The Good Father: The Martin MacNeill Story (2021) Movie Script

It is such a pleasure
to bestow the honor of
Sunday School Teacher of the
Year Award to my father.
I know what a good teacher
he is because he taught me
everything he knows.
Now some of you know him as the
respected Director at the Utah
Care Clinic, some of you know
him as your primary physician,
and some of you know him as
the unbeatable adversary
on the golf course.
You'll lose someday, Martin.
And some of you know him
as a decorated Veteran,
who graduated cum laude from
both medical and law school,
but I'll always know him as dad.
Come on up here and
accept this award, Dad.
How about my daughter, Alexis?
Mark my words, she'll be
twice the doctor I am when
she finishes medical school.
So proud of you.
I share this with all my kids,
and with the woman who taught me
to be a teacher and a
husband and a father,
my gorgeous wife, Michele.
I love you and I always will.
Thank you.
Come on.
I have to swing by the office.
Yeah, I'll just be a
minute, honey, I promise.
Hey guys, thanks so much
for the very special day!
The next party, you got to
keep up with your old man
on the dance floor.
It's okay, mom, I'll help
put the girls to bed.
Well, I just wanted to let
you know that the girls
are finally asleep.
Teeth are brushed and flossed.
I'm just doing a
load of laundry now.
Okay, can you please
never go back to school?
I love you, Mom.
Lexi, you know your dad's
work better than anyone.
Why is he there
on a Sunday night?
Um, he's probably
reviewing patient files.
It's just that he's
disappearing all the time.
What's going on?
You're in Nevada,
and you're away,
you don't see how
different he is,
and he's never here anymore,
and he's always
going to the gym.
Well, you know Dad, he
always likes to look good.
I know I shouldn't
talk to you about this,
but I don't feel like I
have anywhere else to go.
I think your dad's
having an affair.
You don't seriously think that?
I don't know, his
phone's always ringing
and he's leaving the
room to go answer it.
Well have you considered that
those are his patients calling?
He has to keep those
calls confidential.
You're right.
I just wish...
Mom, dad loves you.
I just wish I knew for sure.
Can you access his
phone records for me?
Mom, now you're sounding...
No, just a
little paranoid.
Oh great.
Well, I think your
health is good.
What do you think, Alexis?
I think increased cardiovascular
exercise, a diet low in fat,
high in fibre and omega 3's.
This is a patient
with an emergency,
so I'm gonna take it.
I'll be right back.
You're in great
hands with Alexis.
Hey, maybe.
Ah, I'll have to move
some things around.
So many of these calls are
in the middle of the night,
you don't want me
to be suspicious?
There has to be an
explanation, Mom.
You just need to ask dad.
No, we need to ask him.
Okay, fine.
But you'll see that I'm right.
I'm flattered, honestly,
that you would even think
someone would want to have an
affair with an old man like me.
Then who is she,
hmm, Jullian Willis?
You've been looking
at my phone records?
I had Alexis help me.
I only did it to prove
to Mom that she is
worrying for no reason.
But then we found all
of these phone calls.
I told you, Mom, there's got to
be an explanation, right, Dad?
Tell her.
She's a tenant.
She rents the house in Lehigh.
I thought the
Garcia's were there.
They left two months ago,
so I started renting
to Jullian Willis
and her friends.
Why are you on the phone with
each other after midnight?
She's a nursing student.
She's doing her residency.
Lexi, tell her what
those hours are like.
Yeah, see, I told you, Mom.
Okay, well that explains
the phone records,
but it doesn't explain
the disappearances.
I was hoping I wouldn't
have to tell you this.
What's going on?
They found something on my foot.
What is it?
It's, it's cancer,
it's melanoma.
Why wouldn't you tell me?
I don't want you two
worrying about me.
Besides, between my work
schedule and raising
all our kids, when would
I have time to cheat?
There's a lover in my life
He sends me gifts
and flowers
He'd change a
thousand gloves
Meet me after hours
He's crazy, yeah
Yeah, he's
Does this mean you're taking dance
classes again? crazy about
Um, you want to join me?
our love
Well, I actually have to shadow
dad again at the clinic
this morning, so I just
wanted to get some studying
in before breakfast.
No, I don't mind if you spend
the morning with your mom, yeah.
I have a doctor's appointment
of my own, anyway, before work.
Please, don't make that face.
Don't worry about me.
I'm gonna be fine.
Well, I would love for you to
join me if you're open to that.
Besides, I have
some exciting news.
Is it good news?
I think so.
I'm getting a face lift.
A face
lift? Why?
You'll understand
when you're older.
You know, a lot of women
get work done at my age.
Yeah, and a lot of
women your age don't,
like those French
women you love so much.
You say that they age so well.
I don't have their genetics.
You look as pretty as you did
when you won Miss Concord, Mom.
Lexi, I'm 50, and, you know,
with your Dad looking so good,
I might as well, too.
You're not doing this because
you think Dad wants it, right?
He may have suggested it.
But no, I'm, I'm doing
for me, not for him.
Well, there are serious
medical risks, Mom.
Hematoma and scarring
and nerve injury.
Lexi, I'm married to a doctor,
I know that there are risks.
Can I please just have
your love and support?
Yeah, you're always
gonna have that.
Thank you.
Now I want you to count
backwards from 10 for me.
Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five...
Look, I know we
discussed this yesterday,
but are you sure she
needs all of this?
Solpadine, Oxycodone,
acetaminophen, diazepam,
Hydrocodone Bitartrate.
You don't know my wife.
That is a pretty
aggressive regime, Dad.
She doesn't need to take it all,
but we need to have it on hand.
She's a very anxious person.
She didn't sleep the whole week
leading up to the operation.
She needs sleep to heal.
That's true.
My love, you look beautiful.
Mm-hmm, you're a terrible liar.
Aren't you glad you
married a bad liar.
Thank you, Lexi.
Comfy cozy.
Isn't this nice
for your recovery?
Nothing feels nice.
That's what the meds are for.
You don't think we should
have kept her in the hospital
a little longer?
And leave her vulnerable to
some deadly staph infection?
I always have my patients
leave the hospital
as soon as possible.
It's true.
She also has a doctor and a
med student at her disposal.
Okay, okay, hon, here's
a glass of water.
It hurts.
I know.
These will help.
Here you go, take two
of these at a time.
Go ahead.
There you go.
Two more.
Can you stay with her?
I have a doctor's appointment.
Of course.
Rest up.
Help me. Help me!
Are you okay?
No. No, no, no,
lie down, lie down.
You just had surgery, Mom.
It's gonna feel a little
worse before it feels better.
Oh! I can get you something.
No more, no more.
You're right, you
have taken enough.
Oh, it hurts...
I know.
So much.
Where is your dad?
I don't know.
Is that better?
You're healing perfectly.
Do you want to take a look?
Mm, I think I want to take a
bath before I see my new self.
Lexi, can you help her?
I have to go to work.
Of course.
I'm gonna have to go
back to Nevada soon,
now that you're back
up on your feet.
I wish you didn't have to go.
Your Dad, I feel like
something's still going on.
Come on, Mom, between his
work and his diagnosis,
taking care of
you and the girls,
when does he have the time?
You're right.
And he is being
really sweet lately.
I'm gonna be done
with classes soon,
and then we'll have the whole
summer as a family together.
The girls are really
gonna miss you.
Not as much as I'll miss them.
We are so lucky that
we adopted them.
Do you really think that Dad
would risk losing a family
that you both worked
so hard to create?
Of course not.
And I have you to thank for
helping me realize that.
This is gonna feel good.
Call as soon as you land.
I will.
You okay, Dad?
It's just with the cancer, I've
been thinking about, you know,
what would happen to
you all if I were gone.
You said they caught it early.
Listen, don't minimize
it for my sake.
I know Mom can't handle
bad news, but I'm not her.
I know, that's why I need you
to promise if anything happens
to me, you'll take care of
your Mom and the girls.
Dad, nothing's gonna
happen to you, okay.
Bye sweetheart.
Bye, I love you!
Lexi, I can't talk right now.
Listen to my messages.
What? Why?
I got to keep the line open.
Dad, what's happening?
Just get on a flight,
it's your Mom.
Answering machine: Hi, you've
reached the MacNeill clan.
Leave a message.
It's me, Dad.
I'm on my way.
I'm just checking in on Mom.
Lexi, she's gone.
Gone, what do you mean?
What do you mean gone?
I'm so sorry.
I don't...
I don't under...
What? No!
No, she can't be gone!
No, she's can't be gone!
I don't understand.
Lexi, don't!
She's not even up there!
Lexi, wait!
This doesn't make any sense.
She was fine when I left.
I know. Where are all
of her medications?
The police took them.
Why? Do they think she
did this to herself?
Of course not, it
was an accident.
Lexi, don't go in there.
I was just pouring her a bath.
Come on, let's go downstairs.
What happened?
I don't think you should...
Please, Dad, just
tell me what happened.
I just picked Jamie
up from school.
She ran upstairs to
look for her Mom.
Please don't tell
me Jamie found her.
She was slumped over the tub.
Her head was
underwater, submerged.
I told Jamie, "Go next
door. Get help."
I think she fell in
trying to put the plug in.
She had a gash on her head.
I struggled trying
to pull her out.
I tried giving her CPR,
but it was no use and...
I didn't call 911 until I
got her out of the water.
Maybe if I'd made the
call before I got her out.
Oh, Lexi.
You cannot blame yourself.
Who... who else
can I blame?
Did you go to the hospital?
Were you at the hospital?
Of course.
I was screaming at them to
keep working on Michele,
even when they called it.
I yelled at them not to stop.
I need to see her.
No, Lexi.
Please, Dad, I need to see her.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Mom.
I shouldn't have left you.
I'm sorry to be the
messenger, I truly am.
And I know how important
closure can be for grief,
but you may never know
exactly what happened.
Natural causes, just like
the medical examiner said.
I, I thought it might have
been a pulmonary embolism,
a blood clot related
to the surgery.
This just leaves me with
more questions than answers.
Hearing the results of an
autopsy can be very difficult.
What about the
toxicology report?
It's unlikely to change the
findings of the autopsy.
This was just a
terrible accident.
Come on, girls,
get your lunches.
Don't forget your
backpacks in the car.
Bye Dad.
Bye Dad.
Can you hand me my raincoat?
I just hope we don't end up
burying Mom before we get
the toxicology report.
It's our last hope of finding
out what really happened to her.
Sweetie, we know what happened.
I know.
Maybe we can just push them
to speed it up or something.
Of course, I'll make some calls.
Lexi, I know it's
hard to let go,
but your Mother's death
was a tragic accident.
What is it?
I'm looking for your Mom's old
address book. Is everything okay?
Yeah, I need to
call the Millers,
let them know what happened.
The Millers?
I haven't heard
their name in years.
They were very fond of your Mom.
Okay, sorry.
You know what, I, I
might know where it is.
Did you find it?
No, but I found this
prescription in Olivia's name.
You prescribed it.
She's 13.
I didn't know she had ADD.
They're not for her,
they're for me.
Why would you
prescribe it to her?
This is gonna be on
her medical record.
I know. I'm sorry.
I just don't feel the same
since my cancer diagnosis.
My energy is sapped.
I, I want to care
for my patients,
I want to care for you kids.
Does your doctor know
that you're taking these?
No, I'm too ashamed to
admit that I need them.
I know how people see me.
I want to be the superhero,
and I just don't want
to ask for help.
I know.
Yeah, we're the same that way.
But we need to ask for help.
You're right.
I do think I need some
help around the house.
The kids are a full time job.
I don't know how
your Mom did it.
I'll stay as long as I can.
No, I, I'm gonna hire a nanny.
No, just let me stay, you
don't need to hire a nanny.
No, you're not gonna sacrifice
your life for your sisters,
you're gonna finish medical
school, and meet a man
and live your life.
What, what's so funny?
I don't know, do you think
that there's a man out there
that's worthy of me?
The jury is out on that.
But that's family.
Do you think your
Mother's family thought
I was worthy of her?
Not at all.
Your grandmother
thought I was bad news,
and your Aunt Linda
didn't trust me one bit.
Right, thanks.
Can I help you?
My name is Linda Cluff.
My sister, Michele
MacNeill, died recently.
I'd like to speak to whoever
is handling her case.
I'm no stranger to tragedy.
Many of you know the
difficulties I faced as a child.
My Mother left me, my Father
wasn't equipped to take care
of himself, let alone a child,
and yet, I persevered,
with the help of my faith.
I spent the last
few days praying,
asking what have I
done to deserve this?
What have my children done?
All I can do is keep moving on,
and hope that something good
comes out of Michele's death.
I'm sorry.
I don't have the strength
right now to go on.
Hi girls.
Hi, Aunt Linda.
I love you.
Lexi, hey.
Hi Linda.
How are you holding up?
I'm not gonna lie,
I've been better.
Nothing compared to what
you must be going through.
Well, I've been so busy with
the funeral arrangements that
I really haven't had
any time to grieve.
I know it's gonna hit me soon,
and I'm not looking
forward to that.
I'll be there when it does.
Do you know who that is?
No, um, but Mom had
a lot of friends.
Listen, I know that right
now might not be a good time,
but it's about your father.
There are things that
you don't know about him.
I'm sorry, Aunt Linda,
do you mind if we talk
about this later?
There's just so many
people to greet.
There is something about
your father that I think
that you should know.
I hesitated to tell you, but it-
Linda, I know he has cancer.
You know he tells me everything.
He just didn't want
to worry the girls.
Lexi. Please, let's
talk later, okay.
Long day?
Well, the girls are
finally tucked away to bed.
They were a handful tonight.
So you can relax.
Oh, this is why we need a nanny.
What am I gonna do when you
go back to medical school?
Easy, I'll stay.
No, no, I put up signs
everywhere, all over town,
all over the clinic.
Signs for a nanny?
Mm-hmm. No, you're not
gonna find someone that way.
Just let me stay, let me help.
Out of the question.
How hard can it be to
find a qualified nanny?
Well, I'm sure
it's not that easy.
And Dad, the Dean of Students,
he gave me permission
to take two weeks off.
During the exams? Yeah, he said
that I could postpone my exams,
extenuating circumstances.
No, no, two weeks
becomes two years,
and then there goes your
dream of becoming a doctor.
I am not gonna let that happen!
I'm not gonna give up
on becoming a doctor.
I told you when I was a little
girl that I would follow
in your footsteps.
I'm not about to turn
my back on that dream.
Fine, we'll give it a few days,
and if I don't find a nanny,
you can stay two
weeks, but that's it.
You're not putting your
life on hold because of me.
I used to like being looked at,
it made me feel special,
people respected me.
Now all I see is
pity in their eyes.
This community cares
about you, Dad.
They're just grieving with us.
That doesn't mean they
don't respect you.
Hmm, maybe you're right.
Dr. MacNeill.
Hi, um, I don't know
if you remember me.
You treated me for a fractured
ankle a few years ago.
Oh yes, you have an
unforgettable name.
An unforgettable
name that he forgot.
I'm Alexis.
I'm his daughter.
Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Gypsy.
Gypsy, that's it.
Were you at my mom's funeral?
Me, no, though I did hear of her
passing, and I am so sorry. Thank you.
She sounds like
an amazing woman.
I actually don't
live here anymore.
I moved back to be a nanny for
a family and then they changed
their minds, didn't even
give me any notice, so.
A nanny?
Yeah. Well, God works
in mysterious ways.
What, what's going on?
Is there a joke I'm not in on?
Not a joke, maybe a job offer.
Really? Well, we'd need to see
some references, of course.
Of course.
Yes, of course.
I still don't understand why we're
rushing into things. Rushing?
I checked all her references
just like you wanted.
They all raved about her.
Don't you want the girls
to be well taken care of?
They are well taken care of.
That's because you're here,
but that's not permanent.
Well, she's punctual,
I'll give her that.
Lexi, I know this is a big
change, but please, trust me.
I always have.
Hi. There are more fresh
towels in the bathroom.
The girls are all asleep now,
so you'll meet them
in the morning.
They're gonna need a lot
of love and attention.
Jamie has nightmares, and she
had them before she found Mom,
so you can imagine how
much worse they'll be.
Well, I just give her a glass of
warm milk and read her a bedtime
story, a happy one, which is
surprisingly hard to find.
Why are kids
stories so gruesome?
I don't know.
I just thought you'd have
an opinion as a nanny.
Well since you'll be
driving the girls,
I'm gonna need to see
all of your information.
Can I see your driver's license
and your car insurance, too?
I went over all that with
your Dad when he hired me.
I don't really want to
bother him right now,
but I do need to see it.
Thank you.
I'll let you get settled in.
You must be tired.
Linda, it's Lexi.
What you wanted to
tell me about Dad,
it wasn't about his
cancer, was it?
In fact, I, um, I did some
digging with friends
at the clinic after
you told me that,
and he doesn't have cancer.
I'll be right over.
Look, all I know is that
Mom suspected him of having
an affair with this woman
named Jillian Willis,
and now she's living in our
house with us as a nanny.
It's hard to believe.
Not for me, it isn't.
He's always given me the creeps.
His voice, his, his mannerisms,
like he was always
trying to impress.
Yeah, but isn't that like
every guy who's meeting
his girlfriend's parents though?
Maybe, but then Michele came
home from a date one night,
and she told me that he pulled
a gun and said he would kill
himself if she didn't marry him.
We warned her, but
she didn't listen.
She loved him.
I, I don't know
why, but she did.
I, I know why, because when
he shines his light on you,
it's like you're the
only person who matters.
I wouldn't know.
He's never shined
his light on me.
One night we had a big fight,
and I told him to leave
my sister alone, and Martin
said, "She's my wife."
They had eloped.
Mom was beside herself, but
that's when we started
looking into things.
We always knew that he
had been in some trouble,
but he told your Mom he'd just
written some bad checks.
No, it was more.
He was stealing dead
people's identities.
Opening bank accounts
in their names.
He served time in federal
prison for check fraud.
How did you find all this?
I've been an insurance adjuster
in this State for a long time.
I know a lot of lawyers.
Did Mom know about this?
Your father explained it
away, said it was a mistake,
blamed it on his childhood.
But he did, he did
have a rough childhood.
Come on, you don't think
he's lying about his parents?
I wouldn't know, sweetie.
I've never met
anyone from his past.
I don't know what to believe.
All I know is that your
father has always been able
to charm his way
out of anything.
Your mother always
believed in him.
Even the police don't
want to investigate him.
You went to the police?
I wanted to give
them this folder.
I thought maybe they would
see some connection
between his past life.
Wait, my Dad has made some
mistakes, but you don't think
he had anything to
do with my Mom's death?
Why didn't you tell me
any of this earlier?
Because you're his daughter,
and the apple of his eye.
I didn't want to
rob you of that.
And I never thought that
he would hurt anyone.
I really didn't.
I, I wanted to be
wrong about him.
Okay, let's talk this through.
Yes, he might have been having
an affair, but men do that.
That doesn't mean
he hurt Mom, okay.
Whatever my Dad did, he wouldn't
do that because he loved her,
and he loves us.
I just, I can't believe that.
You're doing what Michele
did, justifying his actions,
finding a way to
continue loving him.
I always thought of you as
being more like your dad,
but seeing the best in people,
that's something you have in
common with your Mother.
Where have you been?
I was worried.
I slept at Aunt Linda's.
She says hello.
I'm sure she said
more than hello.
She loves sharing her
crazy ideas about me.
You should hear some of the
things she told your Mother.
The only crazy thing, Dad,
is you pretending not to know
Jillian Willis, before
inviting her into our home.
She prefers to be called Gypsy.
Mom was right, wasn't she?
You're involved with her.
Your Mother thought I was
having an affair with everyone,
including my boss at the clinic.
I mean can you imagine? You're just
trying to make her sound paranoid.
How would you know?
You left this family to go to medical
school. Because you encouraged me.
Well you weren't here to see
how lost your Mom became.
She was always in that
bedroom just dreaming
up new accusations.
They're not accusations
if they're true!
They're all lies!
And anything your Aunt
Linda told you is a lie,
I promise you.
Your Mom's family always
had it out for me.
Were you arrested
for check fraud?
Don't answer that, Dad,
because I already know that.
And how did you walk over
here without your cane?
Because you seemed to
need that at the funeral.
Lexi, stop, this
won't help anyone.
You don't have cancer, Dad!
That was just a lie you made
up on the spot because
Mom figured it out!
Now who's acting paranoid?
She knew, and I took your
side, daddy's little girl,
well not anymore, Dad.
Gypsy needs to get out
of this house right now!
Well there's nothing
going on there, Lexi,
and if you insist on
continuing this crazy protest,
I'm gonna need you to
get out of this house.
Are you serious, Dad?
I'm just protecting the girls.
I mean I can't have you acting
this way in front of them.
They've been through
too much already.
So, it comes down to her or me?!
My house, I'm in charge.
I'll go pack my things then.
Girl: Daddy.
Leave now, Lexi, or
I'll call the police
and have you arrested
for trespassing.
I didn't know where else to go.
You never have to go back
there if you don't want to.
But I have to, my sisters
are there, with Gypsy,
who we know nothing about.
I had a friend run a credit
check on her, and it's not good.
She's running from some
pretty hefty debts.
It's a match made in
hell, your father and her.
We have to tell the police.
You know I've tried that.
Your father is a
very charming man
and beloved in this community.
No one wants to believe that
he is capable of hurting
his family, especially now
that he's lost his wife.
I just, I have to find a way
to get back into that house.
I have to protect my sisters.
Hi Dad, it's me.
I'm sorry, I, I don't
know what happened,
but we're all grieving.
Can we talk?
Call me back.
Please answer me.
At least let me
talk to the girls.
Is, is Jaimie still
having her nightmares?
Are you taking them to ballet,
because I think it's important
that they have an outlet.
Dad, please.
You can't shut me
out forever, Dad.
I'm never gonna stop calling.
Let's just talk this
out or something.
You can come home
on one condition,
y ou accept Gypsy.
I know I lied about knowing
her and about the cancer.
I lied to protect your mother.
I lied because I loved her.
Okay, Dad, okay.
Welcome home!
How are the girls?
They're fine.
They've got a wonderful nanny
now to take care of them.
That's good to hear.
Welcome back.
This is my room.
Your dad thought I'd be
more comfortable in here.
That's fine, I can, I
can sleep with the girls.
It's probably for the best, what
with Jamie and her nightmares.
So, I guess you'll be taking
them to school and ballet
now that you're back.
I thought that was
a part of your job.
I'm a full time nursing student.
Didn't your dad tell you that?
I don't have a lot of
time to drive children,
but I'll help around
the house when I can.
I'm a medical student.
But you never seem to be
in medical school, do you?
You're always here,
controlling everything.
Why can't you let it go, Lexi?
My name is Alexis.
Of course, Alexis.
Your father is
grieving right now.
So if you're gonna be staying,
you need to support him.
I do what's best for my family.
What's going on, Dad?
I didn't know it was
gonna feel like this.
Losing your Mother.
I'm sorry, I'm the parent, I
want to be strong for you.
Being vulnerable is
being strong, Dad.
Mom taught me that.
Oh, I miss her so much.
I know I've been acting out.
I just, I didn't...
I guess I don't know how
to handle this grief.
I miss her, too.
There is stuff everywhere.
Her clothes are in the closet.
Her perfume's in the bathroom.
Her CD player, her music, it
all just reminds me of her.
Of course it does.
I think that's why I haven't
been myself, you know,
it's too hard.
Her presence is, is
just still in the room.
Please help me, Lexi, will
you help me pack it up?
Yeah, of course.
Okay, okay, I'm gonna
go sleep on the couch.
It's probably gonna
take you some time.
You want me to do it right now?
I don't think we can live
another day like this, do you?
Yeah, go to sleep.
I'll do it.
I love you, Lexi.
You've always been my girl.
Good morning, Lexi.
Did you sleep?
Like a baby.
And you're right.
About what?
Your mother's memory, it's
all around this house.
So, I was thinking we should
get away, take a break,
maybe we could take
the kids to Disneyland.
Oh, wow.
You don't think
that's a good idea?
No, I, ah...
Well, is she gonna come?
Will you come if
she doesn't join us?
Then I'll leave Gypsy at home.
And I'll also need you to
take Olivia to Ukraine,
before you join us
in California.
You want me to fly
her to Ukraine?
She wants to visit
her biological sister.
That's a good idea,
don't you think?
Yeah, I, I guess she's been
talking about her a lot.
Great, I'll book the flights,
you can take her, just, um,
make sure to bring her passport
with you when you join us.
Won't she need her passport?
Olivia, not when she's there.
Besides, she'll
just lose it, right?
She just loses everything.
We'll send it back to her
before she flies home.
It'll be great.
Oh, girls, okay, girls, come to
bed, come to bed, it's bedtime,
it's bedtime.
No, no, no, no.
Come on, come on, Jamie.
You're on the couch,
you're on the couch.
Jamie's on the bottom bunk
and you are on the top.
Stay, stay.
Oh, Dad, here is
Olivia's passport.
Oh, thanks, forgot
all about that.
Okay, girls, go to bed.
You need all of your
energy for Disneyland, yes.
Yea Disneyland!
Lexi, I think you're gonna
have to crash with me.
The girls have
taken the bunk beds.
What is wrong with you, Dad?
I keep thinking she's
next to me, I'm sorry.
No, stop, I don't believe that.
You can't lie your
way out of this one.
Do you think that I'm
capable of hurting you?
I don't know what you're
capable of anymore.
What if it had been
one of the girls?
If you think that I
would hurt one of them,
then you're crazier
than your mother.
Don't you dare talk
about Mom that way.
Oh, Lexi, I'm sorry.
No, no!
Lexi, where are you going?
It's the middle of the night.
I'm gonna get some air.
Stop this madness.
You and I are a team.
Daddy and his little girl.
Who are you without me?
I don't know, but I'm, I'm
gonna go figure that out!
Come on, guys, quick
like bunnies, come on.
Get in the car.
We're going to Disneyland.
Watch it, watch your
toes, watch your fingers.
You're coming?
Yeah, of course I'm coming.
Well, there's no room for you.
Oh stop, Dad, I see what you're
doing and it's not gonna work.
You don't understand.
I thought you were Michele,
I was dreaming about her,
so I thought I was touching her.
You were touching me, Dad, me!
Keep your voice down,
they can hear you.
No, I'm not going to!
Maybe they should know what might happened
to them! I didn't know it was you!
Spare me the excuses, Dad.
Look, I'm a very,
very sexual person.
Stop! This is so
I'm still a young man.
I, I could get married again.
I, I want to have a
lot more children.
Dad, you already
have enough kids!
Why can't you focus
on taking care of us?!
Haven't I already done that?
Do you want for anything?
Look at you, I taught
you everything I know,
and now the world is
yours because of me.
Can we just go now, please?
Not until you tell me
that you understand.
Understand what, Dad,
that you have desires?
Fine, but you'll still have Gypsy,
isn't she enough?! So, what?
Was my physical life supposed
to die with your Mother?
I told you not to talk about her like that! You
don't realize how hard it was without Michele.
Gypsy's been a rock.
Without her, I don't know
what I might have done.
You are tearing the
family apart, Dad,
all because of this
nanny with benefits.
I don't understand!
No, you're tearing
this family apart,
and now you'll never
see them again.
Those are my sisters
in there, Dad,
you can't keep me from them!
Watch me.
Dad! I'm in the
middle of nowhere!
Linda, he's gone crazy!
He just took off with the girls!
Linda: Where are you?
Do you need me to
come and get you?
He was never like this,
but now he's a monster.
We just, we have to stop him.
Lexi, I have tried.
Do you still think
he killed Mom?
I don't know what
to believe, but I,
but I know I need
to save my sisters.
Well, we need to prove that
he's committed a crime.
He has committed a crime.
I'm gonna report him
for sexual assault.
All I need is my
sisters to be removed
from my father's care.
I'm afraid he might
also attack one of them.
I understand, I really do, but
it's very difficult to remove
children from a parent's home
unless there's proof that your
father has physically or
sexually assaulted them as well.
Well, I don't think
he's assaulted them,
but he assaulted me.
Have you reported these
attacks to the police?
They said if I make a report of
sexual assault that they'd have
to investigate it, which means
they'd have to contact my
father, and if they contact him,
he'll know it's me accusing him,
and I'm afraid that he
might retaliate against me,
or one of my sisters.
I'm sorry, I really am, but
this sounds like a matter
for the police.
Without a report of your father
attacking one of the minors,
there's very little that Child
Protective Services can do.
But he's dangerous, and I
can't just wait until he hurts
another person that
I love, I can't.
There must be
something we can do.
I'm sorry, I really am.
All we want is for
these girls to be safe.
Please, help these girls.
The system is designed to
keep kids with their parents.
I want to help you, but without
proof that they're in danger,
my hands are tied.
It isn't enough that
he assaulted me.
I think you need a lawyer.
I've spoken to lawyers,
none of them think that
we stand a chance.
Martin is just too well
connected and respected.
And he's too smart,
he knows all of this.
He knows how hard it
is to charge someone
for sexual assault.
He always wins.
He raised you as his protg.
You need to start
thinking like him.
Matin: Lexi, I don't have the
strength to pull our family
out of this emotional abyss, so
I've decided that your sisters
deserve a fresh start
with the Millers.
Martin: Look, you know
we can't change the past
and our lives as we
knew them are over.
Besides, the Millers are
offering to raise the girls
as their own.
Trust me, Lexi, this is
the only way forward.
Mrs. Miller!
Mrs. Miller, it's
Alexis MacNeill!
Please open the door.
Please let me in.
Lexi, what a surprise.
Where are they?
Oh, they're not here.
The Millers took
them to the park,
and then they're gonna take them
to dinner when they're done.
You can't do this, Dad.
Do what?
They've adopted before.
They know and love the girls.
We lost touch with
them years ago.
You barely know your Aunt Linda,
and that didn't stop you
from becoming chummy.
You're not asking the Millers
to get chummy with the girls,
you're asking them to
raise them, which I can do,
which I would love to do.
You don't have time
to raise three kids.
You're gonna be a doctor.
Let me talk to them.
They can make the
final decision.
They've never been happier.
I don't believe you,
Dad, and where is Olivia?
Because I keep
trying to call her,
and the number isn't working!
Maybe she doesn't want
to speak with you?
Have you spoken to her?
Of course, she wants to stay
in Ukraine with her sister.
I want to hear that from her.
And has she spoken to
any of her sisters?
They must miss her.
Please, let me just see them.
You love to play being the
saviour, little Miss Perfect.
You taught me to
be that way, Dad,
and I'm not playing at anything.
This might be a game to you,
but this isn't a game to me.
I'm talking to lawyers, and
I'm fighting for custody,
and I'm going to win!
Go ahead, yeah, waste all
your money on lawyers.
It's not about money, Dad.
I'm not like you!
You're just like me,
you're daddy's little girl.
Maybe so, but you know what
I learned from you, Dad?
How to fight!
I'll destroy you.
I'll get you expelled
from medical school.
There's no reason for me to be
expelled because I don't steal
people's identities, and I
don't sexually assault them!
You're so naive, I
could create any reason.
I could be very persuasive.
Did you kill Mom?
Tell me, all those medicines
that you prescribed.
Did you do it?
Did you kill her?
Go home. Did you even
give her CPR, Dad?
Did you kill Mom?!
Go now! You have no
power over me anymore!
I see you, Dad.
Hello, I'd like to
report a trespasser.
I'll go now.
Wait, hold on.
I was wrong, it
was just a skunk.
Alexis MacNeill?
I'm calling from the Pleasant
Grove Police Department.
We received the toxicology
report and the coroner's report.
Can I give you a
number to fax it to?
So, anything?
Come on, there's
got to be something.
Well, it says here that
she died of natural causes.
They think her heart failed.
But if you look here,
there's way too many
drugs in her system.
Wasn't she taking
those for her recovery?
Yeah, but she was down to
two pills a day when I left.
There's no reason she would
be back on this many pills.
And it also says here that
she had lividity on the back
of her legs, which means
she died on her back.
Dad said she was hunched over
the side when he found her.
He also said that he was giving
her CPR when he found her,
but there's tons of water
in her stomach and lungs.
If that were true, the amount of
water wouldn't be close to this.
That makes it clear
that she was drowned.
He killed her.
And now we have proof.
We need someone to
take a look at this.
A detective, an
officer, anybody.
Weren't you here last week?
Yes, and I'm gonna be here the
next week and the week after.
I don't care how many
times I have to drive
from Nevada to Utah.
I'll do my best.
Your best?
My Mother was
murdered by my Father,
a man who was having an
affair when she died,
a man who has a history
of crimes to his name.
Why won't the District
Attorney take us seriously?
Why won't the police
re-open the case?!
I'm sorry, I have
to take this call.
Pleasant Grove Police
Department, how can I help you?
Something will change.
Someone will listen eventually.
Who's left? We have
tried everyone.
I don't know, sweetie, but
we need to keep the faith.
Have you spoken to the girls?
Yeah, I'm gonna
see them this week.
Luckily, the Millers don't
see me as a trespasser.
Alexis, I had no idea what your
father was like when I agreed
to take the girls.
I thought he was grieving,
and I wanted to help.
I was thinking that the
girls come live with me.
I think that might be best.
I agree.
But you need to be
aware of something else.
Your dad is threatening to
send the girls back to Ukraine,
just like Olivia.
They said Olivia never wanted
to go see her sister at all,
that the whole trip
was your father's idea.
And I helped him send her off.
I hope that lawyer was right.
Me too.
You're gonna stay here?
Call for help if I
don't come back in 15?
So you're still here.
Why wouldn't I be?
Well, it's just funny, a nanny
living in a house with no kids.
Turns out your father
is just a big baby
who needs taking care of.
Let yourself in, why don't you?
I thought that was you
I heard down there.
Sign it.
What is it?
It's a notice of
temporary custody.
The girls are coming
to live with me.
Is that so?
I'm not asking your permission,
I'm telling you to sign it.
You didn't give the
Millers consent.
You threatened to send
the girls back to Ukraine.
If you don't sign it, I will
call Child Protective Services.
Are the girls outside?
You think I would bring them
anywhere near you, near her?
But I want to see them.
Maybe I could give
them a blessing or.
I can't legally bar you
from seeing your children,
but I will do everything
I can to stop it.
Plus, I don't think it's
appropriate with Gypsy
still living here.
Why is that?
I'm not gonna dignify
that with an answer,
not in the room you
shared with Mom.
Well, there's no romantic
involvement here.
She's just simply getting free
room and board in exchange
for cleaning and giving
me my medication.
Your medication, for what?
Your fictional cancer?
Stop lying, Dad.
Sign the paper.
You win this round.
But we're not done.
Jamie, Jamie, my love.
Shh, it's okay, it's okay, my
love, it's just a nightmare.
I'm gonna make you
some hot milk, okay,
and you can pick a story, okay?
Let me in, let me in!
Are you crazy?!
You think I don't know
what you've been up to,
but I know everybody
in Pleasant Grove.
You've been visiting the police,
and the State's Attorney's
Office, and the media, telling
them that I killed your mother.
I'm gonna call the police, Dad.
I'm calling the police.
If you think that I'm
capable of murdering her,
then you better
stop and consider
what else I might be capable of.
Girls, girls, come here.
It's okay, it's okay.
We're gonna go to a
hotel, okay, every night,
a different one every
night until we're safe.
Test, test, okay.
The buccal nerve is
part of the mandibular.
Ah, are you kidding me?
Hi Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't
get to the phone in time.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm just relieved.
Sorry that I came
here a poor man,
and I just really miss
my family so much.
Well, you really
scared the girls.
I know, I'm, I'm sorry.
You, you don't really think
that I killed your mom, do ya?
No, I don't, that was just
me grieving, like you were.
Grief makes your mind
play tricks on you.
Yeah, exactly.
Like that night in the
motel when you touched me,
that was grief, right?
Yes, exactly.
It just took me a while to
realize that because it,
it was so shocking when you
put your hands all over me.
I, I know what I did.
I... I just want to know
if you forgive me now.
What are you doing here?
Is everything okay?
Just tell me.
Did you find Olivia?
No, I wish I had
news about Olivia.
Then what is it?
I'm so sorry, they're
not gonna move forward
with the sexual assault charge.
But we gave them proof
of Martin confessing.
These sexual assault charges
are so tough to prosecute,
and they're even harder
when the accused is wealthy
and well represented.
I just thought we had him.
If it's any consolation, the
charges were dropped without
prejudice, which means
that they can still be
brought to court later.
Yeah, but that
doesn't help me now.
What do we do?
We focus on getting parental
rights over the girls.
No more temporary custody.
Your dad has been credibly
accused of assault now,
he won't fight you.
Okay, and then what?
And then, we keep
fighting to put him away.
Figured I'd find you here.
Is this your new office?
I'm retired, I don't
need an office,
just good coffee.
Well, I got a case for ya.
Has the definition of
retirement changed?
I only come in to help
on cases I covered.
I see.
This isn't exactly
a high priority.
Look, a woman died
of natural causes,
but her family just
won't stop hounding us.
Like I'm sure it's
nothing, but take a look,
see if something's there.
Here, Jaimie, go fast, go fast!
You're doing such a great
job with them, Lexi.
I better be, I'm their
official guardian now.
Do you know what they
asked me the other day?
If I was their mother,
or their sister.
Oh, what did you say?
I said I was their sister,
but I'll be raising them.
I just don't want them to
forget that Mom is their mom,
that can never change.
Michele's looking down at you
with pride, Lexi, I know it.
I just wish I wasn't always
looking over my shoulder,
wondering when
he's gonna strike.
Lexi, it's Olivia!
She wants to come home.
She just got her messages now.
Olivia: Alexis?
Olivia, it's Lexi, we're
gonna come get you, okay?
You don't have to worry.
Olivia: Thank you.
Oh, my gosh.
What do you two want?
Olivia's passport.
Olivia is happy in the Ukraine.
No, she's not.
You abandoned her there.
I don't know why
you would do that,
but I am done trying
to figure you out.
Just give us the
passport, Martin.
I don't know where it is.
Well, I'm sure it's in
the safe where you keep
all the passports.
This is private property.
If you prefer, we can
call the adoption agency.
I'm sure they'd be very
happy to hear about
your treatment of Olivia.
Fine, I'll go get it.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, I just
need the passport.
It's my fault he even has it.
Stay out of trouble, Lexi.
Hi, are you Kyle?
Thanks for coming to Utah.
I'm a little old-fashioned when
it comes to meeting in person.
Please, sit down.
So, did you find
something useful?
Look, I'm a retired investigator
for the DA's office.
I don't have all the resources
of the police department.
But from what I
have already found,
this is mind blowing stuff.
Here, your father's
college transcript,
or at least the one
he said was his.
He lied his way
into medical school?
It's shocking.
And we may be able to get
his medical license revoked,
but to put him in jail, we need
to find something concrete.
Murder isn't concrete enough?
The murder charge
will take time,
especially since the coroner
ruled your mother's death
accidental due to
natural causes.
But don't lose hope.
In the meantime, we need
to find something we can
charge him with that sticks.
Well, I might have something.
I'm applying for custody of
Olivia and I just got this
updated copy of her
birth certificate.
It seems that Martin appeared
in court with Olivia and had
her name changed, except he did
this while she was in Ukraine.
Well, he had her name
changed to Jillian Martin.
Gypsy, that's why he
wanted her passport.
Stealing a child's identity
is one way to wipe out
your mistresses debts.
They really were
made for each other.
Identity fraud,
this is concrete.
This is something we can
have him arrested for.
You did this to your own father.
I learned from the best.
I've been charged before.
You'll see, I'll be out soon.
Maybe so, but it still gives us
time to build our murder case.
Oh, oh, listen to yourself,
trying to destroy
your father's life.
I trusted you.
I loved you, Dad.
I wanted to be just like you.
Exactly, and who are you now?
Well, I'm on my way to becoming
a doctor, a real one, you know,
someone who doesn't fake
their medical degree.
I just have one question.
Did you ever love me?
You know what,
don't answer that.
It doesn't matter because
what I am now is someone
who loves myself
enough not to care.
Be honest, aren't
you proud of me?
Who else but your little
girl could take you down?
You have to be believe
that I loved you, Lexi!
You have to believe that!!
Cal! It is so good to see you.
In background: You
said baby you don't know me,
and I surely don't know you
I'm so sorry that I'm late.
Really, it is no problem at all.
I mean, where else would I be?
So, what was so important that
you needed to see me in person?
Well, I thought you'd want
to know that the new coroner
reviewed the original autopsy,
and has revised your mother's
cause of death from
accidental to uncertain.
What does this mean?
It means that they will be
charging your father with
the first degree murder
of your mom today.
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth and
nothing but the truth?
I do.
It's your belief that your
father gave her those drugs.
Yes, it is.
I've gotten to know my father
very well in the last few years.
I know what he's capable of.
I think he found a way to get
those pills into her system
probably through her breakfast.
We know he made her
breakfast that morning.
The pills would take
some time to take effect,
so that allowed him to go to
work and make a few phone calls
at the clinic, just enough
time to build his alibi.
Once he had his alibi, he went
home and he left her in the tub,
figuring that the pills
would finish the job.
And then he went to pick
up my little sister,
Jamie, from school.
She was six years old.
He wanted his six-year-old
daughter to find
her mom unconscious.
And then he, he sent
her to the neighbors,
but there was just one problem,
my Mother was not dead yet.
She wanted to live.
The coroner's report
stated that the blood had
settled in her back,
so she couldn't have been
slumped over the side of the tub
like he said to police.
He killed her.
He hadn't called 911
until he drowned her.
He knew by then that
would have been too late.
He knew exactly
what he was doing.
Is there anything you want
to add that we couldn't know?
What about his motive?
Why, why would he destroy a
life he built so carefully?
I don't think we're ever gonna
truly understand the mind
of a sociopath.
But I believe that my Mother
was finally seeing through
the depths of his lies.
And if there was one person
who had the power to destroy
the image he built for
himself, it was her.
So, he killed her before
she could damage him.
I only wish that I had
listened to her sooner.
My Father took my
Mother from us,
but he hasn't shaken our
faith in God, or in family,
or in justice.
Nancy Grace here, we are
in a verdict watch,
as a Provo jury mulls the
fate of Martin MacNeill,
a man who pretended to
be not only a doctor,
but a lawyer as well.
A man who kills his wife,
then moves his mistress into
the family home, posing
as a nanny, really?
So, is this real?
Six years after Michele
MacNeill's death,
the question remains: will
there ever be justice for this
beloved and beautiful mother?
In the State of Utah versus
Martin Joseph MacNeill, we,
the jury, find the defendant,
as to count one murder, guilty.
Mr. MacNeill.
It's Doctor MacNeill.
Can you believe it's been 10
years since you've been gone?
It still feels like
yesterday, every day.
But I do have some news.
Dad took his own life in prison.
I'm still struggling with the
truth about the man who was my
father, and it doesn't surprise
me that he found a way to escape
his sentence, but he's
with his maker now,
and there's no escaping that.
I love you mom.
I'll see you soon.