The Glenarma Tapes (2022) Movie Script

- Since when did a closed sign
in Ireland ever stop anyone
from doing anything?
Students from The Mid
Ulster College of Arts,
were last seen here in
the village of Glenarma on
Friday evening, almost
twenty-four hours after they
were reported as missing.
It is believed that the group
took the bus here together.
- In a remarkable
turn of events,
it is believed a number
of teachers from the same
college have also been
reported as missing.
Details are sparse but we
will stay with the story
as it moves.
- I would like to
make it clear on behalf of
The Mid Ulster
College of Arts,
that this was not an officially
sanctioned college trip.
- Local shopkeeper
Eugene Donnelly,
is believed to be the
last person to have seen the
students as they called into
his petrol station the night
they disappeared.
- They came in here,
bought crisps,
buns, cans of mineral.
Then they asked which way
it was to the forest...
- Did they say why they
were going to the forest?
- No, but I just thought
it was... young folk,
do... whatever it
is young folk do...
- What the hell is going on?
- Run!
- We are live at this
scene this evening where
an unnamed individual
was recovered alive from
Glenarma forest
late this afternoon,
after emergency services
were alerted to an extensive
deep within the forest.
Police have not yet
confirmed whether this
person is one of the missing
students or their lecturers,
but we can only assume...
- Get whatever weapons
she has left!
- Eleanor!
- Fucking, go Gordy!
- Almost two months on and the
only person recovered from
Glenarma forest that night
is still in a critical
condition in intensive care.
- Why are you filming me?
- It's a final year
coursework, Mrs. Hart.
I'm making a doc
essay about Gordy.
- A what?
- It's a like a day in
the life kinda thing.
- Oh, what's it called?
'The Boy Who Did Fuck All'?
Jimmy's here!
- Oh, fuck.
- Cuisle!
Let's go, we're going
to be late for school.
- Hi, Jimmy.
Bye, Mom.
- Gordy, get me some smokes
before you go to School.
Bye, Jimmy.
- Fuck sake.
Balls balls
balls balls balls.
- Jimmy Dalton was a boy from
the wrong side of the tracks.
But when he found a
stack of jazz magazines,
his life changed forever.
How's that?
- Not funny at all.
- Can I be in your movie?
- No!
- Why not?
- Couldn't afford yeah.
- Ten Dollars a day?
- You're in.
- Yes!
An Bhfaca T M Shamuisn.
M Stirn g
M Bhuachailln.
An Bhfaca T M Shamuisn?
Is 'Gabhil Sos An Bthar
- You're forgetting it are yeah?
- Yep.
- You are so late for school.
- Yep.
- Aon do tri, watch your foot!
Go on then.
Here wait.
Jungle bar for lunchtime.
Eat that at break time,
get a school dinner at lunch.
- But--
- Get a school
dinner at lunchtime,
give Mrs. O'Connor the money.
Go on.
More latecomers.
You're buying lunch today.
- Can't.
- You serious?
- I can't interfere.
I'm a documentary maker.
Just pretend
that I'm not here.
- So...
like everybody
else does then?
- Oh harsh, Gordon.
Go ahead and say
something there.
- Another beautiful day
in Mid Ulster College...
What's going on here?
You alright?
- Where are yeah taking me...
- What the fuck.
- Apparently he locked himself
in the college last night...
found him in the bogs this
morning with a load of his
ma's sleeping pills.
He couldn't even
do that right.
- What the fuck
did you just say?
- What do you care?
It's not like
anybody would miss him.
- What the hell is
wrong with you?
- Did you hear what he said?
- I don't care what he said!
Do you think I just go
around punching people in
the face every time they say
something I don't agree with?
Don't you all have
classes to get to?
Come one, get a move on.
Grow up, Mr. Hart.
- Holy shit, man.
Are you alright?
You alright, man?
- Tell me you got that, man.
- I got it, mate.
Do not worry.
- Mr. Hart.
Fashionably late as usual.
Oh, and as I made
you aware earlier,
Mr. Dalton will be joining
us as this morning as part
of his...
- Right.
- final year assignment.
So, we were
discussing Romeo and Juliet,
Mr. Hart.
Which I assume you
have read by now.
Eleanor, thoughts.
- Seems dated.
The attitudes.
They can't be with one another
so they kill themselves.
Bit drastic, isn't it?
- That's the genius of
Shakespeare, isn't it?
It's supposed to be
a great romance,
but it's actually
about mortality.
Shakespeare was
obsessed with death.
Six characters in total die
in Romeo and Juliet.
Tibalt, Mercutio,
Paris, Lady Montague,
and no points for guessing
who the other two are.
Mr. Hart, what did you think?
Bit of advice, Mr. Hart.
Girls dig smart guys.
So please try and engage,
- Gordon.
- Plus, she's way
out of your league.
So, thoughts anyone.
- I buy it.
That they want to die.
What's there to live for?
Both of their
families are...
both alike in dignity?
Both fuckin'
trash if you ask me.
These two are the only good
things in either family.
And when they
finally connect,
their families try everything
they can to separate them.
So, yeah fuck it.
Pull the trigger.
What's the point?
- That's bullshit.
Death is the easy way out
for these two.
If you're alive, there's always
something to live for.
- Miss Mallon...
pardon the interruption.
Is Gordon Hart here?
Come with me, please.
Where do you think
you're you going with that?
- Uh, media assignment,
Mr. Laverty.
Gordy's lecturers have
all signed off on it.
- Yeah.
- Gordon!
- Alright, okay okay.
Anyone else's thoughts...
- You can switch that right off
now Mr. Dalton, thank you.
- Wait here, please.
- Yet another dressing
down from loner Laverty...
Why, after all these years
has this man still not found
himself a woman...
or a man...
or an exotic sex toy?
Find out next week on,
Fuck This College'.
Oh, the evil eye.
- Fucking dick.
- Gordon.
Not you.
Thought I told you to
switch that thing off.
- Sorry, sir.
- This is Detective
Inspector Todd.
He was here because
a student locked himself in
the school last night.
- Nothing to do with me...
- No, but another student has
made an official complaint to
faculty staff,
claiming that you assaulted him
on campus this morning.
- Enough to involve the cops?
- He's considering
pressing charges.
- For a slap on the mouth?
- I have seen grown men
killed with one punch.
Families destroyed.
And all because one moron
decided to take the law
into his own hands.
- Probably learned it
from watching the police.
- If I were you, I'd keep my
nose clean until you leave
this college in the Summer.
- Well, don't keep
me waiting...
Couple of months' time,
I'll be outta here.
Wouldn't want you organizing
an international manhunt for
some dickhead
with a busted nose.
- So, you are leaving the
country in the Summer?
- Norway.
- Ah...
your friend wins a
scholarship to one of the
most prestigious film
schools in... the world...
and you're, what?
Just going to tag along?
- I can't wait for
the summer man,
you and me get out
of this shithole.
Least one good
thing happened today,
we missed Drama.
- Make sure your wife's
out the picture.
- You nervous?
- Relax.
Everything is in place.
The campsite is
totally isolated.
- Jesus Christ.
- Yes.
- Ping that video
over to me!
Be with you now, man.
Morning, ladies.
Morning Clare.
- What do you two
dickheads want?
- Hey, Gordy...
- What are you girls up to?
- Finishing the edit
on our short film.
Clare's doing the soundtrack.
- Oh, really?
Let's have a wee listen.
Clare, this is,
this is actually... shit.
- Why is this pervert
filming us?
- Who you calling a pervert?
- End of year project.
- What's it called?
'Two creepy bastards'?
- Here...
check this out.
Just got that on camera.
- Tonight, Glenarma Forest,
you and me are
going to get
away from all this,
away from these
talentless cunts,
who have stayed gutter rats.
- What?
- Get there before sunset,
trust me.
It will be perfect.
- Is this a windup?
- Nope, Mallon and Holmes...
having it away.
- Didn't Holmes
just get married?
- Yep.
- Fuckin rat.
- Hear the way
they're talking about us?
About our parents?
- She thinks we're talentless.
- Bastards!
What are you gonna
do with the tape?
- Don't know.
Maybe stick it online...
- Here's a better idea...
why don't we follow them
up to Glenarma tonight,
catch the two of them having
a ride, film sex tape!
- Blackmail
material deluxe, man.
- Fucking, yes man.
- Lads, it was a joke!
- Fucking great idea, man.
- I have a class
in here in five...
Come on, get out.
- Right,
there's a bus here leaves
for Glenarma at half past three!
That'll get us there
well before they do!
- You'se aren't seriously
thinking about
doing this, are you?
- You better believe we are.
If you two had any cojones,
you'd be on it with us.
- Don't question my cojones.
- Come on, for fucks sake!
We track the two rats
down to their campsite,
catch them at it on camera,
then terrorize the shit
clean out of the two of them...
all... night... long.
- Fuck no!
- Come on, Eleanor...
what do you say?
New adventure,
night in the woods.
- I dunno, Gordy...
- We're not going!
there's a party in
our gaff tonight.
And no...
you two aren't invited!
Come on.
- Sorry, Gordy...
I'll definitely watch
the footage though.
Enjoy freezing your balls
off in the forest ladies...
- You got money
for bus tickets?
- Wait... what??
Where are you going?
- Come on,
gotta get Cuisle sorted.
- They're having a party.
- There is no party.
They'll be there tonight.
- Mate, I'm skint.
I'll have to go tap
that money off my Granda.
- Well, go tap him then.
Cuisle, go on up to your room
and start on your homework.
Go upstairs
and do your homework.
You left the door open.
Turn the camera off, Jimmy.
- This is real life, Gordy.
This is the sort of
stuff we should be getting.
- Well go round to
your shitty fucking house
and film you
and your Granda then!
Turn the camera off!
Sorry for saying that, man...
- What happens if the girls
show up at the bus stop, man?
Where are you going now?
I didn't mean
bring her with us!
Go on in, Cuisle.
- Is that ok, Daddy?
- Course it is, wee darling.
It's not my night, Gordon.
Is it my night?
- Does it have to be your night
to look after
your own daughter?
- How's your ma?
Shit-faced as usual?
- I have an important
- You?
Have an assignment?
- You're gonna have to
look after Cuisle tonight.
- No chance.
I've got plans.
- Better plans than spending
time with your own daughter?
- Why is that
dickhead taping me?
- Why does everyone
keep calling me that?
- He's making a documentary.
- Oh, so you thought that I
won't hit you a slap for
taking the piss, just because
your mate's filming me.
Be back here in an hour.
Fucks sake Tommy, how many
nights a week I look after
your daughter because
her ma's plastered?
Every fucking night!
- Jesus, what's that?
You've got til' her bedtime.
That should give you
plenty of time to do
whatever you're doing.
And see if you're not
back here at eight o'clock?
I'm coming' looking for ye.
- And see you,
your fucking mug,
you don't get that
camera put of my face,
I'm gonna take it off wee,
I'm gonna shove it
up your fuckin'...
Results man!
Oh my God.
Oh, fuck.
Holy shit.
- What kept you?
- I'll tell you when
we get on the bus!
You can't do it.
You can't do it.
- Fuck off.
- Here we go.
- Adventure starts here, man.
- Yes, man.
- Hey, man.
- Alright busman?
Cannot believe the girls, man.
- A bit of me actually
thought they'd show up.
Fuck it.
Three months' time,
it will be me and you Jimmy.
Halfway to Stockholm...
- That's Sweden...
we're going to Norway,
you boot.
- Cool.
- Hold on!
- Gordy!
Fuck, wait here they are.
- Driver!
- Stop!
- Open the...
- Thought you were
having a party?
- Apparently, Reid and his
mates are on the warpath.
- Aye, right.
- Serious...
I heard he's looking for some
ballbag who sucker punched him.
- I didn't sucker punch him...
I was looking right at him.
- Well, I didn't want them
turning up at our flat later,
tryin' to kick
your tiny cojones in.
- Don't question
my cojones, Clare!
- This be better be worth it.
- What do you want?
- What are you listening to?
- It's just a something I'm
working on for the short film...
- Can I have wee listen?
Hey, Clare...
- What?
- This is...
- I dare you to say shite...
- No, no, no this is,
this is good...
this is really fucking good!
- Last stop, Glenarma,.
- I'm starving!
Did anyone bring any food?
- Shit.
- I suppose you
brought nothing either.
- Here Clare, look,
there's a petrol station
- Halle-fucking-lujah!
- Cheers, man.
- Hey man, can I ask
you a wee favor?
- Right, can we do eat now?
- Right.
- Cheese and onion,
right, grab that.
- Clare's gonna
leave you skint.
- I know, man.
- You have money with you?
- I got 40 quid
- Honeycomb?
- Yeah, why not.
- Nice.
- Two stuck together.
You know what that means?
- There you are, mate.
- That everything?
- Aye.
- Here.
How do you get to
the big forest up here?
- Glenarma forest?
Head down the coast
road for about four miles,
take a left at the Glen,
you can't miss it.
- Four miles?
Why the fuck is it called
Glenarma forest when it's
four miles from Glenarma?
- YouTubers?
- Sorry?
- Coming here to search
for Harry Half-A-Head?
- Who?
- Harry Half-a-Head!
Fella from round here,
back in the day.
Used to be around
when I was a weein.
Always wore a dark blue coat
and thick-rimmed gleeks.
Folk always use to say
that there was a wee
bit of want in him.
Took the handout of him,
if you know what I mean?
Ashamed to tell you,
I did the same myself.
Anyway, one day, Harry had
had enough, took a shotgun
up into the forest, they
found him three days later,
half his own head blown off,
but not enough to
finish the job.
They say, with the clotting
and the blood across the
forest, that he must been
wondering amongst the trees
for at least a couple of days,
him with half a head
until he keeled over, dead.
Many folks goes up into
that forest now
and hear a noise in the
middle of the night.
You know what I mean?
They'll stick their wee heads
out of their wee tents,
and they'll swear to our
lord and savior Jesus Christ,
that they see a man
wondering around,
half a head on him,
not knowing
whether he's coming or going,
stuck in the half world
between this and the next...
That will be twenty-four pounds
and fifty-three pence please.
Jimmy, pay the man.
- Hold on there,
here's wee map
of the forest for you.
For free...
- Decent of ye...
- There's uh 30 quid,
keep the change
- That's not a true story,
is it?
Tell me, it's not true,
is it?
- Okay, let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
- Is it?
- Go, go, go.
- I'm not walking four miles!
Eleanor, search
for taxi companies.
- I am.
Nearest one's 20 miles away...
- Jesus Christ.
Have they Uber?
- Where's Gordy?
- Maybe Harry Half-A-Head
got him, Clare...
- Shut up!
- Get on the east!
- Where did you get these?
- Rented them.
- What, did you actually?
- Did he, fuck!
- Get on!
- Rented it.
- Go, go, go, go,
go after the tree.
- He's coming!
- Hey!
- Holy shit,
this place is massive!
- Dump these here,
my ass is killing me!
- What are you doing?
- I'm carving a few of these.
- Why?
- Cos, I'm gonna stab you
in the eye with them.
- Stop... right watch, watch!
Aw shit, lad, forest is closed.
- What?
- Well, that's that,
let's go home.
- Wait...
- What is he doing now?
- Since when did a closed sign
in Ireland ever stop anyone
from doing anything?
Are you's coming or what?
- Guys!
I think that's them!
- Go, come on!
- He's coming!
- That's a private taxi.
- That means
they're stranded here.
- Aye...
and so are we...
- Shh!
- Keep your heads down,
not a fucking word.
This is it, man.
- What is that?
- This is it!
- They're getting their first.
- Stop, stop doing that
you're freaking me out.
- Yeah.
- Wait, they're coming.
- Oh, my goodness
she freak me out,
- Clare's loving this.
- Well, I didn't know who
they were actually
going to be here.
- Right there,
they're right there.
- Great,
we've lost them already.
There's no wonder size.
This place
and wise are no signs.
It's not meant to be the
biggest forest in Ireland
and there's
literally not one sign.
Talk to himself then.
- All right.
- Right, Jimmy.
- What?
- We're here because see
that clearing up there?
So, you must be
like just before it.
- Oh yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, we are.
Unreal, respect nature
by carving your name into
a 200-year-old tree.
- Oh cool, man.
Nice one.
- Guys look, footprints.
They look fresh.
- Looks fresh.
One night watching the
Discovery Channel half baked
and your mom thinks
she's Bear Grills.
- My mom used to make
us go orienteering.
- Oh, orientating.
- Thanks, Eleanor.
Great. Come on we need to
keep up with them.
- Ugh...
- Clare, we need to
keep up with them.
- What, wait,
watch the mud here?
- Deep in the undergrowth,
we observed the courtship
ritual with the
lesser spotted lovebirds.
We mustn't disturb them
lest we break the spell.
- What's her problem then?
- Look, we've been
walking for an hour.
We lost track of them,
let's ago.
I think we should turn back.
It's freezing, we're lost!
And we don't
have any signal!
And why the fuck didn't
anyone think to bring
a fucking tent?
- Stop moaning, Clare!
Jimmy and I went to a concert
down south last year.
Slept under a camper van
for the whole weekend.
- What a trip, man!
- Cool story, bro.
Look, the way I see it,
we have two options here.
A: Head back to
the petrol station,
find a signal and call my
brother to come pick us up...
or B: Stay here, sleep in
the shite and the freezing
cold for the night,
possibly catch pneumonia,
just to catch our teachers
having a ride on film.
- I vote B.
- B...
all day long...
- B...
- Fine.
- Come on, Clare...
if we end up in here for
the night, then so be it.
Give me that.
Right, okay, if any of you
can tell me exactly where we
are right now,
I'll keep going.
No, that's what I thought.
Right, let's go back.
- We're here.
- Where?
- We passed this river
ten minutes ago.
- Clare, I don't know where
exactly we are but this X
is where I carved
into the tree.
We've been heading
straight North since then.
- Heading straight
North since then??
Right fine, let's go!
- Someone's not happy.
- She never is man.
- Clare, wait.
Clare, you hungry again?
- I'm fuckin raging again!
- Not helping.
- Have you got
a lighter that works?
- Toss it.
- Fuck you.
- Triangle buddies.
- Triangle wankers.
- Here.
I've got something for you's.
- A tent?
- I guess we'd look.
- What did your
last slave die of?
- Disobedience.
All right, let me see this.
Head cams,
all the night vision.
Get the on.
- Jimmy, where'd you
get all this gear?
- I borrowed it from
the media department.
- Borrowed it?
- That shit's
never going back lad.
Right, give me that bag.
Name of the game
tonight folks, is to capture
as much footage as possible.
They're all fully charged
so that should get us
through the night.
Plus, we've got some extra
SD cards in case we
run out of space.
Gordy, you're our star.
Clare, your music's
going to score the doc.
Eleanor, you can edit.
And I'm DOP.
- Aye...
Director of penetration!
- Clare,
your lips are turning blue.
- I told you I
was really cold.
- Take this.
- No, it's fine.
- Please, just take it.
Clare's right, man.
- What?
- We're never
going to find them.
We're just going to freeze
our balls off in here.
We've enough on tape to at
least make them rethink
how they treat us anyway.
- So, that's it?
- Fuck it.
It was fun while it lasted.
Come on.
- Wait.
You can't be serious.
- Here, take these.
We'll be out of here soon.
- Oh God.
We're lost.
We're lost, aren't we?
- Yeah.
We are.
We are so lost.
- I'm starving.
- Clare, you ate
like 2 hours ago!
- I know
but I'm starving again.
- What?
- Sssssh!
What's that?
- Is that singing?
- Guys, look,
there's the light.
- Show time!
Come on.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- What, what.
- Come here.
- What?
- Come here, come here.
Come here, come here.
- Wait.
Won't they see us?
- No.
What's this?
The naked eye can't see.
Infra-red baby.
Come on.
Let's get closer.
Right, Jimmy, you go first.
- Holy shit,
holy shit. Shh shh.
- Oh my God.
What the fuck.
What the fuck.
What's she doing?
- I have no clue.
- What is going on here?
- Yes!
- Is he dead?
What's she doing?
- Ah, it's on camera.
What the fuck, what is that?
- Is it?
- No.
- This is mental.
- Wait. Shh shh.
- Guys, I don't think--
- Rise for The Hunts master.
- The what?
Fuckin' what?
- Wait.
- Is that Smurf?
- Smurf.
What the fuck.
They had him.
- Shit Guys, guys, guys.
- Wait wait, is he ...
- We can't leave him here.
- What?
- Guys, he's fuck bleeding.
- What is this?
- Blood The Quarry.
- She's not, is she?
- What the fuck.
What the fuck.
- Shh. Shh..
- The quarry has
three minutes.
- Smurf.
- Shh. Shh..
- You all know the parameters.
In an emergency you will
hear the Clarion
and you must return to
the camp immediately.
You have one hour.
- What?
- Shh. Shh...
- Guys...
We need to go,
we need to find him.
We're just gonna have to go.
Fuck they're all after him.
We need to get up,
we need to get out of here.
What the fuck?
- Jimmy, what is happening?
Jimmy, come on.
- I need to see this.
I need to see this.
- Fuck
- Run!
- What the fuck!
He's shooting at us!
Eleanor, hide, hide.
- What the hell is going on?
Where's Jimmy and Clare?
- I don't know.
Oh fuck.
- Jimmy.
- Oh Jesus, Clare.
Where's Gordy and Eleanor?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- What was that?
- Sick fucks.
- Okay.
We need to get back
towards the carpark.
- Where's my phone?
I can't find my phone.
- Anything?
- Shit!
Still no signal, fuck.
- Okay, that's Polaris.
- What's Polaris?
- The North star.
So, the car park is on the
south side of the forest,
which means... if we keep our
backs to Polaris...
then we're always heading south,
I think.
- We need to find
Jimmy and Clare first.
- Please, somebody help me.
- Smurf! Smurf!
- Clare, wait! Clare.
Clare! Wait.
- No, Jimmy, we can't
- Clare
- Come on.
We need to find
Gordy and Eleanor.
- Fuck!
- Wait. Wait.
- What?
- Take this.
- What am I supposed
to do with this?
- Any of them get close to you,
stick it in there,
it's the soft
part of the neck.
Just stick that in
and keep pushing
- How do you know this?
- Shh.
- Come on, Gordy
- Clare?
- Please don't hurt me,
don't hurt me.
I don't know, I don't know.
- Who's there?
- Smurf. Smurf.
- What's going on?
- Hide.
- Smurf, hide!
- Wait.
- Gordy, we have to go help him.
- Eleanor, the best
thing we can do
is go back to the petrol
station to raise the alarm.
- What about Clare and Jimmy?
- They're probably
already there.
- They're our best friends,
- You said there were two,
maybe three.
- Okay, wait, Eleanor,
this is going to be cold.
- Clare, oh my God.
- Fuck.
- Wait, wait,
we have to outsmart.
- Come, we need to run, man.
- No, we can't leave him.
- Fuck them. Come on, please.
We have to move him and hide.
- Gordy Hart, is that
you under all that muck?
- Your aim better
be good, Mallon.
- Help.
- Go.
- Anybody, help me .
- Over here!
- What the fuck.
- We need to find
Eleanor and Gordy.
- I know, I know.
- There he is.
- Smurf.
- Help!
- Smurf. Smurf.
- Anybody.
- Get down.
- Help, please!
- Be quiet.
- Smurf, get down.
- Eleanor, Smurf!
- Help...
- Fuck!
Eleanor, can you get up?
Come on,
we gotta get out of here.
Come on.
- Oh fuck.
- What?
- This one's wearing
a head cam
It's okay, it's okay,
I'll lay you down.
Okay, oh shit.
- Take it out, Gordy.
- You'll bleed out.
- Fucking take it out!
- Shit. Okay.
- Gordy.
- Yeah.
- Go get whatever
weapons she has left.
- Eleanor, I can't.
- Go!
Fucking go, Gordy!
- Quick. Pick up.
if you this message,
please send the police.
I'm in Glenarma forest
and there's people here
and they're trying to kill us.
Clare's dead.
- Don't... fucking... move.
- If I were you, boy,
I would run.
- Stay back.
- You've only got one bolt.
Get him!
Fuck! Fuck!
Eleanor, come
on we need to get up.
We need to get up.
Come on, it's gonna be okay.
Eleanor, come on it's okay.
It's okay,
you're gonna get up.
Let's go!
Eleanor, come on we gotta go,
we gotta get out of here.
- Stop!
- Where are you, Jimmy?
- Stop!
- Hold on Jimmy, just hold on.
- Keep going...
- It was just me
and my girlfriend I swear,
I fucking swear.
I just wanna go home
and see my Granda.
- Hold Jimmy, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- Three of our party
have been killed.
Three hunters
on the hunt server.
- We need to get the
fuck out of here...
- There's still at least
one more of them out there.
- Let him take care of that!
- They haven't seen our faces,
so we can disappear.
- They've seen mine.
- It's your hunt,
so it's your problem.
- I go.
I'd like cleaning up.
There's the one for you.
Get rid of him.
Get rid of him!
- Smurf.
- Don't be silly, Gordon.
They know who you are, which
means they know where you live,
where Cuisle lives.
- Fuck you, you sick fuck!
- Why you just give me the gun?
We can we can figure this out.
- I've already
figured something out.
- You always were
a fuck-up, Gordon.
Just like your mother...
- You have no idea what you
are dealing with Gordy...
- Jimmy!
What the fuck.
- Gordy...
- You okay?
How the fuck do
you work this thing, fuck.
You'll be alrigh, man.
It's okay, I got you.
You're all right.
Get up up.
- Where's Eleanor?
She's dead, Jimmy.
- She's dead.
- Clare and Smurf, too...
- Wait, wait, wait, wait...
The camera, is it the camera,
get the camera.
- Look bod, sorry,
we're nearly there,
come on, Jimmy.
That's it, come on,
that's it just keep on.
Keep going.
The car park.
Sit down there, man.
It's okay.
Just sit down.
Fuck, Jimmy, it's a car!
- What?
- It's a car!
Help please,, you have
to help us, please! Help.
What the fuck.
Help us, please.
Please help.
Jimmy, it's him.
- Give me the gun,
give me the gun,
- Jimmy!
Fuck, fuck.
- Let's go, let's go, man.
Let's go.
- Go.
- Get the camera.
Go, go, go!
- Just a bit more, run.
- I can't go anymore, man.
I can't fuckin' do it.
- We have to keep running,
we have to get the
fuck out of here.
- I need to stop.
I need to stop.
- No man,
we have to keep going.
Right, okay,
Two seconds, man.
Okay Jimmy,
we need to keep moving.
- Look where we are, man.
- Jimmy... stay down.
Don't move.
Jimmy, Jimmy, fuck!
Shit, fuck, fuck.
Fuck you!
Help! Help!
- The hunt's over.
Initiate clean up.
- The sole survivor recovered
from Glenarma forest
by the fire and rescue services
a day after the incident,
has finally returned home.
Having spent 7 weeks
in a coma
and more than a year
in hospital,
Eleanor Morgan continues to
face a difficult time ahead.
It's been more than fourteen
months since that tragic night
in Glenarma forest,
where four students
and their lecturers
went missing.
The sole survivor,
Eleanor Morgan,
sustained a deep stab wound;
Lost an inordinate
amount of blood.
She was exposed to
severe hypothermia
and doctors were astonished
that she was alive at all...
Tonight she gives us an
exclusive interview from an
undisclosed where she has been
hiding for several weeks now
in fear for her own life.
You've been criticized for your
recent campaign on social media,
where you have been
highly critical
of the police investigations.
How does that make you feel?
- I'm the only eyewitness to
what happened that night,
yet police have dismissed
everything I have said.
My friend's killers are still
at large and I live in extreme
fear for my own life.
While it seems, nothing is being
done to catch those responsible.
- You've said it was,
amongst others,
your two lecturers who were
responsible for your attempted
murder, as well as the
disappearance of your friends.
How do you respond to
the family's anger
at these allegations?
- They can think what they want.
Their family members
are monsters
for what they did to us.
- Your own recollections of
these bizarre events have been,
in your own words, vague.
Can you understand why
people may say that
you are a fantasist?
- I have nothing but my own
word to prove anything that
happened that night.
People are going to believe
what they want to believe but...
I know what I saw.
- Police have now said that they
have exhausted all avenues
for new evidence that will
progress the case
and corroborate your
account of the events.
- They're not going to
find any evidence
because the fire
destroyed it all.
Who started this fire and how
did they get out of the forest?
Someone must have helped them.
- Is there anything you would
like to say to the audiences
that may be
watching this tonight,
that will lead to new
information that could bring us
closer to solving
this tragic case?
- I live in constant fear
that these people
might still come for me.
But I need the world to
know what happened that night.
And no matter what
happens or how long it takes,
I will never stop fighting
for the truth for my friends.
- May I begin by thanking you
for your patience
and your understanding on this,
the second anniversary of the
disappearance of the students
and teachers
from the Mid Ulster College
of Art in March 2020.
Despite the diligent and
courageous efforts of my
fellow officers
and investigation teams
during those two years,
the case remains cold.
- Eleanor!
- Detective. Detective.
You may have scared
the entire forest,
but you haven't
followed every lead.
You need to look harder.
Nine people don't just
disappear without someone
knowing something about it.
I have done
everything that I could.
Now would you
please stop filming me.
You haven't done
enough and you know it.
- Are you okay, love?
- It's clear to me
that the police have
given up on this case.
But I will not let their
incompetence and apathy
stand in the way of me bringing
my friends killers to justice.
This is Detective
Inspector Todd.
He's the chief investigating
officer on the Glenarma case
and I filmed him
this afternoon.
He's reading a file
with evidence I've compiled
since my friends went missing.
Watch what he does.
This is Eleanor,
please leave a message.
- Hello, this is a message
for Eleanor Morgan.
Eleanor, this is D.I. McKillion
from Brayburn Police Station.
I'm calling in relation to a
video which you leaked online
this afternoon of my
colleague DI Todd.
Now, you're not in any trouble
but since you've
leaked the video,
Todd has gone into
hiding and we have reason to
believe that you
may be in danger.
I'm sending a patrol car
to your house right now.
But as a precaution please
lock your doors and windows
and get to a safe place
until my team arrives.
In the meantime,
I'll keep trying you.
Thank you.
- There's a basement.
- This is control.
Proceed with extreme caution.
There is nothing on the
house blueprints
that suggest a basement.
- Copy that.
- Oh, it stinks down here.
- Hands behind your head!
Stand up, stand up!
- We've got
a prisoner down here!
Can you walk?
Let's go.
We're going to
need a paramedic.
- Are you real?
- Easy, easy.
- Frankly, astonishing scenes
here in the South of the city.
I'm at the residents of
Detective Inspector
Alan R Todd were 719 days
after going missing.
Gordon Hart...
- Hart was allegedly discovered
in a concealed basement in
Todd's house in a police
operation that also uncovered
a wealth of
evidence including,
I'm told, footage of
what happened that night...
- T odd has been arrested and
taken into police custody,
details are scares
as you might expect with
a high-profile public
official is involved,
but we'll keep you up to date.
- What?
- Nothing...
just... admiring the view
- Shut up.
Is that thing recording?
- Maybe...
What are you doing?
- Finishing the ending?
The bus stuff.
Clare's music.
- Oh yeah, just listen.
still shite.
I'm joking.
I'm joking.
It's perfect.
So, are you ready to send
this out into the world?
Look at me, Jimmy.
The camera loves you.
You're so sexy.
Not you, Clare.
Every day, he would play
the tapes over and over.
Trying to break me.
But I remembered her words.
'If you're alive, there's
always something to live for..'