The Golden Fortress (1974) Movie Script

Listen, listen, are you listening?
Again, again...
Alas, what has happened to our child?
He's not sleeping and never smiles anymore.
Son, aren't you going to sleep tonight?
Everyone is sleeping, won't you?
I'm drawing pictures.
Ok, but draw them in the morning, you'll
catch cold at night.
I'm drawing a peacock.
I have seen a peacock before.
This is a camel. We used to have camels at
our house.
This is my house. I am standing in front of
my house.
This is a picture of a war. I have seen that
And this is the golden fort.
(The Golden Fortress)
Soumitra Chattopadhaya
Sidhartha Chatterjee, Kushal Chackraborty,
Shantanu Bagchi
Shantosh Dutta
Camera: Soumendu Roy
Editor: Dulal Dutta
Art Direction: Ashoke Bose
Produced by West Bengal Government
Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction:
Satyajit Ray
Alright, when did you first notice this
Since the last two or three months.
Did you notice if this occurrence happens at
a specific time?
His mind is always somewhere else.
I can't seem to send him to school,
and his mind is never on his studies.
He's always thinking and drawing pictures
of where he claims he was born.
Have you seen these specific forts,
mountains, camels etc, of which he speaks?
I used to be there.
Do you remember when you were there?
And this war, bows, arrows and swords... did
you see all this?
I saw it.
Did you fight in the war yourself?
I was a child then.
And, when you grew up?
I have not grown up.
What was your father? A King?
The King was someone else.
So... your Dad?
I used to have a ring on my finger.
A ring, like this?
I have seen stones.
Stones? What kind of stones?
Red, blue, yellow... all kinds of them.
Were they expensive stones?
Did they shine and sparkle?
Yes, they did.
These are new things he's saying.
Where were these stones? At your house?
Were you rich? Did you have a big house?
No, a small house.
Where were these stones kept? In a safe?
Or were they secretly underground?
I don't think he remembers everything.
Sometimes he remembers certain things
and he says them.
Is he ok with Dr. Hajra taking him
to Rajasthan?
Why don't you ask him?
Do you want to go with the Doctor
to Rajasthan?
I want to see the golden fort.
Doctor Uncle will show it to me.
Say cheese.
Smile... if you smile
the picture will be better.
I do not feel like smiling.
There is no doubt that
all of the precious
stones that Mukul speaks of
were secretly kept in his house.
Hello... Hello?!
Hold on Mister.
This is Mr. Bose speaking.
What is this concerning?
Did you read the newspaper this morning?
You should read it.
What's in it?
On the last page, towards the end.
It's a good opportunity,
if we can invest wisely, we'll get rich.
Tell me in detail.
You read it, and I'll call you
after 10 minutes.
And listen, you should not shout like this,
it's a public telephone.
It's been 20 minutes already.
Hold on Mister. You should not be
impatient in this matter.
It's a golden opportunity.
Get out the picture... get it out.
Similar forehead... nose... hair.
Hey kid, turn your
face towards us more...
Darn it!
Mukul, look at that kite... there it is!
Could you tell us where 7 Jatindas Lane is?
7? That's the Phatik Family's house.
Could you show us where it is?
We're from Beluchisthan,
we're unfamiliar with Calcutta's streets.
Ok, Let's go.
Hello, does Prodosh Mitra live here?
Yes, do come in.
Please sit down.
He's here.
You have to wait
another three and a half minutes
What is this? Why are you in such a hurry?
Go slow, otherwise you'll choke!
You see? He did not finish his milk.
He thinks that Phelu's clients
are also his clients.
Does that make any sense? God knows what
these two are up to now.
Our family is filled
with adventurous people.
I've never seen you be adventurous.
I'm the black sheep of
the family... but think
of my two elder brothers.
The middle one could take out
baby foxes from their holes
with his bare hand... when
he was only 10.
It is not a surprise that his son, is Phelu.
But I'm worried about his schooling
and education.
Is there a teacher like Phelu
at that school, though?
Greetings, you are...?
Yes, please be seated.
My name is Sudeep Dhar.
I own a bookstore on College Street.
Kailash Chowdhury is a frequent buyer and
had good things to say about you.
He referred me your name.
On what matter?
The matter being... have you seen this
Yes, I noticed... Is Mukul your...?
Yes, he's my youngest son.
He's very famous now. Is all of what he's
saying true?
Can he really remember his past life?
We don't understand it very much, but Dr.
Hajra says...
This Dr. Hajra... you mean,
Dr. H. Hajra the parapsychologist
who just came back from Canada?
We met at the store.
He has talked about going to Rajasthan?
Oh yes, they already left.
Left already?
They left yesterday morning by train,
staying over one day in Delhi.
Do you think they went to Jodhpur?
Yes, exactly!
Yes, Jodhpur is a possibility,
because it has forts and sand.
Yes, researching parapsychology
with Mukul along
one may come to know
about many things.
Well, since you're in
the book business,
you don't have any specific
picture books on Rajasthan?
It may be possible that by looking
at those picture books, your child is
imagining his drawing and making
up a story about a past life.
In a child's mind, they can have some
strange ways of imagining.
Yes, I understand all that.
But I cannot understand
why he draws pictures
in the middle of the night.
In the middle of the night?
Yes, even at 2 or 3 AM!
And the minute Dr. Hajra
proposed to show him
the golden fort, he agreed!
The same little boy who
is so attached to his parents
in a second agreed
to go off with a stranger.
In fact, we're sad to say
that during the last couple months,
we do not even know
who he is anymore.
He did not used to be like this,
he was very normal.
Do you think he's not normal anymore?
No, no no! Our problem is different
... it has become so severe
that we've lost sleep over this.
Is that related to the treasure
he mentioned?
Yes, you're exactly right.
Printing it in the paper has made it worse.
He gave a statement to the paper
about the treasure though.
Yes, he did report the treasure
was in his own home.
But the paintings of the houses
are very ordinary.
Ok, go on.
Another problem is that in our
neighbourhood there is another child
named Mukul who is my son's age
and he was kidnapped yesterday.
Inside the neighborhood?
Yes and they returned him just this morning.
So you're afraid that
they will kidnap the real Mukul.
Did this other Mukul tell the kidnappers
where your son has gone?
I'm not sure. When they returned the child,
he was unconscious
and a newspaper boy recognized him
and notified his parents.
When I heard the news,
I came immediately to you.
I know that this is probably outrageous
for an ordinary man like me
to come to a person like you,
but if you're willing to go
there, I'll pay for your costs.
Do you have a telephone?
Yes, in my bookstore.
If you call me after 10:00 AM,
you can reach me.
Ok, I will let you know by this afternoon.
How can I thank you?
I haven't decided yet,
so don't say anything.
Even telling you my story makes me grateful.
Tufan Express will leave
from Platform 8 at 9:35 PM.
Ok, our names are listed...
Mr. M. Bose and A. N. Barman.
The study of parapsychology deals with
understanding the abstract
thinking of human mind.
Suppose, you are
thinking of an old friend
and immediately you receive
a phone call, and it's from him.
People will say it's an accident,
but a parapsychologist
would explain it as telepathy.
It is because of mental telepathy that your
friend has called you.
If you're thinking that we're going to
Rajasthan on this case,
and that you can get out of school
for this, you're wrong.
You will definitely take this case.
How do you know?
Oh... smart aleck, do you even know how
much work there is?
First of all, we have to create
a small budget.
This guy isn't as rich
as Mr. Chowdhury was.
He's not well off like my other clients
who would write me
thousands of rupees
of checks in a second.
Probably, some money from my pocket
will go too.
You always say that money isn't everything.
It isn't, but to save a
6 year old boy like this,
some money has to be
invested in this matter.
I feel I have to bear the costs.
Costs include booking tickets,
changing trains,
overnight hotels, picking up
warm clothes from our laundry,
it's very cold there and
we also have to go to Sidhu Uncle's House.
I need information regarding
a person named Hemango Hajra.
10 years ago, he was involved
in some kind of mess.
In what matter?
I don't remember. That's why I need
to go to him for information.
In 1962, in Allahabad,
a man dressed up
as a fake Swami
named Bhabhananda
and fooled many people
by hypnotizing them.
He opened up a false
business claiming to
cure any disease, exactly as it
happened in 18th century Europe.
Himango Hajra went to Allahabad
to visit them.
So he caught them in their false business?
Yes, as a result, Babhananda Swami fled
with his disciple immediately.
Now I remember.
Does this have anything to do with that kid,
Mukul Dhar?
Thank God you did not become a detective,
otherwise, I'd be out of a job.
If I wanted, I could have done many things.
I kept my mind open to
new possibilities
and that keeps me going.
You're meddling in
people's dark matters,
but you need to keep your spirits high.
I've also kept my mind open.
Who was William James Hirschle?
He was an English ICS officer
posted in Bengal.
In 1880, he was the first
to publish an article
in 'Nature' Journal about how criminals
could be caught with fingerprints.
Bravo, Bravo!
Give me your hand.
Live long and prosper,
my child.
How do you like this Fort, Mukul?
This is not my golden fort.
Do you know what this place is?
Do you remember the place where your
golden fort was? Try to remember.
No, I don't remember.
Come here, child.
They have all come to
meet with you... they
are good people. Look what
they have brought for you.
Since you are so brave,
I'm giving you this gift.
Great, look what's in here... a pistol.
Be careful, there are bullets inside.
Are you happy?
Now, tell them what
they have come here to ask you.
Well, I'll tell you what happened.
Last night, he was playing in the
neighboring alley
and went to get the ball
used in his slingshot.
Neelu, my friend, told me to get it.
Yes, Neelu said...
Where was Neelu?
On the roof.
He called you by your name?
Yes, after that, a car came nearby him.
No, a plain car... black.
Two men came out of the car, and told him
to point out a house.
The Phatik's house.
How did the two men look?
They had beards.
Both of them?
Yes... and they said they came from
Lies... all lies.
They covered my eyes and mouth
and took me to a house.
Then they asked,
"Where is the golden fort?"
I told them, I did not know, but Mukul does.
Then they asked me what my name was.
I told them my name was Mukul too.
Then they said "mistake, mistake".
After that, they asked where
the other Mukul was.
I said that he had gone away.
They asked "where?"
I told them "Jaipur".
You told them Jaipur?
No, no, Jodhpur.
After that, they gave me a glass of milk.
I told them that I do not drink milk.
Then they forcefully opened my mouth and
fed it to me.
After that, I started feeling sleepy.
Do you see why we are fearful?
Here you go, this is
Dr. Hajra's business card.
I have written two lines on the back of it.
Great, that is a wise decision...
and telegram?
That has all been
arranged... when you reach
there, send me a telegram.
"Arriving Jodhpur on the 11th,
to ensure
Mukul's safety against
possible criminal activity".
Additionally, I added a "Regards" as well.
It is not what you are thinking.
Mukul, do you want to eat something?
I have your food with me.
I eat bread.
Round and thick.
Do you eat them now,
or did you use to eat it?
I used to.
Who used to make them? Your mother?
Heh Heh!
You rolled a 5, how did you climb the
What do you mean 5? I thought it was a 4.
Do my eyes have cataracts now?
No, you've drank too much, fix that instead.
Now slide back down again.
Tell me Mukul, did you used to have treasure
at your house?
You told the reporters that you had hidden
treasure at your house.
No I didn't.
You didn't say that?
Your house did not have red, blue etc
Yes there was. My father used to break
You mean carve stones that would be used
to create jewelry?
Oh I see. A jewelry maker... a gem cutter.
I'm going outside to the corridor.
Go ahead.
It's over now, you've been gulped by the
snake. What happened?
I'll be right back.
Ok, just don't be late,
we have to play Ludo.
Excuse me.
Start your trick now!
Mukul, would you like
to see a magic trick?
What magic?
I have more... watch again.
You're going to see the golden fort,
I presume?
Your fort is in Jodhpur, right?
I don't know.
He doesn't know.
Expensive stones?
Diamonds, rubies, emeralds?
What's in that bottle?
A shake made of cane sugar,
have you ever tasted it?
I'm going now.
I'll accompany you back.
Where did he go?
The man who showed me a magic trick.
Wow, in this short time, you saw a magic
Sit down, now you have to eat.
Oh no!
What happened?
This is that same Hajra that we know.
So what?
One more glance and he could have
recognised me.
So? That was a long time ago!
Back in 1962, we had
long beards and longer hair.
I was even wearing a big apron.
Oh... I didn't even think about that!
Of course you didn't!
We have to soon get this boy
into our grasp,
and then we'll get rid of Hajra!
Yes! He's harassing us too much!
Do you know how many
different businesses
I've had to change in the past
10 years because of that man?
Yes, yes! At least a couple of hundred.
I don't even have two to three suits!
At least you have your own. Everything
I wear is someone else's.
So give it to me.
We can't go into a war without weapons.
I'm the one that has to do the job.
Who said that you have to kill him with a
First go and become his friend. That is your
first duty
Hold on!
Did you figure out how you will introduce
You don't have to think of those things.
I got a 55 on the Metric Examination.
In what subject?
Here. Look here.
It is better this way.
How do you like it?
You are not only smart in geographical
issues but also in magic.
I learned all this abroad.
Did you take all of your magic tricks with
There isn't a shortage of children in the
world. I'm only glad to make children happy.
You are going to Jodhpur, right?
There's a fort on the way first...
we'll see that, and then go there.
The golden fort?
It could be...
Where is that again?
Jaipur City... Nahargar fort.
I see. In my train compartment
there is a man, Mr. Bagchi,
who is researching about forts.
He was mentioning that name.
We'll reach Jaipur at 7:30, and after we see
the fort, we'll leave in the evening.
I see.
We should leave our things at the station.
We couldn't carry our luggage on our backs
on that long climb
Let's go, Porter.
Topshe, eat this sweet.
The train is delayed and will be arriving
late in Kanpur.
Beautiful scenery!
I'm worried.
Those people perhaps could
be on the same train as Mukul.
They won't do anything to him though.
They won't do anything now, because Mukul
is their key to the treasure.
And Dr. Hajra?
The same people that
kidnapped a 7 year old kid
and left him unconscious
by the side of a road,
won't show mercy on
a 50 year old professor.
Go ahead, sir. What's wrong?
There's something stuck in my shoe.
There isn't a train until the evening.
Did you notice something?
There's another fort.
Look over there.
Way over there!
Take out your binoculars to see it.
This isn't the golden fort! This is another
I agree. Let's leave immediately.
We have to see even more forts
Where is he?
Doctor Uncle?
Did you do a magic trick?
Yes! Magic!
He won't come back?
Crazy! He got scared that the camels here
would kick him!
He's a very irresponsible man!
Then who will show me the golden fort?
Why? We'll show you.
Here's the new Dr. Hajra.
Dr. Hajra come and meet Mukul!
He is also Dr. Hajra?
Yes, yes. There are hundreds of Dr. Hajra's.
I know another Mukul too.
That's great!
Come here.
Be careful, it's imported! Put it here.
Put the luggage under the bench.
Don't whine, this is enough! Go, go!
How far are you both going?
I am also going there.
I want to write a story on Jodhpur.
Something adventurous.
Up to date, I have written 27 adventure
All of them published.
Here you go, this is my latest one.
It is based on characters
who live in the Gobi Desert:
"Daring Villains"
Are you Jatayu?
That's my literary name.
My real name is Lal Mohan Ganguly.
When the evil Ravan kidnapped Sita,
the bird Jatayu came to her rescue.
That's why I use this name.
Do you know how to speak Bengali?
Yes I do, and I know how to speak it too.
Where did you learn?
You can carry on with your Hindi,
it's quite fine.
Darn it, sir!
I'm originally from Garpar, Calcutta.
Do you think I want
to speak Hindi like this?
Look at this! I have a Bengali to Hindi
Dictionary too!
It seems like you've been traveling a lot?
Yes, since December 15th.
I can tell by the colour of your skin
underneath your watchband.
Watch? Wow! You just acted like a
well-trained detective.
Do you read fictional detective novels?
My nephew reads them.
Oh, really?
Yes, I've read many of your books.
Oh really? Name them.
Very good! This is my latest publication.
Here, let me autograph it for you...
what's your name?
Topeshranjan Mitra.
So, sir, let me take down your name and
address since we just met.
Prodosh Mitra. 21, Rajani Sen Road,
Calcutta 70029.
Prodosh Mitra?
Aren't you a renowned swimmer?
Crossed the English Channel?
No, only Dhakuria Lake.
Why are you going to Jodhpur? A vacation?
Something like that.
Your face reminds me of my stories' hero.
Like Mr. Rudra?
Yes, yes... correct.
Height: 6 feet. Chest: 46 inches.
Waist: 32 inches.
Shoulder: 22 inches. Wrist:
8 and a half inches. Does it match?
No? What is your chest size?
Only 26 inches.
Are you a pig?
Your body has no shape then?
Is there a Doctor here?
How much do you know about the Araballi
Mountain Range?
The length is 300 miles.
Height of Mount Abu is 550 feet
and there are very
few trees and only rocks and sand.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm asking about the robbers there.
I heard that too.
My next novel will be based on that.
What do you think?
Write a novel if you want,
but don't get in too deep.
Even if I have this?
This is for self-protection.
I bought it in Nepal.
Do you know how these robbers
punish their enemies?
Chop off their heads?
No, they cut off the nose.
I'll have to write about this then!
But this weapon is really something, huh?
Just ask me how much it costs.
50 rupees and 75 paisa.
The money label is still on the handle
of the souvenir.
You have amazing eyes! I'm impressed.
Would you like to take me
on your adventure?
Can you ride on a camel?
Camel? I have to ride a camel?
Oh my!
The camel is a surprising animal, huh?
It carries its own water
supply in the stomach
and travels miles after
miles in the desert.
I already gave that information in my book.
Did you read that?
Yes, I did in "Adventures in the Sahara".
Did you write that they carry water in their
Yes, this is my 6th edition.
For the 7th edition, you should correct it.
A camel gets its supply
of water by oxidizing
the fat from its hump,
not from the stomach.
Give thanks to god
that you did not break any bones.
Now just rest...
I'll send you food from my home.
The child is in danger, Doctor.
How can I rest now?
Don't you know anyone in Jodhpur?
Once you get to Jodhpur, inform the police
The main problem is my passport, ID,
everything is in my suitcase.
Circuit House.
We have a reservation at Circuit House.
Oh I see.
You need new clothes too.
Could you please give me a local outfit?
You want to wear a Rajasthani outfit?
It will help me disguise myself.
Hey. Help me to move this down.
Are you pocketing all the money for
Be quiet! The money is all with him, there's
nothing here.
Stop dawdling. We have much work to do.
I have to do some serious reading.
Oh I see, I don't get any rewards
for this hard work?
Mukul, what are you singing?
Please sign here, Doctor.
This telegram is for you.
Mukul, let's go.
Are we in the same room?
You have reservations for Mr. Barman and
Mr. Bose, right?
Mr. Barman has thrombosis,
he could not come.
Doctor Uncle did not come?
Send me some tea in my room.
Dr. Hajra!
Here, look at this.
Is this arrival news
of the child's bodyguard?
Bodyguard, Detective, Gecko, whatever.
Or Private Investigator?
Prodosh Mitra... do you know him?
That's not the question. The question is
whether Dr. Hajra knows him.
Then you'll be caught.
Do we have any other alternatives?
And if he doesn't know him?
We're more or less safe.
Still, there will be a chance
of getting caught.
Yes, there is.
The 11th? That means today.
Since they didn't come this morning.
This evening...
Let's see who gets eaten. The Scorpion or
the Gecko?
What are you thinking?
I have an empty bottle in my room.
Are you planning to catch this scorpion?
You'll catch it.
Do you know how dangerous it is?
Do you want to share half of the property we
get or not?
Ok, give me the bottle.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
Do exactly as I told you,
take care of yourself
and I wish you good luck.
Thank you, Doctor.
Wonderful tea!
The tea is ordinary, but the milk is exotic,
probably from a camel.
Camel? Amazing animal!
Highly suspicious.
Taxi, sir?
Yes, Circuit House.
Pick up the luggage.
Let's go, we'll drop you off.
Ok, but we have to share the price.
Be careful with the luggage.
Please sign here.
Dr. Hajra.
What room is Dr. Hajra in?
Number one.
Where is that room?
The door behind you.
For the sir, room number three.
Should I go with him?
Yes, and take this.
Are you Bengali?
You too?
Someone else is Bengali.
He is a witch doctor.
A specialist in past-life experiences.
Do you have a child with you?
He says he's 750 years old.
I need to speak to him.
He's in room number one.
Greetings. Are you Dr. Hajra?
Did you receive the telegram
from Mr. Sudhir?
But you are?
I am Prodosh Mitra. Here's my card.
I see.
And this is a letter from Mr. Sudhir.
What is the matter?
I'll tell you. Before that, let me acquaint
myself with Mr. Mukul.
Look, your two friends are here.
I'm Phelu and this is Topshe.
What are you drawing, Mukul?
The golden fort.
Come, sit down.
Come on my dear scorpion.
You haven't noticed anything out of the
No, not really. I did not know
in this detail about the child.
It's ok, I'm here.
If anything strange
happens, let me know.
It is my main responsibility.
So you were in Allahabad?
I heard how you captured
that fake Swami there.
It's a long story.
Did you go out today?
I took him to see another fort today but he
didn't want to get out of the car even.
I see you have some sand in your shoes.
What is Nahargarh?
There was sand at Nahargarh.
Nahargarh? The Fort near Jaipur?
Since we had to come through Jaipur,
we decided to show him a Fort there.
Then you changed trains to go there?
Yes, we went in the morning, and in the
evening came back.
The bad guy vanished.
Which bad guy, Mukul?
The bad guy who is afraid of camels.
And you? You get scared
looking at camels too.
I've ridden on camels though.
At my house we had camels.
I'm not sure when he transitions from his
past life to present
What's your plan tomorrow?
We're going to Bekaner fort.
That's my only duty.
Ok, we'll accompany you.
Can I borrow this parapsychology journal?
Let's go, Topshe.
One more thing, who is the other Bengali
person in this Circuit House?
You, Mukul, and I,
and Mr. Bose, the globetrotter
Oh, you mean the person we met outside?
He's a globetrotter?
Interesting, I'll see you later.
Serious, isn't he?
You're talking about Mukul?
Yes, he didn't talk to me at all.
He's not in a normal state of mind.
He's in a confused state.
As long as he's in this
mind frame,
it will be hard
to understand him.
Leaving his family behind,
1400 miles apart...
and with a complete stranger
searching for his golden fort.
Why does he speak of this fort so much?
Is it really made of gold?
I don't think anything exists like that.
We have to think cleverly about this.
As people state,
"golden boy"
or "golden Bengal"
or "golden crops".
Are they all made of real gold though?
Those people didn't come here yet.
Perhaps they didn't
get a train reservation
or they are staying somewhere else.
What if they don't come at all?
We're free from worries.
Call the attendee.
Topshe, come and see.
You won't see such a
dangerous creature from
a close range like this again.
Look at the hook on its tail.
What if it bites?
Extremely poisonous. Children or elders can
die. Younger people become half-dead.
Get the door.
How did this get into the room?
I'm not sure.
Make sure this is gone
and bring me a clean glass, please.
What happened? I heard some noise here.
Look at this.
Oh my god! It's a scorpion!
Yes, pure Indian scorpion.
Wow. And you're here on vacation right?
It looks like the start
of your vacation is not auspicious.
Sit down, sir.
So you're a globetrotter?
You already know about me?
Which places have you been?
Which places have I been?
Where haven't I been is the question.
I left home at age 16,
and since last October,
after 26 years I've been home.
I'm surprised your Bengali accent hasn't
changed much though.
You can lose your Bengali accent in three
months if you wanted... However,
if you wanted to keep it,
it could last the rest of your life.
I have connections with Bengalis
since I used to trade in ivory
in Kenya with one Bengali partner.
You are going to Bekaner tomorrow, right?
Why don't you come with us?
If there's a big group, then I can go.
Are you coming to dinner?
Yes, definitely.
I'll see you then.
Now let's see whether my room is safe.
The person who has returned to India after
26 years. Did you see his shoe brand?
Isn't that from Indian 'Bata' company?
Yes, of course.
I wouldn't be surprised if his jacket
is from the street stores of Calcutta.
What do you mean?
We have to keep an eye on him.
Topshe, get out the torch.
The problems start here, Topshe.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Are you still ok?
Nothing has happened, yet.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
The taxi is ready for you, sir
Good. Send this telegram by express mail.
Let's see what you're carrying.
Ok, go put it in the car.
Good morning!
Good morning
Is this your disguise?
Great place this is...
I challenged the hotel manager
to a game and he refused to play.
Lucked out, huh?
Not, you... him.
Let me introduce you.
This is the renowned mystery author,
Lal Mohan Ganguly and this
Mr. Bose, globetrotter.
Wow. I have to get to know you better.
I bet you've had many exciting experiences
in your life.
Except for being the victim of a
cannibal, everything else...
Are we going to see the golden fort today?
Yes, Mukul.
What is that by your ear?
This is a new style.
You didn't know?
Let's go then. Mr. Ganguly and Mr. Bose go
in the same car.
Jodhpur, right?
Not Jodhpur, Bekaner.
Bekaner? That's...
That's where the Fort is.
We'll share the taxi fare,
otherwise I won't go.
Ok, sit down.
I'd like to buy something at the store to
protect my head.
Get me a toothbrush.
Yes, yes.
I have the same problem as Mr. Bose.
I have to get something to protect my head.
Give me that blue one.
Why are you here?
I need something for the 300 mile trip too.
300 miles?
Bekaner is 300 miles.
Oh, I see.
What is the total?
Have you ever been to Kathmandu?
Have you ever been to Kamchatka?
I'd like to show you something.
Tell me what it is,
since you'd be able to know it.
This is an unsafety razor.
King Jung Bahadur gave it to me.
Wow. I can understand after looking at this
rusted weapon.
What did you do with it?
Well, sir. Don't you think I should carry
some protection in Rajasthan?
Which fighters did you fight with?
Driver, are there robbers in Rajasthan?
Yes there are, sir.
So you want to have some bloodshed in
What? No, no!
But that would be a good
title for my next book.
"Bloodshed in Rajashtan"
I used a dagger like this to kill a wolf.
Tanganika. It was a dense forest
and I was alone.
Yes, it's in Africa.
You've never heard of it?
I have a novel on Africa.
"Scare in Sahara".
That Africa.
I'm saying, that instead of a wolf,
did you kill a hyena?
Hyenas are in China.
I killed that wolf myself, and you're
telling me otherwise... Hmph!
There aren't wolves in Africa.
There aren't? Have you been there?
No. I never went there.
Then how would you know?
There are wolf preserves in Africa.
Did you see that type of cactus plant?
Look at that.
Every Saturday, this type of cactus
blossoms with flowers.
You do not know things
about your own country,
and here you're arguing
about Africa. Hmph!
Are you a parapsychologist?
Did you say something?
You must be going to sleep
very late in the night.
I have to stay up late writing notes,
that's why.
Well, in your field of parapsychology, the
use of hypnotism is very interesting.
So, can new theories really emerge through
That's what they say.
Do you know hypnotism?
No, do you?
Look! A peacock! A peacock!
What's the matter? You're not getting out?
I have this thing with peacocks...
Look at this scar. I was at the zoo
holding on to a peacock cage
It bit you?
Yes, 40 years ago.
Wow. National birds.
There's one thing I should warn you about.
That globetrotter is very suspicious;
you should keep an eye on him.
I see. Good thing you
brought it up... Mukul!
Why do you keep showing me the wrong
Mukul, if you would
have told us the name
of the place, we would have
immediately taken you there.
I'm hungry now.
I kept telling you to eat, and you did not.
What's wrong? Is he sick?
No, he's very sad.
He cannot find his golden fort.
Golden fort?
You all go look at it. I'll go and feed him.
Let's go. I'll tell you
everything while at the fort.
I'll make everything
clear for you on this matter.
Let's go, Mr. Bose.
You go on ahead. I have to go to the
It's as if every road they found, they've
mapped out a fort at each one.
How much longer do you want to get
duped? Money is running out.
What are you doing?
Why are they suspicious about you?
The detective.
I did not make any mistakes in front of him.
Then where?
I didn't know that there were not wolves in
Ok, from now on I'll take care of it.
You don't have to worry.
We can't waste more time.
I understand that. How are you going to
hurry this?
There's a way.
If I can bring back his
past life experiences with hypnotism.
Do you know how to do that?
I haven't done it for many years.
Don't think about that.
It's like riding a bicycle.
Once you learn, you
can never forget how to ride it.
Do it tonight. Now, I'll manage the others.
Wow. I never thought
I would meet someone who knew
of their past life... and
that other man is a parapsychologist?
He's well-renowned.
You can't tell that by looking at him
Could anyone tell by looking
at you, that you're
a renowned adventure
genre fiction writer?
You are just like the detective character
I write about.
Another thing... Highly suspicious.
That man was saying...
I was wondering where you were.
How did you like my surprise?
What do you mean?
That wolf story.
About wolves being in Africa, I was testing
your knowledge.
Everyone knows that there are no wolves
What do you say?
Besides you and me,
not too many people know.
He knows.
It's probably in your book, sir.
Do you have another copy of "Sitahoron in
You are a very funny person, you know?
Eat quickly. Eat quickly.
Here. Wipe your face.
Don't go too far. I'll be in the car.
My mind says nothing but Lord Rama...
Open the door, open the door!
What's the matter?
He was calling me.
A bad man.
Which bad guy? Is he from this life or your
past life?
I don't like this whole situation, Topshe.
I kept thinking of a plan,
but it keeps vanishing.
Some people... are wearing masks.
Some are in the shadows and some are
completely in the dark.
One suspect is Mr. M. Bose.
Certainly. He is in the mask
of a globetrotter.
But who he really is... is he one
of those con artists?
And the man on the train with bandages?
He spies on the Circuit House at night.
Is this the second con artist?
Do they want the hidden treasure? Or
something else?
Who else?
And Dr. Hajra.
Dr. Hajra recognised the fake mask
Bhabhananda Swami had.
However, is he also wearing one?
It was surprising to see how someone who
specialises in parapsychology,
taking a nap next to someone who had the
answers to all of his questions.
Probably, he's too frustrated now.
Dr. Hajra?
There is someone else who is more
suspicious than him.
Mukul's 'Bad Guy'
The one who fears camels... and vanished.
To where did he vanish? When?
Why did Mukul use the word 'vanish'?
Why can't we ask Mukul that?
Very good, Topshe. I was thinking that same
Besides past life recollections, what else
does this boy know?
Can you tell me what this is, Mukul?
And now?
And in this, you can see the golden fort.
Where is it?
This light. Inside this light.
Not here. Come with me.
Come and sit here.
Now, I'll put this light on your face,
and you'll stare at it.
Then only I'll see the golden fort?
Mukul, stare at the light...
keep staring at the light...
stare... stare
Golden fort
Golden fort...
Mukul, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Where is your golden fort?
What is the name of that place?
Do you remember?
Tell me!
Turn on the lights!
Jaisalmer! 200 miles from here!
There is a train as well.
At what time?
In the morning, at 9:45.
That will go to Pokhran which is 80 miles.
The rest we have to drive 120 miles.
Why don't you just take the car the whole
No, you'll take the car.
Just listen to my plan.
Tomorrow, I'll take a rest,
and tell them to go
look at a fort in Jodhpur.
I'll then go to the
station, and you'll tell them
that Mukul told Dr. Hajra its
location and he took him there.
Where did they go?
Burmer. Will you remember?
Do I have to send them to Burmer?
They will leave on their own.
What if they ask why Dr. Hajra did not wait
for them?
Tell them Mukul was in a hurry.
Ok boss.
Then you'll leave at that time.
Pokhran? Pokhran. Right in the taxi.
I'll meet you there.
You'll meet me there then at Jaisalmer?
Yes, Jaisalmer. Ok, boss
Go and put the boy to bed.
Sleep my child, sleep well.
Now I know where's the wealth.
Mukul, can I take your picture?
Good morning.
Did you finish your breakfast?
Yes. Since I get up early, I finished my
workout first.
You're looking very fit.
What are you doing today?
Mukul needs that too.
I need some time to
think about things too.
Anything new?
Yes, actually. Camels, sand,
fort, and peacocks.
Could they not have been
in another country?
His past life thoughts
may not be from India, even.
I never even thought about that.
I was thinking I would speak to Mukul today
After you come back,
then we'll sit down together.
I was thinking about your research interest.
In a country where there are
so many myths and superstitious beliefs,
is this not adding to it?
In the end, you'll find
many kids claiming to
have foresightedness of their past lives,
and you'll be running all over the world.
Good morning!
Don't leave that auto.
We'll need that.
In this?
Ok, please stay here.
I'm also leaving for Jaipur.
Yes, this place is too uninteresting for me.
Topshe, keep on the lookout on the road.
If you see a man covered in
a red shawl, tell me immediately.
What's going on?
Like you, we are trying to figure out the
pieces in the puzzle.
Oh, a mystery?
I've always wanted
to be involved with
a real detective
solving a real mystery.
That probably won't happen.
Mr. Das speaking? Das is not there?
And Dr. Hajra? I see, I see.
The people staying at the Circuit House you
asked about, are not there
And the small child left the Circuit House
with Dr. Hajra... they don't know where.
My God! Look, I am Dr. Hajra!
He's an imposter! A criminal!
I'm a renowned parapsychologist.
Do you know what telepathy is?
Yes, yes.
No sir.
You don't?
No sir.
I see.
Tell me something, sir.
Was there ever a war in Jaisalmer?
It's not in the guide books.
This information is very important to me.
I know there was. It was a long time ago.
Allaudin Kirji attacked Jaisalmer.
Look at the beautiful pottery
made of golden stone!
Have you ever seen this type of golden stone
Stop the auto... stop!
Can you show me the golden bowl you have
in the window?
These are quite solid! How much are these?
Only 25 rupees.
Where did you get this from?
This is from Jaisalmer. It's great quality.
Please take it.
Jaisalmer? Yellow limestone.
Lal Mohan, let's go.
Hey Mister, where are you going?
They left here almost an hour ago.
Where to?
The child remembered the name of the
place... I wrote it down for you.
I haven't heard that name before.
Why did they leave in such a hurry?
The child became restless and even ripped
off the sleeve on his shirt.
He told me to tell you to follow him
immediately. He's waiting for you.
The car just arrived too.
The boy has left?
What's wrong?
Do you want to have some?
A bowl made of golden limestone.
Can you show me the guest record book
Oh my god!
I need a taxi. Jaisalmer and back.
Topshe, tell them to pack some lunches
within a half hour.
Phelu, it's your test to check
your telepathic intuition now.
Bhabhananda, your game is over now.
Earthquake. Floods. Storm...
it doesn't fit into anything.
Oh no!
Topshe, pack your luggage.
Mr. Lal Mohan...
By pointing out the golden pottery, you've
helped me immensely.
That's why I'm fulfilling your wish
by giving you an opportunity.
Packing your things would take how long?
Only three minutes.
Oh no.
I'll tell you everything
when the time is right.
But right now, keep quiet.
Could you give me your word?
Oh, so you are planning to go to Jaisalmer?
I'll show you.
Can I ask where we're going?
The Rajasthan Bhatti people had a kingdom
It was in the Thar desert almost 800 years
ago and they had a huge palace.
The pottery you found is made of the same
golden stone that the palace was made from.
So, we can conclude, that the golden fort
is that same palace in Rajasthan.
And my firm belief is that...
I want to give you some tips before I leave.
Go on.
If the man is less than
five and a half feet,
you should suspect him.
I'll see you then.
You know what my mind is telling me?
We'll see each other again.
I'll be extremely overjoyed if that happens.
Brazilian scorpion.
Brazilian scorpion. Let me write that down
Lal Mohan. Look there's a camel!
Can I ask you a question about camels?
Are these wild camels?
Probably not.
What do they eat then?
Plants with thorns.
Do they take out the thorns?
I won't ask a question, but I have something
to say.
May I?
Say it.
I'm hoping that you're carrying
something to protect
yourselves if you are in danger.
Because, someone has taken my protection.
Robbers. There are many robbers in this
robber infested state.
I only have this...
as a souvenir.
Then the robber is not greedy since the
sword holder is very expensive.
So if you're in danger...
Are your tires old or something?
Well, sir, just come out
and see the disaster.
Yes, yes, I have a telepathic power!
We came in the right direction, and that's
why someone wants to stop us!
Topshe, let's move these!
Mr. Singh, please drive carefully.
Another tire puncture
will cause us problems.
No questions. No questions. No questions.
Mr. Lal Mohan?
Two extremely dangerous men
have taken Mukul to Jaisalmer,
in hopes of a hidden treasure.
When we get there,
we may have to fight with them.
If you're up for the challenge,
then your next book can
be about this adventure.
Now can I ask you question?
Yes, you can.
Are you a detective?
Yes, but not like the hero in your book.
Private investigator!
Topshe is my assistant.
Are we now chasing dangerous robbers?
Robbers, yes... but they are from Calcutta.
If you are a little hesitant,
we can drop you off at Pokram.
You'll get a train there.
And go back?
I'm telling you there's danger ahead.
Danger? I laugh at the face of danger.
Mr. Singh! Mr. Singh!
Who did this? Who gathered this many
shards of glass and put them on the road?
Why don't you guess?
Pheluda! There are no signs
of cities or villages,
and no train lines either.
We wouldn't have caught a train anyway... it
has reached Pokhran by now.
It could run late though.
Mr. Singh!
If another taxi comes, can
we get a spare tire from them?
Yes, but not too many cars
drive on this road, sir.
Where is the nearest train station?
It is Ramdeora,
which is 8-10 miles from here.
Are you thinking about a train at night?
The train gets there at 3 in the morning.
If we wait at the
station, the taxi can come
come and meet us there...
or we can catch the train.
What time will we reach Jaisalmer?
At 7:30 in the morning.
Do you want to go to Ramdeora?
Unless the car is fixed,
we should get the train, right?
Want to ride the camel there? Look!
Yes, stop them.
Hey! Stop!
So Mr. Lal Mohan,
do you want to ride a camel?
I never thought all of my
dreams would come true like this.
It is the power of telepathy. Let's go!
I wish I could be an Arabian camel rider.
Make sure you know how to get on the
They sit down with their front legs folded,
And when they get up, it's reverse.
Remember that, and you won't have
Watch me. I'm getting on.
Topshe, get on.
Are you ok?
Great! Mr. Lal Mohan, get on.
It's very easy.
Are you ok? Ok, let's go.
Mr. Singh, once your tire gets fixed, please
meet us quickly.
Sure thing! I will!
This is fun, Pheluda!
Make sure he's ok behind you.
Mr. Lal Mohan?
What is your dream telling you?
It's telling me this is reality.
Where you are sitting...
That hump contains its supply of water.
What will become of me riding this camel?
Do you need a hump too?
I need water! I'm thirsty.
Pheluda! Train!
Turn around. We have to stop that train.
Look it's them!
Wonderful. Let's go.
What happened?
I saw them on the camels.
I told them to go to Burmer and they are
going to Jaisalmer now?
Look. I think they are going
to Ramdeora, the previous station.
From there, they'll catch the night train,
I'll drop you off there,
and after you finish
your work, you come
straight to Jaisalmer.
You mean our first plan?
Hold on, hold on! One minute!
What's the matter?
Give me some money, my pockets are empty!
The glass bottles cost me all the money.
I need to eat dinner.
Yes! Solid food.
Or drink?
Just Horlicks.
Remember it.
Try to get up. Give me your hand...
and stand up straight.
There we go! Very good!
What happened? Did you get a hump too?
No, I'm feeling fine now.
Here, eat some sweets.
Let me recover some more.
Ok, here, Topshe.
Topshe, keep an eye on the road.
For a taxi, right?
If you see headlights, immediately go there.
This experience I'm gaining couldn't even
compare to any of my adventure stories.
Are you saying your experiences are over?
No, there are no more camels though.
That's right. Then?
Nothing compares to camel riding.
Eat this. This is what authentic mountain
robbers eat.
If I had my weapon now, I'd feel safe.
That was a very nice dagger.
Does the detective you write about use a
Ask him.
So? Topshe?
What kind of revolver did he use?
A revolver is a revolver, it has 6 bullets.
Like this? This is a Colt 32.
Is this loaded?
This is where the bullets are kept. Bang!
This is the trigger... this is the hammer
Besides this, there are several other kinds.
You should know this,
especially if you write about it.
Lal Mohan, please get up. Topshe, the train
has arrived.
Topshe, Lal Mohan, get on.
Where are the lights?
The lights aren't working, Pheluda.
There aren't any bulbs.
It's ok.
Lal Mohan, look at that wall,
perhaps there is a switch.
Over here?
Yes, got it.
Wonderful. Night light?
Topshe, open the beds. Go to bed too.
You in the middle, and Lal Mohan on the
other side.
I can go to that side.
Listen to what I say.
I'll sleep here.
No sir.
He'll get up early in the morning and do
There's Yoga. But if someone disturbs us,
I'll take care of that too.
Wow. Your life is so exciting, huh?
After I saw your weapon, I'm feeling much
more protected.
Oh no. There's no lock?
What? Must be the robbers.
What happened?
Bhabhananda's disciple... now your game is
Get up... get up.
Hands up. Hands up!
Back up... back up. Do you know what kind of
punishment you'll get?
3 months jail, and within 7 days you'll be
Now tell us, what happened
at Nahargarh fort?
Tell us, tell us.
We have a lot of time
now... tell us the truth.
What are you doing?
He went into another room.
So? A companion like you
leads only to disaster.
Our enemy is quite strong.
So? Are there robbers in Rajasthan or not?
You don't know what M. Bose is capable of.
Who's there?
MR. BOSE; HEY, door!
Aren't you Mr. Das?
Or is that your alias?
Don't you recognise me?
We've known each other for a long time.
Since Allahabad, in 1962, do you remember?
Who is screaming?
Hopefully that culprit has left
Topshe. This is the golden fort
Lal Mohan... get up!
Get up! We're in Jaisalmer
Oh! We're here?
You wait here.
Dr Hajra?
This is my card
And this is Mr. Sudhir's letter for you.
Let's go to the waiting room
and I'll tell you everything.
We want to hear your story too.
And Mukul?
He's probably somewhere around this
golden fort.
We have to wait for a taxi that we hired.
There is no other transportation.
I can assure you of one thing,
that my responsibility of bringing
Mukul back home is no less than yours.
Do you recall this, Mukul?
It's the golden fort.
And your house?
Inside the fort there is a city.
Really? Ok... Let's go.
There is no hidden treasure? How do you
In my notebook, I have written that he was a
jewelry maker.
Probably this is the reason he has seen
What are you doing up there? Get down!
There was a temple...
Mr. Singh! Mr. Singh! Stop!
Pheluda, the cab is here.
We're leaving now, Dr. Hajra.
Our belongings are with you, you should get
some rest.
I just wish that Mukul
will come back safely.
So long then.
Oh, one more thing. This might be helpful to
M. Bose left this.
Yes! This is mine!
And your house? Your house?
This is Ratan's house.
And this is Giridhari's house.
We used to play Holi here.
This is a road.
What road?
The road to our house.
Which one?
Over there on the right side.
Let's go then.
Why are you scaring him? Why are you
scaring him?
Go away! Go away!
Don't kill him!
You are bad... you are a bad man!
Mukul! Mukul!
Can I come with you?
Topshe, you go cover this side, I'll be over
Good job, Topshe!
You've wasted your time Bhabhananda. There
is no hidden treasure here.
Whether there is a past life or not.
Mr. Singh, Let's take him to the police
Very good, sir.
Look at that man!
Get down Mukul, we have to go now.
Where are we going?
Wherever you want to go.
I want to go home... to Calcutta.
I'll be going there too.
I have to write my 28th book.
And Phelu and Topshe?
We're all going back to Calcutta.
We'll all take you back home safely.