The Good Witch's Gift (2010) Movie Script

- Hi.
- Hi.
Derek? I'm just doing a
little window shopping.
I'll be back in around 20.
No rush, Chief. There's not much going on.
What about a blue cashmere scarf, Derek?
Oh, thanks, Chief!
But won't it clash with my uniform?
For Cassie.
Otherwise I pretty much have
my Christmas shopping done.
What about jewellery, Derek?
I mean, Cassie's tastes
aren't exactly traditional.
Ah, you're right.
What do you get a woman
who can conjure up anything?
Derek, I think I see someone.
I'll catch you later.
Chief Russell!
Hello, sweetheart.
Hi, you looking for someone?
I thought I saw someone who I...
knew, but...
Well, this is the season
to reach out to old friends.
Aren't you cold?
Oh, no, I just came out
to check my window display.
Doesn't that make you want to step inside?
- When did you get the automatic doors?
- I didn't.
Can you do that in uniform?
I'm the chief, I can do whatever I want.
In that case, do it again.
I've decided. The wedding
should be in April.
Hmm... April can be very unpredictable.
- So can you.
- Hmm, I suppose.
But when it comes to Christmas,
I can be very traditional.
Oh, I love the season.
Can't say the same for
everybody in my house.
You know, Christmas
really hasn't been the same
since Jenny passed away.
Yeah, they miss their mom.
I got my Christmas shopping done.
Except for you.
I have the only gift I need.
You're my bride to be, this
has to be the perfect gift.
What's this?
An astrological calendar.
For this year.
There's two weeks left.
People have a lot to do in these two weeks.
Tell me about it.
Why don't you keep it?
Jake, it's not your only gift,
just think of it as a stocking stuffer.
Thank you.
So? Any luck?
Oh, no, but I should have
a positive ID any minute now
if it's who I think it is.
No, I meant did you find
something for Cassie?
Oh, no, not yet.
It's gotta be the best Christmas gift ever.
Well, yeah, she is your fiance.
It's not that, Derek, it's...
Cassie spent a lot of sad Christmas
mornings at that foster home.
Maybe when you two
finally pick a wedding date
next year will be a little different.
We've been trying to pick
a wedding date for months.
Give me this.
Jake, how are you going to
find a wedding date next year?
This is this year's calendar.
Leon Deeks.
Leon Deeks.
In a message from State Prison,
"Leon Deeks was released from
federal prison two days ago".
I knew that's who I saw.
Served 10 years out of a 15 year sentence.
How do you know this guy?
Do you remember the Shelbyville
National Bank robbery?
- I remember hearing about it.
- He was the robber.
What do you think he's doing here?
I think he's either here to
visit his ex-wife and daughter
who still live in Middleton,
Or what?
After the robbery, I was
the one who arrested him
and sent him to prison.
"Whoa" is right.
Let's take a drive through town.
See if he's still window shopping.
How much did Deeks walk away with?
Still missing.
Are you alright?
That wind, it just loves
to open and close my door.
- Who are you?
- I'm Cassie Nightingale.
The proprietor. Welcome.
So, uh, you did all this?
Excuse me?
All this work. It's so broken down.
Oh, yeah, I suppose it was pretty run down.
I was just glad I was able
to give it a second chance.
I love second chances, don't you?
I don't know. I'm still
waiting for my first.
- Are you from around here?
- I used to be.
Then maybe you know my
fianc, Jake Russell?
Yeah, Chief Russell. Yeah, we go way back.
Are you hunting for anything in particular?
- Huh?
- In the shop?
Uh, what's that back there? Feathers?
Peacock feathers. Just got them in.
I'll just be a minute,
they're still in the box.
Feel free to look around!
Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas, over there!
Here we go...
Merry Christmas.
Well, look who's finally
decided to emerge from his room!
Hey, Grandpa.
Tinsel or no tinsel this year?
You decide.
You... you're going to help
me decorate, aren't you?
Uh, no, I'm headed out
to a movie with my...
We'll be grabbing pizza later.
- I guess your dad knows?
- Of course.
I'm outta here. Back before 10:00.
- See ya.
- Well, Lori,
looks like it's you and me tonight.
Dad's going out with Cassie, so...
How about you and I stir up
a batch of Christmas cookies?
Christmas cookies?
You know the little round ones you like
with the powdered sugar?
Sorry, I'm going to a sleepover with Amy.
- Didn't Dad tell you?
- Oh... no.
No, he didn't.
Oh, there's my ride.
Resolved that Betty will
repaint her business sign
out by the highway.
But I need that sign for
my bakery to do business!
Uh-uh, ASAP, Betty.
We want the holiday shoppers visiting town
to feel good about Middleton.
It's all about the
gracious, traditional image
that we want to project.
But your slogan?
"Turn left for the best
sticky buns in the state!"
- Ugh!
- Well, they are...
It's just so tacky.
After all, Middleton is not a truck stop!
So, if there is no further business,
everyone have a very merry Christmas,
the happiest of holidays,
etcetera, etcetera, and so forth.
This session of the
Middleton Citizen's League
is hereby adjourned!
Have you thought about my proposal?
About Cassie Nightingale?
Inviting her to join the Citizen's League?
Oh, my dear Gwen.
I thought you were joking!
Oh, Martha?
Oh, hello, Mr. Mayor.
- Gwen.
- Hello, dear.
I love my new gavel! A
little present to myself.
Martha, walk with me a minute.
Oh, well, you'll have to walk quickly.
I'm late for my mani-pedi.
Martha, this isn't easy for me to say.
I just finished talking
with our business manager.
- It's about our real estate investments.
- What about them?
They failed.
What do you mean?
We've lost everything.
- Not the Orlando condo?
- Everything.
Martha, we're broke. All our money is gone.
How can that be?
We're not destitute. I still
have my mayor's salary, our house.
But there will have to be some changes.
Oh, Tom...
You know how I hate changes!
Well, for a start...
you have to get a job.
A jo...
- What about the Citizen's League?
- A paying job.
Until we get back on our feet.
I don't understand! How
could this have happened?
What's happened to a lot of people.
We'll pull through.
And we'll talk more tonight, okay?
Oh, and Martha?
Until further notice,
please do your own nails.
I wonder if we're going to get
a white Christmas this year.
- I hope not.
- How come?
I mean, why waste a perfectly good snow day
when we're going to be off school anyway?
Think the stores will
be open after the movie?
I want to get my mom
something different this year.
Any ideas?
A snow shovel?
Hello, Jake.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
What a nice surprise.
Well, speaking of surprises,
- I've got one for you.
- Hmm!
- Have a seat.
- Okay.
I got your Christmas gift.
Jake, I already told you, you
don't have to give me anything.
No, you gave me this calendar,
and I've been looking at it,
and I decided one gift deserves another.
So this is the most exciting
gift that I can imagine.
Well, I could do with a little excitement.
My bed and breakfast gets
very quiet over the holidays.
I want to give you a family for Christmas.
What do you mean?
I mean let's get married.
I think I already said yes.
No, I mean now.
Jake Russell, when did
you get so spontaneous?
The day that I decided
you were the one for me.
Oh, maybe my personality
is rubbing off on you.
Come on, we've been trying
to set a date for this wedding
for months and something
always gets in the way.
What was the excuse last time?
Mercury in retrograde.
Okay, well, the calendar
that you gave me says...
"This is the perfect time
to forge new partnerships
and initiate long-term plans".
Does it really say all that? Hmm...
Jake, Christmas is only seven days away.
Not on Christmas.
On Christmas Eve.
Pull a wedding together in six days?
We'll get everybody to chip in.
Oh, so little time, so much fun.
Cassie, I want you to
wake up Christmas morning
with the family you've always wanted.
We're going to put the
magic back in Christmas
for you and the kids and George,
and on Christmas morning we'll
wake up one, big, happy family.
We have some news.
We finally set a date for the wedding!
When is it going to be?
Christmas Eve.
- That's great!
- That's um...
Yeah, six days, I know.
Is it going to be at Grey House?
I would think Grey House is
going to be a little too cozy
for our guests.
We wouldn't want to leave anyone out.
Uh... can you get it together that fast?
We're going to need everyone's help.
Starting right now.
Who wants to help me do some baking?
I do!
How 'bout you, George?
Uh, I'm feeling a little tired.
I think I'll take a nap.
It's going to be a perfect wedding.
- Yeah.
- A magical wedding.
Come on!
I'm afraid we might need more than magic.
I think we may need a miracle.
Hmm, well, fortunately this
is the season of miracles.
Thank you. No, I tried to object, Gwen.
Martha can't tell me what
to paint on my own sign.
Well, I'm just about...
I'm going to call you back later.
Hello, Martha.
- Coffee?
- Actually, that's not why I'm here.
Martha, I told you... I just
can't afford to re-paint my sign.
Whatever you think best.
Um... okay. Then...
what can I do for you?
I've decided to take a more...
hands-on approach to
helping our community.
How do you mean?
Well, I thought I could start right here.
Perhaps as a hostess,
welcoming people as they enter.
Are you asking me for a job?
In a manner of speaking.
I simply thought that with the holidays,
you might use a little assistance.
You know, I might have an opening.
Why don't you just let me
talk to Marty in the kitchen.
In the kitchen? Oh, no, no, no!
I thought something perhaps that
would showcase my people skills!
Such as a hostess!
Leon Deeks was about to
rob that cash register
until my wife threw her hip into it.
Martha... stopped a robbery with her hips?
I hope you're not joking, Deputy,
because this is no laughing matter.
I'm aware that Leon Deeks
is back in Middleton, Mayor Tinsdale.
What are you doing about it?
Well, first of all, we're
going to have to talk with
all the business owners in Middleton.
We do not want a repeat of
that Shelbyville Bank job
10 years ago.
No, sir, we do not.
That's why I'm keeping my eye on him.
24/7, Jake.
This town is flush with holiday cash.
For the next week,
Leon Deeks is your one and only priority.
A DJ for the reception?
What sort of music?
All sorts!
Yeah, that's right,
and any Christmas carols you can dance to.
Thank you!
Ah, dried sage, sprinkled sea salt...
spirit stones...
Hello, Derek.
You working on a potion?
No, making a list for the ceremony.
Well, just here on orders from the chief.
Going up and down the block.
Making sure that all
the shop keepers are...
being extra careful.
Hmm, is there cause for alarm?
No, just better to be safe than sorry.
Plus, it gets me out of the office.
And you can do your Christmas shopping.
Is there someone special
you're buying for this year?
A young lady, perhaps?
I wish.
You do? Hmm...
How can I help you with that?
Got a sister?
No, I'm afraid I don't.
Well, maybe I'll write a letter to Santa.
Now, that's the spirit.
Oh, and Derek, don't forget my pie plates.
I need them back.
So I can cook you up something new.
There you are!
Come help me decorate the tree.
Mom, why did you waste
your money on that thing?
Because it's Christmas.
Why don't you put the star on top?
Remember that?
How could I forget?
You made that when you were five years old.
With a lot of love.
Life was pretty nice back then.
A long time ago.
Merry Christmas, Ruth.
How you doing, angel?
You're so big.
Last time I saw you...
You were sentenced to 15 years?
Why are you here?
Well, I'm out.
Got five years off for good behaviour.
Why are you here?
Why not? We're family, right?
We were.
Look, Ruth, that was a low
blow sending me divorce papers
while I was stuck in the pen.
But I forgive you.
You forgive me?
And to prove it,
I'm going to make this the biggest,
best Christmas our little girl ever had.
Jodi, if you could have
anything, anything at all...
what would it be?
I... I don't know.
Keep thinking about it
cause I'm getting it for you.
You are out of my life,
and I am going to make
sure you stay out of Jodi's
- if I have to take you to court to do it.
- Mom!
- Hey, she's my daughter, too, alright?
- No.
Get out.
At least let the kid decide for herself.
Get out and don't you ever come back.
Oh, which of these
invitations do you prefer?
Uh, which one do you like?
- That one.
- Me, too.
And I have to run to the florist.
There's been a run on poinsettias,
but I think I can swing it.
We have a bigger problem than that.
I know, the golf course
and the VFW turned us down.
Cause they were both
nine months in advance.
But I think it'll all work out in the end.
Cassie, it's not about the venue.
It's about the marriage license.
They have new I.D. requirements,
and some of your records don't exist.
Yes, I suppose I have had a chequered past.
Well, I'm looking for the
court documents, but...
six days till Christmas and with
people gone for the holidays...
What are you saying?
I'm saying that unless we can prove
that you're Cassandra Nightingale...
We might have to postpone the wedding.
Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas.
Thank you very much.
Have you got all your
Christmas shopping done?
- Hello, Merry Christmas!
- Hi!
Hello, Betty.
Can I help you?
Um, I'm just looking.
Let me know if you need anything.
What are you doing?
People come into the store
so stressed this time of year,
a little incense helps lighten the energy.
You know what? It smells really familiar.
Almost smells like...
Like what?
Like my apple ginger pie.
How is that even possible?
Oh, you'd be surprised at what's possible.
You know, I'm a big
fan of that pie of yours
and about a dozen other
things on your menu.
I was wondering if...
if you could cater my wedding.
When is your big day?
Uh, Christmas Eve?
That's a tall order.
But I'd love to.
Oh, I know how busy you
are this time of year.
Yeah, this season it's
always rush, rush, rush.
Right up until Christmas
finally arrives and
I can go home and relax
in my easy chair all day.
Oh, wow!
God that sparkles!
Oh yeah, I placed that there
to take advantage of the light.
Try it on.
Me? Oh, no, I...
I'm not really the type to wear jewellery.
Are you sure?
You know, I should probably
get back to the bake shop.
Merry Christmas, Martha.
What? Oh,
yes, I suppose it is.
Oh, and be sure to send me your
wedding menu as soon as you can.
I will.
Hello, Martha.
Miss Nightingale...
I have been
in and out of every shop on this street.
Oh, and not one bag to show for it!
Oh, I haven't been buying, I've been...
I've been so busy.
With the Citizen's League and the
Christmas Decorating Committee and
of course the Heritage Society, although,
thank goodness that's winding
down now for the holidays.
Well, you know, I've been busy, too.
I guess you heard the good news.
- The wedding. Congratulations!
- Yeah.
Thank you. I hope you can make it,
I know it's very last minute.
And Christmas Eve.
The Mayor and I have several
long standing social obligations.
You understand.
Well, it would mean a lot
to me if you could be there.
You really know how to make
a party come alive, Martha.
I do?
Yes, I suppose I do.
Make a party.
So can I count you in, then?
Jake Russell.
What, no backup?
Tough guy.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah, go ahead talk.
What are you doing in Middleton?
I'm visiting my family.
You remember? The ones who have been
without a husband and a
father for the past 10 years?
- Thanks to you.
- I didn't rob a bank.
Still haven't found the money.
I told them where I hid that money.
It's in a warehouse in Shelbyville.
- Wasn't there.
- No?
It's not really the money that's
bothering you, is it, Chief?
What's bothering you is
the family you destroyed.
My family.
You did that on your own, Leon.
I was doing my duty.
Don't give me a reason to
send you back there again.
Yeah, don't worry about me, Jake.
Worry about yourself.
Oh, thank you!
Mom's been kind of wired lately.
Maybe something to help
her, you know... chill.
Spa in a box.
Lavender bath oils, relaxing facial,
and magnetic stones to
place on her pressure points.
I've got it!
I've got it!
Got what, Martha? The Christmas spirit?
No, no, no, no! My new career.
I'm going to be a personal
wedding planner, and
you are my very first client.
Well, that is very
thoughtful of you, Martha.
I'll handle it all. Music,
menu, colour scheme...
From your, wait for it,
12 drummers drumming,
to your partridge in a pear tree.
That sounds like you
have some very big plans.
They have to be big!
I expect potential clients to take notice
and hire me for future events!
Now, for the seven swans a-swimming,
I was thinking... ice sculptures!
You know, I don't want
to dampen your enthusiasm,
- but how much is this going to cost?
- Not a penny.
I intend on working gratis.
It's only fair. It is my vision, after all.
Well, I have a vision, too.
So maybe we could have
a meeting of the minds.
Well, then, you need to make
some decisions immediately!
Luckily, I brought swatches.
By the way,
I would keep my eye on her if I were you.
I believe she's Leon Deeks' daughter.
If you know what I mean.
Hey, guys!
Hi, Lori!
Dad wants you to sign these so
he can get the marriage license.
Something about permission to
search for your birth records?
Getting married sure is complicated.
It takes so many people to
make it all come together.
would you look after this?
This is the ring
your father's going to
give me in the ceremony.
It belonged to my mother.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, it's one of the few
things I have of my mother's.
So I need you to take very good
care of it until the wedding.
You can count on me.
Oh, in that case, would you
watch the store for one minute?
I've got to run down and
pick up my wedding dress.
Dress? Oh, it has to be white!
It can't be off-white!
We can't have you clashing
with the ice sculptures!
She acts like she's
the one getting married.
Okay. I think my mom's
really going to like this.
Speaking of gifts,
what are we going to
get Cassie for Christmas?
I don't know. She's so amazing,
the gift has to be amazing, too.
Hey, Jodi, any ideas for my new...
Where'd she go?
She must have stepped out.
Brandon, where's the ring?!
Beats me.
I left it right here on the counter!
It's gotta be here someplace, okay?
Where? It couldn't just disappear!
We've got to find it.
What are we going to tell Cassie?
We're not going to tell Cassie!
She's got enough on her
mind. Just... keep looking!
Oh! Hi, Brandon!
Hi, Jodi.
what are you doing here?
I was just, uh...
going for a walk. You guys been shopping?
Yeah, I got my mom that spa in the box.
I was all set to buy it when
I saw her outside the shop.
So I cleared out fast.
Better go hide this under my bed.
Bye, Brandon.
I know why you're here.
You came over to accuse
Jodi of taking the ring.
Thought maybe she stole it, right?
Because of who her dad is?
Lori, I want to find it, too...
- Brandon, I...
You're as bad as Martha Tinsdale!
What's wrong, honey?
What do you mean?
Well, for one thing, you
haven't complained once
about doing all this
Christmas shopping with me.
- I got a lot of things on my mind.
- The wedding.
That and what happens after.
I'm moving out.
To make room for the newlyweds.
George, you're such a romantic.
That's why I fell for you.
This is your chance to start a new life.
Ask yourself, "What does
George O'Hanrahan want?"
More than anything?
To put these packages down.
My arms are killing me.
Well, why don't you lug them to my place?
- And I'll put on a pot of coffee?
- You're on.
Let's get this stuff under the tree.
I don't have a tree.
You know I'm leaving
for San Diego tomorrow.
You had to remind me.
- You don't want me to go?
- That's not what I meant.
I know how important
this trip is to you, Gwen.
Well, you're important to me,
too, George. You know that.
It's just...
It wouldn't be Christmas
without my grandchildren.
You understand.
I do, I really do.
I love Christmas with my grandkids.
Then what are you saying?
I'm going to miss you, Gwen.
Oh, I'm going to miss you, too.
But I'll be back before you can blink.
Just in time for a happy new year.
- Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas, thank you very much.
- Honey, have you got a problem?
- Yeah.
- What's wrong?
- Well,
I lost Cassie's wedding ring.
- You... you did?
- And I think
Brandon's friend Jodi knows where it is.
Why would she know?
Because she was right next
to it when it disappeared!
And I never said she stole it!
I just wanted to talk to her about it.
But now Brandon acts like
I hate her or something!
And I don't hate her, but...
What if she does have the
ring? I need to get it back!
Alright, what did Cassie say?
Well, you can't tell Cassie!
Alright. Well, I'll, uh...
I'll talk to Brandon.
Well, maybe he'll listen to you.
He sure doesn't listen to me.
Alright, it's going to be okay.
You go home, okay? Your
dad's got work to do.
Do you think we'll find it?
Oh, we'll give it our best shot.
- It's a steal.
- What?
The scented shaving soap.
It's only $4.99.
That is what you were
looking at, wasn't it?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Here, take a whiff.
That's not bad.
Sandalwood. Very popular with family men.
The women in their lives just love it.
Oh, that's not for sale.
It's for the Santa who rings
the bell outside my shop.
I don't see him. Where is he now?
Carl's got a touch of the flu.
Children's fund is going to
miss out on all those donations.
Yeah, well, things are tough all over.
I'm surprised you never
noticed Santa before.
Especially since you spend so
much time in this part of town.
I've been out and
around... window shopping.
Got a lot of time on my hands these days.
You know, with all that extra time,
why don't you make good use of it?
All the kids will love you.
You gotta be kidding...
It'll be a wonderful way
to show people you care.
And since you'd be right outside,
you can pop in anytime and warm
up with a cup of my mulled cider.
I wonder if it fits.
Looking at you,
I would say it's a perfect fit.
Brandon, may I have a
word with you, please?
Soon as I finish this level.
I was just about to
show Brandon how to make
a customized Christmas ornament for Jodi.
Well, I'd just like to have a word with him
before the two of you get started.
You want the old man to take a hike.
It's what I need, a hike.
Why are you angry with your sister?
Cause she accused Jodi of being a thief!
According to Lori, she
never said a word to Jodi.
She was going to.
I guess Lori thinks that
just because Jodi's dad
robbed a bank it runs in the family.
Well, Lori's very upset.
About the ring and you.
And Brandon, Jodi was
right beside that ring
when it disappeared.
You know, the whole town's against her.
They think she's some sort of gangster.
I expect this from Martha Tinsdale.
Not from my own father.
- Later.
- Hey, Brandon...
Hi, uh...
maybe this isn't the best time.
No, there's no time like the present.
Alright, well, uh...
I have the flow of the ceremony.
I have to get a copy of this
to the minister, except...
Except what?
Well, I'm having trouble finding one.
Sometimes I wonder if all
of this is going to work out.
Oh, it will. Trust me!
We'll find a minister and a venue,
and we'll get our license.
No, not that, Cassie.
I got Brandon mad at me,
he's fighting with his sister.
Lori's upset.
And George...
he's feeling like he just
wants to get away from us all.
I just want to give
everyone a family Christmas.
It's hard to have a family Christmas
when you don't have a happy
family to celebrate it.
Hi, thank you.
Oh, wow, so many gifts!
Well, it is a wedding shower, right?
Betty, I just, I can't thank you enough.
Oh. Wait till you try your wedding cake.
Oh, that reminds me!
You're going to have to sample
some of that sparkling wine
before I order it.
Betty, um...
Every woman deserves a
little sparkle in her life.
I want you to have this.
A gift? Cassie, I couldn't...
Oh, look at all those
gifts. You deserve one, too.
It is pretty, but...
It's not really my style.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Try it for a few days,
and if you don't like it, I'll exchange it.
You don't have to do that.
Customer satisfaction is my priority.
If you insist.
- I'll go get the wine.
- Okay.
Season's greetings!
Oh, well, fashionably late, as usual.
- Martha, you shouldn't have.
- What?
I didn't. Your gift is on back order.
Partridges in a pear tree!
Wow. Do we need that?
Oh, we need several of
them. One for each table.
Oh, even the menu isn't that grand, Martha.
Yeah, Betty's right.
I ordered comfort food.
Oh, wedding's aren't about
comfort, for goodness sake.
If they were, people would be
getting married all the time.
Oh, I ordered your cake.
Five tiers!
Oh, uh...
Betty's doing the cake.
Oh! Really?
What kind?
Well, we decided perhaps
a yellow sheet cake.
Sheet cake?
Oh, my dear Betty.
Cassie's cake has to be at
least as tall as the pear trees.
Am I right?
Why don't we let Betty do the cake?
I see.
Well, it's your funeral.
Oops, I mean wedding.
Martha, I so appreciate all you've done.
Do you? Do any of you?
I had a vision.
Nine ladies dancing, eight
lords a-leaping, and...
Well, a sheet cake would just
compromise the entire affair.
I mean, who would hire
me after that got around?
Nope, I'm afraid that I am
going to have to bow out.
I'm sorry to hear that, Martha.
Well, I couldn't have attended anyway.
I have a previous engagement!
Ho, ho, ho.
Ooh, you're feeling jolly as well, huh?
How can we have a Merry Christmas
if everyone's so miserable?
- Well, my family anyway.
- Hmm.
Including you?
Guess so.
I don't have the...
A dress.
For the wedding.
The one I wanted was too small.
Well, why don't we have it let out?
We're all constantly growing.
Aren't we, Lori?
Yeah, what's the rate on that room?
That much? Um...
Nothing lower?
I thought for some reason, um,
rooms would be lower in Montreal.
I guess not.
Brandon. I didn't hear you come in.
Yeah, um, a friend of mine
has a restaurant up there.
I thought I'd go for...
For a visit.
A long visit.
- Hello?
- Mrs. Deeks, hi, I'm Cassie Nightingale.
- We spoke on the phone?
- Of course, please come in.
Rumour has it you're the best
seamstress in all of Middleton.
Thank you.
I have a little emergency.
Can you let this out two inches?
It's a very delicate material.
- Is there enough fabric?
- Let me see.
- Yes, I can do it.
- Oh, you're a life saver!
Listen, I know you have
this colour thread upstairs.
If you want to wait, it'll
only take a few minutes.
- Perfect!
- Please make yourself at home.
Sorry, I heard voices and thought...
No, it's just me.
Your mom's fixing a dress for me.
She is going to love that spa in a box.
Oh, yes! You know what?
I forgot to give you
something the other day.
A coin?
It's a gift.
A dollar.
- Thanks.
- It's a silver dollar.
Is it worth more than a regular dollar?
Well, that depends on how you spend it.
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas, Middleton!
Merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho... oh!
That's the spirit.
And a prosperous new year to you.
And to all of us.
It's only two days till Christmas,
and I still don't know what to get you.
That's okay.
I was going to make you
this Christmas ornament,
but... pretty lame, huh?
I'm sure I'd like just about
anything if it came from you.
Yeah, but...
What do you really want?
I, uh... don't think there's much chance
I'll get what I really want for Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho!
Happy holidays to you!
Oh, thank you.
Got any change?
Just this.
Oh, nice coin.
What's it worth?
A dollar?
Maybe it's worth something.
I don't know.
Maybe it'll make somebody have
a better Christmas than me.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Mommy, there's Santa!
Can we please say hi to Santa?
What a sweet family.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
Merry Christmas!
Thanks, Santa. See ya.
- Bye, Santa!
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Yes, I'm making truffles
for the wedding guests.
So if you could just double that order...
Yes, I know it is a lot of chocolate
but as I always say,
you can never have too much love
or chocolate.
Oh, thank you so much.
Hello, Derek.
- Hi.
- Keeping our streets safe?
Thanks to you.
Getting Leon in a Santa suit?
How did you manage to do that?
Never underestimate the magic of Santa.
- I have your pie plates.
- Oh,
- how'd you like the mince pie?
- Loved it.
Well, I'm ready for my next treat.
Evening, ma'am.
Oh, Deputy, it's me. Betty.
Listen, I wanted to
ask you about your cake.
Which frosting?
Oh, yes, it's going to be beautiful.
But I want to know which flavour.
No, I meant you!
Oh, well... thank you!
You know, after a day
of wearing this necklace,
I just had to go buy a
new dress to go with it.
And then I had to buy new
shoes to go with the new dress,
and then I got a new haircut
to match my new outfit,
and before I knew it,
I had a total make-over.
It's amazing how this little necklace
inspired a whole new me.
Not new.
The outer sparkle just helped
your inner sparkle shine through.
I'll say.
I'll say chocolate frosting.
Not that it's my cake, but,
you know, I'm sure
whatever cake you make is...
is going to be great.
Thank you, Derek.
Um... I'm going to go back to my bake shop.
I'll, uh, I'll walk you.
Say, what are you doing Christmas Day?
Cassie, you're really
doing a good job on those.
Thank you.
Mmm, thanks.
I got our wedding license.
What?! That's terrific! Really?
- How?
- I just told the county clerk
that you'd been paying
state and federal taxes
under the name Cassandra
Nightingale for years
and that if it was good enough
for the Internal Revenue Service
then who were they to say otherwise?
Brilliant! We're on a roll!
Now all we have to do is figure
out a place to have the wedding.
Well, what happened to the garden club?
Well, they won't let us use
their solarium for the wedding.
Something about the
body heat from the guests
wilting the lilies.
That's ridiculous!
Well, they've got a point.
You and I have a way of
raising the temperature all by ourselves.
lighten up!
Sorry, it's just...
It's Christmas.
Everything's either booked
or closed for the holidays.
Well, not to worry.
I have a plan.
Yeah, you always do.
I also have our minister.
He's happy to drive down from Lakeville.
Apparently he and George go way back.
Yeah, George...
He's talking about moving.
To Montreal.
He's got a friend that
owns a restaurant there.
What? But...
You and the kids have to get together
and figure out a way to talk him out of it.
Cassie, we're not even talking.
Well, I've got to get back to work.
Why don't you stop for a cup of
coffee on your way to keep warm?
What's that smile about?
I just remembered that I'm
marrying you on Christmas Eve.
Just a coffee, please.
Just the usual, Chief Russell?
Yes. The, uh...
Is this seat taken?
It is now, I guess.
You can't still be mad at me.
Why not?
You still think Jodi's a thief.
I never said that.
It's tough on Jodi.
She has such a big heart.
She hides it cause she
has this rep around school.
All because her dad was in prison.
You know, I was beginning
to think that you were
very close-minded. But you're not.
Not when it comes to your friend.
She's funny. And fun, you know?
The things she says,
the way she dresses.
She's different.
In a good way.
That's why I like her so much.
Who does that remind you of?
Your friend, Jodi.
She sounds an awful lot like
the woman that I'm gonna marry.
For all the same reasons.
Christmas special?
They, uh... top it with
red and green sprinkles.
Well, you let me pay for that.
Cassie already did.
She sent me down here.
Said I deserved a treat.
So, what brings you here, George?
My feet.
I was just out for a long walk,
and I thought I'd knock on your door.
Is this herbal tea?
No, something stronger. Irish breakfast.
Oh. How'd you guess Mr. O'Hanrahan
would be paying you a visit?
I always feel welcome here.
Hmm, Grey House.
Dear old Grey House.
Something wrong, Cassie?
Oh, it's just an old house
and it needs a lot of TLC.
It's a big responsibility.
Well, you're up to it.
After the wedding, Jake and I
will be staying at his house,
and I can't be two places at once.
Are you sure?
Now, George...
Hmm... maybe running a B&B is...
a hands-on job.
And half the time I won't be here.
Oh, I want to hold on to Grey House, but...
But without the B&B income,
I'm just not so sure anymore.
Ah, but I've been doing
all the talking. So...
is there something on your mind?
Oh, nothing.
It's funny how, uh...
a long walk sometimes will clear your mind.
Want a cup of coffee, Chief?
No, thanks.
Are you sure? You look a little tired.
I'm fine.
- You working overtime?
- Yeah.
You've been out here almost every day.
Yeah, that's right.
Except tomorrow.
Cause you're getting married.
I got that covered, too, Leon.
Yeah, I bet you do.
Well, we'll see you around, huh?
Ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!
Thank you very much.
Got the dress! It's all fixed up!
And ready for the big night.
Oh. Thanks.
It's not about the dress, is it?
Lori, you can tell me anything.
I don't have the ring.
I lost it. You gave it to
me, you trusted me, and...
I let you down.
Oh, honey. No tears.
But you told me it belonged to your mother.
You said it was all you had
left from your old family!
I have my memories.
And those can never be lost.
And now,
I have my new family, too.
So let me tell you something
about that old ring.
It has a mind of its own.
I've misplaced it before and that ring...
always finds its way back to me.
- Hello, Miss Nightingale.
- Hello, Martha.
If you've come to ask
me back, I'm afraid...
Well, I didn't come for that.
I was wondering if you had
those colour swatches that you showed me.
I might.
I was ordering table cloths,
and there was this one shade of ivory...
Oh, yes, here it is.
What on Earth is this?
My ring!
How did it get in there?
Well, what matters is you
found it, Martha thank you!
Heavens that day in your shop.
I emptied my purse on your counter
and after I swept everything up again
I must have...
I feel just terrible!
You're not... angry?
Of course not.
I suppose I shouldn't
have quit on you like that.
Leaving you high and dry
at the very last minute? Oh,
I had such an extraordinary event
planned for the two of you.
I know!
That's why I recommended
you to a wealthy client
who's getting married in the spring.
You did?
You have such energy,
Martha, and enthusiasm.
You're bursting with creative ideas!
And I think the job pays well, too.
What a lovely, unexpected gesture.
Why unexpected?
Well, for you to think
of me after all that I...
Well, it is the season where
we think of others first,
don't we?
I don't know what to say!
I know you and the Mayor have
other plans for Christmas Eve.
But the invitation is still open.
After all that I've done?
Ah, but there's so much
more to do, isn't there?
Well, if your plans change...
we'd love to see you there.
Merry Christmas, Martha.
And to you.
Cassie found her ring.
That's good.
So now you must feel just great.
Pretty good.
Not great.
Why not?
I went to see Jodi behind your back.
Maybe I should have just told
you what was bothering me.
That's what big brothers are for, right?
You're more than my brother, right?
You're my friend.
Aren't you?
Yeah, I am.
Maybe I didn't act like one, though.
Official wedding photographer,
reporting for duty.
Look at you!
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Where's Jodi?
I'm going to go get her.
I hope she has a good time tonight.
- Christmas is never much fun for her.
- Hmm.
Never say never.
- Where are you going?
- Oh, down to the shop.
Don't you have a wedding to get to?
Yeah, I forgot my sage.
Jodi and I could get it for you.
- Would you?
- Yeah, it's on the way.
Oh, thanks!
Alright, just a small bunch of dried sage.
I want to burn a little
before the ceremony.
Clear the air.
Make way for new beginnings.
Here you go.
About your cake...
I am so sorry.
Um, it was in the back of my van,
and unfortunately, so was
my neighbour's dachshund...
Oh, no!
Yeah! This tiny dog ate the entire thing!
Now I am trying to get you another one,
but I am totally sold out.
And every other bakery from
here to the state capitol
closed at noon.
Betty, put it out of your mind.
You get back to all the
other items on your menu.
But it's your wedding cake!
What'll we do?!
Well, the first thing to realize is that...
baking is about mixing
together the right ingredients.
I have no idea what you're saying.
Then look at it this way:
you just brought great joy
to a dachshund this Christmas.
Hello, George?
Um, do you have cake mix?
I'll have to check... why?
Well, I need a wedding cake for 35 guests
in, um... two hours.
Uh, George?
I'm here, uh...
A little shocked, but I'm still standing.
Maybe Lori could help
you move things along?
I'm counting on you two.
Do you know how to tie one of these?
Are you there?
Was that Cassie?
Yeah. Yeah, it was.
What does she want?
A miracle.
Chief, I found Leon's car.
But I can't find him!
Okay, stay on Main Street,
stay with the car.
As long as you have the
car, he's not going anywhere.
You got it?
Copy that, Jake.
No cake mix?
Even if we had all the ingredients,
there's not enough time.
Hey, I know it looks impossible,
but don't forget you've got
George "Never Say Die"
O'Hanrahan in your corner!
So, what are you going to do?
Beats me.
Yeah, hi.
How are you?
You don't have any other way to...
No, it's not your fault, no.
Merry Christmas.
I hate to ask.
That was the minister.
His car broke down, he has
no other way to get here.
Maybe Derek could shoot
up there in the squad car?
No, Derek's on duty.
Even if he could drive 100 miles an hour,
it's a round trip he'd
still never make it on time.
Well, ask people to wait.
Maybe we can serve them these cookies.
Oh, honey, we can't do that to
people. Not on Christmas Eve.
What good is a marriage license
if we don't have a
minister to tie the knot?
Robert Kowalski and Teresa Quinn?
- Who?
- Who?
The names on your wedding license.
Well, they must have
given me the wrong one!
I've been so busy, I didn't
even bother to open it!
That's it.
The wedding's off.
No, it can't be!
I'll have to speak to Cassie.
Do you know this would be the first promise
I've ever broken to her?
Only be a minute.
Oh, no problem.
She said a small bunch of dried sage.
Hanging from the ceilings.
Um, don't most people
usually hang mistletoe?
Cassie says it makes
way for new beginnings.
I wish my family could
make a new beginning.
What do you mean?
You're so lucky to have your
family and a dad like Jake.
I used to.
When I was little, ten years ago.
You remember that far back?
Like it was yesterday.
Me and my dad laughing...
I'd stand on his shoes and
he'd waltz me around the room.
I keep those memories up here.
Locked away like treasure.
I take them out at
night before I go to bed,
and that's why I remember him so well.
Do you want to go to the party now?
Jake, don't you know it's
bad luck to see the bride
before the wedding?
I know.
we can't get married.
Martha, Tom, so glad you made it.
There's something I have to tell you.
We've run into some
roadblocks and I'm afraid...
Ah, yes. The wedding.
Wh... what's this?
I got a call from my friend
at the county office about
a mix-up, so Martha and I ran
over and straightened it out.
Our wedding license!
They want to know if by any chance
they gave you a different license?
Cause there is a very
anxious couple named Kowalski
in Lakeville who want to get married
two days after Christmas.
Well, we can send it with the
minister after our ceremony.
the minister can't make it.
Car trouble.
So, even if we have this license,
I don't see...
Well, you don't, but I do.
I'll get someone to marry you!
In the next five minutes?
My dear, I happen to have...
- Me?
- Yes, you!
By the power vested in
you, etcetera, etcetera!
Why not?
Well, it's been a while.
Well, Mayor...
You can take those.
I know what I want to say.
Martha, thank you.
Thank you for everything!
Whatever do you mean?
Well, you got us our license,
our officiate,
and the venue.
Do you remember when you told
me that the Heritage Society
was winding down for the holidays?
You really are a great
wedding planner, Martha!
Well, anyway...
It's time for you two to
start your new life together.
Jake, would you escort our guests?
With pleasure.
Cassie did a wonderful job.
It's a beautiful room.
Who gives this woman to
be married to this man?
I do.
Dear friends and family,
we are gathered here today
to witness the loving union
of Jake Russell and Cassandra Nightingale
in the sacred bond of marriage.
Jake, please place the
ring on Cassie's finger.
Cassie, with this ring
I give you all that I am and ever will be.
With this ring, I thee wed.
Cassie, please put the
ring on Jake's finger.
As I place this ring on your finger,
I give you all that I am and ever will be.
With this ring, I thee wed.
At this time,
Jake and Cassie would like to
say their own vows to each other.
Cassie, not long ago you came into my life.
And nothing has been the same since.
Words can't easily express
all that you've given me.
In fact, I can only think of one.
I love you.
Um, Jake...
You gave me a home when I had none,
a home in your heart.
And you gave me a family
when I had none.
And I will love and cherish them
as I will love and cherish you.
Doesn't take a crystal ball to know
that you and I will be
each other's strength
and hope and joy.
And, um...
this is my promise to you.
A love that's never going to end.
By the authority vested in
me as Mayor of Middleton,
it gives me great pleasure to
pronounce you husband and wife.
Jake, you may kiss your bride.
I've got something to show you.
Is this... a wedding cake?
It's a cookie cake.
I took all the baked goods at hand
and Lori and I used icing
to hold it all together.
Oh, George, what would we do without you?
what if I stayed here?
In Middleton? That would be great, George.
Not just Middleton.
In Grey House.
I could run the place.
What an interesting idea.
Well, I got it from you.
- Did you really?
- When you said
you couldn't be in two places at...
... once.
You know, it's a big job.
I could use a big job right now.
On one condition.
You wouldn't do all the work alone.
We'd be equal partners.
If you'll excuse me,
I need to welcome all my guests.
Won't you come in?
How'd you know I was out here?
Well, you weren't in there, so I
thought maybe you were out here.
Well, I, uh... came to get my little girl.
Family is a very powerful force
this time of year, isn't it?
I don't exactly have a family anymore.
Oh, Leon.
Where there's love, there's family.
You don't have to keep running.
So, come in from the cold.
Whenever you're ready.
- Thank you, Betty.
- You're welcome.
Isn't she a lovely bride?
Hope I'm not late for dinner...
Hello, George.
I thought only Cassie popped up like this.
I brought my daughter and
grandchildren with me for a visit.
They've never seen snow, but...
now the weather station
says no snow this Christmas!
Well, they're wrong.
Cassie's forecast is for snow. Tonight.
- Well, I hope she's right.
- You can bet on it.
Is snow the only reason you came back?
You're the only reason I needed, George.
I guess you haven't heard, but...
after the honeymoon,
I'm moving into Grey House.
Really, George?
It's a big house.
- I know.
- Lot's of room...
Yes, yes, there is.
It can use some of my Irish hospitality.
No doubt.
There we go.
Excuse me?
I wanted to give you this.
It's all there.
The money from the Shelbyville Bank job.
It was hidden under the floor of your shop.
Cassie's shop?
Yeah, well, it wasn't a
shop when I stashed it there.
It was just an abandoned building.
This isn't exactly the right time or place.
No, it is the time.
Cause I want my little
girl to see me do it.
I had a plan to win Jodi back.
I figured I could convince her
to run away and live with her dad.
But then I realized...
that you can't buy love.
And I don't want to run anymore.
So how do we know this
isn't just another con?
It's not a crime to return the money.
And Leon has done his time.
Look, I know I've made
some big mistakes, alright?
And I know it's going to
take time for everybody
to trust me again.
But I'm going to stay right
here and do whatever it takes.
Cause I want that second chance.
I want a family again.
Jodi, I've never had
anything but love for you.
And I know how much I hurt you.
I saw the hurt in your eyes the other night
when you dropped the
silver dollar off for Santa.
You were watching that family
on the street, weren't you?
That happy family.
And that's all you
really want for Christmas.
Not this... money.
You said it yourself, angel.
I was a god guy once.
So can you let me be that guy again?
A second chance.
I guess a second chance is worth a try.
I put a lock on his car, he
can't go anywhere. He's...
He's... right here.
Uh, Chief?
Does this mean that I'm off duty now?
Well, Derek, you put this in the lock-up.
Then do whatever you want.
what do you say we get an early
start on that Christmas date?
I'll save you a seat at dinner tonight.
Would this be a good time
to say "Merry Christmas"?
It's going to be a very merry Christmas,
cause tomorrow morning...
I'm going to wake up with my family.
Do you know the moment that
I fell in love with you?
It was when I first saw
you come down your stairs.
Well, it took me a little
longer to fall in love with you.
It was when I reached
the bottom of my stairs.
Of course, I didn't know what I was in for.
you still don't.
You are a bundle of Christmas surprises.
Well, there's a lot more
where that came from.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Look, it's snowing, just
like Cassie said it would.
How did...
Magic happens.