The Good Witch's Destiny (2013) Movie Script

- How did this...?
- Magic.
Magic? You mean...
I discovered a trove of antique
and vintage magician's props.
The price was right and I thought
it was perfect for this time of year.
Besides, who doesn't love a front
row seat for a Halloween magic show?
But didn't this shipment just arrive?
I mean, how did you...
One day you're gonna stop surprising me.
You'll never stop surprising me with
how handsome you look in this uniform.
Well, I thought you might be
closing up. You want a ride home?
I would love that. I just need
a few more minutes to close up.
And I made reservations for next Thursday
at the Manor, so keep it open.
- Why? Is it a special occasion?
- It's October 24th.
- It's your birthday.
- Eh eh eh...
You know, Jake, I was thinking maybe
we could do something different this year.
Like what? The Manor's a great restaurant.
I mean like a party. Think about
it, Jake, this might be the last time
that we can get our whole family together,
with Lori applying to study abroad next year.
Yeah. I guess Brandon is not gonna
launch a music career from Middleton.
What happened?
When did my kids become grown-ups?
Moving around so much,
I never had the chance to get
my whole family in one place,
and that's what I want
for my birthday next week.
My husband, my children,
and everyone else I love, in one place,
to celebrate our family before we
all head off in different directions.
Okay. Sounds good.
I just hope it all comes together.
I know...
The relief troops are here.
Oh... Thank you so much for babysitting
today. I was really in a bind.
I just love to see her sweet little face.
- How was the honeymoon?
- The chalet you sent us to was just perfect.
Not again.
It's not worth picking
up. He'll get the idea.
I had hoped that we could
throw your party at Grey House,
but some guests reserved
the room online last week.
Well, with our bed and breakfast full,
will you still be able
to make it to my party?
We just have to let them
in, it won't take any time.
Oh, and of course, please let us know
if you need us to help in any way.
I really appreciate it.
Actually, would you be able to help out
tomorrow? I've got a lot of cleaning to do
to get the house ready
for my party on Thursday.
Our Saturday got pretty packed,
- but we could try to...
- No, I don't want you to go to any trouble.
I might know a babysitter.
That would be great. Thank you again,
and as always, make
yourselves right at home.
Although, I didn't get a chance to do any
grocery shopping for the last few days.
Don't worry about us.
We'll go to the diner.
Okay, bye, sweetie.
Mommy will see you later. Thank you.
Why don't we have Cassie's
party at my rental cottage?
That's a great idea.
Is it available?
I've got some people interested,
but I'll just tell them it's booked.
A family party.
I haven't had one of those in years.
Not since he left.
So, what made you choose
Middleton for your wedding?
Business, actually.
Drew has got a big
business deal in the works.
Ooh! You know, I could swear
- that I've seen you before.
- Mrs. Tinsdale,
your husband was my T-ball coach.
Oh. Who are your parents?
Uh, well, if you don't mind,
I haven't seen my mother
and I'd rather not have her find out
that I'm here through the rumour mill.
- We haven't spoken in quite some time.
- Enough said.
When you hire Martha
Tinsdale, you hire discrtion.
I am so sorry
about the odour. The store
next door had a... leak,
of something that I'd rather not discuss.
They did clean it up, but the smell still
lingers. Especially in this miserable heat.
We have to keep this short anyway.
It's all a bit... stifling.
Thank you.
Alright then, let's
dive right in, shall we?
Now, I'd like to start by asking
you both about your shared vision.
Well, Helen is the one with the vision,
and if it makes her happy,
I'm happy to pay for it.
I just want everything to be perfect.
And you deserve it.
Which is why I'm thinking
that what wedding needs
is a horse-drawn carriage.
I have been dreaming about
that since I was four years old.
You know, I am going to leave the
details up to you lovely ladies.
I wonder if you can start immediately
and I will pay you the balance next week?
Of course!
So I thought we could
start with the first dance.
I'd like to make it really
memorable. What are your ideas?
One word.
Fireworks. Let's start things off
- with a bang.
- This is going to be so much fun!
You think we should have
French or Italian for lunch?
- I feel more like Thai.
- Too spicy.
- Let's do French.
- French it is then.
Huh... Those look authentic.
Not reproductions.
Would you like to take a closer look?
Over 100 years old
and still a complete set.
They once belonged to Erich Weiss himself.
They always seem to find
their way into the right hands.
Wow. They're pristine.
Drew used to have a thing for magic tricks,
but he's just way too
busy for hobbies anymore.
Yeah. Even a year ago I would've
snapped these up in a heartbeat.
Come on, I'm hungry.
Oh! Sorry.
You must be...
- Mia.
- Drew.
I thought you left Middleton for good.
Well, um...
- Um, I'm Helen. I'm Drew's fiance.
- Oh.
Drew invented an amazing
app for the financial sector
and he's selling it to a
company in the next town,
so when I heard he grew up here,
everything just seemed beyond perfect.
It's the right time, right place,
right guy.
- Marriage.
- Yeah.
I'm happy that things are
working out so well for you.
- Oh!
- Oh...
So much for my lucky briefcase.
It was really time you replaced it anyway.
What is that?
That satchel
is part of the same collection
as the playing cards.
It belonged to a great magician.
Some say he was Houdini's equal
until a failed stunt ended his career.
Really. You know what, I'll take it.
Hmm. Are you sure it's for you,
using another person's magic?
I'm not superstitious.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Why don't you borrow it, and if
you like it, you can pay me back.
That sounds like my kind of deal.
Can we get out of here?
I just really want that
lunch that you promised me.
Absolutely, and I really
have to get some work done.
Hey, what's the best place around
here to avoid interruptions?
The Espresso Caf is
quiet this time of day.
Is their coffee as good as I remember?
Your memory won't let you down.
It was really nice to meet you.
We'll see you around town, I'm sure.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So, uh,
Gwen tells me that you're
looking for a babysitter job.
That's right.
I've, uh, sort of been in
limbo the last couple of years.
I grew up here, so I moved back,
thinking that getting back to
my roots might help me figure out
what I'm supposed to do with my life.
What did you study in school?
Well, I should've listened
to everybody when they told me
an art degree was a sure-fire
ticket to the unemployment line.
Just because you love
something doesn't mean
you're supposed to chase it as a career.
But I've always loved kids, and
so I started babysitting part time.
Hmm. I think you're the
perfect fit for the job.
It's settled.
Okay. What can I do for you, Lori?
I just, I don't understand
why I got a C on the last assignment.
I got A's all throughout high school.
I was in the National Honour Society.
I think you must've mixed up
my assignment with someone else's.
Oh, yes.
Well, um, I'm sorry you're
disappointed with your grade.
But there is more to writing
a story than just assembling
the facts. I'm looking for depth. Passion.
A unique point of view.
But if I get a C in your class,
I'll lose my academic scholarship.
And I can't afford to be
here without that help.
That's not my problem, Lori.
Your next assignment
is due Friday the 25th.
That's a week from now.
Alicia Quince.
No, not interrupting anything.
What can I do for you?
Thank you.
- Good morning, Martha.
- My, my.
Your new window display is
really something, Cassie.
You certainly have a way
of conjuring up the season.
I noticed you've made
some changes yourself.
I'll let you be the first to know,
Martha's Sweet Beginnings is now
in the wedding planning business!
Oh, Martha, that's wonderful. Jake
and I loved what you did for us.
Well, I guess I'll head
back out into that heat.
85 degrees today and it's supposed
to hit 100 soon.
This awful heat has made the
leftover odour from that sewage leak
linger just a little longer
than I'd hoped. I've tried everything.
I actually have something that could
work for you. With your atmosphere.
This is a natural cleansing product
made from extract of crab apple,
which is used to fight unsightliness
and contamination. You can borrow it.
Does it work?
Just wait until the smoke clears.
Well, the only reason that
I'm even considering this
is I've literally tried
absolutely everything.
- How does it work?
- Well, you put
- one incense cone right in here.
- One incense cone in there.
Light it, and then direct the smoke
where the odour is most prominent.
I'm told that the energies work
on the principle of redirection.
Redirection. Well, as I said,
I'll try anything.
Thank you, Cassie.
- Oh!
- Martha.
Thank you very much.
- Jake.
- Hi.
What are you doing here?
Well, Middleton was having
one of its patented no-crime days
so I was looking for a diversion.
Thought you might need a security guard.
No, I mean, shouldn't
you be at the airport?
Well, Brandon's flight doesn't
get in for another three hours.
Brandon got on an earlier flight.
It arrives in one hour.
And you had no way of knowing that.
Well, I better get going. Looks like
we'll be home for dinner after all.
- Great.
- That's not gonna be any trouble, will it?
Trouble? Not for me.
Hi, can I get a ham and Swiss,
an egg salad, and a yogurt
for my little Lamb Chop here.
I'll just wait outside.
I've been trying to get a hold of you,
but every time I call your
phone goes right to voice mail.
George, this is my son, Drew.
Drew, this is my husband, George.
I'm sorry I didn't come to the wedding.
I wasn't even sure if you got the
invitation, since I haven't heard from you.
I wanted to, but I just
had so much going on.
To be honest, I wasn't expecting you to.
After all, you haven't called or written
- in so long.
- Why don't we just leave it all behind us?
Everything is different
now. I've gotta show you
what I've been working on. Check this out.
That looks pretty sharp.
Oh, thanks. I designed it myself.
See, look, this dotted line
projects future stock prices
based on historical cycles. Mom,
when you see where this is going to
take me, you're going to be so proud.
This is the next big thing.
I hope it is.
This time.
Isn't this one plate too many?
Well, family takes up a lot of room.
Especially when it's so full of love.
How's school, Lori?
It's a lot different than
I thought it would be.
We're home!
Well, I hope we have
room for another guest.
- Ohh!
- Hey, Cassie.
Thought I'd surprise you
and bring Tara for your birthday.
Thank you. Well, you're
just in time for dinner.
Thanks. Hey, Grace.
How's it going? I haven't
seen you in a long time.
- Here ya go.
- Thank you.
Well, it sounds like this break
came at just the right time.
Speaking of time,
that is my pumpkin walnut meringue.
I'll be right back.
So, it looks like
I have an internship lined
up for the spring semester.
Hey, congratulations. And in Nashville.
Uh... No, um...
I'll be living in Portland.
I got accepted into the university
for a master's in psychology.
It's one of the top
programs in the country.
A lot of music opportunities in Portland?
Well, I'll make my own opportunities.
I'm just so ready to be done with
school and start my real life.
I'm really,
- really lucky to have Tara by my side.
- Aw!
That's so romantic.
I'm just a little worried
that you two are getting
ahead of yourselves. To build careers,
it takes a lot of hard work and focus.
What's the problem, Dad?
Well, I...
I just hope you know what you're doing.
Well, I'm glad I set the timer!
I didn't want to leave
that in the oven too long.
It smells great, Cassie.
Everything has its perfect moment,
and you have to embrace it when you can.
Alright. Put one cone
in the incense burner.
Ugh! Three.
Three cones in the incense burner.
Oh no! No, no! Oh my!
Too much! Too much!
Door! The door! Out!
- Oh! Drew! So good to see you again.
- I need to talk to you.
And I need to talk to you!
Quick question. I have
been sourcing grass-fed beef
- for the entrees...
- Forget it.
Oh, well, they're closed on Sundays
so I really need to
square things up today...
No, just forget all of it.
I can't pay for any of it.
What? Oh, dear. What happened?
Well, you see this satchel I got
at the Bell, Book, and Candle?
Well, one of the pages of my contract
got lost in this secret pocket
and I didn't realize
and I signed the contract and ended
up signing away the rights to my app.
So much for giving Helen
the wedding of her dreams.
What is that?
Ugh! That's the worst thing
- I've ever smelled in my life.
- Oh my.
Oh, what a nightmare.
I never dreamed that Cassie
would actually give me
something that made things worse.
Yeah, yeah. Like this satchel she gave me
that ruined my business.
But what on earth happened?
It must've reacted to something in the air.
I've never even heard of
something like this happening.
You know, I could try a
different formulation...
Oh, please, Cassie,
I didn't ask for your help in
the first place. You offered.
And your help just made everything worse.
So you'll forgive me if I don't
welcome a new solution with open arms.
Martha, I'd never do anything
to jeopardize your business.
Well, then what went wrong?
I'm afraid I don't have an answer
for that.
Well, until you do,
perhaps you should consider
keeping your magic to yourself.
In fact, I would prefer it
if you would stay out of
my business altogether.
That's so pretty.
Like a flower garden, only sparkly.
They all have different meaning.
solving difficulties, creativity...
Do you have a minute?
Of course. Sit down.
I found this book at the library,
it talks about Elizabeth Merriwick.
The Grey Lady? Sounds intriguing.
I've always felt a strong
connection with my great-aunt.
It says she disappeared.
Vanished without a trace.
- I didn't know that.
- And if I find what I think I'm going to,
then I'll have my story
for journalism class.
I think you'll do a great job.
There is one other thing.
A weird coincidence.
It turns out that you and the
Grey Lady have the same birthday.
October 24th.
Well, then there's one more
thing to celebrate on Thursday.
Not exactly.
The 24th is also the day she disappeared.
Well, I hope my birthday
party isn't quite as exciting.
Sorry to bother you, George...
That's Mr. O'Hanrahan.
Right, of course, Mr. O'Hanrahan.
Just wondering if my mom is here?
Well, even if she was, I'm
not sure she'd want to see you.
It's just that...
I really need someone to talk to.
I got a fresh pot of coffee.
Why don't you come on in?
Where's George? I thought
you two were inseparable.
He likes to get a later
start on the day than I do.
I heard you met Drew.
Yeah, he was in the store on Friday.
I hope he didn't cause
you too much trouble.
Seems he's caused you
some worry in the past.
It's the way he is.
He never takes responsibility
when things go wrong.
He always looks for someone else to blame.
It sounds like your family
has quite a difficult history to overcome.
This is the first time
I've seen him in five years.
Which of these do you think would
look best in that magic display?
Right in the center, I was thinking.
This one.
Oh, aren't those beautiful.
Playing cards always remind me
of happy evenings with my family.
We'd make a big bowl of popcorn and play
hearts with the children all night long.
No matter what hand he was dealt,
Drew would always shoot the moon.
Drove us all crazy,
but I couldn't help but admire his moxie.
I'll take them.
I'll make you a deal.
So, how's that deal
going you were working on?
You didn't hear?
I signed away the rights
to my app and now I'm broke.
I hadn't heard.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, that's not the worst of it.
My fiance left me.
When I told her what happened,
she gave back the ring and said
she hoped I had a good life.
Well, if she can't stomach the tough times,
then she's not the right girl for you.
This Cassie,
she seems to get involved in
everyone's life around here.
Is she really what people say she is?
She's done some pretty amazing things,
things I can't explain.
You know, maybe you should pay her a visit.
You certainly have a lot going on in there.
Oh, it's such a lovely day, I
thought we could talk business
while taking a nice stroll.
Just to be clear,
I am meeting with other people.
This isn't just my wedding at stake,
I have to think of the
people who look to my magazine
to represent the very best in wedding chic.
I've been a subscriber
for years. I think I've
kept every issue since 1992.
Nobody knows your magazine better than I.
I'm looking for the total package here.
Everything needs to
radiate style and taste.
The delivery got rescheduled till tomorrow.
Yeah, I'm closing up
in about twenty minutes,
so why don't you bring Grace by here?
Thanks, Mia.
Drew. How did the satchel work out for you?
Not too well.
If I had anything left to
lose, I wouldn't be here.
Can I ask you something?
Did you know that this satchel
has a secret pocket?
It belonged to a magician,
- so I can see why...
- And did you know
that my fiance would leave me when
my business deal got screwed up?
There's no way I could have known that.
That's not what I hear.
I hear that you have special powers.
That the things you give to
people change their lives.
And I just want to know
why I got dealt a bad hand.
I think you have the wrong idea about me.
Well, then prove me wrong. Fix my life.
Your life isn't mine to fix.
I'm not buying this.
I tell you what.
If I get my life back, nobody loses.
But if I don't,
let's just say that I'm good
at making things disappear.
You sure are right about
this town being charming.
It's the kind of place that attracts
the right kind of person.
One day you'll lose something, and
then you'll know exactly how this feels.
In fact, I hope you do. I
hope you lose everything.
I am sorry I ever agreed
to get married in Middleton.
- I hate this town!
- Ha, ha, ha!
Things like this never happen in Middleton.
I-I-I'll take care
of it. I promise.
I'll be frank with you.
I don't like what I see.
Are you okay?
My life is ruined, thanks to your boss.
Drew, not everything is
somebody else's fault.
I bet you're glad we went
our separate ways, aren't you?
It's a time in my life I'd rather forget.
Incredible. Everyone thinks
it's okay to just write me off.
Well, you know what?
I'm done being ignored.
Middleton is going to pay attention to me.
Hey, hon... Oh,
good, I was hoping to find you before I
had to head out again. How many pumpkins
do you think we need for
the party? What's wrong?
Read it.
Brandon and Tara eloped?
Keep reading.
"Tara and I are in love.
"It's like Cassie said,
this is our perfect moment
and we need to embrace it."
- Jake, I'm sure they'll realize that...
- Cassie.
You introduced them and you
gave them the idea to elope.
- We'll find them.
- No,
I'll take care of this on my own.
Motion carried.
And now on to the next item of the agenda
of this meeting of the
Middleton Citizen's League.
It seems that Middleton, at the moment,
is not the idyllic paradise
that we're all used to.
I suggest we start by addressing
the Bell, Book, and Candle.
My store? What about it?
You gave me a smoke bomb and
now my store smells like a skunk.
And Gwen, Gwen's poor son
is nursing a broken heart
and the death of all his hopes and dreams
all because you thought
that he might need a satchel.
You can't blame that on Cassie.
No one is assigning blame,
but honestly, Cassie, as mayor,
when will you learn that
Middleton is not the place
to dabble in the... dark arts?
It really does seem like both of us
would've been better off if
we'd never come to you for help.
You've given me a lot to think about.
I think that we will all
be doing a lot of thinking
between now and the next meeting.
Meeting adjourned.
How are you all holding up?
Well, I'm okay, but I know that
Jake is imagining the worst.
I'm still holding out hope that
Brandon will do the right thing.
You always see the good in people.
Thank you so much for offering
your vacation home for the party.
It's the perfect place
for everyone to celebrate.
That's what matters most.
Hey, Grandpa.
I was just wondering if I could
check something in the basement?
Of course. I'll be up here if you need me.
Hey, do you mind if I see those?
Pick a card.
I don't know how you did that.
I've been practicing that trick
all morning and I still can't
figure out how it's done.
If you like, I can show
you how to do this trick.
It's super easy. And once you learn
one, you can learn the rest of them.
I'd appreciate it.
Yeah. Maybe we could help each other out.
You know, it occurred to me...
I've got a friend who's a lawyer.
If you like,
I could show him your contract
and see what he thinks.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that'd be great. I'd love a
chance to get back at those guys.
Whoa. One step at a time.
Just let him read it and see
if there's anything you can do.
You'd do that for me?
I'd do it for your mom.
It's Elizabeth Merriwick's diary.
The Grey Lady herself. I stayed
up half the night reading it.
And I came across this,
dated October 21st.
That's today.
Three days before her birthday.
And yours.
"This heat is unrelenting,
"like nothing anyone has
ever experienced in Middleton
"or in the surrounding counties. I dare not
"voice my feelings to anyone else,
"but I write them here,
where I face no judgment.
"At the very moment when happiness
"seems most attainable,
"I am smothered and stricken.
"If anything happens
"to spoil my birthday... No,
I will write of that no more."
She was scared of her birthday.
And she was right to be,
because something really did happen to her.
Well, I must admit
it does sound a lot like
what's going on right now.
You don't think
something's gonna happen
on your birthday, do you?
It wouldn't be a birthday
if there wasn't a surprise.
What should we do?
Protect it.
If we can.
I know he's screening his calls
and he's ignoring my texts.
He'll come back. I know he will.
Yeah, not until he makes the
biggest mistake of a lifetime.
I can't believe this is happening.
Cassie knows what she's doing. I'm
sure that it's all gonna work out.
You don't know Brandon. He's
gonna go through with this
just to prove that he's right.
He's as stubborn as they come.
Call me if anything comes up, will ya?
Yeah. You got it.
I thought Jake would be home by
now, but I guess he's working late.
I'll get back as soon as I can.
Are you sure you don't
mind sticking around longer?
I've got nothing else to do.
It's supposed to be hot again tomorrow.
Grace might want to play in
the sprinklers to stay cool.
All finished.
The paint will be fully dry in the morning.
Thanks for the touch-up. I'll be more
careful next time I move the herb cabinet.
Hello, Drew.
Cassie Nightingale.
I didn't know novelty shops in sleepy
little towns stayed open so late.
Just polishing up the magic.
Now you see it.
Now you don't.
I came here to give you one
last chance to make things right.
And what makes you think
it's the last chance?
I know my business is gone.
I know my fiance is gone.
And I know you had something to do with it.
Destiny is not something
within anyone's power.
If something matters to you,
it's worth trying everything
in your bag of tricks.
How did you get that?
You can keep it if you'd like.
Oh, no.
Hi, Ms. Quince.
- Do you have a minute?
- Of course.
Is this about your assignment for class?
I just keep finding
parallels. First, the birthday,
then the heat wave, and now the fire.
Thankfully the firefighters
got there quickly.
This is the Grey Lady's
house after the fire.
- I have to admit, I admire your passion.
- Thank you.
This all seems like a
wild goose chase, I...
I can't see it getting a
passing grade in my class.
- But you haven't read it yet!
- If I were you,
I would find another
project. You still have time.
I know how difficult it is to have
to scrap a story and start all over.
why don't you take a look at this?
The piece on page 17
is woefully under-researched.
Between you and me, I don't
care much for the writer.
You write me a better version
of the piece and I'll accept it.
Or you can go back to your project.
It all depends on you
finding the facts in time.
And that's a big risk to take.
I'm worried about the party, George.
What are you doing?
I picked up a new hobby.
I didn't know you could do magic tricks.
Well, actually, I'm
taking lessons from Drew.
From Drew?
I don't want him taking advantage of you.
No, it's not like that.
I'm just getting to know him better.
Trying to make things better for
both of you. Find out how I can help.
Helping Drew never turns out
the way you think it will.
It was about five years ago.
He asked us for the money
we'd saved for college
so he could make the last
tuition payment himself.
We gave it to him
and he lost it all in some crazy scheme.
That must've been quite a blow.
We went into debt to be able to pay
his tuition so he could graduate.
And all he did was ask us for more
so he could start a business.
We said no.
Well, I think you did the right thing.
He didn't see it that way.
It's exhausting, George.
I would do anything
to have him back in my life,
but I have no idea how
that could ever be possible.
Forget card tricks.
We don't need anything fancy
to make Cassie's party special.
With Brandon gone, should
we even have the party?
It just doesn't seem right
without all of us there.
Has anyone heard from Brandon?
Not yet, but I'm sure there's
nothing to worry about.
I can't stop worrying.
- Because of the fire?
- If there was really was a curse
on the Grey Lady, then there
could be a curse on you.
I've already lost my mother,
I... I can't lose you, too.
You know your dad would never
let anything happen to me.
Oh, no...
We need something to sweep into.
we can use this.
Had this for such a long time now.
It was beautiful.
What did it mean?
Strength. Protection.
Our appointment's in 10 minutes.
We're on time.
You want this too, don't you?
Of course I do.
I love you.
And I love you.
It's like Cassie said.
This is our perfect moment
and we need to embrace it.
I'm ready.
What's that? Yeah.
And when you wake up, we'll
go play in the sprinkler
like your mommy said, okay?
There you go. Look. Look, who's that?
Okay, I'll just get everything ready, okay?
Hi, honey.
Has Brandon called?
No, no. It's hot in here.
We should turn the AC on.
What was that?
I don't know. Come on.
- Cassie.
- Is she okay?
Lori, call an ambulance.
Cassie, can you hear me?
You should get some rest.
I'm fine. I just got dehydrated.
I didn't think it was going
to be 100 degrees in October.
I'm sorry about what I said.
I never should have blamed you.
Brandon's got a mind of his own.
Well, I'm sure wherever he is, he's
right where he's supposed to be.
Cassie, how are you feeling?
Much better, thanks to your dad and Lori.
- Yeah?
- So, I understand
congratulations are in order.
We never actually made
it inside the courthouse.
We drove all night.
We left as soon as we got
your call about Cassie.
But we're gonna set another
date after Cassie's party.
Oh. Still, I kinda hoped
you'd changed your mind.
our minds are made up.
I'm glad you're feeling better.
Don't worry, we'll get together
and figure it out before the party.
Jake, I don't know how we'll get together.
We're all headed in different directions.
What are you doing here?
Mia, can I come in?
- Nice place.
- I'm renting a room upstairs
until I figure out my next career move.
- How long you lived here?
- Four months.
I've got some ideas. Might
give an office job a try.
Office job?
But it seems like you're
getting back into restoration.
This is just a side project.
It's a picture of the Grey Lady.
I don't think that they
realize how valuable it is.
How valuable is it?
It was painted by Elyse
Rathburn early in her career,
and she went on to become a
very famous portrait artist.
Well, you always did have
a passion for art history.
Passion doesn't make a career.
That's not what you used to think.
What changed?
You did.
That's because everything fell apart
when you cut me out of your life.
You said you would come to Italy with me,
but you never showed up
and never told me why.
Everything would have been fine
if you'd just stayed in Middleton.
Yeah, well, it turns out Italy didn't
work out so well for me, either.
Looks like I don't have what it takes.
Never did.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
- How's Cassie doing?
- She's doing a lot better.
She's just having a nap with Grace.
I really need to talk to you.
I found an empty bottle of smelling salts
in the trunk where I found the diary.
They're for reviving consciousness.
And the prescription on them
is dated two days before
the Grey Lady's birthday.
Just like Cassie had a
fainting spell yesterday.
Cassie's birthday is tomorrow.
The timing is the same.
The coincidences, they just keep adding up.
Lori, honey,
that's exactly what they are. Coincidences.
Real investigations are based on facts.
Please, just take me with you
when you go to the Bell, Book, and
Candle to talk to the fire marshal.
Well, it'd be nice to have some company.
But no conspiracy theory talks, okay?
- I'll just watch and observe.
- Alright.
Hi. I'm so glad you could come today.
How are you feeling?
- Do you want me to take Grace for a walk?
- Oh, no, I'm fine.
Actually, I might join you on that walk.
Grace would love that.
Oh, wow!
There you go.
- How's the job search going?
- Not too well.
Seems like everyone wants an admin
job in a cushy office building.
I've rewritten my resume so many
times I'm second-guessing everything,
- even my own name.
- You never have to second guess
when you're true to who you really are.
Someone close to me used to say that.
But that was a long time ago.
That door is closed.
Sometimes we need to open doors
to let in the fresh air.
- You seen anything yet?
- Tests are coming out positive.
There are trace amounts
of flammable liquid.
What does that mean?
It means it may not have been an accident.
Drew Wyatt?
That's me.
- You're under arrest.
- For what?
Loitering at a crime scene.
- I wasn't doing anything.
- That's what they all say.
Is Middleton so perfect that they
can waste police officer's time
just arresting a guy
walking down the street?
Well, it's enough to hold
you while we investigate
the fire at Cassie's shop.
Plus, I'd say the guy that was
seen harassing the store owner
and was the last one to
leave before the fire started
is probably a prime suspect.
Okay, fine. I won't take it personally,
I'm sure Cassie has
something to do with this.
- You... have the right to remain silent.
- Yeah.
I'm so glad we can finally
spend some time together.
- I've missed you since you left home.
- Yeah.
I've really missed you guys too.
I'm surprised my dad doesn't want
me to just come back after I graduate
and live with you guys so he can
keep telling me how to live my life.
Once I'm married,
he won't treat me like
a little kid anymore.
As long as that's not the
only reason for your decision.
One moment can change your destiny.
What's that sign all about?
I don't know, but I'll find out.
I hate to tell you this,
but some local business owners
filed a complaint with your landlord.
If you have any dangerous objects
in your shop, he's within
his rights to evict you.
Alright, now your only hope is to prove
that it was arson and it wasn't your fault.
I didn't see this coming.
That's the most surprising thing
I've heard in my whole life.
You seem to be carrying quite a
heavy burden. Do you need some help?
Thank you, but you've
done quite enough already.
You do know that I had no choice but to go
to the business association
about your store.
I did it for Middleton.
It was nothing personal.
Well, maybe it's for the best.
I've had so much going on,
not having to worry about the store...
... will give me a chance
to clean up some clutter.
- Hi, Derek.
- Hi, Gwen.
How's Drew?
He's fine. Probably bored
more than anything else.
Are you here to bail him out?
Alright, let's take a look.
His bail is set
for $30,000,
so to get him out it'd be $3,000.
We can take cash or certified check.
That's a lot of money. What
happens if nobody pays it?
Well, he'll sit here until
the judge can see him,
which is gonna be Friday at the earliest.
That's two days in jail.
Cassie, you barely touched
that. Did it taste all right?
- I know I'm not half the cook you are.
- No, it was delicious.
You put a lot of love into it. I
just don't have much of an appetite.
Brandon came by today.
You really should talk to him, Jake.
He needs your approval
more than you realize.
What Brandon needs is somebody
to talk some sense into him,
instead of filling his head with
romantic ideas about young love.
You yourself know that young
love can work. It did for you.
I missed some opportunities
because I was just like Brandon,
I was in a rush to get
started with real life.
Brandon's life started
when you and his mother first met.
Hi, Cassie. George and I
realized that we hadn't
decided on what time
the party should be tomorrow night.
He thought six, I thought eight.
Whatever works best for all would make me
happy. When should I get there to decorate?
Oh, well, we can't actually
get you in there until tomorrow,
when the current guests leave.
They wanted to stay for a whole month,
but the party was more important to me.
It'll help me take my mind off things.
Things with Drew have been hard on you.
I just feel so bad that my son has
been causing so many problems for you.
And now he's in jail.
At least while he's in there he
can't run away from his problems.
It's too much money to take
the risk that he'll disappear,
or worse.
No matter how old our children get,
a mother's responsibility never ends.
It just seems like yesterday
he was heading off to college
with promise, plans, and dreams.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to this party.
I can just picture it now, all
of us together and celebrating.
Well, maybe not all of us.
You know, bringing a family together
takes more than just willpower.
You have to have a plan,
and you have to know
when to change directions.
I couldn't help but notice
you made some changes. What happened?
Well, there were... complications.
And... I ended up having to redecorate.
It looks like you got
rid of almost everything.
Yes, well, I had to.
I absolutely love it.
I have to be honest,
when I first came to this place, I
did not know what to think of you.
But now that you've
redecorated, it's perfect.
I don't have to look any further.
My four-page spread for my wedding
belongs to Middleton and
Martha's Sweet Beginnings.
Well, you know,
I do have a bit of a knack for feng shui.
May I ask, though, what
brought you back this way?
A care package from your mayor,
that included some absolutely
delectable chocolate latte truffles.
Thank you.
Mmm. Thank you for my birthday breakfast.
It's nice to be able to do
something for you for a change.
How's your project going?
Well, I feel like I have all the pieces,
but I just don't know
how to put them together.
What does your professor say?
She wants me to give it up.
Is that a direct quote?
I have to get back to class.
Oh, and Cassie, please be careful.
Ms. Quince! Ms. Quince!
I've done more research into my story.
Oh, I thought I advised
you to give that up.
Well, then I remembered my favourite quote.
"Never let anybody tell
you to give up a story.
That just means the story has just begun."
You've read my book.
Elizabeth Merriwick
disappeared without a trace
and everyone assumed she was dead,
but no body was ever found, and
nobody, not even her stalker,
Andrew Whymark, was arrested.
She just vanished without a trace.
And I can't let her story end like that.
cold cases are notoriously
difficult to write about.
You'll drive yourself crazy,
and I'm becoming genuinely concerned
you're not gonna meet your deadline.
Trust me,
I know from personal experience.
Which book was that from?
I don't think I've read it.
That's because I used a
pseudonym. When I was younger,
I was told that my name was too feminine
for writing about crime,
so I started calling myself Alex Quinn.
Like in the Victorian era,
back when women weren't supposed
to have interests outside the home.
Mia. Thought I gave you the day off.
You did, I just stopped
by to bring you a present.
Come on in.
You fixed it!
Mia, it's just lovely.
I used to specialize in
restoring old paintings.
I've missed it so much.
I only wish that there
was still a way for me
to pursue it as a career.
Well, it's a wonderful birthday gift, Mia.
Not only did you repair the painting,
but you brought the Grey Lady back to life.
I'm just so relieved to see
her back where she belongs.
- You've made bail.
- Really?
I'm so sorry.
Whatever they said I did, I didn't do.
I believe you.
Where'd you get the money?
I own a cottage that
I rent out to tourists.
We were planning to have
Cassie's birthday party there,
but I didn't feel right
about leaving you in
here. So I rented it out.
Why now?
Cassie helped me realize
it was time to bring
my family back together.
I guess maybe it's time I paid her a visit.
We can still celebrate Cassie's
birthday, we just have to do it
at a restaurant or the house.
The most important thing
is that we're all together.
Lori, I don't know if right now is the best
time for a birthday celebration, anyway.
The way I see it,
is that if this really is a curse,
then we still have time to break it.
The Grey Lady disappeared before her party,
so we just have to prevent the
same thing from happening to Cassie.
"We are all of us on edge. Arguing.
"I am alone in my room,
"though I am certain I will not
call Grey House home for much longer.
My stay here is coming to an end."
What else does it say?
It ends there.
She knew something bad was gonna happen,
and that no one was gonna protect her.
Can you imagine how
scared she must have been?
And look at this.
That's Andrew Whymark,
the man who stalked the Grey
Lady and made her disappear.
He looks a lot like Drew.
Lori, honey,
you're seeing things that aren't there.
Why are you being so close-minded?
You're so stuck on your own opinions
that you can't see what's best
for me, Brandon, or even Cassie.
I need to get some fresh air.
Why? Where are you going?
I'm going for a walk. I'll
be back in a little while.
Surprised to see me?
Should I be?
My mom had to cancel
your party to bail me out.
But I suppose you knew that. You seem
to be involved in everything around here.
Well, when it's my family,
I'm always involved.
That hasn't worked out so
well for you recently, has it?
There's still work to do.
Even you can't predict the future.
No, but we can know our past.
From the moment she saw you, she has
wanted to spend her life with you.
Well, we always remember
the ones who stand by us
when we're still figuring
out who we're supposed to be.
- And who am I?
- You're a magician.
That's right, Cassie Nightingale.
I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.
Yeah, is Cassie in the office?
Well, she was supposed to
be home a couple hours ago.
Well, call me if you have any info.
She's not answering her cell.
Well, she's not answering her
cell because she left it here.
Dad, I'm really worried.
Yeah, so am I, honey.
It's like she just vanished.
And so did the painting of the Grey Lady.
Derek, I need you to put
an APB out for Cassie.
It looks like Drew skipped town. Find him.
I'm going to search the town.
Let me come with you.
Okay. It'll be good to
have another set of eyes.
George and Gwen have to open up
Grey House, they've got guests,
- so could you stay with Grace?
- I have to get back to the college
to track something down.
Something really important.
- I can do it.
- Are you sure?
Yes. Anything I can do
to help Brandon's family.
Okay. Thanks.
We'll meet back here at seven.
Hopefully we've found her by then.
Okay, you look for anything
that's out of place. Anything.
Because you never know what clue
might lead you in the right direction.
Well, it seems like if she were here,
she wouldn't be hiding from us.
Well, you can't make assumptions
when you're doing police work.
What's the matter?
I'm worried.
Well, Dad, don't worry.
We'll find her.
You know, Brandon,
other than the days that
you three kids were born,
I think the best times in my life
were the day that I met Cassie,
and the day that I met your mom.
I don't know if I can
go through that again.
Losing Cassie like we lost your mother.
Hello? Yeah.
No, no, okay. We'll be right there.
- What is it?
- That was your grandpa George.
He just got home to Grey House,
somebody's broken in and he thinks
they're still there. We should go.
Okay. Wait here.
Be careful, Jake.
Lori, when did you get here?
Brandon texted me.
I wanted to be with everyone.
Well, it's all clear. Follow me.
Everyone stay close.
This family will always stay close.
It's what we do.
I see we all arrived in
the same place after all.
What happened? Are you okay?
I've never felt better in my life.
What are you doing here?
I'm here for the same
reason as the rest of you.
Follow me.
We're all here for my birthday party.
Cassie, this is amazing!
- Wow!
- It's beautiful, Cassie!
Cassie, when did you
have time to do all this?
I always have time for my family.
Life is taking us all
in different directions.
And that's as it should be.
But our family is strong.
When it matters the most,
we all find our way back to each other.
I love your costume.
What's a Halloween party without costumes?
There's something there for everyone.
what happened to the people who wanted
to rent Grey House for the night?
It was you, wasn't it?
You planned this all along.
I may have planned my
birthday party, but...
the most important work
was done by my family,
being here together.
Thank you so much for
inviting me to this party.
I've come to think of
you as part of the family.
I really hope you can find that painting.
Ladies and gentlemen!
On the occasion of the birthday
of Miss Cassie Nightingale,
I present to you a sight
that you will never, ever forget!
Now you don't see it...
Now you do!
Where did that come from?
That was stolen from our home!
Not stolen. Just borrowed.
Mia, when I first found out
you weren't doing restorations
any more, I couldn't believe it.
I mean, it's your passion for
your art that's always inspired me.
So for you to get it back,
I had to do something.
I don't understand.
I brought the painting in to be evaluated.
At the museum.
Mia, they want to hire you.
Why would you do
something like this for me?
I can explain.
There's so much I need to tell you.
There's so much I need to
know. I thought you resented me
for leaving you behind.
Well, it felt like that at the time.
I mean, you were in Italy, I was here.
I blew all my money on a bad business deal.
And the truth is, I couldn't
afford to go to Italy.
I just didn't have the heart to tell you.
I wouldn't have cared.
I know that now.
That's the worst part of it.
Maybe it doesn't have to be.
You know, Cassie helped me realize
that all my life I've
been chasing these dreams
and illusions,
when really, what I needed
was right here in Middleton.
With you.
- Martha! I'm so glad you could come.
- Thank you.
I'm getting all kinds of
inspiration from your decorating,
you know, in case one of my clients wants
some unconventional touches
at one of their events.
Well, as long as you're
having some fun, too.
Speaking of business...
I took it upon myself to clear
things up with your landlord.
How did you do that?
Well, as you well know,
my Tom plays golf with the fire marshal.
I just can't believe that that
painter could be so careless
as to leave behind a
turpentine-soaked rag in this heat!
Well, everyone makes mistakes, Martha.
Yes, we do. I mean, they do.
I mean, you know, people do.
I may have gone just a tad overboard.
You, Martha? Never.
- Hi, guys.
- Drew.
Um, lawyer called.
He was able to help you out after all.
He got your contract nullified
and was able to negotiate
an even better deal.
Wow. Thank you.
I guess that satchel did me
a favour after all, didn't it?
I'm so happy for you.
You've found a way to
create your own success.
I'm really happy that the deal worked out,
but I think I got something better.
Look, this may sound crazy,
but losing everything might have been
the best thing that ever happened to me.
How, Drew?
Because I finally had
to take responsibility
for all the poor decisions
I've made in my life.
And by blaming others,
I was just driving away
everybody who ever loved me.
Cassie got her party,
and I got my son back.
- She was so good.
- There you go.
The Grey House is such a
seasonally appropriate choice
for a Halloween themed
party, don't you think?
I hope you'll put it on
your wedding venue list.
Ooh! Done and done.
- Thank you.
- I'll be right back.
You know, on your birthday, you're not
supposed to do things for other people.
You're supposed to get
pampered and get gifts.
Having all of you here is the
greatest gift I could ever dream of.
Well, it turns out I was able
to get you something else.
Edward Whymark? I've never heard of him.
Yes, you have. When "he" was
Elizabeth Merriwick. It was her pseudonym.
She was a prolific writer
until the day she died at age 78.
So you found her?
She wrote in her diary about a
man who was trying to stop her
and I thought it was Andrew Whymark,
but it was her father.
He didn't think women should be writers.
So what does Andrew
Whymark have to do with it?
Well, that's the romantic part.
They ran away together to
get away from her father
so she could continue
her career as a writer.
She reinvented herself
in a small town in Texas until
she was able to make a home
with the man she loved,
just like you and Dad.
They lived a long, happy life together.
Oh, Lori.
Sounds like you have
all the material you need
for a great article.
I think my scholarship is safe.
Your family really knows
how to have a good time.
Yeah. Cassie makes every moment special.
What are you guys doing in here?
Just talking about how happy we are.
We have big news.
You tell them.
you were right about finding
the perfect moment, Cassie.
So Tara and I had a long
talk and we set a date.
- June 22nd.
- Well, that's, that's...
- Two years from now.
- That's great.
That is great.
That gives us plenty of time
to have the best wedding you can imagine.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
I think what Cassie meant
about the perfect moment
was that it might last a lot
longer than just one instant.
And we have our whole lives together.
You two are gonna make
each other very happy.
And I'm sure Martha will be
getting a hold of you soon.
Oh, this has been the
most perfect birthday.
You know,
it's incredible, Cassie. Just
when things seem to be going wrong,
you have a way of making
everything turn out just right.
Life with you
is... magic.
The real thing.
This is my perfect moment.
It began the day we met,
and I don't need magic to know
that it will never end.