not with you.
I took care of your kid
to be near you!
You fucked Anna 'cause you
couldn't fuck Rachel anymore,
and you fucked me
'cause you couldn't fuck Anna.
Take us all away and you're
just a pathetic, impotent man.
You're not
gonna get rid of me.
You're gonna pay for this child
for the rest of your life.
You're like a dog.
Like one of
those unwanted,
mistreated dogs.
And if you kick them,
they keep coming back to you.
Thinking that
somehow if they're good...
You're not doing this again.'ll love them.
This is what you do. You're
not doing this to me.
You brought this
on yourself, Rachel.
If you'd just stayed away
that one night...
Just left us all alone...
You brought this on Megan.
In a way, you killed her.
But I didn't.
You did.
And you did this
to me in our marriage.
You made me fucking crazy.
Do you have any idea what it's like
to be married to a fucking blur?
RACHEL: I had no choice.
He was...
He would have killed me.
I never wanted to hurt him.
It was self-defense.
ANNA: She had no choice.
Tom would have killed her.
I saw the whole thing.
Rachel was right
about Megan.
She was right
about everything.
RACHEL: We're tied forever
now, the three of us.
Bound forever
by the story we share.
Today, I sit in a different
car and I look ahead.
Anything is possible, because I
am not the girl I used to be.