The Good Neighbor (2016) Movie Script

They did this
experiment in England once.
A group of people were told
that for the following...
Few weeks, hired strangers
would be interfering...
Ever-so-slightly in their
Nothing they would normally
notice, maybe a passerby...
On a bicycle or a waiter
at a restaurant.
Just little interactions
set up...
To alter the course
of their routines.
When the study was finished,
the volunteers recounted...
All the things that had
happened to them.
And some of them were
seriously affected...
By the message they were
being sent.
One woman started believing
in god.
But here's the thing.
Nothing was done to them.
Their lives had carried on
completely unchanged.
The only thing altered was
their perception.
People see what they're
looking for.
Uh... I'm gonna drum roll...
Until you finish setting
up the camera.
Make you go faster. Come on.
Okay. Uh...
You done? You done?
September 18th, 2014, terms and
conditions of the experiment.
Rule one, no physical
With the subject at any time.
Electronic and mechanical
equipment only.
Rule two, strict deadline.
Six weeks to prove hypothesis
or the project is abandoned.
Rule three, objectivity.
No trick editing, no false
Everything that you will
Will be 100 percent real.
The theory, simply put,
with the proper execution...
It is possible to drive an
unsuspecting person...
Into believing that they are
truly being haunted.
Now in our case,
the unsuspecting person...
Is Harold Grainey, the creepy,
psycho hermit...
That lives across the street.
We have reason to believe that
something strange...
Is going on in that house.
Now the goal is to document
the entire thing.
Say, "hi, Sean."
Whoa, dude, I'm not in this.
Posterity, remember,
this is the process.
We have to document
And everything includes
shopping... right?
This is Mr. Sean Turner,
residence surveillance expert.
MIT-bound mastermind...
Voted most likely to invent
the next Facebook.
Say hi to the kids at home,
Hi, kids.
Uh, tell them exactly what
it is we're doing here.
We are purchasing the last
of our supplies.
And supplies for...?
For the surveillance room.
Uh, surveillance headquarters.
I.E. Your bedroom.
Why don't you show everybody
what's in your basket?
Ugh... all right, fine, here,
take this.
All right, just checking the
color contrast, there we go.
Stunning quality... absolutely
Oh, man, great idea, Sean,
spray painting indoors.
Um, why don't you give
everybody the run-down.
Well, in order to fully surveil
someone's house...
Undetected with real-time audio
and video...
You need a high-speed Internet
And you need a few stealthy
gadgets that are surprisingly...
Easy to acquire, in fact, all
of these came from Skymall.
God bless America...
Selling terrorist-grade spy
equipment on an airplane.
This is a motion-sensor adhesive
mini cam.
It's WIFI-enabled, you can stick
it to pretty much anything...
It's like the same thing
that the d.A. Uses...
For undercover drug busts.
This is a 2.4 GHZ mounted
thin cam.
It's controlled from a remote,
it has zoom aperatures...
And night vision capabilities.
As for the disturbances
These are pulse-control
Electronic wire trips,
fuse rerouters...
This big guy here
is a low-range Sonic emittor.
These are ultra-range wireless
audio bugs.
Now all together, it's enough
to control someone's lights...
And home electronics from your
We route all of this together
Mission control.
Here, take this.
All right, so, we have three
monitors, four hard drives...
One steady vantage point to
watch us watching the subject.
And of course, our beautiful eye
in the sky...
An objective witness cam.
This set up has cost us
a lot of time...
A lot of Sean's father's
Coming fully equipped with a
digital editing bay.
This is truly what's going to
make this a goddamn masterpiece.
Oh, wow, this thing
got fucked up.
How are you doing?
I'm done. It's good to go.
All right, it is 8:40 am,
Saturday, September 19th.
Our street cam is in position,
and our subject is on his way...
To his weekly grocery run...
So that means for the
next hour and a half...
That house is ours.
All right, and there he goes.
Okay, let's do this.
All right, go, go, go!
You good, dude?
Okay, let's go, come on.
Hey, dude! The ladder,
get the ladder.
Let's go, come on.
Dude, go! Come on.
All right, this place
is fucking creepy.
Anthony, you want to make
yourself useful?
I am, I'm talking with you.
Hurry up!
Sweet record player, Grainey.
Huh... I guess that means
no basement cam.
Oh, shit!
Ugh, stupid fucking cat.
Well, all right, extreme home
makeover time.
Is it on?
Yeah, but we gotta hide it
Relax, it's fine.
No, it's not, okay!
And we gotta get out of here.
I still have to plant the audio.
Hey! Relax, it's gonna work.
All right, I will work on this,
you finish up.
Hey, Sean, it's gonna be fine.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you exhibit c...
The living room cam...
The camera that ultimately
captured the tragedy.
And this is clip number one,
September 19th, 2014.
The first day of the so-called
"haunting project."
The haunting project?
For lack of a better title.
Yeah, for lack of a much
better title.
All right, seriously, and you
guys can just do all that...
Stuff from this room?
It's brilliant, actually,
I mean...
I don't think that anybody
has ever done...
Anything quite like this.
Except that they have.
Okay, explain.
Um, okay, how about a million
movies and TV shows?
I mean, like scare tactics,
paranormal whatever...
It's the same shit.
Ashley, I... I don't think you
fully understand...
The scope of the project.
I mean, we're not punking
somebody here.
We're driving them to question
their own beliefs.
I mean, this is real, right?
Only it's not real, it's
No, Sean, help her out, okay?
Give her the scoop.
What you're talking about
is fiction...
What people think people
would do...
When confronted by a
supernatural presence.
Set up cameras,
call a psychic...
But would anyone actually
do that?
Short of an actual ghost
being in the house...
This is as real as it gets.
Come on, every great filmmaker
takes their own next step.
And this is my next step.
So, you're gonna torture some
poor old man...
That's the next step?
Ashley, the fact that you just
said that proves to me...
That you have no idea
who Grainey is.
Okay, well, what does that mean?
It means Harold Grainey
is an asshole.
Yeah, he's a psychopath.
He's bat-shit crazy.
I mean, he beat his wife
until she left.
Yeah, and now he just sits
in the house all day...
Drinking himself to death.
Yelling at anybody who
bothers him.
What, because he doesn't let
kids in his yard...
You're gonna scare an old man
half to death?
Trust me, he deserves it.
I'm not gonna get into it.
But there's other shit, too.
He used to call the cops on us
all the time, even as kids.
And didn't he poison the
Lindeman's dog?
Yes, yes, he did.
And he watches people.
Yeah, he is an old, miserable,
wife-beating, dog-killing...
Drunk sack of shit.
I mean, I for one, am not gonna
lose any sleep over this.
Well, what do you mean he
watches people?
I mean, he watches people,
the neighbors.
He just stands in the window
and stares at them.
Yeah, it's creepy.
Even at night, when you
can see him.
Harold Grainey's a freak. He's
probably watching us right now.
Fuck you.
I'm serious!
Ten bucks says Grainey
is watching us right now.
We can see it right here
on the Th...
You guys!
No, come on!
Look, take a look.
Take a look.
Get on over there.
Okay, so you see that beige
house right there by Sanjay's?
Okay, look up in the top
left window.
Right there, do you see that?
The shadow?
I don't see anything.
No, babe, behind the curtain?
Look closer... closer.
What the fuck? Ethan!
Fucking asshole!
I told you, you'd be surprised.
Turn that light back on.
All right, it was not
that funny.
Oh, it was that funny... Sean?
Day six, first incident, we're
gonna call this one light's out.
Now as you can see, I've...
Cat... oh, damn it.
Here, take this. I can change
to the ceiling cam.
No, no, no, this shot is better.
Uh, do not enter.
I told you not to point
that thing at me.
I just told you not
to enter, so...
Why are the lights so low?
Do you need something?
I'm on my way to work, there's
money on the counter for pizza.
And Sean, don't let him do
anything stupid...
And can you at least try
to hide the beer?
Yeah, noted.
Wait, can you shut the door,
Okay, start from the top.
Wait for the fucking cat
to move.
Come on, baby.
All right, you ready?
Oh, shit.
Grainey, you okay?
So now what?
Well, now we wait.
I don't want to drink any more
of that beer.
Why, you want a fucking Zima
or something?
No, it just tastes like shit.
Okay, I'll be sure to get you
something frilly.
You can get a Cosmopolitan
or something.
Bottled diarhea or something.
Well, it's a man's beer...
So it makes sense that you
don't like it.
Fucking pussy.
Oh, it's so terrible, isn't it?
I just puked a little bit.
In your pants?
No, I'm good.
Dude, he's sleeping.
He's not sleeping. Look at him.
Do it!
Is he gonna move or...?
Where you going, Grainey?
Oh, shit.
What's going on?
Dude, turn the lights back on.
What the hell is this?
Evening, sir.
I'm responding to your alarm
that went off a short while ago.
What alarm?
You're getting this, right?
Yeah, but we don't have any
audio in the foyer.
No, it hasn't worked
for 15 years.
Well, maybe it's just an
electrical disturbance.
We are required to respond.
You mind if I come in?
Um, yeah, yeah, I do.
I said, "yes, I do."
And the only disturbance
I've had tonight is you.
All right, I'm glad you're safe.
Thank you.
Have a good night.
Thanks for your concern.
Holy shit, did you just
see that?
What do you think he said
to him?
Please state your full name
and occupation for the jury.
Christopher Todd Palmer...
Officer in the Ashland police
And how did you first come into
contact with the accused?
I was the first officer to
respond to the scene that night.
Officer Palmer, would you please
describe for the court...
Exactly what you saw when you
entered 614 covered bridge road?
After responding to the call,
I canvassed the house.
I entered through the open
front door with my weapon drawn.
I was the only officer there
at the time.
And what did you find when
you entered the house?
I heard a noise coming from
the living room...
So I approached.
That's when I saw the defendant
standing over a body...
Covered in blood.
I know you're in there!
Whoa, check this out.
Hey, dude! Dude, hey!
Wake up!
We got a visitor.
Here he comes.
I need for you to sign these.
I can see your car out here.
Hey, what the hell just
Crap, I don't think our video
card driver...
Likes our surveillance software.
We... we have to get this! All
right, you said this would work!
Yeah, I know, I'm not doing
this on purpose, it just...
Oh, there, it was just
I wonder if this is the infamous
ex-Mrs. Grainey?
Thought he would have poisoned
her, too.
Okay, fine, Harold!
You win... again!
What she leave there?
What the hell is wrong with him?
What do you think so far?
Uh, it doesn't really matter
what I think.
Objectivity, right?
Yeah, but you're the social
scientist here.
I mean, what are your
Uh, honestly?
Yeah, honestly.
I think scientifically...
It's interesting enough just
watching someone.
Uh, you know, observing someone
in their natural state...
Uninfluenced... there's
something fascinating about it.
Yeah, kind of.
But, uh... that's not what
we're doing here.
Remember that?
Damn it! Son of a bitch!
Rocky... rocky!
Get out of here! Get out
of here, you half breed!
Shut up! Get him out of here!
Hey, come on, what's the problem
here, man?
What's the problem?
Well, the problem is your dog is
pissing and messing up...
My property. Let him piss on
your property, okay?
Come on! Easy, easy!
Maybe I should teach him
a lesson.
Keep that son of a bitch
on a leash, okay?
'Cause the next time, if it
happens again...
I'm gonna cut him in four pieces
and send him home in this can.
Let's go, boy.
Let's go, boy.
Come on.
This screen door won't stay
closed. It keeps popping open.
The kitchen is a mess.
I have to get groceries.
Do you think you can
give me a hand?
You know, I really need your
help around here.
I mean, just... just once,
for me, just something!
Can you at least fix this door?
See you tonight, Grainey.
Ashley, you've never even
been camping.
Why would you... why... you just
bought that for no reason?
Quiet, I'm on the phone.
Why are you drawing dicks
on everything?
It's my "faux de cocks".
No, no,
Sean's just filmin me right now.
It's so immature.
Reprimanding me.
On so many levels.
Because I've got cocks
on my wall.
Well, no, they weren't...
I drew them on the wall.
Good evening, ladies and
This is part two of a segment...
That I like to call
"knock knock".
You ready? All right.
Go, and ready, and wakey-wakey!
There we go, that's a good
little boy.
Here he comes.
He's so confused.
Why isn't he moving?
I don't know. Let's speed
up the door.
What the fuck?
Where's he going?
Why doesn't he care
about the door?
Not in his bedroom.
He's not outside, I...
The garage.
Shit. I told you we
needed a camera in there.
I mean, this is one of these
vital moments where...
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Is that...
Jesus fucking Christ.
He's fucking crazy.
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
Is he... is he looking at us?
Holy shit, dude!
Hold on!
He knows!
He does not know!
Just hold on!
Of course, he knows!
Look at his fucking eyes!
I mean, he's probably coming
over here right now!
Sean, hold on! Relax.
Zoom in.
See? He's just staring
at the wall.
Now this guy is fascinating.
Wait, where is he going?
He's going outside.
Check the other cameras!
No. No. No.
Well, where is he?
You swear he didn't see us?
Uh, maybe he'll leave.
Okay, take the camera.
No, I'm not gonna take the
camera! We need to hide, man!
Shut up! Just take the camera!
Are you fucking kidding me?
What? He's not gonna kill two
people on their own door step.
He's not that crazy.
You're sure?
Okay, if this is done,
then it's done.
So we either call the cops...
Or go to the door and see
what he wants.
Either way, if you don't record
I'm gonna come back here
and kill you myself.
Dude, no!
There you are!
I get one night with you...
And I have to spend it coming
across town hunting you down?
Why didn't you answer
your phone?
You crazy old man.
Oh, that's nice.
Get you in the limo.
Fuck, I...
Jesus, man.
You have a problem.
It's 10:00 in the morning.
I... I...
We are 11 days in.
Some definite incidents
to report.
Uh, this is the first time that
Mr. Grainey has not left...
His house at the usual time
in four weeks.
Also, a few slight hiccups
in our disturbances.
The first of which was alerting
the police...
With our electrical
And the second, and more
interesting being...
What can only be described as a
psychotic, violent assault...
On the old man's own property.
Uh, one thing is for sure, it
doesn't seem that he suspects...
Any human interference, but his
behavior is definitely changing.
As such, the experiment at this
point, can only be described...
As a success.
I just think we should
be careful.
Why don't you tell everybody
why you feel this way?
Why don't you turn
the camera off?
I'm just saying, why do you
want to stop this?
Oh, let me guess, you're afraid
that it's actually gonna work.
Hey, Sean, honey, whose house
are you at tonight?
My mom's.
And is she cooking you dinner?
Uh, no, she's working late
Well, then, you're having
dinner with us... again.
You know who little Albert is?
It's some weird way of
introducing me to your dick?
We learned about this in psych,
Back in the 20's, Johns Hopkins university did this messed
up experiment on behavioral conditioning in infants.
The baby they used was called
little Albert.
They would set little Albert
on a mattress...
Next to a white lab rat.
At first, he just played
with it.
He didn't have any reason
to be scared.
But after a while, every time
he touched the rat...
It would startle him.
Ringing loud bells or whatever.
And Albert would cry.
Eventually he started to
associate the rat...
With frightening sensations...
And whenever he saw anything
that looked even like a rat...
With or without the sound,
he became terrified.
Okay, help me out, because I
know you have some point here.
My point is... be careful how
far we push this guy.
We're creating something that
isn't what it seems.
It can do more damage
than you think.
All right, boys,
it's almost ready.
I'm just saying... they never
cured little Albert.
All right, so tonight, we're
gonna take things down a notch.
Maybe slamming doors was a
little bit too much, too fast.
So, we've come up
with a new haunt.
It's always a classic,
and relatively harmless.
Now as you'll notice, our old
man fell into another...
Whiskey-drenched slumber.
Well, that is a shame that we're
gonna have to wake him up.
This little number I like to
call, "the moonlight sonata".
Oh, wow, and this could not be
more perfect.
Sean, if you'll do the honors.
Dude, oh, my god, that's...
What are you doing?
Carrie, what are you doing?
I'm dancing, Harold.
Carrie, it's 3:00
in the morning.
Is it?
You're drunk, Carrie.
I think on a night like this I'm
allowed to be, don't you think?
No, I don't, I think you
should be in bed.
So I can wake up tomorrow and
everything will be better?
So you're being...
No! I want to dance!
Listen to me.
Oh, my god!
The neighbors are gonna hear us.
Do you think I care about the
fucking neighbors?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Hm... that's interesting.
At least he didn't
hit it with an axe.
All right, it's 11:40 pm.
And Grainey just unlocked
the padlock...
And went down into his basement.
Check it out.
What the hell is a 150-year-old
man doing...
In a basement at midnight?
It's not the lock that matters,
It's what's worth locking up.
I mean, Grainey doesn't even
lock his front door...
But he locks his basement?
Isn't that strange to you?
Yeah, no, that's definitely
strange to me.
And there's something mysterious
But I also think we need
to maintain objectivity...
Which is one of our rules, and
not jump to conclusions, so...
Man, we're gonna be so fucking
famous after this.
What, man?
We're gonna be so fucking
I think people are gonna find
it interesting, absolutely.
You're gonna be famous
in your lifetime...
It's 'cause you're
YouTube famous.
'Cause you made like make-up
tutorial videos...
Or candle reviews.
Dude, you know what? I respect
the candle reviewers.
I mean, come on!
What? They got viewership.
I mean, I would give the world
for a million views.
Yeah, of course, you would.
This goes out to all the people
that gave me one million views.
Captain's log, day 13.
Our fearless leader
has succumbed...
To a six pack of keystone light.
But we must forge ahead and film
absolutely everything...
For posterity.
This is Ethan, asleep...
Across from a video
of an open doorway.
Exciting stuff.
Notice the drool forming
on Ethan's pillow...
Next to his face.
We'll keep that for the
director's cut.
This is Ethan's shoe, which
features a crudely-drawn...
Flock of peni for some reason.
Let's play a game called...
How many things does Ethan
have open on his computer...
Slowing down our video feed.
Okay, let's do this.
World news, close.
Buzzfeed, close.
Reddit, close, Facebook,
Spotify, Netflix...
Close, close, close.
Pornography... of the Asian
Unshaved, uh, very discreet,
Ethan, close.
An IMDB search for...
'Mac and me'.
Close, and...
Dude, dude, dude, dude, wake up.
Get up!
I gotta show you something.
Here, take the camera.
Fuck... what?
Okay, so, this is Grainey
going down...
To the basement at 11:38 pm.
This is Grainey now.
Live feed.
Okay, yeah.
And this is Grainey coming out
of the basement.
Okay, I...
Note the time difference.
6:55 am... so he was down
there all night?
Seven hours.
I mean, what the hell would he
be doing in the basement...
In the middle of the night
for seven hours?
Oh, wow, do I detect some actual
enthusiasm in your voice?
And not whiny hesitation?
Any opportunity to be an idiot.
Okay, it's day 15,
2:10 in the morning.
Got a very interesting one
for you tonight.
This one is called "cold spots""
now the original idea behind
this was to kill the thermostat.
To mimic the drop in temperature
brought on by spirits.
But Sean here had the ingenious
idea for the windows.
Sean, if you will.
Okay, so, there's a chemical
solvent that you can make...
From an alkaline battery which,
among other things...
Causes glass to crack
in the cold.
It's essentially an
Uh-huh, and Sean spread it all
over the windows...
The night we broke in to
Now we've already killed
the heater...
And it's about 36 degrees
So as you can imagine...
That bedroom's gonna get
pretty fucking cold.
It's kind of beautiful watching
an old man sleep...
Thinking, you know,
what he's dreaming about.
World war 1.
You falling asleep?
Better not be.
Quitter. Quitter!
Yo, dude.
Hey, Sean, come here...
I want you to see Grainey's
Come here!
Look, look at Grainey's face,
right there, what do you see?
Uh, I don't see anything.
No, here... right there.
He's shivering. Come on, man,
this is kind of fucked up.
No, he's... he's not shivering.
He's saying something.
The audio, can you...
Got it.
What are you...
Ssh, ssh, ssh.
Oh, shit!
You, in the hallway now!
You turn the camera off!
Are you out of your mind, Ethan?
Have you listened to what
I said?
Right, I'm sorry, I just...
I... Sean wanted to see it.
How could such an elaborate
scheme be executed...
Right under your own roof
for upwards of six weeks...
Without the least of your
objection or interference?
Honestly, I never knew
what they were doing.
You never knew what
they were doing?
Your son and his friend spent an
average of 50 hours a week...
In your son's bedroom...
With a professional grade
equipment hub...
That you didn't purchase,
and you never once inquired...
As to what they were up to?
Of course, I asked.
Sean said his father bought
the computers for him.
His father had money.
Had Ethan and Sean ever gotten
into trouble before?
Sean? Never.
But Ethan...
He got into some trouble
after his father left.
But meeting Sean this year...
It's just been such a good
influence on him.
And trust me, when you're
a mother...
You would so much rather
have your son...
Sitting with his friends in his
room with cameras...
Than out god-knows-where...
Doing drugs and drinking
and getting into trouble.
But would you agree that they still
found a way to get into trouble?
Objection, your honor.
I'll rephrase.
At no point during your son's
six-week experiment...
Did you ever become concerned...
That any of their actions could
get them into trouble?
When I came home that night...
I noticed that Ethan had gone
through my closet.
And why did this concern you?
Because that's where I kept
his father's gun.
It's working.
I wasn't sure if you'd make it.
She'll be home soon.
We have time.
It's freezing in here.
Dude, he's just sitting there.
What the fuck?
Okay, so, not only did
"cold spots" work...
But it yielded a much more
interesting development.
Now we're both convinced
that our haunts...
And Grainey's basement
are somehow related.
And he's been down there
for a couple hours, so...
What do you think is down there?
What about his wife?
It can't be, we already saw her.
Did we?
Yeah, we did.
Yeah, well, how do we know
that was his wife?
Maybe it was just some
old woman.
Yeah, but, nobody visits
Why would some old lady just be
pounding on his door?
Who the hell knows? I'm just
saying, add it to the board.
You know what the weirdest thing
about this is?
No matter what we do to this
guy, he never calls the cops.
Or does anything about it for
that matter.
Would you call the cops if you
had a body in your basement?
Don't you think it's weird?
I mean, after everything
that's happened to this guy...
He's never once seemed afraid.
Oh, here he comes.
Mark it, dude. What time is it?
8:28 am.
Okay, so that's...
An hour and ten minutes
in the basement.
All right, Sean, you know what
needs to happen now, right?
No way, dude.
We're not going in there.
We have talked about this.
Yeah, and I said the same thing
then. There's no way.
All we have to do is find
a way past the lock.
No, actually, because even
if we break the lock...
Which he'll notice...
We still have to get in there
when he's not home.
And Grainey never leaves
the house.
Who's to say when he's gonna
be leaving again?
Listen, all I'm saying is we
have a film to finish.
And you and I both know...
That there's something going
on in that basement.
Okay, and I have reason to
believe that we're not...
The ones committing
the crime any more.
Sean, come on!
We're this close, all right?
Don't let me down on this.
Seriously, how can you live with
yourself without knowing?
Well, we're not going
when he's there.
Okay, yeah, deal.
And we still need to find
a way past the lock.
Yeah, so we'll find a way.
All right, well, any ideas?
I don't know, man, you're the
one going to MIT, all right?
It's a problem. Just find
a solution.
Okay, so, here's the thing.
Maybe we don't need to go into
the basement.
Not if we can get someone else
to go in there for us.
Why am I filming this?
What? Because. Are we on?
Grainey still out?
Grainey hasn't moved all
All right, then. Let's go.
Come on.
All right, I want you to go back
in my room, call my phone...
If Grainey even moves,
then you tell me, okay?
I'm gonna plant this bug...
And you let me know when you
hear it, okay?
I'll be back before you know it.
Okay, I can see you.
And Grainey still hasn't
moved, so you're all good.
Hurry up! Come on.
Ethan can you hear me?
Yeah. Yeah, no,
you're all good...
But you should come back now.
Uh, just two seconds. I gotta
get it hooked on this thing...
Oh, shit!
Oh, come on!
Right now, really? Fuck.
Whoa. Ethan?
Yeah, I can't see Grainey, so...
You need to come back now.
Okay, okay.
Oh, he was just taking a leak.
Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck.
Run, run, run, run!
All right, Sean. Ready to give
Mr. Grainey a awake-up call?
Hi, yes, Ashland police
I hope this works.
Don't hope it works, Sean...
Expect it to.
Mr. Grainey. I hope
you're well this evening.
I was sleeping.
Does this sound okay?
Yeah, ssh, yeah, it's fine.
I was trying to sleep.
I'm sorry for the late hour.
I just wanted to make sure that
you didn't hear anything...
Out of the ordinary tonight
while you were sleeping.
Anything at all?
No, I didn't hear a thing,
so, if you don't mind...
The reason I'm here is because
we got a noise complaint.
About a woman screaming.
Well, I...
In your basement, sir.
In my basement?
Look, we got a call.
Apparently one of your neighbors
was walking his dog...
Said he heard a woman screaming
in your basement.
That's absurd.
Well, then you wouldn't mind if
I come in to take a look, right?
Just to be thorough?
Be careful.
Let's see what you got down
there, Grainey.
Moment of truth.
It's just storage down here.
All right. I think
we're good here.
You sure they said
it was a woman?
That's right. Why?
Nah... never mind.
Sorry to disturb you again, sir.
You gotta be kidding me.
He didn't find anything?
He wasn't looking hard enough.
No, no way!
We're not going in there!
We're not!
Say it again, Sean.
Fuck you.
No, come on, say it
to the camera.
Sean, obviously it's
bothering you...
So let's talk about it, okay?
On the record.
You know what I think.
What, you think I'm ruining
my own project?
I'm sorry, our project.
I think you know you're
ruining it...
But it's easier for you
to blame me.
We wait until he leaves, we
knock that goddamn door down...
And we see what's in the
Documentary over,
it's that simple.
Unless nothing's in there.
Then documentary ruined...
Burglary charges, and a waste
of all of our time and money.
We have one more weekend, okay?
One more haunt.
We move the furniture around,
just like in poltergeist.
Just like we planned.
No, no, it needs more.
Come on, doesn't a part of you
need to know what's down there?
Sean, let do something
Let's do something dangerous?
Let's do something your daddy's
not gonna approve of?
No, it's just funny that you
should put it that way.
Do you want to get into what
this is really about, Ethan?
What do you mean?
I think you know what I mean.
No, Sean, please, enlighten me.
I know about Grainey...
And your father.
What did you say?
You heard me.
Now do you want to turn
the camera off?
- That was the afternoon of
October 22nd, 2014. -40 pm.
What did the two of you
After the camera was turned off?
Should I repeat the question,
He told me the story of what
really happened with his father.
A story you never heard before.
Yeah, this all happened before
I moved to the neighborhood.
But Ethan would always tell me
that his father left him.
And what prompted him to finally
tell you the truth?
I found an email open on his
computer from his father.
He always said that he never
talked to him...
So I thought that was strange.
I shouldn't have read it, but...
What did Ethan tell you?
Well, um... his mom and dad
were having problems.
One night, things got physical,
it was pretty bad.
His mom ran out and went
for help.
And who's house did she run to?
Mr. Grainey's.
Harold Grainey interfered
in a domestic dispute...
With Ethan's parents...
Causing an altercation of his
own with Ethan's father.
And when the police arrived,
Mr. Grainey's testimony...
Sent Ethan's father to jail
that night, correct?
That's right.
Well, it doesn't sound like Mr.
Grainey did anything wrong...
In that scenario, does it?
No. It doesn't.
And what ended up happening
with Ethan's father?
Well, um, the way that
Ethan told it...
Grainey had a long talk
with his mom that night.
By the time his dad got out,
she wanted him gone...
And filed for divorce.
And full custody of Ethan.
So despite Ethan's father's
obvious responsibility...
In this particular incident, to
a 13-year-old boy reading...
These emails, it would seem
that an old man interfered...
In his life and that
his father was taken away.
It's quite a good reason to hold
a grudge, wouldn't you say?
Objection. Speculation.
Is it not a fact that Mr.
Grainey had a conversation...
With Ethan's mother the night
of the altercation?
And that Ethan never saw his
father again?
Yeah, no, but see...
No one was ever supposed
to get hurt.
So Ethan never implied that the
man he referred to as, quote,
a "miserable, wife-beating,
drunk piece of shit"...
Should be punished...
Even to the point where
he might react violently?
No, it was just a prank...
An experiment.
Here's to my mom working nights,
because if she didn't...
We couldn't actively make bad
decisions at my house.
Give it up.
One, two, three!
Hey Carly, how's that
Tequila treating you.
Really good.
Hey, give me the camera.
No, man, why?
Everyone's gonna see this.
Ted Spiegelman, ladies and
Gobble, gobble.
The guy that dressed up
like one creepy cock.
Biggest cock.
That you are.
And you're the only person to
actually dress up...
Well, besides Ashley, who
dressed up like a...
Slutty witch?
Yo, hey, man, I was doing good,
come on, give it back.
Okay, so he disappears for,
like, two minutes.
And then he comes charging out
of the garage...
With this giant fucking axe.
Shut up.
No, no, seriously.
So wait, wait, wait,
so he takes the axe...
And he walks over to the door,
and then he just destroys it!
Just like whack! Whack! Whack!
Like Shelley Duvall was on
the other side.
Never mind.
Okay, why don't you put that
thing down now, Ethan?
Uh-huh, you know I'm seriously
considering it.
Just uh, two seconds,
I gotta go find Sean.
Wow, guys. I don't know if
that's more stupid or racist.
Sanjay's from Malaysia. They
don't wear fucking turbans.
Whatever, man.
Whoa, um, ow, ow, hi, Carly.
Um, are you having fun?
Ethan, I have to apologize.
I gave you shit about your
But it actually seems
pretty awesome.
Well, thank you.
It is pretty awesome.
Do you actually think that
he's a murderer?
Well, Carly. You'll just have to
wait and see. Right, Sean?
So, is there a place where Sean
and I can go...
To get away from all
the cameras?
Oh, the cameras are bothering
Okay, um, well, you could
go to my room.
Oh, okay, no, bad idea.
Why don't you go to Sean's room?
You have your own room here?
Well, technically it's
a guest room...
But since Sean practically
lives here...
Sounds great.
Um, well, you guys enjoy
your privacy.
I just get really frustrated...
Having Ethan film everything
that I do.
It's really hard to get you
alone, you know.
It's like you're always
with Ethan.
Yeah, maybe too much, right?
What do you mean?
I just feel like what we're
doing is getting a little...
I don't know... dangerous.
Can't a little danger
be a good thing?
What is that?
Oh, my god, shit, Ethan!
What the fuck, Ethan!
Enjoy your privacy?
Are you kidding me?
Just relax.
Give me that! Turn it off!
Stop! Relax!
Relax? This is sick.
Wait, wait, how long
has it been in there?
What, do you... you watch me
sleep now?
Sean, it was just for tonight.
I swear.
I wanted to see if you'd say
something about the project.
I knew you'd be in there...
The project? Forget the
fucking project, okay?
Do you understand what this
I'm sorry, I'm sorry about the
camera, but, Sean...
You don't get it,
we're so close here.
You're obsessed.
Okay, I told you, we're not
going in the basement.
We were here to haunt the dude.
Does he not seem haunted to you?
Not enough, no.
Well, it's enough for me.
Okay, you got your revenge,
but I didn't sign up for this.
Sean, stop!
Are you fucking kidding me?
You were nobody until I picked
you up, don't forget that.
I had this idea and you had the
brains and money...
To make it happen.
And look at what we've
So it's exactly what you
signed up for...
So don't act like it's not.
I mean, would you be anywhere
if it hadn't been for me?
Would you have gone
to any parties?
Would you have been with Carly
tonight if it wasn't for me?
Would you have left your boring,
nerdy, rich circle...
And had any fun before
If it hadn't been for me?
Fuck you, Ethan.
Fuck me.
They're your cameras, Sean.
Your fingerprints, traceable to
your credit card.
Is that a threat?
It's the truth.
All I've ever wanted from this
project is the truth.
So the world could see exactly
what it is...
The world is only gonna see what
you want them to see, Ethan.
Don't you get it? I mean, it's
not even about Grainey...
Any more, it's about you, and...
I don't even know why I agreed
to do this. I just feel...
Dude, you know what? Feel
however you want, Sean.
That's fine.
I'm sorry about the camera,
that was a shitty thing to do.
But you listen to me very
Whatever happens here... you
and me are in this together.
Got it?
Get the fuck out.
Come in.
Uh, hey, so, I'm sorry
about the other night.
If it makes you feel any better,
Carly said she really liked you.
So... what's up?
I want my equipment back.
The computers, the monitors,
the cameras.
I'll let you edit what you have
so far, but I'm done.
Are you're serious?
I just said sorry to you.
I mean, what more do you want?
That's not what this is about.
Okay, you know what,
you're not thinking straight.
Why don't we just take a break,
we'll take a breather...
Let's have some beers,
let's hang out, let's...
Whoa, whoa, fuck!
Whoa, holy shit.
No way that actually happened.
That goddamn cat!
I honestly can't believe
that happened.
All right...
It's over.
What are you talking about?
What do you mean? The camera is
on the ground.
So the whole thing is over.
The camera's on the ground
in the den.
Grainey is asleep,
in his bedroom.
It's not that complicated.
Seriously, Ethan...
Sean, your cameras,
your fingerprints, remember?
Think about MIT.
We know every inch of that
I will be in and out
in 30 seconds.
It's not like we've never
broken in before.
Not while he was home, we
haven't. Are you stupid, Ethan?
He's asleep.
And what happens when
he wakes up?
Do you remember what he
did to the door?
That was a door.
Will you just hand me my phone?
Goddamnit, Ethan!
Are you actually crazy?
Hand me my phone!
If you were ever my friend,
you would back me up right now.
Now I will be gone
for two minutes.
Text me if Grainey wakes up.
Oh, god.
Okay, go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
No, no, no, no... shit.
No, don't do it.
Don't go down there.
What is all this?
Oh, shit.
No, no, no, no, no.
Oh, shit.
Shit, go.
Come on, Ethan, get out
of there, come on.
Hide, Ethan, hide!
Oh, no.
Holy shit.
Where are you going?
Okay. Shit.
Don't move yet, Ethan,
I can't see.
What the hell?
Oh, god.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! We just...
He just...
He... he's dead?
Yeah, he is dead. He just shot
himself in the fucking head.
What have we done?
Why? I just... I don't get it.
It's because of the bell, Ethan.
It's because of the goddamn
No, we wanted to move something.
That was part of the plan.
The plan?
We killed him!
We didn't kill him.
We... we didn't do anything.
Yeah, we did do something, okay?
Which means it's our fault...
Which means we're gonna
go to fucking jail...
For a long-ass time!
Just shut up! Shut up
for a second, okay!
Just let me think
for a goddamn second, okay?
Oh, shit, Ethan, your foot.
Our fingerprints are everywhere,
They're on all the cameras. Your
fingerprints are on the bell.
All over the house!
The old man killed himself,
okay? We were never here.
Okay, so, so, you get the
And I'll clean this up.
We're gonna be fine, yeah.
Okay... hey!
Sean, look at me! Hey! Hey!
Look at me!
We're gonna be fine, okay?
Let's go. Go. Come on.
Okay, I got the...
Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Sean, help me.
You, on the ground now.
You, face on the floor,
hands on your head.
Sit up for me, please.
Come here.
I'm sorry, honey. I'm sorry.
Come on. Come here.
Come on.
What do I...
Okay, now, let's dance.
Thank you.
Oh, it feels so good to be home.
You wanna go see? Do you
want to go see Caroline?
Let's go see Caroline.
Come here.
Who's this?
Oh, my goodness. Oh.
He's a sweet baby.
Oh, sweet baby.
I just came from your garden, was out
there, everything's holding up great.
How about you,
how you holding up?
I'm doing great.
What do you think?
I, um, I bought you something.
What's in there?
The idea is you open it.
Let's see, what is it?
What is it? What is it?
Ah... the one
I've always wanted.
Now don't be a smart ass.
I mean, this is a real antique.
Look, we don't need you
yelling and screaming...
Wasting energy for no reason.
Sometimes Amy and I aren't
here to hear you.
You know, I just want you to
know that...
Whenever you need anything,
I mean anything at all...
All you have to do is ring this
and I'll hear it, honey.
And I'll come to you,
no matter what, okay?
It works.
What do you mean when you say
that this was almost inevitable?
Harold lost himself when
Caroline died.
He lost everything
that made him happy.
And twelve years is
a long time to be alone.
Are you implying that Harold had
suicidal tendencies?
What I'm saying is that
Harold was hurting.
And he was hurting himself.
But I made a promise to
That I would make sure he was
gonna be all right.
But he wasn't all right, was he?
No. He wasn't.
And that's why you went to his
home one final time...
On September 24th?
What did you bring him that day?
I found a place for him to go.
Somewhere where he could get
proper professional care.
Where he wouldn't be alone.
It took me months to try to get
him to sign the papers...
It got to a point where he...
He didn't want to talk
to me anymore.
Did he ever mention to you...
Why he didn't want to receive
proper care?
He never wanted to leave
that house.
He said Caroline was there.
Will the defendants please rise?
Before I issue your sentencing,
I want to remind the court...
That in this state, we abide by
the felony murder rule...
Which states if a death occurs
during the commission...
Of a felony, any felony...
The persons responsible
for that felony...
Can be charged with murder,
regardless of intent.
Mr. Fleming, Mr. Turner...
Your actions, regardless
of your intentions...
Led to a man's death.
It wasn't enough that you
tormented a lonely old man...
But then you were perverse
enough to record it.
Justice, in my opinion, would be
the guilt of this tragedy...
Punishing you for the rest of
your lives.
The law, however, can only
punish you for so long.
You've been found guilty of
illegal surveillance...
And breaking and entering,
both misdemeanors.
Since you are both minors
with no prior records...
I hereby sentence you
to two years probation.
500 hours community service.
That's it.