The Golden Glove (2019) Movie Script

A tear's taking off on a journey,
it goes on a journey to me.
The wind brings it here when it's cloudy...
For a long time, we were thinking
we'd let you pass.
But that would be unfair to other students
who worked harder than you.
We have the feeling
all our warnings pass you by.
In one ear and out the other.
Like you don't care.
I hope you understand
What's at stake, Petra.
Only when you learn something
will you become something.
If you have learned nothing,
you Will become nothing.
I borrowed your bike pump.
- Did someone let the air out?
- Dunno.
It's still fiat.
Wrong valve.
Wait a sec!
I'm Willi.
You're gonna be in eleventh, right?
I have to repeat a year.
Then you might be in my class.
You haven't been at this school
long, right? Three months.
- Where were you before?
- Christianeum.
Are you from Blankenese?
Your parents are bigwigs or what?
They are, right?
- Want a drink?
- A Coke.
- Thanks.
- Welcome.
Let's head for the red-light district.
Off to St. Pauli.
- You going away during the break?
- Nah.
Me neither.
Maybe we could do something together?
Like what?
We could go to the red-light district.
To St. Pauli.
We'll see.
- See ya.
- Bye.
I'm a girl from Piraeus
and love the harbor, ships and sea.
No, you're my girl from Piraeus.
Yes. Don't you love
the sailors' laughter?
Look at her over there.
She looks like a sneaker
that somebody shat on.
Don't say that.
Don't say things like that.
- What do you want to drink?
- Nothing.
- We don't have nothing.
- Got no money.
- I'll count to three, and you'll be gone.
- Let her stay. I'll buy her a coffee.
Run their hands up and down your guts...
I saw a girl today,
she was a real angel.
She smelled so good,
it was golden.
Hey, are you even listening?
Let him sleep, man.
You have to check sometimes
to see if they're still alive.
One guy sat on his stool here for two days.
He was already dead.
Since we work shifts,
none of us noticed.
- Remember that?
- Yeah.
On the third night, someone tripped
and knocked over the corpse.
We would've only noticed
when the rats started nibbling on him.
You want another drink?
Huh? - Not "Huh?" Say "Excuse me?"
You want something else to drink?
Drink, Norbert. Drink.
Something exploded next to his ears
in the last war
and now he can't hear right.
He was in the Waffen-SS.
That's why they call him SS Norbert.
Anus, ask the lady
if she wants a drink.
That one.
The young man wants to buy you a drink.
Nah, he's way too ugly.
Hey, she's not into you.
Ask her.
You want something else?
He wants to buy you a drink.
- Which one?
- Fiete!
Nah, lwouldn't piss on him
if he was on fire. Forget it.
Fiete, want something else to drink?
It's on me.
- I'll take another one here.
- Give him one. And me too.
Please don't you cry
if some day I must leave you.
Oh, don't think about it...
The "Glove" is a good place to meet women.
Much better than "Lehmitz",
Schlusslicht" or Elbschloss Keller".
- Although they're pretty good too.
- There's no comparison.
Here, this is from him there.
Look around here at the old bags.
They're no hotter anywhere else.
They're hotter in "Caf Keese", "Top Ten",
and Alfons und Gretel."
- They're hotter everywhere.
- So why are you always here?
Well, I'm 79,
so I have different standards.
Gimme another gin.
My name's Gerda
and I just wanted to say thanks.
Don't mention it.
- And who are you?
- Fiete.
Oh right, yeah.
- Well then, cheers!
- To your health!
- What day is it today?
- Wednesday.
Wednesday's always a rough day.
Sometimes you ebb, sometimes you flow.
There were Wednesdays when we rocked,
but mostly it's dead around here.
How come we say "rocked" anyway?
Maybe we really "rolled"
those Wednesdays.
Why are you always talking shit?
You know what I'm gonna call you?
Not Ernie the Mose.
Ernie the Shithead.
Please don't you cry
if some day I must leave you.
Don't think of it,
for I'm still here with you.
Why are you crying?
It's such a beautiful song.
Hey, you lovebirds,
you want another drink?
I have enough to drink at home.
You go ahead
and wait for me at the bus stop.
Go on!
Give me another one.
Sit down!
What's that awful smell?
It's the Greeks who live downstairs!
It's their fault!
Rotten migrant workers
who don't even work.
They cook horrible food
24 hours a day.
Mutton and garlic,
God knows what else.
A tear's taking off on a journey,
it goes on a journey to me.
The wind brings it here when it's cloudy,
I know it comes just from you.
Get in there! Go!
Hey. You, wake up!
You'll be gone when I come back. Get it?
Come on.
You're still here.
Get out! Go!
Holy cow.
- What is it?
- My teeth.
- Your what?
- My teeth, I Need my teeth!
- What'd you say?
- My teeth.
- I need my teeth.
- Your teeth?
Come on.
- Don't!
- Just wanted to help.
You tidied up.
You cleaned too.
Can you cook?
Of course.
- I cooked for my Rosi.
- Who's Rosi?
My daughter.
You have a daughter?
What's the young lady like?
Rosi just turned 30.
What does she look like?
She's quite plump,
but pretty.
With wonderful silky skin.
What does she do?
She's a butcher.
Not like me.
She learned a trade.
Is she married?
She's waiting for Mr. Right.
- He's hard to find nowadays.
- That's true.
Bring Rosi along sometime.
- Along where?
- Are you an idiot?
For a coffee.
On Sunday.
Here, with Rosi.
- I'll ask her.
- Yeah, yeah. But do it!
Yes, boss.
I like "boss."
Oh, that's good.
Oh, that's good.
Oh God!
Go on, lie down.
Not like that. Turn your face aside,
you're too ugly.
The rest is for you.
! wrote that during my lunch break.
Read it.
Go on!
!, Gerda Voss, hereby declare
that I've never had it so good
as I do with Mr. Honka.
Mr. Honka knows much better than I do
what's right for me,
and I therefore declare in writing
that I agree to everything
that he does with me.
As a sign of my gratitude
! declare further
that I Will introduce Mr. Honka
to my daughter Rosi
so he can have a piece of her.
"! declare this of my own free WIII
and am of sound mind."
Any objections?
Then sign it.
Do you have anything else to wear?
- Not at the moment, unfortunately.
- At the moment, right.
Come on.
Put this on.
When you have a lot,
you still want more.
Oh, Mamma mia,
I often think of your song.
Buona buona buona notte,
bambino mio.
Weil, come on. A dress is a dress.
Keep going.
Don't snot in there!
You clown.
Stewing hen!
You're a stewing hen!
May I have a glass too, boss?
Man, Fritz, it stinks here again.
Can someone shit on my head?!
Need freshening up. Hey, Siggi.
The smell of shit is still
the best conductor, am! Right?
Oh, there's someone else here.
Don't you want to introduce me to the
lady, Fritz? This is...
Hey, turn around!
- I'm Gerda. Gerda Voss.
- And I'm Siggi. This guy's brother.
She's staying here
to help with the household.
You won't believe it. There's
something to eat. Miracles do happen.
You know, Mrs. Voss,
Fritz is so cheap,
he shits on snowballs
and calls them chocolate marshmallows.
You know what, Mrs. Voss? Without
me, he would've died a long time ago.
Mother couldn't cope With us ten kids.
She sent me to relatives in Hamburg.
Fritz and I met up again
when we were apprentice bricklayers.
He got scabies from the cement.
Right, remember?
Cement scabies, can you believe it?
What an awful name for a sickness.
I'm the only one
that Fritz is still in touch with.
Where are the others?
Three are dead. One sister lives in
Leipzig. The rest disappeared or died.
- Yeah, life's a hurdy gurdy.
- No, it goes like this:
"Life's a barrel organ,
and the Lord God turns the crank.
We're all but dancers to His tune,
and have our fate to thank."
- Can't say anything against that.
- Yeah, or this one:
"Life's a card game. If you want to play,
you have to take the hand you're dealt."
Yeah, my brother knows
all the best sayings.
Right. Like this one:
"Flowers are like people:
The fatter, the dumber."
There are precisely three reasons
why people drink:
First, to forget about the bad things.
Second, to celebrate the good things.
And third, when nothing's going on,
to make things happen.
Death to all the whores who keep
their legs shut! Yeah, death!
Now listen to this.
Come closer, Mrs. Voss.
There are too many women,
and at the same time, not enough.
You get that?
Love is for people
who can deal with all the suffering,
and the stress and everything.
When a woman calls it quits,
it's over.
She won't come back for love or money.
Believe me.
His wife left him two years ago.
It's still eating him.
One day, Monika will come back to me.
Believe me.
It's certain.
Monika, you fucking cunt!
Oh Siggi, you drank too fast.
You're not used to the schnapps.
If I was the boss, I'd fire people,
just to see the look on their stupid faces.
They'll have nothing left, and be so
wiped out that theyjump off the bridge.
- Hey, Siggi, stop it!
- Shut the fuck up!
The light of love, what a joke.
Even the car cigarette lighter
is brighter than that shit!
Hate is clear,
love is deadly.
I've had it.
I'm gonna go take a nap.
My bed is calling me.
Your jacket!
Siggi, wait!
Here, here.
Take care.
You can't lose her!
You can't lose her!
Mrs. Voss.
Siggi, I Don't even want her.
I want her daughter.
- She has a daughter?
- Yeah.
- Can! Meet her?
- No, not you.
You can have the mother.
And next time, no schnapps,
you hear? Not a drop.
Don't fall downstairs.
Is this seat taken?
- 'Scuse me?
- Sit down already!
It's all right With you.
Isn't it, ladies?
When I was at Catholic girls' school...
you wouldn't believe the nuns there.
Hello, is anyone listening?
- I'm listening.
- I don't mean you.
I mean the ladies here.
I was there for several years.
But don't think one of them ever washed.
You hear?
They wore these robes,
and they didn't wear undemear
under the robes.
They smelled like piss!
And then I had to go up their legs
and stick my finger in, and other stuff.
Blah blah blah.
- Thlke!
- Shut up!
Where's your daughter now?
Your daughter!
What about her?
When are you gonna talk to her?
- About what?
- We have an agreement.
Where does she live?
Where does your Rosi live?
I think she's back in Vienna.
In Vienna...
What's she doing in Vienna?
I thought she was a butcher?
How do I know?
She doesn't want to know me.
We have a contract.
We have a contract.
You signed it yourself.
Don't bleed all over the table
like a stuck pig.
Go wash that off.
Just you wait.
Those were sophisticated women.
Sophisticated ladies.
They were pigs!
Blah blah blah.
What kind of God
allows something like that?
Grunting like pigs.
What's so funny?
Laughs and puke both come
from your gullet, I'm telling you!
Yes, but that's not all.
There's much more too, believe me. Yeah!
That's all you can ever do.
I believe I'll have another drink.
You can't do much with belief alone.
But nothing functions without it.
Get lost!
OK, then I wish the ladies
a peaceful evening.
God is With you.
May I tell you about God?
I don't really have time.
He who has no time for God
has much time for trivialities.
God visits us often,
though we're usually not at home.
One can also move forward
against a headwind.
But sometimes it's too much
for one single person.
Every little worm does its best.
Where are you going to sleep tonight?
Come With me. I'll make sure
you have a good place to rest.
And plenty to eat.
A tra/n takes off for nowhere,
no one switches the
light from green to red.
Do you really not care
that our happiness...
Hey, Anus, Where's Gerda?
- Who's Gerda?
- The old girl I came here with.
- No idea. She's gone.
- Gone where?
I don't know!
Maria, you're letting me go,
but there's a tear in your eye.
I saw a tear,
it's telling me to come back.
A schnapps please, Herbert.
- Here you go.
- A whole bottle, please.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
Good evening to you, ladies.
Will anyone mind
if! Sit With you for a moment?
Pride goes before a fall.
I'm telling you.
Be friendly on your way up.
Because on your way down,
you're gonna meet them all again.
And they all come down sometime.
Or something like that.
I'm gonna stuff everything
into Herta later.
Dick and sack. All together.
These calendar mottos.
- All I've got.
- Expressions.
- What?
- Sayings.
God could just as well have left
off your ears. You never listen.
- They're not so stupid.
- What did you say?
I could fuck you all night long.
In every hole:
Pussy, ass
and ear.
If you stick to that,
not much can happen.
- Inge, you know what?
- What?
I'd really like to ram
a live codfish up your ass.
- Why?
- Why, why. How do I know why?
These smartasses can bullshit
as much as they want...
- Come on, let's go.
- Where? To my place.
- I'm not done with my drink.
- I have enough to drink at home. Come on!
You must be nuts! Get out of here!
Take off!
Lift her up.
Come and help out.
Get lost!
Wake up. We have things to do.
Wake up! Wake up
you dirty whore, you fucking slut!
- Wake up!
- Hey, you fucking bums.
I'm gonna call the cops!
Go on.
Leave her there.
Get going!
What's that awful smell?
The Greeks downstairs,
they cook day and night.
Soup and all kinds of stuff.
A tear's taking off on a journey,
it goes on a journey to me.
- Now you lick each other's cunts.
- What?
- Forget it.
- Yes, do it now.
- No, are you nuts?
- Of course, you start.
No, you fucker.
- Do it now!
- No!
- Get undressed!
- No!
Go on!
- Stop! You're beating me to death!
- You're not doing what I tell you.
I am.
I will, I am!
- Let me have a pee, OK?
- Then hurry it up.
Toilet's in the hall.
Yeah, I'll see where she is.
Hey, you got diarrhea or...
Hey, looking for a good time?
! told you not to open your big mouth,
you shithead. Fuck off!
What are you looking at, idiot?
Under foreign stars.
- What do you want, four-eyes?
- That's starboard.
When the place you live
seems much too small.
The day will come
when you leave for ports unknown...
So people, let's have you out of there.
The cleaning woman WIII be here soon.
Come on out of the tickle chamber.
Nicknames here are like titles.
We have first- and second-class ones.
- And what's a first-class nickname?
- Double names.
SS Norbert,
Tampon Gnther,
Bulgarian Harry.
Rum-and-Coke Waltraut,
Schnapps Uschi.
Ernie the Nose,
Ginny Max.
- How do you get a name like that?
- He drinks gin morning, noon and night.
- And his name's Max?
- No. Peter.
"Max" since he brags to the max
when he's drunk.
That's Arne. We call him "Anus"
and everybody laughs.
- Do you know what "Anus" means?
- Nah.
Weil, find out.
We'll have two more shots.
When a white ship sails to Hong Kong...
Hey, got a ciggy for me?
Or 20 pfennigs?
You can have twenty punches in the face,
you fucking mutt.
You whack off all day like a monkey.
! Can tell.
I see it in your eyes.
You have orangutan eyes.
Did you ever think,
when you're dead,
people can do
whatever they want With you?
What do you mean?
Anyone who wants to can cut you open.
Poke around in your intestines,
take them out or mess around With them.
Why would anyone do that?
Because it's the best thing.
Why is that the best thing?
Shut up.
I want quiet for a while.
Like it says in the Bible. A little while.
- What do you want to drink?
- Coke.
Is that your Papa?
When I start the new job,
I'm gonna start all over.
I don't want to drink anymore.
You can leave off the schnapps at first
and stick to beer.
No, I'm not gonna drink at all.
This is my last schnapps.
And you know what?
I'm not gonna come here anymore.
No more St. Pauli,
no more schnapps, no more "Glove."
! swear that on the Lord Jesus.
All right, people, you can go back in.
- Why are the curtains closed?
- So people don't see the sun.
People don't drink
when the sun is shining.
Excuse me?
Where can I find Mr. Wolter?
- You have to go downstairs.
- Thank you. You're welcome.
Are you Mr. Honka?
Yes, I Certainly am.
Weil, then welcome
to our madhouse, huh? Hi.
- My name's Wolter.
- Honka.
Yes, I know. Come with me.
I must say, you couldn't be more on time!
Punctuality is not everything,
but without it, all is nothing.
OK, let's see
what we have for you to wear, Mr. Honka.
this ought to fit.
Right, looks good.
You take it. Right, put it on.
Each patrol takes roughly 15 minutes.
You do three for me.
At the start of the
shift, mid-shift, and
before you leave.
You noted the way? Yes sir.
I Wii! Perform the task With a high
degree of motivation. Whatever.
So, Mr. Honka,
before! Leave you to it,
I'll show you your office.
Oh, I Didn't know that I might
have an office to call my own.
It's not your own.
We're just lending it to you.
I'll be thrilled when I get it back
after the shift. OK, Buddy?
I hope! Didn't startle you. Pardon me.
Yes, you did.
I'm the new night watchman here.
I'm the cleaning woman.
My name is Denningsen.
And you are?
Mr. Honka.
I'm really sorry.
Yeah, yeah.
OK then.
Mr. Honka, goodbye.
Goodbye, Mrs. Denningsen.
! personally wish you a pleasant night.
And again, no harm meant.
You can't imagine all the things that
go on here. But you'll manage all right.
Have a good night.
Hello, pal.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I'm Mrs. Denningsen's husband.
- Sorry to disturb you.
- No worries.
You can leave the door open.
- Sorry.
- Mr. Honka.
- I was just leaving.
- Come on in.
No. Certainly not.! don't want
to disturb you and your husband.
Come on, it's my birthday today.
Congratulations, Frau Denningsen.
- You can call me Helga.
- I'm Fritz.
I'm Erich, glad to meet you.
Here, Fritz. Have one.
- No, better not.
- Come on, have one.
- Not while I'm working.
- Why not?
- We're celebrating. Here, take one.
- No, thank you!
You're a party pooper.
- Erich, leave him alone.
- Can't force people to be happy.
Want an apple juice, Fritz?
Yes, if it's no trouble.
Have a seat.
To the birthday girl!
The two of us dance barefoot in the rain.
And we dance and dance and dance.
Sweet is your kiss, a touch of sunshine,
and we kiss and kiss and kiss.
Rockin' the high life!
- You'll have to come visit us, Honka.
- Yes.
- In Tonndorf. In our little house.
- I will.
- It's in the backwoods.
- OK.
Couldn't be more backassed!
Rockin' the high life!
Better safe than sorry.
I'd better go.
- Enjoy the rest of the party.
- Fiete!
- We'll catch up another time!
- Yeah, sure.
- At the next-best opportunity.
- Yes, sir.
- "Yes, sir" is right!
- Bye.
Later, gator.
- Good night and see you tomorrow.
- Good night. See you tomorrow.
In the early morning,
it Will be more than 77 degrees nationwide.
During the day, temperatures will climb
above 86 degrees.
The temperature on Thursday
is expected to reach a high of 100.
The air will become noticably more damp
and humid.
It will be the hottest week
yet this year.
Can I come in?
Of course. Come, have a seat, please.
Will it bother you if
I have a sip to drink?
I only drink in company.
No, I don't mind.
Do you have a cup?
- I'll get myself a chair.
- Yep.
You remember how Erich invited you
to our house in Tonndorf?
No idea how we're going to pay off
our house from my mini salary.
Doesn't Erich work?
He was fired earlier this year.
Instead of looking for a new job,
he drinks away my paycheck.
- Shall! Lend you some money?
- No.
No. I don't want that.
It's just...
! dreamed I'd do something in life
besides cleaning offices.
I'll finish my shift.
! Didn't want to come cry my eyes out.
No, no.
Don't you want anything to drink?
Hey, why it stinks With you
is not OK, man?
- I don't understand you.
- Stinks.
- No understand.
- Stinks.
Man, Fritz, what's wrong With you today?
You're pale as a fish belly.
I had a rubber sausage for lunch today.
Its beard was already white.
No, it's not the rubber sausage.
You've got to drink less.
! swear to you.
Boozing is gonna cost you your head.
Here, three of a kind.
Drink water.
- A useless liquid!
- Yeah, could be.
I'm hungry anyway. Come on Helga, I'll
get us takeout from the hamburgerjoint.
- Sure you don't want anything?
- Oh God, no way.
My sister Frida
is coming to visit this weekend.
She's all alone
since she split with her husband.
I love you.
Now I want to fuck you.
I love you. I love you, Helga.
I love you.
I love you. I'll fuck you.
- I'll fuck you.
- No!
I love you!
You socket fucker!
You just wait
'til! Get hold of you.
You fucking shit!
Open up!
Open the door!
Hey, you fucking asshole!
NDR traffic news.
Caution: One-way driver.
A one-way driver on the freeway
heading from Hamburg toward Hannover.
Between South Soltau and Fallingbostel
a car is heading the wrong direction.
Please do not pass.
Attention please, in both direct/ons
on the Hamburg-Hannover freeway.
A driver is going the wrong way...
Hey, the old lady who was here last time
was really horny.
I took another one along recently,
she was horny too.
You don't say.
! fucked her in her armpits,
between her elbows,
in the back of her knee.
Didn't she have a pussy?
You can make your cunt everywhere
and nowhere. That's right.
I could eat cunt like potato salad.
Fiete! Fiete's back.
- Oh man!
- Hey, Fiete!
This is great.
Hey you old dog,
where've you been?
They gave you the clothes?
Yeah, yeah.
I have a new girlfriend too.
Her name's Helga Denningsen.
Weil, congratulations.
I'll bring her along sometime.
Yeah, do that.
What do you want to drink?
A round's on me!
Now that's a statement.
Fine move by Fiete.
- To your health!
- To Fiete!
To me!
Adios, amigo,
you can't help it.
I wish only one thing:
That you're happy With her.
Here, it's from him.
I'm going my own way,
and the way is long.
Adios, amigo,
the times were good while they lasted.
Where did you get that scar?
I was forced to be a prostitute.
From '37 till the war ended.
Concentration camp.
My father was in a camp too.
Because he was a Communist.
Hey kiddo,
I'll get it up for you!
We'll manage.
It's not gonna work.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Oh God!
Oh God! You pig!
You pig.
You pig you.
Burn! Filthy pig.
Shitty pig fucker.
Piss puker.
You pig ass.
You festering sore.
Now you're...
Now! Die!
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing.
No such thing as nothing.
- You waiting for someone?
- No, I'm going soon.
Look at what I'm wearing.
Come on, lock.
I'm generously dressed.
I'm making donations.
I'll treat you to a sausage if you like.
I was cute when I was a young woman.
Not a beauty, but cute. Sweet.
I was the type
that men fell in love With fast.
You can't imagine that anymore, right?
But it's true.
On my 52nd birthday,
! Wanted to jump into the harbor.
But someone chatted me up,
and I went With him.
The next day, I Postponed it for then.
- Things have gone like that since then.
- Can you shut up? I want to fuck.
I don't want to fuck. I can't.
! Have stomach pains.
Even the slightest
pressure causes severe...
Stop it!
I have an open gut, it bleeds.
My shit is always full of blood.
Like my period, only from the asshole!
I don't dare go to the doctor.
I'm not insured,
and I don't have the money.
How much garlic should!
Put in the tzatziki?
Sweetie, give me a kiss.
What are you talking about? Are you crazy?
You can use your own tongue
on me more often.
To your health!
What is it? What is it, little guy?
Give him soup.
What's that?
Let's get out of here!
Holy mother of God!
Lefteri, do something!
Fucking neighbor!
- You wanna go in there?
- Yeah.
- In the "Golden Glove"?
- Yeah.
- I've been in there.
- You've been in there?
It's a bit rough, but it's cool.
Normal people go in there too.
Come on, you're gonna like it.
Cool, huh?
- I'll be right back.
- OK.
Hey, baby, what's up?
- I'll buy you a drink.
- I've got one already.
Yeah right, orange soda?! buy champagne.
You greet an officer
with your dick in your hand,
you hustler?
Face to the wall, look sharp.
Stand very still.
Don't turn around.
Just stand like that.
That's good.
Just keep going.
At ease.
Listen, I have an idea:
We'll drive around a little in my Daimler.
You like Daimlers, don't you?
Everyone likes Daimlers.
Daimlers are Daimlers.
So now you know.
Hey, what about ourjoyride?
Willi, I'm going home now.
Willi, should I get help?
Go on home!
Are you gonna be sick?
Go already!
Where's my bike pump?
- Somebody's going through.
- Hey, you can't go through here!
- I live here.
- Doesn't matter. But I live here.
- Where?
- In the attic.
- The attic? What's your name?
- Honka. OK. Walt here.
What happened?
The Greeks forgot
to turn off the stove.
Lefteri! Guarda!
Fire is over!
- Fire is out.
- Good.
Do you still have oxygen?
Check the attic and look for hotspots.
Mr. Honka!
You live in the attic?
Didn't you just say
you live in the attic?
You live in the attic you just said,
didn't you?
If I said that, it must be correct.
Yes, sir.
The man is going to the station.
Take him away.
Make room, please.
Brenda Benthien, Lynn Johansson