The Good Road (2013) Movie Script

How are mom and dad?
They're fine.
And Pinky?
- She's the same as ever.
The doctor keeps saying,
the fever will subside.
But, it hasn't.
- Okay.
Now, he wants more tests done.
They're expensive.
Get them done.
- Pinky asks every day.
"When are you coming back?"
"When are you coming back?"
When my work is done,
I'll be back.
In about 20 or 25 days.
Papp, will everything be okay?
Look after mom and dad, and
Pinky. Take care of yourself, too.
I'll hang up.
Let's go.
Dad, how much further?
Why? Didn't you like
dad's dance?
It's so hot in here.
I'm bored.
Hey, Adi!
Where's your favourite spot?
It's around the next corner!
Don't worry!
We'll be in Athangasa soon.
You'll like it there.
My friends travel by plane.
Why don't we?
How would I dance
in the plane for you?
It's so dirty here.
Adi, no sulking
while dad's talking.
- It's okay, chill.
What the hell is he doing?
He didn't even look,
he just raced ahead.
They are all the same.
You should've slowed down.
I am driving fine.
I can't keep slowing down.
You never drive safely.
So, it's my fault now?
A little peace?
Your driving makes me tense.
Tell me, something,
have I ever had an accident?
Tell me, have I?
Why are you bickering?
What was that, son?
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
What's wrong with your voice?
"Folk song."
Who are you?
Where are you from?
Tell me the truth.
Mumbai? That's very far away.
I want to go to Athangasa.
A truck driver was
taking me there.
What happened, then?
But, he dropped me here and left.
I don't know where he is.
Girl, do you see that highway?
Go there.
Any truck will take you.
I'm hungry.
This is not a soup kitchen.
You're very young.
This place is not for you.
This place is not for you.
Go away.
I'm very hungry.
Mom, I'm thirsty.
Mom, I'm thirsty.
Oh, baby, what can I do?
There is a bottle back there,
near your feet.
Hail the Goddess.
Hail Mother Goddess.
- "Holy chants."
"Holy chants."
How's business?
- "Holy chants."
How's business?
- "Holy chants."
It's okay.
"Holy chants."
Give me a packet of Classic
Mild cigarettes.
"Holy chants."
Tuff 10.
"Holy chants."
- Tuff 10?
Is this a joke?
"Holy chants."
Finest tobacco.
"Holy chants."
Got a lighter?
- "Holy chants."
Girl, you're young.
I'll feed you, today.
Here's your money.
But go after eating.
Here is your pay.
Who is she?
- What is he doing?
I don't want to see you
after sunset. Okay?
Your pay.
It's for last week.
Child, do something for me.
Feed her.
She'll be here, till sunset.
Look after her.
Will you do that for me?
Off you go.
Let's go.
Get going.
Go away!
Get lost! Go!
Do you have a death
wish? Get lost!
Go! Scram!
What do you want?
What are you looking at?
Go and stare elsewhere.
You loafer!
Get lost!
What took you so long?
I was caught up at the check posts.
Pappu, you'll never learn.
Pappu, you'll never learn.
The police have been bribed. That's
the receipt to show them as an SOS.
Now, listen to me.
My cousin is back.
Arvind Singh Jhala.
He's the best.
He'll be at Looniyara.
His men will meet you.
Give them
the truck and walk away.
What happens to my truck?
Don't panic. Do as you're told.
Here's 25%, up front.
You'll get another 25%
in Looniyara.
And the rest,
after the insurance is settled.
That's fine.
What about my truck?
Your truck will be emptied...
...and rolled off a cliff.
...and rolled off a cliff.
It's a truck, not your wife!
That'll do the trick.
will think you're dead.
Not sure about your Shaukat.
Don't worry. He'll vanish with me.
Don't screw this up. Okay?
See you in a few months.
Yes, ma'am?
- Fill it up.
Wake up that sleepy Joe!
Get up, Aditya.
Where's Aditya, David?
He's not in the back seat.
- Keep looking behind the seat.
He's not in the back seat.
- Keep looking behind the seat.
He isn't in the car, David.
He must've gone
for a cold drink.
Hey, Adi!
Don't worry. On Thursday...
Excuse me, mister.
Have you seen a boy here?
He's young.
He's wearing a brown shirt.
He's about this tall.
- Kiran Shroff.
Kiran Shroff.
- 30.
30? Is your child 30 years old?
Not my son, I'm 30.
Who is missing?
You or your child?
Our son is missing.
I asked about the missing person
and you talk about yourself.
I'll have to rewrite everything.
When did you see him last?
Sir, we were together in the car,
at Milan petrol pump.
Did he tell you where
he was going?
No, how could he?
He was asleep.
How did he get out then?
Did you carry him out of the car?
Sir, my son is old enough
to get down from the car.
You just said the
boy was asleep.
Let me explain, if
you will allow.
Let me explain, if
you will allow.
How much stuff is there? Really?
- About a hundred tonnes.
Who is this boy?
- He seems lost.
Who is he?
Where did he come from?
Hey, boy! Where are you from?
My parents will
come back for me.
Take him with you.
With me?
- Drop him at the Virdi Diner.
This is none of my business.
But, you've business with me.
I don't want him here.
Don't dump him on me.
- I never carry children.
There's always a first time.
The Virdi Diner is open
day and night.
I'm sure, he's that idiot's kid.
He'll be at the diner.
I've spoken to the driver.
He'll take you to the diner.
I've spoken to the driver.
He'll take you to the diner.
Phone my mom and dad.
- Wait a moment.
I want to talk, too.
It isn't connecting.
The number you have dialled
is currently unreachable.
I'll keep trying. Now,
I have the number.
Your parents will be at
the Virdi Diner.
Hey! The truck is moving.
Sit down.
Kid, what do you want?
Can I have some water?
Don't you get it? Our food
is kept here. Move aside.
First, you barge in,
then you ruin everything.
This kid isn't one of us.
We shouldn't keep him.
A dog?
Pappu, must we have dogs
on our truck, now?
Stop! You are hurting him.
No dogs on the truck.
This isn't your father's house.
- The dog goes where I go.
- Out, both of you.
But, that man said...
That fucker didn't say anything
about a dog.
He didn't say the dog
couldn't come.
Let go!
Put this on. You'll get sick
in wet clothes.
What's your name?
I'm Rinkle. Have some.
You'll like it here.
I'll be gone by sunset.
That's what they all say.
Come. I'll show you around.
Come. I'll show you around.
Pretty earrings!
What happens here?
We go on stage.
Have you ever been on stage?
On stage?
Why are you sitting there?
Come inside.
- I'll tell you what we do here.
- No.
Why not? Are you scared?
Don't be. Rajender sir won't
mind us playing here.
Don't be scared, no one
shouts at new girls.
Did you see my bucket?
- No, Sister.
My wife was wondering, if...
Sir, please can we go to
the diners?
I'm sure, my son is there.
He must be waiting for us.
I'm sure, my son is there.
He must be waiting for us.
Well, maybe he's there.
I'll send Constable Hamirbhai.
It's quite far.
We'll go with him. We can
take our car.
No, ma'am. Your son
will be brought here.
One of you must stay.
That'll be fine by us.
Get your bike. Take Mr. Shroff
to the diners...
...and enquire about the boy.
We stop for tea.
- No.
Okay. Do as you please.
It makes no difference to me.
"Nicely timed by Sachin Tendulkar.
We had given up...
...on that occasion."
"Very risky run, attempted
by Virat Kohli, because...
...Sachin had to get to the other
end. But, he misfielded, briefly."
"Sachin, I think was wasted...
Two cups of tea.
Hey! Two cups of tea.
"Got everything."
"Oh, that's well played.
Beautifully done."
"Great shot."
One cold drink. - "Virat Kohli
put it in front of mid-wicket."
"As I was saying, he likes to
play this shot and plays it well."
"Getting into position very early
and hitting it along the ground."
"See the way he's rolled
his wrists, along the back."
"An excellent shot."
"Double figures,
with the ninth ball."
"He is so good off the pads."
"Yes, I think, he got
a four off the back."
See him on the leg side.
Try, a little later.
What's the news?
The police are everywhere.
- Where exactly?
They're everywhere.
- Why?
God knows.
Who's the boy?
No one.
- Why is he here?
I'm going to Athangasa.
- Why?
For my holidays.
When will I see my parents?
Let's go.
Bitch. You stole my water.
First, apply foundation.
- You're always stealing.
I don't want to go on stage.
Don't be silly.
We'll all be there.
Don't be silly!
Everyone goes on the stage.
you're crossing the line.
"Crossing the line?"
You're no saint.
Taking the Sardar up your arse.
I don't want to go on stage.
Can I stay here?
Alone? What will you do? You'll
be bored. - He puts it in the ear.
Bitch, I'll get you.
- You'll be bored.
I'll kill you. You always
make trouble. - Let go!
Let me go.
- You rascal!
Hit her.
Look at me.
Look at me. - Use my slipper.
- Hit her hard.
Rinkle, please. I don't have
any new clothes.
Hit her!
You rascal!
Hit her!
You rascal!
Don't worry.
- You've had it!
Let me go!
- Hit her! - I'll kill you!
You're a bitch!
- Get off me!
Hit her hard so she'll
never speak again. - Let go!
Don't spare the bitch.
Hey, look! How beautiful she is.
- Wow!
You look like a film star.
- Katrina.
No, Priyanka.
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
You love dancing. Yes?
I love dancing...
...and it makes me
forget everything.
Then, stay here.
- No.
I want to go to my grandma's.
Where are your parents?
Sister, some hot tea.
It's for you.
Don't worry, sister.
Don't worry, sister.
If the police say, they will...
...then, they'll find him.
While they're
searching the diner...
...why not take the shortcut
to Chand?
But the Rann, the salt desert,
isn't safe.
It's a straight road.
- Where does the shortcut lead?
To the highway.
But, it's dangerous.
No, Uncle. The ground is firm.
Have you ever driven
on this shortcut?
No. But, if you're careful,
it's safe.
She isn't familiar with
the desert.
And you want her to drive
through it?
With a good car,
there'll be no problem.
Hey, buddy! All well, Uncle?
- How about a game?
Where did you go for a film?
- I went to the village.
We should go there.
How about a cigarette?
Can you see your father?
No. Dad is handsome.
And mom is beautiful.
I don't think any of these men
are fathers.
Watch out!
- He's out.
You're no father, either.
I don't have kids,
but I have a niece.
Doesn't she miss you?
Yes, very much.
And I miss her.
So, why aren't you with her?
I have to work.
Many depend on me.
My mother, father, sister-in-law.
Many depend on me.
My mother, father, sister-in-law.
My niece Pinky.
Chewing tobacco and a Tuff 10.
"A boy is missing."
"He is fair. 4' 6" tall.
Wearing a brown shirt...
...brown shorts and shoes."
"He is from Mumbai."
Pappu, why is he still here?
Let's wait. His parents
must be on the way.
Boss, we must go.
- What's biting you?
There's a police van here.
I heard the police radio report
a missing kid.
Exactly like him.
- A missing kid?
Brown shirt, short pants.
I heard it all, boss.
I heard it all, boss.
His parents have
told the police.
There'll be police check points
Leave him here.
Stay here. I'll be a minute.
Hello, it's me sir, Pappu.
I'm at Virdi's. No sign of
the boy's parents.
"Damn them. Leave the boy there."
"You've more important
things to do."
"- Have you called the parents?
- Can't get through."
"- Have you called the parents?
- Can't get through."
"Can't get through? So, what now?"
Leave the kid there.
Go to Looniyara.
How can I? He's only 7.
"He's my responsibility."
No! He's not.
"He's on my truck.
I'm responsible for him."
Why does this kid
concern you?
My niece is the same age.
"He isn't your niece."
"His parents don't care.
He's not your problem."
"Leave now."
"You've taken my money."
"Be warned. Don't break
our deal."
"Why talk of our deal?"
"I'm leaving. But, the boy must
find his parents."
10 tons on a 6 tonner! What
the fuck can one expect?
What do we do now?
24 hours a day.7 days a week.
Day in, day out. All I do is drive.
No holidays. No rest.
Drive. Eat. Sleep.
That's all I do.
This is my life.
Nothing else.
What about the kid?
What about the kid?
We aren't kidnappers,
but who'll believe us?
The police need a scapegoat.
What is a scapegoat?
Shut up, you bugger.
We may look after him well,
but he'll still betray us.
I beg you, leave him here.
We have to climb this hill.
Get to work.
Get the air filter out.
For fuck's sake!
This is madness.
How will we get past the police
check points?
That cunt Jadeja landed us
into this jam.
What's a cunt?
Here. This is a cunt.
Is this a cunt?
Don't use that word.
It's not nice.
Where are my mom and dad?
I'll say it again, let's
leave him here.
Let me out. I don't want to be
here with you.
I won't abandon a 7 year-old
on a highway.
I won't abandon a 7 year-old
on a highway.
What do we do with him?
Why did you leave your parents?
Why come with us?
You should've left me at the
diner, as the man said.
Screw that man!
He's no good.
He's a pimp.
Bloody rich city kids.
Going on about your dad and mom.
You fucker! Most of us
don't have parents.
We're at the top of the hill.
No need to be so kind
to this kid.
The highway is no place
for kindness.
I won't do as you say.
I can't leave him alone
on a highway.
Why not?
Do you want to adopt him?
That's not how you make
a family.
"The world takes care of us."
Don't let Shaukat upset you.
He's hot-tempered.
Don't your parents
shout sometimes?
No. Dad jokes, mom laughs.
You don't like his jokes?
No. I know all his jokes.
Don't you like school?
- No.
You must like something.
Yes, I'm learning Karate.
What's Karate?
Defending myself
from bad people.
Isn't there something
else you learn?
There is.
In my class, I learned
the action song.
Action Song?
We sing and perform actions.
Sing it, then.
"Forget about yesterday."
"Yesterday's news is stale."
"A new generation will rise and
decree a new future together."
"We are Indians.
We are Indians."
"We are Indians.
We are Indians."
"We are Indians.
We are Indians."
"Today, we have
broken old shackles."
"Why look to destinations
left behind?"
"Today, we have touched the moon."
"We have bonded with
the new world."
"New blood, new hope."
"We are the new youth."
"We are Indians."
"We are Indians."
Move aside.
- "We are Indians."
"We are Indians."
"Today, we have
broken old shackles."
"Why look to destinations
left behind?"
Don't you miss your parents?
Not anymore.
This is my home.
Not anymore.
This is my home.
Has the fighting upset you?
We girls love each other.
I trust these girls completely.
Will someone take me
to Athangasa?
Yes, someone will.
"O Mother Goddess."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
Rinkle, please.
I don't like it here.
Let's go and play elsewhere.
Rinkle, let's go.
I'll be back soon.
Kid, sing that song.
I like it.
"Forget about yesterday."
"Yesterday's news is stale."
"Yesterday's news is stale."
"A new generation will rise and
decree a new future together."
"We are Indians.
We are Indians."
"We are Indians.
We are Indians."
I didn't know you sang
so well.
Reminds me of my childhood.
Let me tell you
about my childhood.
I wanted to make toys.
Yes. My uncle made toys.
He sold them at the village fair.
He made them at home.
He made them at home.
Then, my uncle died.
I had to look for work.
Toy trucks were set aside.
Now, I drive a real truck.
That's destiny.
Stop! Wait right there.
Where are you going?
What's inside?
Anyone with you?
Me and my cleaner.
What are you carrying?
- Marble tiles.
How much?
- 6 tons.
You are overloaded.
No, sir. We weighed it.
It's 6 tons.
We have papers.
- Shut up.
Are you trying to fool me?
I can see... weigh over 10 tons.
Take the motherfuckers
to the weighing bridge.
Sir, please, let us go.
We have paid.
At Chand Diner. This truck is
covered by them.
You mean that Jadeja?
Yes, sir.
This is last month's pass.
Sisterfucker. You don't grease
our palms...
...and expect to be let off?
Something fishy.
I can see it in your face.
Please take this, sir.
Step aside!
I don't want small change.
I want to look...
...inside the truck.
See what the fuck's inside.
Get going!
You're holding everyone up.
Before the big boss comes,
get going.
Let's go!
Move it, you guys.
- Where is he?
- Up here.
Help me down.
You saved us.
You've learnt how to hide,
when to keep quiet.
You've become just like us.
You're one of us.
Have you seen a child?
A small boy.
Have you seen a little boy?
A 7 year-old?
And you?
A 7 year-old boy?
Brother. Have you
seen a little boy?
Brother. Have you
seen a little boy?
He has short hair.
He's shy.
Have you seen him?
My boy is small.
Very small.
For God's sake.
Where is Aditya?
Where is he?
What the heck?
What the heck?
My son!
You're here?
You? Here?
Are you all right?
I don't know what happened.
I don't know what happened.
Master, our women rescued
ma'am from the Rann.
Thanks to the Almighty
we found her.
She fainted.
- David.
Where is Aditya?
This is our life.
We like our food spicy.
Shaukat, give him some
curd and sugar.
Yes! Better than home food.
Eat some more.
Do you have kids?
Any like me?
- No.
Not like you.
Two sets.
Don't get it?
"Girls educated,
society elated."
You tease him a lot.
I need to pee.
I need to pee.
Poonam. Rajender sir
is calling you.
Come with me.
Let's go. It's nothing.
Come, I'll tell you.
- It's no big deal.
- No.
No. I'm not going.
So, why are you here? Why aren't
you going to him?
So, why are you here? Why aren't
you going to him?
It'll be over in a few minutes.
I want to go to Athangasa.
My grandma will send me
to school.
Stop the big talk!
Just go to the tent.
He is waiting.
Move. What's going on here?
And you. Why did you
come here?
I said not to.
Look, child. I told you
not to come here.
Well? Didn't I?
This place isn't for you.
You'll get us into trouble.
She might be small.
But, the bitch...
...has the attitude
of a city girl.
Rinkle, why
did you bring her here?
But, I thought... harm in her coming here.
Now, she's here, she's
been picked.
Now, she's here, she's
been picked.
Girl, let me be frank.
These men are here to fuck.
You're here to be fucked.
Now please, get back to work.
Where are you going? Stop!
Where is the owner?
We are looking for a boy.
He's 7 years old.
About this tall.
Have you seen him?
No, I haven't seen anyone
like that.
If you see him, remember
to phone us.
That's it?
That's all, you will say to him?
Ma'am, what do you want me
to do?
Look for him!
Aditya must be here.
Sister, there is no boy here.
Look around, if you like.
Try and remember.
Earlier today,
"Hail Mother Goddess".
Earlier today,
"Hail Mother Goddess".
Are you sure, this is where
you stopped?
Try and remember. Tuff 10?
He's lying.
Why are you lying?
You liar.
Your face says it all.
The boy is between Looniyara
and Athangasa.
What can I do with you?
What do you want?
What do you want?
Sir, I want to go to Athangasa.
Are you sure?
Stay here.
Rinkle, come with me.
Grandma will look after us.
We'll go to school together.
I want to. I want to come
with you.
Then, come.
But, this is my home.
They may have been angry with
me before. This is my home, now.
Why do you want to go back
to the highway?
Why do you want to go back
to the highway?
Where will you sleep?
Who will feed you?
Why don't you stay here?
You won't lack anything here.
I've found someone. He'll
take you to Athangasa.
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
Pappu, save us!
Save us!
Save us!
Save us!
What will happen to them?
- I don't know.
What will happen to them?
- I don't know.
Please, stop.
If we stop, we'll be blamed.
What will happen to them?
Some other truck will help.
What was to happen, happened.
Athangasa is ahead.
Do you see that crowd?
No one will move.
Only the police will come down.
Go with them.
They'll take you
to your parents.
Kid, don't tell anyone about us.
We'll be in trouble.
We'll go.
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
"Folk song."
Any sign of the truck driver
and the cleaner?
No, they ran away.
Hand the boy over
to his parents.
Make sure they're looked after.
Come along, sir.
Have you noticed?
Our boy looks so grown up.
Hey, hurry up!
Come on, move it.
Lift it up.
- That too.
Come on.
What about us, boss?
We should leave.
Jadeja will go after you.
It's a big country. Many trucks,
many highways.
I will never forget the kid.
Come on. Let's get a ride.