The Girl Who Got Away (2021) Movie Script

United States.
You're listening...
It was your first
game, you know.
You're not gonna win every game.
I just wanna go home.
We're gettin' there.
She's bleeding!
We'll stop in the next
town. I'll call the police.
Dad, that girl.
Tommy, listen to me carefully.
I'm gonna go outside,
I'm gonna lock this door,
and you don't open this door.
You don't open it for
anyone, no one but me.
Do you understand?
I'll be right back.
Open the door, please!
She's coming!
Lock it, lock it!
Please, she's coming!
Go, go, go!
She's gonna come!
I know it, I know it!
No, get away!
Hey, Gerry.
It's okay.
It's over now.
Can you tell me your name?
My name's Christina.
"Listen closely
and pay attention"
to the what and the where.
Because when this is over,
"you will wonder, how did
we get from here to there?"
Bye, miss bowden.
You did great today, Michael.
Thank you, miss bowden.
Give me it!
You're so annoying.
Christina bowden?
Give me it!
Thank you.
Ha ha!
It's perfect, really.
There's like a whole community,
and Lisa can have her own room.
There's a pool, and the
school system is great,
I've already inquired
about transferring.
What about your boyfriend?
Tom, is it?
Is he going to go with you?
Yes, Tom.
He's excited about it.
There's a lot of
work down there,
and I think it's gonna be a
fresh start for all of us.
Well, this sounds really great.
So, now we're just waiting
on the background check,
which should come
at any day now.
And if there are no surprises,
the only thing left is
the home inspection.
I have your address
here as 6 emerald drive.
Where's that?
Up on northridge.
Oh, so you're up in the snow?
I'll bring my boots.
So, one last question,
and this is just for me.
Of course.
This girl's no Saint.
She's had trouble
with the police,
she's been in and out of
foster homes her entire life.
Why this girl?
I had a tough time
growing up, just like her.
And most of the things
that she's going through
are not her fault,
but she doesn't know that.
She thinks everything
is her fault.
She thinks she doesn't
deserve to be happy.
So she does bad
things, stupid things,
so that people see her the
way that she sees herself.
But I don't see her like that.
I see a scared kid who
deserves a second chance.
I think we all deserve
a second chance.
Hello, is anyone there, hello?
Can anyone hear me?
Can anyone hear me?
We need help, now!
Oh, shit!
Ma'am, it's okay, I'm
trying to get you help.
It's okay, I'm gonna
get you help, it's okay.
Sheriff's department.
Mr. Cooper.
It's the sheriff's
department, it's time to go.
Mr. Cooper?
Sheriff's department.
You need to vacate, sir.
Mr. Cooper?
This is Jamie.
Jamie, it's Gerry Bailey.
What can I do for you, Gerry?
Do you know who
Elizabeth caulfield is?
Should I?
About 20 years ago, caulfield
kidnapped 5 young girls.
3 from massena, 2 from wheaton.
In two of the cases,
the children were
taken from their homes,
parents murdered in their beds.
It went on for years.
Just dumb luck we caught her.
Where's this going, Gerry?
There was an accident
this morning, up in utica.
A U.S. marshal was
transporting a prisoner.
Marshal's dead, the
prisoner's on the run.
We found four girls in a
grave behind caulfield's house.
The fifth one, the one that
survived, is still here,
living in massena.
I think caulfield may
come looking for her,
finish what she started.
I'd like you to make
sure that doesn't happen.
I'm gonna call you back, Gerry.
Get out of my house.
Mr. Cooper, put the gun down.
This is my house,
my kids grew up here.
I got married here.
I understand, and
we can talk about it,
but you need to put
the gun down first.
Then what?
Then we'll walk out of
here like nothing happened.
But it did happen.
It all happened.
Now I'm nothing!
No, that's not true.
It's Kevin, right?
Can I call you Kevin?
You have your life,
this is just a house.
It doesn't make you who you are.
I'm nothing now, nothing!
No, no, no, Kevin don't do this,
we can talk about
it, don't do this...
So, who is she?
Happy birthday, lady.
Thanks, sweetie.
Hey, where's Tom?
Oh, he had to work late.
Miss bowden.
What's her name?
That's Rebecca.
Tracy, put her back on a shelf
before you break her, huh?
Oh, she's fine.
You want a piece of cake at all?
I'll bring it to you.
He's missing your birthday?
Oh, it's fine.
He's busy, and we're
gonna do something
later in the week.
Oh, hey, when's
this big announcement?
I guess Tom is gonna
miss that too, huh?
He knows already, so stop.
And I'll make the
big announcement
as soon as I find Lisa.
Still occupied.
Lisa, it's me.
You okay?
You missed the
whole happy birthday
and blowing out the
candles, et cetera.
I'm sorry, but here.
Happy birthday.
I told you not
to get me anything.
You have to wait 'til
you're alone to open it.
It's nothing, really.
Thank you.
You ready?
I guess.
What about you?
Are you ready?
I'm scared.
I've never been
anybody's mom before.
And I just keep thinking,
"what if I mess this up?
What if I do something wrong?
What if she hates me?"
Everyone messes
up sometimes, right?
So, why worry about it?
And even if you do,
I won't hate you.
That wouldn't be fair.
This is your first
time doing this,
so it's not gonna
be easy, right?
It's not gonna be easy,
but it's gonna be worth it.
I promise.
I'm ready.
Me too.
Come on.
Can I have your
attention for a second?
Thank you for coming.
Today is not just
about my birthday.
I have something very special
that I want to
share with you all.
I have been keeping this
a secret for a while now,
but I am super
excited to say that...
We have another guest.
I'll be right back.
I'm looking for
Christina bowden.
That's me.
How can I help you?
I'm sorry to bother you
this late, miss bowden.
I'm Jamie nwosu with the
sheriff's department.
Do you mind if I come in
and we can talk for a moment?
I'm sorry, I have company.
Can you just tell me
what this is about?
Did I do something wrong?
No, ma'am, it's not that.
About 8 hours ago,
there was an accident
up by ulster county,
a car accident.
It was a prisoner transport.
The prisoner was to
get medical treatment
up in ulster coming up
from Camden township.
The car must've
hit a slick patch
and went off the road.
Unfortunately, the U.S. marshal
who was driving
the car was killed.
That's awful, I'm sorry.
Yes, it is.
The reason I came to see you is
that the prisoner
who was in back
is currently unaccounted for.
That being said,
there are a lot of people
out there looking for her,
and we hope this is
wrapped up quickly.
But for the time being,
it might be good for you
to stay with a friend,
or get a hotel
room or something.
Why would I need to do that?
I just want to be careful.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Miss bowden, the prisoner's
Elizabeth caulfield.
What are you talking about?
I understand this
has to be a bit of a shock.
But I don't want you to panic.
Police are out there
looking for her.
Christina, where are you?
Shh, she'll hear you.
She's coming.
What's this one's name?
Hey, everything okay?
Who was at the door?
We have to go.
- Why?
- Hey, are you okay?
You're white as a sheet.
I'm fine.
Something just came up, and
I need to take Lisa home.
Can you wrap this up here?
Just apologize to
everyone for me.
Christina, Christina, wait!
What's going on?
Why are the cops here?
There was some
break-ins in the neighborhood,
and it's just not safe for
you to be there right now.
Why are you lying to me?
Why can't you just tell
me what's going on?
It's complicated, Lisa.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Just tell me, I'm not
gonna be mad, I promise.
I just can't have
you near me right now.
Can't have me near you?
Just stop asking questions!
You don't have to
do this, you know.
I understand.
I'm used to it by now.
This is going to
happen, I promise.
Nothing has changed.
Something's changed.
You were just talking
about being family,
and now you're throwing
me out of your house.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I need time, I just need time.
I gotta go.
Lisa, wait!
Miss bowden.
You all right, ma'am?
I'm okay.
So, what now?
I'm gonna stay out here tonight,
keep an eye on things,
and hopefully by the
time you wake up,
this is all over.
Thank you, officer.
Please, call me Jamie.
Thank you, Jamie.
Miss bowden.
I don't want you
to worry too much.
There are a ton
of law enforcement
out there looking for her.
It's cold out, there are
road blocks everywhere,
she's gonna have a hard
enough time surviving,
much less have time
to think about you.
You don't understand, Jamie.
I'm all she thinks about.
Hey, there's somebody in here.
She was a nurse.
Took care of the babies while
their moms got some sleep.
She seemed like a normal person.
But obviously there
was something different
going on in that woman's head.
One day she just
stopped coming to work,
dropped outta sight.
Five years later,
Christina disappeared.
After that, every year,
another girl would go missing,
and every year the girl she took
would be a year older
than the girl before.
Strange, isn't it?
Christina being the first.
Yeah, just random.
I mean, she's the
first to be taken,
she lives with
caulfield the longest,
and yet she's the
one that gets away.
Good morning, miss bowden.
Is it a good morning?
They're still looking for her.
I see.
Is there somewhere
I can take you?
A friend that you can stay with?
I mean, I've decided
I'm staying here.
Miss bowden, we're
a small department.
I don't have the
kind of resources
to keep an eye on you 24/7.
Please stop calling
me miss bowden.
That's what my students call me.
It's Christina.
And it's not just
about staying home.
I have a life here, a job.
I can't just run away.
I'm not asking you to run,
just hide for a little while,
until this is over.
Look, Jamie, I appreciate
what you're doing.
I really do.
And I don't expect
you to understand.
But she took everything
away from me once.
Everything I ever
loved, she destroyed.
I'm not gonna let
her do that again.
Shoot the ball, shoot the ball.
Over here!
Pass it to me!
I know that he loves me
whether I'm right.
Or whether I'm wrong, for
the Bible tells me so.
Is that enough?
You have a visitor.
Hey, Gerry.
I wasn't expecting you.
Is there a problem, Gerry?
Come on in.
What are you doing here?
I thought you
were at the doctors.
I was.
I didn't know you were...
Back in town.
I am.
I moved back in a
couple of months ago.
Doctors want me to be
near family, just in case.
Thank you.
How far along are you?
Um, all the way?
Shouldn't you be lying down?
Hello, Mrs. Bailey.
She's right.
I'm supposed to
stay off my feet.
It was nice seeing you, Jamie.
Nice to see you too.
Close the door behind you.
Can't make it down the hall
without needing to
suck on this thing.
That's Arlene's father.
He was deep in
politics around here.
You should've seen the
cold shoulder she got
for bringing home some
dumb security guard.
You could've told me.
Not something we're
broadcasting all over town.
She ain't married, father wants
nothing to do with the baby,
Arlene's sick about it.
We're just trying to keep
it quiet for right now.
But we're not here to
talk about Amy, are we?
No, we're not.
So, how is she?
A little shook up.
But if she's scared, she
hides it pretty well.
She's tough.
Had to be to survive
that crazy bitch.
Seems that way.
She decided to
stay in the house.
She's staying?
Why would she do that?
I don't know her.
I mean, she's a grown woman now,
and caulfield is what,
60 something years old?
You're gonna keep an
eye on her for me, Jamie.
I don't want anything
happening to her.
Gerry, you know better
than anyone our resources.
I can't have
someone on her 24/7.
That's a job for FBI or state.
They get involved, it'll
be all over the news.
Why is that a bad thing?
I don't think you
understand what happened here.
That little girl and the others
were taken under my nose,
murdered on my watch.
For a long time, I couldn't
show my face in this town.
The minute anyone
knows who she is,
it'll be like those
murders happened yesterday.
You think I want
to put this town,
my daughter, my wife
through that again?
And Christina.
And Christina.
She's coming!
Hey, it's Jamie nwosu.
Hey, Jamie.
Let me guess...
No, I didn't break
my phone again.
This is something different.
Don't you have a
crime lab or something for this?
No, I have to send it off,
and I'm kind of in a rush, so.
You smell like cigarettes.
I was with someone
who smokes a lot.
Smoke don't care who lights it,
makes you smell just the same.
Tell him how old you are today.
I'm 10 years old today.
What is this?
Jesus loves me, this I know,
because the Bible tells me so.
What's happening?
The tape is old.
It's a miracle it
still plays at all.
What's that right there?
Over that picture?
It's a timestamp.
Some old video cameras
used to burn that in.
Can you clean it up
somehow so I can read that?
I can try.
Where did you get this?
Elizabeth caulfield's
home, 25 years ago.
The woman on the news?
So this is one of the
girls that she killed.
This is the one that got away.
The search continues
over a wide area
of the northeast
as local law enforcement
from surrounding counties
join in the effort.
The search area
has been expanded
to cover up to 200 square miles
from the original crash site.
But so far, there's
been no sighting
of any kind...
Of Ms. Caulfield.
She's considered to be
armed and dangerous.
Originally a nurse
in the maternity ward
in massena county hospital,
Ms. Caulfield went on
to kidnap 5 young girls.
Hi, miss bowden.
What are you doing here?
What do you mean?
You said you could watch
Tracy while I went to my class.
Did you forget?
Okay, maybe I did forget.
Oh, Chris.
I promise, I'll be
back in two hours tops.
Have fun.
Thank you.
The house,
and she has remained
out of the public eye
despite caulfield's escape.
So, what do you
want to do today?
Do you want to draw?
Or read a story?
Let's play a game.
Where are you?
I'm gonna find you!
Oh, hi, Christina.
This is Elaine
foster, Tom's mom.
Hi, how are you?
I'm okay, I'm
just a little worried.
And look, I know you and Tom
are not together anymore,
but have you heard from him?
No, we haven't
spoken in a while.
He just didn't show
up for work today,
and I've been trying
to call him all day
and he's not picking up.
I'm starting to get
a little worried.
Listen, my husband
thinks I'm crazy.
Tracy, you can come out now!
This is kinda not like him.
He always calls me, and I
feel like something is wrong.
Tracy, the game is over.
I'm sorry, I
didn't know who else to call,
and I'm just worried about him.
I was wondering if you
could just stop by the house
and see if everything is okay?
Of course.
I can stop before work tomorrow.
Oh, thanks so much, Christina.
Yeah, no problem.
Take care.
The game is over!
I can't find her!
I think she cheated.
I saw her on the
porch when I pulled up,
said she was playing
hide and seek.
I'm sorry.
Get inside, please.
I'm babysitting.
Like that's what
I need right now.
You okay?
She scared the hell out of me.
I can see that.
Do you want to come in?
I need a glass of wine or two.
Can I offer you a glass?
Water's fine.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm a wreck, you must
think I'm a crazy person.
No, not at all.
That woman being out
there, all this going on,
I don't think I'd be able to
handle it as well as you are.
Is that what I'm doing?
You seem composed.
On the outside, at least.
Where are you from, Jamie?
That accent is definitely
not upstate New York.
No, it's not.
I grew up in the city,
but my parents are
both from Nigeria, so,
I had that around the house,
and I guess it's
there somewhere.
My friends used
to make fun of me,
said when I had a few
drinks I'd go full Nigerian.
Full Nigerian?
Yeah, it's...
I'd be like...
Miss bowden, I'm very,
very worried about you,
but I don't want
you to be concerned.
I am here to make sure
that you are very safe.
That's pretty good.
Thank you.
So, what brought you to massena?
I followed a girl
out of school, nyu.
I got a job that I liked
doing, so I stayed.
What happened to the girl?
It was good for a while.
But in the end,
her family had a...
How can I put it,
higher aspirations
for their daughter.
So you let her go?
Not really.
I made a choice.
What about you?
Why are you here?
I was born here, I didn't
really have a choice.
But you do now.
With everything that
happened, why stay?
I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.
I'm gonna go back outside.
No, please.
I've gotten so used to
keeping it to myself
that I've forgotten what
it's like to talk about it.
I didn't know where I lived,
I didn't know what massena was.
I didn't know anything
but that shack of a house.
My parents were gone, no family,
so the state put me in a
foster home until I was 17.
No one wants the girl
with the fucked up past.
And I left for a while,
I went to school.
But I kept coming back.
And at first I thought it
was because I felt guilty
leaving the others behind.
The other girls in that house.
They didn't get to
leave, so why should I?
But then I realized something,
something that I
couldn't explain
until I started
teaching, then I did.
I wanted to try to
fix what she did here.
The hurt she caused.
Try to be the opposite.
And that's what I'm
trying to do with Lisa.
That young girl at the party?
She's a foster child like I was,
she's alone like I was.
So maybe that's why I'm here,
or maybe it's all those things.
Or maybe I'm afraid if I leave
I'll forget who I am.
Hey, what's going on?
Why are the police here again?
There were a couple of
break-ins down the road,
and they just want to keep
an eye on the neighborhood.
They asked if they could
stay out a few nights, so.
Are you sure there's nothing
you want to tell me, Chris?
You seem a little off.
I'm fine, everything's fine.
I just need some sleep.
So, you've seen it?
Yeah, a long time ago.
But from what I remember,
it was little Christina
singing some Bible song.
In the beginning of the tape,
you can hear caulfield say,
"tell him how old you are."
Who's the him?
I don't know.
But from what I remember,
caulfield was kind of a fanatic,
probably talking about Jesus.
And why are you looking at
that stuff anyway, Jamie?
We know what happened
in that house.
I'm keeping an
eye on her, Gerry,
just like you asked me to.
Get up.
No, we'll get caught.
Tomorrow we run.
Get up!
Good morning.
I have cream inside,
sugar if you like.
This is fine.
How'd you sleep?
How about you?
That would kind of defeat
the purpose of being out here.
Of course.
What happened to your hand?
Oh, I just got it
caught in the door.
It's fine, really.
So, any news?
Yes, actually.
Police found the
tow truck she stole,
it was off the side of the road
about 40 miles southwest
of the accident.
Away from here.
That's good, right?
Better than the other direction.
Well, I better get to work.
Well, you have my
number if you need me.
If not, I'll just see
you back here tonight.
It's funny.
This is the most stable
relationship I've been in.
It's only been two days.
Like I said.
Tom, are you here?
Hi, Mrs. Foster.
Hey, it's Christina.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, I'm here,
and he's not here.
But his truck is
gone, I think...
Maybe he went skiing
with his friends
and he forgot to tell you?
That would be very unlike him.
But maybe you're right,
maybe he's just
doing something fun.
Christina, are you there?
Christina, answer me.
She'll hear you!
She's coming!
Back bedroom to the left.
His mother won't
stop calling me.
He didn't deserve that.
He was a liar, and a cheat,
but he didn't deserve that.
When was the last
time you saw him?
I don't know.
A week ago I came
by for some stuff.
Why'd you two break up?
Because he was
screwing half the town.
But what does it matter?
She did this.
You think she did this?
You don't?
I'm sorry, but how would
she even know who he is?
I don't know.
I understand you're upset,
and the knee-jerk reaction
is to think that it's her,
but we don't know what
happened in there.
You said he was sleeping
with several people,
this could be someone's
husband, a jealous lover,
any one of them would
have a reason to do this.
Did you see that in there?
Did that look like an
angry soccer mom did that,
or a jealous husband?
I don't know who did this,
but Tom foster never did
anything to Elizabeth caulfield,
why would she come after him?
Neither did my sisters,
but that didn't stop her
from killing them, did it?
It didn't.
Can I go?
You know who she is, right?
Of course you do.
That's why you got those
bags under your eyes.
Gerry Bailey, still
got you by the balls
after all these years.
You know her?
I was there the
night we found her.
I'll never forget her face,
20 years later or not.
She thinks this was caulfield.
The woman who killed her parents
just broke out of prison,
and now her boyfriend's dead?
Can you blame her?
But if she's right, then
someone is helping caulfield.
Who would help her?
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Hey, no pushing!
Slow down, Mr. Donovan.
Matt, have you seen Lisa?
No, I don't think
she was in today.
Is everything okay?
Christina, are you okay?
Where is she?
She said she didn't feel
like going to school today.
She's been all upset and stuff.
Any idea why?
I don't have time for this.
I just need you tell
me where she is.
I don't need to do anything.
Where is she?
She said she was
going to church.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for you!
Well, mission
accomplished, you can go home now.
Whose car is that?
Leave me alone, okay?
Lisa, I know you're upset,
but you can't be here right now.
I shouldn't told you
what was going on,
and I will, but you
need to come with me.
No, thanks.
Lisa, this is important.
She said no thanks.
I don't even want to know
what the two of you were doing,
I just want you out
of here right now.
Leave me alone, okay?
I'll get her home.
How old are you?
Old enough.
Old enough to go to jail?
You know she's a minor?
Minor, like 13 years old minor.
Like if you touch
her, it's rape.
What are you doing?
I didn't do anything with her.
You can tell that to the
police once they get here.
What's wrong with you?
Get your stuff and let's go.
I'm not going anywhere.
Are you crazy being up
there alone with that boy,
skipping class?
You want to ruin everything?
I'm not the one
fucking ruining shit!
Watch your mouth!
It's bad enough you
look like a hooker,
you don't have to
sound like one too.
I look like a fool,
that's what I look like
because I believed you!
You look like a fool?
I'm trying to show the state
that I can take care of you,
give you a real home.
And you want to throw that away
just so you can suck
face with some loser
in the middle of the afternoon?
We were just hanging out,
and I don't have to listen
to you or the fucking state!
Stop cursing!
Fuck you!
You're not my mother,
so stop acting like it.
You don't care about me.
You just want to feel
good about yourself,
patch up whatever little
fucked up hole you have inside.
This is just some sick
do-over for you, isn't it?
Well, you know what?
I don't need your pity, I
can take care of myself.
I've been doing
it my whole life.
I'm sorry I yelled,
just please get back in the car
and I'll explain everything.
Explain this.
Miss conley?
Oh, Christ.
I thought I was
done with you boys.
I have made more copies
of the same documents...
Don't you all share stuff?
Not as much as you'd imagine.
Not much in here.
Initial employment, peer review,
that type of thing.
Are you looking for
something specific?
How long have you worked
at the hospital, miss conley?
If you're asking
if I was employed
when she worked here, I was.
I didn't know her well.
Seemed like a normal person.
Took care of those
little babies just fine.
Oh, there's even letters
in there from parents
who said she was the best
night mother on the ward.
Did her job, no problems,
right up 'til she was fired.
Says reason for termination
was erratic behavior.
I know what it says, I wrote it.
What kind of erratic behavior?
I don't remember, it
was a long time ago.
You remembered she
was good at her job.
You remember these
letters in the file,
but you don't remember
why she was fired?
I just did what
I was asked to do.
They said it was to
protect the hospital.
Jean, I've got two people
lying in a pool of blood
not two miles from here.
There is a chance that caulfield
had something to do with it,
and if she did, she had help.
Possibly from
someone in her past.
So please, anything you know.
There was a rumor that
she was having an affair
with a man who worked
here at the hospital.
A married man.
So, they let her go.
This man, do you have his name?
Or do you know where
I can find him?
Up until 5 years ago, he
was wearing your uniform.
Well, look who it is.
Hey yourself.
I'm guessing you didn't
come by to see me and mom.
We got in an argument.
And I'm worried she's
gonna do something stupid.
Yeah, well, she's not here.
But she'll turn up.
I mean, probably in
the back of a cop car,
but she always comes back.
She's a good kid.
Yeah, well, you know,
if she doesn't straighten out,
she's gonna end up
just like her mother.
Is that what you're doing?
Straightening her out,
keeping in her room
for hours on end?
Oh, look.
You break the rules, you
get the consequences.
That's how it is in my house,
that's how it is in the
world, you know that.
But hey, you know what?
School's gonna be over soon.
And she'll be my
problem, not yours,
you don't have to
worry about it.
She's not gonna be
your problem for long.
Oh my god.
It's you, ain't it?
The social worker told me
there was somebody interested.
That's what this
is about, right?
I mean, you're
trying to adopt her.
Yeah, she deserves
a real family.
She has a real family!
God, I mean nobody else
wanted that girl, no one!
We took her in, we
gave her a home,
we gave her a family,
just like you!
She's a paycheck to
you, and you know it,
just like I was!
We gave you everything we had!
I know.
I remember everything
you gave me.
I have not had a
drink in 10 years,
and I have never laid
a hand on that girl.
Yeah, and you never will.
We got nothing else
coming in, right?
I mean, she's all we got.
Well, that makes two of us.
Does she know?
About you?
What do you think she
says when she finds out,
when she finds out
the truth about you?
I mean, we all got our secrets.
What do you think she says
when she finds out yours?
Hello, Mrs. Bailey?
This is Jamie nwosu.
Can I speak with Gerry, please?
My husband is resting.
This is important.
My husband is not well,
and I would appreciate it if
you don't call here anymore.
Where are you?
I'm here.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I'm fine, it's okay.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have said what I said.
It's fine,
I'm just happy you're safe.
But he told me these
things about you.
What did he tell you?
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I thought I heard something.
It was just the girl.
I'll deal with her
in the morning.
Oh my god.
Christina bowden.
Get up.
And he just landed.
The state police has
got a search party
looking for the girl already.
I think you should get over-
- you were in my house!
I'll be there as soon as I can.
No one comes in there!
Do you understand me?
Christina, something
happened last night.
I want you gone!
Terry Caldwell and his wife
were murdered last night.
She wasn't in the house,
and I have people
looking for her.
But I need you to
help me understand
why someone would want
to hurt the Caldwells.
This is her.
Can't you see that?
No, I can't.
But it seems like you can,
so please, help me understand
why she would do this?
I don't know.
Christina, I have four people
dead in the last 24 hours,
and they're all
connected to you.
So you need to tell
me, what is going on!
I don't know!
Where were you last night?
Fuck you.
You didn't get home
'til after midnight.
Where were you?
I was looking for Lisa!
So you went looking
for her at the Caldwells?
This wasn't me, Jamie!
Right, it's caulfield.
And she somehow magically knows
everything about your life,
about Lisa, about Tom,
and she's killing everyone
who ever wronged
her special girl.
I've been sitting in
front of the wrong house.
You were never in
danger, were you?
She could've killed you
back then, but she didn't,
because you were her favorite.
That's why you're alive
and the others aren't.
You don't know
anything about me,
or what went on in that house.
I know when someone
is lying to me.
Tell me, Jamie.
Was Gerry Bailey lying to you
when he asked you
to come find me?
Did he tell you he
was worried about me?
You don't think I know?
That old man drives by
my house once a week,
sends me birthday
cards in the mail,
and it's not because he
gives a shit about me.
It's because he feels guilty.
Well, fuck him!
He should feel guilty.
He was supposed to protect us,
he was supposed to save
us, but nobody came.
No one!
Or maybe you did
know he was lying,
and you came anyway,
hoping you could prove to him
that you were good enough
for his precious daughter.
Whatever you're here for,
it's not for me, is it?
Go home, Jamie, and stop
pretending like you care.
Lisa, are you in here?
Hey, wake up, you
can't be up here.
Hey, wake up.
Oh my god.
What's wrong with you?
Come on, run!
Come on, we have to go, now!
I can't.
I'm not leaving you.
Go, run!
Do you know the rules?
Do you know the rules?
No, no!
I'm not leaving you.
Ask him why he hates you.
What do you think she says
when she finds out yours?
Ask him why
he keeps you a secret.
Jesus, I'm
sure, because he tells me so.
Because he tells me so.
What the hell?
No one but the kid.
I saw her, Jamie.
She was right in
front of my face.
Who's the boy?
He was up here
yesterday with Lisa.
They were making
out or something,
I told him to leave.
This is my fault.
I should've never
shown Lisa this place.
Why would she come here?
A mile and a half of those woods
is where we lived with her.
Mother's house.
It's what we called her.
It's what she was to
me, to the others,
it's all we knew.
When there was an evening mass,
she would take us to the woods,
and we would sit in the dark,
not making a sound, and we
would listen to the choir.
It was beautiful.
Gave us hope.
It let me know that there was
a world outside that house.
Christina, look.
I'm sorry about the four.
But something does not add up.
Because if caulfield
is doing this,
then someone is helping her.
Someone who knows about
you, about Tom, about Lisa.
Do you have any idea who
could be helping her?
Only one person.
What are you talking about?
I wrote to her when
she was in prison,
told her about Tom,
about the Caldwells.
I wrote her when I was 15,
and I wrote her a letter
every month since then.
I don't know.
'Cause I wanted to
be a good person?
'Cause I wanted to forgive her?
Because I had no
one else to talk to?
No one else knew what
happened to me in that house.
No one else but her.
We found her.
Maybe you don't need to do this.
Not right now.
Top of that ravine
must be 60 feet high.
In that dark, she'd
never have seen the drop.
Christina, wait.
I'm going home.
Let me get someone
to follow you home.
We don't know where she is,
she could be waiting
for you right now.
I don't care.
I'm gonna have to
call you back, Casey.
No, Jamie, wait.
This is important.
You need to see
something on this tape.
Where are you?
I'm not running anymore!
Come get me!
I'm right here!
I'm right here!
I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Right here.
Is this a bad time?
Come on in.
Jesus loves me, this I know,
because the Bible-
- I cleaned up the tape
and got the time code.
It's November 18th, 1998.
One week before
Christina escaped.
And all the other
girls in the house
were dead at this point, right?
Well, check out what happens
when you get to 12:31:42
on the time code.
Loves me, this I'm sure,
because he tells me so.
See that picture,
next to the timestamp?
It's not a picture,
that's a mirror.
Because the Bible tells me so.
There's another
girl in that house.
So, I was coming
for the home visit,
but I got some news
on the way here,
and I'm afraid it's bad news.
I know you've put
a lot of effort
into this process with Lisa,
but unfortunately, I don't
think this is going to work out.
And why is that?
You lied to me.
You never told me
about being arrested
for assault in Florida.
I was a teenager.
I was sleepwalking.
You beat your roommate
with a broom handle.
The police report said she
needed to be hospitalized.
You did that in your sleep?
And even if you did,
I've got a newsflash
for you, miss bowden,
that's something you
needed to tell me.
She's dead.
What are you talking about?
Lisa is dead.
And if you would've done
your job, she'd be alive.
She would've been with me,
and she would've never
been in that house.
Oh my god.
She would be alive.
But instead she's dead,
and it's your fault.
Well, no, no it isn't.
If you just told me the
truth at the very beginning,
I could've helped you.
I'm sorry, Christina.
But this is your
fault, not mine.
That's not my fucking name.
She was my best friend.
She was everything I wasn't.
She was brave, and kind.
I wanted to be her, Jamie.
But instead, I got her killed.
There was a sixth
girl in that house.
The only one that
actually belonged here.
Katie caulfield.
The serial killer's daughter.
Why didn't you tell someone?
Because I was afraid.
"It was my fault, it
was all my fault."
That's what she told
me, and I believed her.
But this is the last
secret of this house.
To this day, she's
still keeping a secret.
That's why she's
doing it, Jamie.
The Caldwells knew, Tom knew.
But now everyone knows
she can't kill everyone.
Caulfield is dead.
They found her body
a few hours ago
in the woods outside
ulster county.
She'd been there
at least two days.
That's impossible!
Who would kill
Tom, the Caldwells.
Who would do this?
I'm sorry.
But I need you to come with me.
Jamie, I didn't hurt anyone.
Then who did?
Jesus loves me, this I know,
because the Bible tells me so.
Tell him how old you are today.
I'm 10 years old today.
Ask him why he hates you.
Ask him why he
keeps you a secret.
My parents
are lonely, but never alone,
for the Bible tells me so.
I know because he tells me so.
Arlene, did you hear that?
Amy, call the police.
What's going on?
Please, please
answer, please answer.
Jamie, she's here, she shot dad.
Who's dead?
You have to come here right now!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Please help!
Somebody please help me!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out of my house!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out of my house!
Stay here, stay in the car.
Help me!
I'm dying.
She took my baby.
Don't go anywhere.
Don't go anywhere!
Stay with me, Amy.
I need an ambulance,
12 conners Lane.
Gerry Bailey's house!
Come on.
He's coming over here.
The ambulance is on its way.
Amy, Amy, stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this anymore.
I need to let you go,
and I need this to end.
She's yours.
She's a beautiful baby girl.
Just for you.
She's pure, and innocent.
Not like that trashy girl
you wanted to take in.
So now you have
everything you wanted.
You gonna say thank you?
Say thank you for everything
I ever did for you?
For everything I
sacrificed for you?
All of this is because of you!
Christina, where are you?
Say fucking thank you!
It's okay, I'm here.
Can you tell me your name?
She's coming.
Now pick up that
perfect fucking baby
and say fucking thank you!
Thank you, mother.
For everything.
For making me realize
it's not about me,
it's always been you.
You're just like your mother.
Not like you.
You're sick, and I'm not.
I know what love
is, and you don't.
And I know what it feels
like to lose everything
that's ever mattered to me.
At least we have
that in common now.
Goodbye, mother.
Don't move!
You don't get to run this time!
Are you okay?
We're gonna get you and
your baby checked out.
Can you tell me your name?
My name is Katie.