The Glorious Seven (2019) Movie Script

Levin, the contract
for the new property
has been changed.
I just need you to confirm it.
The price of the warehouse
is now approximately
three million dollars.
You can get rid of the old
workers whenever you like.
You just have to
sign the contract.
Wouldn't you rather drive
in the armored limo?
Kidnapping has
increased lately.
I don't wanna drive
such a big car to Managua.
You better take good
care of my wife.
If something happens to her
I'm holding you
fully responsible.
One day all this is
gonna belong to her.
Valentina, I beg you,
please don't make a mistake.
I'm gonna be gone for 14
days and it would be a shame
if when I come back I have
to break your little nose.
Do you understand me, Valentina?
Do you understand?
Kiss me.
Be a good girl.
Remember, you must
take care of Valentina.
Leonora, Leonora!
Mr. Guerra.
I'm Rodrigo Alvarez, I wanna
get straight to the point.
Are you still in business?
So who cares if I'm
still in the business?
How can I help you?
I don't wanna waste time.
The word is you're a specialist
when it comes to kidnapping
cases and you're one of
the best in the industry.
Well does the word say
as well that my partner
and I are out of the
business and haven't accepted
a job in the last two years?
It's gonna stay that
way, so I can't help you.
Perhaps you wanna listen
to what I have to say.
I'm sure I can get
your attention.
Ryan, can you come
here for a minute?
All right, I'm listening.
Now you know the kidnapper,
it's Javier Moralas.
Now you might understand why
I flew all the way out
here just to meet you.
Javier Moralas, I thought
he was sitting behind bars?
Not anymore.
His rebels freed him
several weeks ago,
and right afterwards
they kidnapped
my bosses wife and left
the place a massacre.
Doesn't strike me
as a kidnapper.
Anyway, that's what he did.
Mr. Guerra, how about the
following proposition.
You fly out to meet my
boss and talk to him.
In this envelop is $2,500.
For you.
If you come out to meet my boss,
there will be another 2,500
just to listen to him.
If you don't like what
you hear you walk away
and you can keep the whole
5,000, how's that huh?
Five grand, just to fly
out and listen to your boss?
All right.
How can I reach you
the next few hours?
I'm at Marina Beach Hotel.
I fly back in the afternoon.
All right, I'm gonna
contact you with the details.
We'll see you later.
Have a nice day.
Take us out.
Are you sure
he's the right guy?
There's no better.
David Guerra used to work
as a military consultant
for Ortega for many years before
he went back to the states.
It was him who tracked down
Javier Moralas five years ago.
In the last two
years he's rumored
to have freed more
than 100 hostages.
If anybody can bring back
you're wife, it's him.
Mr. Guerra.
I'm Anthony Levin, this is my
assistant Franzisco Alvarez.
I hope you had a
good trip, Mr. Guerra.
Well, apart from being
held in Managua Airport
for seven hours,
it was just fine.
Sorry to hear that.
Don't worry, I'm
used to it here.
We live under a
terrorist dictatorship.
Thank you very much for coming.
Have a seat.
Can we offer you anything?
I'd rather just
get down to business.
Well, of course.
That's a beautiful woman.
Yes, she is.
She's my wife.
How well do you know him?
enough, I would say.
And what, what is
your opinion of him?
Let's put it this way,
I have the upmost respect
for him as a soldier.
I understand.
This soldier you
respect so much,
this soldier has kidnapped
my wife 17 days ago.
So far, we haven't heard
from him and nor from her.
Mr. Guerra, you
are my last hope.
I beg you, please,
bring back my wife.
Without her, my
life is meaningless.
I love her so much.
Mr. Levin, I'm going to
explain very pragmatically
how I see the situation
and what I can do for you.
You see in this country
there are countless criminals
and political groups
that live off kidnapping.
Some of them do it to get rich,
others to fund the
rebel movement.
- Let's see him.
- But no matter which group
we talk about it is always about
the money, and nothing else.
Rarely are the
motives different.
That's why I can only advise you
to wait until the
kidnappers contact you.
Who can be sure
that these psychopaths
are not gonna kill
her in the meantime?
Nobody, but you don't
have another choice.
Your plan is too risky.
Your wife is being held
somewhere up in the mountains.
Not even government forces
dare go near that area,
and to find Javier up
there is almost impossible.
He's very clever and he
constantly moves his camp.
If he realizes we're after him,
it would mean your
wife's immediate death.
So, I'm supposed to wait?
For how long?
Difficult to say.
It may be a week or even a
month before the kidnappers
contact you, and then
suddenly out of no where,
when you don't see it coming,
they're gonna make
their demands.
This approach is
designed to wear you out,
and the longer this game goes
on, the higher the demands.
And Javier is not gonna
go about it any other way.
He has no interest
in killing your wife.
He wants money, and lots of it.
Mr. Levin, guess
how many men Javier
has with experience of battle?
200, or even more?
What would you guess?
That question is irrelevant.
I'm sorry, Mr. Levin, I cannot
assist you in this matter.
One million.
I'm gonna pay you one million
dollars if you bring back my
wife, and I'm gonna add another
million if you deliver also
Javier Moralas, dead
or alive, I don't care.
Mr. Guerra, I know we're
going against all the odds,
but if anyone can
accomplish this, it is you.
As long as there is
a chance, one chance,
I'll keep fighting
for my wife's life.
That is to your credit, Mr.
Levin, but it is impossible.
Let's say that I do the
job and hypothetically
we're lucky enough
to find his hideout.
How are we supposed to free
your wife and at the same time
capture Javier Moralas and
make it the whole way through
unsafe territory to
bring him back here?
It is impossible.
Are you recognizing
a pattern here?
I'm repeating myself
and I rarely do that.
On the other hand, your
offer is quite compelling.
That's a lot of money.
Mr. Levin, let's
leave it at that.
I will talk it over
with my partner
and then I'll get back to you.
Give me a couple of days.
All right.
That's it, that's it, go.
Yeah, left, left, left, yeah.
Keep guarding, keep guarding.
Go, okay, yeah, come on.
Down low, come on, come
on, come on, come on.
Get in there.
Yeah, come on.
Keep it going.
Well, interesting job.
Oh yeah, attacking
Javier Moralas,
that's going to war against him.
Aren't you a little
bit too old for that?
Do you really think so?
Ryan, I get it, but
have you checked
our bank balance lately?
If we don't make
some cash real soon,
we're in serious trouble.
Hey, of course we have
to think about the risk.
Now we'll talk to Ernesto.
With him on our side,
we got a real chance
of making it work.
If not, then we won't
even think about it.
But if I manage to convince him,
then we should give it a try.
'Cause if anyone knows
where Javier is, it's him.
I agree, without him we
wouldn't stand a chance.
I'll meet him at the
border, then we'll see.
All right?
It's gonna be fine.
Relax, huh?
All right, gonna see you.
All right, come on,
come on, that's it.
Yeah, come on.
Don't you recognize her?
You got it.
My God, wow.
The last time I saw you,
you were like a teenager.
Probably 14 or 15.
- 15.
- Yeah.
Yeah, she's become
a beautiful woman
and I'm really proud
of my daughter.
That's right, you
should be proud.
Let's have a chat.
The two of you should go on.
I'll look after the horses.
- Okay.
- Okay, come on.
Let's get down to business.
You're gonna find a lot of
bandits around this area here.
All right.
It would be better to
avoid them if we can.
We shouldn't underestimate them.
They're pretty dangerous.
All right.
This here is Javier's camp.
And this here is yours.
Nowadays, there are four different
rebel groups in the area.
And they're all fighting
against each other.
Are you sure your
informant's reliable?
I wouldn't be here if not.
Okay, Cheyenne will
lead you to him.
Yeah, she knows this area
like the back of her hand,
and she's a better shot
than any of my other guys.
She can hit anyone
at a range of a mile.
A mile?
Javier and
kidnapping by the way,
the two don't go together.
I know he's an asshole,
but I never thought he'd
be involved in kidnapping.
Times are changing.
People also.
Especially when you spend
so much time in prison.
The meeting with
Ernesto went all fine.
It seems that Ernesto has a
score to settle with Javier.
In any case, he
didn't want any money.
With him and his rebels
we have a real shot
at winning this thing.
So, any good news your end?
No, no good news.
Manuel is dead.
Jason, he's in Chile doing life
in some top security
prison on a murder charge.
- Oscar died.
- Oscar died?
Died in Lima in
a road accident.
He ran his car off a
cliff 500 meters up,
they never found the body.
But even if he survived,
I wouldn't know where
to look for him.
Daniel Francis is
in North Korea.
He's looking after
their space station
north of Pyongyang or something.
Jesus Christ, Ryan.
Is there anyone left?
What about Dennis and Alexander?
Dennis lives in Costa Rica,
he has a night club and
he's still hooked on coke,
and Alexander went
back to Russia.
He now lives the countryside.
All right, but these
are the guys we need.
I know that Alexander and
I didn't end in a good way,
but I think if only...
Wait, wait, I'm okay
that you wanna meet Dennis,
I'm okay with that, but
you wanna take the trouble
of going all the way to Russia
just to straighten things
out with Alexander?
It's worth it.
I want Alexander on the team.
Hello, is this the farm
of Alexander Glove?
What if?
Sergeant Alexander Golev,
do you know where
I can find him?
Let me tell you why I'm here.
Wait, listen to me.
I am listening.
I've got a job, I want
you to join me, okay?
100,000 for each of us, 100,000.
Did you
forget about last time?
Last time was different, okay?
It was a setup.
This time there's
gonna be no bloodshed.
Just calm down.
How many people
do I have to kill?
It's a normal
hostage situation.
The usual, just a businessman
who wants his wife back.
No politicians, no children,
no drug lords, he just
wants his wife back.
No way, I can't leave
my wife alone here.
I'm just gonna need
you for a week, okay?
Before your child's
born, you'll be back.
You'll never have to pick
up a gun again, ever.
Time for you to go.
I'm serious.
Half in advance, the
rest after the job.
You know where to find me.
Think about it.
Nothing to think about.
Wait a minute,
David, is that you?
Hey, Dennis.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
Well, I see you
haven't changed a bit.
Why should I change?
It's my lifestyle man,
you know what I'm saying?
Girls, hey, come
on, give me that.
If you want some,
this is the best blow
in town, promise you.
I would prefer to
get right to the point.
I didn't fly 6,000 miles
just to do some coke
with you and fuck
one of your whores.
What do you want?
I have a job.
I need to do some shopping.
Let me see.
Hey, baby.
- Stop it.
- One second.
Get the
fuck off of me.
Let me go.
- Take this.
- Get off of me.
- Thanks.
- Don't touch me.
- Oh, yeah hey, my turn baby.
- Asshole.
Get him out.
So, where were we?
Some shopping.
Can you deliver?
Yeah, but for who?
It's going to Nicaragua.
Okay, I can get it all
and I don't want any
money, it's free.
And you know why?
Fucking Javier
Moralas, I hate him.
More than five years before
he took a five million
dollars from me.
I never got it back.
Believe me, I would do
anything to kill him.
Do you need some rockets too?
No, the weapons on
the list will be enough.
So, do we have a deal?
Yeah, but I've gotta
say, it's dangerous.
He's so strong.
He has a big army
in Nicaragua, David.
Don't trust anyone.
Okay, if you want,
I'll join you.
But you know what, not for
the money, just to fuck him,
and for you, okay?
Well, if you want
me I'll be there.
You know that.
Don't just sit there, shit.
Come on, let's get
the party going.
Come on, yes.
My best friend's
here in party time,
, that's it.
Come on.
Come on.
Five more.
Punch, come on, punch.
Go, go, go, go, go.
It doesn't look, Ryan.
Dennis seems to have lost
it completely and Alexander
has two kids and a wife,
and a third on the way,
so I doubt if he's
gonna join us.
You know what I think, David?
This mission is
far too dangerous.
It would work better if we
hired a few mercenaries.
Nicaragua is full of
Russians and Ukrainians
on crack ready to
go to war for what?
A few fucking dollars.
Ryan, forget about it.
I know the plan will work.
We don't need to hire that scum.
At the first sign of trouble
they're gonna turn on us,
and worse, end up doing
Javier's dirty work.
We need reliable men.
That's the most important thing.
We go undetected
into Javier's camp,
and that's only possible
with a handful of
men we can rely on.
- All right?
- All right.
We can trust
Ernesto 100%, besides,
he's the only one
I know that knows
the way to Javier's camp.
All right.
It's just frustrating that all
the good men that we know are
either dead or in jail
or hard to get ahold of.
Look at Shannon.
What happened to Shannon?
I tried to get in touch
with his old buddy, Paco.
But that freak doesn't
wanna say anything.
I got no where on the phone.
We need to see him in person.
Come on.
All right.
Let's pay him a visit then.
Tell you what though,
got some good news.
I know about
Hurricane's next fight.
All right, sounds good.
We'll leave tomorrow, all right?
Come on, little princess.
That's all you got?
You better shut your mouth.
What's up,
princess, don't be shy.
Hurricane, I
have a job for you.
Some big money on play,
you won't have to see
this shit hole again.
Give me one second
and I'll be back.
We're looking for Paco.
There is no Paco here.
Well that's strange,
'cause this is his garage.
We just need a little
bit of information.
Oh, you need information?
I have information.
Paco, Paco, Paco.
What is wrong with you?
Fuck you, pal.
Okay, tough guy.
I just got one question.
'Cause I'm a nice guy, I'm
gonna give you a choice.
You can do this the easy
way or the hard way.
Where's Shannon?
I don't know.
All right, all right, okay.
He's in Managua.
He's with some bitch
in the mountains.
I don't know anything else.
So, wasn't so hard.
Thanks for the info.
Ah, do you want me to give
him a message from you?
Yeah, fuck you man.
Okay, I guess that means no.
Is this the house
of Shannon O'Connor?
I mean, do you know
where we could find him?
And who wants to know.
Well, we're old
friends of his.
I'm David and this is Ryan.
I never heard of you.
And what do you want from him?
We just wanna
ask him something.
Oh you want to ask
him something, hm.
That's good.
That's really good.
So, is he here or not?
Certainly he is.
He's in the house.
Just come in and say hi.
Have you
got an HK for me?
Yep, all the guns you wanted.
I like that gun.
Me too,
better than an AK.
Okay, I think we've
got enough arms.
Give it a little tap, that's it.
That'll do it.
Ah, and here comes the money.
One, two, three,
four, and five.
We're six.
You forgot Cheyenne outside.
Oh, six.
No, we're seven.
Oh there you go, seven.
Mr. Guerra, as soon
as I get my wife back
I'm selling the hacienda.
I'm returning to Mexico
and I will never come
back to Nicaragua.
But you don't get it, I
can't leave without her.
Mr. Levin, if you're not
confident enough to trust us
with this mission, you can
pay me and the others a
reasonable amount and we'll
immediately stop everything.
I didn't mean that, but
you've gotta understand I'm a
little nervous and I don't
know how you're gonna do it.
With six men and a woman,
against a whole army?
Mr. Levin, I already
explained to you
that you don't need to
worry about our strategy.
You just gotta trust me that
I know exactly what I'm doing.
If everything goes
according to plan,
I will bring back
your wife and Javier.
So now, you choose.
Pay us now or
cancel the mission.
There it is, one
million dollars.
You don't have to count it.
Rosario, this is for you.
Count the money and best not
spend it right away, okay?
I'll try not to.
Let's go, guys.
- Come on boys, pack it up.
- Let's go.
So, Mr. Levin, so there's
no shred of a doubt,
we will do everything we
can to bring back your wife.
So let's not waste anymore
time, you gotta trust me.
Let's move.
Ya, ya.
Giddy up.
Ya, ya.
- David, I need the money.
- David, let's have it.
Here's the situation:
we've got food and
water for three days.
Once we get out
the valley things
should be easier right now.
Then see to it.
What you seeing?
They're not farmers,
they're bandits.
You see?
They have guns
under their jackets.
They've been following
us for a few hours now.
Yup, we should
get rid of 'em now.
I got an idea.
Come on, guys.
We should go, come out here.
All right, listen up.
We have a situation, okay?
We got people on our tail
and we need to take
care of some shit, okay?
Cheyenne and I are
gonna be the bait.
I want you guys to
spread out, okay?
Everybody tight, move.
- Go.
- Let's move.
I smell some money, amigos.
They are pretty close.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Ya, ya.
Ya, ya, ya.
Hello my black friend.
Good morning pretty miss.
Can I help you with anything?
No, thank you.
We just having a little break.
My wife is ill.
We will continue
riding in a moment.
Oh, you're American.
Are you lost?
Are you tourists?
Yes, we are.
On our honeymoon.
So, your honeymoon.
But this isn't really the
place for a honeymoon.
Hasn't anybody told you that
it's very dangerous here?
For real?
They say there's bandits
around these parts, you know?
Nasty little hombres.
Who like to attack tourists
in order to rob them
and rape their women.
Especially Americans,
get attacked real often.
Where are the others?
What others?
It looks like this American
is trying to play
us for fools then.
That's not very nice.
Trouble is, gringo,
I only see one horse.
But there are tracks
for seven horses.
So, I'll ask you once again.
Where are your friends and
what are you doing here?
And also I want to see what
your pretty lady
has got in her bag.
They why don't you come
down and have a look.
Okay, but first I'm gonna
put a bullet in
your fucking brain.
Go, go, go, come on.
Get rid of all this trash
and move those horses out.
Quickly, let's get out of here.
If they find the horses
then we're blown.
Forget about it,
they won't find 'em.
Okay my friends,
this is Isabelle,
let's ask her what she thinks.
Come on, Isabelle.
I think the best time to
attack is during the night,
when everyone's asleep.
That way we have the
element of surprise.
No, that's impossible.
At night time they
double the guards.
You wanna attack
during the day?
That is suicide.
What is wrong with your
informant, Ernesto?
Quiet, David, let her talk.
Wait, what do you
think, Isabelle?
Look David,
Ortega already made
the mistake of attacking
the fort during the night.
It was a mess.
The government troops
took heavy losses.
Javier has the best
soldiers in the world.
A lot of Ukrainian
and Russian fighters.
There are hidden paths and
secret tunnels through here.
Several of the houses
are also connected
by underground passageways.
You have no chance at night.
So an attack can
only work this way.
During the day
they're distracted.
They'll be training here.
One group attacks the
trainees, that's not a problem.
I will lead the others to Javier
and I take care of the guards.
- You?
- Yeah.
Why are you laughing?
Please, okay,
really, I'm sorry.
How are you gonna
take care of the guard?
I'll take his place and give
you a sign when
everything is clear.
Is there any chance that we
can check out how we're gonna
get in and out of
the fort right now?
Okay, I will show you.
Let's go.
You guys stay here,
we'll check it out.
the little one, okay?
Alex, we'll be back
in two hours, okay?
Sure thing.
Hello, are you still there?
How many men in the fort?
38, you have to be careful.
Javier can mobilize more
than 500 men within a day.
The others are scattered
in the mountains.
It doesn't matter.
Javier doesn't think anyone's
gonna have the
balls to attack him.
Not even government troops.
Forget it, we should
start tomorrow at sunrise.
You think that's
gonna work, Isabelle?
Yes, tomorrow
morning should be good.
At that time Valentina usually
goes to Leonora's grave
and Javier trains with his men.
All right, then
we'll do it as planned.
While you get Valentina, I'll
keep Javier and his men busy.
All right, but do you
think that we can trust her?
Or is she gonna
lead us into a trap?
Nothing is
certain, only death.
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go.
Hi, Valentina, how are you?
Let's move.
Go, go, go, go.
Push through.
Fire in the hole!
Come on.
Alex, get up.
Look at me, get up.
Come on, move.
You can do it.
It's not far, come on.
Keep moving.
Ryan, Ryan, where are you?
Ryan, do you copy?
We're on the way back.
All right.
We couldn't follow, all right?
We had to take another route.
We'll take the boat.
We'll meet at the camp.
All right, we'll meet
you there, but don't move.
watch your backs.
Good luck, over and out.
Come on, let's go.
Alex, all right,
keep fighting.
Let's keep fighting.
Come on.
Come on, man, let's go.
Are you trying to kill him.
Listen, pull of his shirt
and soak it in the water.
What is it to you
if he lives or dies?
Now understand, if he
lives we have to slow down,
and that gives Javier
a chance to catch up.
Come on.
Come on.
Do not try to run.
They're coming.
We have less than 10 minutes.
What do you think?
Will we take him or no?
What do you suggest?
We need to change direction.
Along the lake and they
try to reach the camp.
We could reach it
in three hours.
Inside the camp we'll have time
to think about what to do next.
It's our only chance,
unless we leave him behind.
I would never
leave him behind.
Let's go to the camp.
Look, he's not gonna make it.
He's gonna die.
Why are you staring
at me like that.
I'm just thinking.
Why has Javier kidnapped you?
And why is anyone willing
to pay two million
dollars for you?
Now I understand
what's going on.
Anthony hired you, right?
Please, you don't understand.
I haven't been kidnapped.
Javier and I were in love long
before I married Anthony Levin.
You have been tricked.
I don't have time for this.
Cheyenne, we move out.
Alex, get up.
Help me.
Move, come on.
Come on, buddy, you can do it.
Damn it.
Hurricane, get
him inside, come on.
Grab her, grab her.
Don't you fight.
How is he?
Not good.
He's going to die.
You know, I ask myself
this question all the time.
What kind of people
do anything for money?
Why did you for such a long
time work for a corrupt regime
that mercilessly
exploits our country?
Why do you and your
friends kill people?
All just for the money?
Is there nothing you won't do?
No matter how many people die.
Do you think that
Javier's any different?
How many men has he killed
or ordered to be killed?
Tell me?
The graveyards are
full of his victims.
I know Javier well.
I know how brutal he can be.
Javier doesn't kill for money.
He had to kill to avoid
being killed himself.
That's something different.
You know nothing about him.
And you?
What about you?
Do you think you are any better?
If you haven't been kidnapped,
then you went along willingly,
then you're nothing,
nothing but a lousy adulteress.
Javier is on his way.
Everyone up.
How many men?
20 or 30, no more.
It's show time.
Come on,
- let's show em real men.
- Come on.
Hey come on, we'll give
'em a little surprise.
- Come on, let's go.
- Let's do this.
- Come on.
- Come on.
David, Javier is coming.
Come on, let's go.
Watch her.
Come on, assholes.
Fuck you, come on.
I never believed
we'd end up at war with Javier.
So, what are you gonna do?
Go back to the fort?
I can't go back,
they'll be suspicious now.
So you wanna...
I told
you, we'll meet again.
Why didn't you shoot me,
after all we've seen together...
- Valentina.
- You're okay.
- Javier!
- David, hi.
Where's Anthony?
Javier, what
has become of you?
From freedom fighter
to kidnapper.
Drop it.
I said drop the gun.
On the ground.
I don't wanna kill you,
but I will if I have to.
Okay, David, are
you man enough?
Come on.
Come on.
Fight me.
Fight with me!
Come on, get up.
This isn't over yet.
Don't move.
Don't you move!
I'm sorry, Cheyenne.
I never thought it
would be this way.
Leave me alone.
David, come on.
All right, watch them.
We have no time to lose.
You have to try to reach the
border as fast as possible.
Because all hell is going to
break loose here very soon.
Will you manage without me.
I think so.
I guess so.
Was it really worth it?
All this, for this woman?
What we did was a big mistake.
It's too late to
think about it now.
It's a fact.
Thanks for everything, Cheyenne.
I will burn these
memories all together.
When I bury my father.
I will come back, I promise.
What was that for?
In case we never
see each other again.
Right, let's move out.
Come on.
Ya, ya.
Here you go.
Thanks again, buddy.
Over there.
Hey, let's go.
David, I
missed you so much.
Take care of the horses, okay?
Thank you, you
made it back here.
Yeah, we did.
With a lot less
men unfortunately.
You've make a big mistake.
Do you really think
that I am a kidnapper?
It's all there.
Thank you.
I am sorry for your losses.
My wife and I are very grateful.
Valentina, come to me.
Don't touch her you
dirty piece of shit.
Don't touch her.
- Come here.
- Don't touch her.
Alvarez, shoot him.
Don't do it.
- Thank twice about this.
- Okay, okay.
I said, shoot him.
Everything's cool.
Fuck you, you do it.
I never agreed to this.
You have no right to kill him.
Anthony, they know everything.
They know that I belong to him.
You belong to me.
You're my wife.
Levin, you heard her.
She doesn't want
to stay with you.
She hates you.
Get this piece
of shit outa here.
Easy now, guys.
That's a bad idea.
Maybe, but I know
what I'm doing.
I wouldn't do that.
It's okay, Ryan.
Rosario, bring the horses.
Get up.
You better say nothing now,
before I change my mind.
Just get out of here.
Look after the money.
If we don't come back,
you'll be rich, ya.
Please come back.
I'll miss you.