The Godfather Buck (2022) Movie Script

When hunting,
it is important to keep in mind
the ten most common deer
hunting mistakes.
Number one, staying in
the same stand all day.
Deers moves between
bedding areas
and their food source.
You know what?
Don't worry about
the mistakes right now.
We can get into that later.
Hey, faggot.
Fuck head.
The goal is to be
the best hunter you can.
If you just want to go out and
hunt a couple of small bucks,
or randomly shoot small birds,
rabbits and squirrels,
at the end of the day, you're
out there to have fun.
If you're not having fun,
you shouldn't do it.
And never make an excuse
for what you shoot.
Reagan was here.
We've got fresh wood.
Man, Reagan is so reliable.
It's really good
to be here, Dan.
Little brother,
did you know that Big Bear
is located
in San Bernardino County,
the largest county in
the United States,
approximately the size
of West Virginia.
You're just full of
fun facts now, aren't ya?
I don't know why Dad
kept this place.
The upkeep is horrendous.
He sunk every last penny
he had into this cabin.
Well, technically, it's a lodge.
Campbell Lodge. 100 years old.
A stopover point on
the old Highway 38
for hunters and sports
Hunting was like church to Dad.
considering that allegedly
this was a house of ill repute.
You got the guns?
Yeah, I'm right here. You're...
- You're over there.
- Oh.
Can I ask you a question?
Why are we doing this?
This is... this is what we do.
We meet once a year for a week.
We get drunk.
We hunt some big bucks.
We grill some tender
deer shanks,
go to the sweat lodge,
talk about our women. Why?
There is no sweat lodge.
Ah, we're gonna build one.
I don't understand why
we can't do normal shit
that normal brothers do, like...
go on cruises
and attend high-end spas.
Because we're men,
we do manly things.
Oh, that's right.
Like hunt and screw women.
Not necessarily in that order.
I mean, what's wrong with that?
I've just been...
Doing a lot of thinking,
that's all.
I just don't want to...
Turn out to be some
fucked up version of Dad.
Enough talking, let's go scout.
You got the ammo?
Yeah, it's in my bag.
Why are you avoiding
my question?
Well, brother, um...
because I don't want
to deal with some
bullshit interpretations
of a therapist
- who doesn't know shit about...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
How do you know about that?
- Mom told me.
- Mom told you?
she shouldn't have done that.
Why not?
I mean, isn't this what we do?
Reveal ourselves?
I mean, why wouldn't you?
I was going to tell you.
I was. As soon as we...
got here
so we could talk in person.
Well, now you told me.
- Let's go scout.
- Right now?
Seriously, can I just, like,
relax for a half an hour?
We're up 7,000 feet.
We have to acclimate, man.
Do I have a pussy for a brother?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Ugh.
Come on. This is what we do,
what we've waited
all year to do.
First day scouting,
get the lay of the land.
Do some tracking.
Come on, Freud.
Get that big dick in gear.
You know, our younger brother
might be stopping by.
- Baby bro?
- Yeah.
- He hates hunting.
- I know,
but I think he has something
he wants to talk to us about.
Oh, well, it better be about
that pro soccer league
he's gonna sign with.
I don't think
this is about soccer.
Well, uh, I mean,
why wouldn't it be? He...
He said he had a few
more good years left.
I know, but...
It's, like,
the tone in his voice.
I'll see you outside.
"Tone in his voice?"
I just... I hope this therapy
thing doesn't fuck you up.
Oh, that reminds me.
My therapist thought
it would be really great
if you and I could
go in together.
- You and me?
- Yeah. For a joint session.
That will never fucking happen.
Come on,
let's go check the camps.
But... we're taking the ATV's.
No, those fuckers make
too much noise.
Let's just walk.
Ah, yes. Okay.
- You got it?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I'm just gonna sort of...
go on down here.
Got it.
Got it.
There you go.
Look at that later.
- Sit here?
- Yeah.
Looks like a good spot.
Let me ask ya something.
Why was Dad so hard on us?
He could be a son of a bitch
if you didn't do
the right thing.
He'd beat us.
It was only his belt.
It hurt like hell,
it was medieval.
- Pussy.
- Cock sucker.
- Ass rimmer.
- Cum gulper.
- Animal humper.
- Wife beater.
That's not funny.
Fair enough.
every time we got knocked down,
Dad was always there
to help us up.
And he almost always
made all our games.
And if he didn't,
Uncle Richie was there.
You know what?
Let's go check the camps.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, you hear that?
Yeah, it's like sawing,
like somebody's
building a cabin out here.
Yeah. No, I checked the Onyx app
before we came down here.
This is still
land. There's no...
There's no private building
going on here...
Could be poachers.
Fuckin' tweakers.
Maybe the weed growers.
Man, I wish I had tags
for all those fuckers.
Whoa, whoa.
There it is again.
Who would be building out here
in the middle of nowhere?
All right.
We've gotta head home.
No, no, no. We're gonna find out
who those fuckers are.
- Okay. Yeah. We can do that.
- All right, let's do it.
Holy shit.
That's a big fucking bear.
- Shit. That's a grizzly.
- That's impossible,
they're extinct in California.
Brother, I've heard the stories.
One hunter was eaten by one,
all that was left was one shoe.
Well, you can't shoot them.
It's a felony.
They're an endangered species...
I'll fucking shoot her
dead in self-defense.
No, no, no, no. Look, look,
look, look. She's leaving.
She's probably
going back to her cubs.
All right, come on, come on.
- Fuck.
- Shit, that was close.
She was warning us.
She was... she was protecting
her cubs, man.
Maybe she thought we were boars.
We're hunters, not predators.
It's the same fucking thing.
Pedophiles are predators.
They prey on the helpless
and the innocent.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- You got it.
- Okay.
You weren't gonna kill
that bear, were you?
Another two seconds,
I'd put a...
bullet in her brain
and drop her ten yards from us.
You do realize if you
killed her, her cubs would die.
No. Out here,
you either eat or you get eaten.
- That's reality.
- You also know
it's a gross misdemeanor
to kill big game
without proper tags?
You're a lawyer,
you should know the law.
Really? Are you an idiot?
Just saying, it'd be awkward.
I'd have to report you
to the Game Warden.
You'd betray me for a law
that has nothing to do with
the natural habitat?
Like, last season.
Remember the cougar
that was stealing our kills?
Yeah, it was inconvenient
but it was just trying
to survive.
"Oh, those cute little cats,
they're so cuddly.
We have to protect them."
That cat would rip
your throat out
and take your insides out
if you're not out there
with a weapon
to defend yourself.
You know,
I always got your back.
You'd be a much better hunter
if you had the killer instinct.
sometimes I'd rather be hurt
than hurt other people.
Doesn't make you much
of a hunter, does it?
Well, look,
I gotta sit down for a second.
We've always been hunters.
Never questioned it.
I just saw the look
on Dad's face
and how happy he was
when we were hunting.
Steven, you familiar
with the story of Cain and Abel?
Cain was a farmer.
Abel was a Shepherd.
They both made
a sacrifice to God
but God preferred
Abel's offering of a lamb.
Cain was jealous
and he killed his brother
in a fit of rage.
Doesn't sound like much of
a happy ending now, does it?
Well, the point is
that the dichotomy
of hunting versus agriculture
goes all the way back
to Adam and Eve.
Abel was a nomadic herder.
His needs were simple
and his heart was pure.
It's really not a story
about two brothers quarreling
as much as two
different ways of life.
It's... it's in our DNA,
the struggle for power
and dominance
and the...
the purity of the hunter.
So, you done?
Yeah. I want you to have this.
You know I've always
got your back,
brother, don't you?
I do know that, yeah.
- Can we go now?
- Yeah.
I'm hungry.
You do love the sound
of your own voice, don't you?
Yes, I... I actually do.
See anything.
Not really.
What's the not really part?
I see some rabbits
and squirrels and...
there's a random duck.
I need another drink.
What's with this drinking
before we hunt?
We drink after we hunt.
Not after the shit
we went through today.
- Fair enough.
- Huh.
What else do the, um,
the SD cards show?
Nothing more.
There is a random cougar.
I think it was
the one from last year.
Remember the one
with the torn ear?
We need to track it and kill it.
Cougars are off-limits
in California.
You know that.
It's a ridiculous law.
Makes it a total clusterfuck
for deer hunters in the state.
Okay, well, it makes it
challenging for us hunters
but we've prepped for months.
We got this.
You need to put the cams
higher in the tree...
- I know.
- Catch a wider radius.
They can get stolen
or wild animals SWAT them down.
What's all this about
gay spas and cruises?
Is that more of the bullshit
from your therapist?
Oh, so therapy's bullshit now?
And I didn't say "gay spas,"
by the way.
You implied it.
What's this all about?
Okay, uh, my...
girlfriend thought
it would be a good idea.
- Peggy, wasn't it?
- Yeah.
You dumped her.
No, she dumped me, actually.
She had some good points about
our relationship, though.
Couldn't have been that good
if she dumped you.
Well, she sai...
You know, she said I was...
too masculine.
A man can never be
too masculine.
Actually, you know what
she said, and I quote:
"I am a bad version
of myself," unquote.
- What does that mean?
- I have no freaking idea.
Maybe that's why
I got into therapy
because I'm trying to figure out
what the hell she meant.
She also said that you are
a bad influence on me.
- I'm your brother.
- Yeah, I know.
That's what I told her.
Listen, you cannot ever let
a woman leave you first.
If you sense
she's going to leave you,
you dump her ass.
God, Dan you can be
a really cold-hearted
asshole sometimes, man.
listen to me,
because I do not
like repeating myself.
You cannot ever
let a woman leave you first.
If she does,
you know what that means?
Either you've got
an incredibly small penis
or you're such a loser,
you can't even afford
a nice dinner for two at a...
Even if it's only
a midtown Italian joint,
and provide
a decent place to sleep.
And I'm not talking about
a Motel 6 or
eight or whatever
the hell it is...
A Motel 6, if you recall.
Do you remember we were ski
instructors in Jackson Hole?
Do you remember those
two rich older women?
They were trying to make us
their boy toys.
And you had too much pride.
You're like,
"No, we can stay wherever
the hell we want to stay."
We stayed in a Motel 6
that ended up being, like,
a high-end Holiday Inn
for like, 275 a night.
Look, point being...
None of those suppositions
are true.
You work, you have savings.
Dad took care of you
before he died,
gave you the condo,
gave me and Andrew some cash.
It's almost like
he knew he was dying.
Do you know what I mean by that?
Like he was...
He was more generous
the older he got, like he...
felt bad for
the way he treated us.
Point is, you're a great catch.
You're not as good
a catch as me...
No question. Definitely.
But you're way above the norm.
And your dick is in
the 99th percentile...
You've said that four times...
So no woman should ever...
and I mean ever leave you first
or you are not doing your job.
Little brother,
I think you might be praying
but could you speed it up?
Because deer hunting season's
gonna be over.
I was blessing my food.
Well, unless God has descended
into a human body,
I believe I sent you
$300 for real food.
So why don't you worship me?
Oh, this looks amazing.
Oh, I love eggs.
I... I like my eggs
yellow and runny.
What is this?
They're egg whites.
They're better for you.
This tastes like...
this tastes like cardboard.
'Cause it's gluten-free bread.
I'm gluten sensitive.
You know that.
Ugh, man...
This sausage looks good.
Let me try this.
Oh, man, this is nasty.
- What's in this?
- It's plant protein.
Look, I really
appreciate the effort but...
we're hunters.
And as hunters, we eat meat.
We love meat.
That's the food that sustains us
to go hunting again.
I'm gonna go get my gear
and, uh,
you clean this up, 'Kay?
Just gonna finish this first.
All right.
Get my rifle...
There he is.
There's godfather buck,
he's come back.
Look at that rack.
I know, he's a 14-pointer.
Yeah, this is one for the
history books, little brother.
This is gonna make us legends.
Take your shot.
I thought I had that shot.
You talkin' 'bout
the granddaddy buck?
We'll get him. We always do.
It's godfather, and I'm not
waiting another six years.
Nah, he'll be dead by then.
What happened to Peggy?
Didn't work out.
Remember, she had a pet name
for your dick.
Oh, yes.
Felix is a fucking cat...
He's a fucking cartoon
I think it had something to do
with her former boyfriend.
You got a big one.
And how would you know that?
I've seen you naked.
Camping trips, family vacations.
Hey, remember that
time in Mexico
when we were camping
on the beach
and we met those two
crazy Mexican chicks?
Yeah, um...
Yeah, but they weren't Mexican.
They were from Riverside.
Yeah, but they looked Mexican.
'Member how they'd
just stripped off
their swimsuits in
two seconds flat
and ran buck naked
into the ocean!
Yeah. And we followed them.
And, God, it did feel good to go
swimming in the ocean naked.
Point being...
I've seen you naked enough times
to see that
big piece of meat
swinging back...
Okay. Okay. Dan, jeez.
I mean, this is...
This is embarrassing, okay?
If I had that nice slab of beef,
- I'd be showin' it off...
- Stop...
Every chance I got.
- Okay...
- Why stop?
What... what about
what you're packin'?
Do you... do you satisfy your
wife? Is she happy?
I haven't had any complaints.
What about the girlfriend?
You know,
the one you keep on the side.
Oh, Ginger. Yeah?
We have a good time.
It's not fair to Sarah.
Fair is for pussies.
Life is never fair.
Don't you care about doing
the right thing?
She gives me something
Sarah can't give me.
You know,
I don't understand you, Dan.
You got a successful career.
Beautiful wife who adores you.
Two gorgeous kids,
Stevie and Alana...
Who absolutely adore you.
You're definitely
their favorite uncle.
No, I don't need
your flattery right now.
I want to know why
you're cheating on your wife.
Because I can.
That is a terrible answer.
You know the law. There are
consequences to your actions.
The law is not fair.
Innocent people are convicted
every day, and there's...
There's literally
nothing we can do about it.
Yeah, but you can uphold
your own moral law.
The law I practice is based
on English common law.
And it's a law that has more to
do with protocol and justice.
Because if you do
one thing wrong,
miss one court date,
talk back to the judge,
guess what?
Your client goes to jail
and if they have brown
or black skin,
what do you think's gonna
happen to them...
A broken system is no excuse
for a lack of ethics and morals.
Ah, man.
Where are you going?
Hey, Dad.
Life is about power,
little brother.
Doctor delivering a baby
whose very life is in his hands
and he uses forceps?
Parents raising a child
who has to submit
to their idiosyncrasies
and flaws?
The coach who makes you run
an extra ten laps
because you looked at him funny.
Power is primal. The hunt.
The thrill of the chase.
I need that!
Okay. Well, my therapist says
that there's a huge difference
between wants and needs.
I'm a wolf in
a three piece suit.
I howl at the moon.
I follow the scent.
What is this? Some Little
Red Riding Hood analogy?
I'm a Neanderthal.
I compete and I always win.
And I do it not because
I have to or I need to,
but for the fun of it,
the fuck it all sport of it!
Wolves are like that, straight
predators who kill for fun.
But they also kill
because they can kill
and they will keep on killing
as long as they can.
There's no limit to
the amount they can kill.
And then they rest
but then when they get energy,
they pop out some more pups
and they kill some more.
And they will go eat elk
and go eat deer
and eat them from the asshole
until they rip their insides out
and the animal bleeds out
and dies maybe hours,
maybe days later.
That's the reality of nature.
You want to see it now?
Do I want to see what?
My dick.
I am not some conquest, Dan.
Women like my cock, the shape,
how hard it gets.
Women are not a conquest.
They are for me.
Just like hunting.
Let me see your cock.
- What?
- Whip it out, brother.
We're men, aren't we?
It's been a long time since
I've seen you naked.
I want to see just how big
that monster dick is.
Just fucking with you, brother!
Give me your glass.
I know you've got a great
piece of equipment.
Here you go.
I just... I just need to know
that you're a man,
not some little pussy.
Because with a cock like that,
I'm sure you've had a lot of
offers from women and men.
Look, just don't go
gay on me, okay?
You're fucked up, and...
I want to go to bed now.
These days,
people don't know who they are.
There's so many genders,
pronouns, all that shit.
I think people have a right
to be who they want to be.
And it's a beautiful time
right now to explore identity,
gender identity, belief
systems, philosophical...
That's all great,
little brother.
But where are the real men?
We're a nation of pseudo-men
who are sucking each other off
behind closed doors.
It's a shame.
We have
a long day tomorrow. I...
I'm gonna get some sleep.
I love you, brother.
Oh, it fucking stinks.
Don't go in there.
Something you ate?
Shit stinks. No big deal.
Did you look at it?
What? No.
You should really look at it.
It's a snapshot of your health.
A snapshot of my health?
What, do you look at your shit?
- Absolutely. All the time.
- Well, that's fucked up.
It's for your health.
For my health?
I'm not looking at my turd.
I just try to flush it down
as fast as possible.
Dan, it's science.
You're supposed to look at it,
the color, the shape,
the firmness or lack thereof.
Whether it floats or not...
by the way, it's ideal
if it floats.
I'm not checking out my shit
or your shit, for that matter.
Is this more of the bullshit
from your therapist?
I mean, she encourages me
to express my thoughts.
Your therapist is a woman?
I think it helps me get in touch
with my feminine side.
Your feminine side?
The next thing you're going to
tell me is that you're gay.
Dan, I'm not gay.
Well, that's a relief.
I mean, I have thought
about it a few times.
Haven't you?
N-no, that's disgusting.
If Dad ever thought
I had any doubt,
any question about my sexuality,
he'd beat
the living shit out of me.
Well, Dad's not
asking you, I'm asking you.
Never, ever.
That's not what a man is.
Oh, really?
You have never done anything
with another guy.
Not even when you were younger,
like, jerking off together,
see how far you
could fire your jizz?
Yeah. Me and my buddies
would go camping,
we'd get drunk. And, uh, then,
you were probably
too young to remember.
And one of the guys
would whip out his dick
and start jacking off and then
the rest of us would Jack off.
It's normal...
- Mm...
- Guys like to jerk off.
That's not normal.
Not all dudes like to Jack off.
Don't you Jack off?
I need to conserve my Kundalini.
What's that?
Kundalini? Never heard of that?
- No.
- So...
in Hindu philosophy,
you need to conserve your...
"man fluid."
It's essential to achieving
spiritual enlightenment.
Man fluid?
Can't you just say semen?
I... I feel good when I come.
It relaxes me.
I like the feel of
my dick in my hand
at the end of a stressful day.
Well, it feels good for me
to conserve my man fluid.
I think you've got everything
backwards, little brother.
I think the more I come,
the better.
You're a man. You're potent.
You can make a lot more of
those little spermatozoas.
Why can't you be normal like me?
Whew, the cam.
All right. Here we go.
- All right...
- Got it? You wanna sit?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's...
let's sit and look at this.
See what we got.
Gotta open her up.
There we go. There we go.
Hey, there's our,
there's our sow.
Not as... not as big
as the grizzly.
- Look. Look, look, look.
- Oh.
Three little cubs.
Maybe next year, man.
Yeah. I don't know.
Maybe if I get the extra points,
I'll get a shot of them.
- Oh...
- Oh.
- That's our buck...
- There is. There he is.
Ah, man,
he looks so fucking smug...
He's huge.
Look it, he's taunting us.
I... I think we should
go upstream...
- No, he's headed that way.
- Yeah.
- So we catch him upstream...
- Up here, yeah...
Out in the open.
I think I can get a shot at him.
- Okay. Sounds good.
- I'm gonna put this back.
Oh, there he is.
You know, there's no way in
hell he would come out
into the open like this.
His bedding must be nearby.
No, he's hungry.
He's, uh...
You know, he's... He's
definitely looking for food.
Temperatures are dropping.
Wind's picking up but
I sprayed our gear.
No, he smells us.
He's fucking with us.
All right, give me that.
Take your shot.
All right.
- We've gotta go after him.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
- whoa, whoa. Stop, stop.
- We need to go after him.
He has to... He has to drop.
He needs time to fall.
He'll fucking get over the Ridge
and get away.
Look at this.
- It's fresh.
- That is very fresh.
- Very fresh.
- He's bleeding.
He's bleeding.
Look, there's more up there.
And there. There.
Look at this, look at this.
- Look at this.
- That's a lot of blood.
Look at that.
There's a track Mark here.
It's gone.
Yeah, we're getting close.
Blood. Off this way. Ready?
Yeah. Let's go.
All right.
- Over the Ridge.
- Here, there, there.
Watch your step.
- Okay, maybe...
- Over here!
You good?
Yup. I'm good.
We have to keep going.
He's wounded.
He might bleed out.
He'll get away.
If he's meant to be
yours, he will be yours.
Close your eyes.
Feel nature all around you,
moving to and through you.
Now find the energy of the buck.
Let him guide you.
This isn't Star Wars,
little brother.
Keep your eyes closed. Breath.
Feel the stillness of nature,
the beauty.
Now. Still your mind.
Tune into the frequency
of your desire, the buck.
Walk alongside him as
your friend, your confidant.
Tell him through your thoughts
that it's all going
to be okay and it's time...
to surrender.
Tune into the frequency
of your desire, the buck.
Walk alongside him as
his friend, his confidant.
And with your thoughts...
let him know that it's okay.
That it's time to surrender.
You know,
I just realized something.
It's the only time
my mind's completely still,
when I'm on the trail
of an animal.
You were a legend
in high school.
How many girls did
you de-flower?
That's nothing to
be proud of, Dan.
But you should
be fucking proud of it.
And what about Cindy O'Leary,
the one with the big tits?
- Yes, I remember Cindy...
- You remember her?
- Yes.
- Well, you told me
you screwed her in her bedroom
and her parents
were asleep next door.
Her dad was the police chief
and Irish on top of it.
You were
sweating bullets because
you thought if he caught you
that he would arrest you
or he'd fucking kill you.
God. I was such a douchebag.
You know, I apologized
to her years later
for humiliating her
the way I did.
Yeah, she was after you
from the first day
of freshman year, remember?
You shagged her behind
the baseball diamond
after your team won
the league championship.
Yes, yes, we had sex. But man,
I really hurt her feelings.
What? What do you mean?
Do you remember that poem
that I wrote her?
And it got out and everybody
on the quad was reading it?
Uh, no...
- No?
- Not really. Well, yeah...
- You don't remember this?
- I mean, it was nothing.
Your lips are like cherries,
succulent and sweet.
Your breasts are like apples.
- Big...
- Big, round, and cheap.
I mean, dude, you were 16.
It's still
a fucked up thing to do, man.
You know what?
You sure know how
to ruin a good time.
Here we are,
recalling the good old days.
Look, I don't want to have
this conversation with you.
- Why not?
- Because your attitude
towards women
is really offensive.
What are you talking about?
I love women.
I think talking about
Cindy O'Leary's breasts
is grossly inappropriate.
What, are you fucking
kidding me? Now we...
Like, women's... are off limits?
You're a classic misogynist.
You really are.
Just like Dad.
Have you been privy to anything
that women say about us?
It's far worse than anything
we could ever say.
It's like we're catalogued
and tagged
like hunting deer,
a piece of meat.
Women in their tiny
Chinese minds are much more...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa...
- offensive than anything
- we could ever say.
- Did you just say,
"Tiny Chinese minds"?
It's an expression.
Jeez, is there
a race or ethnicity or gender
that you don't degrade
or disrespect?
I mean, think about how
derogatory that just sounded,
given that none of the women
that you're talking about are,
in fact, Chinese.
You know what?
Asian women are far worse
in their contempt for men
than any of the other races.
God! Will you just please enter
the 21st century?
What planet are you on?
How many women
have you been with?
What? I... I have...
I have no idea.
Well, give me a rough estimate.
100. What's your point?
My point is that women
want to be with you
either because
you've got a good body
and you've got big cock or...
you have a big bank account,
you're successful and you can
provide security for them.
I think that women are a lot
more complicated than that
and you're just not giving them
enough credit
for their integrity.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, I've been in my home
office on Fridays,
so I've been, you know, I've...
I've been aware of Sarah's
little coffee klatsches.
And when I tuck
the kids in at night,
I've been privy to her
goddess only dinner parties.
They talk about what
we talk about
but in much more steely,
cunning and ruthless terms.
For us,
it's the thrill of the chase.
For them,
it's like bagging big game.
We're the ones
who are hunted, shot,
bled dry, hung upside down,
- skinned and quartered.
- You've got to be kidding me.
You don't really
believe that, do you?
We give them our...
our hearts and souls.
We give them our guts.
And what do we get back?
Whining and complaining
about the car not working.
Or a bigger television set,
or a better neighborhood.
Or, "Why can't we afford an Ivy
League school for the kids?"
What about Sarah?
Ah, yeah. Sarah.
She's one of the best.
A Magnum cum laude
Vassar graduate.
She's kind of like, that,
one of those Ivy League
classy babes that...
Like Jenny in Love Story.
That's right, Jenny. She was...
studying music
at Radcliffe University.
Wealthy Oliver Barrett,
Harvard Law student,
falls in love with her.
- It was...
- It was Dad's favorite movie.
- Oh, wait. No, it wasn't.
- Second favorite.
Yes, we both know what Dad's
favorite movie was.
The Godfather!
Every holiday, Easter,
Thanksgiving, Christmas
was an excuse for
the Madden family to gather
around the TV to watch
the epic saga
of the Corleone family.
Oh, man. Do you remember
Dad would tell that story
over and over again
about how Brando got the role?
know, the studio didn't want him
'cause he was washed up
and he was a troublemaker.
Yeah. Brando stuffed his cheeks
with cotton and got the role.
- And the rest was history...
- The rest is history.
What a great film.
I could never figure out
why Dad would watch
that movie, Love Story,
so many times.
Um... Diane.
Stepmom, the one that got away.
Yeah, but no one could hold
a candle to Mom.
Yeah, but she was a...
She was a pretty good stepmom.
She was.
Andrew came along just when
she was thinking of leaving.
Oh, God, Andrew,
I love that kid.
But with women, as they say,
"Can't live with them.
Can't live without them."
But women reduce men
to stereotypes, like...
good body, big cock,
financially well-equipped.
I've actually heard them say,
- "Well-equipped."
- Dan, Dan, Dan, I just...
I don't know why
you're so cynical, man.
Because women reduce men
to a fucking ledger.
Like, a check and balance sheet.
They've got it in
their tiny Chinese...
In their tiny brains.
Thank you.
And trust me, I know women
a lot better than you.
Do you even realize
that if anybody
besides me heard you say that,
you would be thrown out
of your top ten law firm
right on your ass?
Here's some more of that
MeToo feminist bullshit.
No, it's not bullshit!
Women have been marginalized
for thousands of years.
Why the hell
can't they be appreciated
when they deserve it?
Deserve it? To see
everything we've fought for,
for the last 250 years
just be thrown away,
given away to minorities, women,
- socialists, the welfare state...
- No, but these movements,
the Black Lives Matter movement,
the MeToo movement, I mean,
they're very important.
They're just a bullshit
excuse for a free ride.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Now you really sound like Dad.
You know what?
Just because I'm a white male
doesn't mean that
I can't run a corporation
better than some
Wellesley female graduate,
come home to a beautiful wife
who wants to make love with me
in the house that I paid for
with my blood, sweat and tears...
Okay, okay. I've been with
a lot more women than you
and I sure as hell
respect them a lot more.
I always said,
"You were God's gift to women."
I never said
you understood them...
Okay, no, no, no, no.
This is all I'm trying to say.
All right?
Women deserve respect.
Am I right about that?
They work harder than you.
If they're better than you,
they deserve a higher salary,
a bigger office,
the right to be recognized
for their accomplishments.
I'm going to nominate you
as the poster child
for the feminist movement.
Have you heard anything I've
said for the last half hour?
Women don't care
about accomplishments.
They care about feelings
and being heard...
And they don't deserve
to be belittled
by elitist, white men like you
who think they run the world...
That's because
we do run the world.
Look at any top eight
accounting firm,
any movie studio, any law firm,
any big corporation...
It's almost always run by men
who know how to wield power
and make something
that big and intricate work.
Do you really think
that any woman
can run a Fortune 500 company,
invent the next cure
for SARS or AIDS
or the next fucking epidemic?
99% of the certified,
acknowledged geniuses
throughout history were men.
That's because
we think differently than women,
we're physically stronger
than women.
And we can control
our emotions better than women.
What women need is
a man to take control,
not be a little pussy like you!
Well, I can see where
this discussion is going.
That whiskey tastes like shit.
Just put the glass down.
Come on upstairs.
There's a lot of Dad's
favorite whiskey up here.
I'm going to give you
a little taste of one of his...
One of his favorites,
little blend, here.
He had all
his best whiskey up here.
It's been up there
this entire time?
Yep. Just hiding away up here.
Here you go.
Thank you.
I want to ask you a question.
When you were in high school,
playing sports or...
In the locker room shower...
did you ever...
check out the other guys?
Sure. So what?
I mean...
we'd slap each other
on the ass after games.
I mean, honestly,
we'd do so many things
to each other
after games that anybody
from the outside
would think we were gay.
We'd slap each other
on the bare ass
and towel whip each
other's balls, but...
hey, we were confident
in our sexuality.
We were men.
We liked pussy.
That's not what I'm asking.
All I'm trying to say is...
I don't think
that you have been...
really honest with me.
About what?
A lot of things.
Uh... That's kind of vague.
What about that incident
at your office Christmas party
in the men's bathroom?
I told you to never...
- Okay...
- Never mention it.
Okay. Okay. Um...
what about
your relationship with Dad,
the way he treated you.
Mm. What about it?
What do you... What do you mean?
Like when you used to come home
from the fraternity,
from college and...
you guys were
fighting all the time.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
So maybe if it was,
like, you know,
which game
we were gonna watch on TV.
Or it was about
how he wanted you
to get a career so you
could support yourself.
So you're saying
I went to law school
because Dad wanted me to?
I mean...
That's bullshit.
I lo... I love the law.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
Do you remember when I told Dad
that I wanted to be an EM and a firefighter?
Yeah. And he encouraged you.
What are you talking...
He said it wasn't a real career.
Like, it was...
It was a career that people
got into because
they didn't know what the hell
- they wanted to do.
- Wait, wait, wait. Dad...
- Dad would never say that.
- He did say that.
Oh, wow. Well...
I would tend to agree with him.
And that's why
you're an asshole.
And that's why I make
a lot more money than you.
- Okay.
- Uh...
I have a gorgeous wife
who wants to ride my dick
when I come home.
And I have two beautiful kids
that adore me.
When was the last time you
looked into your wife's eyes
and said, "I love you,"
or, "You're beautiful."
I don't know
but she knows that I do.
What, through your actions?
Yes, through my actions.
Providing a lot of money
in the bank,
a beautiful lifestyle,
private school for the kids,
an upscale, gated community.
And you think that that's what
a woman really wants?
Oh. I got you. Um...
you're talking about sex.
- Yeah.
- We have a great sex life.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Sarah's sister confided in me.
Oh, man.
She said that Sarah was...
She was thinking about
leaving you not too long ago.
She's actually been
thinking about it for a while.
She says you two don't
communicate anymore. You...
Your sex life is non-existent.
Ah, man.
That's not true.
I've just been a little...
a little off my game, lately.
Would it have anything
to do with...
Penis problem?
Look, that's none of
your goddamn business.
And I'd really appreciate it
if you wouldn't call it that.
You know, it's funny
what happens to your face
when you get mad...
Oh, 'cause I look just
like Dad, yeah, I know...
- It's kind of terrifying.
- Fuck you.
You idolized him, didn't you?
Mm, yeah, pretty much.
Even when he was not around,
he was on business trips and...
cheating on Mom.
He was supporting his family
like any real man would do...
Oh, is that what he was doing?
Even when Mom
was getting her ulcers,
riddled with anxieties,
sick and tired of being ignored.
- Come on.
- Man.
I got'cha.
So you're saying that
I'm doing that to Sarah?
Is that it?
Fuck off, damn you.
Oh, God, old man.
- You're an old man.
- Don't start with me.
No, you're the one with
the rickety-ass knees.
- Don't fuck with me.
- You wanna go?
- Yeah, I've had 'em...
- All right.
- I'm sick of this.
- Yeah, sure.
- Yeah. Let's do it.
- Let's go.
Come on, old man.
What you got?
- Jab!
- Come on.
One, two.
- Yeah?
- Ah!
Two. Ah!
- Come on, cross...
- Who's the old man?
- Cross.
- Okay. There you go.
- There you go.
- One.
Who taught you to spar?
Come on. Come on.
You taught me to box
which is kind of
a shocker right now
- because it doesn't really look like you're...
- But you can't take it, right?
All right.
My hands, my hands, my hands!
- All right, it's my turn.
- Pussy.
No, no, no,
put 'em up, put 'em up!
Nope, nope.
I'm out o' here. I'm...
- gonna go play the piano.
- Are you serious?
You're walking away from this?
- Yeah.
- Oh, it's music time.
- It's music time.
- Got it.
Want a drink?
Yeah, but, uh, brother,
you remember this?
We were standing
still in time...
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Waiting for
a proper stranger
When we chanced
to see each other
I am yours and you are mine
Hold me close,
give me your heart
Let me know
just how you feel
Let me free you
from your lonely days
For I am yours
and you are mine
Man, wow.
You know,
when Diane wrote that song
for Dad for their engagement...
that was such a great moment.
Ah, yeah. It was
a beautiful night. It's...
It was the only time
I've ever seen Dad cry.
Me too.
- Chorus?
- Yeah.
I think we should...
I think we should...
I think we should do it.
You are mine
You are mine
Today and forever,
you are mine
You are mine
You are mine
Today and forever,
you are mine
God, this brings back
so many memories, man.
All right, we gotta
keep this goin'.
Let's do the bridge.
But you know it better than me
so you're gonna help me out.
All right. Um...
And give me your life,
your love for all time
Give me your joy
and I'll give you mine...
I always remember that.
This is our time, my darling
Now I am yours
and you are mine
Give me all you are today
Plan our tomorrows together
Give me who you are
'cause I love you so
Now I am yours
and you are mine
You are mine
You are mine
Today and forever,
you are mine...
- I'm takin' it down!
- Yeah!
You are mine
You are mine
Today and forever,
you are mine
- Oh, my God.
- You are mine
Ugh, wow.
Song night was a...
was a highlight at our house.
It really was.
You know I just love
watching Mom's face
because three men were makin'
asses of themselves
- and she just loved it.
- Oh, my God. We sure were.
I need a drink.
You need a drink?
I need a drink, too.
Thank you, brother.
Good job, there.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
See ya.
You know,
you should really quit smoking.
Start dinner.
So you decided to grace us
with your presence.
I'm just passing through.
Can I spend the night?
Oh, man.
- Here it is.
- Wow.
This is a lot of Dad.
It's a lot of Dad.
This is something.
You guys awake?
Mm... Hm.
So what are
you doing here anyway?
I'm just passing through,
on my way to Palm Springs.
You know, Palm Springs
is two hours from L.A.
I heard that you had...
that you had something
to talk to us about.
I changed my mind.
Well, it's clearly
not about soccer, is it?
Palm Springs is a pretty
gay town, wouldn't you say?
Oh, my God. Are you serious?
You want to talk
about the blowjob
that you got from your assistant
in the bathroom of
your law firm?
Fuck you, Steven.
Okay. If you guys
are trying to shock me,
that stuff happens all the time.
- No big deal.
- It was a guy...
Fucker. I told you not to say
anything about that.
No, no, no, listen.
Happened more than once.
It didn't mean anything.
But did you like it?
What's that supposed to mean?
- Are you gay?
- Are you?
I'm goin' back to sleep.
I need to talk to you guys.
I just have no one
I can really trust. Um...
like, all my friends
is always about the game
and sports and girls
and I just feel...
- Like a freak.
- Whoa, you are not a freak.
You know what?
While you two pansies talk
about all your gayness,
I'm going back to sleep.
I have some serious hunting
to do tomorrow.
Why do you like killing animals?
I don't like killing animals.
It's called animal conservation.
That's such bullshit.
It's actually not. I...
I pay a fucking fortune for...
hunting licenses and ammo
and all the costs
that go into it.
But actually...
I think you could
enjoy the hunt, but...
the really fun part
is butchering the animal.
That's disgusting.
How you butcher the deer
has a lot to do with
the quality of the meat.
Okay. I don't
understand how you get pleasure
from butchering animals,
but I'm vegan.
Little brother,
do not give up eating meat.
That's protein and... and iron.
It gives you that
extra aggression when you fuck
and when you play sports.
Bullshit and you know it.
Look, Andrew does
not like killing.
That's your thing.
That has always been your thing.
I don't enjoy killing.
I enjoy the process.
But, you know what? Next time...
you can pay
all the hunting costs
and the tags and the fees
and all of it that goes into it.
That's not what
he's talking about.
He's talking about feelings.
Fuck feelings.
Hunting as we know it today
is a public-private partnership
that was instituted by
Teddy Roosevelt
in the early 1900s.
Hunting sustains
the species habitat
and other animal habitats,
forests and ecosystems.
Those are the facts.
We got that.
But Andrew is just
morally against it.
Hunters have been the engines
of sustainability
over the last hundred years,
and financially,
their investment
has revitalized...
Animal pop...
Oh, my God.
Has revitalized
animal populations.
You sound like
fucking John Wayne.
Who's John Wayne?
Are you serious?
I guess you... You're not into
classic movies, are you?
Oh, no. I tried to avoid
the television room
all the time when Dad
was in there watching movies,
unless it was...
The Godfather!
Hey. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Hey, that movie was pretty cool.
Why do you hate
gay people so much?
I like pussy.
If you like cock, go for it.
I don't know if I do.
Well, don't ever fucking
talk to me about it.
I'm not interested in
hearing your cunty feelings,
bullshit angst about connection
and all that touchy-feely stuff
that has nothing to do
with being a man.
The fact is...
You're just scared.
Well, I'm scared.
I admit that.
I'm scared that
I'll wake up one morning and...
I'll be a carbon copy of Dad.
Yeah, that scares me.
Would that be so bad?
At least he knew who he was.
Dad was a racist.
How could he be
a racist, Andrew?
He married your mom, Diane.
Who was like a second mother
to us, by the way.
I know he loved us
but that didn't extend
to anybody else
outside of our inner circle.
And he never had
any gay friends.
Yeah. I mean, he's...
he's got a point. Dad was a...
conservative asshole
who didn't tolerate anyone
or anything left of center,
especially people's sexuality.
I think...
Dad was one of the most
tolerant people I've ever met.
What the hell
- are you talking about?
- Ah, man.
Jane Fonda.
Hanoi Jane. To the day he died,
he didn't forgive that woman
for going to North Vietnam
and protesting the war.
I mean,
that's how tolerant he was.
Love Jane Fonda.
Well, you two pussies will have
something to talk about.
What's he talking about?
Stud here,
who can have any girl he wants
has been thinking about it.
You really want to go there?
Is that true, Steven?
I've been...
in therapy, lately.
And I have this
recurring nightmare where...
Where it's really dark and...
there's this shadowy figure
and he's...
He's chasing me. But I can't...
I can't run away
because I'm frozen.
And I'm afraid that if this...
shadowy figure gets
to me that I will die.
Then I wake up.
Have... have you ever
been with a guy?
- Really?
- Okay, I...
I think I'm going to sleep.
I've got to wake up early
in the morning...
- Great idea.
- Uh...
- Good night.
- Good night, man.
Thanks for listening.
Hey, you guys.
I have one more thing
to say about hunting.
One more thing:
Hunting is positive
for the community.
It builds
long-lasting relationships
and mutual respect.
It gives families
something to work towards,
goals, aspirations,
something to plan for.
you're putting food on the table
and depending on how
competitive you are
and how determined
you are to be successful,
this feeds back into spending
more money on ammo and guns
and feeds the conservation funds
in the system.
And I think that's what Dad
was trying to teach us.
I think I figured it out,
why I don't like hunting.
I mean, Andrew, it's okay.
I mean...
not everybody likes hunting.
But it's more than that.
It's more
than just killing animals,
watching them suffer.
It's because Dad loved it.
I mean, it was his whole world,
outside of us.
And I just realized...
I don't want to be like him.
I met someone.
That's great.
No, really.
What's her name?
- Dorian's a guy's name.
- Would you shu...
It could be a girl's name, too.
Where did you meet her?
At a bar...
In West Hollywood.
West Hollywood?
Dorian's a guy.
Are you gay?
- You are not gay...
- What if he is?
Okay, well, Dad's not here.
All right? And... and...
and I've been thinking
about it for a while.
And one night, finally,
I got drunk
and I went to a bar
in West Hollywood
and Dorian sat next to me.
And we hit it off, all right?
He's sweet and nice.
Anything happen?
No, not yet.
But he invited me
to Palm Springs.
and that's who I'm meeting.
He wants to take our friendship
to the next level.
That is disgusting.
Think about it.
Is that really what you want?
I don't know, Dan!
I'm just questioning it.
That's it.
Well, fuck the questions.
Be a man.
You've got a cock.
You've got balls.
Use them where
they're supposed to go
which is in a vagina.
Oh. So it's okay for you to get
a blowjob form some dude...
Multiple, multiple blowjobs
in the bathroom
at your law firm, Dan.
I think I've made my point.
Don't listen to
little pansy-ass Steven.
Can we talk about
something else?
Because you're too closeted
to accept the possibility?
There is no possibility.
Are you still going to see
that dude at work?
dude at work was a law clerk
that left the firm
over a year ago.
I don't even remember his name.
Are you sure about that?
Fuck you, Steven.
His name is Edward
and he's an adorable
little law clerk.
How... how did you...
You should check your phone.
I'm pretty sure his name
and number are still in there.
- Fuck you...
- Hey, hey, stop it, you two.
I didn't come here
to cause a fight.
What are you doing?
I need my CBD pills.
I got some weed
if you want to smoke.
No, I need the pills.
They work faster
and they're, um...
they don't smell.
How did you...
Sarah's sister told me.
Oh, Melanie. That nasty bitch.
Look, Sarah was convinced
that you were having an
affair because of your...
Penis problem.
What penis problem?
Means he can't
get it up anymore.
It happened a couple of times
and why do you
always exaggerate?
Because you always
exaggerate about my prowess.
I'd like to level
the fucking playing field
every once in a while.
But Edward, are you gonna
keep seeing him?
He sounds like a nice guy.
He sucks me off occasionally.
He says he loves my cock.
Well, I'm sure you can
get a boner with him.
Fuck you.
Okay, but is he a nice person?
It's just sex.
Is he a nice person?
That's... it's a simple,
straightforward question.
Yes. He's nice.
Oh, okay, so... so it seems like
you would say something
Do you like talking to him?
Yes, sometimes.
I'm going back to bed.
End of discussion.
Night, guys.
Good night.
You realize kidnaping
is a federal offense?
Hey, buddy, it's our turf.
You play by our rules.
What's so funny?
- Where... where are we goin'?
- It's a surprise,
and there's tofu and sprout
sandwiches in there,
- so get ready.
- Yes!
- I don't like surprises.
- Now.
How's that throw?
You gotta spin it.
- Haven't played in a while, huh?
- Just keep it here...
Don't... don't throw
both balls, come on...
And spin it.
You can try juggling
You can do juggling.
Can I kick it?
Look how good that is.
Well, I know. He's been
doing it his whole life. God.
- Look at him.
- Here, try this.
Try it underhand. Like that.
All right, all right.
Okay, okay. I'm not mad at that.
- One more.
- Okay.
All right. What was that?
That was the... That's all I got.
You were like this.
Oh, yes.
- Oh, wait. Don't I have to...
- Thank you.
They're twist off.
Oh, yeah.
You don't need
a bottle opener for this, man.
Just twist it in your hand.
Did you do it?
It just seems a little... hard.
Ah, this is disgusting.
Ah, I think...
I think it tastes good.
Cheers. Skol.
Skol? We're Vikings now.
That was a fun one, though.
So good to see you as always.
Ah, thank you
for everything, seriously.
Anytime. Anytime.
Drive carefully, okay?
Okay. I definitely will.
- All right.
- All right.
- You guys have fun hunting.
- Thanks.
Hey, Andrew.
Thanks for having me.
Look, see...
I know you're doing something
you think you really want to do,
but you do not want to do this.
Maybe I do.
It's in the Bible,
the word of God.
Men do not lie with men.
If you would just come hunting
with Stevie and me,
just connect with nature.
I mean, why... why don't
you just stay with us?
I can't, Dan.
Killing innocent animals...
What planet are you living on?
This is a dog eat
dog world. It's Darwinian.
And it's played
out no more vividly
and authentically
than in the animal world.
It seems cruel.
If you would just
understand what I'm saying,
you wouldn't even be thinking
about all this gay shit.
I honestly don't
understand the correlation
between the two.
Because being a human being
and having ethics and morals
is all about
being a good sportsman
and that takes a lot
of experience and practice.
I respect your right to hunt,
but you need to
respect my choices.
The point is hunting
is a metaphor for life.
So, whether you commit to
relationships with men or women,
you need to be confident
that you're going
to make a good shot
and that you're going to
make the best choice possible.
It's not like I have a choice.
You do have a choice.
But no matter how this
chapter plays out for you,
I'll always love you, brother.
But if you are gay,
I've got to be honest with you,
I'm gonna be
really disappointed.
So, don't come crying to me
when you get disillusioned
or you get some
God awful disease
or you realize too late
that having a wife and family
is what God intended for you.
I love you, too.
Even if you're a misogynistic,
chauvinistic homophobe
who's a pigheaded,
competitive son of a bitch.
Well, you really
fucked that one up.
I'm hungry.
Let's go catch some real food.
Thank you.
'Kay. Down, down,
down, down, down, down.
Down, down, down, down.
'Kay, come on.
We have to search
for it a little bit.
It fell down over in this area.
I thought it... I thought it...
No, no, no.
No, no, no. Right here.
You got... You gonna pick it up?
Yeah. I got it.
Got it?
Beautiful, right?
- All right.
- That way?
Yeah, let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What the hell are you doing?
What the fuck?
Don't ever touch my rifle again.
You cannot shoot
a cougar in California.
We hunted them in Oregon.
Last time I checked,
we're not in Oregon, are we?
Fuck. No.
- Jeez. Come on.
- You're right.
Look at that beauty.
Nice shot, brother.
I got her.
Okay. Come on, let's go.
Beautiful shot, brother.
Looks like we're gonna
have a good dinner tonight.
Oh. Okay. Oh, man.
Shit. That's heavy.
- Whew.
- Whew, you okay?
Oh, nice.
This right here.
Nice one, brother.
Nice, tasty steaks.
We got another good
one right here. Look at that.
Look at that.
What else did
Melanie say about me?
Just what I told you,
that things have been different
for the past six months.
You know, one day, my sex
life with Sarah was great.
My dick would just pop up
like it always did. And then...
- Yeah?
- I don't know,
I... I couldn't.
It... It wouldn't...
Just, just like that?
Well, not all at once,
but she definitely noticed.
So, what did she say?
Nothing at first.
Um, I made some excuse
of extra stress at work.
I was exhausted.
And uh, then I just
turned my back on her
and went to sleep.
But, try as I might,
I could not get hard.
And, I couldn't even
Jack off in the shower
like I'd usually do,
just so I'd last
longer before we made love.
It's like
my dick just went limp.
Did you see a doctor about this?
Yeah, I did. He said it was
stress and prescribed Viagra.
Okay. And then
did you tell Sarah?
Fuck, no. You show
weakness, it's all over.
Dude, you must have
talked about this.
I mean, she was
more upset about the idea
of her husband
having a limp dick
than the thought that
I might be having an affair.
And I said, I assured
her that wasn't the case.
And how did she react to that?
She's been really
understanding, actually.
She said that...
that I shouldn't worry about it
but like,
I could tell she had her doubts
that I was
telling her the truth.
All right, so maybe therapy
could help at this point.
No, fuck therapy.
I don't need any
shrink analyzing my dick.
Okay, so what about
the Viagra? Does that help?
I'm not using a pill
to make me hard. Screw that.
What about Edward?
Ah, man.
Sometimes, we would
just sit in my car and talk.
I mean, he's a nice guy,
but uh, I think
I might not see him anymore.
I want to focus on Sarah.
I want things to work with her.
Things are
going to work out, man.
When they do, you're going
to get your old self back.
It's your move.
I'm not even sure
who that is anymore.
Look, you talked about it.
It's a very good start.
And it's good to be vulnerable.
Oh, yeah. So she thinks that
I need a pill to make me hard,
that her tits don't
do it for me. Fuck that.
Weakness is strength.
And from that, love can grow.
Are... are you
fucking kidding me?
You sound like...
You sound like a Hallmark card.
I do have a way with words.
People tell me that.
Maybe I'm going
through menopause.
Well, if you are,
your secret's safe with me.
Oh, hallelujah.
Uncle Richie texted me.
Wonders why you're not
talking to him anymore.
He seems really hurt.
Mm, give him a call
when I get back to L.A.
You guys were so close.
What are you doing?
Just cutting
him out of your life?
It's unfortunate.
He paid for your school, Dan.
You barely even
mention him anymore.
Look. Can we concentrate
on the task at hand?
I want to come
home with this buck.
Something's not adding up.
I mean, you're...
you're not telling me something,
- I can feel it...
- Steven!
You're starting
to fucking piss me off.
Listen, you're lying to me
about something, what is it?
You fucking touch me again,
I'll deck you
and I'll go hunting on my own!
Look. Look, look, look, look.
- More blood.
- Yeah, it is.
Look, look,
look, look, look, look.
Look, look, look, look.
There he is.
There he is. 12 o'clock.
- Dead ahead. You got him?
- Yeah.
- Easy.
- I got him.
Oh, come on!
Fuck. Grazed him.
- Ooh.
- You okay?
I feel light-headed.
Okay. Okay.
You are looking a little pale.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Can you sit down for me?
- Yeah.
- All right. Have a seat.
Do you have a...
Where's your water?
- Here...
- I've got some in my backpack.
Gimme that. Gimme that.
I got some water in my backpack.
Damn, I thought I had him.
We've bagged some
pretty big bucks over the years,
but man, we're losing
sleep over this one.
I'm such a fucking lousy shot.
You are.
I'm just kidding!
Temperature's really droppin'.
Storms going to come in.
We don't
have a lot of daylight left.
He's gonna come out and feed.
He's gotta be
around here somewhere.
There's that son of a bitch.
On the Ridge. Are you ready?
Steady. Smooth.
There he is, man. Take the shot.
Dan. Pull the trigger.
Take the shot!
Dan, pull the trigger.
Take the shot!
Come on, let's go home.
The hell's the matter with you?
Six years you've
been waiting for that buck!
Come on!
What happened out there today?
I couldn't do it.
You're a hunter.
That's what you do.
That's what you've always done.
Yep. What we've
always done, what Dad taught us.
That's right.
Mm. Well, that's not me anymore.
Dan, if this Sarah thing
is affecting you this much,
then you really need
- to handle it.
- That's... that's not it.
Then what is it?
I started thinking...
"What would Dad do?"
I mean, first off,
he would have dropped the buck
the first time.
And he wouldn't shoot
unless he had a clean shot.
Everybody has
different hunting styles,
personal hunting styles.
Right. And then
I started thinking,
"Well, what's
my style of hunting?"
The way I hunt is
the way Dad used to hunt.
And then...
Then something just...
occurred to me.
And what's that?
Well, what's
my style of hunting?
I didn't know.
And then it became very clear.
I didn't want to kill the buck.
I didn't want its meat.
I didn't want another trophy
to mount in my den,
another kill that
just said I was a man.
I didn't want to cut up
and pack up more meat,
mount a bigger pair of antlers.
And then I started
to think about Uncle Richie.
Uncle Richie?
Why I couldn't pick up
the phone and call him back?
I don't know who I am anymore.
What was it your
ex-girlfriend said to you?
That you were
a bad version of yourself?
Oh, no, no. She had no idea
what the hell she was saying.
No, no, no, she was right.
We're bad versions
of who we're supposed to be.
You do realize she
was just saying that
to fuck with my head.
We're maybe
a good version of Dad,
but we're probably
bad versions of ourselves,
just little carbon copies
of these little men
that Dad molded into
these supposed adults.
And then,
I started to think about
why I couldn't
call Uncle Richie back
because of the lie that I've
been living all these years.
If I'm pushing you to a place
that you don't want to go to,
then I'm all good. Just tell me.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You and your therapy bullshit.
You've been on me...
- What?
- Since the beginning
- of this trip.
- Wow.
My life is out
of control. I just wish...
You wish what? Talk to me.
I wish Uncle Richie
would just fuck off
and die and stop bugging me.
I'm not following you right now.
Because I love you.
And I don't want to hurt you.
Honestly, Dan, in this moment,
I would rather you hurt me
if it would help you heal.
Why are you so good, brother?
Why are you so fucking good?
Is that all you do,
is think about other people?
Pretty much, I guess.
What was the one thing
Dad taught us if nothing else?
It was to look
out for number one.
Where does
considering everybody else
in front of yourself
make number one happen?
It doesn't.
It doesn't, man. You need
to think about yourself first.
And then when you're good,
you can think
about your loved ones.
We're just going
to have to agree
to disagree
on this one, all right?
And we're done
drinking for the evening.
Remember when
I got into law school?
The one that I really wanted but
the tuition was astronomical?
I wanted Ivy League
and Tufts was calling.
It wasn't
officially an Ivy League school
but it had a reputation
equal to Harvard and MIT.
Dad obviously did
not have the money.
And uh, getting a loan
back in that day wasn't easy.
Oh, so this is where Uncle
Richie came into the picture?
Ha, ha. Remember,
we used to call him Richie Rich
because he had so much fucking
money from the dot com craze?
Yeah, I mean, 20 million was it?
- Easily. Yeah.
- In cash?
Who has that
kind of money nowadays?
So Uncle Richie stepped up
and paid for my entire
four years of law school
plus the bar in one
swoop for the mighty...
Yeah, I know this. $150,000.
Everybody knows this.
It's not a secret, Dan.
And it's nothing
to be ashamed of.
But things are not given
in life without conditions.
And this came
with one big condition,
although never
discussed or clearly stated...
Well, you paid it back, right?
- With interest.
- Which, I don't understand that.
I mean,
he didn't need the money.
He didn't need the money.
But, he needed me
to keep living the lie
that I've been
living all these years.
What lie? I don't understand.
When I was about seven-years-old
and Uncle Richie
would always come over,
spend a lot
of time at our house.
He and Dad were so close.
They would
spend hours in the den
reminiscing about
old times, smoking cigars,
drinking scotch.
Okay, but,
nothing wrong with that.
It was...
It was the way he looked at me.
Just... I knew there
was something wrong,
but he made me
feel so uncomfortable.
Well, I mean, I always heard
that there was
a gay uncle in the family.
It just didn't occur
to me that it was Uncle Richie.
Because Dad was so
blatantly homophobic.
To make a long story short,
there was something
that went on between me
and Uncle Richie
for several years.
No, no, hell no.
Dad would have stopped that.
There is no way he
would have put up with that.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Even if he knew,
our family would have collapsed
without Uncle Richie's money.
I mean, Dad was
working on and off and...
Mom was in and out of hospitals.
God, man. That's fucker.
How did you get away from him?
How did you stop this?
It... it took a while,
but I was actually
able to make a complete break.
It kind of happened organically.
I got older.
I went to high school.
I got busy with school.
Got interested with girls.
One day, Richie came knocking
on my door and I told him,
"If you ever fucking lay another
hand on me ever again,
I would tell Mom and Dad."
And he would go to jail,
his life would be over.
I turned the tables on him.
He was scared.
But, it didn't end there.
I'm so sorry, man, really.
I confronted him again
when you were born.
I told him if
he ever touched you,
if he ever laid a fucking
hand on you, I would kill him.
I was just...
I was so angry...
about being abused.
Sexually abused by that fucker.
And I wanted to make sure
that those family patterns
didn't continue.
I also extracted my revenge.
I had him pay for my entire...
education, including law school.
- Lock, stock and barrel.
- God, man. Shit.
I'm so sorry, Dan.
How old were you
when I started law school?
Five, six?
Um. Five, five, I think.
And Dad was away working
and Mom was...
Yeah, she...
That's when
she had pneumonia, right?
- She was at...
- She was at her sister's.
And, who watched you?
Who had the time
to play with you,
buy you things,
hang out with you?
Uncle Richie.
I left Tufts after
the first year on the pretext
that I was moving
back to be closer to Mom
because she wasn't well.
That was the truth.
No. It was a lie.
I knew that fucker was waiting
in the wings, biding his time
to have his way with you,
just like he did with me.
I mean, I didn't
have the hard facts but I...
I could feel it in my gut.
Uncle Richie and I, we always...
We had fun.
He'd read me bedtime stories
and he... he never touched me.
You were...
You were around,
we played ball and...
gave me baths.
I was there.
I was there to protect you.
You came into
my room when I was scared.
When Mom was away
and Dad was working.
Slept in the same bed together.
And who was always touching you,
making sure
your every need was met?
I thought we were... brothers.
We loved each other. It's...
Yeah, we loved
each other, but...
I thought that was normal.
The hugging and the touching.
Sexual abuse victims block
out traumatic memories until...
Until something triggers them.
You're talking
about my nightmare.
You can't see who was
after you, but...
I think you know.
- No.
- Sorry.
You son of a bitch.
I'm gonna be sick.
I forgive you.
Did you hear what I said?
I forgive you.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You did the best you could.
Can you do me a favor, though?
You have to forgive yourself.
It's okay.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry, Steven.
I'm sorry.
I didn't meant to do it.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Okay.
- I love you.
I love you, too.
You're everything to me.
Come here.
Gimme a hug.
Maybe we should do something
different next year.
Um, I have a...
a law school buddy
who goes moose
hunting in Alaska.
Alaska? Sounds like
an incredible adventure.
I was thinking maybe we should
just try something different.
Get outside our comfort zone.
I've always wanted
to go to Alaska, on a cruise.
Just as long as it's
not a gay cruise, brother.
Looks so old.
Yeah. It's gonna be around
for another 100 years,
long after we're gone.
I think maybe we should
sell the place, uh...
There's a lot
of nice land around it.
We can't do that.
This was everything to Dad.
Well, a new family could
move in and make new memories.
You really mean that?
I think I don't want
to go hunting for a while.
I'm happy for you.
Hey, instead of hunting,
maybe we could try ping pong.
Hm, how about billiards?
Ice hockey.
I guess what I'm saying is,
I just... I want to be
a better version of myself.
You're going to see Edward?
Oh, I don't know.
I don't think I know myself
as well as I thought.
What about Uncle Richie?
If he's going to hear me out
and if I don't kill him,
maybe we'll make amends.
And your wife?
I... I want to come clean.
I want to tell her everything.
I think she knows.
Women are very intuitive.
I think she deserves to see
all these different parts of me.
I admire your courage.
I admire yours, brother.
Hey, do you, uh,
do you think
your bullshit therapist
could see us next week?
Yeah. Yeah. I'll... I'll give
her a call on my way back.
Oh, and another thing.
Don't be so
fucking nice all the time.
Be a dick once in a while.
- Okay. Yeah.
- It feels good.
I'll keep that in mind.
Hi, honey. How was your trip?
It was good. It was good.
I didn't bag the godfather buck.
I'm sure
you'll get the buck next time.
I miss you.
I missed you, too.
The kids asked where you were.
I can't read
a bedtime tale like you.
I... I think we
should plan a trip together.
Just you and me.
What about work?
I've got some things
I need to talk to you about.
Of course, honey,
I would love that. Where?
Big Sur coastline.
What's the hotel you love?
The It's too expensive.
Book it, we can afford it.
I'll see you soon.
Bye, honey! Drive safe.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Hurry home.