The Good Things Devils Do (2020) Movie Script

[ominous music]
[upbeat music]
The delivery guy's here!
With Melvin's... weird shit.
Enjoying the show?
He wants it in the basement.
[man grunts]
This thing is heavy.
I might need a small hand.
I have small hands! See?
[joyful music]
Go call your stepfather.
Hey, Professor G!
Ah! Yes, young Danny, yes!
Are you going to do
a show this year?
Well, I don't know
about that, Louisie and I,
we've been having a lot of trouble
with Carolina, and all her drama.
Aw, come on, you
didn't do one last year either!
Yeah, we miss it!
That's like Halloween for us!
Are you still
building your museum?
Ah, yes. Yes.
The amazing Museum
of the Macabre.
Yes, yes, I will.
But I'll tell you what.
If you stop
by after trick or treating,
I promise I will have something
for you, something, uh,
something special,
I promise you.
Like what?
Something that just might be
the prized piece
of my entire collection.
I call her... Masquerade.
- Her?
- El Demonia De La Mascarada.
The skeleton of a young woman
who was besieged by a curse.
A curse they called...
being under the moon,
young friends.
What does that mean?
It means you still breathe.
Live in the natural world,
but your soul
has been disembodied.
And is now trapped in hell.
Now according to the witches
that cursed her,
time here, and time down in hell
are very, very different.
Like, how?
One minute here, is like
a million years down below.
This sounds
awesome, Professor G,
does she come awake
at Halloween?
No. She's just bones
at this point,
bones in a box,
for old collectors like me.
And you should buy it,
just for your museum.
I intend to, sir, in fact, I
have a date with her right now,
so I bid you all
a temporary farewell,
but if one of you, or all of you
would like to come by
after trick or treating, we'll
be waiting for you tonight.
Bye-bye now.
[rock music]
[man] The Harley Brothers,
are going to be very happy
that you decided
to help them, Richard.
- Do I have a choice?
- Do any of us anymore?
I should.
I've done my time, Finn.
I earned the right
to walk away on my own terms.
Of course you have.
This'll be fast and easy.
You'll be set up
for a long time, Richard.
Consider it, uh, a thank you.
From the Harley Brothers,
going to get you on the road to
being the father,
you always should've been.
All I need is when and where.
I like that.
What's that?
That's the physical address.
The street's one you know.
You and my father grew up there,
before it became
a rich man's neighborhood.
I'm not doing this alone.
You know I have a partner.
You mean, your daughter.
You don't have to qualify it.
She's my partner.
She's also the best locksmith
in the region.
So where the fuck is she?
She's getting the supplies.
And the car.
Mouse is getting the car.
Nothing that attracts attention.
[rock music]
Hey! My wallet!
Sorry not sorry!
Fuck you! [laughs]
I know I'm hell of a late,
I got everything ready.
Got some dope costumes.
And there's a pink bear there
With your name on it, Dad.
- Kidding.
- Costumes?
It's a smuggler's house
on Halloween.
We're not sneaking in.
So you're doing what exactly?
Walking right up
to the front door, and knocking.
That is fantastic.
Just plant the folder where
the cops find it. Get the money.
The you can retire. Go off and
be fucking father of the year.
I fucking love that everybody
thinks I'm retiring too.
One more thing.
You're not going to like it.
But I'm afraid
I'm going to have to insist.
Always one more thing.
Percy's going with you.
[laughs] He's your muscle,
And this is
not fucking negotiable.
Maybe I can get
that pink bear costume to Percy?
I think that he needs a little
bit of pink in his life.
I don't work
with people like Percy.
I don't like guns.
He's going with you.
You're picking him up
after his little shakedown.
You're going to
complete the mission,
help the Harley Brothers,
and then you can ride off
into the fucking sunset.
His little shakedown?
I can just imagine.
It's just a little scare tactic.
That's all.
Come here.
Percy is sick.
And I don't want
him around my daughter.
Christ, everyone's talking
like I'm not even here.
- I can fucking handle my shit, Dad!
- Stop!
He's under your command tonight.
Percy is misunderstood.
You should cut him some slack.
Get me the phone,
and dial Percy.
[man urinating]
Hey, dumbass,
take my shotgun out.
Take my shotgun out.
Good girl.
Yeah, she looks
all innocent now.
She's going to grow up
to be just like you.
A woman.
And women are
only good for two things.
Getting fucked,
and talking shit.
And we know you have
a big fucking mouth, don't we?
What about this?
Open your legs,
you fucking whore.
Can that take both barrels, huh?
What about that
big fucking mouth, huh?
No! Please.
Sir, please, don't hurt me,
please. [crying]
This big mouth can take this
whole thing, can't it? Huh?
You make me sick.
Get this in there.
- Come on!
- [woman moans]
What do you think, dumbass,
can she do it? Can mommy do it?
All that big mouth bullshit...
and you can't fit this
in that big fucking mouth.
Piece of shit.
I have an idea...
let's make that hole bigger.
- [woman whimpers]
- [gunshot]
[little girl cries]
[phone ringing]
- [gunshot]
- [crying stops]
- [phone ringing]
- [sighs]
- Percy.
- [Finn] Richard and Mouse think they're done working
with the Harley Brothers.
[chuckles] Ah, the Golden Boy.
Yeah, well, there's a big payout
tonight if you end these motherfuckers.
For killing Richard and Mouse?
Shit. I'd have
done that for free.
[ominous music]
[kids screaming]
[people chattering]
I guess I'm not so bad at
this Halloween stuff after all.
[mysterious music]
La Demonia....
Join me if you'd like.
This is the first time
human eyes have laid
on her in over a century!
The cute guy
that helped me move it down here
says it smells like cat piss.
I tend to agree.
Don't worry,
I'm not going to date him.
Mom said, he
only makes minimum wage,
and I ain't got time for that.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm not worried,
I actually thought
you two would
make a lovely couple.
He's in
his thirties and probably
lives in a trailer, so...
- You're almost 40.
- But I live in a house.
[mumbles] No, no...
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Yo, so that's got to suck,
huh, Melvin?
Beauty is only skin deep,
Now, I wouldn't agree with this,
but some would say
she's the most beautiful
girl in the room.
Anyway, come on, come on.
Let's get this up on the ledge.
This is
a lot of work on a holiday.
And by the way, Melvin.
She's got no skin.
Just come on, just come on. All right?
Just come on, lift it up, will you?
[grunts] Easy. Come on!
Easy! [grunts]
- Lift it!
- I'm trying.
Ah! God!
Pay attention!
I can't ask you to do anything
without you screwing something up!
[moans with pain]
Louisie! I need a hand!
Melvin, you know
I don't like dark places!
I just need some help
setting this up,
could you get
your heiny down here?
I'm coming.
Ew! It's a bone.
Will you just grab
a corner, please!
- I can't, I just can't.
- [Melvin] Ah...
Then tell your daughter
to get her ass down here
and help, just once!
Oh, now there it is.
Now you're going to sit there
with your mouth hanging open,
just like her!
Oh, jeez!
Oh, God!
You know, I can't.
I'm just... I, I just cannot
seem to do what
I want to do in this house.
I'm paying for something
that isn't even mine!
I'm living in a house with a
stepdaughter who's almost 40 years old,
and unable
to be self sufficient!
And therefor she's
like a pet we have to feed!
But her life expectancy
is greater than ours.
Yeah, so she's here forever!
And it's heartbreaking to me!
Yeah, no, no, no, you're
going to listen all of this,
oh, no, don't cry,
you're going to listen to all of this,
because the night is ruined!
This whole night is ruined,
I have a coffin
that I can't now set up
in the window for the neighbors
to see and do you know why?
Because my wife
is afraid of the dark!
Oh, that's right!
But she doesn't seem
to have a problem
at night when she's got her head
buried in those books, huh?
Why? Why don't you seem
to have a problem then, Louisie?
I mean, it's
perfectly dark then.
Why aren't you crying
all night then?
Because I'm with you.
Aw, shit!
Because, I'm... Oh! I'm with you?
[grunts] I'm with you?
Ah! You are kidding me! Ah!
Because I'm with you?
[chuckles] I'm with you,
she says. Jesus Christ!
[ominous music]
Melvin! This is a chair leg!
You got ripped off again.
Rags and chair legs.
[loud music coming
from the headphones]
[ominous music]
Melvin! Please, get down here!
[screams] Melvin, come here!
Hold on, Louisie...
[Louisie] Please!
[tense music]
The power's out!
I'm coming, Louisie.
It's me.
That's Melvin.
[scrams with pain]
Get off her!
[ominous music]
- [Melvin grunts]
- [Louisie moans]
Got you!
[calm music]
[woman on phone]
Are they still fighting?
[Caroline] I don't know,
Melvin's like such a nerd.
He never did
any stupid shit like my Dad.
[Melvin crying out]
Dude, what's going on?
I... I think they're inside.
[Louisie screams]
Louisie, my God!
Oh! Louisie!
Oh, my God!
- [Louisie screams]
- Shit!
[Masquerade as Louisie]
Let me in, Melvin...
I... I got to go. Call me later,
I'll let you know.
[Masquerade as Louisie]
I need help.
Oh, my God.
Louisie... Oh!
Hurry! Your mother's hurt bad!
Oh, Jesus! Louisie.
Oh, Louisie...
Oh, Louisie.
Hey, get the medical kit.
Get the medical kit!
Hurry, get the medical kit!
Oh, Louisie.
What happened...
I think it's
the vampire, Louisie.
Oh, no, no, no. I know
it sounds impossible, but
it bit you,
holy shit, it bit you!
Oh, it picked you up by your
damn head and it bit your neck!
Oh, God, it was over
by the door.
[stutters] And it came...
I saw it couldn't come through the door.
It couldn't come to... [mumbles]
I told you to get the damn medical
kit, from the fucking pantry!
Get the medical kit!
[Caroline cries]
She is all I've got.
You're the only thing
she has now.
I love her,
please take care of her...
Oh, God!
Oh, God, no!
Weezy. Weezy. Weezy!
I promise if you just stay with
me, if you just stay with me...
I promise I'll never
yell at her again,
I'll never,
I'll never yell at her again,
do you hear me?
Do you hear me, Weezy!
Weezy! Do you hear me?
I promise you, I will
never yell at her again!
- [Richard] Mouse...
- [Mouse] Fuck, Dad, stop.
Jesus fucking Christ.
[knocking on the door]
Who is it! Oh, shit
it's the trick or treaters!
Oh, Jesus Christ!
It must be the neighbors kids!
- [Percy] This looks fucked.
- [Mouse] Keep your fucking tampon in, I got it.
Fuck off.
All right, I'll go get them!
Caroline. Caroline!
[Mouse] Okay. Eureka, bitch!
- [Melvin] What the hell?
- [Caroline] Fuck!
What the hell
are you doing in my house?
[Caroline cries]
- [Percy] We're here for the money, bitch.
- [Richard] Mouse!
We don't have any money
lying around in this house.
[Percy] Shut your fucking mouth.
Caroline, goddammit, I need you!
That was a big fucking mistake.
Be cool, Percy. Be cool!
[Percy grunts]
Okay? It's all right, okay?
Listen, listen!
You've got a job to do.
Stay in the game. Go!
Come on.
Motherfucker! Now...
I was going to rape your daughter
while you were still alive,
so you could watch!
But you're just
going to have to trust me.
I'm going to
make it fucking slow,
and painful.
[Melvin] Fuck this.
Oh. That's a nice knife.
I'm going to fuck you with that.
Fuck you, Percy!
No, no.
- No!
- Goodnight, bitch!
[Melvin grunts]
Oh, my God.
Here, here, here, here.
I need you to help
with your mom.
She's not doing so well.
Come on, Daddy.
Aren't you going to help
your daughter? Come on, Daddy!
You're pathetic.
How do you want to die?
Do you want me
to choke you to death?
Or do you want to die
by this knife,
that's going to have your
daughter's cunt blood on it, huh?
[tense music]
[Richard screaming]
Nice try, you little bitch.
Okay, you psycho bitch.
[Masquerade laughs]
That's right. On your knees.
[Foreign Language]
Dad, what happened?
What happened to Mom?
- I'm scared!
- [shushes]
I can't explain any of it.
Can it get any worse?
Can it? Can it?
This is our goddamn house.
This is our goddamn house.
And nobody, is going to
prevent us from saving Weezy.
You hear me?
I think I'm fucked up.
You don't have time to be.
Jesus fucking Christ!
Percy's dead.
Right? I mean deader than dead.
We're in a world of hurt,
we got to get out of here.
- What about the people who live here?
- Not our problem.
And what about the money?
- We don't need...
- I need it!
I need the money.
All right, give me your hand.
[Masquerade] Truco...
o-trato... truco... trick.
Trick... o treat.
Trick or treat!
You see that girl, you run.
Whatever you do,
do not look into her eyes.
Dad, you're freaking me out.
Do what I say.
No matter how crazy it sounds.
We still got to job to do.
What the fuck?
We stay focused, we get
the money, and we get out.
- But what if there is no money?
- There's money!
Percy was going crazy over it.
Hey. Dad, a little help?
Mouse, get
your head in the game!
Oh, my head is in the game.
My head is fucking scrambled,
but it's in the game enough to know
that you're freaking the fuck out!
And you never
freak out about anything!
And I'm s... I'm scared.
And I don't know
what the fuck is out there!
We got set up, didn't we?
That's not
what I'm worried about.
That girl out there, she's...
she did things.
She did things that are
physically impossible to do.
We'll get the money
but that's the easy part.
Getting out of here
is going to be hell.
Who is she?
What is she?
I don't know.
Hey, look.
I haven't always been
a good father to you.
- But...
- No, just don't. Don't.
Don't start.
Look, don't get me wrong.
Mom was a shitbag and I'm glad
you were the one that stepped in.
- Yeah, she was a nasty woman.
- Yeah.
But... you've never said
I love you in your entire life.
So why start now?
[gasps for breathe]
Weezy, can you hear me?
What a night, huh?
I hope you can hear me
in your dreams, my love.
My little Weezy.
I am so...
so sorry.
For the things I said.
I'm so sorry for leaving you
in the dark in that moment.
I failed you.
I brought that thing here.
I've ruined everything!
But I'm going to
make things right.
I'm going to make things right!
[kids laughing outside]
Oh, dear God. Oh, dear God!
Go, go, go!
Professor G
putting on a show tonight!
Guys! Guys! Get out of here!
Go! Show is canceled!
Wait! No, don't go there, no!
- Whoa!
- No, no, Danny. Danny!
Get your sister
and get the hell out of here!
Oh, snap,
there's the demon girl!
Danny! Danny, look, look!
Danny, it's canceled,
there's not going to be a show!
- Get your sister and get the fuck out of here!
- Professor G,
- this shit is lit!
- [Melvin] Danny!
I'm telling you this isn't a
show, would you get your sister?
Danny, just get your sister
yourself and get her out of here!
Danny, are you listening to me!
There's kid out there!
Rosie! Rosie!
Hey, get the fuck out of here!
Go home!
Fucking Halloween is canceled,
there's no more candy, okay?
Get the fuck out of here!
Hey, I said, get out!
- Leave the...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey! You're going to get us killed, come on!
Hey, sis! Come on!
When I say run...
That's a really cool costume.
- [growling]
- [Rosie screams]
- Oh, Jesus, open the door!
- Open the door!
Open the fucking door!
Open the door!
Let my daughter in!
We're not going to hurt you!
The guy who tried
to hurt you is dead!
Come on open the door, please!
Pick the lock.
I can't, my kit's inside!
Pick the lock.
- I love you Dad.
- I love you too, kiddo.
I'll buy you some time.
I don't know what you are.
But I've seen you bleed.
And it's all I need.
[Foreign Language]
Sorry, I don't speak that shit!
You cracked my bat!
I'm going to crack your skull!
Excuse me.
Can I use your phone?
I need to tell my mom
my sister's dead.
[tense music]
Die, you fucking shit!
Die until
you can't fucking die anymore!
Fuck you!
Come on.
[Masquerade screams]
[Richard grunts]
M... Mouse!
No, no, no, no, no! No, no!
[Masquerade screams]
Danny! Danny!
No! Agh!
[Mouse whimpers]
[screams with pain]
Come on!
Your name is Mouse,
right? Come on.
Come on!
It's dad, you got to fight it!
[Foreign Language]
Choke her.
I'll see you in Hell!
And I'll fuck you! With
a pitchfork for all eternity!
[yelling] Choke!
[dramatic music]
Momma, you got to take a sip.
You got to take a sip.
Momma, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.
Please, don't leave me.
You're the only person in the
whole world that even likes me.
[tense music]
It's Melvin, right?
The kids called me Professor G.
I always liked that.
I never knew what the "G"
stood for though, [chuckles]
because my last name
starts with an "S."
Yeah, well, Melvin...
she's going to be
waking up soon.
[chuckles] If I know my daughter,
she's going to be a handful.
Got anything better than
duct tape to restrain her with?
Eh, duct tape's
pretty damn good.
Yeah, it is, Melvin,
but there's not enough of it.
There's probably a ton
of things down there, but...
you know, she was down there.
That's where she bit my wife.
Why hasn't she come through
that door and killed us all?
Hard to say.
Look, we brought her in a box,
and she had no say...
and we never
brought her upstairs.
She cannot
come through that door...
Will you try to make sense?
All right.
I'm not letting my daughter
succumb to that thing.
If we have to kill it to bring
her back, we'll kill it.
Do you even know how to kill it?
You saw what happened.
It is not a thing,
mister, what...
Listen, who the hell
are you anyway?
You come inside my house,
I don't even know your name!
You came in here to rob me?
- Kill me?
- [yelling] I did not try to kill you!
Percy tried to kill you!
And Percy's dead.
My name is Richard.
That is my daughter.
And I want to get her,
the hell out of here,
you understand?
We wouldn't be
in this situation,
if you'd opened... the door!
Well, my wife is
in there sick too!
And I could've gotten her
some help if it wasn't for you!
While you do whatever you need
to do for your daughter,
and then I'm going
to find my phone
- and I'm going to call the police.
- Police?
The ambulance, okay?
I'll be quick.
Don't be quick.
Be careful.
Save it.
Play wedding song.
[wedding song]
I can feel the worms,
crawling into my eyes,
and into my mouth...
[soft music continues]
[Mouse] The worms are
shitting in my mouth, Daddy.
Help me.
The worms, they're crawling
inside every hole, Daddy.
Every... single... hole.
You did this to me.
[soft music continues]
I am in Hell because of you.
God, if you're up there,
don't forget us little people down here.
I never prayed a day in
my entire life, you know that?
Isn't that something?
Kind of crazy
when you think about it.
More than fifty years of life.
Yeah. Let's see.
That's more than 18,000 days,
that I've never put
my hands together and spoke with
an entity that I believe
held the key to salvation.
I often thought about why.
Well, that's not true, it's
not often, but it's sometimes.
You think if I prayed to God tonight,
this all could've been avoided?
I mean, what about Allah?
I mean, what God does what?
And who does what,
and why and when?
And where,
and it's all bullshit.
Try to wake her up.
Two weeks ago, I ordered an item
for my collection for a museum
I foolishly tried to open.
- Ah, the Museum of the Macabre.
- Melvin.
I don't care. All right?
Richard. I ordered
the remains of a vampire.
A vampire, Richard,
that's what they said.
El Demonia De La Mascarada.
The Demon of the Masquerade.
My wife?
I think she removed
that stick from the dress.
And that stick was a stake.
She removed the stake, Richard.
That girl out there?
That's a real vampire.
That's what we're up against.
A vampire?
Yeah. So you'll excuse me,
if I ask you to join me with praying
hands, and on bended knee.
[knocking on door]
Melvin! Melvin.
Please let me in,
it's freezing outside.
- Melvin!
- That's not your little friend, Melvin.
Melvin, I'm so scared.
He never
called me by my first name.
- Professor G...
- [Danny] Please, help me.
- That's right.
- [Danny] I was the only one who believed in you.
Pray with me!
- [Danny] Melvin, please!
- All right.
All right. Can't hurt.
- [Danny] I've always loved your museum.
- God.
God, we need you,
we need your help right now.
You know where we are,
you know Danny's hurt out there.
You know where Danny is,
we need you to help him.
- Would you help him?
- I thought you never prayed before.
Please let me in.
I'm not praying with words
from a Bible, Richard,
I'm praying
with words from my heart.
God, you're the only one
that can help us right now,
you know everything
that's going on right now,
only you can help us right now!
All right, my turn.
Might not be as fancy as yours.
I've got
a few things I need to say.
Then by God, say it!
I'm cold.
I'm so fucking cold.
And my sister's neck is open.
It's like she has two holes!
Three when you think about it.
And they all bleed, Melvin.
- They all bleed.
- Richard?
Look, we're not just praying
for your daughter,
we're praying
for that boy out there,
they're both savable!
Richard! You Know it's true.
You know what under
the moon means, Richard.
You've already let your daughter burn for
millions of years. Each minute you sit?
- You let her burn!
- Don't listen. Just don't listen.
- Shut up! Shut up!
- No, no! Just stay with me. Stay with me.
Got it! Keep praying!
God, we need you help.
We need your help right now.
- Please don't leave my daughter.
- Oh.
- What?
- Stop, stop, stop.
- I said, come on!
- Stop, it's the lights!
They did that when
Masquerade was nearby.
[tense music]
[bed rustling]
[Bluetooth speaker] Playing
shitty stepdaughter song.
[rock music]
Richard. Can you let me in?
Please help me.
Mouse and I are under the moon.
I can help you get her back.
And I...
I need someone to get me back.
Vampires cannot come
inside the home
if you do not invite them in!
I got to take that chance!
That's my daughter!
Wait, Richard, you got to listen
to me, you got to listen to me!
They're driven by demon spirits.
Their servants are not,
and despite all the cat calls,
and their taunts,
there's nothing she can do!
It's Masquerade
talking through them!
She wants us to open that door,
the longer we stay close to her,
the more we risk looking into
her eyes, Richard.
- We must keep praying!
- Hey, Dad!
You did this to me, fucker!
You taped these things to my
hands you stupid son of a bitch!
[music continues]
You did to me, Daddy.
You killed your own daughter,
you piece of shit!
You killed your own daughter,
I hate you!
That's Caroline.
Come with me.
Caroline! Let me in!
Kiddo, what... No.
Look at what you did
to me, Daddy.
Look at what you did to me!
I know I haven't
been perfect, kid.
Trust me, I know.
But, I will be better.
We can make it together!
I'm so sorry...
Can you hear me Caroline?
Woah. Yeah. What is this?
[Louisie] This is us talking.
It's pretty cool actually.
Momma? This is scary.
[Louisie] Considering how the
evening has been as a whole,
this can hardly be
considered scary.
This is just
It's taking everything I have
to tell you to help me.
Let him in.
It's the only way to save me.
I was taken under the moon,
saving you.
Please... save me too.
Look at your mother, Caroline.
- [growling]
- [Caroline moans]
[Caroline] Do you think
anyone will miss me?
I missed you, Caroline.
I missed you too, Momma.
That's it, Daddy.
That's it, Richard, that's it.
That's it.
I know you're coming to save me.
I'm so happy!
She's so happy.
[Richard yelling] Do you
know how to save my daughter?
Do you?
No, no, Richard.
Your little slut daughter
is going to suffocate
in the hot coals.
With worms crawling through
her bleeding eye sockets.
Screaming for you.
Regretting coming to save you.
[Richard grunts]
[yelling] Melvin!
Get your ass over here!
The tape! The tape, where is it!
- We used it all on me!
- Oh, come on, oh, my God, goddammit!
He's just a boy, use your shirt!
I don't have a shirt
just laying around!
Use the shirt you got on!
I'm not taking my shirt off.
I have fucking issues
with taking my shirt off!
- For God's sake, be a man!
- Aw, man, fuck you!
Okay. It's going to be
all right. Danny, I got you.
- Danny, I got you.
- Move.
You mind telling me
why you had to choke him out?
Well, he tried to invite
your mail order vampire inside.
Oh, Jee...
Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh...
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God. Richard! Look...
Trying not to think
about that right now, Melvin!
Richard, you got to listen,
now listen. Listen!
Look, it's the eyes.
It's the eyes, I think
that's how she gets them!
She uses them through the eyes.
[tense music]
They say that the eyes...
are the window to the soul.
I guess that was true.
What the...
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit, man!
[Foreign Language]
Praying didn't work at all! All this
time, it was just a bunch of bullshit!
You're staring at a vampire called
the demon of the masquerade,
you're doubting there's a God?
You got a cross in this house Melvin,
because I'm not
doubting for one more minute.
You're talking to an atheist.
Good point though.
Shut up!
[Richard moans]
Melvin, you coward!
Dammit, Melvin!
- [Melvin whimpers]
- [Mouse laughs]
[calm music]
[gasping for air]
[Richard yelling]
Fucking bitch!
Enjoy your trip to Hell...
[gasping for air]
Richard! No,
this can't be happening!
Oh! Oh, no! Oh, God!
- Louisie!
- [growling]
[crying] Louisie! Please.
[Masquerade as Louisie]
Sorry, Melvin,
looks like the end of your
pathetic story is your new friend
smashing your brains out.
Hell awaits, you piece of shit!
This is fucked up!
[Masquerade as Louisie] Your wife
and stepdaughter never loved you.
No one loved you
your entire life.
This can't be happening!
[Richard grunts]
[Melvin and Richard laugh]
You see that?
She bought it, Melvin!
She bought it!
That was fucking awesome!
Oh, my God, Richard!
You are a genius!
For all that talk
about the worms,
she sure took one off the hook!
Yeah, baby!
[engine rumbling]
Still nothing?
No, I'm afraid.
Danny's out, he's sleeping.
His vitals are fine,
he's just... sleeping.
Eh, nothing.
Nothing, just...
just a story that accompanied
Masquerade's coffin about
sleeping under the...
It's nothing, nothing.
Nothing at all, Richard.
I guess this is it then.
Where's the bitch?
You mean Masquerade.
Let's just say safe.
That is, others are safe.
Now, I have
her locked away in storage,
and she's primed to be
the prized piece
of my Museum of the Macabre.
[mysterious music]
I'm just kidding,
Richard, I'm just kidding.
She's burning. Burning
right there in the back yard.
The sun's doing
what it does to vampires.
Uh, you good?
You got enough for your trip?
You ever come
into contact with some
duffle bags full of money? Hmm?
You ever
move something like that,
you ever keep
something like that here?
Anybody ever ask you to do that?
- No.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. I am.
They say the eyes are
the windows to the soul.
Well, that sucks for you.
Because you only got
half a soul left.
I only had
half a soul to begin with.
[calm music]
Play best stepdaughter
song ever.
[Bluetooth speaker] Playing
best stepdaughter song ever.
[rock music]
[mysterious music]