The Goldfinch (2019) Movie Script

[adult Theo] In Amsterdam,
I dreamt
I saw my mother again.
She was just as glad to see me
as I was to see her.
Same beautiful pale blue eyes.
Everything would've turned out
better if she had lived.
As it was,
she died when I was a kid.
And when I lost her...
I lost sight of any landmark
that might've led me
some place happier.
You see,
her death was my fault.
Everybody used to tell me
that it wasn't.
That it was
a terrible accident.
Which is all perfectly true.
And I don't believe
a word of it.
It was my fault.
Just like everything
that's happened since.
The painting.
The painting.
All my fault.
I lost something that
should have been immortal.
I didn't mean to do it.
Because what I've done
cannot be undone.
It doesn't matter
that I'm going to die.
But for all time,
for as long
as history is written,
that painting will be
remembered and mourned.
[man] As best we can tell,
he made his own way back
to his mother's apartment
from the museum.
He waited there for her
all night to come back
and when she didn't,
he rang the emergency number
they were showing on TV.
When they realized his age,
they alerted us.
[woman] I don't know
if you're aware
but Theo's father
left the family
about six months ago.
[Mrs. Barbour] I wasn't aware.
My son and Theo were friends
in elementary school.
To my knowledge,
they haven't seen
much of each other
for a while.
I'm afraid
I don't quite understand.
Uh, right now,
he is a minor child
in need of temporary
emergency care.
When we asked Theo
if he could think of anyone
that might be able
to help for a while,
he suggested you.
Come in, come in.
I'm afraid Andy isn't up yet.
You can rest here if you like.
[Mr. Barbour] Let's get you
squared away.
Oh, here we are.
You'll be...
You'll be feeling
awfully rough.
Hell of a thing to happen.
Good Lord.
In the circumstances,
I wouldn't see the harm
in pouring you
what my father used to call
a minor nip,
- if you should want some.
- Chance.
Which of course you don't.
Quite unsuitable.
[Mrs. Barbour] We're perfectly
happy to have you, Theo.
I hope you'll make yourself
as comfortable as you can.
[footsteps receding]
[young Andy] What's happening?
[Mrs. Barbour] Shh. That's Theo.
His mom passed away.
[knock at door]
Someone to see you, Theo.
[young Andy] Wow.
[Mrs. Barbour] No,
apparently no one has any idea
where he is.
He wasn't paying
child support.
He left debts. He more or less
flew town without a word.
I don't think we had a choice.
We couldn't very well
turn the boy away.
No. Just for a few weeks.
[Mr. Barbour]
Do you sail, Theo?
No, sir.
That's a pity.
Andy had the most
outstanding time
at his sailing camp
up in Maine last year.
They were the worst
two weeks of my life.
You lack confidence.
That's all.
Would you like me to ask Etta
to make you something else
to eat, Theo?
I'm not hungry.
Thank you.
Where's his dad?
Good question.
Oh, my God!
[young Theo whimpering]
Try this on, Theo.
It's an old one of Platt's.
It's so cold outside.
[young Theo] Outside?
I think you should
go back to school next week.
The sooner we get back to
a normal routine the better.
Keeping busy
is the only thing for it.
Perhaps you could go
this afternoon?
To your apartment.
I could come with you.
I meant to clean up
while I was waiting for her.
You get what you need.
I'll tidy this up.
Just your school things.
The rest can wait.
[sirens wailing in distance]
[school bell ringing]
[female announcer on PA]
Also, basketball practice
has been moved
to 4:00 on Thursday.
Tickets for next week's
lacrosse final
are available
in the admissions office.
Go Vikings!
[indistinct chatter]
- Hey, Tom.
- Hey.
Uh... I heard and all.
Yeah, tough luck.
That really bites.
[young Theo] The only reason
we were at the museum
was because my mom
was bringing me in
to see the principal.
About the cigarettes.
Yeah. My mom blew up
over that shit, too.
So, uh, I gotta go.
[girl] Where are you going?
- [boy 1] Creep-io!
- [boy 2] Loser!
I'm going to go swimming
every day.
You can't swim by yourself.
You're not allowed.
[Mr. Barbour]
Everyone's going to swim.
The cure for anything
is salt water.
Greatest gift my father
ever gave me was the sea.
The love for it.
The feel.
What's he going to do
while we're away?
Who's the artist
I like, Samantha?
With the grand skies?
[Mrs. Barbour]
Maxfield Parrish.
[Mr. Barbour] Maxfield Parrish,
that's the one.
Great towering clouds.
When I was a boy
on the water,
skies just like that. Magical.
Red and orange sunsets.
Oh. Best to leave that
to Esperenza, Theo.
She's used to doing it.
And the same with your dishes.
That is a lovely ring.
Is it a family thing?
Your mother's side?
Lovely. Carnelian.
The intaglio.
And the engraving
on the inside says,
You should keep it
somewhere safe.
I thought these might help.
If you take one at night,
it'll keep you
from feeling scared.
It's perfectly understandable.
We all feel afraid sometimes.
[detective 1] We're just trying
to build up a general picture.
Little bits of the puzzle.
Now, how long would you say
you were in the museum
before the first explosion?
About an hour.
[detective 1] Look at the map.
Where were you
when it happened?
Which room were you in?
The last one
before the gift shop.
[detective 2] 32.
But your mother
wasn't with you?
She wanted to go back
and see a painting again.
Which painting?
The Anatomy Lesson.
It's a Rembrandt.
[detective 2]
Why didn't you go with her?
I said I'd meet her
in the gift shop.
What do you remember
about the incident?
Move! Get out!
[detective 1]
Like, did you smell
anything before it happened?
I don't remember.
[detective 1]
Did you see anything unusual?
I don't remember.
[detective 1] Anything at all?
Where were you
when the blast happened? Here?
Or here?
I don't know.
[detective 2] I know
all these rooms look alike
but maybe if you could
remember where you were,
we can start
to piece this thing together.
[Mrs. Barbour]
I'm not sure I see the point
in putting him through
all of this.
Theo hit his head.
He has some memory impairment.
Nobody seems to have thought
to ask if he was hurt or not.
Is that true?
All right.
when you came round,
did you see people?
[detective 2]
What were they doing?
They were dead.
[school bell rings]
- [door opens]
- [kids chattering]
[door closes]
You told Beeman
the cigarettes were mine.
I was just standing
next to you!
Get up!
[door opens]
Right. Okay.
Are you absolutely sure
you wanna do that?
Do what?
Your rook is in danger,
but I would suggest
you take a look at your queen.
Sorry things are so fucked up.
She was awfully nice.
[doorbell buzzing]
[door unlocks]
Excuse me, I, um...
He told me to bring it here.
I'm Hobie.
Come in.
[door closes]
Is that him?
The man who gave you the ring?
His name was Welty Blackwell.
He was my business partner.
Oh, he was the business,
Handled the clients and sales.
You said he gave it to you?
You mean in the gallery?
I'm glad he wasn't alone.
He would've hated that.
You're the boy, aren't you?
Whose mother was killed there?
Have you eaten?
You like the family
you're staying with?
The Barbours?
It was in the papers.
About her taking you in,
I mean.
Orphan's plight type thing.
I've done some work
for her family in the past.
What's your favorite subject
in school?
English, I guess.
You have a favorite author?
Edgar Allan Poe.
My dad says
he's second-rate though.
He says he's the Vincent Price
of American letters.
I don't think
that's fair though.
No, I don't either.
And where is he
in all this then?
Your father?
Oh, I don't know.
He ditched us.
Good riddance.
He could be okay sometimes,
I guess.
He used to be an actor.
And when we watched movies,
he used to tell me
how they did
the special effects and all.
But he drank.
Like sometimes when he picked
me up from school and...
Anyway, he's gone now.
Well, you've pitched up
with an interesting family
[Welty] Now all that remains
is a handful of paintings.
The Goldfinch is one of them.
[young Pippa] It had to live
its whole life like that?
Is she here?
[Hobie] Pippa?
This is Theo.
He wants to say hello.
Not too long, pigeon.
You need to rest.
[door closes]
I know you.
Are we friends?
Sorry. I've forgotten things.
I didn't remember my room
when I came home.
What's your favorite piece
of music?
You look like somebody
who listens to Beethoven.
Is that what you wanna do?
Be a musician?
I'm not supposed to
listen to music,
'cause of my head.
It's horrible.
What Beethoven do you like?
I've got some Glenn Gould.
It's my favorite.
It's medicine.
I think it's morphine.
- You get tired during the day?
- Yeah.
I didn't use to.
Me neither.
Now, I can't stay awake.
I'm sorry.
I know it's rude,
but would you mind if I just
close my eyes for a bit?
You can listen to some music,
if you like.
[music playing over earphones]
[Mrs. Barbour] You like it?
John Singleton Copley.
A great Colonial
portrait painter.
It was my grandmother's.
She loved it, too.
Is this option two or three?
- Three.
- Okay.
And now, how about
if this is choice five?
Or choice six?
[young Theo] Six.
[cutlery clinking]
Why can't she listen to music?
She can, sometimes.
It just tends to upset her.
She thinks
she has to practice,
prepare a piece for school.
They say that she could
play on some
amateur level one day,
but so many changes.
Her aunt is taking her
to Texas.
I thought she lived here.
Well, she did.
Welty was her uncle
and her legal guardian,
after her mother died.
But now, Margaret is
Pippa's nearest relative.
Blood, anyway.
And she thinks
she'd be better off with her.
[young Theo] What's she like?
She seemed nice, I guess.
She said she's got horses
and a swimming pool.
I don't ride.
Do you?
My mom did.
She used to have horses
growing up in Kansas.
There was this one,
used to get so lonely,
he would come and put his head
through the window
just to see what was going on.
Is your mother dead too?
Did yours get sick?
Will you stay
with the family you're with?
They're all going away
for the summer.
Then what?
I don't know.
I wish you weren't going.
Do you remember seeing me?
[young Theo] Right before.
I remember you.
I was there.
I was there.
[Hobie] You should get
some rest, pigeon.
And I, uh... I told Theo
I'd show him the workshop.
[old-timey music playing
on record]
[Hobie] You like old things.
[chuckles softly]
Must be interesting for you
at the Barbours' then.
The Chippendale? Queen Anne?
It's nicer here.
You can see how they're made.
At the Barbours',
they all kind of
look like stuffed animals.
[Hobie laughs]
You can help me sort through
these cherrywood veneers.
Looking to match the case
for this clock here.
Theo, you remember Platt.
Who do I have to blow to get
a cup of coffee
around this place?
Go back to your room.
Chance, just...
No. Not this time.
Go back to your room.
[chair clatters]
[door slams shut]
[loud rock music playing]
[young Andy]
Something happened at school.
Something bad.
Has he been expelled?
No one will talk about it.
Mother loves Platt the best.
Daddy loves Kitsey best.
Mother loves Platt.
She loves Toddy a lot, too.
[old-timey music playing
on record]
[Hobie clears throat]
I can't tell.
Well, one way
is to check the wear.
If it's too even, like here,
then it's reproduction.
Antiques always wear
Another thing, here, this.
It's machine-cut.
You feel it?
[imitates machine whirring]
- Hmm.
- But here,
So this one is fake.
[chuckles] Well, no.
It's only fake if you try to
pass it off as an original.
This is a reproduction
and not a very good one.
There are things you can do
to help the reimagining.
Period wood, acid,
gold size, lampblack.
You can rust old nails
in salt water.
You'll get a feel for it.
The new one's flat. It's dead.
But this one...
That glow.
That's hundreds of years
of being touched, used.
That's life.
What do you know about Texas?
You can't walk anywhere
and they have
the death penalty.
But it'll be better
for her there.
The climate is good
for convalescents.
She should go
to the planetarium.
Although it's inferior
to the Hayden.
Do you wanna go get a burger?
I thought you were
watching your weight,
so you'd fit
into your prom dress.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
[both] Oh!
Well, I've been making
a corsage for your dress
and it goes
a little something like this!
[both chuckle]
[muffled laughter]
[Mrs. Barbour] Theo...
I have a proposal for you.
Would you like to come
to Maine with us this year?
Yes! Please! That would be...
Yes, please.
Good. We'll see
how you like sailing.
You think it's going
to be fun, but you'll hate it.
How come they decided
to ask me?
Don't be a dunce.
They've grown
quite fond of you.
I think they might make
a family announcement
in Maine.
I think they might
wanna keep ya.
[young Theo]
Andy says we'll be sick.
He has to carry a baggie
on board just to throw up in.
[Hobie chuckles]
I'm afraid I'm the same way.
You might just discover
you wanna be a sailor
or a marine biologist.
You never know what's going
to decide your future.
I got deck shoes,
like you said.
And I got a sweater.
I have a surprise for you.
[Larry] Hey, buddy.
Long time no see.
I'm Xandra. With an "X."
So we just got into LaGuardia
about two hours ago.
I'm out in Las Vegas
now and, uh...
Well, things are
pretty different for me.
[sighs] Son, we're straight
off the plane.
And, uh, well,
we wanted to see you
straight away, of course,
but also need the key
to the apartment.
Yeah, we couldn't get
in there. We tried already.
[Larry] Yeah, I'm here
to start taking care of stuff.
[Xandra] You should be
proud of your pops.
Fifty-one days sober.
Did it all on his own.
Detoxed on the sofa,
basket of Easter candy
and Valium.
Because I couldn't take it.
My mom's the kind of lush
who would throw up
in her own glass
and then drink it anyway.
[Larry] I guess
I should have called, but...
Well, I figured it was easier
just to come and get you.
Get me?
You got a nice
little place here.
[Larry] No,
it's more hers than mine.
What do you got there?
A picture.
No, I told ya. Don't haul
a lot of junk, all right?
You know, the movers
will bring most of it.
You know, your mother wasn't
so easy to get along with.
[sighs] But there's two sides
to every marriage, you know?
And she sure could
hold a grudge.
But God knows
she didn't deserve...
"Desert End Road."
It's like you're moving to
some mining colony on Jupiter.
I wonder
if your school will be
one those places
you read about
with gangs, metal detectors.
Okay. We're off.
[Mrs. Barbour]
Have a good trip, all of you.
Goodbye, Theo.
You were
an awfully good guest.
[indistinct announcement
on PA]
[scanner beeps]
[scanner beeping rapidly]
Hey, wake up, buddy.
Come on,
you're holding up the line.
Jeez, he's as white
as a sheet.
Why don't you give him
one of those? You know?
Here, this'll help.
[loud whining]
What is that?
That's her dog.
[Xandra] Popper,
you get back here.
- He stayed by himself?
- [Popper barking]
[Xandra] Come here!
He's got a water fountain.
Grab these other bags,
will you?
Pop! Would you...
Larry, get the dog.
- [continues barking]
- [Xandra] Popper!
[Larry] Jesus, Xan,
he's shit all over the floor!
[Xandra] You don't think
I can see that, Larry?
Popper, come here.
Damn it, I stepped in it.
[conversation continues
I thought he'd stopped?
[Xandra] Hmm?
Oh. That's just a beer.
He doesn't touch
the hard stuff anymore.
Take the trash out, will you?
[young Theo] Where does it go?
There's a house
down the street
with a dumpster outside.
Just stick it in there.
Won't they mind?
We're the only ones here.
[TV continues playing
[dog barking in distance]
[adult Theo]
I wear bespoke suits.
I swim twice a week.
I socialize with people
I can't stand.
I'm relaxed...
I don't indulge in self-pity.
It's true what I read.
We're so accustomed
to disguise ourselves
to others,
that in the end,
we become disguised
to ourselves.
[adult Theo] Warmer.
- Yes.
- [stammers] Really?
No, but it's so beautiful.
How would you know?
Most people wouldn't.
I've seen pieces
he's worked on
that I could've sworn
were completely genuine.
This is genuine
Connecticut Queen Anne.
But the pediment
and the legs were damaged,
so the finials and the legs
were salvaged
from a different piece.
What? These?
You feel that?
You feel that?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What are we looking at?
Oh, come and see
what Hobie made, Everett.
Oh, I didn't make it.
I just patched
the poor thing up.
Not worth much now,
of course,
but maybe we can
find a home for it.
What do you think, Pip?
Shall we take it?
[scoffs] It's bigger
than our bedroom.
[Hobie] I'm gonna take
these two to lunch
and then on to the airport.
Can't you come with us?
No, no, I can't.
I have a client meeting, so...
You're such a businessman
these days.
Well, one of us has to be.
All right, let's go.
Yes. Uh, well, it was
so lovely to see you again.
It was great
to finally meet you, Theo.
If you're ever in London,
come and stay with us.
She was exaggerating about
the size of the flat sort of.
[both chuckle]
[Lucius] I can recommend
the poularde.
That's fine. Thank you.
- Thank you.
- [waiter] Very good, sir.
This is a pleasant surprise,
Mr. Reeve.
Lucius, please.
Are you looking
for another piece to buy?
I want to talk about the piece
you've already sold me.
The Affleck?
- It is beautiful, isn't it?
- Yes.
Except that it isn't, is it?
Thomas Affleck, I mean.
The phoenix ornament is.
I'm fairly certain about that.
But the rest
of the chest is not.
Antique but unremarkable.
Mr. Reeve, I can assure you
that if there's been
a mistake...
Oh, but there has been,
Mr. Decker.
You sold a fake to someone
who can tell the difference.
To be honest,
I am still quite new
at all this
and I am certainly
not an expert
at Philadelphia Chippendale.
Here's the problem.
I know exactly who put
the little Frankenstein's
monster together
that you sold me.
Your partner.
My partner had nothing
to do with this.
Oh, I think he did.
I've seen
his handiwork before.
That's what he calls 'em,
isn't it?
A pair of finials from here,
a set of legs from there.
Just enough of a genuinely
collectable piece
to fool the buyer, and voil.
I'm happy to buy the piece
back from you, Mr. Reeve.
At a premium.
I don't see what else I...
- I know you.
- What?
I've been in this business
for a long time.
We all know poor Hobie
was going under,
swimming in debt.
Then along you come,
the wunderkind.
The knowledgeable,
charming young salesman.
Suddenly the business
is thriving.
But I know you, Mr. Decker.
I know all about you.
It's Platt.
Platt Barbour.
Platt. Good Lord.
Long time.
How are you?
How's Andy?
[adult Platt]
You know how Daddy had...
They used to call it
"problems with his nerves."
I didn't know.
He was always
very kind with me.
A few years back,
he came off his medication.
You know how he loved sailing.
He decided to go out
off the Northeast Harbor.
I went with him.
Andy came too,
just in case Daddy got
storm giddy, you know?
[sighs] Of course,
Andy didn't wanna go.
He always hated the water.
Anyway, the wind blew up
and we were trying
to reef the mainsail
and Daddy started just...
shouting all this
poetic bullshit.
Next thing, he's overboard
and we're trying
to haul him back in.
And we get broadsided.
This big wave just...
And they both went.
Andy hadn't tied
his jacket on properly.
He's always
such a fucking klutz.
God, Platt.
Do something for me?
[adult Platt] She's back here.
We're very informal now.
[knocks on door]
Mom? I've got a guest for you.
Mrs. Barbour?
I can't believe it.
So handsome.
Isn't he, Platt? Hmm?
Now, you must tell me,
what have you been doing
with your life?
Uh... Dealing antiques.
[inhales sharply]
Antiques. How marvelous, Theo.
American furniture mostly.
You should come by.
You know
how I love old things.
When you were a child,
I used to catch you
studying my paintings.
You'd always go straight
to the very best ones.
The Peale, the Lane,
the Copley.
I used to think,
"Oh! A kindred spirit."
Mrs. Barbour...
I didn't know about Andy.
- Hmm.
- I can't believe it.
I am so sorry.
I don't need to tell you
about loss.
You were always
such a good friend to him.
Thick as thieves,
the pair of you.
Your funny little games.
[adult Platt] So,
do you see any
of your old school crowd?
No, not really.
I see a little bit of
Tom Cable, now and then.
- [door opens]
- Really?
- [door closes]
- Sees my sister,
- on occasion.
- [footsteps approaching]
Don't exaggerate, platypus.
I ran into him
a couple of times.
Oh. So you really are here.
I didn't believe it when Platt
rang to say you were visiting.
It's great to see you, Theo.
I'm sorry,
this is just so weird.
You must have been
seven or eight
the last time I saw you.
A long time ago.
I'm so glad
you came back to us.
Just like old times.
The lowboy goes all the way
back to Salem.
My grandmother's house,
I remember,
when I was a child,
oh, would take my breath away.
You know, I'm amazed
you came back to us.
I always thought
you'd hate us.
We were so horrible to you,
Toddy and I.
[adult Theo]
You were only little.
[adult Kitsey] I know.
And look at us now.
Almost exactly like people.
Well, if we're forgiven,
make sure you come back again.
[elevator bell dings]
[breathing heavily]
[young Theo] Dear Pippa...
How are you?
I've been thinking about you.
I hope things are wonderful
for you in Texas.
I have to say...
- I sort of hate it here.
- [exhales]
[young Pippa]
Do you remember your mother?
[young Theo] Yes.
[young Pippa]
What do you remember?
[young Theo]
She had dark hair
and she was really pretty.
She laughed a lot.
And she liked galleries.
[young Pippa]
Is that why you were there?
[young Theo]
Do you remember seeing me?
"However mean your life is,
meet it and live it.
It is not so bad as you are.
Love your life,
poor as it is."
And what do we think about
anti-commerce stance?
[girl 1] I think it's stupid.
I mean, if everybody
just dropped out and moped
around in the woods,
what kind of society
would we have?
It's irresponsible.
[girl 1] Right. If it was
just people like him,
we wouldn't have stores,
or television, or roads.
- [teacher] Uh...
- Twat.
[teacher] Right.
But he might be arguing
the opposite of that.
Does anyone have
a differing opinion?
[kids chattering]
Ha! Harry Potter.
Fuck you.
Where's your snowboard?
Your T-shirt.
There's not much boarding
in the desert.
No. I don't know
how to snowboard.
I just hate the sun.
Where are you from?
Russia, Australia, Poland,
New Zealand, Texas,
Alaska, Canada.
Originally from Ukraine.
- Jesus.
- Yeah, we travel.
My father digs mines.
People hate us
everywhere we go
because the company promise
they won't fuck up
the environment,
then they fuck up
the environment.
But I figure here who cares?
- You want to get drink?
- What?
Drink. I have beer
at my house.
What are you doing?
Told you.
Hate the sun.
A thought that never changes
remains a stupid lie
It's never been
quite the same
No hearing or breathing No
movement, no colors Just silence
Rise and fall of shame
A search that shall remain
We asked you
What you'd seen
You said you didn't care
[lighter clicking]
Do you have any neighbors?
All the houses
around mine are empty.
[sighs] Same.
They built this shit
way too far out.
Now desert is reclaiming.
Ha! Desert and the banks.
You want vodka?
No, thanks.
My dad drinks it all the time.
So much,
he can't feel his feet.
Literally. It's got a name.
- [sighs]
- Well, my...
My dad says
he's stopped drinking.
[both chuckle]
You want food?
I've got bread, sugar.
No, thanks.
Is there anyone here?
My dad won't be back tonight.
It's just the two of you?
Yes. My mother is dead.
Mine, too.
Mine was alkie.
Got drunk
and fell out of window.
Mine got killed in a bombing.
Life, eh?
[both laughing]
[Popper barking]
What's this?
Uh... Vitamins.
Xandra said she got them
from this bodybuilder guy.
That's not "V" for vitamin,
It's Vicodin.
Can get you high.
[upbeat music playing
on speaker]
You think she sells?
Her? No.
She manages a bar
on the Strip.
Oh! Then she can't be
selling drugs.
I thought you were
from New York?
God, she's hot.
Would you mind?
If me and her...
You don't like her?
I think my dad was seeing her
when my mom was still alive.
He used to say he was going
on all these work trips,
but I think
he was coming here.
That's on him.
Don't blame her.
Or the little dog here.
What's he called?
- What are you...
- Hey.
[speaking Ukrainian]
Good boy.
That cost $20.
It would've cost $20.
[doorbell rings]
[Popper barking]
You are the reason
That I breathe Jai ho
You are the reason
That I still believe
You are my destiny
Jai ho
[Mr. Silver] Oh, look at that.
Cute fella.
You can put him down.
Go ahead.
- [young Theo] Stay.
- What's your name, kid?
Theodore Decker.
Another New Yorker, right?
Yes, sir.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Naaman Silver.
Is your dad home?
No, sir.
"Sir." Nice manners.
Do you know
when he'll be back?
No, sir.
Would you like to come in
and wait?
You're a good kid, Theo.
I won't, thank you,
because I don't really
like to bother a man
when he's home.
Just tell him I called.
And you take care.
God bless.
[car door opens]
[TV playing indistinctly]
Yes! There you go!
You see, that's what you get
when you exercise discipline.
You gotta approach it
like an investor.
That's me. Pure Scorpio.
You believe that stuff?
Half the sports books in Vegas
have an astrologer
on speed dial.
You look for the edge
where you can.
This year, 53% on what?
A thousand plays?
That's a good year.
That's a damn good year.
This fucking game, baby.
I wanna open up a savings
account for you, okay?
I put 10,000 aside, so...
You don't have to do that.
I know I don't
have to do that.
I know that. I want to.
Just give me
your Social Security number,
when you've got a minute,
and I'll open it up for you.
It's just, you know...
I'm glad you're here, kiddo.
You and your mom...
You know, you two
were always so close.
I'm glad you've given me
a second chance.
There... There you go!
Are you seeing this?
You're bringing me
luck already.
This is unbelievable!
We got two more games today.
We gotta pace ourselves.
This is great. Oh, man.
We gotta keep that dog
out of the house, too.
The dog is bad luck.
Help me with that, okay?
Is there any more ice cream?
[TV playing indistinctly]
[man screaming on TV]
We should trip together.
Drop acid.
That girl,
the thin one in civics?
She says her mother's
boyfriend can get some.
Have you done it before?
It was fantastic.
- What does it...
- [door opens]
[door closes]
My dad,
he'll kill the dog. Hurry.
Popper. Come here.
[mumbling in Russian]
[shouting in Russian]
[speaking Russian]
[Boris' father continues
shouting indistinctly]
[young Boris groaning]
[kids chattering]
[young Boris] Very exciting.
If you ever go to Ukraine,
people will treat you
as big star.
[Larry] Yeah?
You didn't tell me your father
was in movies, Potter.
I mean, it was
only one or two, you know.
It was mostly,
you know, TV work.
Hey, listen, Theo,
I'm gonna take Xandra
to the MGM Grand
for Thanksgiving dinner.
You wanna come?
We thought we might just
do our own thing, Dad.
We'll probably go
to Boris' house for dinner.
[Xandra scoffs]
But I guess I could come
with you guys,
if that's what you'd rather?
The reservation's
been made already, so...
Well, I'll let you two
work it out.
Boris, do you like cop movies?
- Sure.
- [Larry] Yeah?
I made one with Mickey Rourke.
You wanna see it?
- For real, man?
- [Larry] For real.
[young Boris gasps]
This was delicious.
Thank you.
[Larry clears throat] Mickey hated
me, by the way.
I don't know
what the problem was,
'cause I thought
he was pretty cool.
But, you know, the guy was
just threatened by me,
for whatever reason.
I mean, we even worked out
together a couple of times.
You want me to change
the reservation or not?
I never said I didn't
want you to come.
I never said you did.
[Larry] Got it.
What are you two
really gonna do anyway?
We'll probably
just watch TV here.
[Xandra] Do you want me
to bring you
those cocktail sausages
and the hot wings
that you like?
Cool. I'll hook you up.
But you stay
outta my cigarettes.
- "Every man, every woman...
- [young Boris vocalizing]
- ...carries one true home."
- [singing in Russian]
In English, you fucker!
[continues singing]
Oh! Fuck!
Oh, my fucking mouth.
[reporter on TV]
My wife, Dawn, and our kids,
Sebastian and Casey.
Ha! Did you hear that?
The man talking?
He just wished happy holiday
to his kids,
Bastard and Casey.
Don't be stupid.
That's what he said.
That's hard, eh?
Casey's okay.
But calling your son
Bastard on TV...
- That's not what he said.
- Then what did he say?
- How the fuck should I know?
- Then why argue?
Americans always call their
kids stupid fucking names
like Apple, and Blanket,
and Bear, and shit.
[reporter] Families enjoying
the first skate
of the season
in New York City.
[young Boris]
You and your mother go there?
No. It was for tourists.
What did you do?
Nothing. We just...
She made turkey.
We sang songs.
[upbeat music playing
on speakers]
[young Theo]
Can't we just swallow them?
It hits harder this way.
[speaks Russian]
How will we know
when it starts working?
[young Boris]
My dad killed a man.
In mine, in New Guinea.
[scoffs] Bullshit.
It's true.
He did it with a...
What do you call it?
- Pipe wrench.
- Hmm.
Tried to make it look like
loose rocks had fall on him.
We had to leave right after.
Now you.
A secret.
I dream about my mom.
I dream somebody tells me
where she's living.
It's like some old
slum building across town.
And I run there
and I run up the stairs,
but she's gone.
She's always gone.
It's not secret.
She won't see me
because it was my fault.
She was taking me
to see the principal
because they'd said
I'd been smoking.
And it was raining,
and we were early
and that's why we went
into the museum.
It was my fault she died.
And now she won't see me.
Swim, Potter.
Sleight of hand
Jump off the end
The water's clear
And innocent
[continues panting]
[Welty] Where am I?
[Welty whimpering]
Where is she?
[coughing weakly]
I haven't seen you
for so long.
- [groans]
- You should stay still.
Not here. Don't leave it here.
Not here. Don't leave it here.
Take it.
Take it.
They mustn't see it.
They'll take it.
They took all the light bulbs.
That? You mean that?
It's okay. Here.
- Take it with you.
- [gasps]
[speaking French]
[in English] Promise!
Promise you'll take it.
I have to find my mother.
[groaning weakly]
Hobart and Blackwell.
Ring the green bell.
[Welty coughing]
[continues coughing]
[indistinct chatter]
[female officer]
Clear on the side!
[man speaking indistinctly
over megaphone]
[overlapping chatter]
[young Boris shushing]
It's just me, Potter.
[shushing] Potter.
Sleep. Sleep, Potter.
[Larry clears throat]
Theo, you got a minute?
- Sure. What's up?
- [clears throat]
You know I said
I'd had a good year?
Well, I'm looking
to make some big changes.
A buddy of mine is
opening up a restaurant.
Wow. That's great.
It's a great opportunity.
But, you know,
it's just, well,
restaurant taxes,
liquor license taxes.
It's a big initial outlay.
Oh. Well,
if you need the money
from the savings account,
you can...
Right. No, I, uh...
I appreciate that, pal. I do.
But what I need you
to do is,
I need you to call
this guy Bracegirdle,
your mom's attorney.
There you go.
I've written everything out.
You tell him that I'm sending
you to a private school
and you need this amount
transferred to this account.
As long as the money's
being used for your benefit,
it's legal, all right?
And this restaurant,
it'll be
for all of our benefits.
Thing is,
if we angle this right?
You know, we could save,
like, 30,000.
But why...
Theo, I don't have time
for this right now.
I need you to make this call
because the offices
will close back East.
And if you need
to sign documents,
you tell him to fax
to this number, okay?
But why do I have to do it?
I mean, it...
Hey. You're gonna do this,
all right? You've got to.
I'm in a real fucking
tight spot here.
Do you understand that?
You got it?
Just a temporary thing.
- But I need the money now!
- [breathing shakily]
I mean, 'cause this
opportunity... Hey.
This opportunity
could go away,
if I don't get on it
right now.
Stop with the crying.
[phone beeping]
Just what's on the page.
[line ringing]
[woman on phone]
Bracegirdle and Wise.
Can I speak to
Mr. Bracegirdle, please?
This is Theodore Decker.
Please hold.
[Mr. Bracegirdle] Theodore,
I'm glad you've phoned.
I've had no way of getting
in touch with you directly.
I wanna go to private school.
Did my mother
leave me some money?
Not exactly.
But you do have a 529
which can be used
for your education.
So, if I asked you
to send me $65,000?
I'm afraid the funds
can only be released
directly to the school
of your choice.
It was set up by your mother
to ensure
it could only be used
for your education.
I don't know
if I should tell you this,
but an unauthorized person
has twice tried
to make a large withdrawal
on the account.
Someone with access to
your Social Security number,
purporting to be
your attorney out there.
Do you know
anything about that?
No, I don't.
Thank you anyway.
[shouting] God damn it! No!
Fuck! God! Fuck!
No! No! No!
[continues shouting
[young Boris] He told me
you had fortune.
My dad?
You think if I had a fortune
I wouldn't have told you?
I don't know.
There are lots of things
you don't tell me.
But that's okay.
I know what
will make you feel better.
Believe me, Potter.
This is going to be one of
the great nights of your life.
[swing creaking]
[young Theo] It's like a movie.
It's all flat
and black and white.
Would be nice if we could've
had color though.
Maybe if you paid more.
[young Theo] Shit.
No one was
supposed to be here.
Act normal.
They've got sparks coming out
of their mouths.
[young Theo gasps]
Normal. Normal.
You're still
in your work uniform.
your dad's had a car accident.
It was about two hours ago.
His blood alcohol was .39.
He was driving west
into the desert,
like he was leaving.
Right. So,
when's he coming back?
No, Theo.
What I'm saying is
is that he's dead.
He's dead.
[sobbing] He's dead.
[Xandra wailing]
[TV playing indistinctly]
What are you doing?
I didn't think
you could see me.
You're too young to drink.
[both laughing]
What's wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
You can't cry?
Your father is dead.
Your own father.
Oh, you think it's funny?
Yeah, well,
let me tell you something.
You might not have had
a lot of time for your dad,
but you are his kid...
through and through.
[exhales sharply]
They've gone.
And she's out cold.
- What are you doing?
- I'm looking for money.
I'm leaving before people
start showing up.
- Come with me.
- Where?
- New York.
- What?
I can't stay here with her.
Because of what she said?
She's a mess, Potter.
I feel sorry for her.
We should plan this.
Crazy to go tonight.
I can't stay here!
She'll put me in a home.
You understand that?
Look, I'm a minor.
I've got no family,
no friends out here.
We have to go.
What about Popchik?
We'll stop at yours,
grab your things,
and then go
to the bus station.
I can't leave now.
Give me more time.
What? I don't have time.
They'll come for me.
- Just one day.
- Why?
Because I...
Because what?
There's something important
I have to tell you.
Boris, what?
What do you have to tell me?
You shouldn't go.
It's a mistake.
I have to go.
Now, are you coming or not?
You go ahead.
I'll follow.
One or two days.
You have to come. Promise me.
We'll go to Brighton Beach.
That's where all of
the Russians hang out.
And we can go
to school together.
Good luck.
Look after Popchik.
You must leave now
Take what you need
You think will last
But whatever
You wish to keep
You better grab it fast
Yonder stands your orphan
With his gun
Crying like a fire
In the sun
Look out, baby
The saints are comin' through
And it's all over now
Baby blue
The highway is for gamblers
Better use your sense
- Take what you have gathered From coincidence
- [thunder rumbling]
The empty-handed
Painter from your streets
[doorbell buzzes]
- [shivering]
- Is drawing crazy patterns On your sheets
The sky, too
Is falling in over you
And it's all over now
Baby blue
[Hobie] I hope this will do.
It's Welty's old room.
Please don't make me go.
You need to get out
of those wet things
and get some rest.
We'll talk
when you're feeling better.
And no one's gonna
make you go.
You can stay
as long as you like.
Both of you.
[door closes]
Forget the dead you've left
They will not follow you
Your lover who Has just
walked Through the door
Has taken all his blankets
From the floor
The carpet, too
Is folding over you
[breathing heavily]
And it's all over now
Baby Blue
Yeah, it's all over
It's all over now, Baby Blue
I'm not going to
drag you there again
but you have to decide.
Chinois china
or Birds of the Nile?
[adult Theo] Birds of the Nile.
Oh, ow.
It wasn't quite as romantic
as I hoped it would be.
They're beautiful.
No, nothing.
They're gorgeous.
It's just,
do you think they'll be
quite right
for the actual day?
Emeralds, I adore them,
but they're not
really my stone.
Mother can't wear
green either.
Whatever you think.
Darling, I've hurt
your feelings, haven't I?
Look, I will wear them.
- You really don't...
- I want to.
Kitsey said
no speeches today,
so this is a toast.
[all laugh]
To my best friend
and her husband-to-be.
[guests] Aw.
To Kitsey and Theo.
[all] Cheers.
[adult Theo] I hope
you don't already have this.
[Mrs. Barbour] No. You'll never
ever believe this,
but I saw this show in Boston
when I was in college.
[man and woman laughing]
Is that that boy? Longstreet?
Forrest Longstreet.
He was in Andy's class,
wasn't he?
That's right.
He didn't invite Andy to
a birthday party, I remember.
I don't think
Andy would've wanted to go.
Perhaps not.
You knew him
better than I did.
I don't think I ever saw him
for... [sighs] what he was.
I think I was always trying to
make him into someone else.
After he'd gone...
[sighs] I thought everything
would be broken forever.
And then you came back.
And I thought I'd never be
quite so happy ever again.
[chuckles softly]
I hope you don't mind
if I speak from the heart,
but I always did think of you
as one of my own.
I know this must have been
distressing for you.
So I'd like to offer you
some compensation.
Say, an additional 10,000?
I know you were there.
Room 32.
I know you were there
and I know what else
was in that room.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
The Metropolitan Museum,
the day of the bombing.
I don't wanna talk about that.
My mother died
in that explosion.
I know she did.
Welton Blackwell died too,
in room 32.
You know, if your partner
hadn't gone around
telling half the town
how you turned up at his door
with Welty's ring,
I might never have
made the connection.
What connection?
The connection
between you and the painting.
The painting you brought
to Mr. Hobart,
who subsequently
made you his ward.
- I'm not his...
- Or whatever you are to him.
The painting you two
have been farming out,
using it to raise money.
This painting.
Fabritius' The Goldfinch.
Destroyed in a mindless
terrorist attack
on a New York museum.
Oh, poor, brave little bird.
Lost forever.
You've been
irresponsible enough,
letting those street thugs
handle something so delicate.
What I'm suggesting is
you sell it to me for, say,
half a million dollars.
Otherwise, I'm sure the police
would be quite interested...
What the fuck
does this have to do with me?
All right.
The FBI received a tip
that a criminal gang
in Miami
was using the painting
as collateral in a drug deal.
But that proves that it didn't
burn in the explosion,
wouldn't you say?
I would advise you to think
about my offer.
I am quite prepared
to go to the FBI.
Be my guest.
Whenever you'd like
to talk about
the other matter, call me.
[doorbell rings]
[Em] Kitsey's not here, Theo.
[adult Theo] I thought she'd be
back from work by now.
She's not answering her phone.
[Em] I don't know
when she'll be back.
[adult Theo] Okay.
Can I wait for her here,
I think you better
come back later.
[adult Theo] Are you serious?
I just want to wait
in her room, Em.
I don't...
[Em] I live here, too.
You can't just come
barging in here.
I'm sorry. It's a bad time.
[door closes]
[man] It's all right.
It's gonna be fine.
You all right?
[adult Kitsey] Theo.
It's so late.
You should've called me.
Are you hungry?
I can make us
something to eat,
if you like?
Oh, maybe a glass of wine?
Em said
you stopped by earlier.
Oh, darling,
will you open this?
Please don't.
I'm sorry?
I saw you.
You don't mean Tom Cable,
do you?
He's an old friend.
Please, Kitsey.
No more secrets.
[adult Kitsey] I didn't think
it would matter
until the wedding.
I tried to break things off
a while back, but...
But you love him.
I don't expect you to know
what it feels like
to be in love
with the wrong person.
does it really matter
as much as all that?
You know it doesn't.
Not really.
I know about your things.
My things?
Take all the drugs you want,
I don't care.
This marriage makes sense.
Mommy loves you so much.
It's a good match.
We like each other
and we get on.
Head not heart?
If you like.
[woman] $2,000.
Reilly and Britton, of course.
First edition, first printing.
As you can see,
in beautiful condition.
I'll take it.
[woman] For yourself?
No. A gift.
Lucky person.
[Hobie chuckles]
Look at this.
Stored in some unheated shed
in Watervliet.
It's amazing
it survived at all,
but look at the grain though.
I didn't want to bother you.
Bother me with what?
This guy Reeve,
Lucius Reeve,
I sold him the chest-on-chest
with the Affleck ornament.
I sold it as an Affleck.
I should have never, never.
But I didn't know what to do.
We had the IRS calling
every other day,
and now he's got it in for us.
Well, give him the money back.
I've tried. I don't know
what he wants.
Dealers live
by their reputation, Theo.
It's an honor system.
If, uh...
If word got out that...
I'll put it right, Hobie.
I'll offer him more than
what he paid for the piece.
I'm sure he just wants money.
[Hobie] Hmm.
- [door opens]
- [bell tinkling]
[footsteps approaching]
[door closes]
Hello, lovely.
Are you gonna change the sign?
[adult Theo] No.
I didn't ask him to.
I know you didn't.
But Hobie's always saying
you've turned things around.
Quite the salesman.
And who'd have thought it?
Antique furniture?
[adult Theo] Do you miss it?
New York?
Don't let me forget,
I've got a book for you.
- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
I've got something
for you, too.
[adult Pippa] It's good timing.
I finished my book
on the plane.
I've got you
The Rings of Saturn.
Everett said he thought
you'd like it.
- Is it good?
- Mmm-hmm.
I'm really glad
you're happy, Theo.
I can't believe
I haven't even met her
and you're getting married.
It was all pretty fast.
Well, I guess when you know,
you know.
Okay. I'm bushed.
Time for bed.
[door opens, closes]
[narrator on screen]
I remember the feeling of,
"Who is this guy?"
That each voice is so clearly
etched in the eloquence
with which
he was able to play
the left
and the right hands,
so they sounded almost like
it was a duet
played with yourself.
[adult Theo] I'm sorry.
I thought you'd like it.
[adult Pippa] I loved it.
It just reminded me
of that world.
It was really hard, you know.
You just practice, practice,
practice, six hours a day.
And then everything
stopped that day.
Now I can't even
go to a concert. [sniffles]
And Welty...
you know, he was
only with me that day
because I was making him
take me to an audition.
It was my fault, Thee.
Come home.
Home here?
What about Everett?
When I was with Welty,
when he gave me this ring,
something happened between us.
Like the way he guided me
to the shop.
The minute I was there,
it felt right.
And antiques?
Why would I be interested?
Who would've known that?
But I was.
It's like he sent me
exactly where I needed to be.
And to who
I needed to be with.
- I...
- I know.
I know.
Don't think I don't.
I miss it.
New York.
But I'll tell you
why I don't come back.
Because at least in London,
I don't think about it...
every second of the day.
But I miss it. [sniffles]
I miss Hobie.
And I miss you.
We are an awful lot alike,
What we both went through,
I don't think we can lean
on each other.
If one of us went down...
the other would go with them.
Theo, I'm sorry.
No. No.
I'm sorry. [sniffles]
It's okay.
[line ringing]
[Jerome on phone] Yo.
[adult Theo] Jerome?
I need some. Where do I go?
Hit up my girl Katrina.
Bar G-Slack off Avenue B.
[music playing on speakers]
[indistinct chatter]
Does Katrina work here?
I'm a friend of Jerome's.
He said, uh, she might be
able to help me.
What's her second name?
Help you with what?
It doesn't matter.
[speaking Russian]
[speaks Russian]
[in English]
How did you know I'd be here?
I... I didn't.
- You weren't looking for me?
- What?
This is just accident?
All right.
[both chuckle]
To accident then. Hmm?
They serve food here?
Not usually.
What do you do?
This, that.
Many things, you know.
Just getting by.
You living in New York?
No. I travel a lot.
Sometimes here.
Uh, Sweden, Belgium, Germany.
- Russia?
- Not so much.
I thought maybe you went back
to Russia
because you never came.
Well, um, very fucked-up time.
For a while,
I worked for Mr. Silver.
I was living with Xandra
at the time.
My dad had moved.
I had nowhere to go.
We ended up getting along.
Mr. Silver would come round.
So for a while,
I am his assistant.
Do this, do that.
I can't believe you're here.
Do you know
what I did in college?
Conversational Russian,
because of you.
It used to make me
think of you.
[chuckles softly]
I am so sorry
for what I did to you.
Forget it.
No, I can't.
Are you happy?
Not very.
A girl?
Look, it's not that. It's...
I'm engaged to be married.
I don't know why
I'm telling you this,
but I saw her kissing
another guy.
Old friend of mine. Tom Cable.
The asshole
with the cigarette,
when you were a kid?
And you love her.
But not too much, I think.
It's complicated.
There is someone else?
All right. Enough of this.
Let's go somewhere.
Let's get a taxi.
- A taxi?
- [chuckles]
You've got a fucking driver.
I have a fucking driver!
Gyuri, say hello to Potter.
[Gyuri] Hello, Potter.
Hello, Gyuri.
[stammers] Watch the, uh...
Watch, you're spilling it!
Hold it still!
Come work for me.
Fate brings us together again.
And you are not happy.
I want to repay you
because everything good
that has happened
is because of you.
That's great. I got you
started as a drug dealer.
Not drug dealing.
I have a good life.
We could...
I am so sorry, Potter.
So sorry for what I did.
- Forget it.
- I can't forget it.
That I should
treat you so badly.
And I have tried,
I swear to you,
I have tried to get it back.
I thought you might have
heard about Miami
and I wanted to tell you
that nothing,
nothing could be
traced back to you.
You never opened it?
All these years?
How could you
not fucking open it?
Shut the fuck up.
What are you...
You had stayed,
I would have...
I would have given it
back to you. I promise.
Told you
that I had switched it.
But you wouldn't wait.
You had to go straight away
and I was scared
to tell you
that I'm so ashamed.
Still so ashamed!
Bullshit! Nobody knew
about it. No one has ever...
You are a blackout drunk,
You showed me it.
At Thanksgiving.
Totally wrecked.
You unwrapped it
and showed me.
And I wanted it.
But not to sell.
I swear to you. You cannot
sell something like that.
I don't believe...
I don't believe
one word you're saying.
This is the back
of the painting.
The verso proved
that we have it.
The painting was used as
collateral on certain deals.
Until Miami.
And I swear to you, Potter,
I swear...
What are you... Wait, Potter!
- [tires screech]
- Please, stop!
Move! Get out!
[muffled explosion]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Hobie] He came
to see me today.
He had photocopies,
bills of shipping.
All right. Listen...
I wanted to tell you.
I was just trying
to settle some debts.
I didn't know
how to get out from under.
No, no, you don't
have to tell me.
Business turning around
and it suited me
to keep my head in the sand.
No, no, that's not
what I'm saying.
This is all my fault.
And I'll fix it.
That's not why he came.
Is it true?
Please tell me it isn't true.
I called him a liar
and threw him out.
Now, tell me.
Is it true?
The painting?
Do you know the history
of that painting?
Do you know that it was his
last painting because he died?
Died in an explosion.
A stupid accident.
And one of the only things
that survived,
like a miracle,
was that little bird.
Like nothing that had been
painted before.
And somehow,
miracle after miracle,
it survives through centuries.
Until you.
Hobie, I never meant...
I didn't know
what it was at first.
And then, I don't even know
why I kept it.
[stammering] I was just
trying to keep it safe.
It wasn't yours to keep!
My whole life,
everything I've tried to do...
I don't know.
I don't know,
maybe it's ignoble
to care too much
about objects.
But, Theo...
that painting,
pulled from the fire...
passed down,
saved, preserved...
so it could be handed on.
And handed...
We die.
We all die.
But to destroy,
to lose something
that should have been
Is it lost?
[exhales deeply]
I never meant you any harm.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [soft music playing]
Cheers. Happy for you two.
[adult Kitsey]
Oh, thank you for coming.
Come over and say hi to Anne.
I think she's over there
by the corner.
Everything okay?
The best thing
that ever happened to her
is when you came along.
Did your mother know, Platt?
She said from the beginning,
it was just an infatuation.
Women always love assholes,
am I right?
We need more drinks.
Oh, hi.
Which one is she?
Is that her?
Loveliest lady in the room.
Go tell your lovely lady
that you have to leave.
What are you doing here?
I have a ticket for you,
but we must go now.
- Where?
- Amsterdam.
Why the fuck
would I go to Amsterdam?
'Cause you want it back.
[indistinct chatter]
- I'll find you later, okay?
- Yes.
[gasps] Oh!
There you are.
Oh, you must meet
my godmother,
Anne de Larmessin.
What are you doing?
I'm going.
You can't.
There's more photographs.
I'm going to be away
for a few days.
Make up an excuse for me.
Are you coming back?
Take care, Kitsey.
[adult Theo] Before and after.
Everything is
before and after.
In the middle is the painting.
The one thing you did.
You crossed the border
into another country.
And now you can never go back.
You cannot sell a painting
like that, Potter.
It's quickest way
to get caught.
People with goods,
they front you,
hold painting as collateral.
You sell the goods,
you give them their cut,
painting is returned.
[adult Theo] Who?
Who took the painting?
A German guy I know.
Deals in stolen art.
Calls himself Sascha.
Was involved in setting up
the operation
with those Miami assholes.
And then, he went missing.
Now Sascha is feeling heat
from FBI raid.
So he is willing
to offload it for cash.
Glad to see you again, Potter.
You know, that's not
actually my name.
Sascha is here
with the painting.
Victor got in touch,
said he had a buyer.
An American businessman.
And who's this
American businessman?
That would be you.
You want the painting back?
[adult Theo] Yes.
I am going to do this.
I'm going to make
everything right again.
40,000. My money.
This they get to keep.
That way, they don't look
so close at bank draft.
By the time they realize is
no good, we are long gone.
Now story is,
you are based in New York,
very rich man.
Is just for show.
[man speaking indistinctly]
[phone beeps]
[speaks other language]
[objects clattering]
There's someone in the back.
No one there.
[indistinct chatter]
[adult Boris]
Right, I'll see you later.
A lot of trouble,
but worth it, yes?
- [man] Merry Christmas.
- [gun cocks]
Don't be a prick, Boris.
Do it over there.
[adult Theo] Carel Pietersz,
known as Fabritius,
born in Holland in 1622.
He's only 32 years old,
but he's already considered
one of the greatest
in an age of great painters.
He's painting
in his studio in Delft
when a nearby gunpowder store
accidentally explodes.
Neighbors pull a wooden panel
from the rubble
and on the panel
is painted a goldfinch.
For hundreds of years,
it is passed hand to hand.
It survives.
Until me.
To have kept it shut up
in the dark all these years.
A thing made of light.
That only lived in light.
I would've given it back.
I swear.
But it was too late.
Things done
that can never be undone.
Things that come together.
And things that fall apart.
[adult Boris grunting]
[adult Boris] Stop.
Hey. Hey. You need to walk.
All right. Okay. Come on.
All right.
Okay. [grunts]
Let's go. [panting]
There he is. That's it.
Come on.
The Chinese boy,
maybe he runs back to Sascha.
Gyuri knew this place
in Frankfurt
that Sascha used to use.
Place is like fortress.
Cameras, locks,
pass-codes and shit.
Need army to get in.
Or police.
Eat. You should.
All right, so, problem is
police need probable cause.
Gyuri has cousin,
works in very expensive bar.
Now he goes to the police
and says he sees
two Germans arguing,
and one of them
leaves behind folder.
And inside the folder?
Photograph of Goldfinch,
newspaper articles,
and FedEx envelope
with Sascha's address.
Next day, is like movie.
SWAT team fucking
breaking down the door.
I didn't see it happen.
I wish I had.
To see the look
on Sascha's face,
being dragged out.
And yes.
It is there.
- Your bird.
- [chuckles]
They find it
and it is safe.
[exhales sharply]
You are welcome.
But there is more.
They find other paintings.
Stolen paintings.
And also
a Rembrandt.
Now drink more coffee.
Listen to me.
Is important.
You talk about bad things
you have done.
And you blame yourself.
You wish...
wish you were dead.
So we have done bad things.
But maybe sometimes
good can come from bad.
[stammers] If you hadn't...
if I hadn't...
maybe none of these paintings
would be found.
Maybe is...
like huge fucking
weather system rolling over
and we just get blown
and maybe is fate or...
Why give name?
Your bird is
safely back in the world.
Happy Christmas, Potter.
[woman] Theo...
there's too much to see.
There's The Anatomy Lesson.
And we should see
Frans Hals, too.
I like this one.
The Dutch invented
the microscope.
They wanted it all
as detailed as possible.
Even the tiniest things
mean something.
Like that wilted leaf there.
That's the painter sending you
a secret message
telling you things don't last.
[Theo's mother] Oh. Sorry.
This is the one
I was talking about.
This is the painting
I love most.