The Goob (2014) Movie Script

More! More! More! More! More!
More! More! More! More! More!
Goober! Goober! Goober! Goober!
Goober! Goober! Goober! Goober!
Have a good life, son,
if you can get out of this shithole.
You fucking twat!
You little bastard!
Come here! Fucking have you!
Fucking have you.
Come on.
Come on, mate.
- Can't breathe.
- Come on, you'll be alright.
You got me with that grit
right in the bollocks.
Levi, stop it.
Behave yourself.
Come on! Ride 'em, cowboy!
And he's waved the flag
and the tape is up!
And they're off! Giddy up!
Go on. You're doing well.
Come on. Come on,
I'll lend you some clothes.
Here. Got something to show you.
Look at that.
Spitting image of your old man.
Good times, eh?
- What's all this?
- It's my stuff.
Me and Mary split.
I don't know. Here.
Get that on.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
I bought that bloody shirt.
You shouldn't touch that car.
You know that.
- Are you listening?
- I wasn't touching it.
Yes, you was. I saw you.
You ought to change them clothes.
That's upset Mary.
Do you want gravy all over, love?
Morning, Mary.
- Are you alright?
- It's my eye.
I'm not working all summer
with that twat.
Keep still.
It's gone.
What the hell are you wearing?
Smile, then, you cunt.
- I've got you now, boy.
- Boys! Food!
Fuck that.
I ain't playing happy families.
What d'you see in Levi anyway?
Alright? Cheer up.
Stop! OK.
Looks a mean, mean car, does that.
Anyway, they're...
What'd she say?
She's got your number.
She's gonna see you at the next meet.
Yes! Yes! Come on!
Who's the champion?
- You
- Who's the fucking champione?
- Womack! Womack!
- Champione!
That's your mother, boys.
Crazy as a motherfucker.
And that's why I fucking love her.
Don't forget it.
Come here.
There's plenty more
where that's fucking coming from.
Cos Gene Womack, he don't fucking lose.
- Champione! Champione!
- Sing it, Janet. Sing it.
I fucking love it
when you're singing, girl.
Cos you'll be fucking singing tonight
when I've fucking finished with...
We need the keys.
He'll fucking kill us.
They'll be in his trousers.
Come on.
You've got a helmet on.
Do me, you dirty bastard.
Slow down, girl. Oh!
- Say it one more time.
- Do me, you dirty bastard.
- Do me, you dirty bastard.
- Oh, slow. Slow down.
Do me, you dirty bastard.
- Do me, you dirty bastard.
- You little fucker!
Come here!
Fucking little cunt.
Do me, you dirty fucking bastard!
Do me, you dirty bastard!
- Champione!
- Do me, you dirty bastard!
Champions! Champione! Champione!
You fucking dirty bastard!
Fucking do me! Do me, you dirty bastard!
- Yeah!
- Do me, you dirty bastard!
Shit! It's fucking Womack!
Do me, you dirty bastard!
- Do me, you dirty bastard!
- Rod!
I'd like to be in and out of there
sharpish tonight, if you don't mind.
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean.
I don't want it to be a long one.
I'm still pissed about the car.
Mary says she's desperate for more work.
She's a right state, you know that.
Well, might help her
keep her mind off things.
You decide.
Doors opening.
Are you coming?
- Wotcher.
- Alright?
You alright, my darling?
Gene's gonna be repairing the dorms
now you're laid up.
So Goob's gonna be
helping him now, alright?
I'm going back to the car.
I'm gonna leave in five minutes.
I'd best go.
I'll be back soon, alright, my love?
- Mum says...
- Fuck off siding up with that twat.
Hello? Hi, Dee.
Yeah, yeah.
Seven o'clock at the burger bar.
Sounds good. Yeah, OK, then. Bye.
No, there ain't gonna be
no fucking sevenish
and there ain't gonna
be no fucking burger bar
until this fucking hole is dug.
You understand me?
Don't take the piss, Goob.
I'll be back in a couple of hours.
Where do you want your tea?
You coming to the meet?
You on the pull?
Yeah, something like that.
How's Mary?
- Yeah, it's in there.
- It's the same cut spring.
Oi! Oi!
- What do you mean, I can't drive?
- You're not racing, mate.
I've been working on this car
all fucking week.
There's nothing fucking wrong
with this car!
No fucking spring's been cut.
Just listen. Just let me...
No fucking spring's been cut on this.
- It has been cut.
- Shut the fuck up!
- You need to relax.
- Fuck off.
Bunch of fucking idiots!
- You gotta let him race.
- He can't race, not like that.
- No one's cut 'em.
- Fuck it. Come on.
You've cut the springs. You can't race.
- Don't wanna fucking race.
- You're not racing here ever again.
Fuck off.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I thought you were Rod then.
You even smell like him.
- Alright?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- That was quick. What happened?
- I don't know.
I don't know what you'd call it.
Alright, mate?
Battered sausage and chips,
and a Coke, please.
Cheers, mate.
There you go, son.
Get your chops round that.
What are you doing?
I brought him, Janet.
He'd finished the hole.
What the fuck's he doing here?
I told you he weren't to fucking come.
I've told him. He's now coming.
- How you doing, Gene?
- Don't fucking Gene me, you pikey cunt.
- Did you fucking bring him?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you need to fuck off
right now, boy!
Come on, Goob.
I'll see you.
- Go on, go on. Fuck off!
- Goob.
Leave him, Boo. Come on.
Goob, come on.
- What time do you call this?
- I went to the meet.
Womack's a cheating cunt, in't he?
Levi there?
Goob. What are you doing here?
Hello, Mary.
I just saw your ex at the meet.
Nearly got his fucking head kicked in.
Go to bed, Goob.
Good night.
Yep, you got it, boy. That's it.
Yeah, drop it, drop it.
This is all about
protecting our assets, boy.
That's it.
You'll be sleeping light, boy.
Watching. Listening.
Now, if you see anything strange
or hear anything strange, you call me.
You listening, Goob?
Fuck's sake.
Why's he all wet?
The boy passed out. I tried to wake him.
We need to get someone in.
We don't have enough cash, Janet
If those boys hadn't fucked my car,
none of this would be happening.
I've got two boys laid up.
Can't you just give me
an ounce of understanding here?
Just let me find someone.
Alright, Janet.
Just make sure they're cheap, please.
- You one of Harrison's boys?
- Yeah, that's me.
- What's your name, then?
- Elliott.
Yeah, Porsche.
It's a nice colour.
Take that.
Take them.
You've gotta go with it, Gene.
I'm all you've got.
- You like cunt, Elliott?
- Yeah.
I got a feeling you don't, boy.
You see this patch?
I call this Cunt Walk.
Because in a day or so it's gonna be
crammed full of hot, sweaty pussy.
Just the way me and Goober like it.
Ain't that right, Goob?
Fuck me, that's loud, Gene.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Fucking hell!
It's not actually that cold.
- It's alright, innit?
- Well, it's not fucking warm.
Come on, then.
Oh, a show-off, yeah?
There you are. Get your hair.
- What you up to later?
- Chillin'. Sure we'll find something.
- Ma
- What?
Boys, you're gonna have to give me
a bit of space here.
- Here, take that.
- What's that?
What do you think it is? Womack calmer.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Look at that cock.
What the fuck? Pervert!
Fucking hell, girl.
See this patch, Goob?
In a few days it's gonna be teeming
with hot, sweaty pussy.
Just how we like it, ain't it, Goob?
Are you still thinking about that girl?
You know you've gotta go and find her.
Aye aye!
Cunt Walk!
Do you like cunt, ladies and gentlemen?
Do you like cunt, do you?
Fucking Cunt Walk.
- So you think I'm funny, do you?
- It was just a joke.
- A fucking joke!
- It was a joke. Gene, it was a joke.
- I'm sorry.
- Boo!
Get the fuck off me! I'm sorry.
Get off! I'm sorry!
Don't fucking answer that.
Take my Janet's dress off.
Fold it up and put it on the ground.
Take off your trainers.
Take off your underpants.
Mate, I'm at the bus stop.
Can you bring my bag?
Look, I'm sorry.
I know.
This'll help.
Fuck me.
My shoulders are killing me.
Just need a bit of a squeeze.
Well, go on, then.
Fucking hell, Goob,
I'm not a fucking horse. Squeeze them.
Jesus Christ.
Right, imagine you've got one of
Womack's balls in each of your hands.
Right, grab hold.
Now fucking squeeze them.
Come on, stop being a fanny.
Down a bit more.
It tickles. OK, left.
Keep in touch, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, Goob... I don't miss you yet.
Get in the back.
Come and pick you up in the morning.
Hey! Oi!
I cut myself.
I cut my arm.
Keep your arm up.
Does it hurt?
- Goob!
- Thank you.
- What's going on?
- She's cut. Needs cleaning.
Bring her over here.
Let me look. Let go.
Pretty little thing, in't ya? Eh?
You'll live.
Go on, take her back to work.
Go on.
Goob, hurry up.
Boo! Time!
- Fuck. Shit!
- What d'you want?
- I want the horn.
- Take it and fuck off.
For fuck's sake.
Who's got the vodka?
Rosa? Rosa!
Come on.
What is this?
Do you have any more weed?
I've got some in my van.
Don't worry about her. She'll be fine.
Come on. Let's go.
What was that?
It's nothing.
- You sure it's the right van?
- Shit.
Wait. Wait!
Hey, wait! Look, look!
They're here! I've found them!
Out. Come on.
I heard about last night.
Went to see Rod, got back late.
- With some picker girl?
- Yeah.
Have you been to see him?
This is a mess.
We'll be alright, Mum.
It's you and me, Goob, innit?
Say it. Whose boy are you?
I'm your boy.
Hmm. My little koala.
I'll still need this when you're 26.
When you're 36.
When you're 46.
You're my beautiful boy.
Set those fucking chairs out
as I fucking told you.
I got you a tin.
Can I help?
Best not.
What are you doing, darling?
That's gonna burn you.
Wait, put those down.
Very, very, very, very good.
Right, now...
I'm gonna rack these up and you...
you're gonna break.
Got a question for you, hmm?
What do you see
in that skinny little runt?
What do you see in him?
Do you know what we call him?
The fucking Goob.
You ever had a real man, hmm?
- What did you go and do that for?
- Goob!
Go get Mum.
Go get Mum?
That's clever, innit, huh? What d'you
wanna do, push her over the edge?
What d'you wanna do, huh?
Go and kill her? Is that what you want?
What's fucking wrong with you, boy, huh?
Now, you go and stop that girl
or I'll break every fucking bone
in your body.
Oi! What are you...
You fucking come here.
Fucking come here!
- Cunt!
- Gene
- Fucking cunt!
- Stop!
- Fucking look at me!
- Go on, fucking kill me!
- I will fucking kill you!
- Fucking lying, cheating twat!
- Fuck you! That's my fucking car!
- Fucking lying, cheating twat!
- Get off! Stop it! You'll kill him!
- Fucking cunt!
- Fuck off!
- Stop it! Stop it!
You cannot stay here. Come with me.
Goob, come on.
We can make this work.