The Golden Monk (2017) Movie Script

Song Chien 4th year, emperor ascend the throne at that age
young, senior officials help to govern
The Han area is in a big mess. The evil spirits are overwhelming
the region, people live in fear.
The human world appears the profession of catching the devil.
Prevent the evil flow master 3 worlds.
It looks like the demon captors this is not a good person.
Now the people of Han region live in fear,
there is a demon captor, really lucky.
But it costs me a lot of money.
Fortunately, the 2 men were not need to spend money.
They're here.
God damn it! Where there is a demon capturing for free, break the rules!
Show your abilities! If not, get out of here!
Do not worry, there's something I want.
You're so great, try fishing out stealth!
Did not send 2 teachers to help? Why not see it?
Is it possible to eat stealth on the way?
There's a stealth coming!
Miss, you can definitely find something to eat with your face, why so rough?
What are you ?! Brave come here to make a mess!
I'm not stealth. Sien Kuan Temple send I'm here to catch stealth.
Is the teacher from the Sien Kuan temple?
Yes, it's me ..! My teacher say, here there are stealth
eat people, tell me here look around.
Sorry, what's your name?
The devil world gives me a call
Loved people and respected ghosts. The catcher of the devil is not overwhelming, Murong Cen.
This is great / It's great
My call is '' Bu Dong ''
You monk, why hair?
I have hair from birth. Weapons unable to cut my hair.
Master once tried 7 times cut my hair, but failed.
It's destiny then me keep this hair.
There he is!
Are we going to die ?!
Mistress sincerely honor Buddha, be kind heart, surely can escape from death
Regarding your husband, dishonest business. Specialized to sell counterfeit goods,
cut salaries, even disturb the weak. Stealth searched for him.
Please help my husband. I willing to pay lives with life.
Nonsense! We have money. We can give the stealth want
That's right
Demonic ... here bring life!
Move ..!
Move ...!
Minggir ... everything out of the way ..!
Steal! You want eat me? I
feed yourself first. Try not to feel sweet
Rancid monk, you give me eat what ?! / No good?
You gonna swallow me!
You've eaten a lot people, repent / takkan,
What can you do ?!
You ... did not save child! / Just give birth again.
What about me? / Just get married again
You attack the tail bone. I will attack his tongue
At least greet
Disrupt it!
You ... tarnish me!
I do not stain you. Someone '' shoot '' me.
Do not know yourself, want to make a profit! I beat you!
Watch Out!
It really hurts!
Syukurin! Ka
No need to thank me
I'll save you
What the hell?
Teacher / Teacher, do not call me brother. I feel uncomfortable
Despite the high position, but age is still small
If you do not like it, call it You ... uncle of a disciple.
Do not be ... just sister./Guru,
what are they doing So great
Your uncle your teacher receives a big business. Jend.Cou's wife wants to have
son. He is helping to grant the request.
How much does this water bath cost?
Uncle teacher
Uncle teacher ... are you ok?
The bad guys, less people, I had to go hand in hand
Kak, what is this meaning?
It was a nuisance, no know who's my claw
Uncle, this is falling
This material is not good. I'm ready
If not for the sake of maintaining my position, owns
boy, i will not sitting in this slum temple.
Fortunately the generals gave me 10 thousand tael to pray
I only donated 3 thousand tael, got 7 thousand more.
Everyday, General dating to Chuen Mei.
Chuen Mei had to be killed
Maybe General can not be in that. Tomorrow go down the mountain, go home
parents, nostalgia with cousin sister. This opportunity is good too
It's a lot of tactics. Not loyal to Jend.Cou
Buddhism teaches us not to talk about other people
I always try to learn to find my true love
I have a thousand years memory. During a thousand I studied this ancient science
for in my fate find, way who can find it faster.
It turns out it's right to bring results
Kak, that's right can move
Now lives the old stealth energy of Tien Shan
Sister, you can come back and see thousands
years, can see the face Cin Cin reincarnation
Cin Tong ... where are you actually?
Sister, is it ripe? / Yes, then I'll have to stay here
I've been with you 7 days 7 nights, just the same once sleepless, very sleepy
You go quickly to rest. I am the guardian here
I'm late, you're not mad?
Do not be angry. We were against very fierce dragons.
You beat him up until helpless.
Had been told, then come here soon
Fu Hu, it looks like you're tired and hungry. I bring you a good meal
I'm not tired .. / Anyway you have tired / Walk / I'm right not tired
Cin Tong, I'm still worried / Worry what?
I'm afraid, if the gods seniors know about relationships
us, that's a big mistake the rules of the heavenly palace.
We will leave god world, looking for a
place beyond the 3rd world. I will not leave you.
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Worth punishing! 3 thousand New year can bear fruit.
They broke the rules of the gods. You have to wait another three thousand years
Yes, have to wait another 3 thousand years can eat Fan Thou / They should be punished
Although they are guilty, but please forgive
They both broke regulation of the sky, if
not punished, regulation will not be obeyed.
Let's just say, their law to the world human, suffered for 100 years
Just think of me. Anyway he is
my students / I've decided! Can not not be punished!
You mean ... love and hate is in their hearts
Because love brings disaster to oneself
I am the law of Yi Nu to the human world for a hundred years. Drink water
forgetful love, forever can not meet. Immediately implemented!
Drinking water forgetful love, willing to accept difficulties
As humans will experience suffering
You will not ever be able to meet Cin Tong. Will not talk to him again
Why trouble yourself own? / Actually I can
choose to forget it, but I do not want to forget it
Cin Tong, already a thousand years 5 months 6 days
but there was a seal in my head
I do not know your face in this life
Your face can be one of them
The new lady waiter is really ugly
Me, Liang San Po
I'm Zhu Yingtai / Zhu Yingyai? - Yeah
No wonder I feel there match with you / You too
there is a feeling so yes / Let's walk / Good
Meeting in the past, can you? replace this meeting this time?
I've tried to meet him. is in the end we can love each other?
Chong Tong, now just rely on you.
Good news..! We will open early
It's ready to serve you / Nn.Hwa Hwa is ready to serve.
Nn.Hwa Hwa is really beautiful
What is your name? I eat meat goat, not eat your brother
- Young boy .. - Servant
The waiter is really hard at work. Early morning looking for customers.
His name is Er Kou. Absolutely no shame.
Early morning searching business for his wife
His wife? / His wife is Hwa Hwa
She is not shameless, but poor guy / Please eat
The monk also eats meat yes. You are a monk right?
Eating goat meat is high blood gum. Better look for Nn.Hwa Hwa
give us 50% discount / Today you unlucky, may be beaten.
Here's a long way you can look at him your wife huh?
That place, my ugliest wife. Opportunities biggest to be beat. Are you all right?
Very sick / She hit you?
What's wrong with him ?! Not serving I did well. I pushed it!
Sorry. Next time, he is serve you well
He is the greatest and the ugliest. I'm sorry he has no business.
Not serving me with well, still there next time ?!
Say, how your fun? Other
times come, do not accept your money, happy?
Hit you fun!
Meat ../ Your prediction is exactly right
Er Kou!
Hwa Hwa ... are you okay?
See your battered face, I'm glad.
My hair is hard from birth. Sorry, hit you.
Just 2 weapons. - Take enough of your life!
Do not hurry, I have not finished talking.
You have 36 weapons?
Pas 36 weapons.
I'm not afraid of your witchcraft.
Here is still there, make You become a eunuch. Except
You promise, it will not bother you Er Kou and his wife again
I promise / Good
There's still a weapon / In your ass
Thank you / you are great
All this is due to inner karma life before.
Previously you bothered him and now retaliation
What you sow, that is what you reap
You owe me mutton meat yes. Excuse me
What does it mean? That's not important. Can you still receive guests?
Try it
I'm asking for a dream / It's gone
Nothing, nothing else
It's gone. All the wine the lady had bought it
You race with him. If win, you can drink wine
Can win drink? - Yeah
So great
Let's ...
It means nothing ... so people are meaningless. Every day wins, eager to lose
So people are meaningless, You can be a dog.
According to you, why this akhir2 many stealth? Can not beat him
I also do not know why? My teacher says the world
this is a lot of stealth. I able to fight stealth
How long has it been in this field? / 7-8 years
I am in this field want to find someone. Almost dead tired. Did not find it
Is it possible that person are you looking for ghosts?
Ghost no shadow
If you know this, then I drink water forgetful love./ Water forgetfulness of love?
Since young teaching dreams, just want to go ahead. All
something unpredictable, on finally sleeping alone.
'' Give me seela water forgetful love ''
Basic! I'm almost dead tired, you know?
If you can see me, You know my feelings.
If you can not see, think of me. Sneezing me is also okay.
Sneezing? Look ... look at the sun
The nights look at the sun What? / The sun in the sky
Are you sick? /How do you know?
Let's drink. Drinking water forgetful love.
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The stealth is now more beautiful. The atmosphere is also increasingly crowded
This monk has a golden ray. Unexpected
remote place still there are highly knowledgeable people
Thanks for helping me overcoming poisonous snakes
Your father is a poisonous snake, multiply do evil.
Must meditate under the feet Buddhist for a thousand years
Drink a little of my blood, me can take you out
Yours, father
Chu Er, since entering the palace, how the task given to you?
Dad, please forgive us. Queen Mother, Chief Eunuch,
commander of the Yu Lin army, we have mastered them.
What about the emperor?
After entering the palace, very loudly look at me and Mi Er, but
we can only get close to his body, unable to get his energy
Every time, we want to enter poison into his mouth, his body will shine
All this is due you are stealth,
plus you guys want to harm the emperor
Spirit in the body of the emperor able to fight you.
Have to control it first
In time, he will be helpless, can only control his body
In time, the whole world man is under our control!
Is there a way to control the emperor's spirit?
Someone who has magical power against it
I have prepared a good meal for you, quickly enjoy it.
98 unsuccessful haircuts. 99 times also unsuccessful. God is unjust
Move! / Today is not cut your hair, cut your head!
Master, I owe a lot of money to the teacher huh?
You used to be a weaponist yes? /How do you know?
Your way has betrayed you
I never harm people, why did I get this way?
This boy, against the devil since childhood, can everything.
I thought it was God's gift
But he does not remember the past. If not open his brain, his strength is limited
I know. What could he be? angry Buddha?
Maybe, come on! Is he ever guilty of you guys?
If I ever do wrong, please forgive me.
How? / There too
Please respect me
Nobody believes I am a monk. Who does not want to be
a balding monk? Why not give me this opportunity?
What's my fault really?
Kwan Im, why are you blindfolded?
Why can not I be botched? Did I do
big mistake in the past? Now I got karma?
Jodoh still not broken, sky and the human world remains the same.
Someday, you will see it / He? (woman)
Is he in my dreams? Quickly tell me
What are you doing? Why move a statue of Buddha?
Not me but them both
You two are ... fast back to your place!
Wait / I hit you. Hit him..
Speak good. Do not hit face / I hit your face
I told you do not hit me face / I can not believe it
Why still not ready? Is not that You say this is the right time?
There's a crazy pupil, rebellious / crazy Monk
Get him! - Ready! - Misunderstood.
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Master, you become stealth
I'm not stealth. I'm your brother, Fu Hu. You are Shiang Long Lo Han
I watch you in the human world. Actually you are
from the world of gods. I would take you to see Yi Nv
You see yourself ..
3 thousand years once new can bear fruit. Breaking sky rules
Yi Nv is punished into the human world for a hundred years.
Drinking water forgetful love. Forever can not meet
Immediately implement!
I know. The girl in my dream is Yi Nv
Master, are you okay? You changed back
Now you must immediately Tien Shan. Require stealth
Tien Shan! / Why do I have to conquer the stealth?
I do not know either. Kwan Im telling me
you / you really okay? Your head is bleeding
So how?
Is it okay? - Yeah
It's okay ..
All is well.
Madam, your heart is not good, jealous, greedy, vile, there will be no reward.
I'm here to pray for have a son, but
utterly insincere. Buddha will not help you.
Doing good gets a good reward. Hopefully let go of all bad thoughts
Excuse me.
Bu Dong, you are actually a god. I will take you to see Yi Nv / He ?!
It's been a thousand years. Evidently you become a monk!
Still remember foster father say, there is a big enemy ..
At that time, they were united to catch me. I was arrested
under the feet of Buddha. My dragon bone is broken
That is a great insult to me! After five
hundred years, I was lucky can run away
Finally the dragon bones can grow back. And he is Cin Dong
punished to the human world because breaking the sky rules. Now he is
have a human body. It's an opportunity my good for revenge!
We will catch the monk / No!
I want you to search the woman he loves, Yi Nv!
Purpose of adoptive father ... use woman against the emperor? /Correct
Where's a beautiful woman? Which food is good?
Unexpectedly, I have everything ..
can only eat banana. / There is food
Brother '' very grumpy '' yes / What food is most delicious?
Fishballs noodles. No fish meatballs
Meat noodles ... / Nothing
No flour
So what do you guys have? / Do not have anything.
Do not have anything still put the menu food / It's sold out
Cien Pi Shia ... no!
Captain America!
IAM very angry!
You win.
I told you not to buy counterfeit goods, must say how many times? / Not a fake item
This is ugly
Looks like I've seen that stealth. Similar..
One eye monsters.
It was Tien Shan. You through there, then attack
Watch Out!
Do not hurt his eyes! - Very good. My type!
Watch Out!
Basic no toothbrush! / You guys attack the bottom.
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Hey, here! At least a woman beautiful, do not complicate.
Can not! That stealth skin very hard, not translucent
The monk's hair was hard, may be used
Monk, want to fly? / I am not birds, how can fly?
A little angry can surely fly / Bird angry
Angry Bird./Deep ..!
You guys do this without my permission, I am really very angry!
1..2 ..3 .. regardless!
Come on!
Kak, finally found out eyes you want.
What do you want to do?
His big eyes in the prying
We follow wherever Dewi goes.
You must be so young sports, look at me
My body is bigger
I'm also not small ... stomach.
In my house, do not be careless go, also touch the goods
Shower and sleep. Tomorrow morning, each street.
Have you heard one saying? /No
Enter once to his house, winning the hearts of women
Refuse to drink water forgetful love, means willing to accept suffering
You will not see Cin Tong forever. Will not talk
with himher. What for trouble yourself?
If the senior god knows about our relationship, that's a big mistake.
We will leave the world of the gods. Looking for a
place beyond the 3rd world. I will not leave you.
You are a god. I would take you to see Yi Nv
Yi Nv is punished into the human world for a hundred years.
Drinking water forgetful love, no can meet forever
Who he really is?
What are you doing? How long has it been in this field?
I'm ... 7-8 years old.
I am in this field want to find someone. Finally I almost
dead fatigue, still not find the person's shadow
If you know this, I drink the forgetful water of love
Young pursuing a dream, just want to move on. In the end still sleep alone
Cin Tong, I've been looking for you for hundreds of years
Finally I know what your face looks like
Sorry. Letting you so long looking for me. If
know like that, I will not drinking water forgetful love.
It really makes people touched
Who are you? No heat wearing so thick?
Dragon dragon suit. Only the king dressed like that
Dragon North Sea Poison / Finally recognize me
Old dragon base, you got away. It was skinning you,
break your bones, still not satisfied huh? Today itchy bones yes
Today, I want to take her away! - Want carry away my goddess! Not that easy!
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Wanna run away ?!
You do not know cats have 9 life? / I have 18 swords!
Kill my daughter!
Do not kill him!
Cin Tong!
Today, I can not kill him, but You have to do one thing for me!
I'll listen to you so, eat this Tien Chan!
Cin Tong ..
If you eat Tien Chan, your heart will be closed.
If you fight, he will eat your body flesh.
According to ... how am I kill you, depending on your behavior
You go first, I will finish / Good! Chu Er!
Cin Tong!
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No need to worry
It is okay. I get the water ... It is okay
You eat my snake soul, the poison will disappear.
Power will recover
Where? / Now he is in the palace. Senior officials want to replace the emperor
He needs it for take the emperor's energy.
She forced her to swallow Tien Chan
I do not want to see you die for nothing
I have to go
Shiang Long
Senior officials disrupt the government. The sky palace is furious. Now the king
the sky is generous. If you can get 3 things, your power will be restored
Do not lose confidence. If the power of your god
recover, you can finish the poisonous snake / 3 what objects?
Tears of bad people. Self-esteem of a petty person. The breath of people is in love
It's all united, it can be restore the power of your god
Tears of bad people. Self-esteem of a petty person. The breath of people is in love
But remember, you have to alone who did it
Lately it's really dizzying. Always hear the sound
the mysterious. Now where to look for it?
I know where to look.
We open early. Afraid to go home late at night. Come here before the wife knows
Young man, you are very strong, go in / Er Kou
Thank you for helping me. I have to return your favor.
Incidentally today there is time, please login / Today you must
reply to my buddies / We monks are not may enter the place of entertainment.
You're troublesome.
Only three of us know, right?
Today, I want you reply to my buddy / I can also yes
But I have to take painkill medicine first
what do you think? I want your pride
Quickly into the kitchen and get some salt / Good
Not! I want the price yourself / What self-esteem? /Make
people respect you. Not look down on yourself
You may laugh, be angry and do not care about me, but
I have to earn money. We the family must find food
Dad / It ..
It's for you / Monk
People like us, nothing the use of self-esteem
I make money for Siau Kou for her to go to school.
Teacher refused to accept it. Parents are not good people
You have to search back your pride.
What about Siau Kou? What's forever here?
Where to find self-esteem? / Can not go!
You've come. Accidental Hwa Hwa no time.
He will serve you
I'm here to collect the debt! we owe you money?
At that time, he gambled and lost. He says I'm the one who brings bad luck. Fine I 1 taels.
I have no money. He want to break my legs. I
say debt first. You really take it seriously huh?
2 weeks 1 taels, add flowers, 40 taels
We do not have so many money / You want my life
2 children can also be sold / No
- No ...! / Stop it!
Do not think I'm there? / Hajar!
Come on!
Why do not you remind me? - Me already said / Voice must be louder
I took a break
He's hurt, there's no power! Hajar!
You come here hitting people or collect debt? - Do not hit me again.
Do not hit me again
I want to prick your eyeballs! What still dare to glare at me ?!
Come here quickly!
Do not!
Hwa Hwa ..!
Yi Ba Tien!
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Do not kill me ...!
Still dare to bother people?! / No. Sorry, Er Kou.
I've found self-esteem!
Self-defeating, great!
You rediscover your self-esteem. My power
already partially - What happened?
Hwa Hwa ..
I never gave you life which is convenient. In life
next, I'm sure make amends for you
Mom ... dad ... get up.
I was crying, but my tears were useless
I ... I'm an orphan. Since little, never see mother
I made their family destroyed. I'm jealous they have a family
I am guilty. I still keep both your children well
Tears of bad people, still less breath people fall in love
My energy has recovered. Soon rescue Yi Nv / C'mon!
Your Majesty
You are so beautiful / Rare women can catch my attention
I'm ashamed. Please close your eyes.
Please send her away from here. Office senior wants to seize his power.
He threatened me, fishing he swallowed pearl poison
Against my command! Your life is dead!
Yi Er
Tien Chan has been more than 3 days old in your stomach. It's a claw body
Intruder! Protect him!
Spider is huge!
Looks like you got it
Borrow your breath
Not enough.
He said the lover's breath, why lie to me? Maybe still not enough.
No / Follow me
How many lives do you have yet ?!
Yi Er
Tiger claw!
Only with your ability want to take my heart!
Can not be your heart, but it can be your kidney!
My kidneys!
Yi Er ...
Quickly give your snake's soul to my adopted father, let my strength recover
The soul of my snake has given him
I've been a thousand years looking for you / I know
Even though I'm in your arms
but I'm satisfied. If there is the following life,
You have to recognize me.
Yi Er
Yi Er ...
Apparently the last breath of love
Do not be sad. Yi Nv and Fu Hu have gone. Now you can
back to the castle of heaven, became Shiang Long Lo Han
Yi Nv is gone. For what I am still back? I'm better off
in the human world. Eradicate the evil spirits. Against corrupt officials.
Bringing justice to people./You Do not want to go back to the god world?
That's right. I want to stay here / fine
It belongs to Yi Nv. I made it to be small birds, accompany you forever.
Kwan Im is generous
Bu Dong lived in the human world. Uphold justice, always do good.