The Gown (2018) Movie Script

Ah, I see you sneaky extra quote.
I hate extra quotes.
Now where's that stupid delete key?
I'd love to.
Is something up, Jess?
I have a headache.
Can you do you the dishes?
Jess, you gonna get that?
Hey, this is Jess's phone.
Oh, hey Cathy.
Yeah, thanks.
No, she's not feeling well right now.
Okay, yeah.
I'll let her know, thanks.
Yeah, bye.
- Who was that?
It was Cathy.
She wanted to know what
you got for your birthday.
Did you tell her the
same thing as last year?
Nothing at all.
Jess, you know I'm not
good with dates, okay?
Can we not blow this out
of proportion, please?
I'm not blowing anything
out of proportion.
I just never want to speak with you again.
Oh, and by the way, I'm
getting a new cat tomorrow.
That's the last thing we need.
Just, don't you think that maybe we should
make these decisions together?
Oh, you mean like a
married couple would?
Ben, do I need to remind
you that we're not married?
No, you don't need to remind me.
(GASPING) Have a good night.
Just make sure it's fixed at least.
Looks good.
It's gonna be awesome.
I don't understand what
you see in that show.
Dancing third rate celebrities, yuck.
I'd rather watch paint dry.
- Thanks.
- Go easy on me.
It's the one thing on TV I like.
So what happened with Ben?
JESSICA: Nothing.
He forgot your birthday again didn't he?
He never remembers anything.
My second ex-husband
used to forget things.
Want to know how I fixed that?
You divorced him?
No, no.
Little post-it notes all over the house.
Finally got the fucking hint. (CHUCKLING)
Then I divorced him.
Oh, I'm not turning my house
into a giant post-it note.
Besides if Ben can't put in
the effort to remember stuff
maybe it's time I found a new Ben.
CATHY: You're serious?
You're willing to flush
10 years down the toilet
because of a birthday card?
And they say I'm the drama queen.
JESSICA: Where are we going to dinner?
Let's go to Moonstone's.
I'm in the mood for
some good chicken parm.
Just let me tell this
jerk we're going out.
Cathy and I are going out now.
Have fun.
Oh god, I almost forgot to tell you.
You'll never guess this one.
Just tell me.
Susie Sweet is getting married.
CATHY: That's what I fucking said.
Can you fucking believe that?
- To that Nick guy, right?
- Yeah.
Can you believe that
glump is getting hitched?
I can't.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to
take a rain check on dinner.
- 'Cause I'm going to be busy.
- Doing what?
Throwing that bastard out.
CATHY: Don't be ridiculous.
It's not ridiculous.
It's past due.
CATHY: Marriage isn't
everything it's cracked up to be.
Look at me.
I'm not you.
I want to get married.
Susie Sweet.
I thought you said you were going out?
Change of plans.
What's up?
You and I are up, that's what.
I want you to get out.
I said, I want you to get out.
This isn't working anymore.
What isn't?
Jess and Ben, you and me.
Not working anymore.
Jess, what are you talking about?
I thought we had a good thing going?
I don't want a thing.
I want you to leave.
Thanks again for letting me crash here.
What am I supposed to do with my life now?
EDDIE: Ah, don't worry.
I'm sure you two will be back
together within the week.
It won't be the same.
She's giving me an ultimatum.
Marry or move on.
Sorry Ben, but it does make a point.
BEN: Don't get all
shrinkish on me, Eddie.
I'm not one of your patients.
Well, if you were I'd tell you one thing
and one thing only.
BEN: Okay.
Marry or move on.
Thanks for the support.
That's what friends are for.
What are you doing here?
I didn't come to fight, Jess.
What did you come here for?
To give you something.
This is?
Open it.
Our relationship as boyfriend
and girlfriend is officially over.
So I wanted you to have that
to remember the good times that we had.
Shove it up your ass.
- What's so fucking funny?
- You.
You're so easy to play.
Can you please leave now?
Not till you answer my question.
Does that get you out of my life?
- Oh.
Jessica Curtis, will you marry me?
It's about fucking time.
You ever pull shit like that with
the necklace again I'll end you, got that?
But you should've seen
the look on your face.
It was priceless.
Oh, Ben, you've made me so happy.
- You like it?
- I love it.
It's beautiful.
It's perfect.
Did Eddie help you pick it out?
- Yeah, what am I thinking?
- Exactly.
He would've picked something
out of a Crackerjack box.
I don't think he knows where
to even find a wedding ring.
MAN ON SPEAKER: Well, we're
running about three weeks
ahead of schedule on that
item thanks to Bob, so...
Don't worry I'm not up until item 33.
CATHY: God, I'd hate your job.
Some of us don't have
alimony to pay the bills.
Go through this wedding
and you might someday.
Ben is getting his PHD in sociology.
I don't think he could afford alimony
even if future me demanded it.
How could I help you with
your wedding planning?
What do you think of my theme?
You want a theme?
Yeah, why?
I just never knew you wanted a theme.
- Victorian.
- Victorian?
I had this dream about
a Victorian wedding dress.
It was so beautiful.
And I was so happy in the dream.
I want that kind of dress.
That kind of happy.
Weird, but fine.
Have you thought about where
you want to get married?
How much do those
mansions by the coast cost?
CATHY: No idea.
There you go, your first
task, prices and pictures.
I'll see what I can do.
EDDIE: If I'm the
best man I'm gonna have
to dance with the maid of honor, right?
It's one dance.
She's not gonna kill you in one dance.
No offense Benji,
I know she's just gonna
be your sister-in-law,
but that woman's plumb nasty.
That's kind of her thing.
You make it sound like that
kind of behavior's acceptable.
Man up, it's one fucking dance.
Let's not make a big deal
out of this, you know?
Jess and I are under
enough stress as it is.
Okay, but she better not call
me over educated putz again.
I kinda like that one.
Hey, what's wrong?
Cathy got me the prices
on those old mansions.
The ones on the coast?
Too expensive for us.
How much?
- Over 2,000 a day.
- Seriously?
You still want to go
with the Victorian theme?
Not 100%.
I just really want that dress.
It's driving me crazy.
I dreamed about it again last night.
Do you have any backup ideas in mind?
We'll need to look around.
Oh, the Holiday Inn actually has
a really nice function space.
The Holiday Inn, is
that what you're thinking?
I'm just throwing it out there.
I mean it's not like we don't
have any money to spend, right, so.
We may need to tighten up a little.
All right.
I mean, that's fine.
I can make some sacrifices.
Just here and there selectively.
Yeah, you know.
Just, we'll have people over.
Cut back on going out.
We need to cut back
on eating out so much
and no more takeout.
But Chinese, that's fine right?
Well, not as much as we order.
And we'll need to
postpone the honeymoon,
at least until you're out of school.
Did you decide on the date?
I was thinking sooner rather than later.
Okay, how soon?
Three months.
Wow, that is soon.
You're not getting cold feet are you?
No, of course not.
Once I decide on something I'm a rock.
This is useless.
Too expensive and not even what I want.
Victorian, I know, Victorian.
I can't help it.
I want that dress, but can I
even afford it if I do find it?
I hate to say this because
god knows I'd never do it,
but maybe you should start
thinking about a used dress.
I don't know about that.
Just hear me out.
A used dress is going to be cheaper.
It's going to be an older style.
Victorian dresses aren't
in style right now,
but maybe they were a few years ago.
Somebody has one they want to get rid of.
I want a new dress, my own dress.
You'll make it your own.
I don't know.
Be realistic Jessie.
Your budget doesn't allow for a new dress.
It barely allows for a
marriage certificate.
Thanks for the positive reinforcement.
Listen to your big sis for a minute.
Elope and take the money, put
it towards buying a new home.
I want a wedding Cathy, not negotiable.
Something to think about.
BEN: How's the budget coming?
Even if we push things back by six months
we still can't afford a nice wedding.
Can we afford any
type of wedding at all?
Not one I'll take part in.
You know, I've got some
tuition saved up for next year.
We could use that.
What about school?
I could take a year off.
Forget it, not gonna happen.
We can make this work.
I'm not sure yet, but
I guess we have enough
to put something together, something nice.
Cheap, but nice.
Nice is good.
I was hoping for great.
Jessie, hey.
You okay, what's up?
Did you have a nightmare?
What was it about?
I saw a woman wearing the wedding dress,
but she was dead.
She hung herself.
A woman?
Do you know who she was?
At first I wasn't sure, but it was me.
Hang on a second.
- Here, drink some water.
- Thanks.
Jess, you're putting way too much stress
on yourself about this wedding, okay?
It's gotten out of hand.
It's just a bad dream, Ben.
No, it's all you think
about all the time now.
I'm fine, Ben.
What if we just went to
the justices of the peace?
You've been talking to
my sister haven't you?
No, I haven't.
This is my idea.
It would be easy and we would
get rid of all this stress
about money and all this other shit.
You know, I don't feel like
arguing about this right now.
- Shut off the light.
- I don't want to argue Jess.
Just think about it, okay?
It's not a bad idea.
I know that you want to have
this beautiful, wonderful wedding, okay?
But under the circumstances
how is that supposed to happen?
I know, I know.
It's just the dress, I
can't get it out of my head.
It's like I don't care
where we get married now.
I just want to wear that dress.
- Even after that dream?
More than ever.
I still can't believe these prices.
How much can it cost to make a dress?
Let's look over here.
These ones are discounted.
Anything Victorian in here?
Jess, we've looked at
a zillion of these things
and we've found three Victorian dresses
and all of them cost more than
your entire wedding budget.
I know.
What about a dressmaker?
Think about the most
expensive dress you've seen
and multiply its cost by three.
And I thought getting Ben to propose
was going to be the hard part.
That was.
Okay, look, I know you
don't want to hear this,
but I found a hand-me-down
Victorian wedding dress online
and I think you should go and look at it.
Just go and look at it.
It's not far from here
and I'll go with you.
I'm not looking at a used wedding dress.
No way.
- No way.
- Suit yourself then.
Anyways I gotta get going, okay?
You'll find something.
I don't want something.
I want that dress.
No picture?
What the hell?
Hi, Mrs. Carter?
Yes, my sister gave me
some information about you.
You have a wedding dress
that you'd like to sell?
Oh, okay great, hold on.
Let me just take your address down.
Okay, great.
So we can setup a time
for me to come see it?
Tuesday right around noon.
Thank you so much.
My Marilyn would be happy to know
somebody's going to
get good use out of it.
She never had her own chance
to whiz down the aisle.
I'm so sorry to hear
about your daughter.
It was unexpected,
but we have to move on.
Life does whether we're ready to or not.
Oh dear.
Oh, hold on.
I hate this app.
I'll be right back.
VERONICA: Are you ready
to see your new wedding gown?
Show it to me.
Oh my god, this is it.
This is the dress I dreamed about.
VERONICA: I take that
to mean you want it?
JESSICA: It's beautiful.
I cannot believe this.
This is the dress that I
have been fantasizing about.
VERONICA: Oh, you're going
to look so beautiful in this.
And it, see it ties around here.
And look at the stitching, crisscross.
It's perfect.
I'm in shock right now.
- This is fate.
- Yeah.
Here's your little bow.
Oh, I feel so relieved.
Everything else is just
going to fall into place
now that I have the dress.
Where did you ever find this?
Is a check okay?
Absolutely not.
You want cash?
I can run to an ATM and...
I mean, I want you to have it as a gift.
I couldn't do that.
That is so nice of you, but
I, I really want to pay you.
I insist.
I insist.
No, but this isn't right, no.
No buts.
I want you to have it.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh.
Oh, you're going to be a beautiful bride.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Cathy found a hall
that might fit our budget?
Do you have some tomorrow
to take a look with me?
I've got this paper due tomorrow.
Honestly I'm just really too busy with it.
Can we just go another day?
I can go by myself.
Why don't you ask Cathy
to just go with you?
She can't, she's too busy for me too.
Why do you have to get like that?
Like what?
Get so sarcastic.
Maybe if you were involved
with the planning of our wedding.
I'll say, you're doing
a good job on your own.
I don't think I would add anything.
Just your approval, that's all.
That would be nice.
You have my approval, babe.
Don't babe me.
So Miss Curtis you
saw our hall yesterday.
We had it setup with 28
rounds and the head table
so 200 people is no problem.
Okay, we'll put some partitions in
to make it more intimate.
Maybe spread the tables a little bit.
It'll be just right.
How much would it cost for 50 people?
Well, depends what options you want.
Do you want us to do the catering?
Chicken, beef or fish?
We're on a very tight budget.
Chicken it is.
And the flowers?
That sounds nice.
And the music?
Okay, let me just do
a quick calculation.
That will be $152 a head.
$7,600 all in all.
JESSICA: Do you see
that woman out there?
I could've sworn I
saw somebody out there.
So $7,600.
All in it will be $7,600
for what you've chosen.
Is there any way we
can get it down to 6,000?
I'll have to do some cutting.
Cut away.
You're getting a lot for six grand Jessie.
Why the long face?
I have to sacrifice so much
to make it come in at that price.
Two weeks ago you didn't even think
you were going to be
able to afford a wedding.
Now you're on your way
to a pretty nice one
and you're still not satisfied?
I know.
It's just, it's not my
dream wedding is it?
Maybe the next time you get married
you'll have a bigger budget.
I did, twice.
It's nice to see you laugh again.
Now that I have the
dress I do feel better.
Like I'm complete now.
You still think you saw
some woman in a dress?
I know what I saw.
That's weird and creepy.
It has to be connected to the
woman who gave me the dress.
Why would she be stalking you?
I didn't say she was stalking me.
I said she was following me.
You can follow someone without
stalking them, I think.
Come on, Jess, get real.
Maybe it has something
to do with her daughter.
Maybe she's having second thoughts
about giving me the dress.
Her daughter's wedding was
canceled and then she died.
That's so creepy.
Do you think I should give it back?
Okay, now you're just being silly.
I know.
It's just none of this
makes any sense to me.
Our minds can play strange tricks on us
when we're under a lot of stress.
I know what I saw.
A woman wearing a dress identical to mine.
You just think I'm crazy, is that it?
I think you need to
take a chill pill, okay?
You are putting yourself
under so much stress
because of this wedding.
You need to just relax for a change.
Thanks for the advice, Ben.
Come on, Jess.
Why can't we have one normal conversation?
I checked out the function hall online.
It looks great.
It looked even better in person.
I'm sure it did.
Listen, I'm sorry, I was,
I've been swamped, you know that.
You did a good job though.
It's becoming a habit.
All right, well, okay.
I gotta get going, but
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Enjoy the game shnookums.
- Oh god, don't do that.
I'll text you every 30 minutes.
BEN: Of course you will.
I cannot thank you enough.
It was my pleasure.
We're just happy we can accommodate you.
It's gonna be a beautiful ceremony.
You're gonna be very happy.
Thank you Miss Curtis.
So your linen, do you want white of cream?
- White would be perfect.
- Okay.
And you had a look at the flowers
you're gonna be getting, how are they?
With my budget I'm just
happy they're not weeds.
HAMLISCH: And we'll email
you a detailed breakdown
of everything you're going to get
and exactly what's going to happen.
I can't believe I'm getting married.
HAMLISCH: That's what everyone says.
About me? (CHUCKLING)
Easy, Jessie.
- Do I seem okay to you?
- What do you mean?
Do I seem different?
CATHY: Everybody
has nightmares, Jessie.
This was different.
It was so vivid.
Where's, Ben?
JESSICA: He went to a Syracuse game.
It's okay, I told him to go.
I think you should go and see a doctor
and see if he'll give you something.
You're a wreck.
I don't need pills,
Cathy, I need answers.
Well, I don't have any
for you little sister.
You keep seeing a strange
woman following you around.
You're having nightmares.
Maybe it is the stress of the wedding.
I wish you and Ben would
stop saying that, I really do.
CATHY: Well it's not meant to hurt you.
Let's go over the dream again.
Maybe we can figure this out together.
CATHY: You need a trained
professional for that, Jessie.
I don't need a shrink.
Well, I'm no expert
at deciphering dreams.
Could you hand me my phone, please?
I'm going to call and make sure he's okay.
The wedding planner, Mr. Hamlisch.
It's six o'clock in the morning.
You'll sound like a nut.
Just go to sleep.
I'll stay with you.
Thanks, Cathy.
Hi, this is Jessica Curtis.
I called this morning for Mr. Hamlisch.
Oh my god, what happened?
I understand that, but please
just tell me what happened?
I need to know.
All right.
Thank you.
What's happening to me?
Okay, you don't know
that it was this woman.
JESSICA: It was her, it had to be her.
You don't know that and
you can't go to the police.
JESSICA: Why not?
Because they're gonna think you're crazy
and have you committed.
You think I'm hallucinating, don't you?
I think you've been saying
a lot of crazy things lately.
I described Hamlisch's death
hours before I had confirmation.
How do you explain that?
You had a premonition, it happens.
I know what a premonition is, Ben.
This wasn't a go damn premonition.
I saw him as he was murdered.
Like I was there watching it happen live.
Did you the killer's face?
JESSICA: I don't remember.
I don't think so.
Okay, well if you
can't describe the killer
then what good are you
going to be to the police?
You just don't believe me do you?
No, I believe you.
That is why I don't want
you going to the police.
Because I don't want you getting caught up
in a murder investigation.
I mean, what if they think you
had something to do with it?
I was home.
Like I am now.
BEN: Eddie.
EDDIE: I'm coming, I'm coming.
You okay?
It's Jess, there's
something wrong with her.
What's up?
I need you to put your shrink hat on.
Jess thinks she had a dream
about some guy being murdered
and then it turns out
the guy was murdered.
You don't hear this one every day.
Is that even possible?
Yeah, I think we're gonna
need some coffee for this one.
All right I get it.
You don't believe she's seeing
this woman following her
so you don't think she's
having the dream either?
I think she's cracking
up because of the wedding,
but Cathy swears that she
predicted this guy's death
hours before they had any confirmation.
Can you take this seriously?
Can this be for real, Ed?
Could she really be
dreaming about something
that hadn't happened yet/.
Absolutely not.
It had to be a coincidence.
BEN: There's no way she could've
seen it happen in her dream?
Are you going crazy on me now too?
I don't know what to think.
This fucking wedding is ruining our lives.
Do I have to give a speech?
BEN: A toast.
I hate public speaking.
I always make an ass out of myself.
Should we take Jess to the doctor's?
It's just stress, Ben.
It does terrible things to the mind.
Once the wedding passes
I'm sure she'll be fine.
I could write Jess a script for something
if you think she'll take it?
If she doesn't I will.
I want you tell me what's going on?
And tell me the god damn truth.
What are you talking about?
Don't act like you don't know.
I don't.
JESSICA: I know what you did to him.
What you're doing to me.
What is this about?
I have no idea what you're
talking about, honest.
JESSICA: Sure you don't.
Just stay away from me or
else I'm going to the police.
Oh, it should be
illegal to look this good.
The ladies are in trouble.
Hey, Ma.
Yeah, I'm trying it on right now.
Tell Uncle Jared his
suit fits me perfectly.
Wait, what?
No, I, not now, I...
I have to go.
All right, yep.
I'll talk to you later.
All right, goodnight.
Yeah, I love you too.
All right, where was I?
Oh yeah.
The ladies. (SENSUAL MUSIC)
I hope you don't mind, I let myself in.
I was napping.
I'm so tired.
Still can't sleep at night?
I don't want to.
How's everything else going?
Just delightful.
Did the function hall agree
to honor the price the man gave you?
I'm not sure if I still want
to get married there though.
Well, if they're still gonna
hold weddings there why not yours?
I need a new wedding dress.
I decided not to where the one I have.
You don't have to wear that
dress if you don't want to.
I want nothing to do with that woman.
I'll help you find a new dress.
Financially too.
I should've from the beginning.
You don't have to do that.
I just want you to know that no matter
what happens I'm here for you.
What's happening to me?
It'll be fine, Jessie.
Just get through the
wedding and you'll be okay.
You'll see.
BEN: Jess, what?
This isn't possible.
I gave it back to her.
BEN: What are you saying?
Did you bring this back into the house?
- What?
- This.
Did you bring this back into the house?
No, why?
I gave it back to that woman.
This shouldn't be here.
I got rid of it.
Listen, there's gotta be
a rational explanation for this, okay?
We'll figure it out.
That woman was in our home.
She broke in and she put the dress back.
No, no, that's not possible, okay?
There's no chance of that at all.
Then how the hell did it get in here?
Maybe you're mistaken, okay?
Maybe you just forgot
and you didn't return it yesterday, okay?
I'm not imagining things, Ben.
I got rid of the god damn
thing and now it's back.
Okay, well I am all out of ideas
and I need to get some
sleep so what do you...
Where are you going?
JESSICA: I am not imagining this.
Okay, gotta get off
to a strong start here.
Talk about me and Ben growing
up, how close we were.
Talk about him beating me up that time?
Yeah, yep, self deprecating,
that always gets a laugh, that's good.
That's in, what else?
Gotta talk about Ben's commitment issues.
Ah, that's a touchy subject.
Should I go there?
Hm, that's tough, that's tough.
Jess and Ben, perfect for each other.
Always knew they'd end up together.
Should I talk about Cathy?
Is there anything good I
could say about that woman?
No, no, she's out.
This is so stupid.
I mean, it's not funny,
it's not heartfelt.
I got nothing, I got
nothing to work with here.
Come on, Eddie, keep it together.
Let's just get through this.
Think, think.
How about this, how about this?
When Ben asked me to be his best man
he warned me I'd have to give a speech.
When I protested he said quite sternly,
"That's what best friends do."
So here I am giving the
world's worst speech.
Ah, that's it.
I'm done, I'm done.
I'm gonna go with what I have.
Trust your instincts.
I've known Ben for 20 years now,
ever since he beat me up
back in the fifth grade.
Ben, or Benji as I like to call him,
says he always knew we'd be friends
'cause when I bled on him
the stains were permanent.
Ah, that's real gold there, Eddie.
I need a beer.
What the fuck?
No, no!
- Babe, what, nightmare?
- Eddie, Eddie.
Oh fuck.
Eddie, call me back, okay?
We should call the police.
- I have his keys.
- Let me come.
BEN: No, you stay here.
It's not safe.
Oh, Ben.
I'm so sorry.
I don't understand any of this.
He was such a good guy.
Wait for the police.
Just tell them that when you couldn't
get ahold of him over the phone
you went over there to see if he was okay.
I love you.
Fuck you.
Give me a break, Jess.
Then you explain it, go ahead.
Explain what's going on with the dress.
I don't know how to say
this, but what if it's you?
JESSICA: Me, you
think I'm imagining this?
All I'm saying is it wouldn't hurt
to see a doctor, you
know, get checked out.
I'm not crazy, Ben.
There's something up with that dress.
No one's using the word crazy.
Jess, come on.
You looked everywhere to
find that god damn dress
and now you think it's haunted.
There's something up with that dress.
Just come with me.
Come on. (SIGHING)
Don't close the door.
Okay, Jess, I won't close the door.
You'll see.
Then you can tell me who's crazy.
Can we just get some sleep, please?
We just need to get some sleep, okay?
All right, all right.
Look, it's closed.
Okay, Jess, I see that it's closed.
- Did you close it?
- No, did you?
- Jesus.
- Open it.
No, what the fuck?
See, that's what I'm talking about.
This is your idea of a joke, right?
You think this is funny?
You made this whole thing up.
- No.
- No?
No joke, Ben.
This is the same dress that
we got rid of yesterday.
How is that possible, Jess?
Ben, it's cursed.
It has to be.
No, this is unbelievable.
Yeah, but here it is.
Is it possible that maybe
you have two of these dresses,
you know, you just, you bought
two of them, you forgot,
you replaced it, it's
in your subconscious?
You still don't believe?
Jess, it's fucking ridiculous, okay?
I don't believe in curses.
I think something's wrong with you, okay?
I think something's going on
and we need to get you help.
Jess, we need to get you help.
Son of a bitch.
Alice Evers, died November 13th, 2013,
three weeks after she was
supposed to be married.
- What's up?
- Hey.
Ben asked me to come by.
He told me about what happened.
I was just going to see him.
I have proof.
Look at it.
I'm not imagining things.
Let Ben sleep.
You're ill, Jessie.
You need help.
You don't believe me either.
There are no such thing
as cursed wedding dresses.
Listen to yourself.
But there is.
Look at this obit.
Here I'll show you another one, come on.
No, I've seen enough.
Maybe you better leave.
Not until you hear me out.
You're putting too much stress
on yourself to get married, Jessie.
You're starting to crack
under the pressure.
I'm sorry to be so blunt,
but you really need help.
No, I'm not sick and neither
were these other women.
The dress is cursed and
if I don't figure out
how to stop it I'm going to die too.
Can you just listen to yourself?
There are no such thing as curses.
You're working yourself up into a frenzy.
- I want you to leave.
- Jessie.
Go, I want you to leave now.
I don't want you telling my sister
what goes on around here anymore.
I think we need to cancel the wedding.
What if that's what this is all about?
What if that's what the curse wants?
Whatever, Jess, I just don't think
we should go through
with the wedding, okay?
Let's just go to the
justices of the peace,
have the papers signed and
get on with our lives, okay?
No, I can beat this thing.
This thing?
Yeah, this thing, whatever it is.
You want a wedding and I want a wedding.
Whatever, Jess, I don't
even care anymore, okay?
I just want you to be safe and happy.
I really want a wedding, Ben.
We can beat this.
You've gotta be kidding me.
If there's a way to
put a curse on something
- it only makes sense that...
- Oh my god.
There's a way to take it off.
BEN: There's no fucking curse, Jess.
One way to remove a curse is
to wash the thoroughly, scrubbing hard.
Please god let this work.
Was that the garbage
truck that just went by?
I think so.
What's going on now?
I'm not sure yet, hold on!
BEN: Are you gonna
tell me what's going on?
You're just gonna give me shit.
Your sister called four times.
I don't want to talk to her.
Jess, she's your sister.
Then you talk to her, Ben.
Seems like all you two have
been doing these days anyway.
Excuse me.
I'll make you a deal, Jess.
This should be good.
I'll go through with the wedding
if you see a psychiatrist.
I don't give in to blackmail.
It's not blackmail, Jess, okay?
We both get something out of this.
No way.
Jess, I don't know how
much more of this I can take.
So go.
Fine, maybe I will.
Just, you know, take a
couple of days to cool off.
Whatever you want, Ben.
How to remove a curse?
All right.
Let's see if you work.
See you in 24 hours.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I come in?
Do you really think this is gonna work?
I thought you said you believed me?
I do.
That was a serious question.
I'm not an expert, but I think
this might get rid of the curse.
Everything I've read says it's possible
to get rid of a curse,
but the type of curse
determines the type of solution.
So what I'm trying to
do is reflect the curse
back on the person who
put the curse on it in the first place.
Do you still think that's Mrs. Carter?
Not anymore.
I think this goes back way further.
You're sure Ben won't be home?
He left.
He'll be back in a few nights.
Just until things cool off between us.
Then I'm staying over.
You don't have to.
I mean, of course you're welcome to,
but it's not necessary.
I'm not leaving you
alone with that thing.
I'll be perfectly
comfortable on the couch.
Are you up?
Cathy, please.
Cathy, please.
Oh my god.
Come on.
Come on.
I didn't tell the police anything.
Just that I found her
like that and called 911.
And what did the police say?
That they would probably do an autopsy
and someone would be in touch.
I already know how she died, so do you.
I used to think you
were going crazy, Jess,
but not anymore.
I believe you 100%.
The only question is
what do we do about this?
How are we gonna end this?
We have to break the curse.
I don't know how exactly,
but there must be some way.
What if we just get
the fuck out of here?
Just go far away.
The dress will popup wherever we go.
I can feel that.
When you have these visions and you see
these people getting murdered
what do you see exactly?
I saw the shape of a woman in the dress
as she was killing them.
I can't see her face clearly,
but it's the same woman
that I saw in the street.
Is it a physical manifestation?
She has a sold form?
I think so, it holds a knife.
Okay, well if it's physical
then we can beat it, we can kill it.
With these.
You said Eddie struggled with it, right?
Yes, but he didn't have anything
to defend himself with against the knife.
No, but we will.
We're gonna be prepared.
- I've got an idea.
- Can you get a gun?
No, but I don't need one.
I just need something to
bash her over the head with.
JESSICA: Are you sure about this?
She only comes when
you're sleeping, right?
So go to bed and I'll wait for.
But are you sure about this?
Yes, I'm sure.
Just go to bed.
JESSICA: I love you.
You too.
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, I just dozed off.
JESSICA: One of us needs
to be awake at all times.
I know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Why don't you go lie down?
I have work to catch up on anyway.
No, I'll be fine.
You got to sleep.
I'm gonna catch up on
sleep in the morning.
JESSICA: Well drink
some coffee would you?
- Yeah.
- You need to stay awake.
I get it, I will.
What the fuck?
JESSICA: I'll tell you what the fuck,
you fell asleep again.
Shit head.
I did, I'm sorry.
JESSICA: Why don't
you go lie the fuck down?
No, Jess, I'm fine.
I'll be fine.
JESSICA: I don't want to hear it.
Please just go.
- Go get some real rest.
- Fine.
Take this with you.
BEN: Oh shit.
I just figured if I gave
it away to another bride
it would leave me alone.
It killed a lot of people
connected to my daughter's wedding.
Did it kill your daughter?
If you ask me, it did.
Technically she took her own life,
but she wouldn't have if not for
that damn thing, that curse.
Do you know anything else about it?
VERONICA: You know as much about it
as I do at this point.
How many did it kill in
your daughter's wedding party?
It killed the groom,
all the bridesmaids,
and groomsmen, the wedding planner,
the minister, even the DJ.
JESSICA: But it didn't kill you.
I didn't have any official
part in the wedding.
I wasn't even paying for it.
I had no role.
JESSICA: How did your daughter get it?
Same as you, she dreamed of it.
Then out of nowhere
somebody gave it to her.
How did that other person get it?
I don't know.
We went to her just like you came to me,
but she wouldn't help.
She wouldn't even answer the door.
How many are still alive
in your wedding party?
Just my fiance.
We were going to have a
maid of honor, a best man.
Real small.
I'm so sorry I did this to you,
but you have to understand
I was afraid I'd die,
that I'd never stop having the nightmares
about my daughter hanging herself.
I'm so sorry.
Well, I understand.
I understand completely.
I hope you die soon.
How's your evening?
I didn't fall asleep
if that's what you mean?
Slept like a baby.
I bet.
So I've been doing a lot of
thinking about this thing.
It obviously doesn't
want me to get married
so what if I don't?
- Jess, come on, you don't...
- Let me finish, please.
What if we separate?
BEN: What are you even talking about?
All I care about from this
point forward is your safety.
As long as we plan to get
married you're as good as dead.
BEN: You don't know that for sure.
But what if we don't get married?
What if we split up?
Maybe it will find someone else to haunt.
As far as I'm concerned
that's not even an option, okay?
We're not splitting up.
I think we have to, to keep you safe.
I think we need to go our separate ways,
move on with our lives.
Jess, you mean way too much too me
for me just to do that.
For me just to forget about this.
JESSICA: Then you're as good as dead.
Would we be able to get
back together in the future?
This would be a permanent
breakup to keep you safe.
It may be the only way.
So we just separate completely forever?
It would be like we
never even knew each other.
If it works you'll be safe.
- Maybe I'd rather die.
- Don't say that.
Don't say those words.
I don't know, I just,
I need to think about it.
JESSICA: We don't have much time.
Where am I supposed to go anyway?
JESSICA: You still
have the keys to Eddie's?
So this is it?
This is it.
I'm not sure how easy it's going
to be to go through with this.
I know.
- Fuck this shit.
Jess, you home?
You fucking bitch I've
been waiting for you.
BEN: Jess?
JESSICA: My love.
BEN: Jess, is that you?
What's going on, Jess?
Ben, please help me.
I don't know what's happening to me.
BEN: Okay, it's okay, Jess.
We're gonna get you help.
- I don't want to lose you.
- You're not gonna lose me.
I'm right here, Jess.
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
It's not your fault, okay?
None of this is your fault, all right?
JESSICA: Ben, I love you so much.
I don't want to lose you.
You don't have to.
You don't have to.
I love you.
BEN: I love you too.
I love you so much.
I'm so sorry.
I can't stop it.
I'm sorry my love.
BEN: Jess.
What did I do?
What did I do?
What did I do?
Oh, Ben.