The Girl with the Golden Eyes (1961) Movie Script

In 1834, Balzac wrote the
History of the Thirteen.
It presented thirteen young men who,
having sworn to friendship and
fidelity, helped each other
without concern of risk, to attain goals
of ambition, fortune, and pleasure.
But the THIRTEEN failed once when
one of them, Henri de Marsay,
A woman who hit faster and
stronger than them.
Once again our days of Henri de
Marsay exist, "with golden eyes,"
and secret clubs of men grouped by
six, ten... or thirteen.
From Balzac came this modern
story where analogies are many,
where Paris remains the same
cauldron of light and shadow,
GOLDEN EYES guards a hidden life,
where Henri and Elonore live in an
environment that's exciting
and rarefied by high fashion.
What the fuck are they doing?
- Are you scared?
- No, I laugh at that idiot.
Calm down, it's just on time. - I lived
through the age of the hoax.
This time, it's an attempt to attain
a position at the end of the night...
- and stay there! - I'm horrified to
play the musketeers.
Catching a girl for Henri who always
has them expecting calls from him...
- Ah, what do you want? It gets old.
- This is vice.
- No, it's Paris.
- Stupid.
There's the risk of him losing and you
Ah yes, but it awaits him at his
I risk prison for kidnapping. I don't
have a position that allows for...
Come on, you must be loyal towards
the man who saved your life.
I know: "One for all and all for one."
We're not in the boyscouts anymore.
In a couple of minutes you'll tell me
about your little family.
Turn on the headlights.
The presentation was delayed,
but get ready.
As part of our fashion gala,
here we present, worn by Kattia,
the number 211, Lolita,
a short evening dress by Nina Ricci.
Well, shit! This is not going to work...
Madame Alberte, was I good?
You want to keep the dress, is that it?
Only for tonight.
I'm too good!
I'll be careful, I promise.
This bridal dress is a model by
Attention: this is it.
But you're crazy! No! Let go of me!
No! Let go of me, let go of me! No!
Let go! No! Stop hurting me!
Let go of me!
Sit down!
You have a pale face.
An abundant scalp.
Your eyes are copiously blackened,
which gives them a certain interest.
As for your mouth, it surely
resembles those of young puppies,
who still make little messes on
themselves or their baskets.
Twelve armed men take part in all
that is possible here:
death or love.
Sit down.
I can kill you or love you.
I can do both passionately.
You can succumb or yield.
You have already chosen.
Thank you.
Henri Marsay.
Hold on... were you afraid?
You're relieved, flattered, it's normal.
But you want me a little. Yes, yes,
I can see it.
Give it to me...
I almost forgot, forgive me.
... for the pleasure of returning
it to you.
My God, Kattia, you sat on the
terrace of a cafe...
Surely not.
You read and you still think
I'm waiting for you.
Don't turn your head.
Tact. I'd hesitate.
I don't know, maybe you
had an appointment.
Yes, but I broke up last night.
Yes, but since then?
Since then... I've been searching.
What can I do?
Give me the rose.
No, by God, this is the
first time it's worked...
- Does it amuse you?
- No more than you!
- It's good for the... - Are you saying
it's not what you're looking for?
It will surely be an interesting
Be quiet, this is our minute of
... of least importance. There's no
mystery, nothing doesn't suit you.
Less green in the eyelids, a whiter
It's a surface matter! I'm the
one who said that.
And I assure you I'm not mean.
... of least importance. There's no
mystery, nothing doesn't suit you.
Less green in the eyelids, a whiter
It's a surface matter! I'm the
one who said that.
It's not necessary that she have
a flat face.
If you listen to me, you'll be two years
older, but also a more sincere beauty.
More fabricated, but the same.
Let's go, let's go, let's go...
My scotch please.
Felix, go get the scotch.
Do you like?
It depends on the bartender.
I assure you, he knows his trade.
Ah, yes?
He won again.
Did you say you hired a driver?
Why, do you care?
Well, I think they saw me,
you should make them leave.
Go, go, go.
Oh you dogs, a little goodbye
for daddy.
Who's the panther?
I don't know.
Instead, say you forgot.
It's not possible, I keep a file.
But what is she doing there then?
- She's waiting.
- And so?
So I'm going there. London. They
seem completely lost.
What are you doing?
I'm writing.
And you?
I'm waiting.
Be patient, it's a client.
Where am I driving you?
Isn't it me you were waiting for?
But then I was mistaken about
the car.
No, it's mine.
So you were waiting for me.
No, please don't leave.
Hey, you'll regret this!
So say it then, it's not a success.
Not sure, she has my visiting card.
- And then?
- Then?
Henri Marsay will wait for you at 5:30
under the clock in the Lyon station.
- You think so?
- She won't come.
Your doggies, what will you do?
You can't take a guess?
You wouldn't do that.
Then, do you follow?
I see, what do you mean?
My rug, they already peed on it.
You see Sonia, I want someone with
flight, grace, energy. Get in the cage.
On the perch.
Arrange the legs. Withdraw a leg.
But no, not like that. You've seen a
stork, right?
The neck is stiff, lengthen the neck.
Accentuate the breasts if you want.
No no, no scarf. Hold on, Sofia.
Ae, I'm diverging a bit.
But no. More quivering, Sofia, it's
Whenever you want. Let's do it,
Tell me Sonia, you have the feathers
of sadness.
This isn't Buffet I want, it's Chagal.
I want you to fly on your own.
You see.
- Sonia, how are you?
- I'm stuffy.
But no, no, this is winter.
Less tense, my tense girl.
There. How was it, Willy?
Chagal in hell.
- Lower the bird.
- Not an instant.
- Does this please you?
- Why can't I choose?
Cut the fan.
Cut half of the lights.
Go unhook two more, take them
Get going. Sonia, curve the back.
Extend your breasts, lift your head.
Pay attention my dear.
Turn the cage for me.
You're flying!
Are you happy with yourself?
What do you think?
You're a genius.
That's not why I'm doing it, my dear.
What does that mean?
It means that I'm not rich.
The girls?
The girls, the girls... the studios
of Alice in Portugal.
- Nothing new yet?
- Yes, her debt of whisky.
- Does she drink a lot? - The photos
are correct. She has no idea.
Ah, it's necessary to overwork you
to get anything out of you.
You're tired.
- Does your journal talk about me?
- For the last 15 days of the month.
It was yesterday. Austria, how is that
- Magalie is leaving tonight.
- A team?
Take a look in the airplane if you
want to find out.
Why, do you sleep in late?
Yes, in Rome.
- Do you flirt with Valentino?
- No, Veneziani.
I adore Italian fashion.
Don't worry, I have enough for
a day.
I'll have time to go take a peek
at Innsbruck.
Hey, it's your duck who remade the
We announce that we turn this day
to the credit of your account...
How much?
No, never in the morning, you know
that well.
- Do you know Pise?
- I've passed by there.
Does this resemble that?
- And this is Lisbons.
- Ah.
Looks like someone had a hangover.
Ah, I was sure, Ingrid doesn't use
a push-up bra.
Hold on, look there, at the end, there
are incredible crabs, big, huge.
- Madagascar has done the road.
- ... with clams.
- Don't you find him a little exuberant?
- Who?
- Micky?
- It's a minor quality.
Do you see someone else for the
model of Annecy?
Kattia, a girl who presented last
night at the fashion gala.
- Ah, that's right, you weren't there.
- She's debuting.
She's debuting well.
Elonore, here's your Kattia.
Are you really Kattia?
Delighted, Mademoiselle.
Mme San Ral. I would like to
know if you're in exclusivity.
Ah, very well.
Do you like Austria?
Then go to Monsieur Marsay's
We'll say noon.
Good, everything's settled.
- Mme Elonore San Ral, here is
Kattia. - Oh, I'm confused, Madame.
A very young girl is what you
were looking for.
Hello, Marsay. Who? Ah.
Yes then you're replacing my old one,
I understand nothing.
And I never would have believed
that she would come.
But to the Lyon train station,
of course.
Good, and am I doing well?
It would help to set your
watch to the right time.
It'll be my old one tonight.
Attention, Monsieur.
Your text.
Let's repeat.
Hey there, sweetly, less sauce.
I'm 20 years older.
"A fact occupies a person occupied
with silly little things.
"And who's the woman?"
But no. No, no.
- "And who's the woman?"
- Who do you think?
I'm asking it for you.
A little thing, a bunch of silliness.
- It's you who said that.
- No, it's Balzac.
"With two words said in the air,
doesn't one live to work for 4 hours?"
Lean over, you're kissing
her on the shoulder,
you're murmurring.
"She thinks the facts will take care of
her because...
"they don't care about great people."
You don't seem convinced.
- I'm not a mutt, I'll seem stupid.
- Good, Paul will be very happy.
In any case I'll leave.
Since I won't be there,
you'll drink too.
As usual I won't read my text.
Mme San Ral, please.
Ticket, passport. The plane is at
10:00, I'm counting on you.
Take this.
Who's Paul? A dog who smokes my
cigars and copies my work.
Paul is Paul de Manerville.
Once a year he wastes his savings
to get dressed up for a dance.
Last year it was the Roman night.
It's necessary to know what you
Are you scared?
Why save you? For your figure?
Nothing to do, you've come, I saw
you, I'm not leaving you anymore.
Ah, it'll be necessary for me to
protect you.
Ah, I adore women.
I paint them, wash them, hang them
on a wire with clothespins.
I do the laundry, even.
Me, a real skunk.
You're not the same.
- You're good at indulging evil.
- Yes, yes, I know, I know.
I search, we all search. And
everything's there for the taking.
- You know, I saw you at the train
station. - Were you there?
I didn't dare approach you.
Ah, you don't like that I'm
Were you there?
- No.
- No, and so what?
You sit in my car,
you put me under the clock,
you come to cross paths with me.
No, don't leave.
- This would be so good if you loved
me. - But I do love you. Claudine.
I adore your name, doesn't it please
Josiane, I'm sure that I love you.
- Don't you believe me?
- No.
And there it is, it's all in the tone.
It isn't necessary to say "I love you
it's necessary to say "Elizabeth,
I love you."
I die or I attach myself.
You won't leave me outside like
that time before.
- Barbara!
- Please don't scream like that.
I don't live alone.
You have to enter to tell me that?
And well...
we have here the heart of the place.
My former experiences with strategy
tell me...
tell me that...
I remember, it was in 1830 -
31 maybe -
the day after Austerlitz, or Waterloo,
it's not important...
we waited for... it was...
I return at the head of the 6th
brigade in the good city of Clamecy,
or of Arras, it doesn't matter.
I'm hosted there...
heated there.
I fall asleep. Suddenly...
- Are you thirsty?
- I'm parched.
- Which drink, my colonel?
- A big one.
A mirage!
No, an oasis. The promised land.
God's water, the beautiful water
that flows.
To the apostle, the ninth one.
To Alexandre, a brave
and old companion.
- What are you doing?
- I'm looking at you.
No, "in life" as one says.
- I'm working.
- Ah.
Do you make a lot of money?
I study.
Olala. You read.
You read too much. No.
Not too much. You read badly.
Not appropriately.
Do you love me, Catherine?
This is an error.
I did everything to prove you my love.
I did everything to love you.
I don't love you.
And I won't love you.
even if you were named Martine.
And especially...
I wouldn't want to love you.
Time to sleep.
- What time is it?
- 9:30.
What? But good God, couldn't
you have told me something?
You needed to sleep.
Maternal like that, eh?
- Shall I make you some coffee?
- The jacket?
- In the bathroom.
- Huh?
- Olalala, I don't have an expression...
- Is someone waiting for you?
Five bastards to clear through
I don't know if I have milk for
- Hey, the razor. Crack, crack, crack.
- Huh?
Yes, good...
- Back up!
- In my honored arms!
- Do not pass!
- But at least shut up, good God!
- Listening to Chabert will suffice!
- But what's going on?
Leave now.
Do not pass!
- Go dress for the airplane.
- But, the airplane?
But yes, Austria. You don't
remember, do you?
- You shouldn't have left me last
night. - She's foolish.
You think it's funny.
- Yes, when you speak.
- Dirty brute.
- Hey, Henri.
- Hey, Paul.
A little coffee? A little coffee and
then you'll leave.
- But what will I look like?
- And what do I look like?
You understand, you leave the little
girl at my door and just turn around...
- Ah, I'd like you to...
- Yes, it's true that...
Well, you took care of it.
Do not pass!
My shoes, my shoes!
Henri, I look like an old rag.
It's a good start.
- I feel like crying.
- Let's calm down.
- But I have no toothbrush.
- Oh yes, I know, no toothbrush,
- no nailclippers, no falsh eyelashes...
- But what am I going to do?
- Your papers.
- But I don't have my papers.
- Give me them. - I'm saying if I don't
have them I won't get on the plane.
But listen, I can't, I don't have them
on me here.
- Right away.
- You're being ridiculous.
Monsieur Marsay is absent. I'm
the automatic recorder.
Please leave your message.
"Hello Henri. Davis here.
"I've just returned...
"I put the girl to bed.
"I took a little nap.
"I'm passing by the studio in the
Monsieur Marsay is absent. I'm the
automatic recorder.
Please leave your message.
"Vronique, Chantal, Marie-Jose...
"will attend Henri Marsay at 5:00 to
the bcherie,
"street of the bcherie."
What time is it, please?
Are you reading?
What are you reading?
I didn't read it.
Can I offer you something?
Stop crying, my child.
Don't budge. What do you
call yourself, Martine?
- Elizabeth.
- You're lying, Vronique.
You've known the temptation.
- Did you yield?
- No.
Then you resisted.
Go, and fish in peace.
Do you lie often?
This is the first time.
I didn't love him.
I swear to you that I didn't love him.
I love you.
I don't even remember his name.
You're lying.
I didn't love him. Not even a second.
The first is me.
No, Henri, it's not you.
Who then?
Our parents were opposed to the
Then we left both of them, Herman
and me.
- Like the greats.
- Yes.
- We went off to Nantucket.
- Nantucket?
- Yes, Nantucket.
- Ah, yes, on a whaling boat.
The Pequod.
Captain Ahab to be precise.
I'll show you the waves, the glaciers...
It was marvelous,
I leaned over the edge...
and the sperm whales came to eat
in my hand.
- Woman overboard!
- Then Herman leapt in to save me.
- And he swam and swam.
- Like a fish.
- He was swallowed up.
- You believed it all?
And since then?
Since then I've pursued my studies.
- And this, what is this?
- A meow.
A cat should be called a cat.
And that?
- Books.
- Exactly.
And that?
And behind?
And what is this?
- Money.
- Did you earn it or steal it?
- Curious...
- What's behind the door?
- A stairway.
- Very well. Where does it lead?
To the chateau.
You can't know what it's like for
little girls...
to wake up all alone in an almost
deserted chateau.
So where's Prince Charming then?
- It's you.
- Oh, I'm too old.
And well, then it's me.
You'll be superb at that.
- But you're crazy.
- Oh come on, let's play. Let's go.
Stand back.
And... there!
Oh... but you're crazy.
You'll strangle me.
- I hope.
- It's not possible.
Go to sleep.
On my white horse I traversed
the forest covered in snow.
I stopped at the foot of the chateau
to sleep.
You're sleeping?
- I'm sleeping.
- Good, then be silent.
All must be asleep:
the stairways...
the corridors...
the slaves...
The doors open silently in front
of me.
I lean over...
I gently touch these lips of mine.
He awakens.
Henri, are you listening to me?
- But I felt nothing.
- Good.
- I'm leaning over.
- And you...
I love you.
You wear me out, my love.
You wear me out...
with your voyages, your fashion...
your old gentlemen, your dazzling
- It's all old hat!
- Be quiet Henri.
Your father was a small notary clerk
in a small city with a small suburb.
And your mother mended the same
socks for 30 years.
"But yes Madame, my daughter is
in Paris, at the Sorbonne,
"she's getting her degree.
"She lodges with her aunt,
my husband's sister."
- You have too much imagination.
- From you, that's flattering.
I hide nothing from you.
- Come on, give me the key.
- The little fish ate it.
Christine, Virginie, Caroline...
and then what again?
What do you call yourself?
What's your name, if you prefer.
It's a simple question.
You're a student and don't work to
live. Then how do you eat?
Who gives you money?
[in Italian] Understood?
I love you. Isn't that enough?
Henri Marsay wants to know who's
with me.
My little bird under the rain.
Calm down.
Calm, calm. Good, you're calm.
Calm down.
Hey, this is strange. I never went up.
For ten years I would go up
twice a day.
In the morning with the sun,
and in the evening with a woman.
Ah, a cigar is a wonderful thing.
Here's what a man will never get
tired of.
- You've already gone up in a plane,
Paul? - Yes.
- Did you already release the bombs?
- No.
And well, you see,
you release them there...
they fall over there.
Shake your ash, Paul, shake it.
They're flying towards Puteaux,
Surennes, Courbevoie. Shake, Paul.
You must bring back so everyone
can look nice and regal.
Shake on Neuilly too,
you're bringing back the good odor.
And it's you who smokes.
My word...
the man is a clown.
Do you think about the little dogs,
- You aren't serious?
- Very serious.
- I don't understand you.
- We bet that you lost.
- But I'm buying them off.
- How much?
- 50,000.
- Agreed.
- Good, you'll have it tomorrow.
- Right away.
- But I don't have it on me.
- So make a check.
- Ah, you're spying on me.
- No, I'm waiting for you.
Are we going to our place?
- I think someone went to my place.
- I'm going up for a bit.
- I'm coming with you.
- Are you spying on me?
No, I'm accompanying you.
Henri, did you see?
Henri, where are you?
I'm afraid, there. Are you happy?
Turn on a light, I can't see anything.
Henri, I'm scared.
Give me your hand.
- Is this you?
- Huh?
There, is this you?
No, it's her.
What her?
- Pretty, huh?
- Who is she?
Come on, her name.
It's a simple question.
- Do you love Coralie?
- Very much. Austria please.
- I adore Coralie.
- You have the right.
Monsieur Medicis 30002,
I would like Austria.
I would like the Elpe Hotel,
in Innsbruck.
With notice for Madame San Real.
Elonore San Real.
That's all, thank you.
Don't be stupid,
she's a friend.
My best friend. Lo!
I just called you my girlfriend.
Hello, hello Lo? How's it going?
Very well. I'm at your place.
Yeah. Yes, she's there. Yeah.
I dispatched it tonight for New York.
You love Coralie, I think.
It's my right.
Take this.
"Hello? Oh. Hello? Hello?"
- You're mean.
- Don't worry, she'll remember.
I don't want it, you understand?
I want nobody to disturb us.
- This annoys me here.
- Exactly, you're exaggerating.
- Why?
- Maybe it was for me.
Do you give my number?
Ah no, that's a fact.
Then it was for you.
- She'll be furious, you know.
- Who?
- Who will be furious?
- The woman from Tonton.
- Are you jealous? - It's so beautiful
that you can't believe it.
You're right, I'm not jealous.
- Then you're curious.
- Why?
You don't have any secret for me.
We won't start again, Henri.
- You're not happy.
- His name.
It's a simple question.
But you're afraid.
Let me go Henri!
I know very well that you're afraid.
But what scares you?
Don't touch me!
But you're trembling with fear.
Take me Henri. Far, very far.
To Peking? Or Nantucket?
Ah no, I know:
sleeping in the woods.
We'd sleep standing,
you think so?
That's much better, we can ask
for Jonathan's hospitality.
- Your place, Henri.
- At last a healthy idea: my place.
But agreed, let's do it right now.
Are you ready?
You'll keep me close to you...
You'll hide me.
Marry me Henri.
Marry who?
But who, you?
Vronique, Virginie, Josiane or
"M. Henri Marcet will you
accept the hand of Mlle..."
That's the breakdown,
you understand?
The sickness of boredom.
Give me 24 hours to bury
my life as a young man.
- Henri.
- It's me.
- But I'll die.
- Do you have all that you need?
Well then...
Please be quiet Henri!
Be quiet Henri.
Talk to me...
Do what you want. Kill me.
But don't laugh anymore.
The court finds you guilty of
little secrets to the second degree,
of premeditated lying,
of grave exaggeration
and disorder of feelings.
- Of parody of affection.
- I love you Henri.
That's the truth,
I never lied to you.
Excuse me...
- You'll be unhappy later. - You
think... I don't have any memory.
You're killing me, Henri,
you're killing me.
Classic feminine inspiration
of literary origin.
God have mercy on your soul.
Very, very pretty.
Hello, big guy.
Did everything go well?
Otherwise I wouldn't be there.
It's true that I waited on you
the whole time.
Hold on...
this is for first-priority developing.
Oh, you can't know.
You can't know. Take a look.
Where did you find it?
I didn't find it,
I made it.
And what do you call making?
A nice little marriage
the bitch plotted.
So we're not playing around?
It doesn't matter,
there was no answer.
I don't even know her name.
She didn't say her family name...
- or her first name.
- You broke up, that's essential.
Sacred Lo.
You don't know the most
beautiful one.
Since I visited La Barraque.
Ah it's true, I didn't tell you.
A pretty little hotel, behind a hidden
door like in Ali Baba.
And guess what I found.
You never will.
Dresses. Dresses, you understand?
Nothing but dresses.
And then?
You have no doubts?
You won't forget the negatives.
Willy is waiting, that costs a lot.
What makes it charming is the fog.
Don't you think so?
Do you come often?
This is the first time, Madame.
All the roofing is scaled.
When the wind pushes the clouds
it always resembles a monster.
You don't agree?
I'm sure I can show you your
house. Where do you live?
Nobody's leaving,
I've just arrived.
Are you staying for a long time?
And now, where will you go
if you leave?
I'm a monster.
They're charming,
those monsters.
Children know it.
I'm no longer a child.
Then why are you crying?
I love him, Lo.
My sweetie,
my dove.
This is a whim.
I wanted to die.
- I didn't have the courage. - You're
so light, wind would blow you away.
I'm cowardly.
I'm cowardly, I hate myself.
Do you see the seagulls?
- There's a boat leaving over there.
- I won't leave.
It's as serious as that?
I love him, Elonore,
you need to understand me.
Why do you think I don't
understand you?
He's not like other men.
He's harder, more cynical,
more brutal.
He's timid.
Always, when he's afraid.
- You don't feel that he scared you
into this? - I'm sure it was sincere.
He's a player, he plays everything.
You too.
I love him, Lo...
what can I do?
You're no longer a child,
you told me that.
- Prepare your bridal clothes and call
him. - I don't know you.
I don't have confidence in you.
You need to leave to be on time.
Leave, disappear.
Whatever you were doing, you could
have put it back in order.
Where is she?
- It's just the same not to ask me that.
- Why?
A little dignity.
Your name is Henri Marsay. You've
broken, no?
That would work out for you!
You were scared. She was
too sincere for you.
This is why she was afraid: you,
your phone calls, herself.
- Stop, Margaux will cry.
- It's you, the author, grieving.
I didn't know your attic but really,
it's distressing.
I'm free to choose my setting.
Nobody would want to play there.
Nevertheless, it's what you did.
With talent, besides. Yes yes.
It's necessary for some, believe me.
Your brilliance makes my eyes hurt.
Listen, you gotta ventilate your place.
We're suffocating in your place.
She was suffocating.
You moved her with your beautiful
words, your stupid quotations.
You don't have a taste for poetry.
You need a little idiot savant who
doesn't know you.
You, Mme Elonore San Ral. You,
your clique, your sugar refineries.
And well, that which has no name.
Rather, it's murder.
You hear? A murder.
You disappoint me.
She landed in her province, Henri.
Then your heart was moved.
What was she waiting for,
according to you?
You were just talking about
your love shack?
My parlor under the roofs with
the water on the bearing.
No, a young man.
Which young man?
The little student who would sleep
with a girl on the first night.
Evidently with you there was no risk.
I didn't say that.
And you're boasting about it.
I'm not hiding anything. This is
why you're reproaching me.
- I never hid anything from you.
- This is what I reproach you for.
Your bed is always full, it's well
known. And you brag...
- My frankness bothers you? But you
said it. - No, your lack of modesty.
You confuse modesty and hypocrisy.
You knew only two lovers:
M le Baron Gilbert, M Vigne, the
charming colonel Volkef.
Do you leave them at the foot
of your bed?
In Paris it's sufficient to go out
three times with a man...
and everyone takes you for a couple.
It takes ten years to know someone.
I didn't know you.
It needs to be said that you didn't
even try, my dear Henri.
For ten years, I've been your
faithful accomplice.
Today you happen to be in love,
well then...
I'm a woman.
You're at my place.
Offer me your hand kindly.
How can I do that?
Are you ready?
I'm giving you a comb, you look
like a dog. Waiter.
- Yes, Madame?
- How much for what the girl had?
A franc and twenty, Madame.
Then, did you bid him farewell?
The letter is ready to be sent.
My love, Henri, my dear,
my tender love, I'm leaving,
but it breaks my heart.
Now, tear it up.
He'll burst out laughing,
you don't know him.
You must choose a dirtier paper
Go ahead, rip it up.
I want to tell you why I had
to bother you with my childishness.
It would have been necessary that
you meet me by chance,
and not that I come to meet you.
I was far from knowing your habits.
Elonore spoke to me so often of you.
Maybe I should have sat on the
cafe terrace and waited.
You don't love me.
I'll try to persuade myself a little.
If you try not to see me again,
you'll help me.
Allow me to write to you again since
you don't have to respond to me.
I dreamed of this church where you
made me acknowledge my first lies.
I dream of other lies.
Frightful lies:
that I'm dead,
raindrops pierce the site of my grave,
they touch me and I wake up.
I don't think I have to convince myself
that I'll no longer have to see you.
He hesitates, he thinks about you.
He's never thought about you
so much.
Finally, he came.
He's suffering.
This is the first time he's suffered.
And you...
you are irreproachable.
Bravo, my dear master. But in fact,
illegal spinning, how much is it worth?
Listen, kids, it's nice but
I have my dinner of the 100th tonight.
- It contravenes the group rules.
- It contravenes, I contravene...
Take a look, I found this in the
blue zone.
- Ah, have fun, kids.
- Goodnight, Brice.
No, I want the name of the lady.
To your health.
Goodnight Brice.
We'll pop the tires of his car.
You'll have the pleasure of
taking charge of it.
- Any trouble, Madame?
- Yes, I'm freezing.
- Are you free?
- I'm returning to Vincennes.
What a pity, I wanted to take you to
a garage.
- It depends where.
- I'll pay you.
Ah, right away, then
- Hello, yes.
- I have it.
But no, I'm not calling to say that.
I'm calling for...
it's a failure.
Elonore yes.
In a garage.
Then put somebody else on this
because I...
A big bundle, and then
the bottom of the water.
There, we would no longer have
to wait...
while turning on the windshield
The fish...
come to stick... their big lips...
to the pane.
And look at our kisses.
You're shivering, put the heating on.
I learn a lesson from you and you
repeat it on my lips.
My woman with the soft eyes to see
in prison.
But no Katiouchka this is
the 1001 Nights, you understand?
Here, this is better.
- Did you sleep well my big guy?
- I had a dirty dream.
I took a nose-dive with my car.
It's a nightmare, you drink too much.
Will we dine together tonight?
I don't know if I'll be hungry.
You'll have a drink.
It happens with you.
At the house, you know it now.
Which one?
The other one. A place for you
and no one else.
Thank you.
- I know this, what is it?
- Guess.
A bit of champagne, a taste of gin.
You suspect it's not Maraschino?
- There was a long time during which
I never drank that. - Ten years.
There I am: a grain of salt.
No, a drop of saltwater
in the sea.
You call that "a Deauville morning."
Ah, you remember now.
We dined with Lipe...
you wanted to go swimming
at any price.
Not at all, it's that you
wanted to eat clams.
In any case, it was necessary
to break in your car.
It rained constantly.
You spent your time making cocktails.
And you drank them all.
- I was drunk.
- Very drunk.
- You disappointed me.
- Well done.
I'm the one who drove back.
Do you remember that?
Where is she?
I said, "where is she?"
Ah yes.
That's right...
you asked for her hand,
I believe.
Not at all, I'm asking you
where you hid her.
But she is free.
Free as the air.
She can very well throw herself
into your arms if she wants.
Then to what purpose are you
rhyming these letters?
It's crazy that you're contradictory.
I can't prevent her from writing
to you.
- She's free, I'm telling you.
- And this little evening...
A good idea really.
And this stupid game, huh.
- What's the point of our
relationship? - Love.
You don't know the song?
I beg you Lo.
Where is she?
I need to see her.
Open the door! Open up!
Oh Henri, open it again. I'm seasick.
They can say whatever they want,
but the little ones still run where
the wind blows.
- This is the only way to leave.
- Stop.
Oh, you're a novice, sir.
And I must say, you're not making
it easy...
- The composure...
- Oh yes captain.
Then captain? Is the mist lifting?
The land is visible.
But no!
What a time...
No! Nooo! Ah! No!
You're putting me back as corporal?
Sit down.
Please, sit down.
Are you sitting?
- Do you need something?
- A scotch.
- Dry?
- Dry.
Be honest Lo, where is she?
What is happening Henri?
- Something that will interest you.
- What?
Cover yourself, it won't be hot.
- Stop!
- Jump, jump!
- Happy with yourself?
- Not unsatisfied.
Just give me 10 minutes.
He's there...
He's waiting for you.
Thank you Lo.
I'm here for no reason.
Were you in pain?
You're free.
I love him Lo.
Then it's settled...
you're leaving.
I love him Lo.
As I've never loved any person.
I love you.