The Golden Blade (1953) Movie Script

NARRATOR: It is written that once,
long ago, during Baghdad's golden reign,
a strip of desert lay in dispute
between Baghdad and Basra.
It was across this desert that
a youth from Basra, named Harun,
journeyed to join
his father's caravan,
unaware that Allah,
in his mysterious ways,
had chosen to press upon his
brow the Thumb of Destiny.
Father! Father.
By Allah's will
I depart, my son.
They'll pay for this!
No. No.
Do not give your life
for me alone,
but seek out the true maker
of these crimes on all Basra.
This... Torn from my murderer,
shall one day lead you
to vengeance.
Go now, my son,
and may Allah keep you.
I die of hunger.
I die of thirst.
I am old.
I am sick.
Poor son
of a fortunate father,
give but a little coin,
or I perish.
Oh, may the gates
of felicity open to you.
May your sons
be like lions.
No, Khairuzan, no.
I beg you, Khairuzan, leave!
Trouble follows you
like a faithful dog.
You want me to leave?
Then buy these clothes.
Then I'll stay
until I'm found.
Blossom of spring,
I appeal to your justice.
These clothes are useless to
me. They are not worth one dinar.
Somebody's coming.
Go, hide. Quickly.
Welcome to the humble shop
of Barcus the Greek.
I would like to purchase some
clothing not necessarily new.
Fate has guided you properly.
I have many bargains.
Here is one, imported cloth.
The latest fashion in Baghdad.
And the price?
For you, it's merely a token.
Shall we say 10 dinars?
Something tells me
the price is too high.
Does it not tell you
the garment's value?
Yes. One dinar.
One dinar!
For clothes like these?
You're mad.
Your sign, my Greek friend,
speaks of bargains.
But not of gifts.
You shall have your 10 dinars.
Here, its equal,
20 Basranian aspers,
but for a complete outfit.
Basra coin?
Follow me.
There are some things
that just arrived from Syria.
Find what you like
and I'll make the bargain.
Khairuzan, I implore you.
Approach, citizens!
Gather to hear of your plight,
of the disgrace to Baghdad!
No longer does Baghdad
reflect glory,
nor her sons breathe
defiance to the enemy.
Whilst Basra
steals our land,
the Caliph shrinks
in cowardice, refusing war.
He lies!
Oh, no. Please, don't go.
It is not Basra that attacks
nor steals from Baghdad.
What proof is there
of your tale?
Are not my words
living proof of truth?
Why does this girl
lack all discretion?
She lacks nothing else.
Such spirit must be rewarded.
Yet, whilst the Caliph
cowers in his palace...
The Caliph does not cower,
you horse thief!
It is false that he does
not think of his people.
Let us ignore this daughter
of a horsefly
that she might return
to her smelly kitchen.
Daughter of a horsefly!
Why, you misbegotten
son of a flea-bitten camel!
Dogfaced liar!
After her!
Guards, cut the rascal down!
Kill him! Cut him down!
Cut him down!
You fool, cut him down!
Run right in through!
Guards! Guards!
Let go!
Do not be concerned.
This is not your affair.
The girl, who is she?
Forget about her.
She is not for you.
How your mouth tightens
when there's no talk of money.
You are from Basra.
What does one call you?
Well, what is your name?
I am Harun,
son of Munkar.
And your sword?
Is it from Basra, too?
No, I found it in your shop.
What? It's mine then!
It was till I bought it.
Look here, my friend, you don't
expect a sword like this...
You bought only clothes!
You, you, you, you...
It was there by mistake only.
You said to pick what I like.
Now, look here, my friend,
this is... I... Now, look.
You wouldn't go back
on your word, would you?
I? A Greek? Never.
If you insist,
I'll buy it back.
No. I like it.
A bargain's a bargain.
Many more such bargains
will return me to slavery!
Now, I know you saved my life,
but let's be reasonable.
What's so important
about this sword?
You did not notice?
Let me have it for a moment.
It didn't work now!
Could I have been wrong
about the sword?
You did not expect it
to cut heavy iron?
Here, you try it.
By Zeus! I knew I was right.
I knew it! I...
Where did you find this weapon?
Why, right here.
I see it now.
I don't understand.
The sword works for you.
It does not work for me,
nor did it for him.
It's the magic combination
of you and the sword.
I recall legends
buried in the forgotten past.
It's written somewhere.
I must search.
There's faint writing
on the blade.
Pray let me see.
Well, speak.
What do they reveal?
They appear to be
in two languages.
Both dead.
I'll find a way.
I'm the only one who can.
I have ancient records. We
may have found a magic weapon.
What glories can be ours.
What fortunes won.
By Allah!
It would be magic, indeed, that this
sword were mine at such a time as this.
Destiny has guided
us together.
I to interpret,
you to wield the blade.
Alas, good Greek,
I do not seek fortune,
but I'm here upon
a bitter quest.
Can you recognize these?
My destiny
is to seek their meaning.
They are strange to me.
If in this quest the
mysterious sword can aid me...
No, no, no.
You do not understand.
All swords are two-edged.
This one doubly so.
It worked for you,
yet it refused my effort.
Until we learn more, beware.
Doom may be our fate
as easily as success.
I must take that chance.
These legends can wait.
My mission must not,
for no doom could be greater
than to fail in this.
But there is discontent
in Baghdad.
Rebellion against you
is growing, Caliph of Caliphs.
Each day brings news
of Basra's violence.
Each day sees new attacks
against our people.
Then route our caravans
another way.
But the land in question
belongs to Baghdad.
The land in question is only
sand and has ever been in doubt.
Let Basra keep the sand, Jafar, for
war brings only sorrow and violence.
Let go, fool! Let be!
Hold still, crimson plague!
Behold the conquering hero
subduing a helpless girl!
Khairuzan, now what mischief
inspires you?
No mischief of mine, Father,
but of those in the streets who
set loose tongues against you.
So, you have been about the
city again against my orders.
Look at you. You look like
all the jinns of Gehenna.
I go among my people
only to learn the truth.
Is there harm in this?
Is brawling with rabble
fit for the Princess?
Such acts are aid to a riot.
A princess would have
no need of these acts
if your idle son did his duty and
struck down my father's defamers.
My son protects the Princess.
Protects me?
He demolishes me!
You are too impetuous.
Impetuous fails to describe
such conduct.
The Princess' contempt
for holy laws,
her behaving like a country
wench incites the people,
destroys faith in the throne,
opens the door to rebellion.
Jafar speaks wisdom,
my daughter.
I command that the Princess
Khairuzan be confined to the palace.
I charge you, Captain Hadi,
with full responsibility.
As you desire,
O Caliph.
I would have a word in private
with you, Prince of True Believers.
If you mean Basra,
there will be no war.
It was the Princess
I had in mind.
The Princess is no longer a child
who can be curbed by confinement.
True. She has grown
into womanhood suddenly.
We did not properly
perceive it.
Perchance the answer
might be in marriage?
Marriage? For Khairuzan?
It's said that marriage
calms the tempestuous nature.
He who now watches over her as his
charge would cherish her as his wife.
Granted my son is not
gifted in speech Ol Man nelS,
but he is of noble birth and
as a warrior, second to none.
Your thought indeed has merit.
I shall speak to Khairuzan.
Perhaps it shall be arranged.
If one's son be not wise,
let him at least be tall.
What is amiss?
I incite a riot.
You interfere.
It was the foolish princess.
Enough, it is done,
and the Basra incident
avails us nothing.
What can be gained
from a strip of desert waste?
What stupidity.
It's to undermine the Caliph,
to take power in our own hands
that I provoke these troubles,
not for a parcel of sand.
But I'm wasting words.
Hearken now to this.
The Caliph will soon consent
to your marrying Khairuzan.
Me marry
that snarling infant?
Ten thousand devils, no!
And why not?
Should some unfortunate
calamity overtake her father,
who knows where you might be
with her as your wife?
She has great riches.
And should she also suffer
mortal accident...
I could even then be Caliph!
Your keen perceptions
humble me.
Caliph of Baghdad!
Perhaps Basra conquered.
The world in the palm
of my hand.
Our hands, tall son.
Our hands.
All right, say it.
A plague upon me.
I'm a thankless pest.
I did not think that,
Almighty Allah, how could you
impose such a life upon us?
While men are permitted
to roam, to live,
we are imprisoned
in a harem.
Oh, there must be
so many lands to see.
Lands more beautiful
than poets can say,
and wonders unheard of
in Baghdad.
Oh compassionate Allah,
how I would like to see
for myself.
Why the laughter?
Pray let us all hear.
We could do with some
amusement this day.
It is not of my invention.
Come, come. Out with it.
'Twas told me by the eunuch
who heard it from the guard...
Who heard it from his captain...
Who was so informed by Hadi...
Who was told it by Jafar... Who
conferred yesterday with the Caliph.
Heaven help us.
Not who but what?
Hadi is to marry
the Princess Khairuzan.
What did I hear?
It's true, O Princess.
All know it now.
In truth, my father
has forsaken me.
To be pawned off like...
Like a sick camel!
Let me out!
Let me out, do you hear?
Let me out!
Slaughter! Riot! Guards,
guards, guards, guards!
What is amiss?
The Princess! The Princess!
Let me out!
Be quick. Call Hadi.
Princess, Princess!
Where does one seek an
appointment with the vizier?
Tie your horse with the others
and join in line.
Your Highness.
Captain Hadi. Captain Hadi!
Captain. Captain Hadi!
She stole my cloak. She
stole my cloak! And his hat.
There she is. There!
It is the Princess.
Shehada, my horse!
Let go, leech!
Let... Help me!
All I want here is my own
horse. Nothing is yours but this.
O merciful one,
do not leave me.
I am no protector of thieves.
Oh, to me you could be
the protector of all Islam.
You've defeated the greatest
swordsman in all the land.
Keep your thieving hands
to yourself.
Oh, I swear I will
if you'll take me with you.
Protect me from
the cruelest of masters.
You're a slave, then?
Beaten unmercifully,
and often starved.
Very well.
May Allah the Beneficent
bring you great fortune,
and may he bless you
with many more children?
I have no children.
Well, blessings upon your
wife, then, kind stranger.
May she have many children.
I have no wife.
Sit still!
You're troubled, master?
Perhaps I can help.
As you have helped me miss
an audience with the vizier?
An audience with the vizier?
Because, plague of curiosity, I
have a cause to plead for my people.
What is the cause?
It's not your concern!
You do not look
ill-treated or starved.
Well, that... That is
because I recover quickly.
You not only steal,
but lie in the bargain.
You know, for one so young,
you certainly possess
some remarkable talents
and should be cured of them
with a horsewhip.
What will you do with me?
I do not know yet.
Get down, boy.
Run along now.
Attend to your many mischiefs.
But you promised
to protect me.
Why, you should exercise, boy.
You're as soft as a woman.
It's a family trait.
I'm more like my mother
than my father.
Attach yourself
to some other man,
one with less
important things to do.
We are on the threshold of
a great discovery, my friend.
You have learned
of the sword, then?
Yes, but only in part.
I believe it is the fateful Sword of
Damascus that has come into our hands.
From the allusions
in the ancient records,
I have no doubt that the
sword is the magic weapon.
What of the inscriptions?
You know them now?
Only the more recent one.
"Let him who can unsheathe
this sword
"claim any crown
as his reward. "
Claim any crown.
Magic beyond my dreams!
Not so fast, my friend.
Perhaps it is not you
the inscription refers to.
See? I, too, can unsheathe
the sword from its scabbard.
Yes, but for me, the sword
has already proved its magic.
It has made me invincible.
Yes. Today I fought a man,
and his blade clove my neck.
Not even a scratch.
It is true.
This must be the magic
Sword of Damascus.
Immune and invincible.
While I hold this sword,
no danger can ever harm me.
Wait, let me see.
I read something last night.
Where did I put it?
Here it is.
According to this record,
the tyrant, Es Segri,
was the last known
owner of the sword.
He died 300 years ago.
I am not certain, but this speaks
of his death through rebellion.
Then the bones we found...
Might have been the tyrant's whom
the Sword of Damascus betrayed.
But if it failed to protect
Es Segri
yet keeps me from injury,
how can we trust it?
Until I translate the second
legend, we shall not know.
Meantime, beware.
As wielder of the sword, I
can only obey its interpreter.
Leave the sword with me.
The second tracing proved
faint. I'll have to make another.
Until later, friend.
Still here, son?
I thought you'd be gone by now,
starved one, getting your belly full.
I couldn't. This is coin of Basra.
It's not acceptable in Baghdad.
Why, so it is. So it is.
I have an idea.
You and I shall dine together.
Why, thank you, kind master.
And after that,
we shall go wenching.
We shall get
two pretty wenches,
a young one for you and a
slightly older one for myself.
Kind sir, I have
no desire for a wench.
You what?
I mean...
Well, as you can see, I'm...
I'm still a beardless youth.
Aye, a beardless youth, with
skin as soft as a woman's cheek.
But, when I was your age,
I had already tasted the nectar that
lies in the kiss of a pretty damsel.
Well, let us
only dine tonight.
Next time I shall bring
my own wench.
Your own wench?
Well! Spoken like a man.
I knew you were a girl,
but I had no idea that...
The last time I saw you, the
guards were taking you away.
If the guards recognize me now,
they'll be taking me away again.
Then, my horse isn't
the only thing you've stolen?
Stolen! Why, I...
Who speaks of stealing?
It was said in jest.
In jest?
We shall see what
a search will yield.
Guards, guards!
Move, move!
What has been written
in your book of fate
that brings riot
to follow wherever you go?
You're angry with me.
I should be.
Yet, if heaven knew
of my desire to find you,
I cannot be too angry
if it grants my desire.
You mean
you wanted to find me?
Well, I...
I even bought you
a present.
Oh! It's beautiful!
It's the most wonderful
present I've ever had.
You'd better put back
your disguise.
If you, a girl,
are found here with me,
we'll rot here
in jail forever.
Is this indeed a jail?
It's a paradise to me.
Still I'd best think
how to escape this paradise.
Escape it? Why? Don't you
like being here with me?
Must I like being
here with you in jail?
What difference where,
if, as you say,
you were happy to find me.
Well, I was happy
to find you.
Well, that's not what you said.
You said you wished to escape.
Heaven aid me,
is there no end to your folly?
So, now you think me a fool?
Well, what else shall I think
when you speak like a fool?
Perhaps it would have been
better if you hadn't found me.
Well, perhaps it would. At
least I wouldn't be in jail now.
Stubborn fool. Jail is
better than you deserve.
This is my reward
for pitying you.
So, now it's pity!
When all I asked for
was a little protection.
I wouldn't protect you
for all the gold in Baghdad.
You haven't the brains!
Stop screaming.
You'll probably bring
more trouble. I won't.
I won't stop screaming.
I won't!
What is this riot?
By heaven, It's a woman!
The lash for you,
betrayer of women.
And I say I will not be bargained
for like a litter of sucklings.
A lame excuse for ignoring
my orders and running away.
Cavorting in male clothing
with a Basranian enemy.
He is not my enemy.
A jackal who abducted my
betrothed. I am not your betrothed.
You, who can be whipped
by any passing traveler.
I can defeat any man
in the land.
It did not seem so when you
lay helpless without your sword.
It was an accident.
Father, have I grown
so distasteful in your sight
that you want me to marry
an accident?
I can bear this no longer.
My son has been dishonored.
I shall redeem myself in Khairuzan's
eyes. Name but the manner of it.
Let there, then, be
a great joust for my hand.
If you should become victor,
Hadi, let that be your redemption.
Only then shall I marry you.
I accept.
Is this truly your wish?
Yes, it is.
Let him whom I marry earn
my consent. It's done then.
Since Hadi is one of my suitors,
he cannot remain my guard.
It's true it would not be
proper. I shall choose my own.
The Basranian, Harun.
Oh, I'm sure it will promote
sympathy and understanding
between Basra and Baghdad.
An excellent idea.
Let it be so arranged.
Have I gone mad?
So, you refuse to protect me?
In Baghdad
we keep our promises.
Behold him, Bakhamra.
Victor over Hadi.
Rescuer of
the Princess Khairuzan.
I admit that was a mistake.
You have important business in
Baghdad. I wish to know what it is.
It is not for a willful girl.
My business is with
the Caliph or the vizier.
It isn't now.
You see, you fought with
the vizier's son,
and you abducted
the Caliph's daughter.
Abducted her?
No one in Basra
would be gifted with her.
It was difficult to preserve
your head on your shoulders.
I managed, however,
to reduce your punishment.
To one more suitable
to your purpose, no doubt.
You shall serve in the Guard
as my personal attendant.
I would rather lose my head.
That can be arranged, too,
at some other time.
Now, settle your affairs
and report in the morning.
Didn't I handle him well?
Isn't he wonderful?
But, yes,
O Princess. Handsome.
And he will joust for me, too.
You will see.
You think
he can best Hadi twice?
Twice or a thousand times! It was
for him that I contrived the joust.
I have learned that he
carries a magic weapon.
The invincible
Sword of Damascus!
A magic sword.
You are certain?
And for certain the prize goose
is now beyond your selfish grasp.
So, that, then, is how I was
beaten. The treacherous dog!
Is no one to be trusted?
You must help me plan some
action to foil this scheme.
And help you
to wed Khairuzan?
Marriage to her
is only a convenience.
When I take the throne,
shall I not have beside me
the woman of my choice?
If your words were
in truth from your heart.
You must help me
obtain the magic weapon.
And if I do?
You shall not regret it. I swear.
What foolishness is this?
This foolishness has gained
me useful information.
The Basranian defeated me
with a magic sword.
In truth, a magic sword
or superstitious rumor?
Do not always brand me stupid.
I have seen the sword in action.
Unless I can acquire it,
we may lose the joust.
Leave such matters
to me, tall son.
They cannot be attacked
with the clumsiness of a bull
but rather handled
with the cunning of a serpent.
A prisoner in the Guard.
My own purpose forsaken.
Calm yourself.
Being in the palace
may suit your purpose better.
Look at this.
I have etched the first inscription here so
that your children and your grandchildren...
I shall have no children!
Have you, then, given up
the purchase of trinkets?
Having learned
of women's mischief, yes.
But for such mischief,
the race would soon end.
Well, I refuse to share in it.
You might as easily refuse the
embrace of a boa constrictor
which has you in its grasp.
And is not the clutch of a reckless
woman like the embrace of a snake?
From the day of our birth,
we're ruled by their tyranny.
They beat us into dull submission
when we're small and curious
and then beat us in turn
when we display no wit.
We submit, helpless, helpless,
awaiting manhood.
And then what happens?
A woman crosses your path,
pretending helplessness. She traps you
to guard her, marry her, provide for her.
The whole ghastly tyranny
of childhood repeats itself.
Harun, spoken like a man,
but a very young man.
Well, must I cross
through the mud?
And don't drop anything,
My experience as a mule
is limited.
I should say your experience
as anything is limited.
Is this where we stop?
There are my friends.
Now you see why I go through the city to
the dismay of my father and the vizier.
Here You see,
I have not forgotten you.
Take this and buy that shop
about which we spoke before.
Is he your husband?
No, Aschia, he's not.
Then, why does he
stare at you like that?
I don't think he likes me.
I think he does.
He is just playing a game.
Well, we have
many other places to visit.
"Hear, O true believers!
"It's my will as Caliph of Baghdad
"that a joust will be held to
honor the Princess Khairuzan.
"To the victor of this tourney will be
given in marriage the hand of Khairuzan. "
A moment more, Princess. A
portrait to remember this day.
It is gratifying to learn
that women exist
who would permit themselves to be auctioned
off for the price of a slit throat.
No doubt such a savage
spectacle shall provide better
amusement for the Princess
than my melancholy presence.
It will, indeed,
most stubborn of jackasses,
and if any throats are to be slit beyond
repair, pray Allah it could be yours.
Thank you.
Achmed, Prince of Cathay!
With such opposition
as I have seen this past hour,
I shall have no need
of the magic sword.
Let not your might
blind you to reality.
Be not concerned.
My father shall see to Harun.
But why your father?
Why cannot we act alone?
Such words are treason.
Does treason exist
among traitors?
But for me, you would be
ignorant of Khairuzan's scheme.
I trust in your remembrance of
it when your day of triumph dawns.
When victory makes me Caliph,
it shall crown you also.
I rejoice at these words,
for I should dislike to gain the Caliph's
ear before the tourney is ever held.
Did I perceive threat
in the harem wench's words?
She will hold her tongue as
long as she trusts my purpose.
After the tourney,
she will matter no longer.
At last your brain competes
with your muscle.
Now, I have something
to show you.
The sword.
It is but a perfect copy
of the magic weapon.
The serpent has devised
a plan, O Father of cunning.
My son, you have neglected to
honor properly our Basranian guest.
Tonight you shall be host
at a party in his honor.
The Princess seeks a word
with you on the harem terrace.
How came I here?
I've been looking for you,
but I didn't expect
to find you sodden with drink.
I don't understand.
I drank no wine,
and I smoked only a little.
The guard. We mustn't be seen
here. Come, help me return.
Have you seen those
that compete for my hand?
It is of your own making.
Are there no men
left in Islam?
What ails those
that come to joust?
They are illustrious princes who will
provide you with a noble marriage.
A maid betrothed needs more than
just nobility to fulfill her dreams.
Why do not others come forth?
Especially those who have
proven their ability to win.
Perhaps such men are not of noble
birth to aspire to a princess.
Then, such men are fools,
for a princess knows that
nobility does not come by birth.
Yet, a man would be
less than a man
if he bestow naught
but himself upon a princess.
And less a man
if he deny her desire.
Would you wish to marry
a commoner?
I would wish for a man
to take what is his.
What a fool I've been.
Had I but known her true self.
The grip of the boa
is tightening.
She is the fairest of
all the fair of Islam.
She has made me the happiest of men
and yet, at the same
time, the most miserable.
Only a woman can create such an
improbable condition in a man.
Come here
and see what I have.
And what is wrong with women?
Do they not save us from hunger
and danger when we are young?
Do they not teach us
good from evil?
Do they not bear our children,
serve our needs,
weep in our sorrow
and exult in our joy?
Heaven is indeed merciful to
have devised such a glorious fate.
Spoken like a man,
but a much older man.
I must enlist in the joust.
Having learned the truth,
I cannot live without her.
Harun, if I had a son, he
would have been one such as you.
Yet, I must say to
you, do not joust. Why?
Does not the sword promise
a crown as reward?
I have at last translated
the second legend.
Here it is.
"My true reward shall given be
from grave of stone mysteriously. "
It chills my blood.
I shall not forsake Khairuzan
because of that.
I warn you, change your course
from these
to the Princess now,
and the sword may fail you.
I came here on a mission which led me
to the sword and from the sword to her.
Each cause equally mine, and by heaven,
when that joust begins, I shall be there.
Harun is entered on the list.
Have you tested the magic weapon?
It seems like
any other sword to me.
Now, hark ye,
should this Basranian triumph,
all would be ruined.
Should the magic sword not work...
It is enough he is without it.
Khairuzan, come.
The infant grows more comely.
Give me not fresh irritation.
When you are Caliph, you'll
have a carpet of maidens.
You jest, Your Excellency.
My scarf to carry to victory.
Hark ye! Hark ye!
"By proclamation of the Caliph,
"this joust shall be held in accordance
"with the age-old
traditions of ancient Persia.
"Each contestant will
first choose a color
"which will determine
the order of his fighting.
"After the colors are chosen,
"each contestant will return to his tent
"to await commencement of the joust. "
"Each contestant will now enter the ring
"as his chosen color is
drawn and raised aloft.
"All contestants will
vie simultaneously,
"the last man remaining on his horse
"to claim the hand of
Princess Khairuzan!"
The people cheer for your happiness.
Acknowledge them with happiness.
Khairuzan, we have given
our word. Stand by it.
You should've seen it,
my Princess.
There was never
a sight more regal
than Hadi signing the parchment
with which to claim his bride.
It's best you have not
seen him since the joust.
Hadi's yearning
will be even greater
when he beholds you
beneath the bridal veil.
What happened, Barcus?
What happened?
Perhaps the sword knew better than you
that your destiny was not with Khairuzan.
Yet, the sword itself
seemed to lead me to her.
Or perhaps
it only appeared so.
Harun, have you forgotten the
cause which brought you here?
In this, the sword
was with you.
No, I've not forgotten.
I shall pursue my mission.
The inscriptions on the blade,
they're gone.
Gone? It's impossible.
What black magic is this?
I smoked but little keefa.
I was drunk without drinking.
I dreamed of her taking it, yet
awoke mysteriously before her.
What are you saying?
This is why I lost.
We've been robbed
of the real sword.
But Khairuzan?
I cannot believe it.
I'll soon find out.
Wait here for me, Barcus.
I shall learn if she's guilty.
It's said your husband must
eat these from your fingers
to assure the early
coming of an heir.
Behold how Hadi the Fearless must be
carried to the raptures of his bride.
Think how my bride's rapture
increases as I keep her waiting.
Away! Away!
Are you mad to come here? Your
place is with your mistress.
Why have I not been granted
a small share of your triumph?
Would you have me leave
my friends at my wedding feast
to carouse
with my wife's maid?
But for your wife's maid
you would not celebrate today.
I am certain my father will see to it
that you are rewarded for your services.
Come, wench.
Be gone from my chambers
before I summon the guard!
It's not in my heart
to join him, Father.
I cannot.
You are wed to him, Khairuzan.
You cannot betray your trust.
Why did not Harun win the joust?
I felt so secure in that promise.
You must forget
that passing fancy, Daughter.
Remember, your life belongs
to the people.
Your marriage to Hadi is important
to the welfare of Baghdad.
You have always been given
to much courage.
Use it now as a woman.
Harun, wait.
It's the hand of fate
that brings you here in time.
In time to return this,
my wedding gift.
You... You know, then?
I know this sword to be
as false as her promise.
Whoever has been false to you,
it has not been Khairuzan.
It was Jafar
and Hadi who drugged you.
May Allah reward you.
Your sword!
Guards, guards!
HADl: Guards, guards!
"Let him who can unsheathe
this sword
"claim any crown
as his reward. "
I am indeed
in the Almighty's favor.
A most fortunate circumstance.
You wished to meddle
in Khairuzan's life.
Your wish
shall be fully granted.
You will, in truth,
be executed
for the murders of the
Caliph and the Princess.
No one could seek more
prominence than that.
An enemy from Basra caught in the
palace. The royal family murdered.
Think how Baghdad will rise
to avenge such murder
with bloody destruction
against your homeland.
This is how you repay my
faith and my trust. Arrest him!
After them!
There they are.
Give me your cape. Quickly.
Under the boat.
They must be here somewhere.
Seek them out.
There they are. After them!
Bring them back!
No, Youssef.
One boat is enough.
Look, Captain, it seems they've
given their souls to Allah.
Back to the palace.
Our poor people.
What a fate awaits them from
the murderers of my father.
And mine.
But we are together.
And if fate wills,
we shall stay together.
Well done, Sherkan.
But are you certain
of their fate?
Have no doubt, illustrious one.
After our volley, no one survived.
Long live Caliph Hadi!
Whose courageous rule
shall raise Baghdad's glories
to undreamed-of splendors.
Go forth
and proclaim his reign.
Rouse the people
round Hadi's name.
Persuade them in devotion
to our cause.
The harvest of our efforts
now begins.
Basra shall be
only our first conquest.
My treasury will bulge when
Baghdad's new armies march forth.
Our treasury.
'Twas good fortune that sent the
young Basra fool here with this sword
to reward us with the crown.
"Let him who can unsheathe
this sword
"claim any crown... "
No, no!
This cannot be so.
It's but a horrible dream!
Fool, help me!
It's to no avail.
I cannot move it.
We must. We must.
Do you not grasp the prophecy?
We cannot claim the throne
till first we wrest the sword
from this accursed sheath!
I have not schemed and murdered to
be foiled by that piece of trash.
Caliph you are.
Caliph you will remain.
Bring in magicians,
strong men, fakirs, thieves!
10,OOO dinars to the one
who can unsheathe the sword!
Who's there?
The city is in a turmoil.
It is said that the Caliph and
Khairuzan were murdered by Harun,
and he, too,
was slain while escaping.
Hadi has claimed the throne
and prepares to attack Basra.
What of the sword?
It is still in the wall.
None can move it.
The second prophecy,
"Grave of Stone. "
I must get to the sword.
Do not trust
that prophecy of doom.
It did not fail me
in the joust, remember?
Please, it's too dangerous
for you alone.
Why not let me arouse
the loyal among my people?
No. The patrols would discover
you. We must trust the sword.
It has led me to Jafar
and the amulets I followed.
Then, wait for tonight. Go to
Bakhamra. I'll tell you how.
We'll need disguises,
You would not desert me now.
The army is in readiness to move
on Basra. The men grow impatient.
Take him away.
Bring on another.
It's enough.
We dare not move until this
accursed sword is unsheathed.
Who goes there?
Secondhand clothing for sale.
Be off!
Secondhand clothing...
He's gone.
You heard me, peddler.
Now, be gone!
Secondhand uniform for sale.
It is I, Harun.
Where is my mistress?
Can you be trusted?
I swear to you
I want only to serve her.
Lead me to the sword, and
I'll tell you where she is.
Halt, peddler!
Did you not hear us? What do
you want from a poor merchant?
Those are only goods I
brought home for sale.
I am Barcus!
Take him to the palace.
No. Please don't take me.
I can't leave my shop. Who's
going to take care of my canary?
Alas, it can never be yours.
Jafar leaves
naught to fortune.
Look yonder.
I must try it,
come what may.
Go to the Princess, Bakhamra.
I'll tell you where.
Idiot! Impostor!
Jackal! Out of my sight!
Clear the throne room!
Batter down the house!
Bring in the ram!
Batter it loose!
Accursed sword,
can nothing move you?
Donkeys! Imbeciles!
Dogs, out, out!
Charlatan, away with him!
Time, Excellency!
Away with him!
Be gone!
Barcus, the slave.
Friend of Harun.
Murdered a guard, huh?
You are in trouble, sire.
Perhaps you will allow
a poor Greek mathematician...
You are no killer of soldiers.
Could it be?
Could be.
Perhaps they're alive.
Fools, return.
Search his house. Meantime,
take him to the torture chamber.
I'll question him later. The
rack may loosen his tongue.
What beggar is this?
The Basranian murderer!
Guards, guards!
Bring him down!
After him!
Order the guards!
Archers! Archers!
Clear for the archers!
The palace is besieged!
Jafar, Prince of Treason,
I claim my royal right.
Strike down the invaders!
With the Sword of Damascus,
we restore our lives
to former peace.
Upon him who saved us,
I bestow the title El Raschid,
he who follows
the righteous cause.
Long live Harun, El Raschid.