The Girl Who Invented Kissing (2017) Movie Script

A few hours to set...
Today 40 years later, the...
What'd we do last night?
Lot of trick-or-treaters?
Any candy left?
Business was good.
You give out one a piece
like I told you?
What does that mean?
Come on, Victor,
you got your hearing aid in.
- What happened?
- They took it all, Jimmy.
They... they took it all?
Who took it all?
- Aladdin.
- Aladdin?
One kid?
You let one kid
take all the candy?
I thought you were gonna
sit outside with it.
Well, I pu... I put on
the dummy's clothes,
because I wanted to make
believe I was the dummy.
I wanted to scare 'em, but then,
they all rolled up on me
at once and I got scared.
Got scared to scare them.
JIMMY: Mugged by a bunch
of little shits with
- pillow cases.
- Aladdin.
Eh, listen, shake it off.
Fuck those kids.
Next year,
I'm getting 'em apples.
- DONNIE: Hey Jimmy.
- JIMMY: Morning.
- Hey, Jimmy.
- DONNIE: How you doing?
You didn't come home last night.
I was doing inventory.
I was here all night.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Besides, you're okay
by yourself, right?
You didn't have any problems.
Outside the thing
with the goddamn candy,
you did all right
by yourself, right?
How's it going, Vic?
What's the frequency
down here, buddy?
Hey, did you guys hear
they're shooting a big old movie
down there in the park?
JIMMY: Yeah, we heard.
Vic's all excited,
he's gonna head
over there tonight, right Vic?
it's a John Travolta movie,
but he's not gonna be there.
He's in Hollywood.
Hey, you know, Vic,
You ought to take
your fiddle down there.
You never know, they might give
you a big part or something.
He's right on that one, Victor.
You ever notice
they're always hiring somebody
to do something
in the background.
It's not a fiddle, Donnie,
it's a violin.
DONNIE: Whatever, same thing.
It's not like we've ever
seen you play the damn thing.
All right, leave him alone.
He's had a rough night.
They took all his candy.
DONNIE: They took his candy?
- Who?
- JIMMY: Aladdin, that's who.
Excuse me.
Geez, Pat, are you okay?
- NURSE: You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
NURSE: Fucking druggy maniac.
Look at me.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Just go, go outside, go have
a cigarette or something.
All right.
Are you all right?
Somebody gonna look at you?
Call me if you need anything.
Yeah. All right.
I'll talk to you later.
- Hey, Leo.
- No.
What was I gonna say?
Am I getting any more
fucking new Hank Snow records?
- Yeah.
- He's been dead,
um, 20 years now,
so he ain't gonna be
making any new albums.
I know he's dead.
So, stop asking me,
you chucklehead.
VICTOR: You give me no joy, Leo.
They're filming a movie here,
you know.
- Who's they?
- They.
Never heard of 'em.
I might go over there tonight
and watch.
You never know.
- VICTOR: See ya' later, Leo.
- Okay, Vic.
- Long day?
- Long day.
You all right?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- Yeah?
Where's Freddy?
Getting ready for work.
He was home all day?
Didn't wanna wake him.
Why you ask?
Don't know, just asking.
Oh, look at fucking Victor, man.
Ta-doo, ta-doo, ta-doo.
Yo, he thinks it's a real
phone booth.
MAN: We should do something.
Yo, let's flip it!
Jimmy, you need to get down
to Broad Street.
- Why, what's up?
- It's, uh, your brother Vic.
- Hey!
- Oh, oh, oh.
- Hey, what happened?
- Wait, who are you?
- I'm his brother.
- VICTOR: Jimmy?
- Jimmy!
- What the fuck happened?
MAN: We heard a crash
and this is what we found.
Jimmy, get me outta here!
Victor, we're gonna get you out.
You gotta relax.
- I'm stuck, Jimmy, I'm stuck!
- Okay, relax, breathe.
- Just breathe.
- Okay.
- JIMMY: I'm here.
- Jimmy!
- Okay, I'm here now.
- Jimmy, get me...
- JIMMY: What's wrong?
Victor, what's wrong?
JIMMY: What's wrong?
Oh, my hearing aid,
Jimmy, my hearing aid!
Take the hearing aid out,
I can't reach it,
Jimmy, I'm stuck!
- Okay, relax...
- Jimmy, Jimmy!
Cover your face!
JIMMY: Fuck!
- MAN: Is he all right?
JIMMY: You okay?
It's okay, it's okay,
you all right?
- You okay?
JIMMY: Hey, knock it off.
What do I always tell you?
- Chuck it.
- What?
Chuck it in the fuck-it bucket
and move on.
But what else do I tell you?
What did Grandma
used to tell us, huh?
You can't what?
You can't unring a bell,
right, hmm?
Maybe if you didn't lose
or break
every fucking cell phone
that I buy for you,
then none of this
would've happened.
I wasn't calling anybody Jimmy.
I was just playing.
Come on, let's just drop it.
what'd the guy say, right?
They come back to town...
they'll let you,
put you in the movie.
They'll let you stand on
a corner or something.
They're not coming back.
How do you know that?
They went back to Hollywood.
Do me a favor.
Don't go disappearing today.
You come straight back
from the bank, right?
Need you to clean out
all the taps and move the kegs.
Eat your eggs,
they're gonna be like ice.
LEO: I know, Gram.
Every day,
I'm getting a little sick
of running this place
all by myself.
You, me, Cheryl, it's not easy.
By yourself?
You goddamn right.
You, Cheryl, and Grandma?
You goddamn right.
That don't make
no sense, Jimmy.
Oh, yeah?
You feelin' better now?
- Huh?
- You're goddamn right.
Excuse me?
You being a wise ass?
- What?
- Don't what, stop it.
- THE GIRL: Hello.
You open?
JIMMY: Yeah, we're open.
Can I use your girl's room?
Go ahead.
Yeah, you're feeling
much better, huh?
- JIMMY: Morning.
- PHIL: Morning.
DONNIE: How you doing, Jimmy?
Hey there, Vic,
what's the frequency, buddy?
- Just shut up, all right?
- DONNIE: What?
Uh, Bell Atlantic,
we have a problem.
- Didn't I just ask you
to shut the fuck up,
- and leave him alone?
- DONNIE: Come on Jimmy,
I'm just kidding.
He's just bustin' with him,
Jimmy, come on.
Well, sometimes he doesn't know
when to shut the fuck up.
Aw, Vic, I'm sorry, man.
You know I'm just messing
with you, right?
You give me no joy, Donnie.
JIMMY: That's it, Vic,
you tell him.
DONNIE: Seriously, Jimmy?
Nine in the morning with that?
- What?
- It smells like weed,
like somebody lit
a big bone up in here.
- Excuse me?
- You smell that, Phil?
I do.
THE GIRL: Yo, I'll be right out.
You all right in there?
You know this girl?
Hey, do me a favor,
not in here with that, okay?
I don't know what
you're talking about, but...
thank you for your kindness.
THE GIRL: See ya', boys.
JUDY: Hi, Victor!
- Oh hi, Judy.
- JUDY: What happened last night?
Heard you had an accident?
VICTOR: I got pushed.
JUDY: You got pushed?
It's a long story.
Oh, don't be upset.
I won't bother you about it.
When are you gonna play
your violin for us?
I wanna hear it!
VICTOR: Yeah, someday.
Hey, you wanna see
something funny?
Read this.
If something really big
and scary...
and ugly and hairy...
is following you around
this Halloween,
don't be frightened.
It's just your fat ass!
Hey, are you following me?
Not that you're big
and hairy and scary.
It's okay. I don't care.
You're not gonna hurt me, right?
No. No, no.
Are you okay?
THE GIRL: I saw what they did
to you last night.
That was just downright
kinda fucked up.
They were filming
a John Travolta movie...
but he wasn't there.
Jimmy said they might come back,
but they went back to Hollywood.
So, what's your name?
THE GIRL: Why are you
following me, Victor?
Are you looking for a friend
to hang with?
You don't look like
the kind of person
people should be so mean to.
I'll be your friend, if that
is what you're looking for?
You're very pretty.
I am?
Well thank you, Victor.
You're blushing.
I'll... I'll have to remember
this one for next year.
I got plenty of people
I can send that to.
It's just your fat ass!
THE GIRL: What you got there?
VICTOR: Oh, that's my violin.
Are you going for a lesson?
VICTOR: Um, no.
THE GIRL: Are you gonna
play it somewhere?
THE GIRL: You just like carrying
it around with you then.
VICTOR: Yeah, I guess.
THE GIRL: Something special
you like to have with you.
I get it.
Say, what's your name again?
I don't know,
what do you want it to be?
I don't know.
Maybe when I meet
someone new that I like,
I like them to pick out
a name for me...
and that way...
if it's a name they already like
then they already like me.
It's all right, you don't have
to pick out one now.
You can do it later.
Hey, say Victor,
you wouldn't happen to have
a smoke on you, would you?
No, I... I don't smoke,
Jimmy smokes.
Who's Jimmy?
Jimmy's my little brother.
He's the one
that yelled at you at The Oak.
That's our tavern, we own it.
- Oh, you don't say?
- Yeah.
It used to be
my dad's a long time ago...
but me and Jimmy,
we work there together.
Actually Victor,
I wouldn't say he yelled at me.
He actually seems like
a nice man, your little bro.
I've never seen you before.
VICTOR: What street you from?
I'm not from around here.
I'm from all over the place.
I usually just bus it,
and then when I see somewhere
I might like to stay
for a while,
that's where I get off.
Why'd you come off
a bus here in Bloomfield?
I don't know.
I dig the way
this part looked...
like it wasn't anything special
but it wasn't too bad either.
Well, where do you sleep?
Well, last night for instance,
I slept on that park bench
under that pretty tree.
But you don't have any mattress
or any pillow.
No, I don't need none.
I got a blanky in my knapsack,
a change of clothes, a book...
and when I woke up this morning
I was covered
in beautiful yellow leaves.
You're weird.
That's right, Victor.
And you wanna know what?
You're pretty weird
yourself, aren't you?
I guess.
Don't let anybody tell you
that's a bad thing,
'cause it's not.
It's a good thing.
It's not?
Only the mediocre are
always at their best...
and I can tell already,
that ain't us.
Hey, where the hell
were you today?
Didn't I ask you
not to disappear?
I needed your help today?
I was here.
No, no you weren't here.
I called the house six times!
I got a fucking hernia moving
kegs around all day by myself.
I guess I forgot.
Don't give me you forgot,
because that's bullshit.
Get it outta your head that
I'm just gonna keep taking care
of you for the rest
of your life, because I'm not.
Learn to pull your
own goddamn weight,
and will you turn this shit off
for Christ's sakes?
- Hey!
JIMMY: Can't you listen
to something else?
That's all I ever hear.
Hank Snow, Hank Snow!
Who the hell listens
to Hank Snow anyway, you,
- that's who!
- Hank Snow is a legend.
That's Songs of Tragedy.
Oh gee, Songs of Tragedy,
how uplifting.
He's got a fucking
noose on his album cover!
It's dreary, hillbilly shit.
And since when do you
not make your bed?
You're an adult.
You have responsibility.
Sorry, I didn't do it
on purpose.
All right.
Just finish up whatever this is,
and then help me
downstairs with dinner.
I'm going out tonight.
Hey, Jimmy.
You didn't really get
a hernia today, did you?
but I could've.
'Cause I was gonna say,
if you really did get a hernia,
I'm sure Patti could
take care of you.
What the hell does that mean?
Who told you that?
you don't go saying shit,
making up stories,
you understand?
Her and I are good friends,
that's it.
Yeah, but...
No, no, no but.
God forbid somebody hears you,
and get the wrong impression.
I can get in a lot of trouble.
Patti, she's a married woman.
You understand?
Yeah, Jimmy.
But alls I was saying
is that Patti's a nurse.
She could help you.
Where you going big boy?
Where you going?
Don't come near me!
I'll fuckin' jump!
If I could only be so lucky.
One less scumbag off
the fucking streets.
Come here.
You dumb motherfucker,
you should've jumped.
Do not fuck with me!
I'll push you!
Cuff him!
- SUSPECT: I want a lawyer.
- ROBERTA: More tea?
- Hmm.
There you go. Thanks.
ROBERTA: Hey, handsome.
How ya doin'?
ROBERTA: You're late tonight,
baby, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Guy steals a car in Belleville
and had to chase him
all the way to Franklin.
Can't fucking run
like I used to, Roberta,
I'm telling ya'. Smoked.
Franklin, they just paved that.
Must be nice, right?
Yeah, it's beautiful.
- ROBERTA: Where's your partner?
- FREDDY: Jerking off.
Come on, it's freezing.
FREDDY: Yeah, I know,
bad guys are still out there.
- FREDDY: Yeah?
When I get off at one,
I could use a ride home.
FREDDY: All right, I'll see
what I can do, all right?
I can't remember nothing
It shadows everything
Some Sundays
It's as loud as thunder
In the morning when
The telephone rings
Clearer days in
Some distant forecast
Dark days in this
Present past
In the blur of some
Phantom widescreen
I'll let go of what
I never had
I can't remember nothing
It shadows everything
Some Sundays it's as loud
As thunder
In the morning when
The telephone rings
And what's with you?
- Huh?
- What?
I thought you said
you didn't know her.
I've seen her around.
Oh, you seen her around?
Is that how all the uh,
the "hello Victor"
business happened?
Look at you,
got your nice shirt on,
you smell like a barbershop.
Starting to think,
maybe Vic's got a girlfriend
he's been keeping from us.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Yeah?
Didn't I just talk to you
about doing that shit
in my bathroom?
Doing what?
What you were doing.
No, not peeing!
You know what I'm talking about!
Smoking weed in my bathroom!
I wasn't smoking weed.
- Yes, you were...
- No, I wasn't.
- Yes, you were...
- No, I wasn't!
Do you think
I'm a fucking idiot?
Honestly, you think I'm stupid?
We all imagined the smell
of marijuana billowing out
of the bathroom door,
not two feet away from the bar?
Is that
what you're gonna tell me?
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Just do me a favor.
If you're gonna
smoke that stuff,
smoke outside, not in here.
- I got it.
- JIMMY: Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're clear?
Can I go now?
I'm not the principal, go.
JIMMY: What am I running
an opium den?
DONNIE: You gotta point, Jimmy.
Cops come in here
and smell that,
you're the one
that's gonna be in trouble.
JIMMY: Yeah, no shit.
Her prancing in here, doing
whatever the hell she wants
like she owns the place.
I wanna know
how this girl knows Vic.
That's a good question, Victor.
Hiya, Leo.
THE GIRL: Hello.
Leo, this is my friend.
- This is Leo, it's his store.
VICTOR: Hey, Leo?
You get any new Hank Snow in?
Um no, Vic, I... I don't.
When do you think, maybe soon?
You'll be the first
to know, Vic.
You give me no joy, Leo.
Who's Hank Snow?
Hank Snow?
He's The Singing Ranger.
He's a legend.
He was the longest-running
artist on any label.
He was on RCA for 50 years!
He recorded over a hundred
and forty albums.
I only have a few
of them though.
They're hard to get on vinyl.
Ah, this one...
this one's one of my favorites.
I might get it again.
He's had a song on the charts
for five decades in a row.
In 1949, he met Ernie Tubb
and Ernie Tubb got him
into the Grand Ole Opry.
- "Confused With the Blues."
- Oh,
"I'm Moving On,"
was number one on the charts
for 29 weeks.
It's his signature song.
Altogether, he had 85 singles
on the charts,
and sold over 90 million albums.
You know everything
about Hank Snow.
Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger.
He's a legend.
Well, why's he called
The Singing Ranger?
Was he a park ranger
or something?
Do you know?
I... I never thought about it.
Okay, we're done.
See ya', Leo.
GIRL: You own the whole house?
Me and Jimmy.
It's a two-family.
Our grandma used to live
downstairs here before she died.
Well, who lives here now?
VICTOR: Nobody.
It's just the way
Grandma left it
before her heart stopped
last Thanksgiving.
Her heart stopped?
It quit on her.
Grandma took care
of me and Jimmy
after our parents died.
She was the best.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
Do you wanna see it?
Um, this is the dining room.
This is the living room.
This is the kitchen.
This is her bedroom.
VICTOR: That's Grandma.
It's the same picture
we have in The Oak.
She bought me my violin.
I used to play it for her...
but no one else.
Victor, what happened to you?
You're different, I know.
You're not like other people.
What happened?
I had an accident
when I was a kid.
It was an act of God.
An act of God.
The stars are falling
And the night's rolling up
The clocks are all twisted
And the bar's in knots
We're dirty, we're spent,
And we're quick like money
And if it wasn't so true,
- I hope you're hungry.
- I am.
Thank you, Victor.
You're a chump, you're a fake,
You're a soft hollowed fist
You didn't want it?
Oh, that was the sweetest thing
that you did that,
but I can't take your pillow.
You understand, right?
Why not?
- Are you leaving?
- No, not right now, but...
pretty soon, I'm sure.
You know, no one's ever
given me their pillow before.
What are you doing?
What you got there?
- It's for you.
- Hmm?
VICTOR: It's a diamond pin.
Oh, no, no, Victor.
You don't
have to give me presents.
It belonged to my grandmother.
- Victor.
- VICTOR: Open it.
- Victor, you...
- VICTOR: Take it.
It's a diamond pin
and it's for you.
Victor, you don't even know me.
Please, take it,
it's a diamond pin.
Take it!
VICTOR: It's a dime-and-pin,
- get it?
Victor, I fucking love it!
Did you think
that I fell in love with you?
It's a Henny Youngman joke.
You can give it
to somebody else.
You big goof!
Use a fork, will ya'?
I like chopsticks, Jimmy.
It's a Chinese restaurant.
All right, well,
we're not in Tokyo now, are we?
It's a lousy invention,
use the fork.
Hong Kong.
You getting friendly
with this girl, Victor?
- Who?
- Who, you tell me who.
She's my friend, Jimmy.
All right, well...
I don't want you getting
too friendly with her.
She's a pothead,
you know what that means.
- She's bad news.
- She's my friend, Jimmy.
And she says, she says you
seem like a good person.
Oh, is that what she says, huh?
'Cause she knows me so well.
What do you know
about this girl?
Where's she from?
What's her name?
VICTOR: She don't use a name.
What do you mean,
she don't use a name?
She don't use a name.
JIMMY: See, that's what
I'm talking about.
What kind of a girl
doesn't use a name, huh?
What's she trying to hide,
she don't use a name?
She's the gal
who invented kissing.
Like the Hank Snow song,
The Gal Who Invented Kissing...
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, hold on.
You guys kissed?
Okay, Victor,
I don't want you hanging out
with this girl any more.
I don't need this, okay?
I don't need to be watching out
for you all the time.
You don't have to watch
out for me, Jimmy...
Oh no?
What happened
with the phone booth?
I was pushed.
Pushed by who?
Huh, nobody saw you get pushed.
The girl, she saw it.
Oh, the girl saw you get pushed?
- VICTOR: What's the matter?
- JIMMY: Nothing, shut up.
FREDDY: Oh, look who it is!
- JIMMY: Hey.
- FREDDY: Hey Vic.
Jimmy, what do you say?
How's everything, how's The Oak?
- Well, you know, still The Oak.
- FREDDY: Yeah, yeah.
How's everything, how's Patti?
She's good. You know,
still the same pain in my ass.
We keep missing each other
you know,
I come home, she goes to work.
Plus, I'm out there trying
to get my real estate
license right now.
I'm trying to make some
extra money, you know?
I hear you.
Listen, Freddy,
I'm... I'm having this problem.
I got this, uh, this drifter.
She keeps coming in the bar,
she's getting high
in my bathroom all the time,
I mean, what do I do?
Is she selling?
No, no, no, nothing like that,
but I mean, you know.
It's like reefer madness.
I mean, she's getting
high smoking a bone,
the whole place
stinks like weed.
Listen, don't worry about it.
Fuck it, you'll be all right.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, she comes in again,
you give me a call.
I'll tune her up for you.
I'll see you later, Vic.
JIMMY: What?
No, no, no, no, no.
Not again today.
- You know...
- Nope, no. You gotta go, scram.
I have to use the bathroom,
is that okay?
I don't care,
what are you gonna do,
- smoke a bone in there...
- GIRL: No, no.
No, you have to leave.
Well, we talked
about this already.
- JIMMY: Now!
- I promised, Jimmy.
- I'm trying to run a business!
- THE GIRL: Please!
I gotta pee!
I gotta pee, Jimmy.
Come on.
Make it fast.
What is this?
She's gotta pee, she gotta pee.
I wish I'd known
Maybe I could've helped you
But you were already gone
To the trouble that held you
Come knee high you were
Treated like the meantime
Well they might've been young
But excuses just become lies
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
The day is never too long
When it's gone, it's gone
They were wrong
My God, they're still wrong
We were drinking warm beer
At Ninth and Michigan
You were making me nervous
But I was still listening
Well he might've been a talker
But he never said too much
He was just a souvenir
From a cold done dead love
They were wrong...
THE GIRL: Oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God, oh my
God, oh my God, oh my God!
...The day is never too long
When it's gone, it's gone
They were wrong...
There's two guys over there.
they're sucking each other off,
and they were trying
to get me to watch!
All right, hold on,
hold on, relax, come on.
Thank you, sir.
...Here's the saddest song
You never heard...
What the fuck
you two doing, huh?
...They deserve
We were in the front row
At the sad last goodbye
You were so pissed off
You were trembling inside
Why'd you ever live to wish
And wait by the front door
That your daddy
Never answered
And your mama won't any more
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
The day is never too long
When it's gone, it's gone
They were wrong
My God, they're still wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
They're still wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
They were wrong
God, they're still wrong
FREDDY: You look pretty.
What are you doing,
you going out?
That's it, huh?
One lousy piece of chicken?
So now you're unhappy,
I suppose...
All I'm asking
is if there's any more chicken.
There, now you got two.
You want three?
Don't know why
you're busting my balls, Patti.
Where were you last night?
Where am I every night?
You stop at that diner?
- Yeah.
- PATTI: Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You had a nice little visit
with your waitress friend?
Well, they did serve me coffee
and a fucking brownie,
so, unless brownies are giving
reach-arounds these days...
Come on, what's with all
the questions, huh?
So now I'm picking a fight?
FREDDY: Oh, I get it.
You're on your fucking period.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- I'm going out.
- Nice, where you going?
PATTI: I don't know, out.
Okay, I'll be here
with my one piece of chicken.
I feel like Henry VIII!
Karen LaMonica just went by.
Her son, Mike, he was on
a submarine for two years.
Heard he went AWOL last week.
Oh yeah?
Tell me what you meant
that time.
You remember that time
I had that thing at work?
That guy knocked me down?
You asked me about Freddy,
why I didn't wanna wake him?
What'd you mean?
I don't know,
that was a while ago.
That was three weeks ago.
What'd you mean?
Then why were you asking?
I wanna know.
I don't know.
- Come on.
I wonder
why you won't just tell me.
Jesus Christ.
You know how much those
fucking things weigh?
JIMMY: I can barely roll one.
He just moves them around
like he's Magilla Gorilla.
Do you think Victor's
ever had sex?
He's your brother,
why you asking me?
I just thought that women
had like a sixth sense
or something
for that, I don't know.
Wait, you worried
about that girl, the pothead?
Why don't you just ask Victor?
Don't you guys talk
about that stuff?
I thought all guys talked
about who they slept with.
Come on.
Tell me what you meant.
I don't know, I...
I don't know, Patti,
some maniac jumps you at work.
You get blood all over you.
You call me
to make you feel better.
Three times, you call me.
Not your husband.
What does that tell you?
He was sleeping,
didn't wanna wake him up.
You'd have woken me up though,
- Yeah.
- JIMMY: Yeah.
- That's different.
- Why's it different?
You're beautiful, you know that?
Keep dreaming.
Okay, you're right, you're not.
I'm making it all up.
I'm just trying to build
up your self-esteem.
You're actually ugly.
And you're nuts.
Is Freddy nuts too?
I mean...
What are we talking about Jimmy?
It's not like
that's gonna happen, is it?
It's not like you're
gonna leave Freddy.
Who says so?
I look for excuses all the time.
- Nice, you need an excuse.
- No!
It's not like you
don't have Victor.
I don't have Victor.
What is that supposed to mean?
Victor's fine
- on his own...
- PATTI: You know what I mean.
He's like a big kid.
He's sweet, he's like
a big, sweet lummox.
All right,
Victor is not a lummox.
I said sweet...
- Oh, that makes it better.
- Lummox.
Well I didn't mean
it in a bad way!
Well, how do you mean it then...
- Well, you know...
- Is there a good way?
I wouldn't never talk...
that way about your brother!
You just did.
Look, he is what he is.
There's just plenty a better
choice of words than lummox.
PATTI: Like what?
Magilla Gorilla?
Come on, you took
it the wrong way.
I'm sorry, okay?
It's just we both have things
that come along with the deal.
JIMMY: Fuck!
What's the matter?
I'm missing $2200,
that's what's the matter!
- How?
- It's all fucked up.
Victor loses half
the goddamn bank receipts
and I got nothing to go
on but these shitty books.
I don't know why you
don't have a bookkeeper
- to do all this.
- Just relax, okay?
You don't understand relax
and I can't afford
a fucking bookkeeper,
'cause I'm missing $2200,
maybe that's a problem.
- Okay.
- I got insurance bills,
car payments, I'm paying off
that stupid,
high-def TV that he wanted.
I'm paying liquor distributors
for this fucking shithole...
Hey stop cursing,
you sound like Freddy!
Hey, Vic.
Remember Mike LaMonica?
He went AWOL
on a fucking submarine.
How do you do that?
What, did he swim?
Fucking Aquaman?
- PATTI: Hey.
- This is what Patti tells me.
If I wanna get yelled at,
I'll go home and get yelled at.
Call me when you're in
a better mood.
- Oak.
Jimmy, where are you?
What do you mean, where am I?
You just called me, didn't you?
Are you coming home now?
No, how am I gonna come home?
I'm still trying to figure out
where the goddamn
money went, okay?
I'm up to my eyeballs
in fucking paperwork.
Just stop calling me
every five minutes,
so I can get this shit done!
Okay, Jimmy.
But you are coming home, right?
Eh, yes no,
maybe, I don't know.
I'll be home
when I'm done with this, okay?
Just stop calling.
Um, can you close the door,
it's cold.
Would you like some coffee?
How long have you been
staying here?
Two weeks, on and off.
Now I know where all
the food's been going.
Victor let you in?
Of course.
I come in through the basement.
He said he'd talk to you first.
You don't say?
I don't suppose
he got the chance?
You mad?
Listen, whatever your name is,
I'm really
not in the mood for this.
I'm having a bad day.
It's late.
I'm tired, so just...
What do you want?
I don't suppose you mean
what do I want in my coffee?
Okay, what do you
want in your coffee?
I'm not really a coffee person.
Can I have tea?
- I know what you're thinking.
- Do you?
You think I'm taking
advantage of your brother.
- And?
- Well, you're wrong.
I know he's different and
I know people around here
treat him like shit
and he doesn't deserve it.
And I respect you
for taking care of him,
and looking out for him.
If you weren't suspicious,
then you wouldn't be
much of a brother.
- Can we cut the shit?
- It's not shit!
What do you want?
What are you looking for?
I just wanted
to be his friend.
His friend?
Is that what you
think Victor thinks,
- that you're his friend?
- Yeah, I do.
No, no, no, no. See, you,
you're the girl
who invented kissing.
He told you that.
That's my fault.
I told him to pick out
a name for me.
What is your name?
Look, do you want me to leave?
'Cause I will.
I'm used to taking care
of myself, it's what I do.
You mean like with my money?
What money?
Victor didn't mention
anything to you
about the bar missing any money?
No, asshole!
I don't appreciate
the accusation!
- Hey!
- If you got nothing to hide,
- you got nothing to worry about.
- THE GIRL: Hey,
what the fuck
are you doing?
- What do you got in here, huh?
- No one touches my fucking shit!
Don't think I'm afraid of you
'cause I'm not, motherfucker!
Get the fuck off of me.
I'm sorry I didn't come home
last night.
I know I told you I said
I would and I didn't.
So, let's just leave it
at that, okay?
Why is there three?
- It's a tea.
- A tea?
JIMMY: Morning.
Oh, thank you.
Uh, would you
like some breakfast?
No, thank you.
Breakfast makes me pokey.
Hey, Jimmy?
Did you find that money?
What happened?
Jimmy lost $2200.
Okay, I didn't lose $2200.
The books are short,
that's all, so whatever I did,
whether I added wrong...
let's just drop it
Okay, you can't unring a bell.
Maybe you should
hire a bookkeeper.
Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
- Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
- Look at the size of that thing.
I've got 27 pounds.
DONNIE: What do you think, Vic?
THE GIRL: I've never seen
something like that before.
PHIL: You never seen
a turkey before?
Hey, Jimmy.
- What's up?
- She's invited, right?
Yeah, of course.
It's Thanksgiving, right?
THE GIRL: Turkey bowl!
So, it's you and you,
me, Donnie, Phil,
Freddy, Patti,
Irene, Irene's mom.
VICTOR: Mm-hmm.
What is it?
Hour every three pounds or so?
JIMMY: Something like that.
Frigging thing's so big,
I've moved all the racks,
it still barely fits in.
Guy's like a 35-pound
monster in there.
JIMMY: Yeah, right?
Gonna go for a smoke.
- No.
- No.
I'm gonna stay here
and chill with James, all right?
Keep him company.
Everything under control
over there, buddy?
Need any help?
Nah, we're good, Fred, thanks.
All right.
How's The Oak? Still got
that chick coming in there
who was blazing up
the weed in the bathroom?
No, no, we took care of that.
- FREDDY: Oh, you did?
- Thank you, yeah.
Hey, Jimmy, let me
ask you something.
You ever see Patti
in there with anybody?
You mean like,
with a guy or something?
Yeah, like, with a guy,
you know,
like someone
that's not me, behind my back.
No, no, nothing like that.
- Patti's a good lady.
- Yeah.
She comes in with Barbara,
that's all.
[SCOFFS] Barbara!
You know, you got that
one that's married,
then you got one who's single,
the single one starts chirping
in the married one's ear
- and hello, here we go.
- I wouldn't worry about it.
But you know me.
I'm fucking psycho, man,
I will put someone in the dirt!
[SIGHS] Aw, fuck!
I'm fucking paranoid!
Jesus Christ,
I wish that Barb would
just find a man already!
Yeah, right?
All right, anyway.
Hey, who's that hot piece
of ass in there you knew?
You hitting that shit?
No, no, that's Victor's friend.
- Fuck outta here with that!
- Why, it's not funny.
Just relax,
I'm not saying nothing.
It's just that, I don't know,
she looks familiar.
I swear I've seen her before.
JIMMY: All right, coming in hot!
- Wow!
- Nice.
Nice, good job, boys.
All right, Victor, the grace.
- Okay.
- THE GIRL: Can I?
That's if Victor doesn't mind.
But Victor always does
the grace.
I don't mind, Jimmy.
All right.
I, uh, I don't really make it
to church ever,
but I just wanna
thank Jimmy and Victor
for inviting me into their home.
I pray the universe will help
those in their time of need,
pain, sorrow and sadness,
and give them hope,
and happiness to carry on.
And if on this day,
you can remember the poor,
the sick, the homeless,
and most especially, the lonely.
I'm hungry.
- Hallelujah!
- ALL: Hallelujah!
FREDDY: What do you want, this?
ALL: Oh!
- IRENE: I'm sorry.
- FREDDY: Vic!
Aw, Irene, don't worry about it.
Come here, come here,
we'll figure it out.
- I'll get it!
- DONNIE: I got it. I got it!
Mind if I join you?
No, I don't mind.
PATTI: I love your hair.
THE GIRL: Thanks.
So how long have you
known Jimmy and Victor?
Long time.
Since junior high.
Jimmy was my prom date.
He says you're
not from around here.
I'm just from here, there,
but mostly there.
He says you and Victor
been hanging out a lot.
- Victor's a real sweetheart.
- Yeah.
They're both nice boys.
So, you know what happened,
- What do you mean?
- He said it was an act of God.
It wasn't an act of God.
Old man was a drunk,
running the same bar.
He was picking them up
at Turtleback Zoo in the winter,
Jimmy, Victor, their mother.
He turned up an hour late.
He was drunk
after a day at The Oak.
He, uh...
told them to get in the car...
and then he drove it
off the bridge...
into the fucking Passaic.
Their parents both died.
Victor was the only one
to make it out,
but he went back in.
He went back into
the freezing water.
He pulled Jimmy out.
- Victor did that?
- Yeah!
Almost drowned.
By the time the police
turned up, he was...
he was floating in the water.
He'd lost oxygen in his brain,
he went half deaf.
that's so sad.
He saved Jimmy's life.
I guess there's your act of God.
Does it bother you, what you do?
Does what bother me?
Being on your own,
sleeping outside,
sleeping in strange places.
Come on, there's a lot
of crazy people out there.
Yeah, well, they better be
careful, that's all I can say.
I may not look tough,
but I'm not afraid
to protect myself.
My first day
in the park here, you know,
some guy wanted to get high
with me,
so I was like, yeah, okay.
We did an A-bomb
and some uppies,
and then he started grabbing me,
and I didn't want him to.
Wasn't really anything, I just
didn't want him touching me,
and he wouldn't cut it out.
What'd you do?
Stabbed him.
[LAUGHING] What, did he die?
I doubt it,
I stabbed him in the ass.
DRUGGY: Someone
stabbed my ass!
I just might've
given it to him if he asked...
but some people figure they
can just take what they want,
and who gives a shit?
But when they take
what they want,
and you're not ready to give,
then what's taken
can never be replaced.
You stay that way forever.
I look around and I see people
who've been taking,
and I see people who've been
taken from their whole lives.
I look at you.
You look at me how?
- I don't know.
- PATTI: Come on...
what does that mean?
I just mean, how long have you
been taking from Jimmy?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I meant how long
have you been screwing him
behind your husband's back?
I don't care
how many drug dealers
you stabbed in the ass,
you keep your mouth shut.
You come here to make trouble?
You got off on the wrong stop.
Leave Victor alone.
Stay the fuck away
from Jimmy too.
Get back on the fucking bus!
- You tramp!
Thanks for the cigarette.
Hey, Victor.
I'm a little tired.
You mind if I go upstairs
and lie on your bed for a while?
THE GIRL: Victor,
I got a good idea.
Let's bury ourselves,
and then when someone comes by,
we'll jump out and scare
the crap out of them!
- Come on!
- VICTOR: Yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Someone coming?
If you could do anything,
I mean...
if you had the money to do
something you always wanted
to do...
what would it be?
- anything?
- Anything.
Is there something
you always wanted to do,
but you
couldn't afford to do it?
I would wanna buy
Jimmy a new car.
Something for yourself,
not necessarily an object but...
is there someplace
you never been...
something you always
wanted to see?
I've... I've never been
to the Grand Ole Opry.
It's in Nashville.
It's where Ernie Tubb
discovered Hank Snow.
It's where his memorial is.
Well, let's do it!
Let's go there!
Go there?
Well never mind how.
I have some money.
It's just money to spend
for something like this. It's...
money no one cares
about any more.
Come on!
We'll go out,
we'll get all new outfits,
I'll buy some makeup
and paint my nails.
We'll go get the bus tickets
and we'll leave tomorrow.
Come on.
this will just be
our little secret, okay?
VICTOR: But what about Jimmy?
THE GIRL: Don't worry
about Jimmy.
We'll write Jimmy a postcard.
You like?
Um, you got no pants.
You like purple, right?
Hey, wait a minute, I got
a few others I wanna show you.
Oh, no.
Where are you going?
Hey, it's okay.
We're buds, right?
Haven't you ever seen
a girl undress before?
It's okay,
there's nothing
to be ashamed of.
They're just titties.
You don't have to be shy.
Do you wanna touch me, Victor?
You don't have to,
but if you want to, if you're...
if you're curious.
- Here.
How's that feel?
Soft, right?
- Victor, what's the matter?
- Oh, no.
- Oh, fuck!
- Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
- Victor,
Victor, look what I made you do.
VICTOR: No, it's not funny.
Victor, you came!
- Victor, you came!
- Shit! Let's get out of here.
- It's not funny.
FREDDY: Hey, heads up,
scumbag, you're under arrest.
- Hiya, Freddy.
- What are you doing there, Vic.
Huh? You staying out of trouble?
Hey Vic, when are you
gonna play us something
on your violin there?
- Someday.
- NOLAN: No, come on, man,
- I want to hear maestro...
- Nolan, stop!
Come on, Vic's a good guy.
But seriously Vic,
Patti says you're pretty good.
What, do you only
play for the chicks?
Oh, I don't know,
Patti says you're good.
What about your girlfriend,
you play for her?
She's not my girlfriend, Freddy.
We're just good friends.
Okay, what about Patti?
Jimmy and Patti
are just good friends, too.
Oh, you fucking knucklehead.
What I'm saying is,
Patti said that you're good,
so she must've heard
you play, right?
No, she's never heard me
play before.
All right, Victor, you just stay
out of trouble, all right?
Hey, hold on a second.
Vic, come here, I just wanna
talk you to for a second, okay?
what'd you mean by...
"Jimmy and Patti are
just good friends,"
like I know it's true,
but what does that mean?
Jimmy said him and Patti
are just good friends, Freddy.
Oh, when did he say that?
See, it's weird to me,
it's like,
why would he say that
like why would he say that
him and Patti
are just good friends,
I don't understand.
Because she's his friend.
You're right.
Jesus Christ, sometimes I can
be a knucklehead too, Vic.
Hey, thanks for your help,
I appreciate it, all right?
Now you stay outta trouble,
you understand?
Let's get outta here.
- Oak.
- PATTI: Jimmy, don't come over.
It's Freddy.
- What's the matter, what's up?
- PATTI: He knows.
He had a fit,
he was going crazy!
He said he talked to Victor.
He said Victor said something.
He wouldn't listen to me,
I mean, he was acting
like a fucking maniac!
- Are you all right?
- PATTI: Yeah, I'm okay.
be careful.
Heya, Jimmy.
How is The Oak?
Well, Victor...
if you ever bothered to show up
once in a while, then you
wouldn't have to ask me,
now would you?
Does it need any help?
What did you say to Freddy?
You said something
to Freddy about me and Patti.
Now what did you say?
I just said that...
you said that you and Patti
were just friends.
You know, Victor...
half the time I talk to you
I get nothing but shrugs,
but when you open your mouth,
boy, do you open your mouth.
Now there's a good chance
that when I go in
to open up tomorrow morning,
Freddy's gonna be there
to rip my head off.
- Jimmy, I...
- Just!
do me a favor
and just shut up!
You did enough
goddamn damage for one night!
Don't yell at me, Jimmy.
I'm tired of you yelling at me!
Well then, stop fucking
embarrassing me all the time!
Don't talk to me like that,
Jimmy, I'm your older brother!
Well then, start acting like it
and stop being
such a goddamn lummox!
- Don't you call me that, Jimmy.
- Why not?
You don't even know
what one means!
Otherwise you wouldn't
keep acting like one!
Here, here, people been
calling you one all your life,
it's about time you look it up!
It's under L!
Look it up!
I'm not a lummox, Jimmy!
I'm your brother!
[VICTOR YELLING] You're supposed
to take care of me!
And I'm your older brother!
You forget that?
I'm your older brother!
You don't call me that!
Huh, Jimmy, you hear me?
You don't call me that!
- I'm sorry.
- Shut up.
- What do you wanna do, Freddy?
- I swear to God.
Go home, Victor.
You okay, Jimmy?
I'm fine.
Jimmy, get Vic outta here.
- I'm not leaving, Freddy.
- Victor, go home!
I'm not leaving, Jimmy.
Get him outta here, Jimmy!
- Victor, go home!
- No!
I'm warning you, Vic,
this is between me
and your brother, Jimmy.
You leave
my little brother alone.
Victor, go home!
Hey, Freddy?
Look, this is important.
You okay, Jimmy?
It's over now, just go home.
It's okay.
Hey, Jimmy.
What are you doing home?
I mean, who's watching The Oak?
some shirt
you got there, Victor, that new?
My friend bought it for me.
So, the girl?
What's the matter, Jimmy?
JIMMY: Sit down, Victor.
You okay?
there's no easy way
to tell you this...
so I'm just gonna say it.
Your friend...
someone hurt her.
They found her body
behind the... train station.
You understand
what that means, her body?
Are they sure that it was her?
They know.
Any idea who'd do
something like that, Freddy?
No, you hang out
with strange people like that,
shit I see every day.
Shanked, parents wanted
nothing to do with her.
Hey Jimmy,
how's Victor taking all this?
Is he holding up?
Not well...
he's, uh...
just said it's an act of God.
Maybe someone
should go check on him.
I'm gonna take him out
to Doodle Eve's today,
get his mind off things.
PATTI: That poor girl.
Every time I think
about being mean to her...
Never even knew her name.
Judge ye not.
Careful, Vic.
What's on your mind, Victor?
You know you can talk to me
about anything, don't you, Vic?
I mean, we're brothers, right?
That night
you didn't come home...
and we lost our money?
Yeah, I remember.
You wasn't with Patti.
I wasn't with Patti.
I'm sorry, Victor.
It wasn't enough that you tried
to take Patti away from Freddy?
It wasn't enough that
you're the handsome brother?
That you are the smart brother?
It wasn't enough
that you are the brother
I almost died for that day?
I know I'm different, Jimmy.
I know that I'm what
people call stupid...
but sometimes people don't know
that I know that.
But I'm smart enough
not to have thought
that a girl like that...
would ever fall in love
with someone like me.
I know what a lummox is, Jimmy.
I know that I am one.
It was just nice
that someone like her
didn't treat me like one.
I, uh...
I guess I never really talked
about it with you...
like we should've.
Like brothers should've.
I miss Grandma, Jimmy.
She was good to us.
She wasn't nothing,
but a little old lady, but...
when she died
I didn't feel safe no more.
I wish I could
un-ring that bell.
JIMMY: Sorry I haven't been
a good brother to you...
but I tried, Vic.
I really tried.
Only the mediocre
are always at their best.
Oh, be careful, Jimmy.
I'm riding on a train
Well you know
Cute girl in an English hat
Why'd it have
To rain like that
And in pulling off
her scarf...
- Hiya, Leo.
- Vic.
...I let go
It floated
Like a wounded bird
Hey, Leo, you getting
any Hank Snow records in?
It's an import from Japan,
promotional picture disc,
it's got ol' Hank burned
right there into the hot wax.
Would you like to hold it maybe?
Gotta be
real careful though, okay?
That there's the holy shit,
Holy Grail of all Hank vinyl,
very, very rare.
- How much?
- Phew.
It's on me, Vic.
Thank you, Leo.
Who gives you joy?
- You.
- Who?
- You do, Leo.
- Thank you.
Okay, get outta here,
go listen to your record.
- See ya', Leo.
- Okay.
While I slept
Nothing gave
And nothing changed
Every day was more the same
You know
You know
I think
I think
I am
I am
Heroic in a failing way
For some of us
It goes that way
Dulce et decorum est,
my dear
It's sweet, it's right
There's nothing for you here
When someone lets you down
You free fall
To that bigger hand
Around your wrist
You'll swear you
Never wanted this
Well you know
You know
I think
I think
I can
I can
Vanish with the evening rust
Join the ghost
That haunted us
Well you know
You know
I think
I think
I am
I am
Heroic in a failing way
For some of us
It goes that way
Dulce et decorum est
My dear
It's sweet, it's right
There's nothing for you here
Now I'm pouring
Something cold
Down my throat
And I'm thinking
About you and me
Once we had
A drink or two or three
But those cold
autumn stars
We were swimming
In that frozen lake
Our eyes the sound
That sirens make
Woo hoo