The Good Witch's Garden (2009) Movie Script

Look at it. Just look at it.
It looks like a lovely home to me.
Come on.
Stay close.
Come, come, come.
Oh! What's that? I don't know.
- Did you see someone?
- No.
Here. Take a look.
Oh! What delicate "rosa borso."
But at this time of year?
After the first frost?
It's bizarre!
It's as if summer never
ended around here. Oh!
If you don't know what it is,
you don't know what it will do.
- Martha, it's a flower.
- Yes, one of her flowers...
And if there's one thing I know
about Miss Cassie Nightingale it's:
- one never knows.
- Oh, stop fretting.
This is the perfect setting for
the Bicentennial celebration.
But it's such an important event.
Why celebrate the town's traditions with
the most untraditional woman in town?
Because her house is 200
years old. It's a landmark.
And the woman obviously has a green
thumb. Huh. Probably green all over.
Like the Wicked Witch of the West.
Oh no!
- Did you hear that?
- Sounded like a banshee.
- Get real. There's no such thing.
- Really, Cassie?
Well, maybe it was Mother Nature yawning
in preparation for a long winter's nap.
I could use a nap myself.
You better take a break, grandpa.
I wish Mother Nature would stop blowing
back all the leaves we just raked up.
She blew quite a few up
against the back fence.
Why not pile all your leaves there,
and build a mountain to jump into?
Well, I'm just about ready
to throw in the trowel.
It's no wonder, George. We
haven't eaten since noon.
You want a bite?
What's that?
It's tonight's salad. Organic.
I'm not much for rabbit food.
- Oh, the rabbits wouldn't touch my garden.
- Why not?
We have an understanding.
- Oh, you do?
- Yeah,
everyone is welcome to visit my garden,
but I made the rabbits
promise, no munching.
You've made a wonderful home here, Cassie.
Thank you.
That's why I'm digging extra deep today.
So the roots really take hold.
I've found my one true home here, George.
I can finally say,
this is where I belong.
Ms. Tinsdale.
Good afternoon, Ms. Tinsdale.
- Well, that's debatable.
- Can I help you?
No. This is a matter that needs to be
investigated by your Chief of Police.
It concerns Miss Cassie Nightingale.
Go ahead, Martha.
I was standing outside Grey House,
minding my own business, when the monster
seized my ankle.
- Cassie grabbed your ankle?
- What?
No. It was her creeper.
- Her what?
- A vine. A vine on the ground, that creeps!
That's a very unusual plant.
She has a garden full of freakish plants.
Some of which I suspect may be illegal.
Well, sounds to me like
you tripped on a root.
We can't have her hosting
the opening night gala
of our Bicentennial if
the grounds are unsafe.
I insist that you fully investigate
what she's growing in there.
- If you insist, Martha.
- I do.
The citizens of Middleton
are entitled to a full report.
Out of my way!
Jeepers creepers.
Cassandra Nightingale?
Guilty, Officer.
I'm conducting an investigation.
Looking good.
Well, thank you.
Your kids, George and I have
been gardening all afternoon.
I wasn't talking about the
garden, but that looks good too.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, kids.
Something wrong, Brandon?
Um, yeah. I just skinned
my elbow, that's all.
Let me see that.
I have just the thing.
Essence of aloe.
There. Good to go.
- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See you tomorrow, Cassie.
- Bye.
Thanks for the five dollars.
You want a cup of tea, Jake?
Cassie, Martha Tinsdale claims that
she was attacked by one of your plants.
Oh, really? One of the creepers?
I know that the plant
didn't just go after her.
Then you know my plants better than I do.
What, you're saying that one of your plants
actually grabbed Mrs. Tinsdale?
Grab? No, never. But it might
have given her a little hug.
A hug?
Well, she's not sharing the love.
She's threatening to move
your Bicentennial garden
party to another location.
No. Why?
She claims your house is unsafe.
But it's just the opposite.
Grey House is a true haven.
I'm even thinking of
taking in overnight guests
to help with the bills, but if Martha...
You really shouldn't
pay my kids to help you.
Oh, five dollars is a bargain.
And I love being with them.
They love being with you.
Well, they do a great job.
And I need lots of help.
Every last leaf has got to shine.
You should get rid of this.
Oh, no, no, no. The Veritas
is going to be beautiful.
Just in time for the Bicentennial.
Cassie, you really have done
a great job with this place.
I better go have a word with that creeper.
Your teachers really pile it on, huh?
I have to do a history report
with Jess about Middleton.
This town?
Lot of books about a place
where nothing happens.
- Ah!
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem.
But look, if I run into Steve or Duke,
you got to get lost, fast.
- How come?
- 'Cause...
they're my friends and don't
hang out with little girls.
Well, I'll be back and
pick you up around six?
Okay, I'll try to wash
the topsoil off by then.
What are you smiling about?
People who live in glass
houses shouldn't hold hands.
Look, it warmed the cockles
of my heart just to see it.
The plants usually keep
those windows fogged up.
It wasn't the plants fogging the windows.
Well, I should go. The kids
are probably gonna need dinner.
Oh, they already have their dinner.
I just sent it off with Jake.
Homemade chili. Heat and serve.
Well, thank you very much.
But I guess I should go anyway.
They might need some
help with their homework.
George, you do an amazing job
with those two. You help Jake.
You've given them so much time and love.
What about a little time and love for you?
Those kids give me all the love I need.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't know. Are you going
to stop by the nursery?
- I could.
- Would you have someone there take a look?
- Sure thing.
- If they have some natural remedy, would you pick it up?
Oh. I thought I had more money than that.
You just bought four bags of
grass seed and paid two kids.
Takes a lot of green
to keep a garden green.
Yes, it does.
And add that to the upkeep on Grey House,
and the fuel bills. That's why I've
decided to open it up to a few guests.
- Well, you certainly have enough room.
- A bed and breakfast.
If you could get to the
nursery before it closes.
My B & B.
Beautiful and bewitching.
There you are, Isis.
Looking for a place to stay?
Yes. As a matter of fact, I am.
Well, I haven't established any rates
yet, but I'm sure they'll be reasonable.
I'll get the better of the bargain,
staying in a place as beautiful as this.
I'm, uh, Nick.
Nick Chasen. Welcome, Nick.
I'm Cassie Nightingale.
And this
is my friend and adviser, Isis.
And that is
Grey House. Grey House, huh?
Doesn't look grey to me.
It's a lot cheerier than that.
I put a lot of work into it.
Would you like to see your room?
Yes. Yes, I would.
I'm sure it's as beautiful on the
inside as it is on the outside.
Uh, next order of business.
Flowers for the
Bicentennial reviewing stand.
Cicely? I thought mums.
Mums are seasonal.
- And affordable.
- And colorful, too.
True, but since this is
such a special occasion,
I was thinking of something a
little more exotic. Excuse me.
Oh sir, we ask that all
spouses wait outside.
Oh, I'm not married.
Um, sir, the nursery closed at 4 and, um,
you're disrupting a private
meeting of the Garden Club.
If I could just...
- Now, what were we talking about?
- Mums.
Mums the word?
How can we help you?
Uh, this plant seems to
have a rare infestation.
What sort of plant do you have there?
A Croton codiaeum revolution.
It looks like a cross between a
Sorghastrum nutans and a Loropetalum.
Did you cultivate this
yourself, Mister... ?
O'Hanrahan. Um,
I helped. A little.
Don't be modest. I've never
seen anything quite like this.
You must be an extraordinary gardener.
I'm Irish. They don't call it
the Emerald Isle for nothing.
I have never seen anything like this.
Look at the way it curls.
It's quite something.
The town turns 200 years old, right?
I guess.
Maybe we should divide
the work down the middle.
You could do the first 100
years and I could do the last.
Deal? Sure.
Did you read the chapter on the Civil War?
Maybe that's the major
event we can write about.
Uh, I forgot to feed my fish.
- Oh, lot of homework?
- Tons.
Our teacher assigned us with partners,
and I got stuck with Jess.
Hmm. Not much help?
No, she works for, like, 5 minutes and then
she runs away and leaves
me with everything.
Well, it's too bad she had to
leave 'cause she's going to miss
having that homemade chili
that Cassie made for you.
Brandon! I can hear
the bass in the kitchen.
Thanks. You didn't have to turn it
off, you just had to turn it down.
No big deal.
Your buddy Tim called.
I got some new friends now.
Oh, you do?
Does it matter?
Well, yeah. I'm your dad, so
I like to know these things.
Well, because.
I mean, you don't want to talk
to me about your new friends?
Am I under surveillance or something?
Come on.
Brandon's got a new group of friends.
So I asked him about it.
Is that out of line?
Teenager hate the third degree.
Does he clam up with you?
No, but I don't ask questions.
- What do you do?
- Just listen.
What time is it?
Oh, George, I got to go!
Don't you like Cassie's cooking?
I'm eating out tonight with Cassie.
Potions and Libations of Ancient Morocco?
I like to give my guests some variety.
And some tea. Thank you.
Now I must say, Cassie, I'm feeling
very much at home here.
Oh, thank you. Well,
I designed it that way.
You're well-traveled, like me.
I can see that reflected in the decor.
You're drawn to the exotic,
the adventurous,
the unusual.
Uh, my proudest possession.
A portrait of the Grey Lady,
Elizabeth Merriwick, the
original owner of Grey House.
Long ago, she married a naval officer...
And they spent two
passionate months together.
Until he was called to duty.
Never to return.
Elizabeth kept a candle
in the window for 28 years,
until one night, the candle went out
and they found Elizabeth dead,
of a broken heart.
Uh, you took the words
right out of my mouth.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- The... the door was open.
- Am I early?
- No, no. You're just right. Fine.
- Okay.
- Um, sorry. This is, uh...
Nick. Nick Chasen.
Uh, Jake Russell.
Jake is our Chief of Police.
Ah. Hail to the Chief.
And, uh, Nick was just
telling me about the Grey Lady.
How could you possibly know
so much about my ancestor?
I'm a blood descendent of
Captain Charles "Charlie" Hamblin.
So there really was a sea captain
by the name of Charles Hamblin?
Yes. I'm living proof.
Well, Miss Nightingale.
Nice to have met you, Chief. Uh, excuse me.
Nice to meet you.
He just went upstairs.
Yeah, that's where his bedroom
is. He's a guest. My first.
You think that's a good idea?
Well, I have to pay for the
home improvements somehow.
- But who is he?
- He's Nick Chasen.
What else do you know about him?
Well, I know that he's paid in advance,
and he's a complete gentleman,
and a distant relative.
I find that very interesting.
- Let me check him out.
- Jake.
He just checked in.
- Cassie?
- Good morning, Lori.
Good morning. What are you making?
Oh, oatmeal. For my
guest. Do you want some?
Lori, aren't you supposed to be in school?
I'm on my way. That's why I'm here.
I'm having some trouble with my schoolwork.
Oh, what subject? Chemistry?
- History.
- Hmm.
Needs some more cinnamon.
I'm working with one of
my classmates on a report.
She's driving me crazy.
Whenever it's time to do work,
she runs off to feed her fish.
At least she cares about them.
But she doesn't care about our report.
I was wondering, do you have...
some kind of...
Do you mean a spell to
make her do her homework?
Hmm, it's not easy getting
kids to do their homework.
I know.
Follow me.
Some very curious things
came with this solarium.
- What is that?
- I'm not sure.
Something to do with my garden.
Maybe you and Jess can figure it out.
But we're supposed to do our report
on a big event that happened
in our town's history.
Big trees from little acorns grow.
- And so, Duke yells...
- Fire!
And I go stuff all the paper towels
down all the girls' toilets until...
- The whole place floods!
- Pardon me.
- You should have been there!
- Oh yeah.
Water down the whole hall!
Yeah, then Mrs. Buttrick came running in,
and she slipped and fell right in it!
Good afternoon, Cicely.
Whatever happened to common courtesy?
- That's funny.
- So, uh, what's your idea?
Oh, um, I remember something my
dad told me that was pretty funny.
Your dad?
Well, yeah.
See, he changed the tape in the
church tower, so instead of bells...
it played Led Zeppelin.
No, dude. That's... that's lame.
Look, if you want in,
you're gonna have to do something huge.
- Like what?
- Don't worry about it.
- We'll let you know.
- Yeah. Later.
Good afternoon, Martha.
Miss Nightingale.
Chief Russell told me you had an
encounter with one of my creepers.
- Do you doubt it?
- Oh, not at all.
I just wondered if you had any
chafing or allergic reaction.
I'm perfectly fine. The matter's closed.
Because I have some
special ointment in my shop.
I am not in the mood for
your black magic this morning.
You seem very troubled by something today.
I understand that you have
a paying guest staying at Grey House.
Only one so far. But I
have room for a couple more.
You're also hosting our Bicentennial party.
Do you want our distinguished guests
to think of Grey House as some
sort of flophouse for vagrants?
- A bed and breakfast, Martha.
- Do you think it's a good idea?
The extra income will help pay some bills.
You know how it is
with these fixer-uppers.
But, I mean, throwing open your
doors to strangers off the street...
Well, they won't be strangers for long.
Frankly, I don't believe that
you're the best judge of people.
I don't judge people, Martha.
Especially when I first meet them.
People have a way of showing
you who they really are
if you just give them time.
Whatever that means.
You're welcome to stop
by and meet him, anytime.
Ha! That'll be a cold day in July!
Oh, I couldn't agree more.
I'm working on it.
It's a perfect opportunity to
take advantage of the situation.
Okay, I got to go.
Taking care of business?
It never ends.
For you and me both.
So, did you do any sightseeing today?
No. To tell you the truth, I'm
perfectly happy just to stay here.
Yeah, Grey House does have a
magnetic quality, doesn't it?
Yes. Keeps whispering to me,
"Stay. Stay."
Are you sure that wasn't
the hiss of my boiler pipes?
I need to replace those
as soon as I can afford it.
old houses are an expensive proposition.
Yes, they are.
The house you once thought
historic and charming
suddenly becomes a money pit.
Well, my love for Grey
House is unconditional.
How does the old poem go? Thanks.
"Even the weariest river
winds its way safe to sea."
This home is the end of a
very long journey for me.
Yes, you've been through
so much in your life.
What do you mean, "my life?"
Only that a real home is
that much more to the orphan
who spent so many years wandering.
Who told you that?
I had a great aunt in Baltimore.
She mapped the entire family tree.
You were one of the most
interesting branches.
Hmm. Well, I would love
to see that some time.
That guy Cassie took
in, he is something else!
- What happened?
- He offered to buy me a donut!
Really? Why am I not surprised?
But I told him cops and
donuts was a crude stereotype.
So, he apologized.
And he offered to buy me
- a whole bag of donuts.
- Oh, good.
Nice guy.
- Good looking, too.
- I haven't noticed.
He's like a movie star or something.
Yeah. Just like he's playing a part?
You got to lighten up, Jake.
- He seems like an okay guy to me.
- Seems.
I'm not buying it.
I've been climbing his family tree.
There's a lot of limbs missing.
I can't find anything
about this great ancestor
of his, Captain Hamblin.
And what does Cassie think?
Same as she always thinks.
She operates on intuition.
I'm going to get the facts.
He's new in this house.
We're going to give him
the benefit of the doubt.
Just be patient.
Hello, Nick.
No. Not at all.
That old myth always bothered Isis.
Would you hand me my broom?
You make even the simplest
task seem like poetry.
Do you ever stop working?
A big house is a big responsibility.
That it is.
It's a shame no one took you up on your ad.
These are tough times right now.
Still, I'm enjoying our
private time together.
Good. You can help me sweep.
Do you think it has
magic powers or something?
You think?
Maybe. It belongs to Cassie Nightingale.
Is... is that writing?
Can you read it?
"Saved my life.
I think it's the smallest bulbs
that bloom the earliest.
But don't quote me on it. Good.
Gwen! Come in.
Uh, I usually plant them about a foot deep.
No, no. Uh, six inches.
No. A foot.
Yeah, you're welcome, um,
for what it's worth.
Good-bye, Cicely.
Cicely Price? Vice
President of the Garden Club?
Oh, boy. She sure asks a lot of questions.
Well, I don't have a question
for you but I do have an answer.
Remember the pests on
that plant you brought in?
I'll let the answering machine get it.
Hi, George. I'm putting
in the wooden stakes
for next season's tomatoes, and I wonder,
would you have an extra
hammer in your tool chest?
Maybe I could swing on over and borrow it.
Was that our treasurer, Mrs. Carlyle?
Ah, I don't know.
I only have eyes for one girl.
And that's my special angel Lori here.
Mrs. Harrison, I'd like you to
meet my favorite girl in the world,
my granddaughter Lori.
And this is my friend, Jess.
That's a
very fine-looking dibble.
- Dribble?
- Dibble.
- What's that?
- It's a gardening tool.
That one looks handmade.
A long, long time ago.
We still use them, to dig a
little hole to plant a seed.
Lori, you think this thing is real history?
Yeah. And look at that, Grandpa.
"Saved my life.
That's interesting.
You know, I believe the Historical Society
has some books on colonial gardening.
Thanks, Mrs. Harrison! Let's go!
Thanks, Grandpa!
You have a lovely granddaughter.
I have to agree with you.
Um, Australian aphid.
- I beg your pardon?
- You wanted to know the name of that pest.
It's definitely Australian aphid.
Thank you.
But you'll have to act quickly.
Um, do you have a pen, Mr. O'Hanrahan?
Call me George.
George, I have the loveliest garden basil,
and I'm making a pesto that's
much too much for just one.
Call me.
You seem to be very busy. I'll, uh,
- I'll let you go.
- Gwen.
- What time is it?
- Uh, I don't know. 6:10.
Oh, my gosh.
- Uh, sorry. Give me five minutes, okay?
- Oh, it's okay.
We're not in a rush. I'm
not much for sequels anyway.
Sorry about that. I
just lost track of time,
with the house, the shop and the garden.
And the guest.
You don't like him, do you?
Well, I haven't know him long
enough to form an opinion.
I do know he's moved around
a lot in the past 5 years.
Jake, so did I.
Until I found Grey House.
Maybe it runs in the family.
I haven't found any details about
his connection to the Captain.
Talk to Nick.
Talk to him? Why would I believe him?
You're saying he's a liar?
No, I'm just saying keep
your distance. That's all.
- Jake Russell, you're jealous.
- No.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
Of who? "Slick?"
Just because he's handsome
- and charming...
- Oh, now it comes out!
No. What's just come out
is that you don't trust me.
No, it's your guest I don't trust.
Oh, have a little faith in people!
Cassie, after 18 years of being a cop,
I've learned a few things.
Bad things can happen to good people.
Just think of all the good
things you'd miss out on
- if you always had that attitude.
- Cassie.
You have this wonderful way of
bringing out the best in people.
I just don't want anyone
to take advantage of that.
- I'm not worried.
- Well, maybe you should be.
We can't afford to be too trusting.
- I can't afford not to.
- I know you have bills. I know.
Jake, a life where you can't
trust people is a pretty poor life.
- Just promise me that...
- I know what I'm doing.
- Two.
- Sure thing.
Hello, Mrs. Tinsdale.
I'm sorry. Have we met?
No. I'm about to remedy that.
My name is Nick. Nick Chasen.
Now where have I heard that name?
I'm staying at Grey House.
Yes, well, I'm just picking
up some pastries and tea.
To go.
Tea in a cardboard cup? No, no.
- I won't allow that.
- Oh, but I...
Why don't you share my Earl Grey?
- But I...
- It's perfectly steeped.
In a china cup.
May I?
Well, if you insist.
You know, this is the first really
good cup of tea I've had
since I've come to Middleton.
No offense to Miss Nightingale.
Oh, no, no. We won't be needing that.
Martha doesn't take sugar in her tea.
Now how on earth do you know that?
Any woman savvy enough to wear
this scarf with this jacket
knows you don't dilute a
good blend with cane sugar.
You impress me as someone
with impeccable taste.
It takes one to know one.
I should hire your friend to help us out.
I haven't her around here in a while.
Me neither.
Well, good friends are
hard to come by. I know.
When I was a teen, I moved around a lot.
The minute I made new friends, I
was off to the next foster home.
Making new friends was just
as hard as losing the old ones.
I guess so.
I guess every teen goes through changes.
Mine just seemed enormous.
I had so many questions,
and no one I felt I could really
talk to, you know what I mean?
I had a pretty rough time as a teen.
helped me through those times.
Maybe it'll help you.
A mirror?
When all the questions were
spinning around in my head,
I just took a good long look at myself and
the answer would come.
Is it... magic?
Do I talk to it?
You just take a good long look at yourself.
Don't sit down, you might
have seven years of bad luck.
- Thanks, Cassie.
- Bye.
Hopefully Miss Nightingale will
keep her keynote speech short.
When she's finished, Miss
Cicely Price will sing
her original composition entitled...
You're a Grand Old Grey House
In honor of its 200th year.
And then, let's keep the
music going with, um...
oh, a parade!
A big parade, down the hill to Town Square.
- With floats. Made from flowers.
- A dozen floats.
Each one depicting a key event
in the town's 200-year history.
- It sounds expensive.
- Mayor Tinsdale...
It's our 200th birthday party!
We need to close the event
with some kind of a big... bang.
Sir, we can't afford it.
We can't afford any of this.
I think you'll find fireworks
can be very reasonable,
if you have connections.
Excuse me, you're not on this committee.
No sir, I'm not. But I would love to
serve under your lovely wife Martha here.
You see, we've been talking about
how to add some pizzazz to this party.
You can't expect Cassie's
speech to, uh, carry the event.
Hmm. Uh, Mr. Chasen is an
accomplished businessman.
Please. You were saying?
Thank you. You see, folks,
there was a lot of rain
on the 4th last summer.
I have an old associate who
is sitting on a warehouse
that is full of fireworks.
And I bet I can persuade him to sell us
those fireworks at a fraction of the cost.
Now what do you say to fireworks?
Oh, and Mr. Mayor, for the finale,
I was thinking, a firework tableau.
Why don't we recreate the
original town flag of Middleton?
Now where would I get an image
of that original town flag?
Right up the stairs, beside the records
office, is the Historical Society.
- I found him, Derek.
- Where was he?
Meeting with the Bicentennial committee.
Sounds like a major felony to me.
- Throw the book at him.
- Very funny. Out.
- Mr. Chasen.
- Yes, Officer.
Can I ask you a couple of questions?
Could it wait? I have to
get back to Grey House.
I'll walk with you.
Terrific. A police escort.
You made a lot of friends in Middleton.
- Yes, it's a friendly town.
- You're a friendly guy.
- Is that a crime, Officer?
- No.
I just wondered how you knew so
much about Cassie Nightingale.
- I'm not sure what you mean.
- You know about her parents,
that they passed away.
You know that she was in a
foster home, that she ran away.
Yeah. Fascinating woman, isn't she?
Personal stuff.
Just answer the question.
Chief Russell,
Cassie and I share a common heritage.
Common ancestors.
We even share the same home.
You don't seem like the sharing type.
Is this interrogation over?
No. I wonder why have you
been asking the town clerk
about the taxes on Grey House.
I was curious.
Curious to see how much a
home like that would cost me.
I like this town.
And I'd like a home of my own.
Then you're sure to find it.
- What are you doing here?
- Oh, vacuum bags.
My broom needed a break.
And I need two strong men.
Looks like I found them.
Stop. It's perfect.
Just needs a little less sun.
It needs something.
You'll see. The Veritas has a
way of surprising you. Just wait.
The blooms are like nothing
you've ever seen, or smelled.
Cassie, I'm afraid it's dead.
With love and a little water,
the Veritas will burst into color
on the day of the Bicentennial celebration.
Veritas. That's Latin for truth, isn't it?
Mm hmm. Anyone near it can't
help but tell the truth.
I doubt that.
Then just stand right there
and answer one question.
What do you think of my plant?
- It's hideous.
- See. It's working already.
If you'll excuse me.
I'm going to get into
something more comfortable.
- Can I speak to you for a minute?
- Sure.
I've been doing some digging.
Why do I get feel you're
not talking about gardening?
Did you know this guy's been
examining your tax records?
- Jake.
- What? It's a matter of public record.
- Well, then he hasn't done anything wrong.
- Neither have I.
Look, I thought we had an understanding.
You were gonna leave it up to me.
I just know he's got to
be some kind of con man.
I want to take a look around his room.
- Jake!
- When he's out to dinner.
- Not another word.
- For heaven's sake, Cassie.
- Can't you see that he's not on the level?
- I'll tell you what I see.
I see a man whose heart was
broken when his wife died.
And now he protects himself by expecting
the worst from everyone.
This isn't about my heart.
Well, I think it is.
- Why are you being so hardheaded?
- Why are you so hardhearted?
Just trust that the truth will show itself.
Cassie, come on, get real.
I guess our realities are just
out of synch right now.
I guess so.
What do you expect?
The best.
For both of us.
Hmm. Well, look at us. I'm a cop...
And you're who you always are.
You say that as if it's a bad thing.
It's just...
we're so different.
That's all.
I've got 83 different
species in my garden and...
they all get along just fine.
Some tea?
No, thank you. I should go.
Have a nice day, Chief.
Did I wake you?
Sorry. I couldn't sleep.
For a moment, I thought
this house was haunted.
Oh. Of course, it is.
All sorts of souls and
scoundrels up and about at night.
- Tea?
- No, thanks.
As a matter of fact, yesterday, I heard
loud voices coming from this kitchen.
A man and woman. Arguing.
Yes, I heard them too.
The couple was arguing
about... nothing, really.
This awful man refused to hear
what the lovely lady was saying.
Spooky, huh?
Nick, you have extraordinary
powers of perception.
Almost as keen as mine.
Why don't you pack a lunch today?
I've got Mrs. Lacey's shepherd's pie.
Vegetarian stew from Mrs. Buxton.
And your choice of three desserts from...
- Oh, I forget.
- No thanks.
I'm running out of room
in the refrigerator.
Uh, sorry.
Wh... what were you saying, George?
Wake up, Chief. I'm just saying
most guys would be happy to have a
half a dozen women chasing after them.
But me, I think I'm a
one-woman kind of guy.
What's the matter with you this morning?
Oh, Cassie and I had a fight.
About what?
Not now.
I don't know what
happened, but I know this.
Cassie means the world to those kids.
And to me.
And to you.
Now you hang in there.
What the heck is that?
Oh, just... a mirror.
Ha! You fixin' your hair?
So, what do you want to do?
I don't know. What do you want to do?
Maybe climb the school
sign and change the letters?
Sounds like fun. If you're a fourth grader.
Or maybe we could go and...
No. Look.
We've got your mission all figured out.
- Cool. What is it?
- Trash that stupid Bicentennial.
- I don't think I want to do that.
- Doesn't matter what you want.
- Besides, you can't back out now.
- Why not?
Because you know too much.
- It's just that I don't want to wreck it for...
- Look,
if you wimp out on us,
then we'll wreck you.
That's a promise.
What are you doing here?
Is that how you greet your taxpayers?
Well, you don't pay taxes.
State your business.
I just brought you a
little reading material.
What's this?
Read 'em and weep.
Oh, um,
my lawyer will be in touch.
Why so glum, chum?
You want a cookie? It's got icing.
Chocolate chips.
What is that?
This is for Cassie Nightingale.
"Saved my life. 1816."
How could this save his life?
Maybe a bear wandered into his cabin,
and he used the dibble to defend himself?
You got any better ideas?
We need to know everything
that happened in 1816.
You read this and I'll take notes.
I got to tell you something.
Something I've never told anybody.
It's the reason I kept running off before.
I can't read.
If it's about the other day...
No. It's not.
Oh, I see. What's it about then?
I'm afraid I have to give you this.
Does he have a strong
legal claim to the house?
You have a handwritten
will that's not notarized.
He has an ironclad chain of title,
proving the house belongs to his
family, which makes Nick the sole heir.
This is my home. It's my
anchor. I can't lose Grey House.
I'm going to take those
documents to the town attorney
and see what options we have.
Yeah, but this says I have to
be out of here in two weeks.
He's taking more than my
home. He's taking my heritage.
Elizabeth Merriwick was
Captain Hamblin's lover,
not his wife, which means she never had
any claim to Grey House in the first place.
And she stole the property
from the Hamblin family.
Which makes the Grey Lady a thief.
Who knows what that makes me.
You're a smart,
loving, magical woman.
I'll do whatever it takes.
We'll fight this together.
So, the Grey Lady was the captain's lover.
Not wife, lover.
Cassie Nightingale had a portrait of a
common criminal hanging in her parlor.
So all this time, Miss
Nightingale has been...
Nothing but a squatter. Ha!
Thievery and deception,
that's her inheritance.
- You can't say I didn't warn you.
- What about her Bicentennial garden party?
Scratch that. It's Nick's garden party now.
- And much the better for it.
- Has he said he'll do it?
Of course, he'll do it.
He's on my committee, isn't he?
George, you shouldn't have.
Oh, I didn't. It's a
manicotti from Mrs. Fasulo.
Please, come on in.
Go on, kids.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I love candles.
Don't you, Lori? Brandon?
You can't leave Grey House!
I have to.
I've been living here on borrowed
time some might even say stolen.
So it'll have to be my last
night here at Grey House.
Well, it's... It's just for the time being.
But what about your
Bicentennial garden party?
Well, it's not my garden anymore.
Just use your magic to
make it like it was before.
It's just a house.
Each one of you means more to me
than any 10 houses.
But Grey House is your house.
Well, I'm not going to discuss
this any more on an empty stomach.
Let's go have dinner.
Grey House won't be the
same without you, Cassie.
Cheer up, all of you.
I'm not out of here yet.
Yeah, but...
the magic's gone already.
I can feel it.
What do you mean?
I know what Brandon's talking about.
There's a chill in here.
I haven't felt it before.
Yeah. I guess we're all feeling pretty low.
But the magic hasn't gone away.
It's still working.
You still believe?
I asked you for help with Jess, remember?
Because I thought she was lazy.
But she told me something
she's never told anybody.
Reading is really, really hard for her.
But now she's getting help.
Special classes after school.
And you know what? The
report is going to be great.
I'm doing the reading,
and she's doing these
beautiful illustrations.
Yeah, but you're still doing a ton of work.
But I don't mind.
Because Jess told me her secret,
and I helped her.
That's the real magic, isn't it?
Helping other people.
Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper.
"Trust in the truth will show itself."
Lori's absolutely right.
We've all got plenty to be cheerful about.
- I loved the pie.
- Oh, it was good, huh?
What is it?
If you're very, very quiet...
Do you hear that?
What? The rain?
No, listen carefully.
You can hear the garden grow.
But it's November.
I thought the growing season was over.
Always growing. Always changing.
George, do you mind walking the kids home?
I just, uh...
I'd like to talk to Cassie,
just the two of us, alone.
Sure thing.
Cassie, thanks but...
There. Maybe the image wasn't clear.
- But...
- I'll make you a deal.
Don't give up on that mirror and
I won't give up on Grey House.
We've got rain falling.
Yes, it's a bit romantic, isn't it, George?
I'm a little too old
for that kind of thing.
Some of the best things
bloom late in the season.
You know, I almost forgot,
would you mind stopping by
the nursery early in the
morning and picking up some
night flowering jasmine for me?
- Sure thing.
- Where are you sleeping tomorrow night, Cassie?
Well, there's a small
place over at my shop.
You could stay with me in my room.
Come here.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Let's go, kids.
- Thank you.
Good night.
So what did the lawyer
say about Nick's documents?
She said there's nothing she can do.
But we can.
Jake, I didn't want to say
this in front of the kids but...
But what?
When I was packing,
I noticed that my diary
had been tampered with.
Well, we can send it in for prints.
And do me a favor the next
time he has a cup of tea,
keep the cup and we'll send
that in for prints as well.
I'll put some mugwort
under my pillow tonight.
Dreams, Jake. I can go
anywhere in my dreams.
You know, between your amazing intuition...
And your forensic genius.
See, how did you know
I was going to say that?
It's all going to work out.
You know, this is not just
about losing the house.
I was so honored to be the
Grey Lady's great-great-
great-great... something.
And now everyone's saying she's a swindler.
Well, you're still great, Cassie.
And she wasn't a thief.
How do you know that?
Because good cops have
intuition of their own.
I love you.
Hmm. It really is a truth plant, huh?
I love you too.
- And I have to go.
- Okay.
Good night.
Good night, Jake.
Good night, Nick.
You're still here?
I was just about to leave.
I'll be back, though.
To remove all the things
that are going with me.
I'm leaving the plants.
Oh, please take them. I'm
not very good with plants.
- Sure, you are.
- No. Really.
I wouldn't know what to do with them.
But Nick, you just cultivate them the way
you've cultivated so many
friendships here in Middleton.
Cassie, I hope there are
no hard feelings about this.
Hard feelings.
What a phrase.
Feelings are tender. The
moment they become hard,
you're not really feeling anymore.
Brandon, we're going to be late for school!
Hi, Dad.
I was just, uh, checking
to see if I should shave.
So, uh,
you probably want to know
where I'm going tonight, right?
I trust you.
- Really?
- Really.
Since when?
Since a friend of mine helped me
see myself a little differently.
Come on down for breakfast.
Oh, Nick! Yoo-hoo!
Yoo-hoo! Hello!
I left you several messages
regarding the Bicentennial.
Yes, I was meaning to get back to you.
Oh well, we can discuss it
at this morning's meeting.
About that...
I was thinking you could
dress up as your ancestor,
Sea Captain Charles Hamblin.
Naval waistcoat. Powdered wig.
Oh, listen to me.
I imagine you're swimming in ideas
for the Bicentennial garden party.
And as the new owner of Grey House,
I suspect you'll be setting
a very different tone
than Ms. Nightingale did.
Something tasteful and worldly,
as opposed to otherworldly
if you know what I mean.
Well, Martha, this is where
we go our separate ways.
Oh, but the early bird
Bicentennial meeting?
Yes, unfortunately, other business
draws me away this morning.
Other business?
- I don't mean to pry but...
- Then don't.
Oh my...
Let me help you with that horse manure.
It's enriched topsoil.
Horse manure.
I'll bet you think I'm still
spreading it around, don't you?
I have noticed that the real gardeners
are the ones down here
when the store opens.
Mary and I were always up at dawn.
She used to say,
"The early bird catches the worm,
while the grub beetle, or the whitefly... "
- She was an avid gardener?
- Avid?
She was rabid.
Pests used to jump off the
leaves just to look at her.
How's Lori?
Oh, she couldn't be better.
The two of you seem very close.
I guess we are.
Sometimes I think it's
easier to talk to your grandpa
than to your own parent.
You listen to her.
People don't do that so much anymore.
- Really listen to children.
- Do you have grandchildren?
Two adorable twin boys.
But they live so far away,
out on the west coast.
Those two used to play
in my garden together.
They used to pick all my berries.
Lori too.
I call her my berry baby.
It's nice running into you, George.
Cassie sent me here to...
pick up a plant.
What's so funny?
She's quite a lady.
She's probably expecting me, but uh...
I have a feeling she wouldn't mind
if I asked you out for a cup of coffee.
Would you join me?
- I've got it!
- What?
The big event we need
for our history report.
The blizzard of 1816.
Lori, that's it!
That's how this thing saved his life.
He had a vegetable garden.
Without the garden,
he would have died of
starvation that winter.
See if you can find any more books
about the weather that winter.
Find anything?
Hmm, no.
Lori, what are you doing?
Just digging a little deeper.
This is amazing!
What is it?
It's a book of stories
by Elizabeth Merriwick.
The Grey Lady.
"For all the children of Middleton,
from your friend, The Grey Lady."
He joined the Bicentennial
committee to gain access
to the Historical Society Library.
He used old land records
to fake his documents.
- You're sure they're fake?
- I had a hunch.
So I sent the documents to a lab.
Do you know why Nick was
asking about your taxes?
He wanted to know the total
cost to take over your property.
Things are adding up.
Yeah, but will it be enough,
and in time to stop this?
Selling Grey House.
I guess he wasn't so proud
of his legacy after all.
Yeah, and he claimed to love Middleton.
I've been investigating some
recent real estate fraud.
All the cases used the same method.
What method?
The suspect would show up
with a prior chain of title,
take over the deed for next
to nothing sound familiar?
Yeah, and then he turns around and sells
the property to developers.
Develop Grey House? Into what?
Well, a farmhouse was knocked
down to make room for a strip mall.
It won't happen, Cassie.
We won't let him sell.
I'll get an injunction.
It's hard enough to
think of losing your home,
- the thought...
- Listen, no matter what happens, you have a home.
With me, and Lori and Brandon
and George.
My home.
It could be your home too.
- Dad!
- Hi.
We made a big discovery at the library!
Jake, it's a book by Elizabeth
Merriwick, the Grey Lady.
There's lots of stories
about her sea captain.
It looks like it's all
about Charles Hamblin.
There might be something in there
that contradicts Nick's
claim to Grey House.
- It contradicts everything.
- How's that?
Well, the stories in here about
the sea captain are just that,
stories. It's a work of fiction.
Good job.
Mr. Chasen.
Who gave you the right?
Maybe I should read you your rights.
The documents about your claim to
Grey House are forgeries, aren't they?
- Of course not.
- They look better than the real thing.
Your chain of title had a few rusty links.
Could we discuss this in the parlor?
It's getting a little hot in here.
Perhaps you should be
making these accusations
through an attorney.
I wanted to give you a chance to, uh,
speak for yourself.
You're too kind.
Jake, would you move the Veritas
out of the sun?
I'll be blunt.
Show me your evidence or hit the road.
Exhibit A.
The tales of Captain Hamblin.
Lots of people write stories
about people they know.
They're fiction.
Means your claim to Grey House is fiction.
Let me tell you a story, Nick.
It's about a guy who thought
that he could use chemicals
to age title documents.
But there was this cop who took
those title documents to a lab.
Now it took an expert forensic
chemist, but guess what he found?
I have no idea.
Superstitious, Nick?
- I think you should both leave.
- Before you call the police?
You ever heard of a guy
named Charlie Higgins?
- Never.
- Tom Brack?
- Nope.
- I think you have.
Because it's you.
You've been pulling the same crime
all over the state using different names.
- Nonsense.
- You can change your name,
you can change your address,
you can even change your looks, but you
can't change your fingerprints, Nick.
You don't own Grey House, do you?
The truth, Nick.
Have it your way.
At least let me get changed.
- Oh, oh.
- Jake.
Every man has a right to change.
What are you going to do?
You've hurt a lot of people, Nick.
And I can't let you continue.
You're not going to stop me.
No, she won't. But I will, Nick.
You know, I've got a half
dozen people in this state
that are willing to testify about
the things you've done wrong.
I am going... That plant... I'm
going to sue you for damages!
I gave you enough rope.
You're the one who tied
yourself up in knots.
"It's on today at 4.
Be there!
Steve & Duke."
You know, I think we
should take up gardening.
Yeah, sure. That would be nice.
Oh, good. We'll hire someone tomorrow.
There you are!
You know, I knew that man was
trouble the moment I laid eyes on him.
Really? Most everyone thought
that Nick was terrific.
- And that I was the problem.
- Oh, really?
I have to admit,
you have done a beautiful
job with this party.
Thank you, Martha.
But please keep your comments to a minimum.
After all, the fireworks are set for 7.
Well, Martha, I will follow your example
and I will try not to talk too much.
- It's gonna be great!
- I know.
Hey, guys. What are you doing?
Waiting for you.
You're gonna light a fire?
We're gonna throw them up in
the air when they're dancing.
And then they'll really be dancing.
- We might get caught.
- How?
It's gonna be a stampede, like a riot.
- A laugh riot.
- What if somebody gets hurt?
Look, I'm not asking you. I'm telling you.
So do it or you're out.
Man... I told you not to
trust some stupid cop's kid.
You know what?
My dad's a good guy.
And he's a lot smarter than you morons.
Brandon, Steve, Duke...
Just the three I was looking for.
I see you like firecrackers.
Well, the fireworks are starting soon,
and I need three men to help
keep the kids at a safe distance.
- Us?
- It's a big responsibility.
But you'll be closer to
the action than anyone else.
Check in with Mayor Tinsdale.
So, did you take a good
long look at yourself?
I liked what I saw.
- I love your corsage.
- Thanks. Cassie gave it to me yesterday.
It doesn't wilt.
- You girls look awfully cute.
- Adorable.
Oh, and look at those two.
- George.
- You're a pretty good dancer, George.
Flattery will get you everywhere.
A man who can garden and dance?
And cook.
Just ask the girls in your
Garden Club. I'm quite a catch.
Where's that granddaughter of yours?
Speak to the angel.
- Guess what.
- What?
We spoke to Mr. Bartlett,
our history teacher. And...
- We both got "A's!"
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- That's so good.
Look how beautiful!
Ladies and gentlemen of
Middleton, honored guests,
I want to thank you for coming by to visit
the oldest home in Middleton, Grey House.
It was built by a remarkable woman
and I'm honored to stand here
200 years later and call it my home.
I intend to give it all the love and care
that I possibly can so
that 200 years from tonight,
others will stand here and say, as we do,
"What a wonderful home."
I want to extend a special thank you
to each and every citizen of Middleton
for pulling together and
donating what they could
so that we could have our grand finale.
- So generous.
- Girls.
"Ladies and gentlemen."
A little bit louder.
"The best place
for the f...
for the fireworks
is on the south lawn!"
Bravo! Bravo!
Shall we go to the south lawn?
Cassie, you're quite a host.
It's the guests who make the party.
You always seem to have
the right words to say.
Oh, thank you.
Do you mind if we watch from here?
I like my fireworks from a distance.
They look like little spring flowers.
Yeah. Sure.
So, do you think it was
a lucky chain of events?
Yeah, that the whole
town came together to pay
for these fireworks, after
Nick ruined our plans.
Well, maybe that was the plan.
I might have a trick
of my own up my sleeve.
Open it.
Marry me?
I hope the magic never fades.
It won't.
Trust me.