The Good Mother (2023) Movie Script

...a new staggering report
from the CDC.
Partial overdose deaths
have tripled amongst teens
over the last two years.
...who lost their
lives to overdose...
...leading cause of
death among 18-to-25-year-olds,
even surpassing suicide.
I wish I knew
Romeo and Juliet
I wish I was
my very best friend
I wish I had a star
on my head
Oh, Mamma
Can you hear me now?
I wish I knew
how we'd get through
Back and forth
no matter what they say
Back when they told us
what to do, oh, Mamma
2016 elections coming up soon.
Can you hear me now?
Come on, Mom,
can you hear me now?
Mom, can you hear me now?
I hear Daddy
on the other side...
Barry. Barry.
One second.
- Sheep and Wool.
- Yeah.
It's on my desk?
Sheep and Wool?
Yeah. I need it today.
Oh, yeah. I have that. Um...
Sorry. You know, I've got
an insane number of hits
on those Democratic Donkey
videos I posted last week,
so I've been trying to crank
those out, but I have it.
Great. That's great, Barry.
Sure is, Miss Mariss.
I wish I had a big blue sky
I wish I knew how
to change...
Listen, Thomas,
what you're proposing,
however clickable,
doesn't really feel like news,
and that remains
our first obligation.
Now, we understand
we're getting clobbered
on physical,
but we need to use the election
as a barometer.
If paper doesn't start moving
in six months,
then we'll know the jig is up.
But we have to follow
the rules now.
It's a new age and that's not
what I'm fighting here.
I've been around long enough
to recognize a sea change
but we have to be able
to do our job.
Okay, so let's please move on
so we can get to
the very important work
I know you all have.
- You say it was a heavy
Sorry to interrupt.
I need to talk to Marissa.
Something, uh...
-What's going on?
-Something's, uh...
Something's come up.
Okay, um, back to business.
Gil, what you got?
Homicide in Arbor Hill.
A young kid gunned down
in the middle of the road.
The name of the victim
not released yet.
The neighbor said they saw
the perp run away after.
You can't blame yourself
for this, Mom.
We're gathered here
to mourn such a sudden loss.
We pray that this family
might find peace
in the promise of God's
almighty kingdom.
And while there are no words
which can undo
the anger and the despair
of such a tragedy,
we pray that
those who have gathered
show this grieving family
that they are not alone
in their sorrow,
that the son we have lost
is surrounded by love.
Now, in such tragic
we are sometimes
tempted by rage
to dismiss God's plan,
to lose our own place
-within his mercy.
-It's not worth it.
But we must remember
- that death...
- You knew she'd be here.
is but another step
closer to God.
Hey, thanks.
Thank you.
Thanks so much for coming.
Thank you.
Mrs. Bennings.
I'm pregnant.
Mom. What the fuck
are you doing?
I'm sorry I hit you.
I wouldn't if I'd known.
Yeah. I know.
Just because of your condition,
doesn't mean...
Look, you don't need
to like me.
Just this weird,
shriveled little person.
You sure it's his?
Yeah, unless someone snuck into
my pussy and forgot it there.
You know I didn't
make him a junkie.
No, I don't know that.
I know you made him a thief.
He'd never stolen anything
from me in his life before you.
Is this really
about the Vitamix?
No, it's about the lying,
stealing money, jewelry,
and then the Vitamix.
He gave that to me
for my 40th birthday.
You never used it.
And you did?
How was he living?
We got our own place
to get clean.
He'd been having
these freak-outs
and getting really sick.
And he was scared.
Was he still dealing?
Well, that's the thing.
He had stopped.
When all that tainted shit
came through here,
he decided it was time
to get away.
He was looking to buy
this place near Chatham.
He was excited
to start a family.
To buy a place?
How was he gonna afford
to buy a place?
Well, he said Ducky and him
had it all figured out.
He was still hanging out
with Ducky?
Oh, yeah. He's like a brother.
To both of us.
Look, I didn't come here
to argue or beg or wh-whatever.
I'm here because
I loved Michael
and I'm sad he's gone,
and I know that you are, too.
Even if you're only capable
of being mad right now,
I know that really
you're just sad.
Me know
-Yeah, I miss him, too.
You go
Me know
When you go
Me know
Great pitch, Mike!
Three more strikes,
that's all you need.
You got it, Mike.
One ball at a time.
That's okay, kiddo.
That was a good pitch.
Who do you think did it?
we got a lead,
but I don't think
that's what you should be
thinking about right now.
You remember
Mike's friend Ducky?
Everett Duchowski?
Yeah, of course.
Well, at this point,
we're pretty certain
Everett's responsible
for bringing fentanyl
to the South End.
That shit is brutal.
Junkies who get tied up in it
don't last long,
one way or another.
Michael was tied up in it?
We think him and Ducky might
have been in business together,
selling this
Mother's Milk shit,
heroin cut with fentanyl.
Maybe there was a fight
between them
or a deal gone wrong.
What makes you think that?
Mike was killed up the block
from one of Ducky's
stash houses,
and he matches the description
from a neighbor.
When was the last time
you saw him?
I don't know.
Three, four months ago, maybe.
Well, you got me beat.
Jesus, you still haven't
thrown that thing out yet?
It helps.
I figured it'd make it harder.
Not if you don't carry a light.
All right,
give me a fucking drag.
Pretending kind of does help.
I'll get Ducky.
I promise.
Come in.
What are you doing here?
Just wanted to make sure you
weren't too buried without me.
Yeah, um...
everything's going okay.
That's great.
We weren't expecting you back
for a month at least.
How are you holding up?
I want to come back to work.
You took three months off
for Frank.
Yeah, that was different.
I need to come back.
And tell me what that
looks like to you.
Same thing as it did before.
You hate editing.
Walk out there right now,
and look at the ship
that Barry's been running
since you've been gone.
Fucking Barry?
What, you turn the A&C section
into a donkey show?
Okay, let's take a sec here.
You hate Barry
and all those guys out there.
Because they aren't writers.
They're all about numbers
and formatting
and words per click
or whatever.
Hell, you barely know
what the Internet does.
Marissa, you are
my best writer,
but for some reason,
you refuse to write.
Take your time...
but write.
All right.
It's touching my ball.
Watch and learn, sucker.
I learned from the best.
All right, your shot.
Gina didn't want to join?
She didn't want to intrude.
Said we should have
some alone time together...
to just grieve.
Is that what we're doing?
You gonna be okay, Mom?
One ball at a time.
Upstairs to the left.
Let's make this quick.
Leather case.
It's got to be here somewhere.
Check the back room.
What are you doing?
I always wanted to do that.
Seems weird, doesn't it?
What's that?
Paige said that Michael,
Ducky and her
were moving into a farm...
house or something in Chatham.
A farmer?
I know. It doesn't make sense.
Listen, you got to be
careful with that girl.
What the fuck
are you doing here?
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Sorry. I meant to stay awake.
What are you doing here?
Someone broke into my house,
and-and I couldn't...
I-I just didn't have
anywhere else to go.
Were you hurt?
Did you see who it was?
No, but I found...
I found this.
Um, I think that's what
they were looking for.
I-I found it
right before they came in.
What is that?
That's about $50,000 worth
of dirty heroin.
I like the other way better.
Me, too.
This baby business is tough,
-but whatever works, right?
How was she tonight?
Did she cry?
She said she'd already
cried for him.
The drinking isn't gonna help.
Remember how bad it got
after Frank?
Yeah. I definitely remember.
Hey, Mom. What's going on?
Yeah, I recognize the logo.
This is the shit
I was telling you about.
You're not gonna charge her,
You did the right thing.
-Is this everything?
Any chance you saw
the person who broke in?
No, I-I...
I got out pretty quick.
So, what does this mean?
-I'm gonna take this...
-This means shit just got real.
Somebody called him that night.
He left all freaked out.
I had no idea what
was going on, and then bam.
You know who called him, Paige?
It was Ducky.
All right?
We checked his phone.
Thank you, Paige. I'm gonna
take this to the station.
I'll get you a blanket
for the couch.
Thank you.
Did my puking wake you up?
You feeling any better?
Not at all.
Did you ever have
any weird cravings
when you were pregnant?
Necco Wafers.
The hell is a Necco Wafer?
It's, like, this little
disc-shaped candy.
You know? It has a...
It kind of tastes like chalk.
Must have eaten my body weight
in them.
I really want Play-Doh.
That can't be good
for the baby.
Kids eat it all the time,
and they're fine.
You should ask your doctor
about that.
You have a doctor, right?
Yeah, well, we went once
right when we found out,
but the budget
was pretty tight, so...
We were... we were saving up
to go again.
Come on.
You need to see a doctor.
-What, right now?
Like a month ago.
But yeah, now is better
than later.
Uh, I have to stop by
work, but it won't take long.
I'll give you a ride home
when I'm done.
Depends on what you mean
by "home."
-I'll see you soon.
-See you.
Friday, 10:12 a.m.
Pick up the phone.
Come on.
I-I just wanted to say
that I figured some things out
and, um, I-I have a plan.
- Mmm.
- You know?
The things you said, they
made, they made sense. I...
I know that you were right
to kick me out of the house.
But, you know, a little bit
of fucking cash right now
would really go a long way
to getting...
I know you're in the house.
I can see you moving
in the house.
Let me in. It's my shit.
You changed
the fucking locks, Mom.
What the... Mom!
Hey, Mom, I don't expect you
to pick up this time.
I just wanted to say
Happy birthday.
Sorry, that's Paige.
Um, I want you to know
that we're doing a lot better.
Uh, there is something
I want to tell you in person.
I love you so much.
You fucking serious?
It's Gina.
What are you doing here?
Um, same as me, I guess.
Marissa's supposed to be
picking me up.
Do you mind if I join you?
I like your necklace.
Stole it from Target.
Well, it suits you, I guess.
-I-I just mean...
-No, you're good.
I know what you meant.
I'm sorry.
Can I ask you a question?
What's it like
being married to a cop?
Uh, it's not so different
from anything else.
There's just a part of you
that accepts
he might not come home one day.
Sounds a lot like
dating an junkie.
She's not fucking coming.
I can give you a ride.
-You sure?
-Yeah, of course.
Didn't go so well at work, huh?
Sorry I forgot.
You had important things to do.
Stop it.
No, you fucking stop it.
Excuse me?
You just keep hiding
from everything, and it's
really fucking hard to look at.
It's shitty for all of us.
Just stop pretending
you're alone.
Well, I'm gonna go back
to Nar-Anon.
Well, that's a good start.
I'll come with you.
Make sure it's not
a drunk promise.
For what it's worth,
Michael used to say
you were a really good writer.
Oh, yeah?
What else did he say?
He said that before Frank died
he remembers you were happy.
When did he say that?
All the time.
I wish I got to meet him.
No... no, you don't.
'Cause then you'd know
what an asshole he was.
Even when he got sick?
Especially when he got sick.
Yeah, but...
...did you ever stop
missing him?
Well, that's a drag.
Mm, God.
That's, uh... that's Toby.
-Oh, man.
-Look at his hair.
-We should get you
one of these.
- Makes nursing easier.
- Yeah.
I'm going to bed.
-Good night.
-Good night.
I think
I still have one of these
at the house,
believe it or not.
Oh, hey. We could use these.
Especially if we
go with the pump.
Okay, well, I'm glad it's
my baby we're shopping for.
Oh, fuck yes!
Excuse me?
-We got a lead.
-A what?
We got a lead.
Let them do their investigation
but, in the meantime,
what could it hurt to hear
the story ourselves, you know?
I mean, maybe it will be the
same thing they told the cops,
but I want to hear it myself.
Listen, it's something
we can actually do
instead of sitting
around moping.
It's a lead.
You know,
this isn't ethical or legal.
Sure, it is.
- Hey.
- Jeremy?
Come on in.
I heard the shots but Jack
was the one who saw it.
He's a little out of it
from his meds, but...
Grandpa's up a lot
because of his hip.
He was sitting right there
when it happened.
Hi, Jack. Yeah, nice
to meet you. I'm-I'm Marissa.
I work for the "Times Union."
So you... so you saw
what happened?
Grandpa, you remember
what happened the other night?
Marissa's son was shot.
He was killed. Remember?
He was the one you saw die
in front of the house.
That's too bad.
I'm sorry.
I thought you said he saw
what happened that night.
-Come on. Nothing?
-Paige, hey.
Jack, just-just think.
Please, just think.
-Let's not be rude.
-I'm not being rude.
Grandpa, you said there
was someone outside yelling
-and then...
-With the truck?
Yeah, with the truck.
The boy was standing
in the street
yelling his head off.
Then I heard the truck.
I think the kid he was
calling for lives there
'cause I seen him there before.
I hope that was helpful.
Hey, Laurie.
How you been?
Just getting by.
Thank you
for being here, everyone.
Come into the circle.
Have a seat.
It's a sunny day,
and we're all in a basement,
but we're gonna get to know
each other and talk.
I see some new faces.
And some who we haven't seen
for a while.
It's good to have you back.
Our, uh...
We had you in our prayers.
Uh, okay.
So, who wants
to start us off today?
Any thoughts? Any...
Oh. Laurie.
I lost my daughter...
Jessica, about, uh,
three months ago now.
Haven't really felt capable
of sharing
too much about it until now.
Sure a lot of you
know the feeling.
Jessica was
a hard kid to raise.
I think sometimes
we paint our kids as saints.
Jessica was not a saint.
The opposite. She was...
She was kind of
a pain in the ass.
So, anyway, uh,
the morning I found her,
I was about to go to work,
so I went to her room
to wake her up.
You don't...
You don't realize it
at the time,
but that walk to the door
is the last time
you are who you think you are.
But you don't know.
I didn't know.
So I open the door,
and there she is,
laying on the bed,
fully clothed,
candles lit around her.
At first, I was furious,
you know?
I mean, she had fallen asleep
with candles burning,
and I start screaming at her.
"Are you crazy?
You're going to burn
the house down."
And then I see it:
it's a tiny little bag
on the carpet.
And I... I just look at it.
I remember the logo on the bag.
It's seared into my head,
you know?
When you see
something like that,
you know, everything cracks.
The stories you made crack.
Who you thought your kid was
Who you thought you were...
You're that family now.
You never realized
you were that family.
Hey. I'm gonna walk back.
You should offer Laurie a ride.
Oh. Pretty sure
she wants to be left alone.
No, that's what you want.
I'm gonna check
some of Ducky's spots.
Hey, Laurie. Hey.
Uh, do you want a ride?
Can't believe I'm actually
gonna ask this, but...
...could I interview you?
Interview me?
You, uh, put some things
into words
I haven't been able to yet.
You know all that stuff
is confidential, right?
Yeah, o-of course.
Uh, that's the point.
I want you to talk to me
on the record.
You know, mom to mom.
For what?
Uh, well, I don't know yet,
but maybe if I write it,
I'll know?
Thanks again.
Hey, uh, what's going on here?
This is a safe injection site
and needle exchange for users.
Maybe if my baby had gone
to one of these
instead of hiding in her room,
she wouldn't have died.
This at least takes
that danger away.
You should come check it out.
If helping and healing
is actually what you want,
you really need to see it
for what it is.
- All right, ready?
- Yeah.
Hey, John. Hey, Diane.
Marissa, this is Diane.
She, uh, coordinates
the distribution
of fentanyl test strips.
Tells me where to go,
how to help,
how to stay out of the...
Wait, are you okay?
Uh, excuse me.
If you're
looking for Toby Bennings,
leave a message.
Ducky! Ducky!
I just want to talk to you!
-Is everything all right?
Yeah, everything's cool. Sorry.
I just came by
to talk to Gina, actually.
Uh... she went out
with some friends after work,
so she's not gonna be back
till later.
Oh, okay. Word.
Sorry for being creepy.
I just thought it might be nice
to talk to someone
who doesn't actually
feel like a parent
and, like,
has their shit together.
Yeah, I get you.
I'll tell her you stopped by.
-Okay. See you.
-Have a good night.
Uh, Paige, if you want,
you can come in.
-In a way,
we're kind of family now.
So... come on.
Fuck. You're alive.
I thought I killed you.
What the fuck are you doing
following me?
You killed my son.
No, I fucking didn't.
You fucking believe that shit?
So what happened, then?
What happened, Ducky?
Look, all I know is
somebody called me
and told me
Mike was in trouble.
That he needed to get
out of his house.
So I called him and I told him
to meet me at the squat house
right away.
I thought I was protecting him.
What the fuck would you do?
I didn't know they were
gonna fucking kill him.
That's convenient.
No, it sucks, Mrs. Bennings.
Fucking best friend.
Then who killed him?
I never met the guy,
but he drives around
in his white truck
and has some fucking
stupid tattoo on his hand.
That's all I know.
Nobody fucking believes me.
Who's in there?
- Ducky!
- Hey, you!
What are you doing in there?!
Holy shit, Mom.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
- I just need to talk to you.
- Fuck.
Marissa, what happened?
I, uh...
found your friend Ducky.
- What?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he was at the food bank.
I, uh, followed him
to the train yard
down on Church Street.
You followed him?
And he snuck up,
hit me with something.
He could've killed you, Mom.
I hoped he'd talk to me.
Talk to you?
You got any whiskey?
I'm gonna go out
and look for him.
He can't have gotten far.
You sure it was him?
I'm sure.
Did he say anything?
He said it was a guy
with a tattoo on his hand,
that he didn't do it.
No shit, he didn't do it.
He's not a fucking murderer.
You expect me to believe
that the man
who just knocked me unconscious
isn't a violent person?
What would you do if someone
followed you like that?
You really don't understand.
He told Mike to meet him there.
He set him up, Paige.
Hey. Sorry, I was downstairs.
Can I come inside?
Uh, yeah. Okay.
What's happening?
You all right?
Ducky's dead.
how do you know?
'Cause I-I went to their
old house and I found him.
He killed himself.
Okay. Uh...
Oh, God.
All right, uh, look.
Just sit down.
I'll get you some water.
Are you okay?
Look, just have a drink,
take a few deep breaths.
Was anyone else there?
No, it was just me
and-and, um...
Yeah, I-I saw his body,
and th-then I left.
Got it. Okay.
Uh, why didn't you call 911?
Because I knew I wasn't
supposed to be there.
I mean, yeah,
that's why I'm-I'm here.
-I knew that you could help.
I'm sorry. I'm really...
I'm sorry for your loss.
I'll get someone
to go around there right away.
You just take it easy and, uh,
make yourself at home.
-I'm just gonna be two minutes.
All right?
And I need someone to go
to the address
and just check it out.
Right away.
Yeah, it's a real mess...
I need someone to go
to 125 Eagle
to check a possible 10-56.
I want to be kept in the loop.
Get put on the team, Mitch.
This one's personal.
All right, thanks a lot.
-Paige, give me the phone.
-No. Get back.
-Just give me the phone.
-No. Back...
-Give me the phone.
-Back the fuck up.
Listen to me.
You don't understand
what's going on here.
-Toby. No, just back up.
I can explain.
-Back the fuck up.
-Listen to me.
-Just give me the phone.
-Back the fuck away.
-I'm telling you.
-Back the fuck up.
I can explain.
I can explain this.
Paige, just calm down.
-Just stop, okay?
-Get the fuck away from me.
-Calm down. Give me the phone.
-The fuck...
-Fuck you. Get the fuck away
from me.
-Wait. Paige...
-Just back the fuck up!
-Give me the phone.
Get out of my way!
Don't touch me.
-Get the fuck away! Don't...
-Just give me...
-Give me the fucking phone.
-Get the fuck off me!
-Give me the phone! Paige.
-Get the fuck...
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
Paige. Paige. Hey.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
Hey, I'm home.
Gina! Call an ambulance quick!
- What? What happened?
- Gina, it's Paige!
-Call an ambulance!
She fell in the bathroom.
I think she OD'd.
She's bleeding.
Just get an ambulance
right now!
Okay. Okay, okay, okay.
Hi, um...
Fuck. Fuck!
I think Paige
is hiding something.
Yeah. You're right.
She's using again,
-and she overdosed.
She's on her way
to the hospital right now.
Meet us at St. Peter's.
Bring the forceps, please.
Very nice. Here she is.
We have a flatline.
We need a crash cart.
Back in the sand
I had a snake in my hand
Curling like smoke
in the pan
World in its jaw
I was a man
Now I don't know what I am
Am I a shadow again?
Am I the law?
Down, down, burning down
Down, down, burning
If it calls you, it calls
You don't get any
answer at all
If it calls you, it calls
You don't get any
answer at all
Hi, cat. This is a baby.
Baby, this is a cat.
Jesus Christ, you scared me.
Sorry. I let myself in.
You okay?
It's a nice room.
Perfect for the little angel.
Got to get her her bottle.
Here, come on.
There you go.
What's going on?
I found something.
Marissa, I found it under
the stairs in the basement.
I thought it was
some kind of miracle.
Like a gift left as a reminder.
But then I saw the blood.
How... how d...
I don't know.
I've been trying to think
of every possible reason,
and I...
Have you asked him about it?
I can't find the words.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't know
what the right thing to do is.
I don't know
if I could do it anyways.
I know. I feel guilty, too.
We got a lead,
but I don't think
that's what you should be
thinking about right now.
Everett's responsible
for bringing fentanyl
to the South End.
Mom, pick up the phone.
Come on.
Ducky's not getting away
with this shit.
We think him and Michael might
have been in business together.
Maybe there was
a dispute or something.
I don't expect you
to pick up this time.
There is something
I want to tell you in person.
Okay, Mom.
Listen, you got to be
careful with that girl.
I love you so much.
You know who called him, Paige?
It was Ducky.
We checked his phone.
- Hi.
- She's sleeping.
You feeling okay, Mom?
No. Not really.
Haven't seen this thing
in years.
This was Dad's nicest suitcase.
And he covered it
in fucking stickers.
The stuff's in there.
You think
that's what killed her?
Yeah, it seems like it.
They both had fentanyl in them.
Seriously, Mom,
you should go see a doctor.
Yeah, I will.
Okay. I tried.
Thank you.
I told you.
This is the Empire Line
running express
to Penn Station, New York City
with stops in Hudson,
Rhinecliff, Poughkeepsie,
Croton-Harmon, Yonkers
with final stop New York City
Penn Station.
Please have your tickets ready
for the conductor
when he comes through.
You remember when
Mike threw that perfect game
until the final inning,
and then he gave it up
to a homer?
That was just his luck.
I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.
It was supposed to be simple.
When Mike found out
what was in it,
he wouldn't sell it
or give it back.
What did he think
they were gonna do?
I guess that's my luck.
This doesn't have anything
to do with luck.
I'm scared, Mom.
Me, too.
My youngest son was born
to be an athlete.
His older brother Toby started
hitting him ground balls
when he was two or three.
The kid was good. So was Toby.
But Michael had
something different.
He had an arm.
Oh, uh, just water and lime.
He threw
70 miles per hour by 14,
and scouts started telling us
he had a real shot.
We had no idea what kind
of damage he was doing
to the shoulder
of his throwing arm.
Maybe we should've
made him stop.
But by 15, he was being
medicated for pain management.
To say I didn't know any better
wouldn't be totally true.
But I knew a kid shouldn't be
in that much pain.
Then I started seeing
his behavior changing.
Toby was a different story.
He was the one
we didn't have to worry about.
The civil servant,
the ambitious one.
That might be the only thing
I still recognize in him.
That toxic ambition.
As different as
Mike and Toby were,
their lives stayed intertwined
more than they could ever
let me know.
I assume you know
the implications of this.
I know more than anyone.
Take a couple of days.
A week, whatever.
Take that time,
and if then you still
want to publish it,
I'll have your back.
It's good.
Thanks for letting us
have her for the day.
Can I take her?
Hello, baby.
Hello, baby.
Are we gonna have
some fun today?
Oh, yeah.
Thanks, Mom. See you later.
Let's do it.
Let's go have fun tonight.
Yeah. Wow.
Surround a group
of brand-new friends
Who hold their tragedies
in tight
Who can't admit
they get ashamed
Though it happens
all the time
I wonder,
what do I deserve?
It couldn't be
something this nice
We took every mattress
in this house
stacked them high
Wandered around the city
like a maniac
I wanted you to ch--
I saw the truth
and I opened my eyes
Complications rise
I saw the truth
and I opened my eyes
Wandered around the city
like a maniac
I wanted you to save me
All the time,
I've been some kind of maniac
All the time,
I've been some kind of maniac
They saw the truth
and they called me a liar
Set my world on fire
They saw the truth
and they called me a liar
They saw the truth
and they called me a liar
They saw the truth
and they called me a liar
They saw the truth
and they called me a liar
Set my world on fire
Set my world on.