The Grand Duel (1972) Movie Script

Hey, driver, can't you put the fear of God
into those mules of yours?
I'd give anything for a bath.
You just don't worry about a thing, honey.
We'll be there in a minute.
You lousy dirty...!
You low-down...!
And you can't even shoot straight. I'll...
Bighorse, is that you?
No, I'm Abe Lincoln
and this is a wheelbarrow,
you dumb so-and-so.
It ain't safe to go into town.
A murderer escaped from jail
down in Jefferson.
Seems he's hiding out
around here somewheres.
The vultures already gathered.
He's got 3,000 dollars
on his head.
You don't think we could get
as far as the saloon, do you?
Nobody wants
to work out in the west at all.
It's all killing and drinking
and playing poker.
If you'll allow me, I'll...
You better stay where you are
and don't let nobody get out.
Party could start any time now.
The man said
that nobody was to get out.
I'm thirsty.
Hey, you! Stop where you are
and put your hands up!
I mean it, mister. You wanna get
yourself killed or something?
Hey, driver...
Let him go, Bill. He's just
another one of them vultures.
Let him go, I said.
Gee, I thought we was meant
to be stopping people.
You'd better stay under cover
there now, sweetheart.
- Where are you going now?
- Take it easy, nipper,
or I'll think you're out
for the bounty too.
- Can't you read?
- I'm thirsty.
I've already lost an eye
in a gunfight.
Then use the other one to find
a thirsty man some whiskey, friend.
Why don't you get us some grub
and some whiskey?
And a rinse-off for the ladies.
Better make yourselves
comfortable, folks.
I know these ambushes,
yes, siree.
Once in El Paso I waited
three days and three nights.
Someone spread word
that Jesse the Kid was holed up there.
Well, there was 10,000 in silver
on old Jesse's head.
That was good dollars in those days.
Must been at least 20 of them
waiting for him, a gun in every corner.
Nobody wanted to leave.
They figured that if he was there,
sooner or later he'd have to show.
Three days and three nights.
Was he?
Seems so.
Only he was sitting in the corner
pretending to wait
along with the rest of them.
How about a piece of that cake?
Without the filling.
I'll bring the bottle too.
Can't you settle down?
Settle down, yeah.
Son of a gun,
you're shooting at me?
Philip Vermeer,
we got you trapped!
Philip Vermeer...'re under arrest.
Yeah? Maybe you're gonna die.
You might have had a chance,
but your gun's empty.
You get on out here
and you won't get hurt.
What brings you this way, Sheriff?
I didn't think
I was so important.
All we are after is the reward!
If you come out now,
we'll forget the poster says
you're worth the same dead
as you are on the hook.
We'll make an honest try
to take you into Jefferson alive.
Sure you will.
We don't wanna kill you.
Come out with your hands up!
Well, aren't you gonna
let 'em have me, eh?
Justice will be done.
By bounty hunters.
I'm the one
who's doing the hunting, Sheriff.
Ain't nobody gonna touch
a hair on your head.
I'll guarantee that.
Me, Holk!
They'll kill you too,
just to collect the bounty.
You got ten seconds,
Philip Vermeer.
Throw out your gun and gun belt.
Do what he says.
Five seconds.
All this for a measly... 3,000 dollars.
I'm coming out.
If I'm not mistaken,
a sheriff can't collect the bounty
from the bandits he kills.
I never kill for money.
Get outta the way, Sheriff.
You leave him to us!
It's a month or more
we've been after his hide. He's ours!
Well, I'm sorry.
Possession is nine points
of the law.
I can't take him on the stage like this.
I need two horses.
I ain't wanting to obstruct
the course ofjustice...
...but I know you
for what you are, mister.
Since you got off of that stage,
you've been after the reward
on his head like the rest of us.
Now you're turning into a bastard
with a star on his chest,
just so you can screw us
out of 3,000 dollars.
I still need two horses.
It's no fun riding along with a stiff.
Besides, now the man's dead,
he ain't worth much to you.
Leave him here.
Take the news to Jefferson.
Then we'll bury him
and everybody will be happy.
Be the first time a coyote wanted a body
just so he could bury it.
Get under cover!
This bastard ain't worth a nickel.
Leave him to me.
You know money
is the root of all evil.
Filthy goddammit!
You're letting him get away.
Get the horses!
- There!
- Hey, hey!
Hold it now, darn it!
Gila Bend, folks.
Allow me, madam. I mean ma'am.
Thank you.
Darn it, where did he go?
There he is! Turn back!
Turn back!
Holk, it was you saying
go on up there!
- We'll get him around the next bend.
- Sure. That's what you said before!
Hold! Hold!
One of them Indian tricks.
He's under that horse or something.
Got a hidey-hole
around somewhere, I'll bet you.
This here is about
the only hole I see.
Take an awful small Indian
to pull a trick like that.
You keep your eyes open, you hear?
The road to Silverbell ain't safe at all.
And that's why I need
5 dollars extra.
It was in Mexico,
in the middle of the desert
and I had one of these
right under my butt.
Three days and three nights surrounded
by bandits who wanted that box.
How did it end up?
Never found out.
They wanted the gold, not me.
What d'you mean? You didn't let them
just take it, for God's sake?
Of course!
For a lousy 50 bucks a month
I'm supposed to sit up there
and get my head shot off?
Boys, take the strongbox
back to the bank!
Hey, you! Give me back my money!
Mister, you just bought
5 dollars' worth of weak whiskey.
Belongs to one
of them there bounty hunters.
I ain't never seen the likes of them
around here before.
Sure hope we don't see 'em no more.
Say that again.
That's a Saxon brand.
I've seen it on their horses too.
Well, if the horses don't break a leg
and if the wheels hold out
and the weather stays good
and we don't meet up with any bandits
and if we take the main road,
we'll be in Silverbell in five, seven,
eight hours.
We're going across the desert.
But we'll die of thirst.
There's the horses and the women.
- It'll be night.
- I find travelling by stage very uncivil.
You're wasting time.
Hey, stop!
My horse died.
Can you give me a ride?
I ain't no bandit.
Climb aboard, kid. Climb aboard.
Well, you heard what the Marshal said.
Move inside, sonny.
You say that was...?
Well, come on!
I wanna go to Saxon City.
Come on! Keep talking
and you won't go nowhere.
But isn't he's the one who...?
Sheriff, will you tell us who he is?
Why don't you make
the introduction, Sheriff?
Why don't you?
Philip Vermeer, jailbird,
condemned to death,
wanted for murder.
The United States Government
will pay 3,000 dollars
to whoever... cuts my throat.
Since you are forcing us to travel
with a rogue, couldn't you tie his hands?
Don't worry, ma'am.
I only kill nice people.
Bighorse! Wie geht's?
You wouldn't believe
how happy I am to see you.
- I see they ain't run you down yet.
- Here, I'll give you a little kiss,
just right on your... nose.
Eat, sleep and toilet facilities.
We were just about
to heat up a little stew.
Come on in,
I'll give you something to eat.
Three ladies,
so watch your language.
Three ladies?
Guten Abend, ladies!
Eins, zwei, drei...
That's a nice one there.
Mister, mister,
could you tell me where the...?
You mean the...?
Ja, ja, it's here.
- In the stable?
- What's wrong with the stable?
Look, it's big enough
for five horses.
Did you really kill a man?
What difference does it make?
You don't look like a murderer.
And you don't look like a busybody.
Ach, now I know!
You are Philip Vermeer
and you are the one
that killed old Patriarch Saxon
and your father was a prospector
and old man Saxon had him killed,
like he had a lot of other people too.
Und I say it's high time
that someone put an end to...
Go see to your stew,
see if it's ready.
Go see to your stew.
The stew, ja, the stew.
I had a little money set aside
so I went into business
with my American cousin.
There's virtually no risk
and no lack of clients either.
- What do you do?
- We opened a funeral parlor.
We charge a minimum of 20 dollars
and only cater for the best people.
Well, the higher the price,
the better the goods. That's my motto.
Stick to stiffs.
That should be yours.
Very good. Very good.
- My God. Was ist los?
- The stew ain't bad at all.
I wonder if I'm gonna get a chance
to eat another meal like this.
Keine Angst.
It was not loaded, Sheriff.
I have the sense enough,
ja, up here
to empty a gun
before I hang it on the wall.
Never consider a gun empty.
Ja, ja, never can consider that.
Do you wanna play cards?
You haven't got anything left to lose.
Then why
have you been following me?
You know why old man Saxon
had my father killed?
He found silver on the other side
of the mountains.
I'll play these.
So will I.
My head's worth 3,000 dollars.
That's my stake.
Then there's no point in raising.
Three queens.
Three kings.
You lose, Sheriff,
and I'm leaving.
Philip, sit down.
If you wanna go to Saxon City,
I'll take you there.
Hey, Holk.
Let's get 'em boxed in
and stop 'em escaping.
We better wait until dawn.
- It's occupied.
- Fine by me.
Got you. The other one next.
Turning into a real party, ain't it?
Procreating faster
than fleas on a bitch.
3,000 bucks is good
any way you look at it.
Thing I can't figure, though,
if you divide 3,000 by seven,
what's that each?
You disappoint me, Sheriff.
Easy as taking candy from a baby.
Do you wanna wake 'em all up?
They're tired.
We got a long way
to travel tomorrow.
I'm leaving now
and so are you, mister.
You're coming with me.
Do you know how old I am, Philip?
Who gives a damn?
Get up!
You think I'd be still alive
if I fooled around with kids
who like to play with guns?
Just get up, Clayton!
It's not loaded.
You said never consider
a gun empty.
If you move that
I'll get some target practice.
That's only good for making noise.
Take cover!
Maybe somebody else
has already done the job for us.
Better go easy, though.
It could be an ambush.
Never consider a gun empty.
Here... Put these on.
We need some sleep.
Don't open that.
I told you.
Send Philip Vermeer out here.
As soon as we got him,
we'll pull out!
You ain't got no right to hold him.
They took your star away
when they ran you out of Jefferson.
Unemployed, eh?
Or did you change your job?
You are losing. Come on out.
Ain't no need to risk your life
for a murderer and a phony sheriff.
Is any of that the truth,
what he said about you?
Let's get outside. I'm beginning
to smell a stink around here.
Come along, Anita.
Ich bin mit dir, Sheriff.
Now it's loaded, ja.
Thanks for the moral support.
Don't shoot, please don't!
We are women and children.
Come out with your hands up!
Anita, hands up, child.
All right, over to your right
and huddle in close.
Come on, move it.
You destroyed my stagecoach,
you lousy buzzards!
You looking for a bullet,
loud mouth?
Of course I ain't looking
for no bullet.
I'll give you all of 30 seconds
to step outside.
After that we start shooting!
Only gave us ten the last time.
Do I go outside like this
or are you gonna take 'em off?
Time's running out!
And we ain't gonna fall
for no double-cross this time, Clayton.
Even if he's guilty
you can't let them do it.
He's not guilty.
He's stubborn.
As long as I am about to die,
would you like to tell me what you know
and why you followed me?
There's a lot of people following you.
As a bounty hunter
you sure ain't convincing.
I saw who killed old man Saxon.
Who was it?
I said I saw who did it,
not that I'd tell you who he was.
You should have told that
to that court in Jefferson.
And maybe testify
against the son of a patriarch?
Why should I have defended you?
You wouldn't even defend yourself.
You ready, boys?
You go out that door,
I doubt if you'll ever find out.
Hold your fire, I'm coming out!
He wouldn't get away with this
if I was a sheriff.
It wasn't easy
to smoke you out, friend.
We're gonna take
real good care of you now. Here.
Those lousy... Those sons of...!
Have you had enough to drink yet?
Are you ready to talk?
No, I ain't saying a word to nobody!
Pull him up!
I needed to take me a bath.
I sure do thank you, guys.
You like it?
Yeah, catching double pneumonia
ain't as bad as it sounds.
Let him go!
The Patriarch's sons
will get it out of you.
Better just tell us where that silver is
or I'll pull you up and leave you here!
Go to hell!
Try and get it
into that thick brain of yours
that what we want is the silver.
I'll guarantee you a fair share
if you tell us where it is.
Tell us where it is,
you dumb bastard.
You're being awful foolish, kid.
You keep hitting him in the mouth,
he won't be able to talk.
Why don't you mind
your own business?
You've got a strange way
of saying thanks.
I was just questioning them.
Wait! Vermeer!
I swear to God
I'll see you both dead!
I'm gonna get to town
looking like a drowned rat.
You'll be lucky to get anywhere.
I don't see why
if you give me a ride on your horse.
When you want.
I'm going back to Jefferson.
Forget the ride.
I'll just take the horse.
I'm going north, to Saxon City.
That's great. It's a nice place.
The cemetery
is on the sunny side of the hill.
Yeah, and there's silver
on the sunny side of the hill too.
And I've got plenty
of guardian angels.
Don't push your luck too hard.
Even guardian angels get tired.
Yeah, especially
if they've gotta walk 20 miles.
Be seeing you.
Meet you over at the saloon.
I gotta talk to the Marshal.
Out of the away, you old fart!
Let go of me!
Drink up, gramps!
Don't forget, you're just
an old idiot without a cent.
You running-mouth old fool,
tell us which wagon was yours.
Where's all the rest of the things
you gambled away?
Too bad you don't have
a pretty young wife.
You'd lose her too.
Hold it, Bull.
Killing him ain't gonna change
a damn thing!
Somebody has gotta stop the Saxons
from doing what they're doing
before it's too damn late!
One day you bastard Saxons
are all gonna die, you hear?
You too in there.
I spit on you, Adam Saxon.
You're the worst
of the whole murdering lot
but I ain't afraid of you Saxons.
I ain't afraid to tell you what I
think of you, you pockmarked coyote.
There you are,
the yellow-bellied murdering son
of a yellow-bellied murdering patriarch.
Yeah, a whole darn family
of lily-livered, infected prairie dogs!
But you'll get your comeuppance
one of these days. Do you hear?
And I'll spit on your faces
and bury you,
like I spit on your father
when they buried him.
Yeah. What do you say?
Someone is gonna...
Hey, what are you doing?
Are we fighting?
No, don't shoot, Mr. Saxon.
You wouldn't kill
an old man like me, would you?
I ain't no gunfighter, mister.
Now, wait a minute.
You can't shoot
a defenseless old man. You can't.
No, Mr. Saxon.
No! Listen, Mr. Saxon...
I ain't shot my old gun for years.
I don't even know if it works.
I'm too old to pull a gun.
I'm out of practice.
Listen, I wanna apologize
for what I said.
I'm sorry, Mr. Saxon.
You murdering bastard!
I ought to put a bullet in you!
Leave me alone, damn it!
Who decides now
if this is murder or not?
You? Your brother, the Marshal?
Or David, that other coyote?
I won his wagon at poker.
You know the rest.
It was a clear case of self-defense.
Yeah, sure, and old John
was pretty darn fast, wasn't he?
Men are all different
but guns are all the same.
Ten to one
pink shirt over there will be next.
Adam Saxon.
Old John's blood,
five bucks it won't wash out.
Just a moment, friends.
I got something personal
to take care of.
What do you want, Philip?
I want a little talk with you, Poxy.
And with your brother, Eli.
- And with David.
- Whenever you want.
My brother Eli is in his office.
Our talk won't take long.
Come on, walk!
I didn't want you
to let him get away.
I only wanted you to make him talk
before you killed him.
What we were trying to do.
I've got to find out
who killed my father!
I've gotta know!
That ain't the question
your friends were asking me.
That wasn't too smart, Marshal.
Don't you know
what a good shot I am?
Hell, it was you
who told a judge in Jefferson
you saw me kill old man Saxon
at 60 paces.
I wouldn't draw on anybody
as good as that.
You or someone you paid,
it's the same thing.
I was there to bury my father.
He was shot in the back.
I would have killed your old man
if I'd been sure he was responsible for it,
but I'm not.
I wanna revenge my father.
I don't give a damn about yours!
Who was it? Who?
Who was it?
Maybe the same man
who convinced you to accuse me.
Don't give me that double talk!
You know who it was!
Not me.
Somebody else does, though.
A guaranteed income
of 100 dollars a week,
and with a little luck that could double.
They told me that there's
an awful lot of activity here.
- Sure there's a lot of activity here.
- Yes!
But my little girl
doesn't wanna get hitched.
No reason to tie up an asset
when the market's closed.
Let's hope we can get
as far as the saloon.
I'm bone dry.
Don't stop now.
We're late already.
Start firing the minute he walks out.
No, wait a minute.
Come on, over this way!
He's gotta be in that wagon.
Start shooting!
No! You gotta get him alive!
I'm gonna kill me a Saxon!
All you'll do is just go
and get yourself killed.
And me too.
What's going on here?
Marshal, would you please
tell me what's happening here?
Philip Vermeer is in that wagon.
The first duty of a marshal
is the safety of his citizens.
Do your duty
without killing innocent people.
Don't you try
and teach me my job, David.
I've noticed that you're a bit too hasty
on the trigger, Eli.
With the result that you've already
killed innocent people.
Listen to the way
he's sweet-talking us.
David Saxon has got more damn brains
than all his brothers put together.
He only counts murder
when he can make it appear legal.
You know where my father
found the silver?
Bring our people there.
I said without killing innocent people!
He'll get us all one day.
Hey, you in the wagon.
Make him come out
or I'll open fire!
- Get out of here!
- Hold it a minute, Marshal!
He ain't here no more.
The wagon is empty!
Quick! Go round the back. Find him!
Turn the place inside out
till you get him.
We're leaving town in an hour.
Go on and get packed now.
What do you mean, you're leaving town?
Where the hell are you going?
To find us a quieter place
to get buried in.
- Hey, boss...
- Marshal, you idiot!
The stagecoach has arrived.
Jefferson-Saxon daily stagecoach
arrived in Saxon City.
- Anita.
- Hey!
You only help
if they're young and beautiful?
Madam, never let it be said.
Thank you, my good man.
What the hell did you do
with the stage?
I lost it playing poker.
You're talking to the Marshal,
not one of your bastard friends.
Why don't you talk to me, Marshal?
What do you want
in Saxon City, Clayton?
I like peaceful places.
Let's you and I go inside
and have a talk.
- After you.
- Why?
This isn't Jefferson.
I'm in charge here.
I'm glad to see a man
who accepts his responsibilities.
You shouldn't be wearing
this star anymore.
Should you?
Bartender, bring us some whiskey.
This man has come a long way
to honor us with his presence.
And make a little deal.
You've gone into business?
now that I've turned to the law.
I'm after a man.
Philip Vermeer.
First alive, then dead.
It's the law of nature.
That'd be a mistake, a bad one.
He killed my father!
That's a lie.
You come here and start insulting me
and think you can get out of here alive?
That's not an insult.
You just didn't tell the truth,
on the stand either.
The bullet through the Patriarch's head
did not come from behind
and you know it.
Philip Vermeer was behind him,
so it couldn't have been Philip.
The judge in Jefferson
condemned Philip Vermeer.
That judge bought himself
a nice big ranch right after the trial.
You already said that in Jefferson
and it cost you your star.
Repeating it here
will cost you a great deal more.
I warn you, Clayton,
keep out of our business!
With people like you around
who respect the law, I'm in no danger.
I'm here drinking under the protection
of an honest, incorruptible sheriff.
According to the law,
I got the right to throw out of town
anyone who's a public nuisance
or danger.
And Clayton, I say that you are both.
It sounds pretty bad.
You've got 24 hours
to get out of Saxon City.
In the right-hand corner,
his back to you.
Who fired those shots?
24 hours, Marshal?
Time sure goes fast in this town.
Did you kill them?
They never noticed it.
You'll hang for this.
All of you inside there,
you're all witnesses!
Murder without provocation.
Throw out your gun!
Just a moment, Marshal.
This man
was only defending himself.
And who are you?
I came here to marry Adam Saxon.
Maybe you know him.
I wanna talk
to the top man around here.
That sure as hell isn't you.
Remember, Adam,
no witnesses, not even friends.
Sure... Patriarch.
I don't want to be called that
and you know it!
If you like calling things
by other names.
That all depends.
Different things
have different uses.
A nice surprise for you.
Why doesn't Eli marry her?
She would be better off.
But women are stupid.
She chose you.
Is it really necessary?
Of course it is.
Her father was
a State Supreme Court Justice.
She'll be a precious asset to us.
Sometimes you talk
as if you wanted to become President.
I like to look far ahead.
This is the only one
that's unoccupied.
Are they all like this?
There are others with women,
there are others for card games,
and this one
is for shooting bullets in.
Sleep well.
Hold it!
You haven't got enough trouble?
You got to look for more?
You are the one who's in trouble,
I'm just trying to get out of it.
Move over.
Now, would you like to tell me
the name of the man
who killed the Patriarch?
It won't do you any good.
These people condemned you
to make it easier for themselves
to get rid of you.
You're preaching.
Just tell me who it was.
You get a horse and don't stop
until you cross the border into Mexico.
You stay here and you're dead.
All right, we'll have to take
a little walk to the Saxons.
They'll know how to make you talk.
I don't talk unless I feel like it.
That's one of my rules.
Let's take that little walk.
Couldn't you think of anything better
than to send those two
right into the saloon
against the best gun
in the whole state?
The former sheriff of Jefferson.
The man who took the Patriarch
to court three times.
I could have charged Clayton
with murder.
just the way you like it.
Then that woman had to turn up!
Clayton knows who killed our father
and I want him!
Don't get carried away
with your desire for revenge!
It could have been anybody that night.
Half of the state had reasons
for killing the Patriarch.
We will never know the truth.
And trying to find out
will only discredit ourselves.
Everything is under control.
The murderer has been condemned.
Vermeer's friends are left
without a guide.
The silver is ours,
everything legal and above board.
It's Vermeer, he's back in town!
Three thousand dollars
walking around the streets.
Go cash in on it!
All right, Boon,
saddle three horses.
You have to go with Adam
to the canyon tonight.
And now
what am I supposed to do?
Put on your best manners.
We have a guest for dinner tonight.
Please excuse us for being late.
Business is for us men
what chattering is for you women.
Pardon me, dear.
And Adam, it's business which makes it
necessary that you leave immediately.
Brothers are the worst bosses,
after wives.
Please, excuse me.
I'll be back for breakfast.
I traveled with Philip Vermeer.
He doesn't look like a murderer.
The thing is, my dear,
what matters is that he kills like one.
I don't believe he killed your father.
You must understand, Elizabeth,
that in a violent country
he who seizes today
controls tomorrow.
If you want a place in the Saxon future,
you must do your share.
As a good wife and mother,
no more and no less.
Unfortunately, I don't feel
such blind loyalty to your family.
If you'll excuse me,
I don't feel well.
Move aside, Sheriff,
or I'll have to kill you.
Get out of the way, Clayton.
I wouldn't even bother
with you, Holk.
But Philip has some business
to do with you
and he doesn't wanna leave
until it's done.
Was it Holk
who killed the Patriarch?
No, he's the one
who killed your father.
Damn bastard, come on out!
Here I am, Vermeer.
Tell your friend to stand back
or he's gonna get himself hurt.
Hold it.
You boys ought to do this
by the rules.
Put your guns away, both of you.
You're on your own.
Why don't you come closer?
That's just the right distance
for me.
Don't move.
You're finished too, Vermeer.
You and your rotten friends.
It's been mined.
The road to the canyon
has been mined.
It'll kill all of you...
"No witnesses, Adam."
Here you are.
Here's 5 dollars I got
from the redhead
and 20 I got from that blond one
for special services.
I ain't seen this much money
since Dallas.
Very good.
Now get back upstairs.
I got clients waiting.
Sorry to interrupt you, folks.
Just pretend I ain't here.
- Nothing I ain't seen before.
- Let's wait until he's gone.
Who, him? Man just said
pretend he ain't there.
That's good enough for me.
Come on.
He don't worry me none now.
Let me show you
something I learned
from an old cow-poking friend of mine.
Here, I'll show you.
It goes like this.
Mind if I sit down?
Would you like to play cards?
There's too many guns
pointed at us.
It's always necessary
to take a few precautions.
I want peace in Saxon City.
The case of the Patriarch's death
is closed.
Reopen it.
I can't do anything.
You're the Patriarch now.
Why are you protecting
Philip Vermeer?
Because he's innocent.
Let's say Eli didn't see
so well that night.
He's very emotional.
Our father fell right at his feet.
Let him tell that to the judge.
Eli is pig-headed.
He won't go for it.
if Philip didn't do it,
we have to point the finger
at someone else.
The real murderer.
Is there anyone
who knows who it is?
You and me.
We are both civilized
and reasonable people.
We can work a deal.
I'm only interested in seeing
that an innocent man
doesn't have to pay for it.
Suppose I pay you both
25,000 dollars?
You take Philip
and you keep him away from here.
That's a pretty good deal, isn't it?
I'm too old to sell myself
and Philip is too young.
So what?
Adam Saxon!
Come on outta there!
I'm waiting for you!
Is that generous offer of yours
still open?
Hold your fire!
The sheriff from Jefferson
wants to talk to that man.
You can get up now, Philip.
They won't shoot.
The Saxons are men of their word.
Now spill it
or I'll blast a hole in you.
You know a lot of things, don't you?
David Saxon knows
you didn't kill his father
and he's gonna tell that
to the judge in Jefferson.
Now, put your gun away
and let's get the hell outta here.
They're not afraid anymore
I'll take the place of my father.
Do you know why?
Cos dead people
don't need a leader!
No, Philip, no!
He isn't dead.
We'll hang him tomorrow, legally.
And you better look out for Clayton.
I'm sure he's still around.
Right. Take him away.
Don't worry, you'll be able
to see him tomorrow,
hanging from a rope.
That is, if he doesn't die tonight.
You evil-minded...!
Really, my dear Elizabeth!
That's not a very nice way
to talk to anybody,
especially the man
you are about to marry.
Lock her in the cellar.
Don't touch me!
Let me go! Let me go!
Now, we can turn
the light up, brothers.
Tomorrow our father's murderer
will be hanged.
And we remove the last obstacle
in the way of the silver.
Let us make this an era of...
...of law...
...and of order.
But according to Clayton
we still won't have avenged
our father's death.
We're going to do
more than that, Eli.
We are going to make
his dreams come true.
With the wealth
that silver load will bring us
we can at last tighten our grip
upon the capital,
enough to make us the undisputed
masters of the whole state.
And one day...
...not so far in the future...
...there will be Saxons
in Washington.
And who knows?
Maybe in the White House.
You know who killed our
father, don't you?
Never. Do you hear me?
Never ask me
that question again.
Aren't you going?
You ought to lay off the bottle.
September 13th, 1900,
Ebenezer Saxon was murdered
at Jefferson train station.
In the name of the people
of the United States,
this man has been found guilty of murder
and has been condemned to death
and now his sentence
will be carried out.
You! Hangman!
Remove your rope.
That man is innocent!
Clayton, get outta here.
Don't challenge the law!
Stay out of this,
or get out of town!
Philip Vermeer
was accused of murder,
of killing a Saxon by a court
that was bought and paid for.
He's not guilty!
I know who killed the man
you so lovingly call a patriarch.
He's right here in this square.
Then tell me, you bastard!
Who killed my father? Who?
Don't play his game, idiot.
Order your man to proceed.
Whoever stands in the way ofjustice
does so at his own risk.
You were there that night, David.
Why don't you tell them?
What does he mean?
You're just a poor madman, Clayton,
but a dangerous one.
David knows who killed his father.
But he accused Philip
to get him out of the way.
- You're talking nonsense.
- To get his hands on that silver.
If he goes on talking, Eli,
he'll free him.
David, I can't change
what's inside me.
I have to know!
What's his name?
Tell me, whoever it is!
What do you want, Clayton?
We know who killed the Patriarch.
Him, Philip Vermeer,
condemned by the court to death.
- A court that was bought.
- He killed my father.
No, it wasn't me, David Saxon,
- but you, you killed your father!
- Shut your filthy mouth.
All right.
Tell 'em.
Tell them the truth if you're stupid enough
to get yourself hanged.
Give him hell, Marshal!
It was me.
Your Patriarch was a murderer.
There was no other way.
So, you bastard,
you killed my father!
You murdered him!
He was executed,
not murdered, Eli.
In Jefferson
it was the only justice possible.
Adam... David...
God knows what else you've done
but since that massacre
you're just as guilty
as your father ever was.
And you are gonna have to pay for it.
We'll have to settle with you
once and forever.
I'll be waiting an hour from now
by the cattle pens.
Fine with me.
You're cleared now.
Stay out of it.
You can't fight the Saxons on your own.
I'll get a gun and join you.
Philip, the Saxons
are my business now.
You can have everything,
everything I own, my dear.
You know what that means?
A secure future, a family.
What does it take
to have you to say... yes?
Easy. Pay with the usual price.
Just 10 dollars,
like everybody else has to.
- All right, back inside, girls.
- See you.
Don't jump the gun, Eli.
Wait. In a minute.
Don't shoot till I give the signal.
If we all draw out at once,
one of us is bound to plug him.
You better draw soon.
We mustn't let Clayton start this
or he'll kill us.
He's faster than we are.
Did they get you?
I don't want that silver now, Clayton.
I'm gonna go across the border.
Sounds like you're running away.
Here, you can put it back on now.
Philip! Philip!
Now there's a girl
who'll keep you well out of trouble.
Do you think so?
So long, Philip.
Stage leaving for Jefferson,
Silverbell and Gila Bend.
All aboard.